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									A Boy, A Girl and a Dog                                                1946   A Shot In The Dark                                                    1933   Actors And Sin                                                       1952
During World War II, a young boy and girl, living with their                  Dorothy Boyd, A. Bromley Davenport and Jack Hawkins star in                  Two-part story--the first is about a washed-up Broadway actor
respective families in an apartment house that had restrictions               this old dark house mystery. A hated old miser dies, the police              and his tough daughter, who is a bigger star than he is; the
against pets, adopt a lost dog and hide it in a vacant apartment.             believe it to be a suicide however the murderer is found out at              second is about a literary agent whose newest client--a nine-
A burglar breaks in and the apartment is damaged when the                     the reading of the will. The Will, by the way, is read by the                year-old boy--is the author of a borderline pornographic book.
dog and crook have a tussle. This blows the dog's cover, but the              deceased                                                                     Admiral was a Lady                                                   1950
kids enlist him in the K-9 Corps, and the dog distinguishes                   A Shot In The Dark                                                    1935   Ex-WAVE encounters four fun-loving, work-hating men, all of
himself in the WWII                                                           Charles Starrett Edward Van Sloan and Robert Warwick star in                 whom want to marry her.
A Bucket Of Blood                                                      1959   this Chesterfield murder mystery. Three murders take place in                Adulteress (AKA Therese Raquin)                                      1953
Roger Corman's first vision of "Little Shop of Horrors" With                  a New England College via the use of an air gun                              A truckdriver kills the husband of the woman he loves, and
Dick Miller getting that life like quality to his clay sculptures by          A Star Is Born                                                        1937   becomes the object of blackmail. – from the novel by Emile Zola
building them around life like dead people                                    This was the first, and best, remake of the RKO/Pathe' classic               Adventure Island.                                                    1947
A Case for PC 49                                                       1951   'What Price Hollywood?'. Fredric March and Janet Gaynor star                 Travelers find themselves marooned on an island with a
Second film adaptation of the British radio show. Here PC 49                  in this full Technicolor feature mastered from an original Tech              maniacal self-made ruler. One of those travelers was Rhonda
grapples with a beautiful artist's model in a case involving the              print.                                                                       Flemming – never hard to look at!
murder of a millionaire                                                       A Woman Rebels                                                        1936   Aerial Gunner                                                        1943
A Cold Wind In August                                                  1961   The story of a woman in late-1800's England who lands a                      Chester Morris, Richard Arlen and Dick Purcell star in this
If you care about love, you'll talk about a teenage boy and a                 position at a "woman's" magazine. After the editor takes sick,               great world war II action drama
woman who is all allure, all tenderness... and too much                       she moves the magazine into discussing issues of gender                      Affairs of Jimmy Valentine                                           1942
experience                                                                    equality.                                                                    (AKA Unforgotten Crime)
A Farewell to Arms                                                     1932   Abbott & Costello - Africa Screams                                    1949   Dennis O'Keefe stars as Mike Jason, idea man for the Bullard
A tale of the love between ambulance driver Lt. Henry and                     Vastly under rated Abbott and Costello comedy with Hillary                   Advertising Agency, and Cleo Arden, director of the Jimmy
Nurse Catherine Barkley during World War I. The action takes                  Brooke, Max and Buddy Baer, Shemp Howard and Joe Besser.                     Valentine radio program, based on the exploits of the old-time
place in Italy and the two fall in love during the war and will               Lion tamers Frank Buck and Clyde Beatty appear as                            safe cracker, fear their jobs are in jeopardy when the sponsor
stop at nothing to be together. The film also analyses Lt.                    themselves. This was mastered from a rare original 16mm print                decides to switch his show to another agency. Mike suggests
Henry's feelings on war and the purpose of fighting.                          and is well worth a viewing                                                  that a $10,000 prize be offered to anyone who can locate the real
A Lesson In Love (Helen Kane short)                                    1934   Abbott & Costello – Jack and the Beanstalk                            1952   Jimmy Valentine. Mike and Mousey, a little chiseler who has
You’ll find this on the same dvd as any of our Helen Kane                     Abbott & Costello's version of the famous fairy tale, about a                attached himself to Mike, follow a clue to a small town.
features – unless you want to pay $15 for it – and we’ll be                   young boy who trades the family cow for magic beans. Like the                Unknown to Mike, Mousey is out for revenge and kills two
happy to sell it ☺                                                            Bluebird and The Wizard of OZ, this film starts in                           innocent men before they learn the identity of the real Jimmy
A Miracle Can Happen (uncut)                                           1948   monochrome and when the fantasy begins, it turns to color.                   Valentine. Mousey tries to kill Valentine but he himself is killed
Alright – its not exactly “uncut” – its over cut. The film was cut            Abbott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd                                   1952   in the scuffle. Mike refuses to identify Valentine, claiming that
two ways – in the US you had Dorothy Lamour, but in the UK,                   Rocky and Puddin' Head are waiting tables at an inn on                       one of the murdered men was the real Jimmy Valentine.
her scene was cut and replaced with one featuring Charles                     Tortuga when a letter given them by Lady Jane for delivery to                After Dark                                                           1932
Laughton. Our version features both segments                                  Martingale gets switched with a treasure map. Kidd and                       The plot of this extremely short feature revolves around several
A Passport To Hell                                                     1932   Bonney kidnap them to Skull Island to find said treasure.                    emeralds. A young man is returning home on a boat with the
Frank Lloyd World War I (WWI) romantic infidelity spy                         Abilene Town                                                          1946   gems when he meets a an older man and his niece. While
espionage military melodrama (an extremely complicated story                  Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak, Edgar Buchanan, Rhonda                           traveling on the night train the older gentleman drugs our hero
about an English woman who is blamed for another woman's                      Fleming and Lloyd Bridges star in this fast paced action western             and takes the gems. When he wakes up and realizes that the
suicide, and she was deported to Germany, and she marries a                   based on the book Trail Town by Ernest Haycox (who also                      gems are gone he goes in search of the man and his niece (who
German man who sells secrets to the British to try to get her                 wrote Stagecoach).                                                           knows nothing of what her uncle has done) at the address he
allowed back in, and she has an affair which causes her                       Ace of Spades                                                         1935   was given by the girl. The uncle realizing that he is being
husband to kill himself and then she leaves Germany trying to                 Dorothy Boyd stars - directed by George Pearson, one of                      pursued hides the gems in a clock in a shop which then is sold
find her lost love!) starring Elissa Landi, Paul Lukas, and                   Britain's greatest directors. It's just a routine melodrama with             before anyone can recover them. The remainder of the film then
Warner Oland                                                                  the usual hackneyed situations and uninspired dialogue.                      takes place at the spooky mansion where the clock now resides.
                                                                              Whatever merit it achieves is not due to the flat, slack direction,          Against the Wind                                                     1948
                                                                              but solely to the efforts of a far more deserving group of                   British agents engage in hazardous duty behind German lines.
Age of Indiscretion                                                  1935    Allotment Wives                                                      1945    Anatomy of a Psycho                                                    1961
A book publisher finds his business floundering, which                       Next to last feature for Kay Francis - Story of women who marry              Driven to the edge of insanity by the execution of his older
prompts his socially ambitious wife to desert him for a society              GIs just so they can receive the soldiers' pay and their life                brother, Chet is boiling over with hatred. After getting his face
millionaire, leaving him with their young son. The publisher's               insurance if they are killed in action.                                      slashed in a senseless alley-way brawl, his paranoia begins to
fortunes improve dramatically, however, when a best-selling                                                                                               paint everyone around him as an enemy. He turns to his sweet
romance novelist decides to publish her new book with his                    Always Rains on Sunday                                                1947   younger sister, his slutty girlfriend, and even his old poker
firm. In the meantime, his ex-wife has married the millionaire,              UK import About an escaped convict tries to hide out at his                  buddies for solace, but all of them have real or imagined links
and she and her new mother-in-law come up with a plan to sue                 former lover's house but she has since married and is far from               back to the ill-fated trial that condemned his brother, thus
her ex-husband for custody of the boy.                                       keen on the idea.                                                            aggravating Chet's psychosis. After viciously assaulting the
Air Hostess                                                          1933    Amateur Crook                                                         1937   prosecuting attorney's son, the troubled youth draws the
Evalyn Knapp, James Murray, Arthur Pierson, Jane Darwell,                    Herman Brix (aka Bruce Bennett) starsas a mining engineer, who               relentless attention of detective Lt. Mac. Spiraling out of control,
and Thelma Todd star in this airport drama.                                  pledged a large gem on a short-term note to a pair of crooked                Chet commits an arson and then a senseless murder. With Lt.
Air of Paris (L Air de Paris)                                        1954    loan sharks and heads for Mexico. His daughter, posing as a jewel            Mac ratcheting up the pressure, Chet sinks deeper and deeper
The great Jean Gabin stars in This film about an ageing boxing               thief, is working to keep the crooks from taking off with the                into the bottomless pit of his own psychotic delusions.
coach who is considering giving it all up as he struggles to find            jewel. Her efforts are hindered greatly by an artist who thinks she          Angel on my Shoulder                                                   1946
the champion he longs to train. His hopes are dashed when his                is a crook.                                                                  After his role as heavenly messenger Mr. Jordan, Claude Rains
best chance dies. He meets a man who claims to have been a                   Amazing Adventure                                                     1936   plays the devil himself in this fine fantasy which also stars the
good boxer and the coach decides this might be he last chance.               AKA Romance and Riches, Cary Grant stars - A bored millionaire               great Paul Muni in a double role as gangster and judge (newly
Airborne                                                             1962    wagers his doctor that he can support himself at a working class             mastered from an original print).
The story of a new paratrooper in the 82nd division of the army.             job for year without touching his inheritance. (62 min American              Angel on the Amazon                                                    1948
Eddie Slocum is a wet behind the ears kid who has dreams of                  release of Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss)                                    Angels One Five                                                        1952
becoming a paratrooper just like his Uncle Charlie. He meets up              Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand                                1936   Angry Silence (ltr)                                                    1960
with a crew all from different backgrounds, like Rocky, the                  Loosely based on a novel by "Craig Kennedy" creator Arthur B.                A young factory worker decides to stand up against his work-
bully of the group, and Mouse, the uh, jive-talking "lover" of the           Reeve, and was also released as a 15 chapter serial, Doctor Paul             mates and fellow union members when they want to hold a
group and so on. They're put through exercises. Some 'Drama'                 Gironda announces he has discovered a formula for the                        wildcat strike. Directed by Guy Green Writeren by and staring
develops when Eddie meets a country girl (Jenny May). All in                 manufacture of synthetic gold. The International Research                    Michael Craig. Also in the cast are Richard Attenborough, Pier
all, I wouldn't be surprised the fellows who made Top Gun                    Foundation agrees to financially help him develop his formula.               Angeli and Michael Craig
were fans of this flick!                                                     Just before the Board of Directors arrive at Gironda's laboratory            Anna Karenina                                                          1948
Algiers                                                              1938    to witness his achievement, he is heard screaming, and                       The beautiful Vivien Leigh stars as the tragic Anna, with Ralph
Pepe Le Moko, a thief who escaped from France with a fortune                 mysteriously disappears before help arrives                                  Richardson, Sally Ann Howes, Martita Hunt and Michael
in jewels, has for two years lived in, and virtually ruled, the              Amazing Mr. X                                                         1948   Gough are also featured. This stunning film is not a simple
mazelike, impenetrable Casbah, "native quarter" of Algiers. A                Originally released as The Spiritualist, this atmospheric and                remake of the Garbo classic, but a complete reworking from the
French official insists that he be captured, but sly Inspector               moody film features Truhan Bey and Lynn Bari. Bey is a phony                 original material. A seldom seem Korda Classic
Slimane knows he need only bide his time. The suave Pepe                     fortune teller who has made a deal with Bari's possibly late                 Another Dawn                                                           1937
increasingly regards his stronghold as also his prison, especially           husband.                                                                     Ape Man                                                                1943
when he meets beautiful Parisian visitor Gaby, who reminds                   Amazing Transparent Man                                               1960   Bela Lugosi. Low budget horror. Similar in some ways to Son
him of the boulevards to which he dare not return...and arouses              Edgar Ulmer directs - A crazed scientist invents an invisibility             of Ingagi. Need we say more?
the mad jealousy of Ines, his Algerian mistress. Charles Boyer               formula. He plans to use the formula to create an army of                    Are We Civilized                                                       1934
and Hedy Lamarr star.                                                        invisible zombies.                                                           Arizona kid                                                            1930
Alice of Wonderland in Paris                                          1966   An Act Of Murder                                                      1948   The Arizona Kid (Warner Baxter) carries out his mission as a
Animated fantasy film based on the fairy tale. No not Disney –               And So They Were Married                                            1936     Robin Hood-type bandit while posing as a wealthy and carefree
but its 52 minutes well spent                                                And The There were None                                             1945     miner. He falls for an eastern girl, Virginia Hoyt (Carole
Alimony                                                               1949   Angel and the Badman                                                1947     Lombard), accompanied by presumably her brother, Dick Hoyt
A promising young composer is tempted away from his devoted                  Anatomist (Alastair Sim)                                              1956   (Theodore von Eltz), actually her husband. The Kid's mine is
wife by a fortune-seeking woman who cares more for his                                                                                                    raided and two of his friends are killed and he learns that Dick
prospects than for him.                                                                                                                                   and Virginia are the culprits...
Arizona kid                                                            1939   Attack of the 50 foot Woman                                        1958   Bat                                                                 1959
Roy Rogers is a Confederate officer stationed in Missouri                     1960 classic starring Arthur Franz, Dick Foran and Tom                    Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead and Gavin Gordon star.
during the Civil War. He must put an end to outlaw gangs                      Conway. Ships mysteriously disappear on route across the                  Mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder has rented a country
working under the pretense of service to the Confederacy.                     Arctic Sea, and a specially-equipped submarine is sent to                 house called "The Oaks", which not long ago had been the scene
Arizona Stage Coach                                                    1942   investigate                                                               of some murders committed by a strange and violent criminal
Armored Car Robbery                                                    1950   Aunt Emma (AKA So's Your Aunt Emma)                                1942   known as "The Bat". Meanwhile, the house's owner, bank
Arne Skouen’s Ni Liv                                                   1957   Avenging Hand                                                      1936   president John Fleming, has recently embezzled one million
Arthur Lubin’s Footsteps In The Fog                                    1955   Baby Face Morgan                                                   1942   dollars in securities, and has hidden the proceeds in the house,
As You Like It                                                         1936   When gang chief Big Mike Morgan is killed, his lieutenant,                but he is killed before he can retrieve the money. Thus the
Ask a policeman                                                        1939   "Doc" Rogers re-organizes the mob. Learning that Morgan has a             lonely country house soon becomes the site of many mysterious
Assignment Outer Space                                                 1960   son named Edward , living in the country with his mother,                 and dangerous activities.
Films like this one are what have given 60's sci-fi its reputation.           Rogers has him brought to the city, and installs him as the head          Battle Beyond the Sun / Niebi Zowiet                                1962
This awful Italian import has almost nothing to recommend it,                 of Acme Protective Agency, which is a blind for gang's                    Battle Shock (AKA A Woman's Devotion)                               1956
save Gabriella Farinon's curves.                                              shakedown activities with local merchants. Edward thinks his              Beachcomber                                                         1938
Atlantic Flight                                                        1937   father left him a legitimate business, and that he is running an          Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester and Robert Newton star in
Atom Age Vampire                                                       1960   actual insurance company. Rogers tells the gang members that              this prototype for the African Queen (Newton and Laughton
Dubbed American version of Seddok, l'erede di Satana. A                       "Baby Face" Morgan is now in charge, is a cold-blooded killer             would work together a year later at the Jamacia Inn)
stripper is horribly disfigured in a car accident. A brilliant                and does not even want the gang members to know him. Joe                  Beast of Hollow Mountain                                            1956
scientist develops a treatment that restores her beauty and falls             Torelli, who thinks he should be the leader of the gang, is               Beast of Yucca Flats                                                1961
in love with her. To preserve her appearance the doctor must                  suspicious and grows more so after the protection collection              Legendary wrestler Tor Johnson stars as A defecting Soviet
give her additional treatments using glands taken from                        money starts to roll in, and nobody sees the money after it is            scientist is hit by a nuclear explosion near Yucca Flats and
murdered women. His unexplained ability to turn into a                        turned over to Rogers, who tells them that "Baby Face" is                 roams around as a beast. We offer some real stinkers, but this
hideous monster helps with this problem but does nothing to                   handling the dough. Complications arise when Edward/"Baby                 one - wow!
win her love. The doctor's woes multiply as the police and the                Face" meets Virginia Clark. Mary Carlisle, Robert Armstrong               Beat the Devil                                                      1954
girl's boyfriend begin to close in on him                                     and Warren Hymer star.                                                    Classic straight faced comedy, of the first order. Bogart, Lorre
Atomic Brain                                                           1964   Baby Face Nelson                                                   1957   and John Huston parody the Maltese Falcon almost as well as
From 1964 - A rich but unscrupulous old woman plots with a                    Back Door To Heaven                                                1939   did Satan Met A Lady, but thrown in are elements of Key Largo
scientist to have her brain implanted in the skull of a sexy                  William K. Howard's potent social docu-drama staring Wallace              and Sierra Madre.
young woman. Marjorie Eaton, Frank Gerstle and Frank Fowler                   Ford and Stuart Erwin. Ford turns to crime during the                     Beau Ideal                                                          1931
start (this film is also known as monstrosity (and for good                   depression and the well off members of the community                      Beauty Parlor                                                       1932
reason).                                                                      discover that it was their lack of concern that is responsible.           Barbara Kent, Joyce Compton and John Harron star in this
Atomic Man                                                             1955   Bad Blonde                                                         1953   Chesterfied Drama.
Gene Nelson, Faith Domergue and Peter Arne star - An atomic                   She who is not ashamed (Barbara Payton) stars in a film some              Before The Raid                                                     1944
scientist is found floating in a river with a bullet in his back and          call "The Flanagan Boy". Under either title she plays a scheming          Beginning of the End                                                1957
a radioactive halo around his body. The radioactivity has put                 blonde who seduces a fighter and convinces him to murder her              Behind Green Lights                                                 1946
him seven-and-a-half seconds ahead of us in time. He teams up                 husband, a fight manager. A real stand out in this film is Sid            The beautiful, tragic and stupid* Carol Landis stars. The story:
with a reporter to stop his evil double from destroying his                   James.                                                                    Police lieutenant Sam Carson investigates a political murder
experiments in artificial tungsten.                                           Bad Sister                                                         1931   after the victim is dumped at the door of police headquarters. *I
Atomic Submarine                                                       1960   Badge of Honor                                                     1934   mean - what 29 year old beauty kills herself because a slob like
1960 classic starring Arthur Franz, Dick Foran and Tom                        Buster Crabbe stars as a society boy posing as a reporter. This           Rex Harrison dumps her - please!
Conway. Ships mysteriously disappear on route across the                      is one action packed drama where he doesn't swim!                         Behind Locked Doors                                                 1948
Arctic Sea, and a specially-equipped submarine is sent to                     Band Waggon                                                        1940   Behind Office Doors                                                 1932
investigate                                                                   Bank Alarm                                                         1937   The power behind the power is the theme behind the study of
Attack of the Crab Monsters                                            1957   Conrad Nagel stars - An investigator tries to find a gang                 the executive secretary of the thirties. Mary Astor and Ricardo
                                                                              responsible for a rash of bank robberies. What he doesn't know            Cortez star in another pre-code outing.
                                                                              is that his sister is the girlfriend of the gang's ringleader.
