Company Profile of Focustama Sentralindo by erryradityo


       Jl. K.H Wahid Hasyim Kav. 45
           Jakarta 10350 - Indonesia
         Phone : +62 - 21 - 3901307
                  +62 - 21 - 3900868
            Fax : +62 - 21 - 3902059
              In this fast developing era of Information Technology
              Infrastructure Consultant, our company, PT. Focustama
              Sentralindo would like to contribute in delivering total
              solutions of high value consultant and reliable services that
              benefit all our customers around Indonesia, continuing to
              build long-term and strong partnership, and fulfilling all their
              needs in future developments.
              VISION & MISSION
              Our vision is to be the leading company in the field of
              Information Technology Infrastructure Consultant, with
 VISION       innovative ideas and dedicated hard work to gain mutual
   AND        relationship with our customers.
              Our mission is to provide an excellent support in designing and
              building IT Infrastructure, Digital Signage, data center
              construction, including mechanical / electrical works in the
  TARGET      entire infrastructure. We bring only high quality hardware and
              supporting devices, and we are also responsible for future
              maintenance to ensure the system keep our customer’s
              business running smoothly at all time.

              We always try to improve ourselves by continually learn and
              implement the latest international standards in the area of
              Information Technology, that are also acceptable in our
              domestic requirements.

              Our main goal is to be the pioneer in Information Technology
              appliance and service provider, always committed to achieve
              customer’s satisfaction with truthful and righteous business
           In delivering total solution of products and services, we want
           every investment to have real worth and long-lasting
           productivity. We always welcome our clients to consult and
           discuss all scope of works that need to be integrated in one
           project, as following:
             1.    Hardware & Software
             2.    Network & Infrastructure
             3.    Interior & Furniture (IF)
             4.    Precision Air Conditioning System (PACS)
             5.    Raised Floor System (RFS)
             6.    Fire Suppression System FM-200 (FSS)
             7.    Access Control System (ACS)
             8.    Close Control Television System (CCTV)
             9.    Network Equipment LAN / WAN
             10.   Structured Connectivity System (SCS)
             11.   Mechanical & Electrical System (MES)
             12.   Server Environment Monitoring System (SEMS)
             13.   Data Center Interlock System (DCIS)
             14.   Network Operation Center System (NOCS)
             15.   Digital Signage
          Data Center Project List:
           1.    Bank Danamon - Pusat, DRC, and Treasury
           2.    BPD Jabar
           3.    BPD Sumsel
           4.    Sewu New York Life / SequisLife Insurance
  OUR      5.    Matahari Department Store
CLIENTS    6.    Pertamina - Sumatera
           7.    Semen Gresik
           8.    Telkom Flexi
           9.    Sigma
           10.   Badan Intelijen Negara
           11.   BNI Securities
           12.   Bakrie Company
           13.   Infracom Telesarana
           14.   Plaza Indonesia 4th Floor
           15.   The Plaza Office Tower 23rd Floor
           16.   Departemen Pertanian RI
           17.   Indomobil Trada Nasional
           18.   Bank Sinarmas

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