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                                                                                                             Hill Cou

 Women in Business


 Patrice Davison
 After working for the same chicago-
 area insurance company for 40              in the
 years, Clifford Davison thought he     Spotlight
 and his wife, Anne Marie, deserved
 to retire. Although they moved to Boerne to do exactly
 that, Anna Marie had other ideas.
 It was 25 years ago that Anna Marie started Davison
 Insurance, a specialty independent insurance agency in
 Boerne. At first, Anna Marie worked out of her home, In
 1994, she moved to the office building on Main Street
 that houses Davison Insurance today. Anna Marie had
 the last laugh - Clifford ended up joining her in the
 While both Davisions have since passed away, their
 daughter Patrice, who joined the firm in 1994, carries on
 the family business. Just as her father worked side-by-
 side with her mother, Patrice’s husband, chip Marshall,
 joined Davison Insurance Agency, LLC in 2002.
 Today, with two employees, the full service insurance
 agency represents specialty insurance companies,
 chief among them Hochheim Prairie, the 116-year-old Texas company that                               
 specializes in insurance protection for homes and ranches.
 Davison Insurance also provides property, casualty, auto, health and life                            
 When asked what accounts for the agency’s longevity in such a competitive                               Thursday
 market, Patrice credits hard work, excellent customer service and her                                  October 2 nd
 employees. “We strive to provide the same personal service to our clients                               12:00 PM
 that my mother did when she started Davison Insurance 26 years ago,”                                 Kathy Hubbard’s
 she said. “We are now writing insurance coverage for the second and third
 generations of my mother’s clients. She would be so proud.”
 A “Big Thank You” from Patrice Davison and her husband, Chip Marshall for all                          FORCC 5:30
 the thoughts, prayers and food you all sent their way this month! Chip and she are                      speaker tba
                                                                                                         9 th @ 11:30
 healing and feeling much better!
                                                                                                        Christmas Party
                                                                                                      location & time tba

                   Thursday Ocober 9th         For reservations contact: INDICATE CHOICE OF MAIN DISH
                                                   210.478.6611 or by 5PM, Monday, September 8th
                            11:30AM                No Shows & Cancellations will be billed. Cost: $15
Meeting                     at Naples              MENU: House Salad and bread and choice of Chicken Piccata or Eggplant
                                                   Parmesan, ice tea or coffee
                      Reservations Required

      Note: All submissions are due the Monday before the last Friday of the month they are for. (October 27)
Congratulations to two of our very
own – Terri Essman and Carolyn               
Dutson! First, Terri called a couple
of weeks ago and giddily informed
me that Main Hair Studio had
been selected by Style Network
for a segment on their highly praised television show, Split Ends. Filming at the
salon, which is located in the old Luckenbach House on Boerne’s Main Street,
will begin in the near future and is due to air next season. Congratulations Terri

and we look forward to watching you create your magic in front of the camera!
Second, Carolyn, Senior Care Insurance, reported to us at the last board meeting

