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					      Graduate programs offered at The Univer-
      sity of Tampa include the Master of Busi-
      ness Administration, Master of Science in
      Accounting, Master of Science in Finance
      (MS-FIN), Master of Science in Marketing
      (MS-MKT), Master of Science in Innova-
      tion Management (MS-IM), Master of
      Arts in Teaching, Master of Education in
      Curriculum and Instruction and Master
      of Science in Nursing. These programs are
      designed to prepare students for advanced
      leadership roles in the community.

Graduate Programs

      The following academic procedures are
      outlined to enable graduate students to gain
      the greatest benefit from a planned course
      of study and to assure that all graduation
      requirements are satisfied in the planned
      sequence. Graduate students should refer
      also to the Academic Calendar in the
      front of this catalog. In addition, reference
      should be made to the Academic Policies
      and Procedures chapter for University-wide
      policies on frequency of course offerings,
      semester-hour credits, dropping and add-
      ing courses, incomplete work, special studies
      courses, absences, grade reports, withdrawal
      from the University, and Commencement

Policies and Procedures                           more than two grades below a “B.” If they
                                                  do, they can repeat up to two courses, but
Student Responsibility                            the original grades will not be removed from
   Each student is responsible for the proper     the student’s academic record. A third grade
completion of his or her academic program,        below “B,” regardless of grades in repeated
for familiarity with The University of Tampa      courses, will result in academic dismissal.
Catalog, for maintaining the grade point          Graduation Honors
average required, and for meeting all other
                                                    Students with an overall GPA of 4.0 in
degree requirements. The advisor will coun-
                                                  graduate-level coursework will be recog-
sel, but the final responsibility remains that
                                                  nized at graduation with “highest honors.”
of the student.
                                                  Students who graduate with an overall GPA
   Each student is responsible for maintain-
                                                  of 3.9 through 3.99 will be recognized as
ing communication with the University and
                                                  graduating with “honors.” Students with a
keeping on file with the Registrar’s Office at
                                                  GPA of 3.8 through 3.89 will be honored
all times a current address, including ZIP or
                                                  with a certificate of academic excellence.
postal code and telephone number.
Residency                                         Repeating of Courses
                                                     Upon approval of the director of the
   For the master’s degree, a minimum of
                                                  graduate program, a student may repeat
75% of the required program hours must be
                                                  (once) a maximum of two courses in which
earned at The University of Tampa. Exemp-
                                                  he or she received a grade below “B.” The
tions must be addressed in writing to the
                                                  original grade received will not be removed
Graduate Appeals Committee.
                                                  from the student’s academic record.
Graduate Retention Standards                      Graduate Admission Appeals
   Graduate students must have a minimum
                                                     An applicant whose application for admis-
3.0 GPA in both their required courses and
                                                  sion has been denied should follow these
cumulative GPA to graduate. Students who
fall below a 3.0 GPA will have an eight-hour
                                                      1. Contact the appropriate program
probationary period in which to raise their
                                                  director and request reconsideration and
grades to a 3.0 GPA. Students failing to do
                                                  clarification of the decision.
so will be dismissed. MSN, MEd and MAT
                                                      2. If not satisfied, the applicant may sub-
students are eligible for this opportunity only
                                                  mit his or her case to the Graduate Appeals
once throughout their academic programs. If
                                                  Committee, which will render a decision in
a student’s GPA falls below 3.0 a second time,
                                                  the case.
he or she will be academically dismissed.
                                                      3. The decision of the committee may
   Conditionally admitted MBA, MS-FIN,            be appealed to the dean of graduate studies.
MS-MKT, MSA or MS-IM students who                 The decision of the dean is final.
fall below a 3.0 GPA in their first eight hours
will be dismissed.                                Graduate Academic Appeal
   Conditionally admitted MSN students               The following policy applies to disputes
who fail to earn a grade of “B” or higher in      over academic decisions:
the first eight credits of graduate work will         1. The student should discuss the situ-
be dismissed.                                     ation with the faculty member involved.
