The minutes of the meeting of Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council held in Staplefield
Village Hall on Monday 12th March 2012 at 8.00pm.

Present: Pete Bradbury, Kaye Whiting, Jon Gilley, Brian Wright, Crispin Salimbeni,
Bob Birthwright, Katy Bourne.
Also Present: Liz Bennett (Clerk), approximately 55 members of the public.

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the public and outlining the approach to
preparing the Neighbourhood Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan Action Group has been
created with four councillors and four residents. The questionnaire has generated a good
response and the three Visioning Days were well attended. The level of public interest
has meant that the Parish Council will extend the response deadline until 31st March.
Responses will then be analysed by an independent organisation. A draft plan will be
prepared, probably by an independent consultant with planning experience. The draft plan
will be subject to a full public consultation period of around 12 weeks. It will include a
full list of all sites submitted by landowners for development, including those sites that
have already been publicised. Independent examination will ensure that the final plan
takes account of public response to the draft. The final step will be a public referendum
next year. The plan will only be adopted if more than 50% of the people who vote are in
favour of the plan. It is therefore vital that the Parish Council take into account public
opinion when preparing the plan. The Council are the enabler of the plan which belongs
to the community.

Members of the public were invited to voice opinion or ask questions. The following
points were made:

      The validity of the questionnaire was queried because it appears to be prejudicial.
       It was suggested that it should be re-drafted independently. The people of Ansty
       through their Residents Association and SAVEANSTY campaign need to time to
       get together and agree a way forward.

       The Chairman responded that the Neighbourhood Plan Action Group already
       includes representatives from the three residents associations and that a meeting
       will shortly be held with SAVEANSTY.

      The process for putting sites forward was queried and also whether MSDC could
       impose housing on any sites that are identified through the process.

       The sites that have been shown so far have been put forward by landowners and
       developers to MSDC. They have not been suggested by the Parish Council and
       are not endorsed by them. Anyone can put sites forward. MSDC have asked for a

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    list of sites that are being considered as options by 31st March. This list does not
    commit the Parish Council to allocating those sites in the Neighbourhood Plan.
    The MSDC deadline is so that they can demonstrate to the Planning Inspector that
    they will have a sufficient housing supply. If it cannot demonstrate this then there
    is a risk of development on unplanned sites. A site can appear on the list to MSDC
    but then not be supported in the Neighbourhood Plan. The District Plan already
    includes around 3500 houses which are to be built at the Burgess Hill Northern
    Arc. This site is actually within the parish of Ansty and Staplefield and there is
    no pressure from MSDC to build more houses in the parish.

   It was suggested that a meeting similar to this one should be held in Ansty
    because many Ansty residents were not able to get to Staplefield.

    The Chairman agreed that representatives from the Parish Council would be
    happy to attend a meeting of residents.

   It was suggested that it would have been better if the process had been explained
    more clearly from the outset and before the questionnaire and Visioning Days.

    The Chairman explained that the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Action
    Group are to an extent feeling their way with this. This is a new thing only
    recently introduced by the Government. The Parish Council is very small and has
    limited resources. The Councillors are not experts in planning and the idea of
    Neighbourhood Plans has been pushed down from central government. It is a big
    challenge and any suggestions are welcomed. The Parish Council will do its best
    to try and influence the future of the parish in a positive way.

   The questionnaire and documents are badly written and the process should be
    started again.

   If a majority of villagers oppose the Ansty Farm proposal will it be excluded from
    the Neighbourhood Plan?

    The Chairman confirmed that nothing will be included in the plan unless it has the
    support of the community, because otherwise the plan would fail at referendum.

    Any sites that are included in the plan would still have to go through the planning
    process in order to obtain planning permission.

   A Staplefield resident suggested that residents should work with the Parish
    Council and embrace the plan otherwise there is a greater risk of losing control.
    Many people cannot afford to buy houses in their villages and as a result the
    villages are dying. There is room for some sensitive development and this could
    be a good thing.

