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					MAY 2012
                          THE   BRIDGE
                         THE NEWSLETTER OF THE NAVAL WAR COLLEGE FOUNDATION                                  VOLUME 12

                                                                                                                         Photo by Allure West Studios

                         Annual Trustees’ Dinner
ON 29 NOVEMBER 2011, the Naval War College Foundation held its Annual Trustees’
 Dinner and winter Board of Trustees’ Meeting at the Union League of Philadelphia.
  The guest speaker for the evening was General James N. Mattis, USMC, Commander, U.S. Central
    Command. Over 320 members and guests were present at the dinner – our largest turnout ever!
 General Mattis’ comments were both inspiring and entertaining as he discussed the issues our troops
 are facing while deployed, as well as current events around the world. A distinguished military leader
  and scholar, General Mattis noted that if America ceases to be proactive in the Middle East, terrorist
attacks may occur around the world – including on U.S. soil. A skilled and accomplished statesman and
  diplomat, in addition to his military role, General Mattis is in constant contact with regional leaders in
     order to improve the quality of life in the Middle East, as well as preserving American interests.
     His  presentation  was  very  fitting  inside  the  Lincoln  Hall  of  the  Union  League  –  with  a  portrait  of  
   Abraham  Lincoln  as  the  backdrop.  The  Honorable  Francis  “Bing”  West,  former  Assistant  Secretary
       of Defense for International Security Affairs, provided the introduction for General Mattis.             •

    ____________________________________      Outstanding Chairman
                                              Receives Meritorious
       Chairman Receives Award

            President’s Corner

                                                 Service Award
        Letter from the Chairman
              Email Request

     Executive Director’s Comments

      Salute from Naval Command
           and Staff Colleges

     Corporate Spotlight: Raytheon

         2011 Annual Campaign
          Opportunities to Give
         NWC Takes Capitol Hill!

          Our Humor in Uniform

    Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Heidi E. Lane
            Sailor Recognition

        Professor Mocini’s Farwelll

     Opportunities Abound at NWC
     Distance Ed Students Honored

          Ruger Chair Workshop
       U.S. Grand Strategy Refocus

          Corporate Support
       New Corporate Supporters

            Upcoming Events
           New York, New York

        Outreach Events in Florida
               Passages                      The  Naval  War  College  Foundation’s  most  prestigious  award,  
                                             the Meritorious Service Award, was presented by RADM John
                                                Christenson,  President  of  the  Naval  War  College,  to  the
             Foundation Store
                                           Foundation’s  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Trustees  –  Peter  Pelletier  –
    ____________________________________          for  his  outstanding  work  on  behalf  of  the  Foundation  
        Exhibiting A Sailor’s Diary
                                                 at the Annual Trustees’ Dinner on 29 November 2011.
     Photos by NWC Public Affairs Office

2   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012
President’s Corner
DEAR FOUNDATION                                education we provide
MEMBERS AND FRIENDS,                           though our resident Joint
     In early March, I had the                 Professional         Military
opportunity to travel to Capitol               Education programs in
Hill to participate in the College’s           Newport and our College
annual   Congressional   Break-                of Distance Education
fast   and   Briefing.   Held   in   the       offerings around the
Kennedy Caucus Room of the                     world are augmented by
Russell   Senate   Office   Building,          specialized courses we
this   event   saw   nearly   200   Fleet      offer through our College
Seminar students, Congressional                of      Operational       and
staffers, Navy leaders, elected                Strategic   Leadership.  
members  of  Congress,  and  NWC               For   example,   the   same  
supporters gather to learn about               day I was speaking on
current  NWC  activities  and  initia-         Capitol Hill, a class of
tives. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI)                50 Navy captains was
served as host, and his remarks                on-campus in Newport,
about the pride he takes in the                taking   our   Executive  
College’s accomplishments were                 Level   Operational   War  
greatly appreciated. Rhode Island              Course, directly focused
Senator  Sheldon  Whitehouse  and              on   warfighting   in   the  
Representative David Cicilline                 maritime domain.
also attended as well as Sena-                     CNO’s second tenet is                       “Cooperative   Strategy   for   21st  
tor   Roger   Wicker   (R-­MS).   The          “Operate  Forward,”  reflecting  the            Century   Seapower”   generally  
Chief of Naval Operations, ADM                 need for the United States to be                known  as  CS-­21.  Among  NWC’s  
Jonathan Greenert, spoke about                 engaged with our allies around                  contributions  to  fleet  readiness  is  
the vision he sees for the United              the world to ensure that the global             our ongoing effort to refresh CS-
States Navy, and the importance                economic order is maintained.                   21. Our faculty is working closely
he places on the education and                 Understanding and cooperation                   with the CNO’s staff and with
research that takes place in                   between nations is critical to                  the   various   Fleet   Commanders  
Newport and on the College’s                   this   process,   and   the   Naval   War       to ensure that Maritime Strategy
Fleet   Seminar   Program   satellite          College’s international education               accurately  reflects  the  challenges  
campuses around the Navy. I then               programs, our regional symposia,                before us in the years ahead.
had the opportunity to talk about              and the biennial International                       I hope all our friends and
some   of   the   ways   that   NWC   is       Seapower Symposia are ways                      supporters   in   the   Foundation  
supporting the basic tenets of the             in which international security                 recognize   that   NWC   is   closely  
CNO’s  recently  released  “Sailing            cooperation is strengthened.                    aligned with the CNO’s vision, and
Directions.”                                      The   final   tenet   of   the   Sailing     with your help, we will continue to
   CNO’s   first   tenet   is   “War-­         Directions   is   “Be   Ready,”   which         contribute educated leaders and
fighting   First,”   which   reminds   us      places a high priority on training,             creative thinking to address the
all that while we in the Navy serve            the material condition of our ships             issues of 21st century seapower.
to preserve peace around the                   and units, and a strategy and                   Foundation   sponsorship   for   the  
globe, we must be fully prepared               doctrine that has been written                  Congressional   Breakfast   and  
to prevail in combat whenever                  and embraced by all levels of                   Briefing  is  just  one  more  example  
necessary. Navy forces must                    the Navy so action can be taken                 of what you do to make us better!
be   flexible   and   diverse,   and   its     without hesitation when the need                Thank you for your continued
Sailors must be educated and                   arises. The over-arching vision                 support!
trained to respond effectively to              for the nation’s maritime forces                RADM John N. Christenson, USN
any contingency. The tremendous                was published in 2007 as the                                          President, NWC