   MAT and MEd students who fail to earn              2. If the dispute remains unresolved,
a “B” or higher in the first 12 credits of        the student should contact the appropriate
graduate work will be dismissed. Continu-         department chair or program director in
ation in the MAT or MEd program also is           writing.
contingent on successful completion of ap-            3. If still not satisfied, the department
prenticeships.                                    chair or student may submit his or her case
   No grade below “C” will be accepted to-        to the Graduate Appeals Committee, which
ward a graduate degree or certificate comple-     will render a decision.
tion. MSN/Post-MSN students cannot earn
    4. The student may appeal the decision      Recommended Computing
of the Graduate Appeals Committee to the        Standards for UT Students
dean of graduate studies. The decision of the     (See Student Services section of this catalog.)
dean is final.
Admission to Candidacy and
Application for a Master’s                      Financial Aid
                                                  Please refer to the Financial Aid section
Degree                                          in this catalog for more information or
   A student should complete his or her ap-     contact the Financial Aid Office at (813)
plication for degree with the student advisor   253-6219.
upon completion of 21 semester hours of
acceptable graduate work or in the semester     Housing
prior to graduation (whichever comes first).      On-campus housing placement and off-
When signed and approved by the director        campus housing information services can be
and submitted to the registrar, this form       obtained by contacting The University of
constitutes a formal admission to candidacy     Tampa’s Office of Residence Life at (813)
and application for degree. The deadlines       253-6239.
for submitting this form to the Office of
the Registrar are no later than the previous
March 1 for December graduation, and no         Graduate Studies in
later than the previous Oct. 31 for May or
August graduation.                              Business
   Master of Science in Nursing students have
to successfully complete the oral examination   John H. Sykes College of
before they achieve candidacy.                  Business
   Master of Arts in Teaching students also     Vision
must complete all three portions of the            We will build outstanding careers and
Florida teacher certification examinations to   organizations worldwide.
be eligible for candidacy.
   Master of Education students must have       Mission and Values
completed an oral exam before they achieve         We pursue this vision through an excep-
candidacy.                                      tionally engaged learning community of stu-
                                                dents, teacher-scholars, staff and community
Time Limit                                      partners committed to five core values:
   A student is allowed seven years from the        • People First—We recognize that
time graduate work has begun, whether at        success depends upon our ability to attract,
UT or elsewhere, in which to complete the       develop and support talented faculty, staff
degree. Under certain circumstances, the        and students.
student, with approval from the director, may       • Challenge—We deliver academically
revalidate, by examination, courses that are    challenging educational programs that de-
outdated by the time limit.                     velop the critical competencies and leadership
                                                capacities essential for life-long learning and
Tuition and Graduate Fees                       successful professional lives.
  Graduate tuition is $450 per credit hour          • Teaching Excellence—We emphasize
for part-time and fulltime MBA, MAT, MEd        teaching excellence and high-quality, stu-
and MS programs, and $563 per credit hour       dent-centered learning experiences while
for the Saturday MBA program. A $35             promoting active, practical and diverse
student service fee is assessed each term.      scholarship.
Qualified candidates may audit a course             • Professionalism—We support an
with approval. Tuition for audit courses is     environment that values innovation and
50% of the graduate tuition rate. Auditors      achievement with the highest professional
earn no credit.                                 standards.

    • Partnership—We address real-world           and oral), and be competent with the use
issues through extensive outreach activities      of computers. It is the student’s responsibil-
and partnering on a local and global basis.       ity to develop these proficiencies through
Essential Competencies                            coursework and self-study. Students entering
   We create and deliver truly distinctive        the MS-IM and Saturday MBA programs
programs and services that develop:               are expected to have five years of relevant
    • High-Performance Leadership—An              work experience, with at least two years in
ability to confidently lead oneself and others    a management position. MS-FIN and MS-
for sustainable high performance.                 MKT candidates are expected to have three
    • Global Effectiveness—An ability to          or more years of relevant work experience or
perform effectively across cultures in address-   a threshold score on the GMAT.
ing critical global challenges.