that she submitted the names of two local charities, Mission for Health and Hill
Country Family Services, for monetary awards through the Profiles in Caring
Organization sponsored by Equitable Life and Casualty - one of the companies
she represents. It turns out that both of the institutions won! Each received                             Job
$2,000.00 for the life-saving work they do for the Texas Hill Country. Carolyn, we                       Corps
are indeed blessed to have you as a member and you are to be thanked for taking                       Submitted by Kathryn
your time to nominate these worthy charitable organizations. $4,000.00 will go                             Hubbard
far in helping needy individuals and families in the area. What an honor to have                      Hi ladies, I hope all
you both as members of Hill Country Women in Business.                                                is well in your world.
It is also an honor to be associated with the HCWIB members who donate their                          I want to thank the
time and talents once a month to prepare a luncheon for the students, instructors                     special ladies that so
                                                                                                      generously provided
and staff of Kendall County Christian Women’s Job Corp. Kathy Hubbard,
                                                                                                      lunch for the ladies, heads up this group, so do yourself a favor and join                        at the CWJC this
the ranks of volunteers. Decorating the HCWIB trailer and riding in the Boerne                        past Tuesday. Donna
Christmas Parade, December 6th, is another opportunity to volunteer and have                          Stewart fixed pecan
a fun time with your buddies. Contact Mardi Collins, mcollins@wealth-creator.                         chicken that melted in
                                                                                                      your mouth. Carolyn
com, to help.
                                                                                                      Dutson made a great
Our next meeting is at Naples, October 9th, 11:30 am. As always, this is a great                      salad and bread.
networking time with a very short meeting agenda and a lot of yakking. So, treat                      Lorrie Hengel always
yourself to delicious Italian cuisine and some girl time! Our November meeting                        provides a great treat.
will be back at Fair Oaks and we will usher in the Christmas season at the home                       This time the cake
                                                                                                      she made was quite a
of Jeanne Buchanan, December 11th. Jeanne, thanks for hosting us and ladies,
                                                                                                      hit with the ladies and
mark your calendars! More details to follow in the November newsletter.                               with us. Thank you so
See you at Naples,                                                                                    much ladies.
Leah                                                                                                  Our next date to
                                                                                                      feed the ladies is on
Patrice Davison is doing much better after receiving injections in her back. Chip is doing well       Tuesday, October 21.
                                                                                                       Shari Keyes is making
                                      but will be in his neck brace for 6 weeks. Thanks to God
                                      the break in his neck was a clean complete break and            dessert. I am praying
                               hopefully will fuse back together which means no surgery.       she does her special
                                                                                                      dessert that always
                  Suzann M. Woodward
                                      Please keep them both in your prayers for continued
                                      healing. Patrice also tells you all thank you for the food      causes me to beg for
                                      you have provided them at a time when it was so hard for        seconds. Ann Davis
                                      them. She really appreciates all of your prayers and well       is providing a salad
                  wishes.                                                                             and Carolyn Dutson
                                                                                                      is doing an entree. I
Now for me, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Good news it is very early and is completely    am hoping some one
curable. I will be having a mastectomy since there are two tumors that are too far apart to be able   of you will give her a
to do a lumpectomy. With the mastectomy we will know that all of the cancer has been removed.         break and offer to do
I meet with the plastic surgeon on October 2 on the reconstruction that will be done at the time      the entree since she
of the mastectomy. After that appointment the surgeon and plastic surgeon will get together and       just served this past
schedule the surgery. Of course I am requesting it not be scheduled until after the final 2007         Tuesday.
deadline of October 15! J Please keep me in your prayers also.                                        Thank you again,
                                                                                                      dear ladies, for your
So many of our members have health issues. Please let me know if you need any help from our           servant heart.
                                                                      H C W I B
              October                                                 members,

                                                                      Shari Keyes
                                                                      and Carolyn
                                                                      having fun at
8     Sarah Hamilton                                                  a local Grape
                                                                      Stomping event.
8     Donna Stewart
10 Christina Hallum
14 AmyAnderson
14 Patricia McMullan                          The Profiles in Caring
                                              organization, sponsored by
14 Lynn A Pendley                             Equitable Life and Casualty
                                              (a company represented by
21 Sharon Huckabay                            Carolyn Dutson), donated
                                              a $2,000 check to Mission
24 Lorrie Hengel                              for Health and Hill
                                              Country Family Services,
25 Allena Jones                               two Boerne organization,
                                              for the great work they do
26 Mardi Collins                              in the community.
                                               Mission for Health will be featured on the
26 Shelby Luke                                Profiles in Caring TV show one Sunday
                                              afternoon in October. They will also be on
29 Nancy Fitch                       Carolyn was pleased
                                              to recommend these two wonderful
                                              organizations and is excited that we will be
                                              reaching such a large TV audience and,

             Boerne                           hopefully, generate even more support for
                                              them as they work in our community.

