How can change your operating system without CD by ashrafulma1


									How can change your operating system without CD/DVD?


Normally your 10.1” netbook haven’t any CD or DVD drive. On the time you
have need change your operating system (windows setup). So, how can do
this? You will must be collect a USB CD or DVD drive for operating system
change! Now I submit a best tips for change your operating system so easily.
So, let’s go how can change our operating system without CD/DVD drive?

   1. At first you collect a minimum 4Gb pen drive, then you join your
      netbook USB port.
   2. Click -> “Start” menu and go to -> all program

   3. Select -> “Accessories” then you click -> “Run” command
   4. Type “cmd”-> then -> “enter”. Now you type “DISKPART” in the box .
   5. You type-> “SELECT DISK 1” then you type
                               ->CREATE PARTITI0N
                               ->SELECT PARTITION 1
                               -> ACTIVE
                               ->FORMAT FS=NTFS

Now you minimalize this window.

  6. Spouse, your pen drive latter name “J” and your CD/DBD drive name “I”
  7. Go to command window and type “ J: CD BOOT Ges CD BOOT” now you
     type “BOOTSECT.exe/NT60 I:” then you enter
  8. Now your copy all operating system data cd drive to Pen drive
  9. Now you pen drive is bootable. So you can change your netbook
     operating system in this pen drive.

     Not: this system only for windows 7 and windows 8

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