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All meetings will be held at St Francis Church Hall, Rider Haggard Road, Heartsease, Norwich NR7 9UQ
on 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8.00pm til 10.00pm

Should you wish to receive our newsletter quarterly by post the annual cost is £5 to cover postage etc,
please contact Daphne on 01603 435723 / Lynne 01603 438050. The email version is free – just let Lynne
have your details or you can read it on the website. but if you do not have access to
a computer & would like a newsletter or care sheets etc., please contact us. Donna 01366 500835 is one of
our members who will advise on Tropical/ Desert tortoises such as Sulcata and Leopard.

Should you have any queries or need any advice, please ring the above & if we cannot help we will try &
direct you to somebody who can. We have members who breed & sell baby tortoises of various species
including the more exotic larger ones & can let you have details – home bred tortoises help to reduce the
numbers being imported & the breeders will offer all the back up support & advice.

Tortoise Rehoming and Fostering Update The club are happy to report that they have successfully home
checked & fostered a record number of tortoises to new homes over the last 12 months. If you are still
waiting to be matched to a tortoise, please email via or call 07799 688798 for
an update or come along to one of our monthly meetings & chat to Donna, Lynne or Eleanor. Thank you!

The Club has tortoises that need to be fostered from time to time & anyone willing to attend meetings &/or
meet all the necessary checks can put their name on the list – as with most animal fostering a club member
will need to ensure the garden etc, is suitable & will give advice as to what is needed, if you wish to fill in an
application form contact us. All are welcome to come to our club meetings & if you are not able to offer a
permanent home to a tortoise we are always looking for volunteers who would like to temporarily foster a
tortoise whilst a new home is being found & being prepared. Also people who would like to become more
confident in learning how to force feed etc, so they feel able to help other members who have problems
especially as our membership is now growing & we now cover a large area.

Meeting reports - The February & March meetings covered waking up from hibernation & was very well
attended & hopefully very useful as most of our tortoises woke early due to the warm weather
(unfortunately we later heard of one fatality an elderly tortoise left in the loft for too long who woke &
obviously suffered a distressing end – a smaller tortoise in the same loft survived & although underweight is
now happily being cared for by a new owner.) This should be a warning to everyone to check tortoises
throughout hibernation & especially when the weather changes. We also had a visit from ‘Tortoise Mad’
who is trying to reduce the numbers of tortoises being imported into the country by bringing together all the
breeders in the UK & also produces / sources a range of tortoise related products. We saw pictures of her
set ups & it was an interesting view of a keeper trying to improve the way we keep our pets & trying to get
more information out there.

The April meeting was a general meeting with many wild plants on sale all suitable for tortoises to eat –
many of us were tempted to buy additions to our gardens & this current very wet weather has enabled them
to settle well (although the slugs have enjoyed a couple of mine!) . These were sourced from Burlingham
Wild Plant Centre & Eleanor probably still has some & will be bringing them to the next meeting.

8 of us went along to the British Chelonia Group Meeting at Milton Keynes & enjoyed talks on interesting
subjects including a very informative one on tortoises breathing & emphasising why we should provide
correct care & diets to enable their lungs (which are really just spaces) to operate correctly as tortoises with
thickened shells & too much fat & too little exercise have far less breathing space within their bodies which
obviously then causes severe problems & discomfort.

New Feature:- when we need work done at home etc., many of us are worried about who to ask if we keep
tortoises because of the security aspects & therefore below are some contacts known to our members –
obviously it is wise to ask for references/examples of previous work etc., before employing anyone.

     Small Building jobs - A. Teslonoks 07411 485645 has done work for Eleanor
     Painting & Decorating – Alastair Simmons – partner of club member. interior exterior, doors, windows, tiling
      & mosaic work also does pen & ink drawings of pets ideal presents. 07583 351358.
    Sheds, stables, chicken runs, tortoise & reptile accommodation large or small etc – Matt Swallow – club
      member who has made many items for club etc 01493 851851.
    Lamp brackets to hang lights on – contact Donna 01366 500835.
    Linda runs a chicken website
    Marion our club Tea Lady collects spice jars for Priscilla Bacon Lodge – can be handed in on club nights.
    Susan Boone is involved with cat rescue email if you are thinking of giving a cat a

Meeting at 8.00pm Wednesday 16th May Barbara experienced tortoise keeper & breeder will be talking
about building your set ups & growing tortoise plants.