Oct 2   Ribbon Cutting at
        Storage Solutions
Oct 7 Ribbon Cutting for
                                               NEW                                      As the Coynes begin this new venture their
                                                                                    mission is be the best “go to” people in the
                                               transportation industry. With combined transportation industry experience of well
                                               over 100 years, their team knowledge covers every aspect of the freight business.
Oct 9 Ribbon Cutting at                        For more information please visit
        Pat’s Creative Stiches
Oct 9 Business After Hours Mixer
        Hosted by GVTC
Oct 15 Candidate Forum & Luncheon              Kathleen McBride is and “Artistic-Healer” participant in month long art exhibit
Oct 16 Ribbon Cutting at                       “RxArt: Take Your Medicine” at the Bilh Haus Arts gallery at 2803 Fredericksburg in
        Preferred Landscape & Lighting         San Antonio. Brief details are:
Oct 16 Business After Hours Mixer                     Exhibit, Workshops, and Fundraiser at Bihl Haus Arts
        Hosted by My Hill Country Kitchen                  Preview Reception & Fundraiser: Fri., Sept. 26, 6:30-9:00 pm
Oct 20 Lunchbox Lesson                                     Public Opening Reception: Fri., Oct. 3, 5:30-8:30 pm
        Restructuring Your Budget & Pricing                Exhibit runs Oct. 4 thru Nov. 1 San Antonio, TX 2008.
Oct 21 Chamber Board of                        Katheen McBride has moved her San Antonio Rolfing office to 12915 Jones
        Directors Meeting                      Maltsberger. This is about 1/2 mile north of Blossom Athletic Center. Her new office
Oct 23 Job Fair                                is in the Center For Life building #600 which also houses a Holistic Nutritionist, a
Oct 25 Key To the Hills                        Homeopath and an LPC Therapist practicing EFT (emotional freedom technique).
        Antique Show 2008                      There are also one large and one huge meeting rooms available for day/weekend/
Oct 26 Key to the Hills                        weekly rent for workshops or other gatherings. “My new Rolfing office is spaceous
        Antique Show 2008                      with lots of window space for natural lighting. I plan to have an art showing in one
Oct 28 Networking Breakfast                    of the meeting rooms this fall with some fellow artists as well.” Kathleen can be
        Sponsored by Ye Kendall Inn            reached at 210 317-4242 for more information or to make an appointment.
                           
          Women in Business
                                                                                                 y   Women
                            


                                                                                 Hill Cou

                          September 11, 2008 Meeting                                          re
                                                                                                   For          t   h
                                                                                                         Each O

Kathy Hubbard, vice                                                     Board Members
president, called the meeting to order at 6:10pm at                      President: Leah Coyne
Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club. Kathy requested a                          Vice President: Kathy Hubbard
moment of silence in respect for all affected by the                     Treasurer: Helene Bachmann
911 tragedy. Lorrie Hengel shared the invocation.                        Secretary: Linda Tom
Members gave quick business introductions. Many thanks to Jeanne
Buchanan for offering to host the Christmas social, December 11, at     Committee Chairs
her home. Mark your calendars now!                                      Chaplain: Suzann Woodward
Thanks were also given to Helene Bachmann, Patrice Davidson,                Shari Keyes & Mardi Collins
Kathy Hubbard and Linda Tom for providing the August luncheon           Membership: Helene Bachmann
for Christian Women’s Job Corp.     Volunteers for the September        Newsletter: Debi Lamb
16th luncheon include Carolyn Dutson-salad, Lorrie Hengel-dessert,
Donna Stewart-entrée, Kathy Hubbard-veggie. Volunteers for the          Programs: Susan Odom
October 21st luncheon include Carolyn Dutson-entrée, Ann Davis-                & Sharon Huckabay
salad, Shari-dessert.                                                   Publicity: Marya Humble
                                                                        Telephone: Cindy Ogle
The August minutes, as stated in the newsletter, were approved with     Website: Lynn Hoppe
a motion by Cindy Ogle and 2nd by Gail Eason. Helene provided the
treasury report with a checking account balance of $5,475.70.
The October 9th meeting will be an 11:30am luncheon at either Naples
or Lilies. The November meeting will be at Fair Oaks Ranch Country
Club at 5:30pm. Helene presented membership notebooks to new
members Lynn Pendley & Gayle Jones.
Many thanks to Lynn Hoppe for designing and updating our professional
website. A new password for the HCWIB website was shared at the
meeting. For those not at the meeting, contact any board member for
the new password.
“Happy Birthday” was sung to Cindy Ogle in celebration of her big
day. Sharon Tschirhart, Kay Ochoa, Pam Lewis and Linda Stotts also
share birthdays this month. The door prize was
won by Allena Jones.
The next board/chair meeting will be October
2nd, noon, at Kathy Hubbard’s office. The next
general meeting will be October 9th at 11:30am.
At 6:35pm, Helene made a motion to adjourn, 2nd
by Cindy.
Kathy introduced Sheriff Roger Duncan who
discussed and answered questions regarding the
duties of the sheriff’s office and a citizen’s class
that begins Sept 16th.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Tom, Secretary

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