                                                                              Bank Holiday                                                       1938
Beggars In Ermine                                                       1934   Below the Deadline                                                    1946   Big Show Off, The                                                    1945
Lionel Atwill, H.B. Walthall, Betty Furness and George (Gabby)                 A veteran, Joe Hilton, returns from the war to find that his                 Joe Bagley (Lionel Stander),owner of the Blue Heaven Club,
Hayes star in this fascinating little melodrama. Atwill as the                 brother Jeffrey Hilton, a gangster, has been killed. His quest for           tries to foster a romance between shy pianist Sandy Elliott
head of a steel mill is more concerned with his men than selling               revenge leads him to take over his brother's illegal operations              (Arthur Lake)and band vocalist June Mayfield(Dale Evans.) Joe
out to a big syndicate. Walthall convinces one of the workers to               but his sweetheart, Lynn Turner, persuades him to change his                 tells June that Sandy is really a professional, masked wrestler
kill Atwill, he just misses with a bucket of molten steel, burning             ways and return to the straight and narrow.                                  known as "The Devil." Wally Porter (George Meeker),also in
off Atwill's legs. Walthall takes up with Atwill's wife during                 Between Two Women                                                     1937   love with June doesn't believe the story. The real wrestler
his stay in the hospital and gets her to sell the mill and run off             Beware                                                                1946   breaks a leg in a match and Sandy, in order to keep up the ruse
with him to England. Atwill gives up hope and goes to a home                   Beware of Ladies                                                      1937   now has to wear a cast on his leg. June attends a match and
for the disabled that he had helped to build. There he meets a                 Donald cook, Judith Allen, George Meeker and Dwight Frye                     hears the real Devil announce his engagement to another girl.
blind beggar and together they begin to roam the countryside                   star: Irving Pichell directs this newspaper drama                            Big Timers                                                           1945
looking for Atwill's wife and daughter. All the while Atwill's                 Beyond the Caribbean                                                  1936   Big Town (After Dark)                                                1947
business skill is employed to organize the beggars of the nation               Professing to be a documentary this flick becomes an                         Phillip Reed stars as A crusading newspaper reporter battling
into a financial force. He discovers that his wife is dead (killed             exploitation film of the first order. The closing reels show                 big-city gambling interests. – Hillary Brooke also stars.
by Walthall) and his daughter was put up for adoption. This                    hopped up natives and their voodoo ceremonies. Here they                     Big Wheel                                                            1949
covers the first half of the film. How Atwill deals with                       carve each other up and finally crucify some errant blackamoor.              Billy Coy comes to Carrell (a real speedway in Gardena,
Walthall, his own daughter and his friends at the steel mill is                Beyond the Time Barrier                                               1960   California when the movie was made). Red, Billy's late father's
worth the viewing. One of the few really fine films from                       Beyond Tomorrow                                                       1940   mechanic, hires Billy as a mechanic. Billy soon gets a job as a
Monogram studios.                                                              Jean Parker, Richard Carlson and C. Aubrey Smith star in this                driver. Will he get to race the Indianapolis, the track where his
Behind Prison Walls                                                     1943   fine fantasy about three elderly men who befriend two                        father died? Thomas Mitchell, Michael O'Shea, Spring Byington,
Alan Baxter and Gertrude Michael star with Tully Marshall (in                  strangers on Christmas eve. The two strangers (boy and girl)                 Hattie McDaniels, Allen Jenkins and Richard Lane star (Oh
his last film). Despite the title, this is actually one of the better          fall in love with each other, and remain friends with the three              yeah - Mickey Rooney's in this as well sorry :-(
PRC comedy outings.                                                            men. Later these three are killed in a plane crash, but return as            Bill Cracks Down                                                     1937
Behind Stone Walls                                                      1932   ghosts to help the young couple they brought together                        Billy the Kid Trapped (Buster Crabbe)                                 1942
A District Attorney’s wife and mother of another attorney, is                  Big Bluff, The                                                        1955   Billy Wilder’s Bad Seed                                               1934
having an affair. Scorned, she kills her lover (oh rude). Her                  When scheming fortune hunter and erstwhile Latin lover                       Bird of Paradise                                                     1932
husband comes to her defense and confesses to the shooting                     Ricardo De Villa learns that a wealthy but sickly widow has                  Mastered from an original 16mm print, this scenic wonder from
(the dope). The father prosecutes the son who receives a life                  terminal heart disease, he seduces and marries the vulnerable                the RKO location crew is as entertaining today as it was 78
imprisonment sentence. The butler (who didn’t do it) knows the                 millionairess. Playing the part of a faithful and doting husband,            years ago. 'I don't care what you do with the script, as long as
truth and blackmails woman. And well, you know how these                       he carries on a torrid affair with sexy exotic dancer Fritzi Darvel          you call it Bird of Paradise and the girl jumps into the volcano'.
things go…                                                                     while avoiding the suspicious eyes of her jealous bongo-playing              Bittersweet                                                          1933
Behind The News                                                         1940   husband. When his wife's condition seems to go into remission,               Anna Neagle stars in this first filmed version of Noel Coward's
It's school graduate, Jeff Flavin's, first day on the job as a cub             the impatient De Villa decides on action that will hasten her                tragic operetta. Fernand Graavey is the brilliant violinist she
reporter for the Enquirer. Boss, Archer, places Jeff with Stu                  seemingly inevitable death.                                                  falls in love with, but joy turns to sorrow as his compulsion for
Woodrow a lazying reporter. Stu detests cubs, treating Jeff                    Big Boodle (Errol Flynn)                                              1957   gambling is revealed. (redone in color 7 years later)
badly. Jeff saves a drunken Stu's job by covering the convicted                Big Boy Rides Again                                                   1935   Black Dragons                                                        1944
racketeer, Houseman's escape from prison. Jeff goes to                         Big Fella                                                             1937   Lugosi, a respected plastic surgeon since his days in Such Men
Houseman's sister for a scoop he witnesses the murder of                       Big House USA                                                         1955   Are Dangerous, is hired by the Japs to turn Jap spies into
Houseman and an innocent young child. Stu grateful to Jeff                     Big Lift                                                              1950   American looking chaps who can move freely in the U.S. A war
thinks Jeff is to decent to be a reporter, sends Jeff on a fake                Big News                                                                     time espionage/horror film from Monogram.
story. Resulting in Jeff being demoted by an angry Archer. On                  Robert Armstrong and Carole Lombard star in this early                       Black Glove                                                          1953
his own, Jeff goes to the court house to see the trail of Marques,             newspaper drama, which must have served Milestone well in                    aka: "Face The Music" a thriller set in a London world of
accused of Houseman's murder. Jeff, who speaks Spanish, hears                  1930 when he put the Front Page on film.                                     basement jazz clubs, recording studios and dingy flats. The
the translater, Olmeda falsely state that Marques confesses to                                                                                              basic plot concerns a jet-lagged musician who impulsively goes
the killing. Jeff tells Archer that he has a story. The problem is                                                                                          to the apartment of a beautiful blues singer he's just met and
that nobody believes him due to the fake story. Lloyd Nolan                                                                                                 hours later is accused of her murder.
and Robert Armstrong star.
Black Raven                                                           1943   Blue Parrot                                                          1953    Boy What A Girl                                                        1947
A group of strangers are brought together in an old, dark house              Many British crime thrillers of the 50s are set in a nightclub.The           Another (near) all black musical - Two small-time (aspiring to
and must contend with two murders and $50,000 in stolen                      nightclub in this film is so small and uninhabited that getting a            be big-time) producers are trying to convince a Chicago
money, George Zucco stars..                                                  parrot cage in might be difficult a blue budgie cage more                    businessman to finance half of their show, while the other half
Black Rider                                                           1954   likely.Yet again we have an "American policeman" helping                     is to be financed by a mysterious Mme. Deborah. But when
Black Roses                                                           1936   Scotland Yard.Obviously the producers in this case could not                 Madame Deborah is not on hand to meet the money-man from
Near the end of her life Lilian Harvey asked to see only one of              afford an American actor so instead they brought in an                       Chicago, an ex-prizefighter is dressed to pose as her. Music and
her films; Black Roses. A search of the major archives turned                Irishman,Dermot Walsh,who makes a woeful attempt at an                       dancing provided by Deek Watson and His Brown Dots, 'Big'
up nothing, and she was never again to see her favorite film.                American accent.Did the producers really think that this would               Sid Catlett and his band, and Ann Cornell and the International
Set in 1900's Finland, Harvey (a ballerina) must sleep with the              be enough to sell this to American audiences.John Le Mesurier                Jitterbugs. Drummer Gene Krupa has a drumming cameo.
Tsarist governor to save the life of her true love. Dennis Hoey              makes a suitably sinister club owner and Ballard Berkley plays               Boys from the streets                                                  1949
also stars. When we first uncovered this film in 35mm nitrate,               a detective for the umpteenth time.Funny that it was not till he             Originally called “Gategutter” This film takes place on Oslo's
we offered it for restoration to UCLA and the AFI. Both turned               played "The Major" in Fawlty Towers that he ever really became               east side (that would be Norway) sometime during the 1920's. It
us down. We now offer, mastered from the only known 35mm                     famous                                                                       shows the workers' environment with elements like
nitrate print, Lilian Harvey in 'Black Roses' produced by UFA in             Bluebeard                                                            1944    unemployment, strike, poverty, alcoholism, absent fathers, wise
1936 Germany.                                                                Considering the production values; and considering the cast,                 and tired mothers, the dream of a better life and the friendship
Black Sleep                                                           1956   which includes John Carradine, Ludwig Stossel, Jean Parker                   between the boys from the streets.
How can a film that stars Basil Rathbone, Akim Tamiroff, Bela                and Nils Asther; it is difficult to believe that this is a PRC               Boys in Brown                                                          1949
Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr.and John Carradine smell worse than                    production.                                                                  Richard Attenborough and Dirk Bogarde star in this slice of life
yesterday's fish? Watch and see.                                             Bombs over London                                                    1937    in a British Borstal reform institution for young criminals.
Black Sunday (Mario Bava)                                             1960   Presented here under its original British release title of                   Boys Reformatory                                                       1939
Black Tights                                                          1960   Midnight Menace this is the third (along with Non-Stop New                   Boys Will Be Girls                                                     1936
Blackout                                                              1954   York and Things to Come) in the trilogy of English prophetic                 No - not a 30's look at gay life - Matronly great aunt Emily went
Blind Adventure                                                       1933   features. Here star Charles Farrell plays a cartoonist who                   off to Africa and left behind her wanna be snobbish family. Ten
Blind Alley                                                           1939   uncovers a Balkan minister's plot to bomb London with                        years later, upon her death, the greedy family members await
Blonde Ice                                                            1948   pilotless airplanes (just as Hitler was to do within 5 years).               the reading of the will. Ready to celebrate their fortunes the
Blonde Savage                                                         1947   Boots and Saddles                                                    1937    family gathers the evening before with a big party. A great
Blood of a Poet                                                       1930   Gene Autry stars and sings ("You're the Only Rose That's Left in             assortment of characters, comic ones, are all expecting to get
The same year Under the Roofs of Paris was made, France also                 My Heart") in this standard Republic B western. Smiley                       their share of the inheritance.
produced Blood of a Poet. This was to become a classic in the                Burnette and Judith Allen are also featured as Gene saves the                Brand of the Devil                                                     1944
realm of surrealistic imagery.                                               old homestead.                                                               Above average B western staring Dave (Reefer Madness)
Blood Orange (Three Stops to Murder)                                  1953   Border Patrolman (George O'Brian)                                    1936    O'Brian. Jolley is the leader of the Devil's Brand gang of rustlers.
                                                                             When a border patrolman catches their spoiled daughter                       When Molly Dawson sends for the Texas Rangers, Tex, Jim, and
Bloodbath (aka track of the vampire)                                  1966
                                                                             smoking in a no-smoking area, parents hire him to watch over                 Panhandle arrive pretending not to know each other. But
Bloody Brood                                                          1959
                                                                             her. She then runs over to Mexico and gets involved with jewel               eventually their identities become known and they are captured
Your shocked eyes will see it... your stunned mind won't
                                                                             thieves and he has to go save her.                                           by the gang.
believe it... Never before... has vice and violence struck with
                                                                             Borderline                                                           1950    Brass Legend                                                           1956
such frightening force! Peter Falk's 2nd feaure film credit (if you
want to call it that) in this story - Two beatniks get their kicks           Boris Karloff: The Ghoul                                             1933    Brass Monkey                                                           1948
by dealing drugs and violence.                                               Karloff stars back in the date, J&J offered this title from a film           Breakaway                                                              1955
                                                                             print that was reconstructed from a beat up old 35mm Czech                   Suave, if a trifle elderly, private eye Duke Martin is on the trail
Blue Angel (English or German)                                        1930
Available is either language version of this classic Von                     nitrate. Until recently this was the only known print: we now                of a secret formula and a kidnapped girl. Director: Henry Cass.
Sternberg film. One of Germany's greatest actors: Emil                       offer this from a complete original UK print.                                Stars:Tom Conway, Michael Balfour and Honor Blackman
Jannings turns in a touching performance as a school master                  Borrowed Hero (A)                                                    1941    Bride of the Monster                                                   1955
who falls for a night club singer (order both and we’ll include              Borrowed Wives                                                        1930   Bela Lugosi's last speaking role. Also known as Bride Of The
the color remake)                                                            Boy of the Streets                                                   1937    Atom. Written, Directed and Produced by the Dewit Clinton
Blue Lamp                                                             1950   Monogram melodrama with Jackie Cooper and Marjorie Main.                     school of attire honor student: Ed Woods Jr.
                                                                             Cooper is a tough teen out to break into corrupt city                        Brighton Rock                                                          1947
                                                                             government. The gritty side of urban life is well presented.
Bride for Henry                                                     1937    C Man                                                                  1949   Captive City                                                          1952
Anne Nagel stars - On the day of her wedding a young                        Dean Jagger stars as an undercover customs agent in this gritty               Captive Heart                                                          1946
woman's fiancé doesn't show up, sleeping off the results of the             semi-documentary filmed on the streets of New York. John                      Car Of Dreams                                                         1935
previous night's wild bachelor party. Miffed, the woman                     Carradine and Harry Landers also star.                                        Carnival In Flanders                                                  1933
decides to go ahead with the wedding anyway to teach her                    Calendar Girl                                                          1947   Winner of the Grand Prix Du Cinema Francais and the gold
fiancé a lesson, so she calls her lawyer, Henry, and has him                Around the turn of the century, two young men, Johnnie                        medal      at    the    Venice    International    Exposition    of
stand in for her missing groom. She intends to divorce her new              Bennett, a composer and Steve Adams, an artist, go to New                     Cinematography. The fantastic little comedy concerns a small
"husband" at the first opportunity, but Henry--who has been in              York City to make their fortune. They both fall in love with the              French town that is about to be occupied by the Spanish. To
love with her for a long time--is determined to win his "wife's"            same girl, Patricia O'Neill. The artist paints a picture of her               avoid this, the towns people first play dead; then hold such a
hand.                                                                       which outrages her father's sensibilities but, as a result of the             great carnival for their captors that their taxes are cancelled for
British Intelligence                                                1940    picture, she wins a chance to star in a Broadway play. She soon               a year.
This almost forgotten remake of Three Faces East (1930) starred             learns that the artist is just a trifler, and turns to the composer,          Carnival of Souls                                                     1962
Boris Karloff (in the role originated by Erich Von Stroheim) as a           who loves her sincerely.                                                      Awful and dreary cult classic – but we do have a very nice print
master German spy, posing as a butler in the British War Office.            Call It Murder                                                         1934   of it.
Broken Strings                                                      1940    Based on the novel "Midnight", a young Humphrey Bogart                        Case of the Frightened Lady (US & UK versions)                        1939
Clarence Muse stars as a concert violinist who's lost the ability           shows the early sparks that were to make him a screen                         A classic of literature comes to home video. Edgar Wallace's
to play. He hopes his son will take up where he left off. In a              immortal.                                                                     "Case of the Frightened Lady" with Marius Goring and Helen
climactic talent show two of his son's violin strings break and             Call of the jungle                                                     1944   Haye. There are mysterious goings on at the old mansion
he is forced to play swing. Stymie Beard and Tommie Moore                   Caltiki the Undying Monster                                            1959   including murder, and a deep family secret. This is a “twofer”
also star.                                                                  Basically a Mexican Blob - in black and white, and without                    – you get the complete original UK version, and mastered from
Brothers                                                            1947    Steve McQueen                                                                 a 35mm nitrate print, the US release “The Scarf Murder
Brown On Resolution                                                 1935    Canary Murder Case                                                     1929   Mystery”. Okay, its not a classic of literature – there was a 1932
Buck Rogers Planet Outlaws                                          1953    Candlelight In Algeria (George King)                                   1942   movie called The Frightened Lady – Wallace turned that into a
Bulldog Drummond                                                    1929    Atmospheric locations including the casbah, an intriguing war                 stage play, and in this film was adapted from that play!
Bulldog Drummond strikes back                                       1934    tale and james mason all ad up to a lively mix of WWII                        Case of the Lucky Legs                                                1935
Bulldog Edition                                                     1937    espionage fact and fiction - a story of Allied leaders heading for            This above average entry to Warner Brothers' Perry Mason
Bullet Scars                                                         1942   a top-secret meeting off the Algerian coast. A British                        series is taken from an original 16mm print. Here a young girl
Burglar                                                             1957    spy(Mason) must risk his life in a German-held section of                     is suspect when a contest promoter is murdered. Perry Mason
Burn witch Burn                                                     1962    Algeria to retrieve a piece of film with the meeting's location               is played by Warren William who is outstanding. During his
Bush Pilot                                                          1947    before the Nazis find it                                                      years in Hollywood William also appeared as the Lone Wolf,
But the Flesh Is Weak                                               1932    Candles at Nine                                                        1944   Philo Vance and a Sam Spade type in Satan Met A Lady.
Robert Montgomery, Edward Everett Horton, C. Aubrey Smith                   Neat little Old Dark House style film - A rich but miserly old                Case of the Velvet Claws                                              1936
and Nils Asther star. The Clements father and son live by the               man taunts his relatives about who will get his money when he                 Warren William and Claire Dodd - Perry and Della are finally
generosity of rich women. Max, the son, sets his sites on Lady              dies, and is soon mysteriously murdered. It turns out that he                 married by his old friend, Judge Mary. They plan to go on a
Joan, who is rich, but down-to-earth and charming. At her                   has left his estate to a beautiful young actress whom the other               honeymoon, but before it can start, Perry is retained by a
house he meets Rosine Brown, an Austrian widow involved                     relatives didn't know was related to him. Several attempts on                 woman with a gun and $5000. She wants him to stop a story
with a rich man. Instantly infatuated with her, Max pursues                 her life are thwarted by a detective, who sets out to discover                that is coming out in 'Spicy Bits'.
Rosine until she relents and agrees to marry him. But the elder             who's behind the scheme to kill her.                                          Castle within a Castle (built in subs)                                1955
Clement loses 4500 pounds gambling and Max decides he must                  Captain Calamity                                                       1936   Aka Et slot i et slot: Krogen og Kronborg
marry Joan to prevent his father's imprisonment.                            Originally filmed in 'Magnacolor'. this monochrome print is all               Cat Man of Paris                                                      1946
Butler's Dilemma                                                    1943    that seems to remain of this high class Grand National                        Caught                                                                1949
Droll comedy from the UK., Writer: Michael Barringer, Stars:                adventure film. George Houston, Marion Nixon and Movita                       Cavalcade of the West                                                 1936
Francis L. Sullivan, Judy Kelly, Hermione Gingold and Ian                   star.                                                                         Two brothers are separated when young. One becomes the
Fleming                                                                     Captain Kidd                                                           1945   pony express rider Clint Knox and the other the outlaw Ace
Buy Me That Town                                                    1941    Rowland Lee directs a top flight cast that includes Randolph                  Carter. Their next meeting finds Ace way-laying Clint as he
                                                                            Scott, Charles Laughton, Barbara Britton, Reginald Owen, John                 delivers the mail.
