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					Danielle Hayes

  Disney Store’s New
 Range For The Make A
   Wish Foundation

                 By Danielle Hayes
Danielle Hayes

                                  Mission Statement

Our aim is to create events that will promote the new range at The Disney Store, they have

linked to a very important charity called Make a Wish. The new range of teddies will be

holding a gold star with the charities logo on it; these will be on sale in every Disney shop in

England. Disney is also holding in-store appearances from the characters, they will read

stories and have a professional photographs taken with each child at the small cost of £3; all

of which will go straight to the charity. Finally we are holding the bigger events which will be

the Disney Fun Fair, these will be held in six main parts of England’s working up the country.

The will stop in Southampton, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Tickets

will be on Sale for £7 for adults and £5 for children. A third of all profits are going to The

Disney store; the rest will be donated straight to the charity.
Danielle Hayes


   1. To raise awareness for both The Disney Store and Make a Wish Foundation.

   2. To promote the new Make A Wish range.

                Attract both girls and boys.

                Create a new range of teddies that will hold the Make A Wish Gold Star.

                15% of the price of each bear in the shop will go to the charity.

   3. To put on fun fairs in five main cities in England

                This will include face painting, bouncy castles, ball pits and cake sales all

                 related to Disney, tickets will be £7 adults and £5 children; £1 from children’s

                 tickets and £2 of adults will go to the Disney Store. The rest will be donated

                 to Makes a Wish.

   4. Stores will have four Disney characters inside to tell a story and take photographs for

       just £3; all of which goes to the charity.

   5. Improve reputation of brand and brand image.

   6. Increase profits of brand and charity.
Danielle Hayes

   7. Increase awareness with new target audience.

   8. Gain editorial media of three campaigns.

   9. To increase awareness of what my charity has to offer.
Danielle Hayes


     1.    By selling enough of the Make A Wish teddy’s, I am hoping that will make people

           remember the charity as it will be holding the gold star plus have the logo on it,

           this will hopefully encourage people to still done money every month to the

           children that need it.

     2.    By putting on fun fairs it will hopefully encourage parents to bring their children

           into the stores more often to buy them toys and clothes that they will enjoy.

     3.    To increase the brand image and reputation.

     4.    To gain coverage within magazines.
           Danielle Hayes

                                          The Fun Fair will include: face
                                          paints, bouncy castle, ball pits,
                                            cake sales, volunteer sales,
                                           Disney characters putting on        The Fun Fair will be £3 entry
                                         shows, also having photographs         for adults and £1 entry for
           The name of my
                                                    with guests.               children, all money taken on
           PR company will
                                                                              the day will go straight to the
           be: EnchantedPR
                                                                                 Make A Wish Foundation

    Contact relevant
                                                                                      Story time in store
   magazines such as
                                                                                     where the characters
Little Angel and Vogue
 Bambini and Creative
                                          Disney                                        tell the stories.

        Getting parent involved;                                              Raise awareness of the store and
        getting schools involved.                                                 Make A Wish Foundation

                                                Theme- New Disney movie
                                                 due out in the next few

                                    Getting the parents involved with raising
                                    money with their children; this also means
                                     they will encourage their friends with
                                           children to come along to.
Danielle Hayes

                          What we need to think about.

 1.    Who are we aiming towards, specific audience.

 2.    Background information.

 3.    The different ways of communicating.

 4.    10 steps public relations plan.

 5.    Need to think where I want my PR based: magazines, videos and the internet.

 6.    A crisis plan- show’s what could go wrong.

 7.    Find public goals and objectives.


 1.    Children between the ages of 5-10 will always try and convince their parents to buy

       them a toy or a magazine when they go into a shop.

 2.    They will also try and convince them to take them to fun places.

 3.    Mothers of young children. (when they want to get their children out of the house

        for the day.)


Since so many children watch the Disney channel at a young age the adverts draw them into

thinking about what toys and events they want to go and see. Whilst the parents are

watching the TV with their children it will allow them to see not only the reaction of their

child but how close and cheap the event will be.
Danielle Hayes


            Little angels published by Next Media

            Vogue Bambini published by Comag (mums and dads of young children)

            Creative steps by Bubbles Publishing LTD (0-11 years ideal for parent of

                 children in early years to KS2 primary)

            Tales from the laughing place- A Disney Magazine. Published by tales from the

                 laughing place.
Danielle Hayes

                              Make a Wish briefing sheet.

