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Getting to Yes


									  The Negotiation Process
 Ridge Board of Education
Ridge Education Association
    The Negotiation Teams
      Ridge                Ridge
Board of Education   Teachers Association

Sherry Alessandro    Michelle Cummings
 Patrick Okafor        Baycan Fideli
   Joan Ripley          Rose Oliveri
 Donna Watkins          Anne Smith
        Negotiation Team Roles
Financial Advisors – M. Cummings, J. Ripley
Recorders – P. Okafor, A. Smith
Language Specialists – S. Alessandro, R. Oliveri
Spokespersons – B. Fideli, D. Watkins
        Board of Education Goals
1. It is the expectation of the BOE that all students
   achieve higher academic standards.
      a. Professional development
      b. Evaluation System
2. Fiscal responsibility
      a. Budget fair to community
      b. Minimize the impact of health care costs increases
      c. Maximize our resources, time (teacher year)
          effectiveness through professionalism
          (professional development)
            Focus of the BOE

Work Year, Work day, Number of classes
Staff Meeting
Number of Sick Days
Containing Health Insurance Cost
Salary Schedule
Co-Curricular and Coaching Salary Schedule
Total Package not to exceed 3.5%
         Negotiation Session

Statement of Board Goals
Explanation of Initial Proposal
Discussion of Salary/Health Benefits - Tabled
Majors Issues Discovered
Exploratory Teams Established
Early Agreements

    “Focus on interests not positions” Fisher and Ury
                  Negotiation Session
                  Early Agreements
Article III - Section 1b – p. 6
       Change - 185 Days Work Year - 2 days of Professional
Article III – Section 2a – p. 6
       Add: New Teachers salary schedule movement
Article III – Section 3d - p. 9
       Add: New Teacher Institute
Article XIII – Section 2 – p.48
       Add: Teacher attendance at school meetings
                  BOE Goal – Student Achievement
                Negotiation Session
                  Major Issues
Article V- Sec. 3 p. 25 – Class/Size Work Load - Tabled
Article XI - p. 37 – Ridge Sabbatical Award Program
              Exploratory Committee Assignment
Article XIV Sec. 14 – Early Retirement Incentive
              Exploratory Committee Assignment
Article III Sec. 2b – Newly Hired Teachers & Salary Placement-
BOE Goals – Student Achievement and Fiscal Responsibility
    Negotiation Session
Reports of Exploratory Teams

   Early Retirement Incentive
   Article III Sec.14-p.17

   Professional Development
   Stipend for National Board Certification
   Article XIII – p. 45
Negotiation Session - Salary
               Proposal Comparisons

    Negotiation BOE                     Teachers
  Initial Proposal 0% + STEP,           7% , 8% , 9%
                    $1800 and no step
                    2% plus Step
  1st Exploratory 3%, 3%, 4%            6%, 7%, 8%
                    + Step              over step

  2nd Exploratory 3%, 3.5%, 4%          3%, 3.5%, 4%
                    + step              +step

     BOE Goal – Fiscal Responsibility to the community
Negotiation Session -Health Care Costs
Proposal Comparisons Article V –p.21
              Insurance program
  Negotiation           BOE                Teachers
Initial Proposal   The BOE shall        No change
                   80%, 70%, 60%
                   of Insurance
                   The BOE will pay     The BOE will pay
1st Exploratory    100% for HMO         100% for HMO Plan
                   Plan and 85%, 80%    and 85%, 80% , 80%
                   80% for PPO plans.   for PPO plans.

 BOE Goal – Fiscal responsibility to the community
Negotiation Session -Open Issues
Class size
Vacancies and Promotions
Normal Working Hours
Sick Leave
Layoff and Recall
New Teacher Salary
     Negotiation Session – Settlement

Article V – Sec. 4 – p. 26 - Normal Working Hours
Change of duty assignments
       Study halls – no change
       Lunch Duty – paid duty - $20/per period
       Bus and Hall Duty – no longer a teacher duty
       Professional Duty – mentoring, team meetings, etc.
Article VI – Sec. 1 p. 26 Sick Leave – 15 days to 13 days
Article VI – Sec. 2 p. 28 Child Care Leave – up to one year
Article XV – P. 48 - Miscellaneous - Evaluation Procedures– All
formal and informal observations considered in evaluation.
Negotiation Session – Settlement

 Class Size/Work Load – Article V-Sec. 4 – p26
       Sec. Teacher will be paid for a 6th class
 Layoff and Recall – No change
 Vacancies and Promotions – No change
 Article III – Sec 2b – p. 7 Level – New
 language for newly hired teachers
 1. Preamble – Establish collaboration and purpose
 2. Professional Development Plan – Additional Time, New
    Teacher Institute
 3. Retirement Incentive with sick leave buy back
 4. Stipend for National Certification
 5. Child Care Center for faculty members children – proposed
 6. Control Salary and Insurance Costs

“Work together to create options that will satisfy both parties”
Fisher and Ury
Revisit Goals of Board of Education
1. It is the expectation of the BOE that all students
   achieve higher academic standards.
    Professional development
    Evaluation system
2. Fiscal responsibility
       Budget fair to community
       Minimize the impact of costs increases (benefits)
       Maximize our resources, time (teacher year)
          effectiveness through professionalism
          (professional development)

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