                                                                            Carradine, Gilbert Roland, William Farnum and Sheldon                         Cavalry Scout                                                         1951
Cause for Alarm                                                      1951    Chicago Calling                                                        1952   City of Shadows                                                      1955
Invalid George Jones is both physically and mentally ill. He                 Chicago Confidential                                                   1957   Dan Mason, a twelve-year-old newsboy, is an expert at figuring
mistakenly believes his wife Ellen and his doctor are having an              China’s Little Devils                                                  1945   all the angles; so, when Kink, veteran bartender at Billy's Steak
affair and also planning to kill him. He writes a letter to his              Out of the raging heart of China storms the first story of these              House, catches him winning a big jackpot in the battered old
lawyer detailing their alleged murder plot. After he has Ellen               reckless young guerillas... Harry Carey and Paul Kelly star.                  slot machines that belong to seedy Tim Channing, he not only
give the letter to their postman, he reveals its contents to her             Chinatown After Dark                                                   1931   defies them to do anything about it but shows Tim how he can
and then threatens her with a gun. The excitement proves to                  Barbara Kent as a white girl raised as and by Chinese to become               corner the slot-machine racket and, at the same time, put his
much and George suffers a fatal collapse. Now Ellen must find                a Dragon Lady. Does she hold the secret of the sacred dagger?,                big-racketeer competitors Tony Finetti and Angelo Di Bruno out
a way to retrieve the incriminating letter.                                  Does Rex Lease? do you?                                                       of the running. Thusly begins a partnership between the
Chains                                                                1949   Chinatown Squad                                                        1935   larcenous---but big-hearted---Tim and the precocious newsboy
Challenge                                                            1938    Choppers                                                               1961   that lasts and prospers while he is growing up. Reaching
Dramatization of the first climbing of the Matterhorn. In 1865,              A gang of teenage delinquents terrorize a small community by                  college age Dan studies law, showing a greater aptitude for
the unconquered Matterhorn beckons; former rivals, Italian                   stealing cars and stripping them for parts, then selling the parts            finding loopholes in the law than an inclination to uphold it,
Carrel and Englishman Whymper, hope to climb it together, but                to a crooked junkyard owner. The police and an insurance                      despite the advice of his law-school Dean and the wholesome
national rivalry intervenes. Rival parties dangerously race for              company investigator set out to break up the gang.                            companionship of his roommate Roy Fellows, whose father is a
the summit in realistic, well-photographed climbing scenes; but              Christmas Eve                                                          1947   retired judge. But Dan meets Roy's sister Fern and his family.
when the mountain is climbed, the danger is far from over.                   Chu Chin Chow                                                          1934   (note – not the best image quality)
Writers: Emeric Pressburger (screenplay), Patrick Kirwan                     Circus of Fear                                                         1966   Clipped Wings                                                        1937
(scenario) - Stars: Robert Douglas, Frank Birch and Geoffrey                 Christopher Lee stars in this outstanding psychological drama.                Mickey Lofton, young half-brother of famed war-aviator Jerry,
Wardwell                                                                     We offer the uncut 91 min. British release in full color. This title          fails in his attempt to enter the Canadian Air Corps, because of
Charade                                                              1963    is also know (in B&W) as Psycho Circus at 67 min.                             his fear of thunderstorms developed by an incident in his
Charley's (Big Hearted) Aunt                                         1940    City Limits                                                            1934   boyhood days. Jerry, now a Captain in the U.S. Department of
Same as below (they filmed this quite often). Richard Murdoch                City of Missing Girls                                                  1941   Justice, is given an assignment to capture some border oil
is credited with '(Stinker)' in the middle of his name. It also              Climaxing a long series of mysterious disappearances of young                 smugglers. Through his friendship with Raoul McGuire, one of
stars Arthur Askey, a long-forgotten English entertainer.                    girls, dancer Thalia Arnold is found murdered. Police-detective               the suspects, Jerry is accepted as a member of the gang. Mickey
There's a nice attempt at using 'Charley's Aunt' as almost a                 Captain McVeigh believes that King Peterson, a nightclub                      is in love with Raoul's sister, Molly. Gang leader Moran shoots
play-within-a-play. Done with a light enough sense of humor                  operator and owner of the Crescent School of Fine Arts, knows                 and wounds Raoul, and is himself shot down by Jerry. Mickey
that it toddles along amiably, all clichés intact, with laughs for           something about the missing girls. Peterson's silent partner is               flies Molly and her wounded brother to a hospital. Jerry takes
those easily amused by another English music hall performer                  Joseph Thompson, a theatrical agent, whose daughter, Nora, a                  off in another plane to guard Mickey's craft from a pursuing
donning woman's clothing.                                                    reporter, is waging a newspaper crusade against the district                  airplane, and crashes his plane into the gangster's plane but
Charlie Chan, The Feathered Serpent                                   1948   attorney's office for failing to trace the girls, much to the                 parachutes to safety.
Charlie's Aunt                                                       1930    discomfiture of James Horton, a young assistant district                      Close Up                                                             1948
This Gaumont British adaptation of Brandon Thomas' 1892                      attorney. Pauline Randolph is the next to disappear but Nora                  Alan Baxter plays a newsreel camera man who captures
story stars Charlie Ruggles and June Collyer. The print quality              had seen her leaving her grandmother's home in a car driven by                Richard Kollmar on film. Kollmar is an Ex-Nazi hiding in New
is decent and is well worth watching. A classic of transvestite              a blonde woman. Nora interviews the grandmother who tells                     York and would like it to stay that way, he fears Baxter's film
humore - even before Uncle Milty "invented" the genre.                       her that Pauline had theatrical employment, along with one of                 will make this difficult and takes extreme measures to retrieve it
Charlie's Aunt                                                       1941    her friends, Mary Phillips. When the police begin investigating               (Nazis were just not very pleasant). Filmed on location in New
Yep - same thing, this time with Jack Benny                                  the Crescent talent-school, Thompson, who knew the Arnold                     York City, before it was fashionable to do so.
Chase                                                                1946    girl intimately...                                                            Cloudburst                                                           1951
Chase a crooked shadow                                               1958    City without Men                                                       1943   Club Paradise (Robert Lowery)                                        1945
Check and Double Check                                               1930    A young woman's husband has been imprisoned for a crime he                    Cold Wind in August, A                                               1961
Amos and Andy - The white radio actors - in Black face - star.               didn't commit. In order to be near him to try to help him get his             Colditz Story                                                        1955
Some write ups claim this is their only feature - but not so -               sentence overturned, she moves into a boardinghouse near the                  Colossus of New York                                                 1958
extra points if you can tell what feature film Freeman F.                    prison whose residents are the wives of inmates.                              Confidence Girl                                                      1952
Gosden, Charles J. Correll turn up in (as Amos and Andy) - and                                                                                             Congolaise (Savage Africa)                                           1950
no internet searches. Btw – this is taken from an original print –
the best one out there!
Comeback                                                             1970   Corruption (Preston Foster)                                          1933   Cry Baby Killer                                                      1958
An aging actress whose career ended in the '30s lives in her                A young lawyer is elected mayor of the city and promises to rid             Jack Nicholson (in his first feature role) stars as 17-year-old
decaying mansion with a retinue of bizarre people, including a              it of the corruption it's famous for. The problem is that most of           Jimmy Walker who is brutally beaten by Manny Cole and two
personal assistant who keeps an arsenal of weapons. (Hopkin's               the corruption he's vowed to eliminate is caused by the crooked             of his teen-age punk friends, Joey and Al, because Manny wants
Last) (AKA Hollywood Horror House, Savage intruder)                         political machine that helped elect him.                                    to move in on Jimmy's girl, Carole Fields. Later, Jimmy shows
Command Performance (He's a Prince)                                  1931   Cottage on Dartmoor (AKA Escape from Dartmoor)                       1929   up at the hangout of the teenage crowd to take Carole away,
Common Law Paul Stein                                                1931   Counterblast (aka The Devil’s Plot)                                  1948   and challenges Manny to a fight. Manny's two buddies move in
Pre-code all the way, with Constance Bennett, living with Lew               The story has Mervyn Johns as a Nazi doctor and escaped                     with brass knuckles, and one of them pulls a pistol, which falls
Cody, then modeling nude for Joel McCrea (and she really                    prisoner-of-war who goes to London. There, via the Nazi                     to the ground in the scuffle. Jimmy picks it up and shoots
does), then moving in with him, then back to Cody and finally               underground, he poses as an Australian bacteriologist, whom                 Manny and Al. A police officer orders Jimmy to surrender, but
off to Tarrytown to marry McCrea. This is from a soft, original,            he has killed and taken his place, assigned to do some medical              he panics, thinking he killed the pair, and dives into a small
TV print.                                                                   research. His plot is, using British labs and knowledge, to find a          storeroom, and holds Sam and Mrs. Maxton and her small
Constant Woman                                                       1933   method of immunizing the German people against a plague the                 infant baby hostages. Police Lieutenant Porter and others plead
Victor Schertzinger directs Conrad Nagel, Leila Hyams and                   Nazis are going to use in their next war. Reissued in 1953 as The           with Jimmy to surrender and release the hostages, but the
Stanley Fields in this fine melodrama concerning a traveling                Devil's Plot.                                                               terrified Jimmy threatens Sam and Mrs. Maxton with death if
group of actors. In the late 1930's it was re-titled 'Hell in a             Country Gentlemen                                                    1936   they break out. A large crowd gathers and almost breaks
Circus' because of its thrilling circus disaster finale                     Crazy House                                                          1943   through the police lines to storm the storeroom...
Contender, The                                                       1944   Follow up to Hellzapoppin - with eve less of a story - but                  Cry of the Werewolf                                                  1944
Widower Gary Farrell can't afford, on his $45-weekly salary as a            everyone on the Univeral lot walks through this review                      Nina Foch stars as a Young woman raised by gypsies but she is
truck driver, to send his young son, Mickey, to a high-priced               (including Rathbone and Bruce as Homs and Watson).                          actually daughter of a werewolf. She starts killing those who
military school and decides to enter a heavyweight boxing                   Creation of the Humanoids                                            1962   know about her. - how rude!
tournament in an effort to win the $500 prize money. He wins                Crime Against Joe                                                    1956   Cry Tough                                                            1959
and turns to boxing as a career in a short while, under the                 Crime Inc                                                            1945   John Saxon plays tough Puerto Rican kid from the Barrio
guidance of "Pop" Turner, becomes a Contender for the                       Corruption in high places is the plot of this crime drama.                  District of New York who gets out of jail with the hope of going
Heavyweight title. Newspaper reporter Linda Martin is                       Lionel Atwill turns in one of his last good performances, Tom               straight, only to fall right back in with the criminal element. He
attracted to Farrell but he is paying more attention to the flashy          Neal (future husband of Barbara Payton and life long friend of              marries Cuban firebrand Linda Cristal to legally keep her in the
Rita Langdon, who introduces him to night clubs, late hours,                Franchot Tone) stars, and Sheldon Leonard is on hand.                       country, but has a rocky reunion with his father, who loves his
drinking, roistering and other attractions and distractions.                Crime of Doctor Hallet                                               1938   son despite his shame. The relationships are bracing,
Convention Girl                                                      1935   Ralph Bellamy and William Gargan star. A young well to do                   particularly that between Saxon and hard-working father
The beautiful Rose Hobart stars as the owner of an Atlantic City            doctor-researcher from high society joins a pair of less                    Joseph Calleia. Based on Irving Shulman's novel, the production
convention spot with much of the film shot on location. Shemp               glamorous researchers in the jungle and they attempt to                     benefited from the new permissiveness of the early 1960s, there
Howard appears in a straight role as a small time hustler.                  discover the cure for a deadly disease. Isolated from                       are good scenes, some 'artsy' camera set-ups, and solid
Convict (I was a Convict)                                            1939   civilization, certain events take place, not because anyone is a            supporting work, particularly from Calleia and Cristal
Convicted                                                            1931   maniac, but for other reasons, and a visit from a lady visiting             Crystal Ball                                                         1943
Convict's Code                                                       1939   one of the doctors presents a problem.                                      Toni Gerard lands in New York with 38 cents to her name and
Another Anne Nagel classic - A man is framed and sent to                    Crimes At The Dark House                                             1940   is befriended by fortune teller Madame Zenobia and a
prison for a crime he didn't commit. When he is let out on                  Best of the Todd Slaughter films; this was the first, and most              neighboring shooting gallery owner. Toni is smitten with Brad,
limited parole, he sets out to clear his name and find the real             enjoyable, film version of The Woman In White.                              a lawyer/suitor to Jo, one of Zenobia's "clients." When Zenobia
criminals.                                                                  Criminal Investigator                                                1942   is slightly injured, Toni takes her place and uses her newly
Convoy                                                               1940   Crooked Circle (Zazu Pitts)                                          1932   found influence to meet Brad, and break up the budding
Clive Brook, Stewart Granger and Charles Farrell star in this               A group of amateur detectives sets out to expose The Crooked                romance between him and Jo.
first British film of World War two to deal with the war and its            Circle, a secretive group of hooded occultists.                             Cuban Rebel Girls                                                    1959
battles as the central theme. Tight direction, good solid acting            Crowded Day (aka:Shop Spoiled)                                       1954   Curse of Her Flesh                                                   1968
and a strong plot make this a film worth seeing.                                                                                                        a painful movie to have to sit through - but some people like
Cop Hater (Jerry Orbach)                                             1958                                                                               this stuff; A weapons dealer who murdered his unfaithful
Corpse Vanishes                                                      1942                                                                               stripper wife goes on a killing spree, bumping off exotic dancers
Corridor of Mirrors                                                  1948                                                                               and hookers while plotting revenge on his wife's lover.
                                                                                                                                                        Curse of the Faceless Man                                            1958
Curse of The Swamp Creature                                          1966    Danger Ahead                                                        1935   Dark Waters                                                          1944
Yet another Larry Buchanan epic, on the grand scale of the                   An old sea captain and his daughter go to a club to get the                Leslie Calvin, the sole survivor of a submarine accident, goes to
Creature of Destruction and the Eye Creatures. One begins to                 40,000 dollars he's owed for the cargo he's brought in. But                her relatives in order to recover emotionally. Unfortunately she
wonder if John Agar ever made a good film?                                   unfortunately, the club's owner, who brought the cargo in, has a           encounters various scam artists led by Mr. Sydney who intend
Curse of The Swastika                                                1940    scheme (with plenty of eyebrow raising) of robbing the man of              to kill her and steal the family assets. Dr. George Grover helps
The Curse of The Swastika, a classic British Pathe documentary               his money. After knocking the guy senseless, a newspaper                   Leslie to defeat Sydney. Merle Oberon, Franchot Tone and
from 1940, illustrates the insidious rise of the Nazi Party from             reporter, who's viewed all of this it seems from the table he was          Thomas Mitchell star.
its post World War One origins through Adolf Hitlers                         sitting at the club, rescues the money from the bad guys, and              Date Bait                                                            1960
conniving to become the leader of the party and eventual                     then holds the money in the newspaper's vault for safekeeping              A Troubled young man, Brad, returns home after six months
dictator of his self-styled Third Reich. The twisted logic of the            so that the captain can pick it up.                                        rehab. On his first night he starts a fight in dance club with a
scape-goating of the Jews, the development of the dreaded Nazi               Dangerous Cargo                                                     1939   man named Logan because he was dancing with Sue, a girl
concentration camps, the construction of the Siegfried Line and              Dangerous Corner                                                    1934   whom Brad is in love with. Brad's older brother ends the fight
the dynamic tensions and botched compromises of all European                 Dangerous Lady                                                      1941   just to beat Logan up later himself. Although Sue's strict father
inter-war politics that led to the annexation of Austria and the             Dangerous Nan Mcgrew (Helen Kane)                                   1930   is strongly against her relationship with Logan, they secretly get
Sudetenland before the eventual declaration of war with the                  Dangerous Passage                                                   1944   married in Las Vegas. Soon Brad's love turns to obsession and
invasion of Poland are all explored. The Battle of the River Plate           Joe Beck leaves Central America so that he can return to Texas             at the same time he falls back into using drugs. Sue's father
in December 1939, the preparedness of French troops for the                  and collect a large inheritance, but he picks a dangerous ship on          takes matters into his own hands.
Battle For France and the sinking of the Graf Spee by Admiral                which to travel.                                                           Daughter of Darkness                                                 1948
Harwood and the British Navy feature heavily in this call to                 Dangerous to Know                                                   1938   Daughter of Doctor Jekyll                                            1957
arms giving us a unique slant on the reasons for the start of the            Daniel Boone                                                        1936   Daughter of Horror                                                   1955
Second World War and The Curse of The Swastika.                              The great John Carradine plays Simon Girty to George O'Brien's             AKA Dementia - As the narrator invites us to explore the
Curtain at Eight                                                     1933    Daniel Boone. This chapter of Boone's life concerns the famed              horrors of an insane mind, a young woman wakes from a
An elderly detective (C. Aubrey Smith) sets out to find who                  tracker's leading settlers from North Carolina to Kentucky.                nightmare in a cheap hotel room. We follow her through the
murdered a stage actor. Dorothy Mackaill also stars.                         Carradine organizes five Indian tribes to attack the                       skid-row night and encounters with an abusive husband; a
(The Big) Deadly Game                                                1954    encampment.                                                                wino; a pimp and the rich man he panders for; a flashback to
D.O.A.                                                               1949    Danny Boy                                                           1946   her traumatic childhood; violence; pursuit through dark streets;
Edmund O'Brien stars as a Notary Public who is suspected of                  Robert "Buzz" Henry stars in this sentimental story about a                dementia. Filmed in film-noir style throughout; only the
knowing too much, so he his given a slow acting poison. He                   Marine mascot's (Danny the Dog) return home after WWII. A                  narrator speaks.
discovers that he has less then two days to live, and spends                 bit dated, even a bit corny; but there won't be a dry eye in the           Daughters of Darkness                                                1971
them trying to find his murderer. Told in flashback to the                   house. A classy PRC production.                                            Day of the Triffids                                                  1962
police, at the end of the film he is marked Dead On Arrival.                 Dark Eyes of London                                                 1939   Day The Earth Caught Fire                                            1961
The film's been colorized and remade twice (Color Me Dead                    Dark Hour, The                                                      1936   Hysterical panic has engulfed the world after the United States
and 1988's DOA), but this version never looses its punch.                    A pair of detectives investigates the murder of an elderly                 and the Soviet Union simultaneously detonate nuclear devices
Damals                                                                1943   millionaire who was the target of blackmail and death threats              and have caused the orbit of the Earth to alter, sending it
Dance Of Life                                                        1929    and find that there is no shortage of suspects, many of them in            hurtling towards the sun. - and my goodness is Janet Munro
Dancers in the Dark                                                  1932    the victim's own family.                                                   easy on the eyes!
A bandleader tries to romance a dancer by sending her                        Dark Journey                                                        1937   Day The Earth Froze                                                  1959
boyfriend, a musician, out of town. However, things get                      A four star World War I espionage drama with Vivien Leigh                  We are fortunate to be able to present the uncut 80min version
complicated when he finds out that a gangster has designs on                 (two years before Scarlet) as the owner of a dress shop in                 of this film, in color. This is a delightful fantasy film from
her too.                                                                     Stockholm, who is actually a double agent. Conrad Veidt is the             Finland, the US and the USSR; with evil queens, magic mills
Danger Flight                                                        1939    head of the German secret service who falls in love with her,              and mystical harps. Based on Finnish mythology, this movie
Our hero tries to straighten out some juvenile delinquents in                not knowing that her true loyalties lie with the Allies. Tight             traces the exploits of Lemminkainen as he woos the fair
this adventure based on the comic strip "Tailspin Tommy."                    direction (Victor Saville) and outstanding production values               Annikki and battles the evil witch Louhi. Louhi kidnaps
Danger on the Air                                                    1938    (Alexander Korda) make this a top notch thriller                           Annikki to compel her father to build for her a Sampo, a
Lee J. Cobb, Donald Woods, William Lundigan, Edward Van                      Dark Mirror                                                         1946   magical device that creates salt, grain, and gold. When
Sloan, Skeets Gallagher and George Meeker star in this great                 Dark Tower                                                          1943   Lemminkainen tries (and fails) to recover the Sampo, Louhi
entry into the Crime Club series.                                                                                                                       steals the sun, plunging the world into frozen darkness.
Dead in the Air (aka pilot x)                                       1936    Deputy Drummer                                                       1935   Detour                                                                1945
Deadly Invention                                                    1958    Obscure British musical dealing with an impoverished                        Edgar Ulmer classic - Told in flashback, New York nightclub
Jules Verne's "For The Flag" by the Czech master director Karel             composer who poses as an aristocrat in order to crash a swanky              pianist Al Roberts hitchhikes to Hollywood to join his girl Sue.
Zeman.Although the story is enacted in a rather understated                 party. This film features two of Ida Lupino's less then well                On a rainy night, the sleazy gambler he's riding with
late Victorian style, the visuals are a knockout. Zeman uses                remembered relations: Lupino Lane and Wallace Lupino.                       mysteriously dies; afraid of the police, Roberts takes the man's
animation, graphics, painted sets, model animation combined                 Desert Escape (Warren Hull)                                          1940   identity. But thanks to a blackmailing dame, Roberts' every
with live action to create the atmosphere of Verne that the                 aka Marked Men - Bill Carver is a young medical-school                      move plunges him deeper into trouble. Tom (Mr. Barbara
reader associates in his mind.                                              graduate wrongly confined in prison. He escapes and finds a                 Payton) Neal starrs along with Ann Savage.
