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					                                                                                        Job description/person specification

 Job title                                        Technical Support Officer                            Department/office                   Finance , Russia

 Job holder                                       new                                                  Job code

 Job type                                         Full time indefinite                                 Pay band                            H

 Line manager                                     Financial Specialist                                                                     Not Applicable

Job description
Guidance on completing job descriptions can be found on the HR intranet site at

                                                  To provide BC management and staff with the high-quality technical support along with
                                                  Elevated user and Vendor creation sevices. To ensure smooth running of IT systems in
 Job aim                                          Moscow and accurate and timely problem shooting. To deliver agreed IT services for BC
                                                  Russia and services in FABS in the role of vendor creator and as an Elevated user. To support
                                                  Financial Specialist and BSS team in general.
 Number of staff managed                                              As line manager                                 As countersignatory

 Finances managed                                 None

Duty and standards – measurable in terms of time, cost, quality or quantity. Please note this list is
not to be regarded as exclusive.
                           To administer IT systems and networks in Moscow. To provide technical support and trouble shooting in
                           conjunction with high quality customer services for British Council Russia including an increased focus on the
 1 Duty (35%)              business needs of teams.

                           - carrying out all procedures and tasks (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) as specified in "IT Administrator's
                           Guide" and relevant documents - mostly remotely
                           - implementing GTI upgrades and hot fixes
 Standards                 - keeping logs of the initial system configuration, all system modifications, and system events: logs should be
                           recorded in the IT spreadsheet and a hard copy kept in a safe in the office; each event, message, backup, or
                           modification should be logged along with the date, the time, name of person logging, and the circumstances
                           surrounding the event

                           Fulfil GTI Elevated User duties in accordance with GTI Elevated User Role Description. Perform the GTI
 6 Duty (35%)              Elevated User role for the local office carrying out specified recurring tasks and acting as a Global IS’ first point
                           of contact for requests that cannot be handled remotely.

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.       Revised October 2006
                      Users’ support requests redirected to GSD when and if needed.
                      Recurring tasks carried out according to the schedule.
                      Reactive tasks carried out within the agreed timescales.
                      Issues raised with the relevant mentor without delay.
                      Setting up LCD projectors and laptops for events.
                      Changing backup media & maintaining backup media register.
                      Adding/labelling & removing assets from the inventory / regular checks of ICT inventory.
 Standards            Managing & supervising processes of disposal of broken/obsolete ICT equipment.
                      Assuring appropriate working environment and physical security for ICT assets / storing surplus hardware.
                      Removing paper jams / organising printers’ repairs.
                      Purchasing, replacing, recycling toners / maintaining toners stock.
                      Conducting negotiations with vendors and service providers (in local language).
                      Gathering quotes and offers for ICT equipment / ICT services provision (in local language).

 3 Duty (10%)      Security and Risk Management

                   - physical security of IT equipment is ensured
                   - anti-virus software kept up-to-date across the offices
                   - business continuity plans (BCP) for all offices are revised annually; testing of disaster recovery procedures
                   (DRP) of IT systems are performed annually; all documentation (BCPs and DRPs) is up-to-date
                   - the configuration of front office machines and their integrity against unofficial downloads are checked on a
                   monthly basis;
                   - all staff are familiar with security standards; every member of staff confirms that s/he understands and agrees
                   to "Standards on the Use of British Council IT Equipment and Systems" every 6 months
                   - all suspected or actual security breaches are reported immediately to IT Manager Russia

 2 Duty (5%)       To ensure compliance with British Council standards
                   British Council IT policies on procurement, disposal, security etc. are met.
                   IT systems are managed according to the standards introduced by British Council's Corporate IT team.
 4 Duty (5%)       To manage external contacts
                   - contracts with local Internet Service Providers are valid; services provided are monitored
                   - 3rd party technical support contract and services are managed
 5 Duty (5%)       Personal and professional development
                   maintaining familarity with documentation and standards via corporate ftp and Intranet sites, including security
 Standards         standards
                   - undertaking training to develop new competencies required to manage new elements of GTI
                   To perform other duties as delegated by AD Finance/Chief Accountant andFinancial Specialist To perform
 8 Duty (5%)
                   reasonable duties of colleagues from BSS unit during their annual or sick leave.
 Standards         Duties are performed professionally.

Person specification
Managers should select competencies from the Organisational Skills Profile and should use no more than 8 for recruitment and
selection purposes.

                                                                         All criteria will be used for
                                                                                                         If a criterion is to be used for
      Criteria: behavioural competencies                                 performance management
                                                                                                         selection, please state here
      (assign levels), skills, knowledge          Essential (E) or       purposes.
                                                                                                         how it will be measured (e.g.
      experience, and specialist                  desirable (D).         Indicate here (Y or N) if a     application form, interview,
      qualifications.                                                    criterion is to be used for     performance evaluation
                                                                         recruitment and selection.

    Knowledge of technologies used in                        Application form
    GTI/GTI2 including MS Windows                            Performance evaluation
1                                                E       Y
    Server NT/2003, MS Exchange                              (internal applicants).
    5.5/2003, MS Windows XP, networking                      Interview.
    and Internet technologies.
    ACHIEVEMENT (Level 2)
                                                             Application form
    Understands and works towards goals                      Performance evaluation
2   set by others. Measures progress             E       Y
                                                             (internal applicants).
    against targets. Seeks to understand                     Interview.
    reasons for obstacles and to find ways
    to overcome. Acknowledges the work
    and contribution of others.
    Generic Skills
    SEES KEY ISSUES:                                         Application form.
    Looks at data and identifies key issues.                 Performance evaluation
3                                                E       Y
    Identifies causes and effects, by using                  (internal applicants).
    ‘if A … then B’ thinking, and uses this to               Interview
    prioritise issues.
    (Level 2)
    Thinks about the customer when
    undertaking day-to-day work.                             Application form.
4   Questions ‘how is this adding value for      E       Y   Performance evaluation
    the customer?’ Makes decisions with                      (internal applicants).
    the customer in mind. Takes pride in
    delivering a high quality product or
    service. Investigates service delivery
    and provides solutions to problems.
    Job Families: technical skills,
    knowledge and experience
    (Level 2)
    Provides an opinion from his or her own                  Application form.
    area of expertise. Makes decisions                       Performance evaluation
5   without deferring unnecessarily to           E       Y   (internal applicants).
    others, and is decisive when the                         Interview.
    situation demands it. Has the
    confidence to admit when they do not
    know a fact or cannot commit to an
    immediate view without more research.
    TEAMWORKING (Level 2)
    Actively includes individuals from
    diverse backgrounds in team activities.                  Performance evaluation
6   Capitalises on diverse skills and ideas.     E       Y   (internal applicants).
    Spends time helping others think                         Interview.
    through issues. Speaks positively of
    others. Takes the time to learn about
    and understand other organisations and
                                                             Application form.
    Written and verbal communications                        Performance evaluation
7                                                E       Y
    skills in English and in Russian                         (internal applicants).

Any special requirements of the job, including any legal requirements e.g. restrictions on employment, occasional unsocial hours,
flexible working, passport status.

 Line manager’s name

 Post title                        Accountant                                  Department/country      Finance, Russia

 Signature                                                                     Date


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