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									If you own a business, you need to hire freelance writers. Website owners hire freelance writers
to write SEO articles, web content, press releases, sales letters, blog posts, and more. The
enormous amount of websites out there has created an equally great demand for writers who can
write web content. An industry that was virtually non-existent only a decade or so ago, web
content writing is the most common type of writing, and it is also one of the most popular ways
to make money online.

Although there is a seemingly endless pool of writers online, most writers produce inferior
articles and web content. This leaves website and business owners in a dilemma. How can you
hire freelance writers that can get the job done right? There are a number of things website
owners can do to hire quality freelancers, including asking for writing samples, starting with a
test article, and keeping good writers long term.

Writing Samples

When you hire freelance writers, ask to read a few of the writer's samples. A quality writer will
have an abundance of writing samples. Some of the writing samples, for articles in particular,
should appear online with the writer's name as the author. All too often unscrupulous writers go
online and send their potential clients links to other people's articles that they have not even
written. Hiring a freelance writer who has samples and is credited as the author will help to avoid
such fraud.

Hire New Writers for Smaller Orders

While it is a great idea to hire freelance writers who have verifiable writing samples, it is
possible that the writer has him or herself hired a ghostwriter. If the writer has hired a
ghostwriter to write the content, then there is no guarantee that whoever writes your article will
write quality web content. This is essentially a case of bait and switch; the writer shows you
amazing samples and then sends you inferior quality writing. To avoid this potential pitfall, I
recommend starting out small. For example, rather than hiring the writer to write 100 articles or
100 pages of website content, start with one or two or even ten. Do not invest more than you are
willing to lose.

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