                                                                                                    WWW.NWCFOUNDATION.ORG   • THE BRIDGE   3
                    LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN
AS WE ENTER THE SECOND QUARTER                                   instrumental in allowing
of the year, it is a good time to assess the current             the  Foundation  to  
status  of  our  Foundation,  and  what  the  future  holds.     execute  its  objectives  to  
Your  Foundation  had  a  very  exciting  and  productive        enhance the education
2011.  We  ended  the  year  with  our  endowment                of the students at the
portfolio  approximating  $21.3  million.  Support  to           Naval  War  College.  
the  Naval  War  College,  in  the  form  of  funding  from      The  Naval  War  College  
our  endowment,  gifts  and  grants,  approximated               Foundation  is  very  
$720,000.  The  first  quarter  of  2012  has  seen              appreciative of your
favorable  financial  markets  and  the  growth  of              support.
our  portfolio  to  $22.0  million.  Our  Foundation’s                As of this writing,
management continues work with the President                     your  Foundation  is  in  
and  Provost  of  the  College  to  develop  projects  that      its second quarter of 2012. This period is the most
provide  the  “Margin  of  Excellence”  for  the  students.      amazing three months of our year. In addition to
Support  for  the  Naval  War  College  for  2012  will          our  scheduled  events  delineated  in  our  Executive  
exceed  the  2011  level.                                        Director’s Report, the period represents the most
     How does all this happen?                                   concentrated effort of the year in reaching out to
   Your  Foundation  is  managed  by  32  elected                current  and  future  members  of  the  Foundation.  
trustees,  an  Executive  Director  and  a  capable  office      The  Current  Strategy  Forum  exposes  over  1,000  
staff  in  Newport.  We  are  operating  and  progressing        individuals per day, in a two-day window, to the
with our Operating/Tactical plan as presented                    Naval  War  College  and  its  Foundation.  In  addition,  
at our Philadelphia meeting in November. This                    we are conducting roundtables, private tours,
plan,  prepared  and  presented  by  our  Executive              private meetings, and have a variety of venues to
Director, spells out the actions required to achieve             inform potential members and supporters of the
our  objectives,  which  include  advancing  the                 Naval  War  College.
public  knowledge  of  the  Naval  War  College  and                  As you may glean from my message, I am
developing  a  loyal  support  base  for  the  Naval  War        very proud to be your Chairman and represent the
College  Foundation  and  its  charter.                          Trustees, Trustee Emeriti/ae, Regional Directors,
     The primary focus of the plan referred to in the            Executive  Director,  our  staff  and  each  and  every  
above paragraph is to present the positive attributes            member  of  the  Naval  War  College  Foundation.  
of  the  Naval  War  College  to  as  many  relevant             In addition, we have developed a great working
individuals and corporations as possible, throughout             relationship with the very capable management
the current year and beyond. As you review the                   team  at  the  Naval  War  College,  RADM  John  
Executive  Director’s  report,  you  will  be  informed  of      Christenson  and  AMB  Mary  Ann  Peters,  the  
the actions already taken and those to be taken by               President and Provost.
your  Foundation  to  achieve  these  goals.                          I look forward to seeing many of you in
     How do we generate the funding for our support              Newport  at  the  Current  Strategy  Forum  and  other  
to  the  Naval  War  College?                                    Foundation  events  this  summer.
   From  the  contributions  of  our  loyal  members.                                                     Peter A. Pelletier
Your  generous  financial  support  has  been                                        Chairman of the Board of Trustees

                                     EMAIL REQUEST
                                      In an effort to better serve our membership with news and timely
                                       invitations to events, the Naval War College Foundation is looking
                                       for your email address. Please, take a moment and send an email to
                              and update your email address with
                                      us today. Remember, every stamp saved means more money towards
                                    fulfilling our mission of support to the Naval War College!
4   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012
SPRING TIME (AND WARM WEATHER)                                   author  of  “Joe  
GREETINGS to our many friends and members                        Rochefort’s  War,”  a  
of  the  Naval  War  College  Foundation!  Thank  you            biography of CDR
for your dedication and great support this past                  Joe Rochefort,
year. The following paragraphs highlight some                    the  naval  officer  
of  the  activity  at  the  Naval  War  College  and  by         who broke the
your  Foundation  –  both  here  in  Newport  and                Japanese code
around the nation.                                               prior  to  the  Battle  of  
   In  January,  the  Foundation  participated  in  the          Midway. That same
Armed  Forces  Communications  and  Electronics                  evening,  Foundation  
Association  (AFCEA)  annual  convention  in  San                members were
Diego. This event provided us the opportunity to talk invited to attend an
about  the  Naval  War  College  and  the  Foundation  to   evening lecture by
people and corporations in the Southern California               Captain Richard
region. On our way back from California, we                      Phillips, master of the MV Maersk Alabama, who
visited  senior  executives  from  two  of  our  corporate       described his rescue from Somali pirates by a
supporters in Tucson – Raytheon Missile Systems                  Navy Seal team in April 2009. On 13 March,
and Sargent Aerospace & Defense.                                 the  Naval  War  College  hosted  the  noted  Navy  
     The College hosted a two-day Ethics                         Times’  cartoonist  –  Mr.  Jeff  Bacon  –  as  the  
Conference  in  early  February  that  27  Foundation            Evening  Lecture  guest  speaker.  On  22  March,  
members  were  able  to  attend.  Also  in  February,            the  Foundation  traveled  west  to  the  Bay  Area,  
two of our Trustees hosted outreach events in                    along  with  four  NWC  faculty  from  the  National  
Florida  to  help  us  bring  a  part  of  the  NWC  to          Security Affairs department, to participate in the
southern  Florida.  These  events  in  Palm  Beach  and   annual  Reserve  Weekend  in  San  Mateo,  CA.  
Boca  Grande  brought  together  a  diverse  group               Our  four  Trustees/Regional  Directors  in  the  Bay  
of community leaders that beforehand had little                  Area hosted outreach events in support of the
knowledge of the College. Ambassador Deborah                     Foundation  and  the  College.  The  first  Executive  
Jones, the State Department Representative to the Leaders’  Roundtable  in  2012  was  held  on  27  
Naval  War  College,  provided  an  overview  of  global   March, with a presentation by Professor Heidi
current events, and illustrated to the audience the              Lane  on  The Arab Spring.  Eight  senior  executive  
world-class caliber of faculty we have in residence              leaders from around the nation attended
at  the  Naval  War  College.  The  Foundation  also             this educational and informative event. More
hosted  a  brunch  event  in  Palm  Beach  with  support   roundtables are scheduled for later this year.
from one of our newest Corporate Members – Ms.                        The Secretary of the Navy’s Current Strategy
Dale Coudert, President of the Coudert Institute.                Forum  (12-­13  June)  is  just  around  the  corner,  and  
   Back  in  Newport,  Mr.  Edward  Achorn,  a  Pulitzer   promises to be a timely and outstanding event with
Prize  finalist  for  Distinguished  Commentary  and             the theme of: Global Trends: Implications for
the deputy editorial pages editor of The Providence National Policy and the Maritime Forces.  With  
Journal,  presented  a  Lecture  of  Opportunity  for            70% of the earth’s surface covered by water; 80%
NWC  students,  faculty  and  Foundation  members                of the world’s population residing within 200 miles
at the College. Mr Achorn talked about his father’s              of a coast; and 90% of U.S. commerce traveling
World  War  II  experiences  and  showed  photographs   via ocean, this conference will undoubtedly
and  excerpts  from  his  father’s  diary.  This  lecture        highlight the importance of maintaining free and
coincided with the opening of the Museum’s                       open use of the seas.
exhibition  “A  Sailor’s  Diary,  the  World  War  II  Art  of        In closing, I would like to thank all our
George  Eisenberg.”  Mr.  Eisenberg  was  a  second              members – both corporate and individual – for your
class radioman onboard the USS La Vallette (DD                   tremendous  support.  We  could  not  provide  the  
448) during the war. Mr. Eisenberg – now 91 – was “margin  of  excellence”  for  the  NWC  student  body  
on hand for the opening.                                         without your generous support.
   In  March,  the  Naval  War  College  Museum                                                        John E. Odegaard
hosted  an  8  Bells  Lecture  featuring  Elliott  Carlson,                                            Executive Director
                                                                                          WWW.NWCFOUNDATION.ORG   • THE BRIDGE   5

I n the September issue of The
  Bridge, Professor Vincent P.
Mocini provided you with the
                                               members from all branches of the
                                               U.S. military as well as multiple
                                               government   agencies.   Like   their  
                                                                                                      includes   exposure   to   American  
                                                                                                      government institutions, the politi-
                                                                                                      cal process, civil-military relations,
history, goals and structure of the            American classmates, they study                        the role of the free press, the free
international programs here at the             Joint Military Operations, National                    enterprise system, agricultural and
Naval   War   College.   In   this   issue     Security and Decision Making,                          industrial developments, resource
we thought that we’d give you a                and Strategy and Policy, and par-                      conservation, and the diversity of
small sample of the venues our                 ticipate in numerous academic                          American geography and society.
international   officers   visit   during      electives that focus upon politico-                         International understanding
their year here in Newport.                    military topics of personal inter-                     and cooperation advocated by
    As a primer: the members                   est. In addition to their classroom                    Admiral  Arleigh  Burke  have  been  
of this year’s Naval Command                   studies,   the   international   officers              significantly   enhanced   by   the  
College (NCC) hail from 46                     also participate in a challenging                        
                                                                                                      superb  support  that  the  Naval  War  
nations; the two Naval Staff                   and  varied  Field  Studies  Program.                  College  Foundation  has  provided  
College (NSC) classes include                  This program gives international                       to  the  Naval  War  College  and  the  
representatives from 55 nations.               officers   a   balanced   understand-                  Naval Command & Staff Colleges
These hand-selected officers                   ing of the United States and an                        since 1969. The International
study side-by-side with their U.S.             increased awareness of the basic                       Programs Office thanks and
counterparts. They are integrated              issues of internationally recog-                       salutes everyone for their contin-
into seminars that include service             nized human rights. Their travel                       ued interest and support.               •