    • Technology Mastery—An ability to            Admission Classifications
enhance personal and organizational perfor-          There are three classifications for admis-
mance through technology.                         sion:
    • An Innovative Mindset—An ability                1. Full Degree-Seeking
to think and act creatively for continuous            2. Non-Degree-Seeking
improvement.                                          3. Professional Certification
    • Business Expertise—An ability to            Full Degree-Seeking Students
contribute strategically through highly de-          In order to be considered for acceptance
veloped functional business skills.               as a full degree-seeking student, the applicant
Accreditation                                     must meet the following minimum criteria:
   The University is accredited by the Com-           • Sufficient Graduate Management Ad-
mission on Colleges of the Southern Associa-      missions Test (GMAT) scores or Graduate Re-
tion of Colleges and Schools to award As-         cords Examination (GRE) scores on the verbal
sociate, Baccalaureate and Master’s degrees.      and quantitative components are required for
The John H. Sykes College of Business also        the part-time and fulltime MBA and MSA pro-
is accredited by AACSB International—the          grams. Students who have completed master’s
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools         degrees at regionally accredited institutions
of Business.                                      are exempt from the GMAT requirement.
                                                  The GMAT is required for MS-IM, MS-FIN,
                                                  MS-MKT and Saturday MBA applicants, but
Admission                                         may be waived if a student submits sufficient
                                                  evidence of relevant professional work experi-
   Admission to UT’s John H. Sykes College        ence. Those who do not submit GMAT scores
of Business graduate programs is competitive      must submit evidence of work and professional
and based on a number of important factors.       accomplishments.
Part-time/full-time MBA, MSA, MS-FIN                  • GPA of 3.0 or higher for all previous
and MS-MKT applications are continually           college work
processed with admissions deadlines for fall          International applicants are required to
and spring terms. Please check the Web            submit the following:
page at for priority, final and            • TOEFL score report with a minimum
international deadlines. Saturday MBA and         score of 577 (230 CBT)
MS-IM applications are for fall sessions.            UT students who wish to complete the
Individual interviews may be required in          Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Biochem-
some cases. All students admitted must have       istry)/MBA joint program receive provi-
earned four-year undergraduate degrees or         sional acceptance into the program at the end
equivalent from a regionally accredited col-      of the second year. Final acceptance into the
lege or university A specific undergraduate       program is granted by the College of Business
major is not required.                            at the end of year three. See the Bachelor of
   Students entering the programs are ex-         Science in Chemistry (Biochemistry)/ MBA
pected to be competent in mathematics, have       joint program in the undergraduate section
strong communication skills (both written         for detailed application instructions.
Non-Degree-Seeking Students                        may take six hours of graduate credit if they
   This status is available for MBA, MSA,          have a minimum GPA of 3.275 and meet all
MS-MKT, MS-FIN and MS-IM applicants.               of the requirements for acceptance into the
Those who have completed an undergraduate          relevant graduate program, including meet-
degree with either a 3.0 GPA overall or a 3.0      ing the GMAT or GRE requirement.
GPA in the last 60 hours of academic work,
but who have not taken the GMAT, may be            How to Apply
considered for acceptance as non-degree-              To be considered for graduate admissions,
seeking students. In this case, a student may      each applicant must submit the following
take no more than six hours of 600-level           information:
graduate work and will be required to submit           • Completed application
GMAT scores to the Graduate Studies Office             • Payment of the $40 fee
before continuing enrollment. Acceptance as            • Official transcripts of all previous col-
a non-degree-seeking student does not assure       lege work (must be received directly from
acceptance into the MBA program, regard-           each institution)
less of the course grades received. Once the           • GMAT score report (required for all
GMAT score has been received, the student’s        business graduate programs unless waived)
admission status will be re-evaluated. If, at            Two personal reference forms
that time, the student meets the criteria for          • A résumé that provides details of educa-
acceptance, the status will be changed to full     tion and work experience
degree-seeking. Non-degree-seeking stu-                • Personal statement that discusses pro-
dents are not eligible for University or federal   fessional objectives, significant professional
financial aid. International students are not      or academic achievements, and demonstrated
eligible for non-degree-seeking status.            leadership abilities
Academic Certificates for Professionals                • TOEFL score report (international
   Professionals who have completed a mas-         applicants only)
ter’s degree or higher, or professionals who           • Financial certification with appropriate
otherwise meet the standard of admissions          supporting documents
as non-degree-seeking students, are eligible           • Portfolio of work and professional ac-
to obtain academic certificates by complet-        complishments (required for MS programs
ing courses outlined in the concentration          and Saturday MBA applicants not submitting
section, plus any prerequisites the courses        GMAT scores; otherwise, recommended)
may have. Upon completion of at least 12              Important: Transcripts must show specific
hours of graduate coursework with a 3.0            subjects taken and the grade earned in each.