Dear Murderer                                                       1947    haven and romance in an Arizona small town. But his hopes of                Devil Bat                                                             1942
Basil Dearden’s - Pool of London                                     1951   happiness and freedom are dashed when gangster Joe Mallon                   Possibly the best remembered of the PRC/Lugosi films; it even
Death is Called Engelchen                                           1963    and his four henchmen show up. Mallon was the one who                       spawned both a sequel, and a remake. Lugosi invents an after
A classic from the makers of The Shop on Main Street. A young               engineered Bill into the frame-up felony that sent him to prison            shave lotion that attracts giant killer bats (that he happens to
fighter is shot in the spine on the last day of WWII, while                 along with Mallon. Bill is forced to lead Mallon and his men                breed).
lingering near death he recalls his experiences during the war,             into an escape attempt across the blistering, sun-scorched                  Devil Bats Daughter                                                   1946
and believes that the German General Engelchen is after him.                desert.                                                                     Wishing to dispose of his wife, psychiatrist Doctor Elliott makes
Death Kiss                                                          1933    Desert Phantom                                                       1936   his patient Nina think that she suffers from a compulsion to kill.
Another Lugosi outing, interesting for its behind the scenes                Johnny Mack Brown stars as Billy Donovan who arrives looking                He drugs Nina, murders his wife and leaves evidence that
look at a movie studio of the 1930's; this one is Tiffany. This             for his sister's killer. When he hires on at the Halloran ranch             points to Nina. The latter, pre-conditioned by Elliott, also thinks
neat murder mystery stars Lugosi as head of a studio that is                where the mysterious Phantom has killed all the hands, it's not             she is guilty.
having trouble getting the film "Death Kiss" made; it seems the             long before the Phantom shoots him.                                         Devil Monster                                                         1946
actors keep getting themselves murdered (actors are so rude!).              Desert Sands                                                         1955   they took a 10 year old film (The Sea Fiend) and recut it into
Edward Van Sloan (Lugosi's costar in Dracula) also stars. This              The French Foreign Legion battles rebellious Arabs in North                 this. A schooner disappears at sea without a trace. Years later,
was transferred from an original 16mm print.                                Africa. Directed by Lesley Selander, Ralph Meeker, Marla                    evidence of possible survivors prompts the mother of the
Death of a Salesman                                                 1951    English and J. Carrol Naish star.                                           schooner's mate Jose to hire a tuna boat to investigate. They
Arthur Miller's story about Willy Loman, an an over-the-hill                Desirable Lady (aka A Fig Leaf for Eve)                              1944   discover the lad living happily on a South Seas island, and,
salesman who faces a personal turning point when he loses his               Exotic-dancer Eve Lorraine(Jan Wiley)), with aspirations of                 when he refuses to leave with them, they abduct him.
job and attempts to make peace with his family: Willy's long-               being a screen actress, isn't happy with the direction her career           Devil's Commandment                                                   1956/
suffering wife Linda, and Biff and Happy, his troubled sons and             has taken, what with performing at a club where the opening                 AKA Lust of the Vampire and I Vampiri (original title). A mad         63
his life. A Powerhouse performance from Fredric March!                      and closing act is Selika Pettiford (Selika Pettiford) playing the          scientist captures young women and drains their blood, in
Delightfully Dangerous                                              1945    organ. She's being ragging her boy friend slash publicity agent,            order to keep alive an ancient, evil duchess. Writers: Riccardo
Young Sherry Williams dreams of having a singing career, and                Dan McGrath (Phil Warren)) to get her some attention, so while              Freda (story) (dialogue), Piero Regnoli (story) (dialogue) , Stars:
she idolizes her older sister Josephine, who has gone to New                she is dancing around a smoke pot, dandy Dan puts in a call to              Gianna Maria Canale, Carlo D'Angelo and Dario Michaelis
York to perform on the stage. When Sherry is distraught just                police sergeant Tomlin (Dick Rush) to send them over to the                 Devil's Daughter                                                      1939
before performing at her school, a visiting Broadway producer               club because Eve is performing a dance that will corrupt the                Devil's Party                                                         1938
encourages her by telling her positive things about her sister.             town's morals for decades to come. So the obliging Tomlin                   Devotion                                                              1931
Soon afterwards, Sherry decides to make a surprise trip to New              drops by and arrests her. Bail bondsman Gus Hoffman(Eddie                   Ann Harding and Leslie Howard star; The poor, downtrodden
York to visit Josephine - but what she finds there is not at all            Dunn) bails Eve out of the clink, and gets the idea she could be            (beautiful, of course) "dutiful" daughter in a London society
what she expected. Jane Powell and Ralph Bellamy star, with                 passed off as a candidate for a 'missing since childhood' heiress,          family falls for a barrister, disguises herself, and takes a job as
Arthur Treacher (supplying the fish and chips), Louise Beavers              and he and lawyer Campbell (Emmett Vogan) hustles Eve over                  governess to his son. Adapted from the novel, "A Little Flat in
Constance Moore, and even Morton Gould in supporting roles.                 to meet the Sardham family, who may or may not be all that                  the Temple"
Demon Barber of Fleet Street                                        1936    enthused about finding the missing relative.                                Diary of a Mad Man                                                    1963
Tod Slaughter, under the direction of George King is at it again,           Desperate                                                            1947   Dick Barton At Bay                                                    1950
this time as Sweeney Todd. A Fleet Street barber recounts the               Destination Murder                                                   1950   Special Agent Dick Barton has been assigned to recover a
story of Sweeney Todd, a notorious barber who in the last                                                                                               kidnapped professor and de-activate a death ray before
century murdered many customers for their money.                                                                                                        catastrophe occurs and World War III is declared.
Dick Barton Special Agent                                          1948   Don Quixote                                                           1933   Dragstrip Girl                                                     1957
AKA Dick Barton Detective; Government agent Dick Barton                   In Spain, in the sixteenth century, an elderly gentleman named               story about a young pretty girl (Fay Spain) who drives a hotrod
battles a ring of Nazi spies who are planning to poison the               Don Quixote has gone mad from reading too many books on                      - she has two guys fighting over her, poor but honest nice guy
entire London water supply.                                               chivalry. Proclaiming himself a knight, he sets out with his                 (Steve Terrell) and rich snobby nasty dishonest guy (John
Dick Barton Strikes Back                                           1949   squire, Sancho Panza, to reform the world and revive the age of              Ashley) who both are also drag racers. Her parents don't like
Best of the Hammer Dick Barton films. Barton, England's comic             chivalry, choosing a slut to be his noble lady Dulcinea. He                  either of them (go figure) - Frank Gorshin also stars.
strip detective hero, must stop Sebastian Cabot and James                 mistakes inns for castles, a play about chivalry for the real                Dreaming out loud                                                  1940
Raglan from exploding an atomic bomb in England. Non stop                 thing, flocks of sheep for armies, convicts for wronged                      Radio stars Lum and Abner work at a general store in
action and an exciting plot make this a stand out of the genre'           prisoners, and windmills for giants. While he and Sancho are                 Arkansas. There they get involved in some misadventures with
Dimension 5 (Jeff Hunter)                                          1966   off on their adventures, his niece, her fiancee, and the local               the locals.
Dirty Gertie from Harlem, USA                                      1946   priest think up a strategy to get him back home. (available in               Drifter, The (William Farnum)                                      1932
An all-black Caribbean island resort welcomes flashy dancer               French or English)                                                           A man known as The Drifter returns home to his cabin in the
Gertie La Rue, forced to perform in this remote spot because she          Doomed to Die                                                         1940   woods and winds up getting involved with an escaped convict,
two-timed Al, her Harlem lover and backer, once too often. As             Mr. Wong (Boris Karloff) and a girl reporter investigate a                   a gunfighter, lumber company rivals, mysterious family ties
Gertie amuses herself by dazzling the local men with her sex              shipping magnate's murder.                                                   and murder.
appeal, sanctimonious Mr. Christian (shades of 'Rain') schemes            Door with Seven Locks                                                 1940   Drums Of Jeopardy                                                  1931
to either reform her or have her thrown off the island. On                released in the US as Chamber of Horrors - A murder is found                 Take the man who starred as Dr. Fu Manchu, put him in a plot
opening night, her sensuous performance exceeds Christian's               to be connected to a false heir and a secret underground torture             that concerns his avenging his daughter's death, and you have
worst fears.                                                              chamber. Directed by Norman Lee abd based on the novel by                    Mark of Terror (AKA Drums Of Jeopardy). The great Warner
Discarded Lovers                                                   1932   Edgar Wallace - Leslie Banks, Lilli Palmer and Romilly Lunge                 Oland plays (are you ready) Dr. Boris Karloff.
Dishonored Lady                                                    1947   star.                                                                        Dublin Nightmare                                                   1958
Madeleine Damien is the fashion editor of a slick Manhattan               Double Cross (weak copy)                                              1956   Dunkirk                                                            1958
magazine by day and a lively party girl by night. Unfortunately,          poor video copy of obscure Fay Compton & William (Dr. Who)                   Durango Kid (Charles Starrett)                                     1947
the pressures of her job, including kowtowing to a hefty                  Hartnel drama. - Rober shaw make his third film appearence                   Durango Kid (Charles Starrett)                                      1949
advertiser, and her bad luck with men are driving her to a                (though only the second one he's credited with). The bulk of the             Dye Ken John Peel                                                  1938
breakdown. She seeks the help of a psychiatrist, and under his            narrative falls on wily poacher Donald Houston as he is enlisted             Obscure British film set in Victorian England. . Major John Peel
orders, quits her job and moves into a smaller flat under a new           by enemy agents Anton Diffring and Alan Cuthbertson (not to                  returns to England, following Napoleon's Waterloo defeat, and
identity. She becomes interested in painting and a handsome               mention Delphi Lawrence, but I will!) to smuggle them across                 renews his acquaintance with Lucy Merrall, but she tells him
neighbor. He soon finds out about her past when an ex-suitor              to Europe before they're arrested for murder - they shoot a                  she is engaged to be married. He later learns that, Cravens, the
implicates her in a murder.                                               security guard in the opening scene as they steal secrets from an            man she is to marry already has a wife. He also learns that
Divorce (Kay Francis)                                              1945   office. A neat little drama with a surprisingly brutal fight at the          Craven cleaned out Lucy's father in a crooked gambling game,
Doll Face                                                          1945   climax between Houston and the bad guys. but as I wrote - the                and Lucy is paying the price to hold the family home together.
Madeleine Damien is the fashion editor of a slick Manhattan               copy is a bit weak                                                           Writers: Charles Cullum (story), H. Fowler Mear (screenplay),
magazine by day and a lively party girl by night. Unfortunately,          Double Deal                                                           1939   Stars: John Garrick, Winifred Shotter and Stanley Holloway
the pressures of her job, including kowtowing to a hefty                  Double Exposures                                                      1937   East of Borneo                                                     1931
advertiser, and her bad luck with men are driving her to a                From England's poverty row (George King Productions)                         Rose Hobart, the same year she was to make Jekyll and Hyde,
breakdown. She seeks the help of a psychiatrist, and under his            Directed by John Paddy Carstairs, written by Gerald Elliott and              starred with Charles Bickford in this action packed jungle
orders, quits her job and moves into a smaller flat under a new           starring Julien Mitchell, Ruby Miller and Basil Langton                      adventure directed by George Melford for Universal
identity. She becomes interested in painting and a handsome               Dr. Blood's Coffin                                                    1961   Easy Money                                                         1936
neighbor. He soon finds out about her past when an ex-suitor              People are mysteriously disappearing near a remote Cornish                   Ecstasy                                                            1933
implicates her in a murder.                                               village, where a scientist is experimenting with reviving the                Hedy Lemar in her first film. Most noted for its brief nude
Don Siegel’s Edge of Eternity                                      1959   dead. Directed by Sidney J. Furie and starring Kieron Moore                  scene of a very young Lemar, this is actually a fine melodrama,
Donovan's Brain                                                    1953   (Crack in the world, Day of the Triffids, Anna Karenina), Hazel              nearly silent, well worth seeing
Lew Ayers and Nancy (Mrs Ronald) Regan - the story of mind                Court and Ian Hunter (The Adventures of Robin Hood).                         Edmund Goulding’s Forever And A Day                                1943
control - only in this one, its the mind doing the controlling!           Dragnet (Human Bomb - pilot)                                          1951   Elephant Boy                                                       1937
Doomed at Sundown                                                  1937
Emergency Case                                                      1930    Fabulous World of Jules Verne                                       1958   Fighting Marines (full serial version)                              1935
A man assumes his brother's identity as a doctor to avoid a                 (AKA Vynález zkázy or Deadly Invention)                                    Corporal Larry Grant and Sergeant "Mac" McGowan, of the U.S.
speeding ticket. Complications ensue when the police officer                AKA Vynález zkázy, see the listing for Deadly Invention                    Marines, are rivals for the love of Frances Schiller, but team up
later asks the "doctor" to examine his wife.                                Face of the Screaming Werewolf                                      1959   to hunt down "The Tiger Shark," a mad, scientific wizard who is
Enemy From Space                                                     1957   Falcon - Appointment with Murder                                    1948   holding Sergeant William Schiller, Frances' brother, prisoner.
Enemy of Women                                                      1944    Falcon - Devil's Cargo                                              1948   The lovely Ann Rutherford stars, along with Jason Robarts Sr.
Epic That Never Was                                                 1965    Falcon - Search for Danger                                          1949   Fighting Men, The (Rosano Brazzi)                                   1950
Here is the legendary BBC special of the 60's. Dirk Borgart                 Farewell Again (Aka Troopship)                                      1937   Saverio Luparello is the manager of Sicilian baron Occipinti's
hosts a reconstruction of Von Sternberg's "I Claudius" the film             Aka Troopship. This was made at a time when King and empire                estate. The cunning greedy man intentionally lets the land turn
he never completed! Flora Robeson, Merle Oberon, Von                        rang resonant tones and duty must be put first. This is a                  into a wasteland, hoping that his employer, discouraged by its
Sternberg, Emlyn Williams and others are interviewed. This is               portmanteau film which was much loved by the cinema in this                low returns, will sell his earth to him for next to nothing. His
the complete 74min British release, not the 52 min. American                era for example Friday 13th,Bank Holiday. The cast is in fact              plans are thwarted by a share cropper, Diego Costa, who farms
version.                                                                    quite distinguished including Banks, Robson and Newton.                    his lot zealously and to good results. Luparello's three sons try
Escape by Night                                                     1937    Although the theme and the story are quite dated nevertheless              to scare the Costas out of their farm but they are defended by
Anne Nagel stars - A group of criminals on the run hide out in              it is a rather entertaining film. This was made at a time when             Don Salvatore, the innkeeper and leader of the local Mafia. The
an abandoned farmhouse. They find themselves being "looked                  Korda was put under pressure to make sure that Denham                      next day, Andrea, the oldest son, indirectly causes the death of
after" by a friendly dog, and soon afterwards they meet up with             Studios were kept full by independent producers such as in this            Diego and Wanda Costa. Don Salvatore has him eliminated and
a blind man and his young daughter, and they begin to rethink               case Eric Pommer.                                                          has Saro Costa, the honest share-farmers' ten-year-old son,sent
the direction their life has been taking them.                              Farewell to Arms                                                    1932   to America. Fifteen years later, Saro, now a handsome well-built
Escape from San Quentin                                              1957   Fashion Model                                                       1945   young man, is back!
Eve and the Handyman                                                1961    Fat Man                                                             1951   Fighting Stallion (Bill Edwards)                                    1950
Evensong (Evelyn Laye, Conchita Supervia)                           1934    Fatal Hour                                                          1940   Released from a navy hospital following WW II, Lon Evans
Everything Is Thunder                                               1936    Karloff as Mr Wong - When Captain Street's best friend Dan                 learns that he faces eventual blindness and returns to his
Exclusive Story                                                     1936    O'Grady is murdered, Street enlists the help of Chinese                    Wyoming ranch. He sees a beautiful white stallion named
Exile Express                                                       1939    detective James Lee Wong. Mr. Wong uncovers a smuggling                    Starlight and his cowhands Lem and Yancy say he is a killer
Experiment Alcatraz                                                 1950    ring on the waterfront of San Francisco and unmasks the killer,            and cannot be trained. Lon disproves this by training the
                                                                            though not until several more murders occur.                               stallion to act as his guide in preparation for his future
Exposed                                                             1947
                                                                            Father Brown                                                        1954   blindness. He meets Jeanne Barton, who is staying at a nearby
Extravagance                                                        1930
                                                                            Alec Guinness is Father Brown (the detective) also featured in             dude ranch and they fall in love, but Lon, knowing that he is
Eye Creatures                                                       1966
                                                                            the cast are Peter Finch, Cecil Parker, Bernard Lee and Ernest             going blind, decides he cannot marry Jeanne, and avoids her. A
Awful color remake of Invasion Of The Saucer Men. At one
                                                                            Thesiger.                                                                  wild black stallion that also roams on Lon's ranch jumps in the
point you'll see several Eye Creatures running through the
                                                                            FBI Girl                                                            1951   corral and kills Lon's pinto stallion.
woods (if you're still awake), two have only head and shoulder
                                                                            Fear In The Night                                                   1947   Final Edition                                                       1932
costumes with black shirt and jeans below.
                                                                            Federal Fugitive                                                    1941   Find the Blackmailer                                                1943
Eyes of the Underworld                                              1942
                                                                            Fiend without a Face                                                       A politician is being blackmailed by a shady character from his
Richard Dix in a story of Blackmail and murder in a tale of an                                                                                  1958
                                                                            A Scientist, experimenting with telekinetic powers enhanced by             past. The key to this plot is a talking crow that has been taught
auto-theft ring.
                                                                            a nearby nuclear power plant succeeds in creating a new form               to implicate the politician once the blackmailer has been killed.
Eyes Without A Face                                                 1960
                                                                            of life. This new creature grows in intelligence until it finally          Add to this mix, a sexy actress, a couple of thugs, a crooked
This is the original French version (with English subtitles) not
                                                                            escapes his laboratory. Once outside the lab, and closer to its            lawyer, etc. and you have the basic story. The dialogue pops
the dubbed Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus. Valli (best known
                                                                            nuclear power source it multiplies. The creature is also                   like a machine gun. Faye Emmerson & Gene Lockhart star.
for her role as Orson Welles' girl friend in The Third Man) turns
                                                                            invisible, so no one knows what it looks like (unless you've seen          Flying Scotsman                                                     1929
in a chilling performance, and the face grafting scene is more
                                                                            the poster).                                                               Fog Island                                                          1945
horrifying then any scene from a modern slasher flick.
F P 1 (English or German version)                                           Fighting Caravans (Gary Cooper)                                     1931   Follow the Leader                                                   1930
This is the English version of this classic sci-fi adventure.                                                                                          For The Term Of His Natural Life                                    1929
Conrad Veit stars as the mysterious pilot who must save                                                                                                For You I Die                                                       1947
floating platform one; the first man made island.                                                                                                      Forever And A Day                                                    1943
                                                                                                                                                       A Fire Has Been Arranged                                            1935
Fighting Valley                                                      1943   Five Minutes to Live (Johnny Cash)                                 1961   Francis Searle’s Cloudburst                                          1951
Dave O'Brien, James Newill, Guy Wilkerson, Patti McCarty and                Johnny Cash, Donald Woods, Pamela Mason and Vic Tayback                   Frankenstein’s Daughter                                              1958
Charles King star. The Independent Smelting Company is being                star in this low-budget crime drama. Tayback narrates the film            Dr. Frankenstein's insane grandson (Donald Murphy) attempts
forced out of business through ore shipments being hijacked                 in flashback, detailing a suburban bank robbery that goes awry.           to create horrible monsters in modern day L.A. never realizing
while on the way from the various mines. Ma Donovan, owner                  In his simple plan, he hires a hard-up hood, Johnny Cabot                 he could have just sent an open call notice to SAG members and
of the Elkhorn Mine, asks for help from Texas Rangers Tex                   (Johnny Cash) to take the wife of the bank's vice president               about 34,000 of them would have turned up. John Ashley also
Wyatt, Jim Steele and Panhandle Perkins. They learn from                    hostage & hold her until he gets a call that Fred (Tayback) has           stars - and look for Harold Lloyd Jr as Suzie's boyfriend Don.