                THIS PAGE FROM LEFT

                NSC Class 2012 at Boeing in Seattle, WA
                NSC Class 80 at Washington, DC – Class president Michael Brathwaite from Trinidad & Tobago
                presenting a class photo to Senator Jack Reed (with Dean Tom Mangold, International Programs and
                Maritime Security Cooperation and NSC Director Captain Mark Turner, looking on.)
                                                               Photos  on  these  pages  courtesy  of  The  International  Programs  Office

6   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012


NSC Class 2012 outside San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, CA
NCC  Class  2012  visits  the  New  York  Stock  Exchange  to  discuss  global  trade,  free  markets  and  financial  security  issues.
NCC Class 2012 visits the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.
NSC Class 80 visits Google campus, Mountain View, CA
NSC Class 80 at Naval Base Kitsap, Washington with (l to r) LT Mihail Arabadzhiev from Bulgaria, CDR Juan Hudson from
Uruguay, LT Milan Jevtovic from Montenegro and MAJ Ziad Allam from Lebanon.
NCC Class 2012 members with CNN HLN morning show anchor Robin Meade at the CNN center in Atlanta, GA.

                                                                                                     WWW.NWCFOUNDATION.ORG   • THE BRIDGE   7
                       CORPORATE SPOTLIGHT:
                       Raytheon Missile Systems

        aytheon’s  Naval  Weapon  Systems,  the  leader               Systems delivers a survivability edge to maintain
        in layered naval ship self-defense, provides                  effectiveness on land or at sea.
        the U.S. Navy and our allies with superior                       Soon,   NWS   will   expand   our   mission   protection  
technology, unparalleled products and guaranteed                      sustainability ashore, leveraging the same success
support solutions.                                                    and performance of our sea-based layered defense
   “Our  people  produce  systems  used  in  the  global              in a land-based air defense initiative. Our advances
theater  to  protect  Sailors,  Marines  and  ships,”  said           in layered protection solutions and effects technol-
Rick   Nelson,   vice   president   of   the   Naval   Weapon         ogy   will   enable   commanders   to   achieve   specific  
Systems product line in Tucson, AZ.                                   military outcomes with increasing precision.
   The   highlight   of   NWS   is   our   ability   to   design,        “The   Naval   Weapon   System’s   international  
develop and manufacture systems for the critical                      design,  combat  system  flexibility  and  proven  layered  
requirements of layered ship self-defense. Today’s                    self-defense capabilities provide proven solutions to
naval missions require vessels to operate in the lit-                 counter the ever-evolving threats of today and tomor-
torals. In these potentially stressing environments,                  row,”   said   Nelson.   “Whether   escorting   global   com-
Naval   Weapon   Systems   provides   superior   layered              merce, conducting solitary patrols, or deployed on
self-defense responses.                                               land  –  ensuring  the  safety  of  the  world’s  fleets,  crews  
    The spiral development of new systems relying                     and  ground  forces  is  our  most  important  mission.”
on our combat-proven solutions is the highlight of                       Raytheon  Missile  Systems  joined  the  Naval  War  
NWS   –   we   tailor   our   components   to   customers’            College  Foundation  in  October  2001  as  a  corporate  
defense requirements. Matching the threats’ per-                      member and, since 2005, has generously supported
formance   capability   is   not   enough:   Naval   Weapon           the  Foundation  as  a  Corporate  Sponsor.       •
8   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012
                 Our 2011 Annual Campaign
O U R 2 0 11 A N N U A L Y E A R E N D C A M PA I G N W R A P P E D U P I N J A N U A RY
on   successful   terms.   We   want   to   express   our   gratitude   to   all   those   who   contributed   to   the  
campaign;;  nearly  500  gifts  were  received.  The  China  Maritime  Studies  Institute’s  China’s  Fair  
Seas  Operations  project  received  $12,315,  and  the  College’s  International  Law  Department’s  
Rules  of  Engagement  –  Lessons  Learned  project  received  $21,925.  Many  members  chose  to  
contribute  to  our  general  unrestricted  fund  ($229,058.14),  which  allows  us  the  most  flexibility  in  
funding  College  projects.  The  remaining  $15,300  was  restricted  to  various  other  projects,  funds,  
and  endowments.  More  good  news:  the  Foundation’s  Board  of  Trustees,  led  by  Chairman  of  
the   Board   Peter   Pelletier   and   Development   Committee   Chairman   Richard   Bohan,   was   most  
generous,   contributing   $184,456.86.   This   total   exceeded   the   Board’s   goal   of   $175,000   and  
made  this  our  most  successful  Leadership  Challenge.  The  grand  total  for  the  campaign  was  

Again,   we   would   like   to   say   thank   you   to   all   of   the   Foundation   members   and   friends   whose  
generosity made our 2011 year end campaign a success.                    •

                    OPPORTUNITIES TO GIVE
             Contributions  from  supporters  and  members  are  vital  to  the  Foundation’s  
           ability  to  fund  several  of  the  Naval  War  College’s  activities.  Lectures,  awards,  
               technology  enhancements  and  Regional  Study  Libraries  are  just  a  few  
                               of the programs made possible with these gifts.
            To  make  a  gift  to  the  Foundation,  please  consider  the  following  easy  ways:
                  By  mail:  NWC  Foundation,  686  Cushing  Road,  Newport,  RI  02841-­1213
                             By  telephone:  401-­848-­8300  (for  credit  card  donations)
                      Via  our  website:  “Gifts”  under  the  “Giving  &  Corporate  Support”  tab  
                         Gifts  of  stock  are  accepted  through  Fidelity  Investments.  
        For  gifts  of  stock,  please  give  the  following  information  to  your  investment  broker:
               DTC#  226  |  OCC#  226  |  Institutional  ID#  72688  |  Agent  Bank#  72688
             For  credit  to  Naval  War  College  Foundation,  Inc.:  Account#  479-­165980.*
                 *If  you  make  a  gift  of  stock,  please  call  our  office  to  inform  us  of  your  gift.  
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                         NWC Takes Capitol Hill!

                      Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert and the Honorable Jack Reed
                      (D-RI) at the Congressional Breakfast.

