Wild Ways To Not Pay For Gas by umer1196


									There is frugal, and then there is EXTREME frugal. Most people with a vehicle have taken to altering
their driving behavior in at least a minor way in order to save on the extra high gas prices which show no
sign of receding any time soon. However, there is a certain section of the population which takes their
gas saving methods to the brink of insanity. Genius or crazy is left for the reader to decide. Here are the
top 5 weird ways that people try to save money on gasoline.

Running The Car On Water

1. This is a classic in regards to the ingenuity that was required to develop this invention for a car that
"runs on water." It should be noted that the water will not actually replace the gas in the gas tank.
Rather, the contraption uses electrical power to convert water to Brown's gas which is then mixed with
the intake. For the relatively low cost of a do it yourself kit, one can be taking off on water. The increase
in fuel efficiency is noticeable enough that their are entire online communities built around tweaking
these kits. It certainly makes more sense than many of the other ways that people try to reduce their
time at the service station.

Taking The Bike

2. Taking a bike has always been an alternative for those thrifty individuals who do not really have too
far to go. The BMW i3 is taking this to the next level with the introduction of the i Pedelec as common
equipment in the trunk of their green cars. The i Pedelec is a fold-up bicycle that packs an electric motor
for when the terrain gets tough. It has a limited travel distance which makes it good for urban
exploration and the like. For those eco-conscious enough to spend the big money on a BMW and still
take a bike around town, then this is a unique solution. It certainly beats walking.

Packing On The Nanopaint

3. This may seem like a weird idea due to its novelty. But the market can expect to see a greater influx of
cars with nanotechnology built into their paint job. It is likely that nano will become commonplace in a
small number of years. You may have heard of the people who religiously wash and wax their cars paint
job so that a squished bug does not impede the proper airflow. Nanotechnology makes use of particles
in the paint job which allows for slicker and more bug-resistant coats. The nanopaint can improve fuel
efficiency notably over the conventional spray.
Running On Grease

4. Diesel can be more fuel efficient on long-haul trips. That is one reason that professional truckers
always have that type of rig. However, when a diesel vehicle is converted to run on grease it can be an
even more low-cost alternative. Sure, one has to deal with the obtaining of the grease which is messy
and cumbersome to say the least. Most restaurants (especially fast food) have a grease dumpster where
they store all the used product to be shipped off. These conversions usually still need a diesel fill-up, but
it is cut down to about every few months. If one still believes in global warming, then a grease car is
excellent due to the lower emissions when compared to other vehicles riding on the roadway. People
use to laugh at these grease pioneers, but now some are reconsidering this as a very real and plausible
solution to the oil monopoly.

Drafting Like In Nascar

5. Finally, there is the option of drafting. Mythbusters has took on this behavior during one of their
episodes and concluded that it can lead to a very real fuel savings of up to 39%. That is quite a reduced
consumption figure. However, the risk to be taken is just too high in this scenario. One has to drive as
close as 10 feet behind a 16-wheeler in order to realize these gains. It is known that every car length
that is put between a lead vehicle increases stopping time and allows for recovery should something
happen ahead. 10 feet is not nearly enough time to even swerve to a different lane should the front
trucker make a sudden stop. Sure convoys of trucks might take on this challenge, but they are equipped
with cb radios to help spot hazards. Also, hitting the rear end of a truck in a similar size truck is a lot
different than riding up under the back in a family sedan.

There it is. The top 5 slightly crazy ways to save a dollar.

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