The charity was launched in 1986 and has granted over 6,400 wishes.

This year is a very special year for the Make A Wish foundation as 2011 is bringing them their 25th

anniversary. They are linking up with The Disney store to hold events throughout the spring/summer

seasons to raise extra money to hel p the children that need a boost in life.

The aim for 2011 is to raise £5.5 million pounds for the charity. Over 20,000 children in the UK are

living with life threatening illnesses; all of which deserve to have their wishes come true. This is

where Make a Wish foundation comes in by providing what could be the last happy memory for the

family. Their figures state that this year alone 1,200 children will turn to them to have their special

wish granted.

Their aim is to grant an extra 15 wishes a month by the end of 2012, taking the numbers from 70 to


                   ‘Make a Wish is expert in wish-granting; it is all
                         that we do, each and every day.’

                            Other Make a Wish days 2011.

Taking into consideration Make a Wish also hold other charity days between April 2011 and

September 2011.

             Make-a-Wish charity golf day- Farnham Surrey- 29/6/2011
Danielle Hayes

             Make-a-Wish summer ball- Oxford- 2/7/2011

                 (ticket prices are £200 for a 10 person table.)

             Longest day motorbike ride- Blackpool tower to the Eiffel Tower- 18/6/2011

             25th anniversary skydive day- Brackley Northants- 3/9/2011

             Magical fairy tales festival of flowers- Hoghton tower near Preston- 29/9/2011

                              Make a Wish Office Details.

*Chief exec- Neil Jones

Make-a-Wish Foundation UK

3 29- 331 London Road



GU15 3HQ

Tel: 01276 405060

Fax: 01276 405061

e-mail: neil.jones@make-a-wish.org.uk

*Head of PR and Celebrities- Fiona Brydon
Danielle Hayes

                          The Disney Store briefing sheet.

Chances are you already have a relationship with The Walt Disney Company. Through their

movies, music, theme parks, original programming, consumer products and more, they are

known worldwide for creating entertaining and memorable stories and experiences. And are

able to recognize that their constant success depends upon the vision, creativity and passion

of their employees; these are the people they count on to make children’s dreams come

true whilst linked with the charity; Make a Wish.

                  ‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the
                             courage to pursue them.’

                                     -Walt Disney

                           Disney Store Contact Details

3 Queen Caroline Street



W6 9PE

Tel: 01455 206600
Danielle Hayes

                             Disney Store Addresses

   1. Southampton- Unit 17                 4. Birmingham- Bullring Shopping Centre

                   Marlands Centre                        Birmingham

                   Civic Centre Road                      B5 4BU

                   Southampton                           0121 6337428

                   SO14 7SJ

                   02380 222543

   2. London-    360-366 Oxford Street     5. Manchester- Unit L77

                 Marylebon                                Trafford Centre

                 London                                   Barton Dock Road

                 W1C 1JN                                  Manchester

                 0207 4919136                             M17 8AR

                                                        0161 7550221

   3. Bristol-   Unit 134 Upper Level      6. Leeds-     White Rose

                 The mall at Cribbs                      Unit 10

                 Causeway                                White Rose Centre

                 Bristol                                  Leeds

                 BS34 5UR                                LS11 8LL

                 01179 502223                            0113 2458305
Danielle Hayes

                                      Pest and Swot

I think with this campaign the main strengths is that it is easy to convince children they want

to do something but my main issue will be getting through to the parents as they are the

ones with the money to spend. It won’t be hard to convince the children that they want to

take part in our events; as long as we keep them fun and communicate enthusiastically with

them. I need to find a way of getting the parents involved; I will do this by going to local

schools and promoting the event; invite the schools to have an end of year school trip at the

fair, contact parents over social network groups and local newspapers. A slight weakness is

that to get the children involved I will need to try and promote to the correct audience; I will

send press releases to magazines such as tales from the Laughing palace and Vogue

Bambini; these are either aimed at young children or the parents of young children but

personally I think this will only attract a small audience. To prevent this I am also going to

contact local newspapers and magazines as we have a higher chance of attracting a wider

range of audiences.

This campaign opens up a lot of opportunities for the charity; Make a wish. It is a chance to

raise awareness of the charity whilst raise money so they can meet their goals. What better

way to do this than to team up with one of the biggest children stores in the world. It also

gives us the feeling that we are helping people with our work. With the good always comes

bad; our biggest threat will be other charity events that are taking place at the same; for

example KidsOut is a very similar charity to Make a Wish. They create happiness into

children’s lives. They are also holding events in London, Birmingham and Manchester.
Danielle Hayes

Hopefully with such a big store like The Disney store backing the charity we will be able to

hit our specific audiences and other event will not become a problem for us.

