Human Resource Demand Forecasting – Sri Lankan Experience by jjayalath

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									            Human Resource Demand Forecasting – Sri Lankan Experience
                                              Janaka Jayalath

  Director / Information Systems, Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission, Sri Lanka.

Human resource demand is highly volatile due to rapid socio economic changes in the Asian region. For
a country, forecasting demand for human resource is vital for labour force planning and development.
Therefore it is challenging to forecast the demand of human resource in qualitative and quantitative
aspects for a country.

Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) is maintaining Labour Market Information (LMI)
section to analyse the labour market trends in Sri Lanka. Currently following tools are used for demand
forecasting in the labour market.

       Labour Market Information Bulletin – Used to identify current labour market signals and trends
        through newspaper advertisement survey and various other secondary data sources. This is
        issued bi-annually and mainly used in planning of Technical Vocational Education and Training
        (TVET) sector.
       Sector Based Vocational Education and Training (VET) Plans – There are sixteen industry sector
        based VET plans already develop
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