   The urgency of the process was queried, particularly in relation to agenda item 6.

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       There is some urgency from MSDC in that they need to identify their housing
       land supply otherwise they are at risk of inappropriate development on unplanned
       sites. However, there is no urgency in respect of the Neighbourhood Plan itself.

      The Chairman was asked how the Northern Arc will impact on Ansty?

       It was acknowledged that there could be some traffic issues, which is one reason
       why an alternative route for the A272 had been put forward for consideration.
       Other than traffic there is likely to be no impact on Ansty.

      What if there is a conflict between the District Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan?

       The Neighbourhood Plan should comply with the District Plan, but it is possible
       that this could be tested in court.

      A Staplefield resident thanked the Parish Council for taking the time to explain
       the process, which is now much clearer. However, there is still some confusion
       regarding the response that is required by MSDC by 31st March and whether there
       is any real urgency.

       The Chairman asked the clerk to put the letter from MSDC onto the website so
       that people can see what has been asked of the Parish Council. The Parish
       Council intend to take the time that is needed to prepare a plan that will gain the
       support of the community.

       The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and assured that the Parish Council
       will facilitate the plan to the best of its ability with the limited resources that are

1.    Apologies for absence.
Apologies were accepted from Simon Stokes.

2.     Declarations of interest in items on the agenda.
Pete Bradbury declared a prejudicial interest in the Ansty Village Centre because he is
the next door neighbour. He also declared that he is a member of Ansty Sports and Social
Club, Chair of Staplefield Cricket Club and that he is a County Councillor.

Jon Gilley declared a prejudicial interest because he is a member of Ansty Village Hall

There are no decisions to be made regarding Ansty Village Centre and so both members
remained in the room.

Katy Bourne declared that she is a District Councillor.

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Crispin Salimbeni declared a personal and prejudicial interest in a part of item 6 on the
agenda. This declaration is in reference to land in Staplefield known as Tanyards Field.
He is the owner of land adjoining the site, and would be adversely affected by any
development on it. No decisions were made in relation to this site and so he remained in
the room throughout the meeting.

3.    Minutes of the meeting held on 13th February 2011.
The minutes were AGREED and signed by the Chairman.

4.     Finance Matters.
The schedule of payments was AGREED and the receipts and bank reconciliation for
February were noted.

5.       Ansty Village Centre
Pete, Katy and Crispin have recently met with members of the Ansty Village Hall Trust
and the Ansty Sports and Social Club to provide an update. More progress is needed and
the clerk was asked to arrange a meeting of the Ansty Village Centre Advisory Group to
agree a way forward. Kaye Whiting confirmed that she is happy to remain involved in
this project

6.     Response to request from MSDC for input to the District Plan on housing
numbers and sites.
It was AGREED that the clerk will write to MSDC to acknowledge the site at the Burgess
Hill Northern Arc which is already in the draft District Plan and the site of Sandrocks
which is also being progressed through planning applications. Once the responses are
back from the consultation, the Parish Council will provide a list of sites that are to be
considered as part of the Neighbourhood Plan. This list will be subject to further
consultation before any sites are put forward in the final plan.

7.      Update from Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Group.
It was agreed that a further meeting will be called after the Easter holidays, when it is
hoped the results of the consultation will be ready.

8.      MSDC consultation: Community Infrastructure Levy – Preliminary draft charging
After some discussion it was agreed that the clerk should respond to MSDC with the
following points:
     The Parish Council agree in principle to CIL but have a number of concerns over
        the way that it might be applied and the possibility of unintended consequences.
     The additional cost of CIL on first time buyer type properties will mean either
        those types of properties will not be built or the prices of those properties will
        have to increase significantly, making them less affordable.
     Generally, CIL is likely to encourage smaller properties of reduced quality.
     It is unclear whether CIL applies to agricultural buildings, they do not seem to be

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      It is also unclear whether CIL will apply to conversions/ change of use. For
       example if an old church or school were converted into flats would CIL apply?
      Will CIL apply to extensions?