N     early   200   Naval   War   Col-
      lege  Fleet  Seminar  students,  
alumni,   and   supporters   joined  
                                             provided  an  opportunity  to  explain  
                                             the roles and missions of the
                                             College and to highlight ongoing
                                                                                            as the recently named John A.
                                                                                            van  Beuren  Chair  for  Asia-­Pacific  
                                                                                            Studies. “We have being going
with the Chief of Naval Opera-               educational and research initia-               to Capitol Hill almost every year
tions and the President, Naval               tives. Chief of Naval Operations               since 1999, and the interaction
War   College   for   an   early   morn-     ADM Jonathan Greenert, USN,                    between NWC faculty, students,
ing  breakfast  and  briefing  in  early     praised the College for serving                members of Congress, congres-
March 2012. The event was held               as  the  Navy’s  “Home  of  Thought,”          sional staffers, and Navy lead-
in the Kennedy Caucus Room                   and  commended  the  many  Fleet               ers has become more productive
that has been the site of such               Seminar students in the audi-                  each year,” notes Jackson.
historic events as the hearings              ence for their dedication to com-                  Dr. Jay Hickey, Director of the
into the sinking of the Titanic, the         pleting the College’s demanding                College of Distance Education
McCarthy Anti-Communist hear-                academic program while holding                 recently stated: “It is very impor-
ings,   and   the   Watergate   investi-     down   a   full-­time   job.   Naval   War     tant to foster understanding and
gations.   The   Naval   War   College       College President RADM John                    good relations across the entire
event was considerably less con-             Christenson, USN, briefed the                  Defense establishment, and both
troversial than any of these previ-          group on how the College’s                     the Fleet Seminar Program and
ous activities!                              efforts are clearly aligned with               the Congressional Breakfast and
      The gathering was hosted by            the basic tenets of the CNO’s                  Briefing  serve  to  effective  means  
Rhode Island’s senior senator, the           Sailing Directions:   “Warfighting             to share information about com-
Honorable Jack Reed (D-RI). Sen-             First,”   “Operate   Forward”   and            mon interests.”
ator   Sheldon   Whitehouse   (D-­RI),       “Be  Ready.”  Dean  Barney  Rubel                 NWC   Foundation   trustees  
Senator   Roger   Wicker   (R-­MS),          spoke   briefly   about   ongoing              RADM Julius Caesar, USN (Ret.)
and Congressman David Cicilline              research  projects  within  the  Cen-          and CAPT Tim Davison, USN
of   Rhode   Island’s   First   Congres-     ter   for   Naval   Warfare   Studies;;        (Ret.)   represented   the   Founda-
sional District also participated.           Dean Tom Mangold addressed                     tion at the breakfast and acknowl-
 “This was by far the largest event          the College’s dynamic interna-                 edged the sincere thanks of
we have ever held on Capitol Hill,”          tional education and engagement                RADM Christenson for sponsor-
said Professor John Jackson, the             activities; and Dr. Toshi Yoshihara            ing this important event.
breakfast coordinator. The event             spoke about the work he is doing                          Professor John Jackson
10   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012
     Our Humor in Uniform

A       sk a sailor or soldier to tell you about his time “Broadside”  cartoons  often  comes  from  observations  
        in the military and he will undoubtedly convey –  “the  humor  is  raw  and  real”  –  and  the  ageless  and  
his   experiences   through   a   series   of   stories   and   bountiful   subjects   of   military   food   and   conditions,  
anecdotes.  Most  will  relay  that  they’ve  experienced   “mean   chiefs,”   and   clueless   officers.   The   lecturer  
long periods of tedium, monotony, professional turned to a more serious note as he spoke of good
challenge,  and  occasionally  anxiety  and  trepidation   leadership,   and   specifically   of   the   education   the  
– but you will also notice they’ve found a lot about students  were  receiving  at  the  Naval  War  College.  
their military service that makes them laugh at their Using   several   examples,   Bacon   stressed   the  
situations, surroundings, and                                                              importance of leaders taking care
themselves.   Finding   the   humor                                                        of their troops and the reciprocal
in our military service is part and                       Bacon revealed that his          relationship that it fosters.
parcel of what makes life in the                            best material for the             In   closing,   Bacon   became  
military  such  a  rich  experience.                                                       even more solemn as he
                                                       “Broadside” cartoons often
     Most of us have grown up                                                              described his recent work with the
with some version of humor in                           comes from observations            Wyakin   Warrior   Foundation   and  
uniform, but probably one of the                        – “the humor is raw and            the   satisfaction   and   fulfillment  
best purveyors of these illus-                                                             he receives. Although he will
trated, service-related chuckles                           real” – and the ageless         continue   to   illustrate   our   “humor  
for the Navy and Marine Corps                              and bountiful subjects          in   uniform,”   his   future   focus   will  
is  Jeff  Bacon.  He  has  been  very                       of military food and           be to concentrate more of his
successful at capturing humor                                                              energy on wounded veterans
in uniform in written and illus-                       conditions, “mean chiefs,”          and their families.
trated formats and then convey-                             and clueless officers.                During the lively audience
ing it to soldiers and sailors for                                                         Q&A  following  the  lecture,  Bacon  
more than 20 years. On March                                                               recounted personal anecdotes
13,  as  part  of  the  Naval  War  College  Foundation’s   and  reflections  of  his  career.
Evening  Lecture  Series,  we  had  the  good  fortune  to      Bacon’s   lecture   can   be   viewed   in   its   entirety  
hear  from  Jeff  Bacon,  the  Navy  and  Marine  Corps’   by   visiting   the   Foundation’s   website   at   www.
unofficial  king  of  cartoons.                                    and   clicking   on   “News/Lecture”  
   Bacon,  a  26-­year  Navy  veteran,  began  drawing   under  the  “News  and  Events”  tab.
cartoons on a newly installed whiteboard outside                                                        Ms. Melissa Cartee and
his   XO’s   office   on   his   first   tour   at   sea   aboard   the            Commander Randy Wietman USN (Ret.)
USS Cook   (FF   1083).   Instantly   popular   for   their  
sophisticated yet subtle humor, his cartoons were                                    This Contemporary Civilization Lecture
first   published   in   1986   during   a   tour   at   the   Naval               was sponsored by the Naval War College
Postgraduate School, and soon after the Navy                                           Foundation through the generosity of
Times began purchasing them as well.                                                 Drs. Daniel and Susan Thys in honor of
   Bacon   revealed   that   his   best   material   for   the               LT Michael P. Murphy, Medal of Honor recipient.
                                                                                                 WWW.NWCFOUNDATION.ORG   • THE BRIDGE   11
                                           Faculty Spotlight
     Dr. Heidi E. Lane, Strategy and Policy Department
I ndirectly,   the   War   College   can  
  thank Hollywood and Indiana
Jones  for  Professor  Heidi  Lane’s  
                                                  with the Truman Insti-
                                                  tute for the Advance-
                                                  ment of Peace at the
                                                                                                                 resources. To this end,
                                                                                                                 she is currently work-
                                                                                                                 ing as a research fellow
introduction to the Middle East                   Hebrew University of                                           with the International
and   its   culture.   Like   so   many           Jerusalem and as a                                             Security Program at
youngsters at the time, the youth-                U.S.   Fulbright   scholar                                     the   Belfer   Center   for  
ful  Dr.  Lane  developed  a  fascina-            in Syria. She holds                                            Science and Interna-
tion for ancient archaeology after                a MA and PhD in                                                tional Affairs at Har-
seeing   the   film,   but   in   her   case,     Islamic Studies from                                           vard University, where
she put the thought into action;                  the Center for Near                                            she is completing
studying hard and travelling to                   Eastern Studies at the University                research on a book manuscript
Israel  or  more  specifically  to  King          of  California,  Los  Angeles.                   about the effects that the U.S.
Herod’s port city of Caesarea,                         She lists her areas of spe-                 counterterrorism programs may
where, for over a year, she put                   cialization as ethnic and religious              have had on the current wave of
archaeology  to  the  test.  Finding  in          nationalism, insurgency, terror-                 state liberalization in the Middle
fact that the profession wasn’t all               ism, and de-radicalization. This                 East (the Arab Spring).
that she imagined, she returned                   last  field  grew  out  of  her  doctoral            In her teaching duties, Dr.
to Chicago for her College years                  work, which was a comparative                    Lane   is   an   Associate   Professor  
still deeply interested in the region             study of right-wing Jewish groups                on the Strategy and Policy faculty
and its peoples. This was the time                and Palestinian-Islamist groups in               and directs the activities of the
of   the   first   Palestinian   Intifada,        Israel. The aim of the study was to              Greater Middle East Regional
Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait, and the                explore   the   connection   between             Studies Area of Study, which is
beginning of the Madrid Peace                     the degree of violent speech that                responsible for research and
Process, and, in the University of                these   groups   expressed   and   the           teaching efforts in support of the
Chicago, several of her professors                frequency with which they carried                College’s Electives program. She
were involved in diplomatic efforts               out   terrorist   acts.   Finding   only   a     credits the remarkable intellectual
either  at  Madrid  or  in  the  Gulf  War.       weak connection here and a cor-                  spirit of her department and
Their work made a great impres-                   respondingly greater emphasis                    the quality of the student body
sion and, from then on, she sank                  on political indoctrination, her                 for some of the most enriching
all her efforts into the region’s lan-            work in de-radicalization today                  teaching   experiences   she   has  
guages, politics and history. The                 focuses on the vital and ongoing                 sampled   thus   far.   With   the  
rest, as they say, is history and                 efforts in several Middle Eastern                current   focus   still   firmly   on   the  
today,   Dr.   Lane   is   fully   trained        countries   to   “de-­radicalize”   vari-        Middle   East   and   its   explosive   if  
in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian                    ous factions of their citizenry by               embryonic reforms, the College is
and   is   a   veteran   of   extensive           way of religious and cultural re-                indeed  lucky  to  have  Dr.  Lane  as  
field  research  in  the  Middle  East,           education, which she opines may                  a member of its faculty.
including   as   a   research   affiliate         not be the best use of their limited                        Professor Angus K. Ross