Frank Burke, manager of the smelter, that if he cannot get ore              been successful in getting ransom money.                                  Frankie and Johnny                                                   1934/
he will be forced to close, and the miners will have to do                  Flight to Hong Kong                                                1956   Completed in 1934 this was to be the first major Republic            36
business with the Rio Grande Corporation owned by Dan                       Flight to Nowhere                                                  1946   production. Running about 100 min; starring Helen Morgan,
Wakely. Joan Manning, owner of the smelter, arrives from the                Evelyn Ankers stars - A map containing nuclear secrets has                Chester Morris, and Lilyan Tashman; music written and
east, with her fiancée Paul Jackson and, acting on his advice,              been stolen from a Korean national. Getting information that              directed by Victor Young; and a story by Jack Kirkland with
intends to sell the smelter to Wakely's company. At a meeting,              the map maybe in the LA area, an agent named Donovan                      screenplay by Moss Hart. One problem: the Hayes office. After
with the Rangers present, Joan instructs Paul to prepare an                 springs into action and steers the suspected thieves toward an            two years, with 34 min cut and its third billed star dead, Frankie
inventory of the plant for the sale, and he remarks that it is              old friend, and ex FBI agent's charter flight service.                    and Johnny was released. Here we present the 1936 release.
practically bankrupt. Tex suggests that the miners use the                  Flying Fool                                                        1929   Fresh From Paris (AKA Paris Follies of 1956)                         1955
remark by Jackson to declare it bankrupt and appoint a                      Flying Saucer                                                      1950   Hollywood's Moulin Rouge cafe is the setting for this musical.
receiver. They do so and make Tex the receiver.                             First – and worst – of the 50’s flying saucer flicks – more an            Starring Margaret Whiting, the movie has some great songs to
Fire Over England                                                    1937   excuse for a badly acted black and white travelogue of Alaska.            look forward to.
William K. Howard's direction shines with the help of an all                Found Alive                                                        1934   Friday The Thirteenth                                                1933
star cast that includes Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Flora               Again we take a page from Forgotten Horrors only to find a                It is pouring with rain at one minute to midnight on Friday the
Robson, Leslie Banks, Raymond Massey, James Mason, Robert                   jungle adventure film starring Barbara Bedford. This one is               thirteenth, and the driver of a London bus is peering through
Newton and Evelyn Ankers. While regarded as one of the                      interesting because the plot involves the kidnapping of a young           his blurred windscreen as his vehicle sails down an empty road.
finest historical dramas ever produced in England, there is                 boy by his mother after she looses custody in a divorce                   Suddenly, lightning strikes, and a vast crane above topples into
enough adventure and action to rank this high on anyone's list              settlement.                                                               the path of the oncoming bus... Then Big Ben begins to wind
of great swashbucklers. Robson so impressed the film                        Four Girls in White                                                1939   backwards. Time recedes. And we discover the lives of all the
community as Queen Elizabeth that she was signed to repeat                  Four Just Men                                                      1940   passengers and the events that brought them to that late-night
the role in The Sea Hawk (1940). J & J was extremely lucky to               AKA The Secret Four (1939) The Four Men of the title are                  bus journey, from the con-man with a hundred-pound cheque
obtain a fine original print for this release. Our print, in fact,          British WWI veterans who decide to work secretly against                  to the businessman's distraught and elderly wife. Time flows
was the source for many of the dupes that exist on this title.              enemies of the country. They aren't above a bit of murder or              on, inevitably, to the crash -- and past it, as some live and some
Fire Raisers                                                         1934   sabotage to serve their ends, but they consider themselves to be          die.
Fisherman’s Warf                                                     1939   true patriots                                                             Fun At St Fannys                                                     1956
Carlo Roma and his foster-son, Toma, and their friend Beppo,                Four Sided Triangle                                                1953   Fury Below                                                           1936
are living a happy fisherman's life in San Francisco until Carlo's          First official Hammer film stars Barbara Payton (who was not              Fury of the Wolfman (La furia del Hombre Lobo)                       1972
widowed sister-in-law, Stella, shows up with her brat-son,                  ashamed) as a girl to good to be one so they made her two.                La furia del Hombre Lobo (original title) released February 1972
Rudolph, and takes over. Poor Toma gets his feelings hurt and               Framed                                                             1930   (Spain) . A man has had a werewolf curse cast upon him. If he
the idea he "isn't wanted" and runs away. Bobby Breen, Leo                  Framed For Murder (AKA I Hate Women)                               1934   doesn't get rid of it, he turns into a killer werewolf when the
Carrillo and Henry Armetta star.                                            AKA I Hate Women – Wallace Ford stars as “Scoop” - A                      moon is full. Writer: Paul Naschy (story) Stars: Paul Naschy,
Fit for a King                                                       1937   misogynistic reporter finds himself taking up the cause of a              Perla Cristal and Verónica Luján
Joe E. Brown in a film the publicity department refered to as               young women he believes is falsely accused of killing her                 G. W. Pabst’s Mistress of Atlantis                                    1932
"Blades clang! Women scream! Horses die laughing!"                          husband.                                                                  Gaite Parisienne                                                     1954
Five Minutes to Love                                                 1963   Frieda                                                             1947   Gambler and the Lady                                                 1952
Flaming Signal                                                       1933   From Headquarters                                                  1933   Gambling with Souls                                                  1936
From the book of Forgotten Horrors this actually is a fast paced            Front Page                                                         1931
little action adventure film with a fine supporting cast that               Frontier Pony Express                                              1939
includes Noah Beery, Mischa Auer and Henry B. Walthall                      Frozen Limits                                                      1939
Flesh Eaters (uncut)                                                 1964   Fugitive                                                           1947
Gamma People                                                        1956    Gideon OF Scotland Yard                                                1958   Glorifying the American Girl                                          1929
An American reporter smells a story when he is stranded in an               Scotland Yard Inspector George Gideon starts his day off on the               Transferred from a rare, complete (though monochrome)
Iron Curtain country where the local dictator is using gamma                wrong foot when he gets a traffic-violation ticket from a young               original 16mm print. This was one of the earliest (1929) all
rays to transform children into mutated henchmen. Paul                      police officer. From there, his 'typical day" consists in learning            talking pictures from the Astoria Studios and features guest
Douglas (of all people) stars with the beautiful and tragic Eva             that one of his most-trusted detectives has accepted bribes;                  stars like Eddie Cantor and Helen Morgan.
Brrtok.                                                                     hunts an escaped maniac who has murdered a girl; tracks a                     Girls in Prison                                                       1956
Gang Bullets                                                        1938    young girl suspected of a payroll robbery and, then, helps break              a bit racey for its day; Protesting innocence (of course), 21-year-
Anne Nagel stars - A ruthless but clever gangster who knows                 up a bank robbery. His long day ends when he arrives at home                  old Anne Carson, convicted as an accomplice to a bank robbery,
every loophole in the law has the tables turned by a dedicated              and finds that his daughter has a date with the policeman who                 finds herself in prison with 3 equally glamorous cellmates in
District Attorney and his assistant.                                        gave him a ticket that morning.                                               form-fitting uniforms: tough Jenny, unbalanced Dorothy
Gangs All There                                                     1941    Girl from Calgary                                                      1932   (played by Phyllis Coates), and deceptive, sweet-talking
Gangs of New York                                                    1938   Fifi D'Orsay and Paul Kelly star - A French-Canadian girl is a                Melanee who (it's implied) makes unwanted lesbian advances
Gangster                                                            1947    champion bronc rider and is also a nightclub singer. An                       toward Anne. The prison chaplain takes an interest in her
Barry Sulivan is a cynical gangster who controls the Neptune                ambitious young man sees her act one night and is struck by                   case...or is it in her? As Anne meets the darker side of prison
Beach waterfront. He runs a numbers racket with the local soda              her talent, realizing that she is good enough to become a                     life, she learns that her greatest danger is the existence,
shop owner: the police are in his pocket and the local hoods are            Broadway star. He convinces her to accompany him to New                       somewhere out there, of unrecovered bank loot everyone thinks
on his payroll.                                                             York, where she indeed does become a Broadway star.                           she hid. Jane Darwell and Richard Denning also star.
Gangster Story                                                      1960    However, the young man finds himself being squeezed out by                    Go for Broke                                                          1951
Gangster and cop killer Jack Martin is on the run from the law,             greedy Broadway producers who see the talented young girl as                  God's Little Acre                                                     1949
and hides out in a small town. Low on funds, he engineers a                 their own personal gold mine.                                                 Robert Ryan is convinced there is buried treasure on his farm.
clever bank robbery that yields him a big bundle. Now he has                Girl from Monterey, The                                                1943   No stone is left un-turned, except on an acre of land with a cross
not only the cops and the FBI after him, but also the local crime           Mexican club singer Lita Valdez is amazed to find that her                    on it. That acre keeps moving as the treasure hunt continues. A
boss                                                                        younger brother Alberto is a talented boxer and is even more                  superior book adaptation
Gaslight                                                            1940    thrilled by his consistent success in the ring. Till he is forced to          GOG                                                                   1954
Gene Krupa Story                                                    1959    fight Jerry O'Leary, the man she loves. Caught between her                    Scientists working on induced hibernation for space travel are
Gerd Oswald’s Valerie                                               1957    devotion to both men, Lita tries her best to have the match                   killed, apparently by machines acting independently. Security
Ghost Patrol                                                        1936    canceled, but there is much more to the boxing racket than she                agent Sheppard arrives at the secret underground space
Tim McCoy stars - A Professor has an invention that will bring              had ever imagined...                                                          research base to investigate possible sabotage. He finds that the
down planes causing them to crash and Dawson is forcing him                 Girl in Black Stockings                                                1957   whole base is coordinated by supercomputer NOVAC and its
to use it on those carrying money. When Tim arrives to                      Girl in lover's lane                                                   1960   robots Gog and Magog; and a strange aircraft is detected high
investigate he is mistaken for a noted outlaw. So he assumes                Girl Missing                                                           1933   overhead. Richard Egan, Constance Dowling, Herbert Marshall
that identity to force Dawson to make him a partner. But just as            Two sassy gold-diggers stranded in Palm Beach become                          and William Schallert star
a plane bringing Tim help is arriving, his true identity is                 involved in the case of a fellow chorus girl who goes missing on              Golden Glove Story                                                    1950
revealed and while he is a prisoner, Dawson forces the                      her wedding night. Glenda Farrell, Ben Lyon, Lyle Talbot, Guy                 James Dunn stars while Dewey Martin and Devin O'Morrison
Professor to start his machine.                                             Kibbee and Peggy Shannon star.                                                fight for the championship, and the hand of his daughter: Kay
Ghost Walks, The                                                    1934    Girl Who Came Back                                                     1935   Westfall. Arch Ward (founder of the Golden Gloves) and
During a stormy night at an old dark mansion, people who                    Girl Who Dared                                                         1944   boxers Johnny Behr, Tony Zale and Issy Kline have cameo's
claim to see ghosts roaming the halls are later found murdered.             Girl Who Knew too Much (aka Evil Eye)                                  1963   Golden Salamander                                                      1950
Ghosts of Berkeley Square                                           1947    Girl With Green Eyes                                                   1964   Goliath & the Sins of Babylon                                         1960
Giant Behemoth                                                      1959    Girls In Chains                                                        1943   Or is it Matiese? – anyway - Gordon Scott in the muscle man
One of my favorite 50's monster movies - Marine atomic tests                Not an exploitation film as the title might suggest, but a neat               adventure. Presented in letter box format.
cause changes in the ocean's ecosystem resulting in the                     little murder mystery. This is one of the first films to show the             Good Die Young                                                        1954
resurrection of a dormant dinosaur which threatens London.                  killer at the beginning of the story.                                         Three good men - a broken boxer, an American veteran trying
Giant Gila Monster                                                  1959    Glass Tomb                                                             1954   to win back his mother-dominated wife, and an air force
Another in the long, long lists of painful monster movies of the                                                                                          sergeant married to a faithless actress. Director: Lewis Gilbert
late 1950's. A giant lizard terrorizes a rural Texas community                                                                                            staring Laurence Harvey, Gloria Grahame, Richard Basehart,
with a heroic teenager attempting to destroy the creature.                                                                                                Joan Collins, John Ireland, Stanley Baker, Margaret Leighton
                                                                                                                                                          and Robert Morley
Gold                                                                    1934   Great Gabbo                                                         1929    Grumpy                                                               1930
A great little film from German (with english sub-titles). At its              An insanely, egocentric ventriloquist, even though he is                    Grumpy, a retired London criminal lawyer who lives on his
core, a science fiction film with Brigitte Helm (queen of                      possessed by his wooden dummy, is in love with a dancer who                 country estate with his granddaughter, Virginia, is a witty and
Metropolis). Two scientists have discovered a way to make gold                 is in love with another. The dummy gives advice to the                      lovable, though temperamental, old man. Jarvis, one of
from lead by using radioactivity. The experiment gets                          ventriloquist. The movie really creaks but Betty Compson is                 Virginia's recent acquaintances, is their houseguest when Ernest
sabotaged by an unscrupulous tycoon, who wants to cash in on                   always good to look at and Von Stroheim is mesmerizing!                     Heron, Virginia's sweetheart, returns from South Africa as the
this discovery. One of the scientists (Friedrich Kayssler) dies                Great Gatsby                                                        1949    secret bearer of a valuable diamond. That night, Ernest is
when the lab explodes, the other one (Hans Albers), after                      Remember the NY World's Fairs (1939 and 1964)? They were                    attacked in the library and the diamond is stolen, the only clue
recovering from his injuries, tries to find the saboteur. He very              staged at what we now call Flushing Meadow park. Before 1939                being a camellia placed in his hand. Grumpy's sleuthing leads
soon gets hired by the very person, and he pretends to play                    that area was called the great Carona dump. This was a massive              him to suspect Jarvis, and he follows him to London. There he is
along with the tycoon's (Michael Bohnen) plans. The tycoon's                   ash dump that provided the boundry in F. Scott's book between               unable to sell the diamond to Berci, who learns that Jarvis is
daughter (Brigitte Helm) helps the hero. The sets are                          the lower classes of NYC and the upper crust of Long Island.                under suspicion. Terrified by Grumpy's visit to his apartment,
breathtaking (for its time) and look very real- so real in fact, that          All those scenes at the gas station? That was the Carona dump.              Jarvis returns to the country to retrieve the camellia; faced with
during WWII the Americans confiscated a copy of this movie to                  Fitzgerald dedicated the book to his friend and mentor H. L.                Grumpy's accusations, he returns the diamond and is arrested.
find out how advanced the Germans use of radioactivity really                  Mencken, not sure if he or Mencken would have recognized this               Ernest and Virginia are left to their happiness as the old man
was. In the 1950's Ivan Tors used a good deal of footage from                  film. Alan Ladd, Betty Field, Macdonald Carey, Ruth Hussey,                 grumbles off to bed. Directed by George Cukor, Cyril Gardner.
this film for the climax in Magnetic Monster.                                  Barry Sullivan, Howard (Ben Franklin) DaSilva, Shelly Winters,              With Cyril Maude, Phillips Holmes, Frances Dade, Paul Lukas.
Good Time Girl                                                          1948   Henry Hull, Ed Begley and Elisha Cook Jr. star. - plseas not, the           Gulliver's Travels                                                   1939
Goodbye Love                                                            1935   analog master this was taken from was only fair - watchable,                In 2010, Jack Black showed how much more 3 dimensional a
Charlie Ruggles, Varree Teasdale and Sidney Blackmer star in                   but a notch below our regular quality.                                      drawing can be. Gulliver washes ashore on Lilliput and
this bright romantic comedy about alimony. Blackmer goes to                    Great Hospital Mystery                                              1937    attempts to prevent war between that tiny kingdom and its
jail rather than pay up, his valet, Ruggles joins him, because he              Green Eyes                                                          1934    equally-miniscule rival, Blefiscu, as well as smooth the way for
can't pay up. Blackmer: "What do you think of alimony?",                       No sign of Helen O'Connel anywhere - The owner of a large                   the romance between the Princess and Prince of the opposing
Ruggles: "Its like paying for a dead horse!"                                   mansion in the country throws a costume party for some of his               lands. In this he is alternately aided and hampered by the
Goose Steps Out                                                         1942   friends. However, the party turns sour when he is found                     Lilliputian town crier and general fussbudget, Gabby. A life-
Gorgo                                                                   1961   stabbed to death in a closet. The police and a guest try to                 threatening situation develops when the bumbling trio of
My personal favorite “monster” movie. A salvage vessel is                      discover who committed the murder. Directed by Richard                      Blefiscu spies, Sneak, Snoop, and Snitch, manage to steal
nearly sunk off the Irish coast by an undersea earthquake. A                   Thorpe[ Shirley Grey, Charles Starrett and Claude Gillingwater              Gulliver's pistol. a true gem from Max and Dave.
few nights later, a walking sea monster tangles with the fishing               star.                                                                       Gunman in the Streets                                                1950
boats and enters the town. The salvage vessel captures Gorgo                   Green Glove (aka The Gauntlet)                                      1952    Frank Tuttle must have been a fan of French cinema - not just
and takes it to London for display. Gorgo's mother, who is                     Often shown as The Gauntlet - An ex-soldier and his new                     the style, but the settings as well. Dane Clark, Simone Signoret
upset and significantly larger follows his trail to London                     girlfriend comb France for a valuable relic...which others are              and Fernand Gravey star. Never actually release in the US.
leaving a wake of destruction in her path.                                     willing to kill for. The director: Rudolph Maté, The writer:                Dane Clark is a U.S. army deserter-turned-gangster Eddy
My personal favorite “monster” movie. A salvage vessel is                      Charles Bennett and the stars: Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks,                Roback who is sprung from a police van by his criminal cohorts
nearly sunk off the Irish coast by an undersea earthquake. A                   George Macready and Cedric Hardwicke.                                       whilst being transported to the courthouse. Wounded in the
few nights later, a walking sea monster tangles with the fishing               Green Man                                                           1956    gun battle, Eddy looks up former flame Denise Vernon (Simone
boats and enters the town. The salvage vessel captures Gorgo                   Guest in the House                                                  1944    Signoret), in the hope that she will obtain the necessary cash for
and takes it to London for display. Gorgo's mother, who is                     Gun Crazy                                                            1950   a flight across the border. However, with the dogged police and
upset and significantly larger follows his trail to London                     Guilty Of Treason                                                   1959    Denise's new beau, a crime reporter named Frank Clinton, on
leaving a wake of destruction in her path.                                     One of the best iron curtain films made during the cold war.                his trail, time is running out for Eddy as he attempts to rely on
Graft                                                                   1931   Charles Bickford is outstanding as Cardinal Mindszenty of                   his former criminal network and moll to secure his passage to
Great Divide                                                            1951   Hungary in this true story of the communist take over and its               freedom. Shot on authentic locations by noted cinematographer
Great Flamarion                                                         1945   mistreatment of any "enemies of the state".                                 Eugen Schufftan, this is a gripping man-on-the-run crime
                                                                                                                                                           movie, and rattles along at a fair clip, aided in no small part by
                                                                                                                                                           the performances; especially Signoret as the tragic moll and
                                                                                                                                                           Clark as the pitiless hard-boiled criminal. The Gallic setting
                                                                                                                                                           lends an effective air of authenticity and doomed romanticism
                                                                                                                                                           to an oft-told tale.