Being linked with the Disney Store will put Make a Wish a in a much better position; it will

raise awareness from customers that haven’t heard about the charity before creating a

whole new audience. Children love Disney therefor there is a higher potential of them

wanting to take part in these events; attracting more children will mean more adults will

take part in the events or even sign up to donate to the charity on a monthly basis.
Danielle Hayes

                                         Month One
1st April- Book meeting with Make a Wish and Disney. These will take place at MWB Victoria.

        - Book transport- National Rail: Southampton 6.30am- London Victoria 8.19am


       - Research into both companies; gather as much information needed as possible.

       - Book school assembly to gather information from children and parents.

            This will take place at Portswood Primary School

                                 Somerset Road



                                 SO17 3AT

                                02380 555885

4th April- First meeting with both companies to discuss aims and visions.

                              MWB Victora- 0808 1091009

                              Meeting Room G1, 6 people, Projector + delegate package= £160

5th April- Team meeting in office to discuss above meeting and future events.

6th April- Assembly at Primary School discussing ideas.

        -     Book Focus Group- Jurys Inn
                                Charlotte place
                                SO14 0JB
                                02380 371111
        -     Book camera operator for store stories- I&S Photography- £50

7th April- Create list of attendees for the focus group; plus make sure we have the correct
information to carry on with it.
Danielle Hayes

        -   Plan team meeting.

8th April- Hold focus group at the hotel; taking in all information from visitors to use within
the next six months.

11th April- Team meeting; discuss all of the above and where we are heading in the following

12th April- Work out the exact budget that has been spent above. Which will work out about

        -   Plan future budgets.
        -   Book meeting with both companies at the MWB Victoria.

13th April- Put together a portfolio of all the above ideas to take to the meeting with Disney
Store and Make a Wish Foundation.

14th April- Four members of staff will be needed on each story telling day; this does not
include staff from EnchantedPR.

        -   Contact costume agencies – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and
                         estimation £1,206 Contact number: 0787 5206335

15th April- Meeting with both companies to discuss budget willingly spent. Which will all
together be £12,000.00

        -   Order sweets for the children- Keep it sweet- 01202 244391
                                           350x£1packets= £350
        -   Buy Props from Ikea- cushions= £2.75x5= £13.47
                                            £0.70x5= £3.50
                                   Throws= £20.42x2= 40.84
                                     Total= 57.81

18th April- Written review of meeting with both clients; this should be filed away within the
correct box.

19th April- Team meeting to see what we have achieved since we stated this campaign; this
will take place in our office.

20th April- Security for 6 stores; £7.5per hour. Contact number: 0207 117 8621.

            Total: £315
Danielle Hayes

        -   Book meeting with Make a Wish and Disney. These will take
            place at MWB Victoria.

21st April- Create social networking sights, i.e.; Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Invite
contacts; mainly adults as they could be parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents.

        -   Design leaflets on Photoshop and take it to get printed in A7x5000= £101
        -   Photographer will be bringing the correct lighting.

26th April- Contact editors such as; Little Angels and Vogue Bambini, send them press
releases about my upcoming events.

        -   Create guest list of the people booked to come to the event; also book in which
            reporters are turning up.

27th April- Write the end of month report; working out what has been spent or discussed.
Make sure this is filed away in the correct place.

28th April- End of month team meeting to make sure everyone understand which direction
were heading into and what we have achieved.
  Danielle Hayes

                         18/03   23/03   28/03   02/04   07/04   12/04   17/04   22/04   27/04   02/05
             Book Meeting
           Book Transport
           Book assemblys
             Team meeting
           Prepare speach
       Assembly at school
  Book focus group room
              Book catering
   Book camera operator
          List of attendees
       Plan team meeting
               Focus group
             Team meeting
       Exact budget spent
           Plan of budgets
            Book meetings
    Put together portfolio
             Organise staff
       Organise costumes
 Meeting with companies
              Order sweets
                 Buy props
       Review of meeting
             Team meeting
              Book security
Book meeting with Disney
   Create social networks
            Invite contacts
     Create questionnaire
            Design leaflets
             Order lighting
           Hand out flyers
    Gather questionnaire
      Write press release
           Contact editors
       Send press release
          Create guest list
     End of month report
Month end team meeting
Danielle Hayes

