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					2012 Economic Challenges &
   Credit Risk Mitigation

  Damion Walker, EVP, Willis Financial Solutions

The Agenda

  • Key Economic Client Concerns for 2012

  • Introduction to Credit Insurance

  • Underwriting - How Its Done

  • Current Market Conditions

  • Q &A

Key Client Concerns for 2012
• Consumer demand drops due to fiscal policy tightening in the US
• Currency fluctuation due to push for exports
    • Upward pressure on the dollar already hurting export growth
• The “Break-Up” – Eurozone
• US & European banking sector faces tightening credit conditions
• Global rising risk of strikes and civil disturbances
• Tightening bank capital due to Basel III:
   • The current 20% risk-based               Corporate Credit Defaults Inversely Correlated to the Economy
     capital requirement for Trade
     Finance Lending under Basel II
     will now be 100% under Basel III
   • European banks twice as
     leveraged as US banks

                                                                   Source: S&P, Chartis

Key Client Concerns for 2012
                                                              Real GDP will Remain Below Trend
Western & Eastern Europe
•   Austerity measures create a prolonged
    period of economic uncertainty in the region
•   PIIGS + France are affected by recent
    ratings downgrades
•   Consumer demand weakening further
    especially in IT and Pharmaceuticals sectors
•   Russia (Putin’s election), Turkey (Risky
    funding of deficit). Hungary (At odds with
    IMF/EU), Ukraine – (IMF/Russia help)
                                                                     Source: EIU, Chartis

• Asia’s (especially China’s) construction boom causing bubble concerns
• North Korea and Kim Jong-Un causing tension with South Korea
• Contracting economy limiting recovery in Japan, another natural disaster
• Indonesia still viewed as corrupt, expropriations by the government continue
• Political instability (Yellow vs. Red) in Thailand
• In Vietnam poor fiscal policy creating inflation and currency instability

Key Client Concerns for 2012

• Argentina – Inflation, currency controls
• Latin America is exposer to a commodities bubble (Chile, Peru, Brazil)
• Unsafe business environment due to increased drug trafficking in Mexico, now spilling
  over into Central America

Middle East & Africa
• Political Instability and the price of oil
   are key concerns
     • Possible regional conflict and/or oil
        crisis as US/EU and Arab Sanctions
        against Iran
• Sub-Saharan African commodities spurs
   economic growth but there are ongoing
   risks of uprisings, coups, and terrorist
   attacks (Nigeria at risk - Oil).
• Threat of civil war in Syria and Yemen

What is Trade Credit Insurance?

    Protection for a company’s commercial accounts receivable (Foreign
    and/or Domestic) risk against NON-PAYMENT for goods shipped on
    unsecured credit terms. Covered perils:

          Insolvency                   Protracted Default                     Political Risk
•   For the United States:        •   Simple non-payment, usually    •   Confiscation, Expropriation,
    Chapter 7, 11 Filing              verified by third party            Nationalization

•   Foreign bankruptcy per        •   Continued delinquency / non-   •   Currency Inconvertibility /
    country of buyer’s domicile       payment                            Transfer Risk

                                                                     •   Political Violence

                                                                     •   Contract Frustration

                                                                     •   Wrongful calling of on-
                                                                         demand bonds
                                                                     •   Trade Disruption

Why Purchase Trade Credit Insurance?

Top reasons for purchasing Trade Credit and/or Political Risk
 •   Expand sales domestic/export to new and existing customers
 •   Balance sheet protection / stabilize cash flow
 •   Concerns about economic & political changes
 •   Concerned about customer concentration
 •   Obtain attractive bank financing or borrow against trade receivables
 •   Interested in replacing letters of credit (L/C’s)
 •   Reduce bad debt reserves
 •   Supplement credit risk management

Alternative Credit Protection

Accounts Receivable Purchase Contracts - “Put Options”

   •   Bilateral contract which gives the holder the right to sell receivables to
       the investment bank upon the insolvency of a debtor
   •   No retention options
   •   Typically used for distressed buyer concerns but can be used for all risk
   •   Offered by investment banks and hedge funds
   •   Offering Banks : JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo
   •   Normally costs 0.50%-3.00% per month on notional value (Limit)

 U.S. Insurer Characteristics

                              Non-                                                     Large                    Prefer The Insured
                  S&P                     Cancelable     Domestic                                 Large Global
    Insurer                 Cancelable                              Export Sales   Discretionary                Have An Established
                  Rating                 Credit Limits    Sales                                  Buyer Database
                           Credit Limits                                           Credit Limits                Credit Department

   ATRADIUS         A-                                                                            
    COFACE          A-                                                                             
 EULER HERMES      AA-                                                                             
     ACE           AA-                                                                                              
    CHARTIS         A                                                                                               
                   A+                                                                                              
     HCC           AA                                                                                               
     QBE           A+                                                                                               
    ZURICH         AA-                                                                                             

Willis US Claims 2009 to 2011

              Willis Financial Solutions Summary 2009
             Number of Claims:          135
             Total Claim Value:         $18,100,000
             Largest Claim:             $4,000,000
             Average Claim Value:       $137,100

              Willis Financial Solutions Summary 2010
             Number of Claims:          324
             Total Claim Value:         $196,000,000
             Largest Claim:             $8,000,000
             Average Claim Value:       $605,000

              Willis Financial Solutions Summary 2011
             Number of Claims:          176
             Total Claim Value:         $94,000,000
             Largest Claim:             $4,000,000
             Average Claim Value:       $534,000

Who is Purchasing: Clients by Sector

Carrier Risk Approach – Euler Hermes Example

Economists                                            Credit Analysts (local)

               Trade Sector

                                                              Buyer Grade
                                              1   2   3   4     5    6      7   8   9   10

Country Risk                             AA
                         Country Grade


Euler Hermes - World Risk Map 2012

Cost of Credit Insurance
Primary Price Drivers:

•   Total sales insured
•   Geographic location of buyer portfolio
•   Average four year loss history
•   Credit quality of the buyer portfolio or key buyers
•   Insured industry sector risk
•   Customer concentration
•   Country risk
•   Payment terms
•   Economic Conditions

  Current Market Conditions

• Insurers’ ratings have stabilized, improving
• Trade Credit insurance rates and retention levels are extremely soft
• Overall market capacity has grown substantially due to new entrants
• Claims volume and collection actions starting to slow domestically; once again
  picking up in Europe and Asia (Since Q4 - 2011)
    • Payment plan requests more frequent – carriers are supportive
• Coverage on distressed credit via A/R Purchase Agreements increasingly
  popular due to dropping cost levels (SEARS)
• Euler Hermes driving market conditions - pricing & growth
• Many new-to-market multinationals considering coverage
• Buyers market

Thank You!
    Damion Walker
Executive Vice President
    Willis Financial Solutions
 18101 Von Karman Ave. 6th floor
        Irvine, CA 92612
     Tel: +01 949 930 1771


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