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                   Hillcrest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
                                    November 17, 2010

Hillcrest Neighborhood Association (HNA) members Cindy Sears, Tena Santaularia, Criss Bliss
Tomlin, Betsy Evans, Mary Weinberg and Carolyn Swift met in a classroom at Hillcrest Elementary
School at 6:30 p.m., November 17, 2010.

The minutes of the October 20, 2010, meeting were previously approved via email as was the agenda
for tonight's meeting.


        Bylaws: Various articles of the most recent draft of the bylaws (dated 11/14/10 and emailed to
Board members in advance) were discussed. Article VIII, Section Leaders, was reviewed, questions
posed and answered, and ultimately, members present approved this section as written. The article
entitled “Description of Boundaries,” (Article III) was also discussed and approved. Betsy Evans
offered to contact the residents of the eight residential properties facing west on Avalon Road to
determine their wishes regarding membership in the Hillcrest Neighborhood Association because the
city map does not identify these adjacent properties with any neighborhood association. Results of this
canvass will be reviewed at the December HNA meeting. A very brief discussion was held about the
advantages of HNA incorporation for liability purposes (so Board members cannot be held liable) and
Betsy Evans agreed to contact one or more attorneys in the neighborhood to solicit assistance in this
regard. If, in fact, we incorporate, an article might need to be added to the bylaws referencing this
status. Finally, the subject of voting and holding office and how these privileges apply to the
membership was discussed. The 11/14/10 bylaws draft was accepted as written by a unanimous vote of
the Board.

       Website: Tena Santaularia announced that her son, Anthony, has generously agreed to work on
building an HNA website. Details of hosting, pricing, etc., were discussed. The Board gratefully
agreed to accept Anthony Santaularia's offer to create the HNA website and to accept his preference for
the website host.

        Hillcrest or West Hills Neighborhood Status: Betsy Evans confirmed that she had visited
with six of the seven residents in question and confirmed that they do belong to the West Hills
Neighborhood Association and desire to retain that affiliation.

       Treasurer Position: Nancy Dietze has agreed to assume the official responsibilities of HNA
Treasurer. Members reached a consensus opinion that she should choose the institution at which our
account resides. Tena Santaularia will furnish the information collected on various banking institutions
to Nancy Dietze. Members further agreed that HNA president, Sean Williams, and Nancy Dietze
should be co-signers on the new account.

       Contact List: Work continues on the collection of email addresses for residents/property
owners in the Hillcrest Neighborhood. This effort is becoming more important as we near a date for
approval of the bylaws and election of officers by the general membership. Ideas were examined for
speeding up this process, including soliciting help for the properties north of Ninth Street.
        Community Schools Issue: Criss Bliss Tomlin distributed a Lawrence Journal-World article
on this subject and Cindy Sears reported on internet research she has done as well as remind members
that the Save Our Schools group is carefully watching this movement and others associated with the
school budget(s). Ultimately, members agreed that getting HNA formally organized and in a position
to contribute positively to higher-level efforts would be the most practical action at this point. It was
mentioned that speakers could be brought in to keep us current on the issues.

        Hillcrest School Playground Issue: Use of Hillcrest School playground during night-time
hours is a concern of the Hillcrest School faculty and administration. Neighbors Cindy Sears and Criss
Bliss Tomlin concur that this situation is of a long-standing and on-going nature. Dana Lattin, in an
email message, said she learned that six solar-powered lights on the playground do not work and that
she has suggested to the PTO that repair costs come out of the playground maintenance account. Cindy
Sears will query Dana Lattin on action (if any) the Hillcrest principal might desire from HNA.


       LAN Maps: No action.

        General Membership Meeting: Agreement was reached with very brief discussion on a
projected date for our first general membership meeting to vote on the adoption of bylaws and the
officer slate for 2011. An indefinite date in mid-February was selected, and Cindy Sears will inquire
about the availability of Steve Lopes of the Old West Lawrence Neighborhood Association during that
time frame. Steve Lopes was instrumental in assisting with writing the HNA draft bylaws, and he has
offered to lead the general membership meeting as a LAN representative.

       Hillcrest School Report: Dana Lattin, via email, reports that the Elementary Facilities Task
Force meets every other Monday at 7:00 p.m. in the District Office of USD 497 (on McDonald Drive),
and that the public is invited to attend these meetings as non-participants. The USD 497 website can be
accessed to confirm dates(s) and time(s).

        “Watchdog” Committee Concept: Sean Williams suggested, by email, that news/reports from
Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods (LAN), city, county, state and political fronts be watched for
issues that might bear influence on the Hillcrest neighborhood. It was noted that Gwen Klingenberg,
LAN President, provides regular updates to subscribers regarding neighborhood issues. Save Our
Neighborhood Schools (SONS) has a website concerning current elementary school issues. Carolyn
Swift offered to take on the review of such information with an eye to Hillcrest neighborhood
relevance, and Cindy Sears agreed to provide Carolyn Swift with links to these sites.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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