Monthly Evaluation

There aren’t any events within the first month; it is mainly full of bookings. This month was
mainly about finding out what the audience would want out of the events to take part in
them. Visiting the school allows me to go straight to the source; what more could you want
than hearing from the child’s and parents mouth what they would think should take place.
This could have gone a lot worse; the children could have hated all of our ideas then we
would have been back at stage one; this is why our plan is to ask the children what they
want and the parents how much they would be willing to pay. Even if they don’t come to
any of the events we have already made them aware of the Make a Wish foundation; and
this is what we are here to do. When the bookings are made make sure there are back up
plans in case any of our contractors drop out at the very last minute; this way it will be a lot
easier to get someone to fill the spot rather than starting the process again. The first month
was quite an expensive month as we made a lot of booking for the upcoming events; in total
it came to £2,744.21.
Danielle Hayes

                                         Month Two

3rd May- Design adverts to be put around the cities I am using.

4th May- Get the adverts printed. Size 24x72. X6= £672

5th May- Send flyers to the Magazines and local newspapers.

        -   Send flyers to all of the local schools.

6th May- Create a day plan for the story reading events. Set a timetable with half 45minutes
per session. The event will start at 11am and last through to 6pm.

9th May- Work out each store layout; find a big enough space for 10 children and two
characters, plus props.

10th May- Meeting at London store will all store staff that will be working; inform them of
the plans of the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

11th May- Confirm all bookings. Make sure every child has a spot; plus reporters are able to
be there to see what we are doing.

11th-12th May- Promotion; sending leaflets to kids clubs and mother and toddler clubs in all
six locations to gather more of an interest.

13th May- Team meeting; gives me the chance to make sure my team know exactly what
they are doing and answer any questions needed.

16th May- Book meeting with Disney Store. These will take place at MWB Victoria.

17th May- Book transport- National Rail: Southampton 6.30am- London Victoria 8.19am.


18th May- Contact local magazines to make them aware of what will be happening in their
local villages.

        -   Write report which is including all of the contacts I am using so far.

19th May- Book meeting with Make a Wish Foundation. These will take place at MWB
Danielle Hayes

20th May- Meeting with Disney Store to discuss ideas and find out any problems the
company is having with this event.

                           MWB Victoria- 0808 1091009

                           Meeting Room G1, 6 people, Projector + delegate package= £160

23rd May- Gather sales information from the Disney Store; how much the company usually
takes at the weekend and what to expect. Whether they make a profit or not.

        -   Book transport- National Rail: Southampton 6.30am- London Victoria 8.19am.


24th May- Meeting with Make a Wish to discuss ideas and find out any problems the
company is having with this event.

                           MWB Victoria- 0808 1091009

                           Meeting Room G1, 6 people, Projector + delegate package= £160

25th May- Team meeting to take place in the office; this is to discuss what has been said in
the above two meetings to make sure everyone is on the right track.

26th May- Contact magazine to find out who is coming to the PR meeting that has been
booked; within this I will give out a free teddy bear with the make a wish star.

        -   Book PR room at the Jury’s Inn Hotel.
                                 Charlotte place
                                 SO14 0JB
                                 02380 371111
        -   Send press release to all magazines and newspapers promoting the events being
            held. £110

27th May- Deliver pitch to the PR department of the magazines; selling our ideas to the
magazines so they promote the companies to our new audiences. Here I will be answering
questions and giving out a gift.

30th May- Write report on the pitch. Who turned up and how it went.

        -   Work out how much has been spent within the month of May and finalising the
            budget for June.
Danielle Hayes

31st May- Team meeting to be taken place in the office; discuss the second month and make
plans for the following.