                                         Sailor Recognition
       At  the  Awards  Ceremony  in  Spruance  Lobby  on  6  February  
                 2012, the following Sailors were recognized:
                        Junior Sailor of the Year 2011
              OS2  Bradley  Hansen  –  Wargaming  Department
                        Sailor of the 1st Quarter 2012
     SH1 Todd Clifton – Event and Visitor Coordination Department
         In  addition  to  official  Navy  recognition,  each  received  a  
        monetary  award  from  the  Naval  War  College  Foundation  
      through the generosity of Trustee Emeritus Edward M. Polk.
    OS2 Bradley Hansen accepts his award from Executive Director John Odegaard.

12   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012
        Professor Mocini’s Farewell Message
A    fter  nearly  12  years  at  NWC,  
     Professor Vincent P. Mocini
will retire after graduation this
                                                                                           You have done countless good for
                                                                                           thousands  of  international  officers  
                                                                                           and families. I add my sincere
coming June. He is the former                                                              thanks  and  appreciation  to  my  “one  
Dean, International Programs                                                               in  a  billion”  wife,  Ruth  Ann,  for  her  
and current Director of the Naval                                                          support, love and contributions to
Command College. The Naval                                                                 all International Programs families
War   College   Foundation   wishes                                                        over these wonderful years.
Professor Mocini, and his wife,                                                                  The many great men and
Ruth Ann, fair winds and following                                                         women and the faint whispers of
seas as they move on to new                                                                history that echo after our foot-
adventures.  Below  is  a  portion  of                                                     steps   have   positively   influenced  
the farewell letter he sent to the                                                         my work. The wonderful alumni
NCC and NSC alumni:                                                                        are  a  real  part  of  that  history.  We  
   “Across   the   world’s   expanse                                                       shared naval terms, traditions,
of salt water, washing the shores                                                          and   explored   ideas   to   contrib-
of every continent, the maritime              Richard Colbert, and for the                 ute to future peace on the mari-
commons connects us and                       counsel of the succeeding NCC                time commons. Most important,
our collective history. Just as               and   NSC   Directors.   We   all   owe      I   believe   we   have   significantly  
widespread as the sea is our                  our gratitude to Mrs. Prudence               enhanced international trust and
network of lifelong friends formed            Colbert Mackall, who has hon-                friendship.   Drawing   on   experi-
by   the   common   experience   of           ored Admiral Colbert’s memory                ences in Newport, we have taken
the Naval Command College                     by   her   dedication,   example   and       steady steps toward resolving cri-
and Naval Staff College. These                presence   at   nearly   every   NWC         ses without resorting to war. So
strong bonds of trust, friendship             graduation and reunion. I ben-               doing, after all, was high in Admi-
and   cooperation   extend   to   every       efited   from   the   wisdom   and           ral   Luce’s   mind   when   he   estab-
continent and nearly all seafaring              
                                              counsel   of   six   NWC   Presidents        lished the College.
nations  just  as  surely  as  the  motto     including Admirals Cebrowski,                      This is my farewell message.
of the Naval Command College                  Rempt,  Route,  Shuford,  Wisecup            Wherever  this  finds  you,  I  ask  you  
states   –   “The   Sea   Joins   People      and Christenson, former Provost              to  join  me  in  a  pledge  to  continue  
Together.”   We,   along   with   our         Jim   Giblin,   and   my   NWC   faculty     our great friendship, collaboration
spouses   and   children,   are   joined      colleagues. I thank the dedicated            and service. As I bid you farewell,
by these precious bonds in ways               NWC   war   gaming   and   research          I encourage each of you to live up
too  numerous  to  describe.  We  are         faculty and the support staff. My            to  Admiral  Burke’s  vision.  Whether  
united as kindred spirits, following          work  here  has  been  influenced  by        this   letter   finds   you   at   sea   on  
age-old maritime traditions and               these great leaders as well as by            piracy or arctic patrol, as part
our  national  flags  and  cooperating        our superb alumni.                           of a coalition or United Nations
as friends.                                        I add my personal appreciation          force,   enjoying   the   comforts   of  
     To walk these halls, retracing           for the incredible support provided          homeport or a friendly foreign
the footsteps of all NCC and NSC              to NCC and NSC by the Naval                  port,  or  relaxing  in  the  warmth  of  
alumni as well as those of Admi-              War  College  Foundation  by  former         your family and friends, I ask you
rals  Luce,  Mahan,  Halsey,  Nimitz,         Executive  Directors  Admirals  Joe          to do your best to advance this
Spruance and others has been a                Strasser and Roger Nolan and                 superlative collaboration among
humbling   experience.   During   that        current Director Captain John                international colleagues who wear
time, I sometimes spoke about                 Odegaard. I must acknowledge                 the  Navy  Blue  and  Gold.  Most  of  
Admiral   Arleigh   Burke’s   legacy.         the superb work of the international         all, I look forward to seeing you
We   are   deeply   indebted   to   the       programs staff and the dedicated             in the coming years. Thank you,
man whose vision created inter-               and   unselfish   work   they   do.          my friends, for the professional
national programs – the NCC and               Hearty thanks, as well, to our loyal         courtesies   and   exchanges   we’ve  
NSC. I am most grateful for the               sponsors, who provide a unique               shared, but most of all, for your
inspiration, wisdom and guidance              “window”   into   the   life,   customs      great  friendship.”
of   NCC’s   first   Director,   Admiral      and culture of American families.                           Professor Vince Mocini
                                                                                               WWW.NWCFOUNDATION.ORG   • THE BRIDGE   13
Opportunities Abound at the Naval War College
T    here are many reasons to
     come   to   the   Naval   War   Col-
lege. Some of the most cited
                                                 thing   more.   Best   of  
                                                 all,   the   Naval   War  
                                                 College represents a
                                                                                                             Relations. Do you
                                                                                                             have a desire to
                                                                                                             become a published
motives include the opportunity                  dedicated time and                                          author? Dr. Connolly
to earn a master’s degree; to step               place for students to                                       is   a   dedicated   Writ-
back from a fast-paced career to                 do  the  “hard  thinking”                                   ing Center resource
think,   reflect,   and   learn;;   and   to     required for future                                         who, along with a
reconnect with our families after                decision making.                                            multitude of profes-
many years of constant separa-                         In some respects,                                     sors and military
tion.   Officers   arriving   in   New-          however, this mindset                                       instructors, wants to
port   with   these   expectations   are         sells  the  War  College                                    help you succeed.
rewarded handsomely.                             incredibly short – as                                       Your one year at
   Most   newly   arrived   officers,            there are a multitude                                       the  War  College  can  
especially those participating                   of opportunities awaiting those             serve as a stepping-stone, help-
in the College of Naval Com-                     with an interest. Most geographic           ing you arrive at whatever desti-
mand and Staff, have spent the                   locations and types of warfare              nation you desire.
past decade focused intently on                  receive representation, through                For   students   graduating   in  
developing  “tactically”  within  their          organizations such as the Asia-             June, the window of opportunity is
organizations.   The   Naval   War               Pacific   Studies   Group,   China          closing   rapidly.   For   others,   addi-
College   may   represent   the   first          Maritime Studies Institute, and             tional  opportunities  likely  exist.  In  
opportunity to take part in a truly              Center   on   Irregular   Warfare   and     either case, as we approach that
broadening   experience,   where                 Armed Groups, among others.                 moment in time when we trans-
interacting with others and diver-               Formal  and  informal  partnerships         fer  from  the  War  College  back  to  
sity of opinion is not only sought               also   exist   with   nearby   colleges     our organizations, it will become
after, it is cherished. Students                 such   as   Brown,   Columbia,   Har-       incredibly important to make all of
develop their critical thinking and              vard, MIT, Salve Regina, and Uni-           these opportunities known to our
overall thought process through-                 versity of Rhode Island, to name a          friends who follow behind us, as
out all three trimesters – folding               few. Outside of college, students           well as those that we nominate
in operational, strategic, histori-              can participate in discussion               and send. The reality is, at the
cal,   joint,   and   interagency   per-         forums and dinners through mem-             Naval   War   College   your   oppor-
spectives.   For   many   of   us,   this        berships   with   the   World   Affairs     tunities are only limited by your
is truly a chance to step outside                Council of Rhode Island or the              imagination.
the tactical realm and into some-                Providence   Council   on   Foreign            LCDR Guy M. Snodgrass, USN