9.      Burgess Hill Project Board.
The Parish Council wrote in January to request that two representatives from the Parish
Council are included on the Project Board and one on the Community Interest Company.
A response has been received which does not commit to this. The clerk was asked to
write again.

10.     The provision of gypsy sites in West Sussex.
This item was deferred to the April meeting.

11.     Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on 16th April in Ansty.
It was agreed that this meeting should be moved to a different night from the Parish
Council meetings to allow more time. 19th April was agreed as a suitable date and the
clerk was asked to invite Cllr Gary Marsh and Claire Tester from MSDC. This will
enable members of the public some time to talk about the District and Neighbourhood
Plans. The meeting will be held in Ansty.

12.    Request from Staplefield Fun Day committee to book common from 1st to 5th June
This request was AGREED at a charge of £115.

13.     To agree charges for cricket facility at Staplefield for 2012.
This item was deferred to the next meeting, when it is hoped the charges from MSDC
will be available.

14.      Reports from meetings attended, not covered elsewhere on the agenda.
Pete reported that WSCC, MSDC and ASPC have all agreed not to increase their taxes
this in the next financial year.

15.    Chairman’s Correspondence and Progress Report.
The following correspondence was noted:
Highways Agency – A23 widening traffic monitoring. Circulated by email.
Hurstpierpoint Parish Council – invitation to public meeting on 26th March re Housing
and their Neighbourhood Plan. Circulated by email.
MSALC – invitation to MSALC/MSDC conference 20th July 9.30-12.30, MSDC Council
South East Water – Drought Plan. Any comments by 4th April 2012.
Apology from MSDC re the naming of roads at Sandrocks. Name proposed by Taylor
Wimpey is Cedar Avenue. This was approved by HHTC, but MSDC omitted to consult
Brighton and Hove City Council: East Sussex, South Downs and Brighton and Hove
waste and minerals plan – proposed submission plan; representations on soundness.
Comments by 10th April. Plan available on CD-ROM.

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Maria Fielding – email asking for support to obtain grants for tree planting in the parish.
The clerk was asked to respond that the Parish Council is broadly in favour of planting
more trees in the parish but would like more information on the cost, location and
maintenance arrangements.

16.     To receive minor matters and items for the next agenda.
        i) It was agreed that the Sports Relief mile can take place on the common again
             this year on 25th March.
        ii) The clerk was asked to re-circulate the link relating to the provision of faster
             broadband to councillors and the residents associations.
        iii) The green and low fence at Ansty Green has been damaged again. Seed
             Services have agreed to repair it. The clerk will write to the company
             responsible to try and recover costs.



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                Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council Finances 12 March 2012

Schedule of Payments
MSDC                                          40.00
Marion Petitpierre                            45.39
Staplefield Village Hall                      90.00
Dijiset                                      567.60
Ansty Village Hall                            17.00
Mr Webster                                    50.00
Mr Stevenson                                  50.00
EDF                                           26.00
South East Water                               6.00
Mr Garman                                     50.00
WSCC                                       1494.50
SALC                                          48.00
VisionICT                                    210.00
MSDC                                         225.00
Elizabeth Bennett                             30.25
 kaye whiting                                300.00
Seed Services                               1218.00

Receipts in February
 Co-Operative Bank                             4.92
 WSCC                                          190

                            Ansty and Staplefield Parish Council:
                           Bank Reconciliation 29th February 2012

                 Bank                                           Cashbook
Current                      22314.26           Bal Fwd                        15652.24
Instant                             0           Receipts                       63003.69
Deposit                             0           Payments                      -48549.99

Ansty village                 8585.18
                             30899.44                                         30105.94
Uncashed                         -257
cheques                          -257

Signed by Chair of meeting 12th March 2012

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