                              17/04 22/04 27/04 02/05 07/05 12/05 17/05 22/05 27/05 01/06 06/06
                Design adverts
           Print adverts/flyers
      Send flyers to magazines
    Hand out flyers, with dates
              Create day plans
                  Store Layouts
       meeting with store staff
          Confirm all bookings
                 Teem meeting
         Book meeting- Disney
                Book Transport
       Contact local magazines
                  Write report
    Book meeting with charity
          Meeting with Disney
      Gather sales information
                Book transport
          Meeting with charity
                 Team meeting
           Write press release
                    Write pitch
           Contact Magazines
                 Book PR room
            send press release
                   Deliver pitch
          write report on pitch
         End of month budget
     Month end team meeting

Monthly Evaluation
Within the second month we gathered together more information and statistics on the
Disney Store to find out how much their taking were every weekend so we know what to
expect. We also created new flyers and poster; these were all created by us to save some
extra money so this will take a little while longer than usual. This was the first time we got in
contact with magazines and newspapers about our campaign. We managed to get everyone
involved from out destined magazines apart from Little Angels; in total ten people showed
up as we also sent out press releases to certain local newspapers as a backup plan in case
our main targets didn’t turn up. We gave them all a free booking for the story telling event
hoping that this will convince them to come along. This month was mainly about meetings
and getting people involved so it wasn’t too expensive; in total £1,176.00 has been spent.
Danielle Hayes

                                        Month Three

1st June- Book meeting with both Make a Wish and the Disney Store. This will take place at
MWB Victoria.

        -   Book transport- National Rail: Southampton 6.30am- London Victoria 8.19am

2nd June- Create a portfolio of ideas; room layouts, costumes, time slots. All of which will be
shown at the above meeting.

        -   Work out how big the budget is for each event.
        -   Book second focus group at: Jury’s Inn Hotel.
                                        Charlotte place
                                        SO14 0JB
                                        02380 371111

3rd June- Create timetable of how many staff we need and where they will be.

6th June- Meeting with both companies to discuss the final ideas and plans. Make final
adjustments and present my portfolio of ideas.

                            MWB Victoria- 0808 1091009

                           Meeting Room G1, 6 people, Projector + delegate package= £160

7th June- write a review of the meeting; including the most important topics and file away
into the correct box for future reference.

        -   Team meeting to discuss above meeting and prepare for our first event coming

8th June- Focus group to take into consideration ideas which could be included within the six
month campaign.

        -   Hire costumes found in April – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and
            £1,206 Contact number: 0787 5206335
Danielle Hayes

9th June- contact local press offices to get as much coverage as possible, invite them along to
the store.

9th-10th June- Set up the first store in Southampton to make sure everything is perfect and
has arrived for our new launch of teddies and storytelling days.

       Southampton- Unit 17

                      Marlands Centre

                      Civic Centre Road


                      SO14 7SJ

                      02380 222543

11th-12th June- First Story Telling Event in Southampton. Make sure everything runs

13th June- Check funds to find out how much was raised.

        -   Check local magazines and newspapers to see if we have any coverage.
        -   Contact local magazines in next locations- London

14th June- Transfer all props from the Southampton Store to the London store ready for the

15th- 16th June- Set up London store to make sure everything is perfect for upcoming event.

17th June- Organise phone conference with Make a Wish and The Disney Store through

        -   Work out future targets- the numbers we need to make a difference to the

18th-19th June- Second story telling event; this one based in London.

                    360-366 Oxford Street



                     W1C 1JN
Danielle Hayes

                      0207 4919136

21st June- Transfer props from London to Bristol ready for set up for the weekend activities.

22nd June- Contact local magazines to invite them along to Saturday and Sundays story
telling events.

23rd-24th June- Set up of store in Bristol.

25th-26th June- Third story telling event but this one is in Bristol. Oversee what is going on
within the shop and help when it is needed.

                     Unit 134 Upper Level

                     The mall at Cribbs



                     BS34 5UR

                     01179 502223

27th June- Phone conference with The Disney Store and Make a Wish to inform them on
how the first three week has been going and take in any suggestions.

        -   Work out how much money was raised in the last event.

28th June- Transfer props from Bristol to Birmingham.

28th June- Team meeting which will take part in the office; discuss the past three weeks and
put together ideas. Work out what is working and what isn’t.

30th June- set up Brimingham store ready for the weekend.

        -   Budget check, how much has been spent within the past month. The amount
            works out to be £1,512.40.
Danielle Hayes

                                       07/05   17/05   27/05   06/06   16/06   26/06   06/07
                        Book Meeting
                        Book Transport
                         Ideas portfolio
                      Book focus group
                        Staff timetable
                           Write report
                         Team meeting
                           Focus group
                         Hire Costumes
                          Contact press
                       Set up first store
                      First store stories
                  How much was raised
                    See check publicity
                 Contact local magazine
           Transfer props other store
                            set up store
          Organise phone conference
                  work out future aims
                   Second store stories
                  how much was raised
                        check publicity
                         transfer props
                 Contact local magazine
                           Set up store
                     Third Store Stories
                     Phone conference
                  how much was raised
                         Transfer Props
                         Team meeting
                                  Set up
                   Endof month budget
Danielle Hayes

