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									What To Do When You See A Sign-Motorcycle For Sale

When you are riding along, or even surfing the net and you come upon a
sign or ad that says motorcycle for sale what should you do? Well first
of all, stop! Take a breath and think about it. Do not just buy it
without thought.

First of all access your skills. Are you an experienced rider? Just
because you find a motorcycle for sale and you want to buy it, does not
mean it is the right bike for you. If you are a novice you might consider
taken a motorcycle-riding course. If you haven't ridden in awhile this
may also be a good idea. Also consider your body type. If you can't put
both feet flat on the ground while the bike is upright, it is too tall
for you. Don't buy it. Adults don't get taller and bikes don't get
smaller. If this is your first bike, do not even consider purchasing a
high performance bike, you are not ready for that yet.

What kind of motorcycle riding do you   intend to do? If you find a
motorcycle for sale that is a touring   bike, it is obviously not suitable
if you want to ride motocross. People   who ride touring bikes usually lead
a much different lifestyle then those   who ride sportsbikes and race.

Will you need to carry a passenger? If you plan on using your bike for
transportation, you will probably eventually need to carry a passenger.

How much can you afford to spend when you find a motorcycle for sale? No
one needs a motorcycle. It is something that people want, not a
necessity. New bikes cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. Financing is
an option, but don't bite off more than you can chew.

If you can't afford a new bike, look for a   used motorcycle for sale. Many
riders think used bikes are better anyway,   because their previous owners
have most likely already made improvements   to them. If you buy from a
private seller you will be expected to pay   the cost all in one lump sum.
If you are lucky the seller might give you   a break on taxes, but do not
just assume they will.

Besides the purchase price of the motorcycle there are other costs to be
taken into consideration. These include state registration fee, license
plate fee, and title fee and motorcycle insurance. If you buy at a
dealership, all this will be set up for you. If you buy through a private
seller you will both need to go to a Notary. Yes you do have to have a
motorcycle license to ride a motorcycle.

If you decide to buy a motorcycle for sale on an online auction site be
sure to check the seller's rating. Make sure the offer is legitimate and
you are getting what you pay for. Ask questions of the seller and check
the photos carefully. Read the entire description and consider using
Paypal for extra protection. Unfortunately when you buy online you cannot
usually test-drive the motorcycle.

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