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About IP Address


									About IP Address! Do you know what is IP Address and what
information Does it Provide to you?

If you are regular internet user, has it ever occurred to you to ask “what is my ip address”? Maximum
peoples know that the term IP stands for internet protocol, but most of themes don’t know what is
internet protocol. The term said that the way in which two or many computers are connected through
the internet. IP address is the distinct code that identifies a particular internet connection and network.
It’s mean you can easily identify by other persons.

If your computer connects with a particular website, it tags the request with your query. This enables
the website to send the response back to your computer. The exzect theory is that of a return address
on an envelope so that the response can back to you easily.

Your IP address have lots of information about the internet connection. It will also indicate where your
servers are located. The IP address also shows the location where you registered for this internet
connection and the zip code too.

By help of an IP address, it is possible to trace an exact physical address. So if any computer has been
used to do anything illegal on the internet, then by using this method to trace the user how used a
specific internet connection. Some thing happened if you use wi-fi, so keep this information in mind. You
need to protect or save your connection with a password or else.

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