Monthly Evaluation

This is the month where our events start; this month was slightly more difficult
than the rest as we were all quite anxious of our first event; it turned out quite
smoothly but didn’t have as many children involved as we had hoped. The
events after we had a Disney Store employee promoting on the day as an
emergency plan so we was sure that we made more of a profit. There was a lot
of travelling around within this month which hasn’t been added into the
budget. There was always part of our crew in the store for set up or an event
to make sure all the press are greeted respectfully and make sure there wasn’t
any problems; but this did mean that we all at some point had to travel from
Southampton to the other locations at that is where we are based. We had five
people from the press turn up to the events; they were all from local
magazines and newspapers so next month we need to find a way to attract
some of the higher market magazines along. Over all we spent £1,512.40 this
month minus the travel expenses for each event.
Danielle Hayes

                                     Month Four
1st July- set up for the weekend’s events in Birmingham.

2nd-3rd July- This will be the fourth story telling event which is taking place at:

                      Bullring Shopping Centre


                      B5 4BU

                      0121 6337428

4th July- Work out how much was raised in Birmingham.

5th July- Check local magazines and newspapers to see whether we go any coverage from
the previous weekend.

6th July- Transfer props from Birmingham to Manchester ready for set up the next day.

        -   Write report of previous conference call with both companies.

7th-8th July- Set up the store; make sure everything is in the correct place ready for the next

9th-10th July- Manchester’s store stories. Make sure everything is running smoothly.
Welcome people to the event.

11th July- work out how much was raised the weekend before.

        -   Check magazines and newspapers to see if we got any coverage from the
            weekend in Manchester.

12th July- Book meeting with Make a Wish and Disney. These will take place at MWB

        - Book transport- National Rail: Southampton 6.30am- London Victoria 8.19am


13th July- contact local magazines and newspapers in Leeds to invite them to the event the
weekend coming.

        -   Transfer props from Manchester to Leeds.

14th-15th July- Set up the final store stories in Leeds, make sure everything is set up perfectly
so nothing goes wrong.
Danielle Hayes

16th- 17th July- Final store stories in Leeds; make sure everything runs perfectly and
encourage guest to take part or buy the new Make a Wish teddies.

18th July- Work out what we raised on the final weekend.

19th July- Work out how much was spent over the past 6 weeks whilst the store stories were
taking place.

20th July- Check local magazines and newspapers to see if we managed to get any coverage
promoting the campaign.

21st July- Collect props from the final store and take them back to the office to store.

        -   Return costumes to the shop we hired them from.

22nd July- Write an in-depth report of the past 6 weeks and how it went.

25th July- Team meeting to discuss the next stage of our campaign- the funfair.

26th July- Check the social networking sites to see feedback from the customers.

27th July- Work out statistics of both companies to help us come to terms with how to
develop the fun fair.

        -   Check magazine and newspapers to see if we managed to gain any coverage.

28th July- Meeting with Disney Store and Make a wish to discuss ideas for the next event.

                                        MWB Victoria- 0808 1091009
                                        Meeting Room G1, 6 people, Projector + delegate
                       package= £160

29th July- Create new social networking pages promoting the next stage which will be the
funfair; these are taking place in exactly the same cities.

        -   Invite contacts to the page; mainly parents or adults.
Danielle Hayes

                        16/06 21/06 26/06 01/07 06/07 11/07 16/07 21/07 26/07 31/07 05/08

             Set up store
     Fourth store stories
   How much was raised
 Check mag/ newspapers
          Transfer props
            Write report
             Set up room
       Fifth store stories
   How much was raised
 Check mag/ newspapers
          Book meeting
          Book transport
 Contact local mag/ news
          Transfer props
        Set up final store
       Final Store Stories
        what was raised
     Budget last 6 weeks
 Check mags/newspapers
            Collect props
        Return costumes
           Write reports
          Team meeting
   Check social networks
      Work out statistics
 check mags/ newspapers
 Meeting with companies
  Create Social networks
          Invite contacts
Danielle Hayes