Hairy Ape                                                            1944   Harmony Lane                                                          1935   Heartbeat                                                           1946
Hank Smith, a brutish stoker on board a freighter, is appalled              Not exactly "Swannee River" but a stellar performance by                     A young female escapee from a reform school (Ginger Rogers)
when Mildred Douglas, a society girl forced by circumstance to              Douglass Montgomery of composer and song writer Stephen                      joins a pickpocket academy in Paris. She is caught red-handed
travel as a passenger, visits the stokehold and recoils at the              Foster makes this worth a look. Foster's life was one of                     on her first attempt at stealing by an upper class man. He
filthy, sweating Hank. A powerhouse of a man with a primitive               heartbreak and despair. He lost the love of his youth to another             recruits her to do him a favor at a society party where she meets
confidence, Hank has never been looked down on before nor                   man. His family disliked his musical interests and played down               and falls in love with a young, handsome, rich diplomat.
suffered the insult "hairy ape" flung at him by the rich girl. At           his musical talent. His later marriage failed. His wife was a                Whether or not she can land him is another story. Basil
first he seeks vengeance for the insult, but broods over it until           conniving, jealous and bitter woman who preferred social                     Rathbone and Adolphe Menjou also star.
more than anything, he desires to understand it. When the ship              position and fine things in life to family and her husband's                 Hearts in Bondage                                                   1936
reaches port, he seeks her out in her upper class surroundings,             talent and interests. All of this was portrayed, more or less, with          Lew Ayres directed this touching look at friends and families
determined to grasp the meaning of the encounter. William                   very good acting by the entire cast. Montgomery especially                   torn apart by the Civil War. Ayres, who had appeared in All
Bendix (I make the ship go) and Susan Hayward star in this film             portrayed the emotional turmoil of Foster very well.                         Quiet On The Western Front, refused to carry arms during the
based on the play by Eugene O'Neill                                         Hats Off                                                              1937   second world war, yet as a medic at the front lines he was
Half a Sinner                                                        1940   Fun musical from Grand National Studios; Mae Clarke and                      highly decorated by the government
Half Shot At Sunrise                                                 1930   John Payne star as opposing press agents. Skeets Gallagher and               Heatwave (AKA House Across the Lake)                                1954
Max Steiner received his first credit as musical director for this          Franklyn Pangborn head the supporting cast.                                  AKA House Across the Lake, Hillary Brooke stars - An
Wheeler and Woolsey outing. This is probably the best of the                Haunted Ranch                                                         1943   American writer living in England gets entangled in a scheme
team's films and is most representative of the comedy they                  This above average entry into the Monogram 'Range Busters'                   by a beautiful blonde to murder her rich husband.
were able to create (mastered from an original RKO 16mm                     series stars Glenn Strange (Gunsmoke's bartender and                         Held for Ransom                                                     1938
print).                                                                     Frankenstein's monster) and David Sharpe.                                    Candy magnate Herbert Scott is kidnapped. A $50,000 ransom
Hand of Death                                                        1962   Having A Wild Weekend                                                 1965   is paid but the hostage isn't freed. Police investigators are
Directed by Gene Nelson - A scientist (John Agar)                           Dave Clark (and his 5) star - Dinah is a model whose face                    coming up empty handed, but they're keeping a close eye on
experimenting with nerve gas accidentally infects himself and               appears in an ad campaign for meat. While shooting a TV                      their prime suspect, the tycoon's playboy son, Larry. The Feds
soon he's able to kill with the very touch of his hand. As days             commercial, she and Steve, one of the stunt men, run off                     send in one of their finest, Agent Betty Mason, a sharp-tongued
go on he also starts to form into a burned up monster. Unseen               together. The advertising executives use their disappearance to              tough gal who holds her own in the dangerous all-male world
for many years - it turned up once on the Fox Movie Channel,                generate more publicity for meat.                                            of law enforcement. Agent Mason teams up with Larry in a
then started turning up all over the place - Now people finally             Hawaii Calls                                                          1938   bold effort to rescue the elder Scott and recover the ransom
can see what a stinker this really is.                                      After being nabbed while trying to stow away on board an                     money, but the real culprits are equally determined to stop
Hands across the border                                              1944   ocean liner en route to Hawaii, young Bobby Breen sings for his              them.
Hands Of A Stranger                                                  1962   travel fare and, along with sidekick Pua, turns detective to                 HellBound                                                           1957
Hard Guy                                                             1941   recover stolen naval documents from crooks                                   Hellgate                                                            1952
PRC crime drama with Mary Healy and Kane Richmond. Jack                     Hay Foot                                                              1942   Variation on the Prisoner of Shark Island, this time its Sterling
LaRue plays a suave, yet licentious owner of a night club.                  He Walked By Night                                                    1948   Hayden as the innocent doctor, imprisoned for helping the
There he specializes in using his chorus girls in black mail                Richard Basehart stars in this story of a petty crook who                    wrong man back to health.
schemes. When he kill an uncooperative wench, the girl's sister             becomes a burglar, then a cop shooter and finally the subject of             Hello Sister                                                        1933
plays detective. Offered under the title Adventure In Hearts.               an intense manhunt: Told in documentary style – a prototype                  Hell's House                                                        1932
Harlem Review                                                        1932   for the Dragnet TV series – in fact, Jack Webb is among the cast!            Pat O'Brien is the smooth talking bootlegger and a very young
Harlem Rides the Range                                               1939   Heading for Heaven                                                    1947   and very blonde Bette Davis is the love interest in this early
Bradley is after Dennison's radium mine and it appears that his             Stuart Erwin plays a small-town real estate agent who owns                   crime drama.
henchman Conners has killed him. When Blake arrives at                      much property which, for several generations, has failed to sell             Hell's Sold Out                                                     1951
Dennison's, Bradley and Conners arrive at the same time. When               even while the town has grown. It becomes know, except to                    A book is sent to the publishers under the name of "Lom", a
Blake leaves he drops a glove. Bradley kills Conners and uses               Erwin, that the property is being considered for the new airport             popular writer, long believed to be dead. The real "Lom" turns
the glove to frame Blake. Learning of Bradley's plan to kill                and the owner will make a small fortune. He is swarmed upon                  up & meets the new authoress using his name. Writers: Moie
Dennison's daughter, Blake escapes jail and sets out to reach her           by an unscrupulous swami (Russ Vincent)and his equally-                      Charles, Maurice Dekobra (novel), - Stars: Mai Zetterling,
first.                                                                      crooked business partner, and Erwin is soon convinced that he                Herbert Lom and Richard Attenborough
                                                                            hasn't long to live. With his life a mess, he leaves home and
Hellzapoppin                                                          1941   Hideout                                                                 1949   His Double Life                                                      1933
Pretty much defies description - the first 10 minutes are just               High Command                                                            1938   Priam Farrel is a celebrated artist but a social recluse. When his
about the funniest ever put on film. Ole and Chick are making a              Here's something really special; the complete 83 min. version of               valet dies of a sudden illness, a mix-up leads to the body being
movie, but the director is not satisfied. So he brings them to a             this fine Lionel Atwill drama. James Mason co-stars in this                    identified as Farrel's. The timid artist then assumes the identity
young writer, who outlines them an absurd story. They have to                screen adaptation of The General Goes too Far.                                 of his former servant, but finds himself faced with constant
support Jeff and Kitty in setting up a musical revue in their                High Gear                                                               1933   dilemmas as a result.
garden and want to bring it up on Broadway. If Jeff is successful            When Mark 'High Gear' Sherrod (Murray) looses his nerve, the                   His Girl Friday                                                      1940
he can marry Kitty. But there is his rich friend Woody, who also             race car driver takes a job driving a taxi, but when he befriends              Howard Hawks lightning fast remake of The Front Page. This
loves Kitty, Chick's sister Betty, who's in love with a false                a cute reporter and the young handicapped son of a deceased                    time Hildy Johnson is a girl reporter, and former wife of Walter
Russian count, and detective Quimby. They all make the thing                 driver, he attempts to return to the track.                                    Burns. The story was to be remade at least two more times, but
very complicated for Ole and Chick. After some mistakes they                 High Powered                                                            1945   this is the true stand out.
think that Kitty isn't the right girl for Jeff and they start                High School Big Shot                                                    1959   His Royal Highness                                                   1932
sabotaging the show, but the Broadway producer is impressed                  Marv needs money. His unemployed dad is so poor that he                        Hitch Hike Lady                                                      1935
and signs the contract.                                                      makes Marv give up half his last six bucks so they can both go                 Hitchhiker                                                           1952
Hemo the Magnificent                                                  1957   on three-dollar dates; he's just lost his scholarship after getting            Frank Lovejoy, Edmund O'Brien and William Talman star in a
Second of four educational films produced by Bell Laboratories               caught writing a term paper for Betty, the prettiest (and only)                classic film noir directed by Ida Lupino. Talman is an ex-
and directed by Frank Capra on the subjects of the sun, the                  girl in his class; and Betty herself has told him he doesn't stand             convict who hitches rides then robs and kills the driver. A
human circulatory system, radioactivity and the weather. These               a chance with her unless he can give her what she wants most:                  fascinating physiological study.
films were used regularly in classrooms since they were well                 money, money, money. But Marv has mob ties and Marv knows                      Hitler Dead or Alive                                                 1942
produced and Bell Laboratories would supply 16mm copies of                   where to find a million dollars cash                                           Available at last is this nifty little war time drama. A wealthy
the films to schools free of charge. Capra also holds the writing            High School Ceaser                                                      1960   American doctor's brother is killed by the Nazis and he holds
credit for this - voices include those of Mel Blanc and Richard              John Ashley stars as Matt Stevens; the big man at high school.                 Hitler personally responsible. He offers $1,000,000 for Hitler;
Carlson.                                                                     He sweats the students for protection money, acquires copies of                dead or alive. The first to take him up on his offer are three
Hercules (flat or scope)                                              1958   tests for a fee, and has rigged the votes so he can beat Kelly in              American gangsters just out of the 'slammer': Ward Bond, Paul
or, if you prefer "Le fatiche di Ercole". Hercules, demigod and              the election for student president. Aside from his anointed                    Fix and Warren Hymer. The film swings between high drama,
superman, arrives in the ancient Greek kingdom of Iolcus to                  acolytes, Matt is almost universally despised. His parents are                 action and comedy and never disappoints. The ending is
tutor Iphitus, son of king Pelias; immediately on arrival, he falls          obscenely rich and spend their time travelling in Europe rather                particularly chilling with a great monologue by Ward Bond
in love with the king's daughter; Iole. Before he can win her, he            than giving him the parental guidance he needs. Things begin                   Hoedown                                                              1950
must succeed in a series of quests, in the course of which he                to get ugly when some of the teens resist his power and show                   Hold That Woman                                                      1940
teams up with Jason, true heir of Iolcus, whom he accompanies                Matt up at the drag race.                                                      James Dunn stars - A skip tracer--someone who collects late
on the famous voyage of the Argonauts. This Italian classic stars            High School Confidential                                                1958   payments from people who've purchased appliances, etc., or
Montanna born strong man Steve Reeves. Mr America in 1947,                   How's this for a cast:        Russ Tamblyn (Amber's Dad), the                  takes them back them when they don't pay--repossesses a small
Mr Universe in 1950 - at age 23, he was 6' 1", 200 pounds, with a            beautiful Jan Sterling, John Drew Barrymore, Mamie Van                         radio from a deadbeat who's skipped payments. What he
chest measuring 48 inches, a 29-inch waist, and had 17 1/2-inch              Doren, Ray Anthony, Jackie Coogan, Charles Chaplin Jr. and                     doesn't know is that a gang that has stolen diamonds from a
biceps.                                                                      Lyle Talbot. A tough kid comes to a new high school and                        Hollywood movie star has stashed them inside the radio, and
Hercules Unchained                                                    1958   begins muscling his way into the drug scene. As he moves his                   they start hunting for him
Here come the Huggetts                                                1948   way up the ladder, a schoolteacher tries to reform him, his aunt               Holiday Camp                                                         1947
Here Is Germany                                                       1945   tries to seduce him, and the "weedheads" are eager to use his                  Hollywood Canteen                                                    1944
WW2 "know-your-enemy" propaganda film (from 1945)                            newly found enterprise, but he has his own agenda.                             Hollywood Stadium Mystery                                            1938
Heroes in Blue                                                        1939   High Voltage                                                            1929   Neil Hamilton (a star from his What Price Hollywood days, to
Gangster Moran (Edward Keane) gives Joe Murphy (Charles                      Dreadful melodrama from Pathe' Studios. This was one of                        his stint on Batman) is cast opposite Evelyn Venable in this fine
Quigley) several thousand dollars to bet on a horse race, the                three films made by Carole Lombard for this outfit, and it is by               Republic murder mystery. A fighter is killed in the ring and
horse wins and Joe takes off with the money. Moran informs                   far the weakest. William Boyd (Hoppy) is on hand, as are Billy                 Hamilton is on the case, out to prove that the police are smarter
Mike Murphy (Frank Sherida), Joe's father, that no harm will                 Bevan and Owen Moore. Mastered from a rare original 16mm                       then Venable thinks they are.
come to Joe if Mike doesn't interfere with the robbing of stores             print and is the finest quality we've seen (also at the full original
on his beat. Joe's policeman brother, Terry Murphy (Dick                     release time of 64 min.)
Purcell), learns of the plot and sets out to free his father and             Highway Hell (Hitchhike to Hell)                                        1937
brother of Moran's threats.
Hollywood Story                                                   1951    Horror of Party Beach                                                 1964   House of Darkness                                                     1948
Here are some of the folks that turn up in this flick; Richard            While the hot rodders and motorcyclists are having a rock-and-               Laurence Harvey stars with Grace Arnold - A young man
Conte, Julie Adams, Richard Egan, Henry Hull, Fred Clark, Jim             roll beach party, a barrel of radioactive material is unloaded               visiting a house that turns out to be haunted is terrorized by the
Backus, Francis X. Bushman, Betty Blythe, William Farnum,                 from a passing ship, plunges to the bottom and splits against a              ghost of a man who had been murdered there years before.
Helen Gibson, Joel McCrea, Paul Cavanagh, Lon Chaney Sr.,                 jagged rock. A black liquid oozes out and covers a shapeless                 House of Horrors                                                      1946
Elmo Lincoln and Mary Philbin. And its all directed by William            mass on the ocean floor, which suddenly moves and becomes                    House of Secrets                                                      1936
Castle! Hollywood 1950: The successful producer Larry O'Brian             an encrusted vicious monster. Soon there are several monsters                Two men stumble into an old mansion, and get involved with a
arrives in Los Angeles to found a motion picture company. He              and they must have human blood to survive. Tina is the first                 crazed scientist, torture chambers and sinister medical
buys an old studio which was unused since the days of silent              victim, and football hero Hank Green and airhead Elaine Gavin                experiments.
movies. He's shown the office where the famous director                   enlist the aid of her science-professor father, Dr. Gavin, to solve          House of the Arrow                                                    1953
Franklin Farrara was shot. The case hasn't been solved until              and capture the killer. Not working fast enough to prevent the               House of the Damned                                                   1963
now, although there were many suspects. O'Brian becomes                   attack on twenty teen-agers at a slumber party nor the killing of            House of the Wolfman                                                  1953
fascinated by the subject and wants to shoot a movie about it.            three girl motorists, Dr. Gavin finds an arm lost by one of the              House on Haunted Hill                                                 1959
He investigates himself and soon gets into danger himself. -              monsters and discovers that only sodium will destroy the                     What can I say? One of the best from director William Castle - a
Truth be told - this is based on the (still) unsolved murder of           monsters whose composition is mostly water.                                  horror picture withous any horror - simply a classic; Eccentric
William Desmond Taylor on february 1, 1922. In his 10 year film           Horror Rises From The Tomb                                            1975   millionaire Fredrick Loren and his 4th wife, Annabelle, have
career he directed more than 60 films and acted in at least 25.           El espanto surge de la tumba (original title) In Medieval France             invited 5 people to the house on Haunted Hill for a "haunted
Homicide For Three                                                1948    a warlock is be-headed and his wife tortured and executed.                   House" party. Whoever will stay in the house for one night will
Hong Kong Confidential                                             1958   Hundreds of years later an isolated group of people discover                 earn ten thousand dollars each. As the night progresses, all the
Hoodlum                                                           1951    his head buried on their property. Soon it comes back to life,               guests are trapped inside the house with ghosts, murderers, and
Hoppity Goes to Town (AKA Mr. Bug goes to town)                   1941    possessing people and using them to commit sacrifices and to                 other terrors. As an added bonus this is the only sound film
The happy tranquility of Buggsville is shattered when the                 search for the rest of his body. Writer: Paul Naschy (story),                (though her character does not speak) in wich the sister of
populace learns that a colossal skyscraper is to be built over            Stars: Paul Naschy, Emma Cohen and Víctor Alcázar                            Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson (Leona) appears. She was
their tiny town. Max & Dave Fleischer's follow up to Gulliver's           Hot News                                                              1953   the self proclaimed "worst singer in the world" and put out a
Travels - and it certainly was a match for the Disney studio              Hot Pepper                                                            1933   real collectable in the vinyl album market; "Music to Suffer By"
output - but this one had the bad luck to open two days after             Hot Rod                                                               1950   Housekeeper's Daughter                                                1939
Pearl harbor. People just weren't into cartoons that week. (AKA           The screen's first Jimmy Olsen (Tommy Bond) stars. David                     Another Hal Roach quicky, notable as the first screen credit for
Mr. Bug goes to town)                                                     Langham, the youngest son of a hot-rod hating father, Judge                  Victor Mature - though the rest of the cast isn't too shabby...Joan
Horace Takes Over (AKA One Thrilling Night)                       1942    Langham, buys an old jalopy but, out of respect for his father,              Bennett, Adolphe Menjou, William Gargan, George E. Stone,
A young newlywed couple from a small town decide to spend                 doesn't convert it. He changes his mind when Jack Blodgett, the              Peggy Wood, Donald Meek, Marc Lawrence and Lilian Bond.
their wedding night at a posh hotel in New York City, since               local speed demon, impresses David's girl, Janie Pitts, and                  Hue and Cry                                                           1947
they only have one day before the husband has to report for               David makes his car the fastest in town. Jack steals David's hot             Huggetts Abroad                                                       1949
duty in the army. However, instead of a romantic evening                  rod, and flees the scene of an accident he causes. The car is                Hugo Haas' One Girl's Confession                                      1953
together, they find themselves mixed up with gangsters, stolen            traced back to David, but the truth comes out in court, although             Hunted, The                                                           1948
loot and missing bodies.                                                  David's father is still unhappy about the car... until David and             A police detective investigating a jewel robbery discovers
Horrible Dr. Hichcock                                             1962    his friend, Swifty Johnson, use it to apprehend some escaping                evidence that points to his girlfriend as the culprit, although she
Hotel Continental                                                 1932    robbers. The Judge decides to back a movement for building a                 claims she was framed. He arrests her anyway, and she is
An adaptation of Grand Hotel, filmed and released before the              hot-rod race track for the town.                                             convicted and serves several years in prison. Finally out on
MGM classic (but note the similarities) Alan Mowbray, Peggy               House Across the Bay                                                  1940   parole, she is soon mixed up in a murder. The detective is torn
Shannon, Theodore Von Eltz and Henry B. Walthall star in this             House by the River                                                    1950   between his love for his girlfriend and his belief that she may
unusual title.                                                            Released by Republic, this suspenseful film stars Louis                      have committed the murder. Preston Foster, Charles McGraw
Horror Hotel                                                      1960    Hayward as a deranged writer and was directed by the great                   and Mike's dad (Larry J. Blake) star.
What must be called a sleeper. This truly scarey film concerns            Fritz Lang. Hayward murders his maid when she resists his                    Husbands Holiday                                                      1931
witchcraft in old New England and stars Christopher Lee. The              advances. He then draws his brother into hiding the body and                 I am a Camera                                                         1955
climax in the graveyard never fails to chill                              eventually watches as his brother is charged with the crime.
                                                                          This was classic Lang material; Lang himself was accused of the
                                                                          murder of his first wife and this coloured many of his films
                                                                          (Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Fury and so on).
I Cover The Waterfront                                               1933    Impact                                                                 1949   Inside the Law                                                       1942
Ben Lyon and Claudette Colbert star in this drama about                      Leo Popkin (D.O.A.) produced and Arthur Lubin directed this                   Inside the Lines                                                     1930
smugglers of human (Chinese) cargo. This idea was reused in                  complicated and fascinating crime drama with Brian Donlevy                    Inside the Mafia                                                     1959
Shadows of the Orient, and served as a powerful opening                      as the target of a murder plot. The wrong man is killed but                   Inspector General                                                    1949
statement for Dick Powell's: To The Ends Of The Earth.                       everyone believes it to be Donlevy; who is now in hiding. The                 Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak, Barbara Bates, Elsa Lanchester,
I Killed Wild Bill Hickok                                            1956    supporting cast includes Mae Marsh, Charles Coburn, Ella                      Gene Lockhart and Alan Hale (Sr) Star. An illiterate stooge in a
The story tries to justify the murder of Wild Bill Hickok,                   Raines, Anna May Wong, Erskine Sanford, Jason Robards and                     traveling medicine show wanders into a strange town and is
painting him as a claim-jumping scoundrel. A bad plot, poor                  Helen Walker.                                                                 picked up on a vagrancy charge. The town's corrupt officials
direction and non-existent production values make this one a 7               Impatient Maiden                                                       1932   mistake him for the inspector general whom they think is
on the stinker scale!                                                        Impersonator                                                           1960   traveling in disguise. Fearing he will discover they've been
I Love Trouble                                                       1948    In a small English town a schoolmistress meets a sergeant from                pocketing tax money, they make several bungled attempts to
I See A Dark Stranger (AKA The Adventuress)                          1946    the nearby U.S. airforce base and they decide on a date. When                 kill him.