Lieutenant  Commander  J.  Ken  Dinero,  USN  received  the  medal  
of  the  Louisiana  Association  of  The  Society  of  the  Cincinnati  on  
December 13, 2011 – commemorating the 197th anniversary
of  the  Battle  of  Lake  Borgne.  The  ceremony  was  held  at  The  
Historic   New   Orleans   Collection   in   the   city’s   historic   French  
Quarter.  In  addition,  Lieutenant  Julie  K.  Moss,  USN  received  
the  Society  of  Colonial  Wars  Medal  at  the  same  ceremony.
      The medals are awarded each year to the top students
in   the   Naval   War   College’s   College   of   Continuing   Distance  
Education program in New Orleans.
                       (center) Lt Col William H. Forman, Jr. USAFR (Ret.)
                – NWC Professor for New Orleans – presented the medals to
                    LCDR J. Ken Dinero, USN, and LT Julie K. Moss, USN.
14   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012
                                 Ruger Chair Workshop
F   rom November 2 through 4,
    2011, the Ruger Chair held a
two-day workshop on Economics
                                                                                               that with these additional cuts
                                                                                               would  come  additional  risks.  But  
                                                                                               this speaker saw these risks as
and Security: Challenges and                                                                   manageable.
Opportunities in a Resource-                                                                        There was some debate with
Constrained World. The workshop                                                                regard  to  the  role  of  the  “whole  of  
brought together a current senior                                                              government.”   One   speaker   saw  
Navy vice admiral, a former                                                                    this as essential going forward,
deputy secretary of the treasury                                                               i.e., all aspects of national power
and two former under secretaries                                                               should be integrated in ensuring
(State and Defense), several                                                                   the security of the country.
other   former   senior   officials,   and                                                     Another speaker believed that
academic   experts   to   discuss   the                                                        other agency budgets would face
impact of budget cuts on our                                                                   greater cuts than the Department
sources of national power.                                                                     of Defense’s, thereby limiting
    Conclusions from the workshop were that the                         their  capabilities.  Therefore,  DoD  should  expect  to  
United States faces several more years of economic                      have to take the lead in the future. This position that
challenges. However, these challenges could make                        other agencies will face even greater relative cuts
the U.S. economy stronger in the future. At the                         than DoD was reinforced by our economic speakers.
same time, the workshop discussed the challenges                        Nevertheless, there was a sense that more could
facing the United States. There was considerable                        be done through diplomacy and encouraging other
consensus on these and on the requirement for                           countries to take the tough steps required than the
the United States to lead. In addition, there was a                     United States had recently done.
consensus that a strong, national economy was
essential to meeting these challenges.                                                     Ambassador (Ret.) John A. Cloud
    Speakers commented on the unprecedented                                       William B. Ruger Chair of National Security
growth of the DoD budget during the last decade. At                                                               Economics
the same time, one speaker pointed out that a large
part   of   this   increase   was   dedicated   to   fighting   the     This Chair was fully endowed by the estate of the late
two wars. One speaker argued that DoD could face                        William B. Ruger, Sr., who was a Founder Member
additional cuts. However, we needed to recognize                        of the Naval War College Foundation.

                   U.S. Grand Strategy Does A Regional Refocus:
                             Will The U.S. Navy Be Ready?
     A     t a recent National Security Symposium for
           the Naval Reserve Readiness Command
     SW  in  San  Mateo,  CA,  four  professors  from  the  
     College’s National Security Affairs Department
     (l-r: Tom Fedyszyn, Toshi Yoshihara, Rick
     Norton and Department Chair, David Cooper)
     spanned  the  globe  with  their  expertise.  While  
     an obvious focus was on China and her
     emerging naval strength, sessions were also
     held on a resurgent Russia, issues in the waters
     around Africa and South America, as well as a
     reflection   on   the   potential   upcoming   changes  
     in American Grand Strategy as the wars in Iraq
     and Afghanistan wind down.

                                                                                                   WWW.NWCFOUNDATION.ORG   • THE BRIDGE   15
                             C O R P O R AT E S U P P O RT
     We  are  grateful  to  all our supporters, but the generosity of our corporate members allows a wider
 range  of  project  support,  helping  to  fund  academic  chairs,  upgrade  classroom  technology,  and  sponsor  
 international  class  activities  and  reunions  amongst  other  projects.  Their  annual  membership,  along  with  
    other  generous  gifts,  contribute  significantly  to  the  Margin of Excellence we provide to the College.
                 To recognize their status, we have listed all our corporate supporters below.
       We  salute  all  of  them  and  thank  them  for  their  commitment  and  dedication  to  the  Foundation.