Meeting at 8.00pm Wednesday 20th June Update on club events of the last 12 months

Meeting at 8.00pm Wednesday 18th July Presentation on world chelonian groups TSA, ESF, TT & BCG.

Tortoise Club Shirts - Donna has organized Club polo shirts with tortoise club logo in a variety of sizes,
these are good quality & selling for approx £12.50 & if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these
please see Donna at the next meeting. (She has also got ‘hoodies’ & fleeces)

Bulbs -UVB / HEAT all in one : Eleanor found a very reasonable source of UV heat bulbs online. The bulbs
are £27.99 each with free delivery! The website is called If you email me I can send you a 10% voucher for your first order too! For those of you who
are not online, please feel free to either call me on 07799 688798 to order for the next meeting or bring
funds and details for an order to the next meeting. Some of you may also be interested to know that you
can also buy large bags of dried dandelions for £6 and plantain for £4 from the same company. Note: the
team always aims to bring the following to club meetings, but please call to check if you urgently require
an item for the next meet. Nutrobal, Limestone Flour, granules, lumps of chalk (calcium) (when available),
Tamodine and Seed.

Alternatively if you are not keen on using the internet, you are also able to purchase a wide selection of
tortoise related products including bulbs from Swallow Aquatic at East Harling. Please call the shop first
on 01953 718184 to avoid disappointment. A special 10% discount for tortoise related goods is given to all
club members at the checkout upon request.

NOTES FOR YOUR DIARY -– If you are able to attend come and say hello! Are you able to help the
club by VOLUNTEERING for a few hours please get in touch? New people always made welcome only
requirement is an interest in tortoises. A job for everyone for every level of experience including fundraising
games, club shop & answering basic care questions. Great way to expand your knowledge – Marion our
tea lady as a couple of games available for use ie we usually hold a tombola at the Costessey Fete (Marion
also collects any suitable items to put in her tortoise themed bags as prizes) the gifts do not need to be
tortoise themed! if you have anything suitable these can be handed to her at any meeting. We welcome
offers for members to run stands at local events too! To find out more or volunteer for an event please
contact Eleanor, Donna or Lynne. Thank You.

Tortoise Club Calendar 2012
Sun 3rd June - Thetford Fete, Small 3mx3m information stand with some fundraising
Mon 4th June - Costessey Fete, Norwich, Norfolk - Small 3mx3m information stand with some fundraising
Sat 9th June - Baytree Nursery near Kings Lynn, Medium sized event with information displays, tortoise
club shop and games.
Sat 16th June – ‘All Creatures Healthcare’ Horsford. 12-4 Tortoise Information Day with worming £5 &
micro-chipping £15
Medium sized event with information displays, tortoise club shop and games. Ideal check up opportunity.
Sun 24th June - Old Buckingham Air Show Information Stall, Medium sized stall with information displays,
tortoise club shop and games. Large air show with fair ground, vintage cars, trade stands and air displays
Wed 27th & Thurs 28th June Royal Norfolk Show 9-5, Massive Country Show with 1000’s of visitors,
Largest display of year on a 9m x3m pitch. Chelsea flower show style tortoise gardens with information
displays, tortoise club shop and games
Sat 30th June - Stradbrook Pet Show 2-5, Small 3mx3m information stand with some fundraising
Sat21st July – Terrington Tortoise Information Day with worming £5 & micro-chipping £15 - 2.00pm
prompt, Medium sized event with information displays, tortoise club shop and games. Ideal check up
Sat 28th July - Tortoise Club Summer Fete, Leonard Cheshire, Grove, East Carlton 12-5 – Large event with
tortoises on display, please bring family and friends and help raise funds and raise awareness for Tortoise
Sun 5th Aug - Wayland Show, Watton, Norfolk. 10-5 Large country event with 1000’s of visitors. Medium
sized show with information displays, tortoise club shop and games.
Sat 11th Aug - TBC Uplands Way Vet Practice, Diss, 12-4, Tortoise Information Day with worming £5 &
micro-chipping £15 Medium sized event with information displays, tortoise club shop and games. Ideal
check up opportunity.
Sat 1st Sept – Terrington Vet Practice, Terrington St Clements, 2.00pm prompt - pre - hibernation Tortoise
afternoon. Medium sized event with information displays, tortoise club shop and games. Ideal check up

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