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Ruth Shack, President

Miami, September 29, 2004 – After an extensive search, the Board of the Alliance for Human
Services has unanimously approved Mark Buchbinder as Executive Director of this
As Executive Director, Buchbinder will be responsible for administration, operations and
management. He will lead the competitive funding process for Miami-Dade County’s general
revenue dollars allocated to community-based organizations providing health and social
services in response to the priorities in Miami-Dade County’s Comprehensive Health and Social
Services Master Plan. In addition, he will be responsible for ensuring the coordination and
leveraging of resources across health and social service systems and funders, and pursuing
other additional funding sources.
Buchbinder brings a varied career in dealing with the public, private and non-profit entities, and
government at all levels. Prior to joining the Alliance for Human Services, he worked as a
Community Builder in the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community
Planning and Development Department, facilitating partnerships between federal, state and
local government and private and non-profit entities. An attorney, he acquired his Juris
Doctorate degree from Colombia Law School and Master of Science in Urban and Regional
Planning from the University of Miami. His community involvement includes service on the
Governor’s Homeless Task Force, We Will Rebuild, Florida Developmental Disabilities Planning
Council, Great Miami Epilepsy Foundation and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.
He has served as an adjunct professor at the University Of Miami School Of Architecture,
Department of Planning, and at Florida International University, Department of Political Science.
Announcing the appointment, Ruth Shack, President of the Alliance for Human Services,
commented, “In these challenging times, Mark Buchbinder’s professionalism and dedication will
help direct our efforts as we serve our neighborhoods and the community we love.”
The Alliance For Human Services, comprised of major public and private health and social
service funders, advocates and business representatives, develops the comprehensive health
and social services Master Plan for Miami-Dade County, and makes funding recommendations
for health and social service to the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners.

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