CORPORATE LEADERS            Enterprise Holdings         Colgate-Palmolive             Lockheed  Martin              Trident Partners
Edward  M.  Polk  Family        Foundation                  Company                      Corporation                 US Cavalry, Incorporated
EMC Corporation              Infrastructure Group,       Constellation Energy          Lockheed  Martin              Vanderbilt  Hall,  LLC
HP                              Incorporated             Cooley Group                    Sippican, Incorporated      Vasey  Foundation
Hunter Defense               Lockheed  Martin            Coudert Institute             Maersk  Line,  Limited        VSE Corporation
   Technologies,                Information Systems &    Craig Drill Capital           Maine  Leadership             Wells  Fargo  Advisors
   Incorporated                 Global Solutions                                         Institute
                                                         Curtiss-­Wright  Surface  
Ingersoll Rand Company       Michael Gallis &               Technologies               MRA Group                     CORPORATE SMALL
                                Associates,                                            National Grid                 BUSINESS MEMBERS
Northern Trust                  Incorporated             Dayton  T.  Brown
The  Boeing  Company                                     Dontech, Incorporated         Natixis  Global  Associates   Alidade Incorporated
                             Microsoft Corporation
The  USAA  Foundation                                    EaglePicher                   NewportFed                    Arlington Ridge Group,
                             Moran Towing                                                                                LLC
Ultra Electronics,              Corporation                 Technologies,  LLC         Northern Trust
   Limited                                               EDMAC  Foundation,            Ocean Shipholdings,           Bardorf  &  Bardorf,  PC
                             Mutual of America                                                                       Bowen’s  Wharf  Company,  
USG Corporation                                             Incorporated                 Incorporated
                             Navy  Federal  Credit                                                                       Incorporated
                                Union                    First  Command  Financial     Purvis Systems,
                                                            Planning                     Incorporated                Central  Living
CORPORATE                    Network & Simulation
                                                         Forge  Worldwide              QinetiQ North America         Cliffside Inn
SPONSORS                        Technologies,
                                                         Gas Technology Institute      Raytheon Corporation          Commodore  Builders
BAE  Systems,  Armament         Incorporated
  Systems                                                GE Marine                     Raytheon Integrated           Cozen O’Connor
                             Newport Marriott Hotel
C.B.  Utility  Company,                                  General Atomics                 Defense Systems             CSL  Consulting,  LLC
                             PRIMUS Technologies
  Incorporated                                              Aeronautical Systems,      Re/Max  Professionals  of     Dan Norem Consulting
Cisco Systems,                                              Incorporated                 Newport                     DeSisto  Law  Offices
                             Rodgers  Family  
  Incorporated                  Foundation               General Dynamics              Rhode Island Airport          Diamond State Group
General Dynamics             Slocum, Gordon and             Corporation                  Corporation                 Doctors Referral Service,
  Corporation                   Company                  General Dynamics              Rockwell Collins                  LLC
Gilbane, Incorporated                                       Electric  Boat             Rosenberg & Parker            Embrace  Home  Loans
                             TACO, Incorporated
Lockheed  Martin                                         Hampton Inn & Suites-Of       SAIC Enterprise Solutions     Ensign Engineering, PC
                             The Roosevelt Group
  Corporation                                               Newport                    SAIC Marine Science &         F.  Lee  Liebolt,  Jr.,  Esquire
Northrop Grumman                                         Harpoint, Incorporated          Technology                  Gonzales Tiagha
  Corporation                                            Hodges  Badge  Company,       Sargent Aerospace &           JMS Naval Architects &
Pratt  &  Whitney                                           Incorporated                 Defense                         Salvage Engineers
                             Advanced Energy                                                                         K.S.H. Hapkido Schools
Raytheon Missile                Systems, Incorporated    Hollett  &  Company,  LLC     SEA CORP
  Systems                                                Hotel Viking                  Sikorsky Aircraft             LeCain-­Nishihara
                             AM General Corporation
Sturm, Ruger and                                         Howard Johnson Inn              Corporation                 Lockwood  Furniture  
                             American Roll-On Roll-Off                                                                   Restoration
  Company, Incorporated         Carrier,  LLC            Huntington Ingalls            Southern Ocean
The Computer Merchant,                                      Industries                   Research Company,           Lodestar  Logistics  
                             Amica Mutual Insurance                                                                      Corporation
  Ltd                           Company                  Hyatt Regency Newport           LLC
The  Lenfest  Group                                         Hotel & Spa                Squaw Valley Ski              Marconi  Works  
                             Apptis Incorporated                                                                         International
                                                         IDC Corporation                 Holdings  LLC
                             AUSTAL                                                                                  Norel Service Company,
CORPORATE                                                Intercontinental Defense      Strategic  Insight,  Ltd
                             BAE  SYSTEMS                                                                                Incorporated
PARTNERS                                                    Technologies,  LLC         Taube  Family  Foundation     Rite-Solutions,
                             Balfour  Beatty
Aeroflex,  Incorporated                                  ISS  Facility  Services,      Telephonics Corporation           Incorporated
                             Battelle                       Incorporated
BankNewport                                                                            The Goldie-Anna               Somerset Access
                             Belvoir  Properties,        Joseph  and  Louise  Huber      Charitable Trust
Booz  Allen  Hamilton,          Incorporated                                                                             Television, Incorporated
  Incorporated                                           KMS  Solutions,  LLC          The Investor Relations        Sonalysts, Incorporated
                             Boyle  Transportation                                       Group
Cox  Communications,                                     KPMG  LLP                                                   Synapse International,
  Incorporated               Brenham  National  Bank                                   The Kruse Group                   Incorporated
                                                         L-­3  Communications  
DKI Commercial Solutions     CACI International             Corporation                The  Union  League  of        Traction Software,
DRS Technologies,            Chartis                     L-­3  Communications/           Philadelphia                    Incorporated
  Incorporated               Citizens  Bank                 MariPro Incorporated       Transportation Institute      WJN,  Incorporated

                         OUR NEWEST CORPORATE SUPPORTERS
                                      We  want  to  welcome  all  our  new  members,  
              but  we  are  especially  excited  to  welcome  these  new  corporate  members  this  quarter:
                                Coudert Institute, Corporate Member, New York, NY
                           Gonzales Tiagha,  Corporate  Small  Business,  Philadelphia,  PA
                        Maine Leadership Institute, Corporate Member, Scarborough, ME
16   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012
                        11 June
                 All members are invited.
                           12-13 June
   The topic is Global Trends: Implications for National Policy
   and Maritime Forces. Hosted by the Secretary of the Navy.
                 This event is by invitation only.
                           14 June
               This event is by invitation only.
                             15 June
                 GRADUATION CEREMONY
                 This event is by invitation only.
                        25-27 June
     For more information, please contact 401-841-6567.
                           20 August
                 This event is by invitation only.
                        18 September
 Cyberspace and the Rise of the Systemic Cybered Conflict Age.             New York,
               This event is by invitation only.
                     •••••••••••••••                                      New York!!!
                     21 September
     AN EVENING ABOARD THE USS NEW JERSEY                                We’re BACK…
                IN PHILADELPHIA                                           Please mark your calendars now –
              Stay tuned for more details!                             the Naval War College Foundation is
                                                                         returning to New York City for the
                          16 October                                  annual Board of Trustees’ Dinner and
       EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLE                                 Meetings. This year’s dinner will be
  The United States, India and Pakistan: Stability and Security        on the 29th of November and will be
        in South Asia. This event is by invitation only.                held at the University Club, located
                        29 November                                        on the corner of East 54th Street
        ANNUAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES’ DINNER                                and 5th Avenue. We already have a
        Returns to New York City at the University Club.                guest speaker committed to giving a
                  PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!                                 fabulously informative presentation,
                                                                            so please round up your friends
  This is just a portion of our upcoming events. For the latest          and acquaintances and join us for a
and most up-to-date listing of events, please visit the events page       really great evening. Please check
 on our website at:            our website for more information as
                                                                       the time draws near…all Foundation
                 PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL.                             members in the area will automatically
     Most of our invitations are sent to our members via email.       receive an invitation; please watch for
If you wish to update your email address, please contact our Events   it in October so you won’t be left out!
Manager Stephen Stasiuk at:
                                                                               WWW.NWCFOUNDATION.ORG   • THE BRIDGE   17
                             Outreach Events in Florida
A      mbassador Deborah K. Jones, former Ambassador
       to   Kuwait,   was   the   Foundation’s   guest   speaker  
on  a  three-­day  visit  to  the  sunshine  state  in  February.  
She set the stage for some lively discussions at each
event,  drawing  on  her  experiences  in  Kuwait  and  from  
earlier postings in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates,
Ethiopia, Iraq, Argentina and Syria.
   The  first  dinner  was  held  at  the  historic  Everglades  
Club   in   Palm   Beach,   thanks   to   the   generosity   of  
Trustee Mary Gilbane. The Club’s intimate setting
was particularly suited to the event, allowing for
some stimulating discussion. The following morning,
the  Foundation  held  a  brunch  at  The  Colony  Hotel  in  
the same city, with invitations going out to all of the (l-r) Ms Dale Coudert and Ambassador (Ret.) Deborah
Foundation’s  Florida  members,  along  with  a  batch  of   Jones during the brunch at The Colony Hotel
attendees from the Coudert Institute, courtesy of one
of   our   newest   corporate   members,   Dale   Coudert.  A   drive   across   to   the   West   Coast   was   necessary   for  
the  final  event,  a  dinner  at  the  Gasparilla  Club  in  Boca  Raton,  very  kindly  hosted  by  Trustee Happy van
   All  in  all,  the  events  were  a  great  way  of  spreading  the  Foundation’s  message  and  support  for  the  Naval  
War  College  to  areas  less  traveled.  A  hearty  “Thank  you”  to  Mary and Happy!         •