Monthly Evaluation

We had the final three store stories within this month, we sent the PR department on the
higher market magazines, such as Vogue Bambini; one of our Make a Wish teddies and a
booklet explaining how much the charity helps children. This seemed to help get them more
involved as this month we had ten press visitors attend our events; they were from a
mixture of high end and local magazines. All together we raised £3,717 on the story telling,
this would have been more if we had managed to get the maximum amount of children
through the door to start off with but our new promotional tactic helped encourage them.
This month we spent as minimal as possibly; only £197.40 was spent on meetings. This
doesn’t include our travel fees to and from the event. By the end of the month we had
started to plan our next batch of events; the fun fair. Straight away the social networking
sights were created as we proved the more promotional tactics the more customers we will
Danielle Hayes

                                              Month Five
1st- 2nd August- Work out what our aimed profit would be:

We need 75 Adults x£7= £525 entrance

            150 Children x£5= £750 entrance

3rd August- Team meeting to take place in the office; discuss our goals for the events and
deal with any questions raised.

4th August- Research locations to find a big enough place to hold the funfair.

5th August- Book the locations found.

8th August- Hire bouncy castles from: Pineapple Leisure Ltd- 01952 585859

                                        17ftx 11ft commercial character slide combo


            -Hire rides from: Rides For hire- 0845 0944284

                              Gold fun day pack- £2500.00
                              Rides are £1.50 each; all profits will go to Make a Wish charity.

9th August- Hire a baker to hold stores: Emma’s Bakery Ltd

              £80 per stall= £160   All profits to go to the bakery company.

        -     Hire burger vans- KK Catering 08447405001

                               Fred 14ft x2= £200 All profits will go to KK Catering

        -     10th August- Hire costumes used for store stories events.
              8 costumes= £2000      Contact number: 0787 5206335

11th August- Hire face painter- Janet Allen Face Painting- 01539 624390

                                £90 per stall x 2= £180

        -     Book camera operator for store stories- I&S Photography- £50

12th August- Write and send press releases to the relevant newspapers and magazines.
Danielle Hayes

15th August- Write pitch to present to Magazines.

16th August- Design flyers and posters to hand out around the six cities.

17th August- Team meeting to take place in the office. This will help prepare for the
upcoming weekend; the first funfair event.

18th August- Deliver pitch at the Jury’s Inn

                               Charlotte place
                               SO14 0JB
                               02380 371111
        -   Hand out flyers and posters around Southampton to promote the fun fair at the

19th August- Organise and set up the field for the fun fair; make sure everything is in the
correct place and has turned up.

20th- 21st August- The first funfair out of six; first one to take place at the Common in
Southampton. Make sure everything is running smoothly.

22nd August- Find out how much was raised over the weekend.

23rd August- Write up a review of the weekend; good and bad.

24th August- Team meeting to discuss how the first event went and what we needed to
change for the second one.

25th August- Contact the local newspapers and magazines to invite them along to the next
funfair in London.

        -   Hand out flyers and posters in London to promote the upcoming event

26th August- set up and organise the second funfair which is to take place at Battersea Park.

27th-29th August- The second funfair out of six is going to take place at Battersea Park in
London, make sure everything runs smoothly and there are no problems.

30th August- Work out how much we raised at the weekend in London.

31st August- Book meeting with Make a Wish and Disney. These will take place at MWB

        - Book transport- National Rail: Southampton 6.30am- London Victoria 8.19am

Danielle Hayes

                        16/07   21/07   26/07   31/07   05/08   10/08   15/08   20/08   25/08   30/08   04/09

   Work out aimed profit

           Team meeting

      Research locations

          Book locations

       Hire bouncy castle

               Hire rides

         Hire cake baker

             Burger vans

          Hire Costumes

             Face painter

   Hire Camera operator

      Write press release

      Send press release

              Write pitch


           Team meeting

            Deliver pitch

  Hand out flyers/posters

    Organise/set up park

            First Fun Fair

   How much was raised

      Review of weekend

           Team meeting

 Contact local newpapers

  Hand out flyers/posters

        Organise/set up

            Fun Fair Two


           Book meeting

          Book transport
Danielle Hayes

Monthly Evaluation

This month was mainly full of planning and meeting for the funfair; this event seemed to
cost exceedingly more than the last with a massive £5,696.40 being spend on just setting up
the fairs. If one of these funfairs fails it could put a massive dent within the profit margins
therefore extra care had to be taken when booking each part. As an emergency plan we had
a spare contact list in case anyone dropped out so we could straight away fill the spot again
no matter how short notice it was. Everyone needed to be on the bull to make sure they
events were perfect. We were handing out flyers in each city every week to get as many
customers as possible through the gates. Even if people don’t turn up at least this way the
consumers have been made aware of the charity. We were quite lucky with the fun fair as it
was a massive hit with the public. We managed to get press coverage in Vogue Bambini and
Creative steps; which are both aimed at children and parents.
Danielle Hayes

                                        Month Six
1st September- Hand out flyers around the third city; Bristol, to promote the next funfair.