I Sell Anything                                                       1934   they miss each other at a cafe as arranged, a train of events is set          Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It                                       1941
I Stand Condemned                                                    1935    in motion culminating in the murder of a woman in the local                   International crime                                                  1938
I Thank You                                                          1941    park, and things look bad for the American.                                   Interrupted Journey                                                  1949
I Was an American Spy                                                 1955   In Love With Life                                                      1934   Valerie Hobson stars - When John North, a budding author,
Idol (Idle) On Parade                                                1959    Professor John Sylvestus Applegate (Onslow Stevens) has been                  pulls the communication cord of a late night train that is taking
Ihre Majestät die Liebe                                               1931   dismissed from his college teaching position for objecting too                him away on a weekend with his publishers wife, he sets in
I'll Get You                                                         1952    loudly to the predominant part that football and other sports                 motion a series of events that lead to a train crash, a murder and
Hard hitting George Raft spy drama, has our hero hot on the                  play in the curriculum, and soon finds himself dead broke                     a police man hunt, but all is not what it seems.
trail of the abductors of a British Atomic Scientist.                        when publishers show no interest in the dry material he brings                Invaders from Mars (US & UK Versions)                                1953
I'll Name The Murderer                                               1936    to them. He meets a young boy, Laury (Dickie Moore) and his                   Invasion of the Saucer Men                                           1957
newspaper gossip columnist Tommy Tilton (Ralph Forbes)                       mother, Sharon (Lila Lee) in the park and is quite taken with                 Invasion of the Vampires                                             1964
turns sleuth when his friend is blamed for the murder of an ex-              them. He gets a job-prospect letter, as a private tutor, and                  Dubbed American release of La invasión de los vampiros - A
girlfriend with a taste for blackmail                                        applies at once. His employer is Mr. Morley (Claude                           doctor and his assistant hunt down a vampire named Count
I'll Reach For A Star                                                1937    Gillingwater), a surly, sour, mean-tempered old man who                       Frankenhausen, who is terrorizing the populace.
62 min re-release of The Hit Parade starring Frances Langford,               informs John he is to act as a tutor for his grandson, who turns              Invisible Avenger                                                    1958
Pert Kelton, Ed Brophy, Stanley Fields, Bill Demarest, Duke                  out to be Laury. Sharon, Morleys daughter had eloped against                  Invisible Ghost                                                      1941
Ellington, Eddie Duchin, and J. Farrell MacDonald. This was                  her father's wishes and was abandoned by her husband after                    Above average Lugosi second feature. Though Such Men Are
Republic's answer to the Big Broadcast Series.                               Laury's birth.                                                                Dangerous, Ninotchka and Devil's in Love show the fine work
I'll Sell My Life                                                    1940    Incident in an Alley                                                   1962   that Lugosi was capable of, he has always been associated with
Beautiful Rose Hobart stars in the thrilling crime drama about a             Incredible Petrified World                                             1957   this low budget genre
woman who goes to jail for a crime she didn't commit so that                 John Carradine, Robert Clarke and Phyllis Coates (TV’s first                  Irene Dunn, Over 21                                                  1945
the real murderer will give her brother the money he needs.                  Lois Lane) star; Four adventurers descend to the depths of the                Irish Luck                                                           1939
Illusion Travels By Streetcar                                         1954   ocean when the cable on their underwater diving bell snaps.                   Buzzy O'Brien (Frankie Darro) is a bellhop in a hotel where a
I'm From Arkansas                                                    1944    The rest of their expedition, believing them to be lost, abandons             guest is murdered. The police blame Kitty Monahan (Sheila
Slim Summerville, El Brendel (eeek!), Iris Adrian and Bruce                  hope of finding them. Exiting the diving bell, the party finds                Darcy) and Buzzy succeeds in helping her escape and hides her
Bennett star. People flock to a small Arkansas town after a prize            themselves in a network of underwater caverns                                 at his home with his mother (Lillian Elliott). Buzzy and his pal
pig delivers another huge litter of young. Much music and                    Indestructible Man                                                     1956   Jefferson (Mantan Moreland) manage to fumble their way to
some humor results. (you find yourself wondering if they are                 A violent criminal called The Butcher is brought back to life by              finding the real killer who was after the stolen bonds carried by
all going to end up at Sam Drucker's store, of Kate's front porch.           a scientist using electricity. The Butcher becomes an                         the victim. Based on Charles Molyneaux Brown's story "Death
Immoral Mr. Teas                                                     1959    invulnerable mute, and seeks vengeance upon those who                         Hops the Bells."
                                                                             caused his execution.                                                         Iron Duke                                                            1935
                                                                             Indiscreet                                                             1931   George Arlis as Duke Wellington. This film concerns itself with
                                                                             Inner Sanctum                                                          1948   the year in Wellington's life following his Victory at Waterloo.
                                                                             Lew Landers directs Charles Russell, Lee Patrick and Mary Beth                Iron Mask (101min.)                                                  1929
                                                                             Hughes in this low budget murder mystery, with a title lifted                 Iron Sheriff                                                         1957
                                                                             from the popular radio series.
Isle of Destiny                                                     1940   It’s a Small World                                                     1950    Jim Hanvy, Detective                                                1937
Society glamour girl/aviatrix Virginia Allerton (June Lang)                Not exatly "freaks", not exatly "Chained for life" - heck, not even            Jim Hanvey (guy Kibbee) is a genial but top-notch detective
decides to alter her around-the-world flight by stopping off on            "Terror of Tiny Town" - what happens to the circus freak when                  who has retired to his country home. An insurance company
the Pacific isle of Palo Pango where her brother, Lieutenant               he tries to live a normal life ? He is unwillingly taken advantage             hires him to find a missing emerald so they won't have to pay
Allerton (Grant Richards) is stationed with a detachment of U.S.           of. This time its the midget/actor Paul Dale that breaths life into            out the $100,000 for which the jewel is insured. It doesn't take
Marines, including "Stripes" Thornton (William Gargan) and                 a story where he is exploitet by some crooks that takes                        him long to find the emerald, but he discovers that finding it
"Milly" Barnes (Wallace Ford.) Local smuggler Barton (Gilbert              advantage of his size. The film does not take place in the                     was the easy part; the difficult part is getting it back to its
Roland) baits her into a trap using her plane for his gun-                 entertainment business this time, but small town USA. We                       rightful owner, and he winds up involved in a murder in which
smuggling racket and she ends up wrecked on another island.                follow the day to day life of a midget that grows from child to                an innocent man is framed.
Thornton, as a stowaway on Barton's gun-smuggling plane, and               adult. Many of the episodes in his life are very sad and                       Jivinin Be-Bob                                                      1946
Barnes, by water in a stolen speed boat, rush to her rescue. Inda          depressing. But he is able to move forward and fights for his                  John Guillermin’s Song of Paris                                     1952
(Katherine DeMille), the jealous native wife of Barton, with a             independence away from home. ITS A SMALL WORLD has a                           John Guillermin’s The Crowded Day                                   1954
penchant for dispatching people with poison darts from a blow              happy ending and love is found when he meets a woman his                       Johnny Frenchman                                                    1945
gun, does her best to do the same for Virginia.                            own size. Absurd ending takes place in a trailer where his new                 Johnny Holiday                                                      1949
Isle of the Dead                                                    1945   found love all of a sudden starts singing a song like she was in a             Journey To Beginning of Time                                        1957
Boris Karloff, Ellen Drew and Jason Robards Sr. star. On a                 middle of a musical. This film has to be seen to be believed.                  Three kids go to New York's museum of natural history and
Greek island during the 1912 war, several people are trapped               It's A Wonderful Life                                                  1946    discover a portal to the past filmed in 1957, released in 1960
by quarantine for the plague. If that isn't enough worry, one of           Both Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart's favorite film. This is                    Judge                                                               1949
the people, a superstitious old peasant woman, suspects one                one of the few movies that can not be tired of, it's a perfect film.           Milburn (Doc) Stone stars as a great criminal lawyer who
young girl of being a vampiric kind of demon called a                      Hal Roach colorized it in 1986, an it stands as the best argument              discovers his wife (Katherine de Mille) is having an affair with
vorvolaka.                                                                 against that technology.                                                       Stanley Waxman. Stone plots their murder with the aid of a
It Grows on Trees                                                   1952   Its in the Bag                                                         1945    criminal (Paul Guilfoyle) he defended. Jonathan Hale is the
It Happened Here                                                    1965   Ivy                                                                    1947    Judge and narrator, John Hamilton plays a police Lieutenant.
It happened in Hollywood                                            1937   Jack and the Beanstalk                                                 1952    Judge Priest                                                        1934
It Happened In Paris                                                1935   Abbott and Costello – in color! (well, once the story gets going               Judge Priest, a proud Confederate veteran, uses common sense
Carol Reed's first film starring John Loder and Nancy Burne.               anyway)                                                                        and considerable humanity to dispense justice in a small town
Loder tries to romance Burne but fears his money will get in the           Jackie Robinson Story                                                  1950    in the Post-Bellum Kentucky. Writers: Irvin S. Cobb (character
way. A fine, gentle comedy.                                                The first great black baseball player in the major's. Mr.                      "Judge Priest"), Dudley Nichols (screenplay) Stars: Will Rogers,
It Happened Out West                                                1937   Robinson plays himself with help from Ruby Dee, Minor                          Tom Brown and Anita Louise
Classy little Fox western starring Paul Kelly as a New York                Watson and Bill Spaulding. Alfred Green directs.                               Juke Joint                                                          1946
banker out to get Judith Allen to sell her milk ranch. You won't           Jail Bait                                                              1954    Julien Duvivier’s Au Bonheur Des Dames                               1930
believe how many black lines can appear on a film and have it              Lyle Talbot (first screen Lex Luthor) stars in this first effort of            Julien Duvivier’s La Charrette Fantome                               1939
still run.                                                                 Ed Wood. While many film makers improve during the course                      Jungle                                                              1952
It Happened Tomorrow                                                1944   of thier careers. Wood got worse (but wore very tasteful                       Jungle Book                                                         1942
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time                              1976   gowns).                                                                        Teenaged Mowgli (Sabu), who was raised by wolves, appears
It’s Tough to be Famous                                             1932   Jane Eyre                                                              1934    in a village in India and is adopted by Messua (Rosemay
When his submarine, S89, is sunk by an excursion boat, Scotty is           An odd entry in the book of Forgotten Horrors, there partly                    DeCamp). Mowgli learns human language and some human
the last one left aboard after helping the crew to be rescued.             because of the mystery, but more for the appearance of Colin                   ways quickly, though keeping jungle ideas. Influential
However, Navy divers are able to save Scotty and his heroics               Clive. Clive stars with Virginia Bruce and Beryl Mercer under                  Merchant Buldeo is bigoted against 'beasts' including Mowgli;
make him a hero. Retiring from the Navy as a Commander, he                 the direction of Christy Cabane in this quite rare; first filmed               not so Buldeo's pretty daughter, whom Mowgli takes on a
finds that, as a hero, he is in great demand. There are parades.           version – and as far as I can tell – the only original 16mm print              jungle tour where they find a treasure, setting the evil of human
speeches, endorsements, banquets and autographs galore. Even               to turn up.                                                                    greed in motion.
his marriage to his sweetheart Janet is headline news. Everyone            Jew Suss – double feature                                              1934/   Jungle Bride                                                        1933
wants a piece of Scotty. The only thing that Scotty does not have                                                                                 40
is his freedom and a life of his own.                                      Jigsaw                                                                 1949
Jungle Man                                                          1941   Killer Dill                                                          1947   Knock on Wood                                                        1954
Buster Crabbe and Charles (Ming) Middleton star in this PRC                Door-to-door salesman Johnny Dill, the exact double of a                    Jerry Morgan (Danny Kaye) is a ventriloquist who is having
epic; An expedition sets out to darkest Africa to find the fabled          notorious gangster, finds himself struck between the forces of              trouble with love: just when his relationship with a woman gets
City of the Dead, and must battle thick jungle, hostile natives,           good and evil.                                                              around to marriage, his dummy turns jealous and spoils
wild animals and a deadly epidemic.                                        Killers From Space                                                   1954   everything. Jerry's manager threatens to quit unless Jerry sees a
Just Like a Woman                                                   1939   Atomic scientist/pilot Doug Martin (Peter Graves) is missing                psychiatrist, Ilse Nordstrom (Zetterling), who tries to discover
a 1939 British comedy film directed by Paul L. Stein and                   after his plane crashes on an reconnaissance mission after a                the source of his problem. The two of them eventually fall in
starring Felix Aylmer, Jeanne De Casalis and Fred Emney.A                  nuclear test. Miraculously appearing unhurt at the base later, he           love. ~ At the same time, Jerry becomes unwittingly intertwined
group of private detectives working for a jeweller pursue a                is given sodium amethol, but authorities are skeptical of his               with spies and has to run from the police. In his escape, he finds
gang of thieves in Argentina.                                              story that he was captured by aliens determined to conquer the              himself impersonating a British car salesman, trying to
Kansas City Confidential                                            1952   Earth with giant monsters and insects. Martin vows to use                   demonstrate a new convertible with loads of bells and whistles.
Preston Foster, John Payne, Coleen Grey, Lee Van Cleef, Neville            existing technology to destroy them.                                        Later on, he finds himself on stage in the middle of the
Brand, Dona Drake and Jack Elam are featured in this exciting              Killing Game                                                         1968   performance of an exotic ballet.
crime drama. Payne is accused of a crime he didn't commit and              Jean-Pierre Cassel, Claudine Auger and Michel Duchaussoy star               Killer is Loose                                                      1956
goes to excessive measures to prove it.                                    in this Alain Jessua film. Cassel and Auger are cartoonists.                Killer Shrews                                                        1959
Kansas City Kitty                                                   1944   They meet a wealthy playboy who lives out the fantasies in                  Killer's Kiss                                                        1955
Kansas Pacific                                                      1953   their cartoons. He hires them to develop an new comic strip                 King Arthur Was A Gentleman                                          1942
directed by Ray Nazarro. It stars Sterling Hayden and Eve                  and as they do, he begins to live it out; unfortunately this one            King of Chinatown                                                    1939
Miller. The movie is western, offering a fictionalized account of          deals with murder. This uncommon foreign cult classic is                    King of the Newsboys                                                 1938
the struggle to build the Kansas Pacific Railway in the 1860s              offered                                                                     La Charrette Fantome (with subs)                                     1939
during the American Civil War. In the movie, the building of               King of the Zombies                                                  1941   La Fin Du Monde                                                      1931
railroad in Kansas is opposed by sympathizers of the                       During World War 2, a small plane off the south coast of                    La Joven (The Young One)                                              1960
Confederacy. General Winfield Scott sends a Corps of Engineers             America is low on fuel and blown off course by a storm. Guided              Laddie                                                               1940
Captain (Hayden) incognito to complete the railroad in order to            by a faint radio signal, they crashland on an island. The
                                                                                                                                                       Ladies Crave Excitement                                              1935
supply Western outposts when war is declared.                              passenger, his manservant and the pilot take refuge in a
                                                                                                                                                       Lady at Midnight                                                     1948
Keeper of the Bees                                                  1935   mansion owned by a doctor. The easily-spooked manservant
                                                                                                                                                       Lady Behave!                                                         1937
Kennel Murder Case                                                  1933   soon becomes convinced the mansion is haunted by zombies
                                                                                                                                                       A charming romantic comedy from the 1930s, Lady Behave! is a
Once again we have been able to locate a mint original print of a          and ghosts. Exploring, the 3 find a voodoo ritual in the cellar,
                                                                                                                                                       bubbly mess of love, relationships, and high society gossip.
classic. Here is the best of the Philo Vance mysteries (with               where the doctor is trying to acquire war intelligence by
                                                                                                                                                       Debonair millionaire Neil Hamilton has a bit too much to drink
William Powell), presented with unmatched picture and sound                transferring personalities into his zombies. But the interruption
                                                                                                                                                       at a fancy party and wakes up married! Hurrying to his lawyer,
quality.                                                                   causes the zombies to turn on their creator.
                                                                                                                                                       Hamilton seeks an immediate annulment for his drunken
Kenneth More - Man in the Moon                                      1960   Klondike                                                             1932
                                                                                                                                                       mistake. Much to his dismay, it turns out that his new bride,
Kentucky Blue Streak                                                1935   Dr. Robert Cromwell performs a delicate operation, that has
                                                                                                                                                       Patricia Farr, was already married! Hamilton fears for his
Typical, awful, horse racing flick directed by Bernard B. Ray,             never been done before, and the patient dies. Charged with
                                                                                                                                                       upstanding reputation, and to keep from being charged with
written by Rose Gordon and Edward O'Brien and stars Edward                 malpractice and manslaughter, his trial is national news but the
                                                                                                                                                       bigamy Farr's sister, the adorable Sally Eilers, offers to fill in
J. Nugent, Frank Coghlan Jr. and Patricia Scott                            jury acquits him. But the court of public opinion is still against
                                                                                                                                                       and live with Hamilton until the matter can be straightened out.
Kept Husbands                                                       1931   him, and the medical board is meeting to decide whether or not
                                                                                                                                                       This is when Lady Behave! gets out of hand: young Eilers is
Directed by Lloyd Bacon, this is a study of the 'kept' society             to take his medical license away from him. Before they do,
                                                                                                                                                       miserable juggling her sister, her pretend husband, her brother
husbands of rich shallow girls. The film stars Joel McCrea as a            Cromwell, an amateur pilot, decides to join his friend, WWI Ace
                                                                                                                                                       in law, and her pretend step children who are all a nightmare!
local hero and Dorothy Mackaill as the society girl (and                   Donald Evans, on a flight to Alaska looking for a shorter route
                                                                                                                                                       Lady Behave! enchants with flawed, yet loving people and the
daughter of McCrea's boss), the film also features Ned Sparks in           to Japan by following the Aleutian Islands. They crash in
                                                                                                                                                       misery they can cause one another.
a supporting role                                                          Alaska and Evans is killed, but Cromwell is rescued by a fur
                                                                                                                                                       Lady of Burlesque                                                    1943
Killer at Large                                                     1947   trapper named Tom Ross. He takes Cromwell to Armstrong's
                                                                                                                                                       Screen adaptation of Gypsy Rose Lee’s novel “G String
Killer Bait                                                         1949   Trading Post, where is is nursed back to health by Klondike, a
                                                                                                                                                       Murders, Barbara Stanwyck stars. After one member of their
The sultry Lizabeth Scott stars in this action packed mystery.             girl who works for Armstrong, and was engaged to marry
                                                                                                                                                       group is murdered, the performers at a burlesque house must
Rarely seen today, Scott appears near the close of her heyday in           Armstrong's son Jim. The latter is suffering from the same
                                                                                                                                                       work together to find out who the killer is before they strike
Hollywood, and is still dynamite                                           disease that Cromwell's last patient had. Mark talks Cromwell
                                                                           into performing the same operation.
Lady in the death house                                             1944   Last Mile                                                             1932    Leech Woman                                                            1960
Jean Parker, Lionel Atwill and Douglas Fowley star. A young                Based on the Auburn and Dannemora prison riots of 1929, this                  Coleen Gray, Grant Williams and Gloria Talbott star - When a
woman is on death row for the murder of a man who was                      story way first presented as a stage play with Spencer Tracy                  very old African woman offers an ambitious endocrinologist
blackmailing her family, although she claims she was framed.               then later; Clark Gable. This outstanding film stars Preston                  the secret of eternal youth, he decides to take his estranged and
Her fiance, a doctor who is conducting experiments on reviving             Foster, George E. Stone, Paul Fix and Edward Van Sloan. This                  no-longer-young-and-beautiful wife along with him on the
the dead, also happens to be the state's executioner, and is               was to be the only directorial credit for Sam Bischoff.                       safari. But then she finds out the true reason for their sudden
assigned to pull the switch when she is strapped into the                  Last Woman on Earth                                                   1960    reconciliation is so that she can serve as his guinea pig. Hell
electric chair. A famous criminologist, believing her to be                Eve; her husband, Harold; and their lawyer friend, Martin, are                hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially one with a stolen
innocent, rushes to investigate the case and clear her before her          skin-diving while on vacation in Puerto Rico. When they                       pineal gland tapper. But once you try Nipe, there's no going
execution date.                                                            resurface, they gradually conclude that an unexplained,                       back.
