; Nobody Else Has to Know
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Nobody Else Has to Know


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									 Nobody Else Has to Know

By Ingrid Tomey Report By Ryan And
                    Webber Freegy
  Webber is 15 years old and his is the fastest track runner in
  Spratling High School. He ran the mile in 4 minutes and 30
seconds. Sometimes he can yell when grandpa tells people about
                          his father.
Grandpa is a kind person who will do anything for his grandson
Webber. Sometimes he brags about how his son (Webber’s father)
saved a drowning man when he died.
Webber Freegy, a young fifteen year old Sophomore at his local neighborhood high school, Spratling
High. His whole school had known him as the fastest kid on the whole track team , even the seniors.
But this was all about to change into a figure of the past. On his way home from school he noticed his
grandpa slowly pulling out of the driveway he jumped into the car for a ride with his grandpa. His
grandpa loved him so much, Webb knew he wouldn’t do anything to try and hurt. Well, that’s what he
thought. Half way down the country road Webb asked if he could drive. Grandpa thought it was a
learning experience. Well, it was. They crashed into a little girl on accident flipping over the car,
sending the girl into a comma , and Webb ended up shattering his leg. Now having he must deal with
the guilt of crashing into her and he has to go through months of physical therapy to get back to
running or even walking. This’ll be a lesson he’ll never forget.
This book was recommended to me and my partner by my teacher. At first I
  thought it was going to be some boring book that will make me fall asleep
  after reading for 10 minutes. For the most part I was wrong. The
  beginning I admit was pretty boring, but after that it was pretty exciting.
  It made me feel happy that my parents don’t let me do anything stupid.

   Grandfather’s Day             Neptune Princess

The Queen of Dreamland            Ingrid Tomey

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