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									Extreme sports are a loose combination of risk-taking activities that has captured the imagination of the
youth market that also enjoys energy drinks Brisbane. The market associated with extreme sports is worth
millions to advertisers and although there is no effective definition of just what constitutes an extreme sport,
that hasn't stopped Red Bull from forming a mutually satisfying association with that culture.

Wake boarding is one sport that seems to fit a loose criteria that also includes the following attributes:

=> Extreme sports appeal to a younger-than-average demographic and this fluctuates as the generations
advance in age. Marketers associate extreme sports with generational culture, and target their efforts at

=> These sports also have a counter-culture aura characterised by a rejection of authority.

=> A significant element of danger and adrenaline should be present.

=> Activities take place in uncontrollable outdoor conditions such as the ocean, ice and snow, the mountains
and the atmosphere.

=> Extreme sports are rarely approved by schools or sports clubs, and are usually not team sports.

=> Traditional methods to judge and assess performance are rarely used.

=> Activities are generally conducted in isolation and when first learning the activity, there is no instruction
by a coach.

Some sports that were originally included in the initial definition have become more mainstream, such as
skydiving, rock climbing, snow and water skiing, mountain biking and hang gliding. These sports enjoyed
huge growth in popularity in the 1980s and are now considered quite traditional (and sometimes tame!).

Some of the sports considered to be extreme in the 21st century are wakeboarding, skateboarding,
snowboarding, aggressive skating, FMX and BMX, ice climbing and big wave surfing. This being said, the
way things move in the world of extreme sports, no sooner does someone label a "definition" on it, the
criteria will have changed and different, more adrenaline pumping sports have been created in their place.

Red Bull has become heavily involved in the world of extreme sports through its sponsorship of the Red
Bull Air Race, and the Red Bull Blackout. This is a wake boarding event that gives young film students the
opportunity to work with a professional production crew to document the world's top professional wake
boarders in a night time extreme sports activity.

Maintaining the association between Red Bull, extreme sports and energy drinks is a challenge for
marketing experts, but one that will pay dividends as this sector of the youth market grows in popularity.
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