GPA or better, the post-graduate student is        If grades are expressed in other than the
awarded an academic certificate. Concentra-        American system (A, B, C, D, F), a statement
tion certificates also will be awarded to MBA      from the school must accompany the tran-
students who complete the requirements for         script showing conversion to the American
a concentration.                                   system. Diplomas, certificates or general
                                                   letters indicating attendance at a school will
Earning a Second Graduate                          not substitute for transcripts.
Degree from the Sykes                                 Applicants who have attended foreign
                                                   colleges or universities may be asked to
College of Business                                submit their transcripts and documents to a
   Students who have been awarded MS               recognized international transcript evaluation
or MBA degrees can earn second graduate            consultant (e.g., World Educational Services
degrees by completing the appropriate addi-        Inc. or Josef Silny & Associates Inc.) for
tional 24 credit hours of study in the graduate    multi-purpose evaluation of the undergradu-
program of the Sykes College of Business.          ate degrees earned and the institutions grant-
                                                   ing them. Application forms for evaluation by
Dual Enrollment                                    this service are available from the Graduate
  Students within nine hours of undergradu-        Studies in Business Office.
ate graduation at The University of Tampa

  Applicants for Graduate Studies in Busi-        to working a total of 20 hours per week for
ness Programs should submit materials to:         all paid positions while school is in session.
Graduate Studies                                  They may work fulltime during the summer
  The University of Tampa                         and vacation periods if they are not enrolled
  Box O                                           in classes.
  401 W. Kennedy Blvd.                               Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Sci-
  Tampa, FL 33606-1490                            ence in Chemistry (Biochemistry)/MBA
                                                  joint program are required to complete two
                                                  business internships.
Graduate Internships
   Graduate students wishing to gain practi-
cal experience may do so by participating in
                                                  Student Organizations
a maximum of two graduate internships. In            Students in the fulltime and part-time
general, graduate academic credit cannot be       graduate programs have the opportunity
granted for an internship. The internship         to elect representatives to graduate student
cannot be done with a student’s fulltime          organizations whose purpose is to provide
employer. For more information, students          feedback to the administration and to initi-
should contact UT’s coordinator of intern-        ate activities and programs to enhance the
ship programs at (813) 253-6221, x 3283.          educational experience.
Mid-term and final internship reports will be
required during the internship. Internships
are graded on a pass-fail basis.                  Alumni Involvement
   Students wishing to pursue academic credit
while participating in an internship must         UT MBA Association
enroll in a separate independent study with a        MBA students and alumni are welcome to
professor in the discipline. The independent      join the MBA Association, which was estab-
study must be approved for course content         lished to enhance the value of the UT MBA.
by the department chair and the director.         The MBA Association combines the wisdom
Independent studies are graded based on the       and experience of alumni with the energy of
academic content of work submitted through        current students in developing a mutually
the independent study as approved by the          beneficial network of professionals.
department chair. The student is responsible      Mission
for finding a professor in the discipline with       The MBA Association fully supports the
whom to complete the independent study.           mission of the Sykes College of Business at
All internships and independent studies must      The University of Tampa. In support of this
be finalized prior to the start of the semester   mission, the MBA Association develops and
in which they will take place.                    presents programs, services and networking
   Internship applicants must be taking           opportunities that add value to the UT MBA
graduate classes at The University of Tampa       degree.
and must have completed a minimum of two             For more information on the UT MBA
graduate courses with no grade less than a        Association, please contact the director of
“B.” A graduate student who has earned            Alumni and Parent Relations at (813) 253-
a bachelor’s degree at UT may, upon the           6268 or the office of Graduate Studies in
recommendation of a UT faculty member,            Business at (813) 258-7409.
commence an internship prior to complet-
ing two graduate courses, since the student       UT MBA Alumni
already is known by the UT faculty.                  UT MBA alumni are invited to return to
   International students must have main-         campus and join in the activities of UT’s
tained their immigration status for one           growing learning community. Alumni are
academic year before they are eligible to         encouraged to pursue the Professional Cer-
apply for a paid internship, and are limited      tificate program, earn a concentration, and
                                                  join the MBA Association.


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