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									I’m Traveling to Turkey
It’s been almost a year since I’ve headed overseas, I’d almost forgotten how much work you
have do before you head out. I’m traveling to Turkey tomorrow for business.

I had it in my head all week that my flight was at 10:30 pm.

It’s not.

It’s at 4:20 pm.


Good thing I checked!

Anyway, I’ve been there before...Turkey is a beautiful country. First stop is Istanbul, where I will
be there on production assignment with Lions Clubs International shooting video and covering
stories from World Sight Day.

Traveling to Turkey...The Preparation Begins
I have my special travel kit all ready to go. It’s the essentials I need to make through any flight
longer than 8 hours. Traveling to Turkey, the flight from Los Angeles to Istanbul is about 13
hours.  So, my special travel kit is essential. It includes:

My Blindfold
Neck Pillow
Ear plugs
Ambien (sleep aid)

It took me almost an hour to find my blindfold this morning.  I was almost in a panic. I love my
blindfold. It’s black, and soft and velvety...keeps out any and all light. I did not want to have to
get a new one. Plus it has traveled many corners of the globe with me.

Then there’s my neck pillow. It keeps me from landing headfirst in my neighbors lap!
Found that right away. It’s so huge there are only so many place it could be.

Ear Plugs...You have no idea how many boxes of ear plugs I have...SOMEWHERE.

It’s kind of like missing socks.

Seriously, there’s like ten pairs in the box and I only use one or two pairs each trip. But for some
reason I can never find the box when I need it.

I know I have a pair of expensive airport ear plugs somewhere. I bought those in an emergency
when I realized I had forgotten them.
And anything at the airport is way over priced...not better quality...just way over priced.  But ear
plugs are crucial because babies like to scream on flights. And they always seem to do it right as
your dozing off into a good sleep. So I come prepared now. I went to the store earlier and got
another box.

And my personal favorite...Ambien. I can easily knock off seven hours of my travel by sleeping.
That’s the one thing I make absolutely certain I never leave home without.

How to Pack When Traveling to Turkey

So now that the important stuff has been handled, it’s on to packing my suitcase. I have this habit
of...no matter where in the world I’m going... always packing for 80 degree weather.

In my mind, it’s always 80, so my subconscious mind is just ready for 80.

(That may explain why I am always cold. I am trying not to do that this time.)

...I say that every time and still...

I know I’m traveling to Turkey, but, I don’t have any cold weather clothes. It’s been 100 degrees
here in LA lately...I never have a need for sweaters, hats and boots.

I feel a shopping trip coming on!

Maybe in Turkey.

There’s some great shopping in Turkey.

So anyway, that is where I am it. Still lots to do ‘cause I’m traveling to Turkey...TOMORROW!


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Original Article by: Kalei Beamon

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