     Over the last year, we were notified of and saddened by the loss of 45 of our members.
                            LIFE MEMBERS                                    GRADUATE LIFE PATRON
                          Mr.  Andrew  N.  Baur                    CAPT Mary K. McMunn USNR (Ret.), RO-S&P 90,
                CDR  Maurice  R.  Berdan  CEC,  USN  (Ret.)                 RO-JMO 83, RO-NSDM 95
                        Mr. Edward J. Campbell
                                                                             GRADUATE LIFE MEMBERS
                         Mr.  Gerald  W.  Coughlin
                                                                         CAPT  Robert  B.  Connelly  USN  (Ret.)
                         Mr.  Frederick  G.  Horan
                                                                          Dr.  Willard  C.  Frank  Jr.,  RO-­S&P  74
                             Mr.  H.  Ward  Lay
                                                                  CAPT Robert C. Mack USNR (Ret.), C&S 78, CDE 79
                           Dr.  Harold  I.  Lunde                                  Mrs. Mary G. McNulty
                          Mrs. Robert E. May                        CAPT  Edward  M.  Porter  Jr.  USN  (Ret.),  CNW  67
                         Dr. Robert J. McKenna                               Mr.  Bruce  D.  Rogers,  CNW  07
                          Mrs. Robert N. Miller                      Maj  Gen  Julio  L.  Torres  USAF  (Ret.),  CDE  83
               CAPT  Richard  R.  Pohli  USN  (Ret.),  CNW  68       CAPT  Arthur  D.  Ward  USNR  (Ret.),  CNW  70
                   The  Honorable  Bruce  G.  Sundlun
                          Mr.  L.  Hoyt  Watson                                GRADUATE PATRONS
                  VADM  Lando  W.  Zech  Jr.  USN  (Ret.)               CAPT  Ralph  K.  Brooks  MC,  USN  (Ret.)
                                                                      CAPT  Charles  K.  Moore  USN  (Ret.),  CNW  66
                         ASSOCIATE MEMBERS                              CAPT  Robert  F.  O’Connell  USNR  (Ret.)
                   CAPT Joseph Azzolina USN (Ret.)                    CAPT  Keith  A.  Stewart  USN  (Ret.),  CNW  75
                             Mr.  Henry  J.  Bender                              GRADUATE MEMBERS
                             Mr. Charles T. Coyle                      CAPT  Edward  J.  Ard  USCG  (Ret.),  CNW  72
                   Lt  Col  Robert  A.  Creed  USAF  (Ret.)                 Mr.  William  A.  Buell  Jr.,  CNW  65
                     CPT  John  M.  Ferry  USAR  (Ret.)                       Mr.  Arthur  E.  Burke,  CNW  75
                            Senator June N. Gibbs                    CAPT  Kenneth  F.  Franke  USCG  (Ret.),  CNW  78
                    LTC  Richard  A.  Hines  AUS  (Ret.)               CAPT Donald Gordon USN (Ret.), C&S 54
                          Mr. Thomas P. Nolan Jr.                     CDR  Ben  T.  Milam  USNR  (Ret.),  RO-­S&P  73
                              Mr.  Lloyd  M.  Rives                     CDR John E. Stephen USNR (Ret.), CDE
                             Mr. Steven Volpicelli                    CAPT  Joseph  J.  Wicks  USCG  (Ret.),  CNW  68

18   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012
         N W C              F O U N D A T I O N                              M U S E U M                         S T O R E

   NWC Pewter Tray                                                           NWC Tray with
            Solid Pewter,                                            Scrolled Gold Edging 
        hand wash only,                                             Hand wash only, 6¾” x 9½”
                7½” x 11”                                                  Crest ONLY $36.95
     Crest ONLY $76.95                                                 Crest with Newport, R.I.
 Crest with Newport, R.I.                                                             $38.95

                                  NWC Silver Oval Tray
                                 Plated, hand wash only,                                               NWC Scroll Edge Round Tray

                                 6 1/2” x 11½”                                                        Plated, hand wash only,
                                 Crest ONLY $35.95                                                    6” diameter
                                 Crest with Newport, R.I.                                             Crest ONLY $29.95
                                 $37.95                                                               Crest with Newport, R.I. $31.95

    NWC Shot Glass
                                  NWC Ladies’ Scarf                                                NWC “Batesy” Stripe Tie
      and Shooter
   Shooter 2 oz. $8.95           36” Square                                                        Dark navy background with the
                                         with                                                        wide regimental stripe $34.95
               Traditional        NWC Crest
                      1 oz.    100% silk, dry
                                   clean only
                               Rich gold and
                                        navy                                        NWC Foundation Tie
                                      $54.95                                       Navy background with thin
                                                                                   striping and NWC Crest $34.95
                                                                                              NEW NWC Crest Ties 
                                                                                       Choose navy, burgundy or green
NWC Wine Carafe                                                                                             NWC Men’s Watch 
and Wine Glasses                                                                                             Gold-tone face, 5-Year
     with Crest                                                                                                         warranty
 White Wine Glass                                                                                     With calendar $259.95
           $8.95                                                                                            Without calendar
   Red Wine Glass
           $8.95                                                                                                 Ladies’ watch
                                                   NWC Men’s Cu inks $9.95 pair                                 also available
     Wine Carafe                                 Tie Bars $7.95 ea. / Tie Tacks $6.95 ea.               With calendar $249.95
          $18.95                                           Lapel Pin $6.95 ea.                       Without calendar $219.95

                                                NWC DIPLOMA FRAMES
                                 Available in 2 styles of wood molding (not eligible for member discount)
  Windsor Frame (glossy- nish cherry wood with gold inner rim)         Classic Frame (matte- nish cherry wood with black inner rim)

     Medallion matting $155.00                                            Medallion matting $155.00
                      Embossed crest matting $130.00                                            Embossed crest matting $130.00 

      Please visit our website for a wide variety of additional items at or call us
 toll-free at 1-866-490-3334. If you’re a Foundation member you’ll automatically receive 10% o your order.

                                                                                                        WWW.NWCFOUNDATION.ORG    • THE BRIDGE   19
Naval War College Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                              Non-­Profit  Organization
686 Cushing Road                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
Newport, Rhode Island 02841-1213                                                                                       PAID                                                                                               Newport, RI
                                                                                                                Permit No. 00253


                             Exhibiting A Sailor’s Diary
      Seventy  years  ago,  as  a  recent  graduate  of  the  Massachusetts  College  of  Art  in  Boston,  he,  along  
      with  so  many  others  of  his  generation,  joined  the  Navy  to  fight  in  World  War  II.  Assigned  to  the  USS  
      La Vallette (DD 448), he was a Radarman (RDM3) whose battle station was on the starboard wing
      of   the   bridge.   Over   the   next  
      three years, La Vallette was in                        There were quiet moments of relaxation, individual
      the  thick  of  the  fighting,  serving                portraits of his fellow crew members, and pictorial
      first   in   the   Atlantic   during   the            records of daily activities that recorded the emotional
      Tunisian Campaign, and then                                highs and lows that existed on a ship at war.
      the  Pacific  where  she  saw  her  
      greatest amount of action.
            The result of this young
      artist’s efforts grew to include
      over 360 drawings and
      paintings that documented
      the daily events of the ship
      and crew. There were quiet
      moments   of   relaxation,   indi-
      vidual portraits of his fellow
      crew members, and pictorial
      records of daily activities that
      recorded the emotional highs
      and   lows   that   existed   on   a  
      ship at war. Supplementing
      the artwork are other artifacts
      that give a broader impact to
      the   experience.   Of   this   total  
      collection,   the   Naval   War  
      College Museum, working                      On the opening day of the exhibition in February, Professor John Hattendorf (l)
                                                   receives the artist, Mr. George Eisenberg (r), before discussing his priceless
      with the Eisenberg family,                   insight into the daily life of a wartime destroyer and her crew.
      has selected 76 pieces for an
      exhibit  entitled  A Sailor’s Diary: The Art of George S. Eisenberg, 1942-1945.  The  exhibition  is  
      located  in  the  west  gallery  on  the  second  floor  of  the  museum  and  will  continue  through  1  July.
                                                                                                                 John Kennedy
                                                                                       Director of NWC Museum Education

20   THE BRIDGE • MAY 2012

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