2nd September- Set up at The Downs; Bristol. Prepare for the funfair the following day.

3rd- 4th September- The third funfair in Bristol. Make sure everything is running smoothly.

5th September- Check how much we managed to raise over the last weekend.

6th September- Meeting with Disney Store and Make a wish to discuss how they think the
funfairs are going.

                                       MWB Victoria- 0808 1091009

                                       Meeting Room G1, 6 people, Projector + delegate
                      package= £160

7th September- Check local magazines and newspapers to see what coverage we have
managed to gain.

        -   Hand out flyers in Birmingham; the city we are holding the next funfair in.

8th September- Write review of the last meeting with Make a Wish and The Disney Store.

9th September- Set up Handsworth Park in Birmingham. Make sure it is fully prepared for
the next day.

10th- 11th September- The fourth funfair will be held in Handsworth Park in Birmingham.
Over watch the whole event to make sure everything is ok.

12th September- Check how much was raised over the weekend

        -   Check magazines and newspapers for exposure.

13th September- Team meeting to be held in the office to discuss how everything is going.

14th September- Write in-depth review of how things are going so far.

 15th September- Contact local newspapers in Manchester to invite them along to the

16th September- Set up Alexandre Park; Manchester for the next funfair.
Danielle Hayes

17th-18th September- Fifth funfair which will be held in Alexandre Park; Manchester.

19th September- Check how much was raised over the weekend in Manchester.

20th September- Check magazines and newspapers for any coverage on the previous

        -   Contact Magazines and Newspapers in Leeds to invite them to the Funfair.

21st September- Write review of previous funfair in Manchester.

        -   Book meeting with Make a Wish and Disney. These will take place at MWB

22nd September- Hand out flyers in Leeds to promote the final funfair.

23rd September- Set up Woodhouse Moor in Leeds for the weekend’s events.

24th-25th September- Final funfair is held in Leeds, make sure everything is held perfectly.

26th September- check how much was raised over the weekend,

27th September- Check whether we have had any press coverage over the past few weeks.

28th September- Final budget check, work out exactly how much was spent.

29th September- Final meeting with both companies to discuss the outcome of campaign.

30th September- Team meeting to congratulate the team on their hard work over the past
six months.
Danielle Hayes

                        15/08   25/08   04/09   14/09   24/09   04/10

          Hand out flyers

                   Set up

            Third Fun Fair


 Meeting with Companies

       check mags/ news

          hand out flyers

            Write review

                   Set up

            Fun Fair Four


 Check Mags/ newspapers

           Team meeting

            Write review

   Contact local magazine

                   Set up

             Fun Fair Five


 Check mags/newspapers

 Contact local newspapers

          Written review

       Book final meeting

          Hand out flyers

                   Set up

            Final Fun Fair



       Total budget spent

 Meeting both companies

           Team meeting
Danielle Hayes

Monthly Evaluation

Throughout the last six weeks we have managed to get the companies names in eight
different magazines with only one bad review; which stated we let too many people in for
the size of the funfair as they had to queue for everything. Luckily we had technicians on site
to deal with the majority of the problem; for example in Bristol one of the main rides
stopped working for an hour. This caused many problems as people wanted to go on it but
thankfully we managed to get it sorted as quick as possible.

Overall we spent £11,428.21 out of the £12,000.00 budget that was agreed by The Disney
Store. Quiet a large portion of this budget will get earned back by selling the new range of
teddy bears and the percentage of entrance money that they earn from the funfairs.
Generally the campaign has worked out pretty well; at first it would have been nice if we
had fully booked slots at all six store stories but the funfair managed to make up for this;
gaining coverage from local newspapers in every city. The funfair was a big hit from the
children and parents. Throughout the six months we have managed to raise a massive
£26,250.00 for Make a Wish Foundation, we also managed to earn back £7.366 pounds to
The Disney Store purely based on their 33per cent of entrance fee. They have so far made a
profit of £3650 just on entrance fee and the Make a Wish Teddies.
Danielle Hayes
Danielle Hayes

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