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									AQUASPORTS Boats&Yachts Co.,LTD
Leisure Inflatable Catamaran

High Speed Inflatable Racing Boat.
Xtreme boat, high speed racing cat boat, mini catamaran for fishing pleasure and racing.
Aquasports zapcats boat is a catamaran and high speed designed for persons who love crazy racing on water. We use PVC and
hypalon fabric for tubes, floor made from light weight marine plywood or aluminum. Thundercat boats racing champion is a very
popular game in Europe,South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.With a 50HP outboard engine,the mini cat racing inflatable boat
could reach 60km/h and higher speed. As a professional maker and supplier of zapcat boat in China, aquasports exported zapcat
boats (some countries called thundercat) to Middle East, Germany, Spain, and American etc. We also offer pleasure use and fishing
mini catamaran with plywood transom.
Floor options:
1. Aluminum floor
2. Plywood floor
3. Plywood floor covered PVC fabric
36mm thickness plywood 21layers for pleasure use fishing mini cat boat.
Stainless steel transom for professional racing team,
One manual inflation valve in each compartment and hi-jacker


Model        Length (cm) Width (cm) Tube Dia (cm)       Max. persons      Max. power HP Chamber NO.        Package size

HS335        335          190          45               2                 20               4+2             150*80*60

HS380        380          190          45               3                 30               4+2             150*80*60

HS410        410          192          50               4                 40               4+2             160*80*62

HS450        450          192          52               5                 50               4+2             160*80*62

HS480        480          195          52               6                 50               4+2             170*90*62


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