Lady Says No                                                        1952   temporary interruption of oxygen has killed everyone on the                   Legend of Blood Mountain                                               1965
A woman writes a best-selling book for women warning them                  island - maybe in the world!                                                  Filmed near Athens (Goergia) - A small-town newspaperman
about the "dangers" of men. A handsome photographer (David                 Late Extra                                                            1935    begins to suspect that a wave of murders committed in the area
Niven)for a national magazine arrives in her town to do a                  James Mason's first movie. Alastair Sim, Micheal Wilding (Liz                 may not be the work of a serial killer but a monster.
feature story on her. Complications ensue.                                 Taylor's 2nd) and Clifford McLaglen also star.                                Legend of the 7 golden Vampires                                        1974
laila (with subs)                                                   1929   Latin Love (AKA Greek Street or Neapolitan Nights)                    1930    Peter Cushing stars in this mess - Count Dracula journies to a
Landfall                                                            1949   AKA Greek Street and presented here under the title                           remote Chinese village in the guise of a warlord to support six
Rick (Michael Denison) is a costal command pilot patrolling the            Neapolitan Nights. A well done, and certainly pre-code,                       vampires who are dispirited after the loss of a seventh member
English Channel for U-Boats. He sinks what he believes is a                musical starring Sari Maritza as a cafe singer in Soho, with lover            of their cult. At the same time, vampire hunter Prof. Van
German submarine, but which later proves to be British. He is              William Freshman and suitor Martin Lewis both on hand. A                      Helsing happens to be lecturing in the country and is
charged with neglect and volunteers for a perilous mission.                fine depiction of 1930 London, and the scant attire of Maritza                persuaded by villagers to help them fight this curse of the ages.
Meanwhile, his girlfriend Mona (Patricia Plunkett), through                make this well worth the viewing.                                             Les Cousins                                                             1959
some odd information she has picked up, is trying to prove that            Laugh and Get Rich                                                    1931    Let's Have Fun                                                         1943
Rick is innocent of the charges and actually did sink a German             Laughing At Life                                                      1933    This Bert (Mad Russian) Gordon film was shelved and another
U-Boat.                                                                    Easter, a soldier of fortune and gunrunner, leaves his family                 film of the same title was released by Columbia the same year
Larceny On The Air                                                  1937   behind escaping from the authorities and an American                          (also with Gordon). Unseen for many years we are proud to
Robert Livingston, best remembered for his many westerns,                  detective named Mason. His globe hopping escape leads him                     present this Charles Barton comedy with Margaret Lindsay and
stars as a crusading radio doctor out to rid the country of                finally to South America, where he is hired to organize a band                John Beal
radium patent medications.                                                 of revolutionaries, unaware that they plan to eliminate him                   Let's Sing Again (Bobby Breen)                                         1936
Last Alarm                                                          1940   when his job is done. Here, also, he encounters his own son, on               Beautiful little musical drama with Henry Armetta turning in a
A veteran firefighter is forced to retire at age 65 by the Fire            track to waste his own life in pursuits similar to Easter's. Victor           sensitive performance as an opera star who's lost his voice and
Department. However, when one of his friends dies in a blaze               McLaglen, William Boyd, Lois Wilson, Henry B. Walthall, Regis                 now works in a traveling show. He adopts Bobby Breen (in his
set by a serial arsonist, the now retired fireman teams up with            Toomey, Ruth Hall, Noah Beery, J. Farrell MacDonald, Tully                    first film) and together they search out the boy's real father.
his daughter and her fiancé, who is an investigator for an                 Marshall and Henry Armetta star.                                              Letter (Jeanne Eagles)                                                 1929
insurance company, to hunt down and capture the arsonist.                  Law and Order                                                         1932    Letter of Introduction                                                 1938
Last Chance                                                         1945   Law Commands, The                                                     1937    An aging actor, trying to make a comeback on Broadway, is
Last Man on Earth                                                   1964   Night riders are terrorizing homesteaders, and the town doctor                surprised when his estranged daughter shows up. It seems that
First of three screen adaptations of Richard Matheson's I Am               tries to keep the locals from forming a vigilante group. After                she is an actress and is also trying to make it on Broadway. He
Legend. Dr. Robert Morgan is the only survivor of a devastating            more towns people are killed, however, the rest of the town                   tries to re-establish his relationship with her while also trying to
world-wide plague due to a mysterious immunity he acquired                 makes the doctor the town sheriff and tells him to clean up the               hide the fact that she is his daughter from the press. Adolphe
to the bacterium while working in Central America years ago.               gang.                                                                         Menjou, George Murphy, Edgar Bergen, Ann Sheridan and Eve
He is all alone now... or so it seems. As night falls, plague              Le Beau Serge                                                          1958   Arden star.
victims begin to leave their graves, part of a hellish undead              Leatherneck (William Boyd)                                            1929    Life at Stake (Angela Landsbury)                                       1954
army that''s thirsting for blood...his!                                                                                                                  An out-of-work architect meets a married woman who has a
                                                                                                                                                         business proposition for him. The architect begins to suspect the
                                                                                                                                                         woman's interest in him is not just financial and may actually
                                                                                                                                                         be deadly. Jane Darwell and Douglass Dumbrille also star.
Life of the Party                                                 1930   Little Princess                                                       1939   Long Shot, The                                                        1939
Broadway song-pluggers Flo and Dot, besieged with admirers,              When her father, Captain Crewe, goes off to fight in the Boer                The film begins with rich horse owner Harry Davenport losing
are fired; disgusted with men, they decide to become gold-               War, young Sara Crewe is placed into the care of Amanda                      yet another race. His horses just keep losing again and
diggers. After a first success in "taking" fashion retailer              Minchin, the head of an exclusive private school for girls. Sara             again...until he's broke and miserable. He releases his prize
LeMaire, they try the millionaires' playground of Havana,                lives a wonderful life of a privileged child and is quite happy in           horse into the wild AND fakes his own death. A bit later,
where mistaken identities bring their schemes to comic                   her surroundings. When her father is listed as missing in action             Gordon Jones is down and out after an injury and feeling sorry
confusion.    Winnie Lightner, Irene Delroy, Jack Whiting &              however, her life goes from one of plenty to that of a poor                  for himself. He moves in with a jockey friend (George E. Stone)
Charles Butterworth star                                                 house maid. Mrs. Minchin agrees to keep her on at the school,                and soon discovers the prize horse in a roundup of wild horses.
Life with Father                                                  1947   but in the absence of her tuition payments, she has to work for              He buys it for a pittance because he sees potential in the animal.
Turn of the century New York settings and the great William              her keep. She is soon cleaning out the fireplace and scrubbing               Soon, Marsha Hunt (Davenport's granddaughter) meets up
Powell make this screen adaptation of one of the longest                 floors and is dubbed the little princess by her former                       with old friend Jones (who, incidentally, was hurt saving her
running Broadway plays; a winner                                         schoolmates. She also refuses to accept that her father is dead              life) and they form a partnership--and plan to race their new
Light of the western stars (winning the west)                     1930   and prowls the hospitals in the hope of locating him. Luck - and             horse. Got all that? - well to sum it up - its a horse racing film.
Lil’ Abner                                                        1940   Royal intervention - assist her in her quest. Shirley Temple,                Looking Forward                                                       1933
Set in the mythical town of Dogpatch. Dogpatch has a serious             Richard Greene, Anita Louise, Ian Hunter, Cesar Romero,                      Depression Era story set in London has department store owner
unemployment problem. Men spend their days idling away                   Arthur Treacher and Beryl Mercer star.                                       (Lewis Stone) facing bankruptcy while his family fritters away
fishing, and the single women spend time scheming about how              Live Wire                                                             1935   money. A long-standing employee (Lionel Barrymore) gets
to catch their preferred single men come the next Sadie                  Richard Talmedge plays Dick Nelson a sailor who was once                     fired but finds new life in a home-based bakery. The owner's
Hawkins Day. Daisy Mae has her sights set on Li'l Abner, but             shipwrecked on a uncharted island. While stranded he found                   wife (Benita Hume) can't face life without money, so she runs
rival, Appasianata, has other plans. Remade as a musical in              an old vase which he brought back with him and sold at junk                  off with another man. The tables turn, however, when a last-
1959. In supporting roles are Buster Keaton, Edgar Kennedy               shop. A professor who finds the vase and knows what it is                    minute reprieve saves the store and a new relationship is forged
and Lucien Littlefield.                                                  looks up Nelson and asks him to take him to the island. Thrills,             between the men.
Lineup                                                            1958   chills and the right touch of comedy make this a breezy fast                 Looking On The Bright Side                                            1932
Little Giant                                                      1933   moving adventure. Where many cheap-o films of this time are                  Gracie Fields, in her first major hit film, plays a manicurist who
More ethnic slurs than you can shake a stick at! - Mary Astor            hurt by lack of music this one moves so fast you don't notice it.            falls for a song writing hairdresser. The hairdresser has a crush
stars.                                                                   London Belongs to Me                                                  1948   on some one else. A fine early musical released in the U.S. by
Little Men                                                        1940   London Melody                                                         1937   RKO.
Jo March (Kay Francis) and her husband Professor Bhaer                   Lone Rider in Cheyenne, The                                           1942   Lost in the Stratosphere                                              1934
operate the Plumfield School for poor boys. When Dan, a tough            In the 8th film of PRC's "Lone Rider" series, Smoky Moore is                 Two military pilots are close friends, and share in a lot of
street kid, comes to the school, he wins Jo's heart despite his          riding to Cheyenne to see his foster father, Sheriff Bill Hastings,          hazardous missions while engaging in a series of good-natured
hard edge, and she defends him when he is falsely accused.               whom he has not seen in fifteen years. Smoky catches town                    romantic rivalries. But when one of the pilots loses a girl he
Dan's foster father, Major Burdle (George Bancroft), is a                Mayor Dan Blodgett and Mort Saunders, head of the                            really cared for, he cannot forgive his friend. Soon afterwards,
swindler in cahoots with another crook called Willie the Fox             Cattleman's Association, robbing the bank at night. They get the             they must work together on their most dangerous mission yet.
(Jack Oakie). When the Plumfield School becomes in danger of             drop on him, and he is accused of the crime. He is rescued from              Lost Missile                                                          1958
foreclosure, the two con men cook up a scheme to save the                jail by his friends Tom (Lone Rider) Cameron and Fuzzy Jones                 Lost Zeppelin                                                         1930
home.                                                                    and weeks later, the trio returns disguised to prevent                       Ricardo Cortez stars in this adventure tale of explorers in the
Little Orphan Annie                                               1932   recognition, and begin a campaign to smash the crooked city                  Antarctic. Fine acting and (for 1930) great special effects
This first screen adaptation of the popular comic strip, was             administration.                                                              highlight this, which may be the best film to escape from
produced by David O. Selznick for RKO and starred Mitzi                  Lone Rider in Frontier Fury                                           1941   Tiffany.
Green as Annie. The plot was uncomplicated: Warbucks leaves              Lonely Wives                                                          1931   Loudspeaker, The                                                      1934
on business and Annie finds herself in the orphanage again. She          Long Memory                                                           1953   A young man from a small town hits New York City, bound
pals around with a little boy named Mickey and, when he is               long ride from hell (steve reeves)                                    1968   and determined to become a radio star. Amazingly, he achieves
adopted by a wealthy woman, she visits him in his new home.                                                                                           his ambition, but in the process alienates everyone around him
Warbucks returns and holds a Christmas party for all. The film                                                                                        with his arrogance and egomania.
opened on Christmas Eve 1932. Variety panned it and the New
York Daily News was "slightly disappointed" with the film,
thinking Green too "big and buxom" for the role
Love From A Stranger                                                   1937   Machine Gun Mama                                                    1944    Man Bait (The Last Page)                                           1952
Basil Rathbone, in what might well be his finest performance,                 Ollie and John are a long way from their home in Brooklyn                   Originally called "The Last Page" (since it took place in a book
stars in this Agatha Christie story of a young working girl (Ann              when their truck breaks down. When they run into a fair, they               store) - this outting stars George Brent, Marguerite Chapman
Harding) who wins the lottery and decides to tour Paris. While                decide to sell their only valuable possession. It's an elephant             and Raymond Huntley. The credits also read "and introducing
attempting to rent her flat in London she meets Rathbone who                  with the name Bunny, and Ollie has grown really attached to                 Diana Dors" (despite the face that she had been making films
turns up on her cross channel ship. Romance and marriage                      him. At the fair the 'ferocious' Nita Cordoba works and John                for more than 5 years. The married owner of a bookstore is
develop, as well as a fascinating a mystery. A rare classic                   falls in love with her, the feeling is mutual. Most employees of            attracted to his sexy blonde clerk. He finally gives in to
Love In The Rough - Charles Reisner's                                  1930   the fair are willing to buy Bunny, as the fair is in great                  temptation and makes a pass at her, but that only results in him
Love Island                                                            1952   commercial trouble and an elephant might just be the injection              getting enmeshed in blackmail and murder.
US-Navy pilot Lt. Richard Tabor crash-lands on a south Pacific                so barely needed. Owner Jose, however, has different ideas.                 Man From God's Country                                             1958
isle called Love Island in English. Richard befriends the                     He'd rather see the fair go down as that will be more beneficial            Man from Tangier                                                   1957
Balinese beauty Sarna. The bad and jealous Jaraka doesn't like                to him.                                                                     Man in the Attic                                                   1953
their friendship, so he has Sarna's father Aryuna arrested on a               Macumba Love                                                        1960    Man in the mirror                                                  1936
vague charge. Jaraka tells Aryuna that he only will be released               Mad Doctor                                                          1941    Man In The Shadow                                                   1957
when his daughter marries him.                                                Basil Rathbone, Ellen Drew and John Howard star; A crazed                   Man Inside                                                         1958
Lust of the Vampires                                                   1956   physician marries a wealthy women and, with the help of his                 Man of Affairs (His.Lordship)                                       1936
Earliest of the famed Mario Bova's epics. This is presented in                demented assistant, murders them for their money.                           Man of Aran                                                        1934
letter box format from an original 16mm scope print. It is                    Mad Doctor of Market Street                                         1942    Man of the Forest                                                  1933
offered under the title "The Devil's Commandandment".                         Mad Ghoul                                                           1943    Man of Two Worlds                                                  1934
Luxury Liner                                                           1933   Mad Magician                                                        1954    Man on the Eiffel Tower                                            1949
Lying Lips                                                             1939   Madonna of the 7 Moons                                              1946    Man Upstairs                                                       1958
A nightclub singer refuses to "date" customers, so she's framed               Mafioso                                                              1962   Man Who Cheated Himself                                            1950
for the murder of her aunt, convicted of the killing and sent to              Magic Fountain                                                      1961    Man Who Walked Alone.                                              1945
prison. However, her friend, who is a police detective, doesn't               This is the 77 min. version of John Lehmann's adaptation of the             Man With A Movie Camera                                            1929
believe she did it and sets out to prove her innocence.                       Grimm fairy tale. The voices of Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Hans               Man With Two Faces                                                 1953
M                                                                      1951   Conried enhance this film. The print opens in monochrome                    Not the Edward G. Robinson classic; in fact not even close. Tab
Same basic story as the German classic from 1931 - Someone is                 then fades into a strange sepia and blue.                                   Hunter stars as a man returning to his family and society from
murdering children in a German city. The Police search is so                  Magic Sword                                                         1962    prison. Unfortunately he has a split personality.
intense, it is disturbing the 'normal' criminals, and the local               Bert I. Gordon color fantasy with Gary Lockwood, Estelle                    Man with Two Lives                                                 1942
hoods decide to help find the murderer as quickly as possible -               Winwood and Basil Rathbone.
but "updated" for the 1950's US market. David Wayne, Howard                                                                                               Mandarin Mystery                                                   1936
                                                                              Magnet                                                              1950    Legendary detective Ellery Queen (played by Eddie Quillan)
DaSilva, Raymond Burr and Luther Adler star.                                  Magnetic Monster                                                    1953    sets out to solve a mystery involving an extremely valuable
M                                                                      1931   Malta Story                                                         1953    stamp. Charlotte Henry and Franklin Pangborn also star.
English language version of the Fritz Lang classic; Peter Lorre               Mambo                                                               1954
stars. Not seen since its original release - this version was made                                                                                        Manhattan Love Song                                                1934
                                                                              The film stars Silvana Mangano as Giovanna Masetti, a poor                  Manhattan Merry-go-round                                           1937
for distribution in the UK (where we discovered this 16mm                     Venetian who is admired by the crafty croupier Mario Rossi
print, in less than perfect condition, but quite watchable) - you                                                                                         Musical review held together with a slim gangsters-take-over-a-
                                                                              (Vittorio Gassman) and the rich count Enrico Marisoni (Michael              record-company plot. Leo Carrillo, Ann Dvorak, James Gleason,
know the story - Someone is murdering children in a German                    Rennie). Giovanna lives out a dream to become a dancer and
city. The Police search is so intense, it is disturbing the 'normal'                                                                                      Ted Lewis and His Orchestra, Cab Calloway and His Cotton
                                                                              moves to Rome. Returning 6 months later to the competing                    Club Orchestra, Joe DiMaggio, Henry Armetta, Smiley
criminals, and the local hoods decide to help find the murderer               affections of Mario and Enrico, resulting in a choice between the
as quickly as possible.                                                                                                                                   Burnette, Louis Prima and His Band and Gene Autry star.
                                                                              two and the dramatic finale. Shelly Winters and Eduardo                     Manhattan Tower                                                    1932
                                                                              Ciannelli also star.                                                        The lives of the residents of a Manhattan apartment building
German Language Version… Someone is murdering children in a                   Man Beast                                                           1956
German city. The Police search is so intense, it is disturbing the                                                                                        are intertwined with the actions of a crooked investor.
                                                                              One of the late Jerry Warren's better efforts. An expedition to             Maniac                                                             1963
'normal' criminals, and the local hoods decide to help find the               the Himalayas to find a lost man, turns to horror as the
murderer as quickly as possible. Fritz Lang's classic - English                                                                                           Manslaughter                                                       1922
                                                                              Abominable Snowman joins the group.
sub-titles -                                                                  Man From Frisco                                                     1944
Manster                                                              1962    Meet the Boyfriend                                                  1937    Midnight Manhunt                                                       1945
Japanese horror film, shot in English and starring Peter Dyneley             Robert Paige, Warren Hymer, Pert Kelton and Smiley Burnette                 A gangster is shot in his hotel room and manages to make his
as a reporter injected with split juice. He later discovers an eye           star in this Republic outing. Paige is the country's #1 Radio               way to a nearby wax museum, where he dies. A female reporter
has sprouted on his shoulder; he develops a second head then                 Crooner who's studio has a $300,000 anti-marriage insurance                 discovers the body and determines to break the case, but she
splits in two.                                                               policy on him.                                                              must maneuver around a rival reporter--who happens to be her
Marie Galante                                                        1934    Melody of the Plains                                                1937    boyfriend--who also wants to break the case and the killer
One of the greatest actors Hollywood ever produced was                       A Spectrum Studios western which starred David Sharpe and                   himself, who wants to find out where the body is.
Spencer Tracy. His years at Fox were marked with such classics               Fred Scott. Jed Buell produced and Sam Newfield directed this               Midnight Menace (AKA Bombs Over London)                                1937
as Power and the Glory and Dante's Inferno. In "Marie Galante"               story of cattle rustling in the old west.                                   Cabal of armament manufacturers conspire to wreck a peace
Tracy is caught up in a web of international intrigue with a plot            Men in Exile                                                        1937    conference and start a war for profit and personal reasons.
to destroy the Panama Canal (just as the American Fleet passes               Men of San Quentin                                                  1942    Standing in their way is a pair of newspaper reporters who
through). Ned Sparks is the seedy cafe' owner; the provocative               A crooked deputy warden at San Quentin Penitentiary tries to                stumble upon the plot when a fellow reporter is killed to
Helen Morgan his main attraction. What secrets did she pass to               frame a sergeant of the guards, Jack Holden, for the killing of a           prevent him telling all.
the Japanese shop owner? This 1934 Fox film is a don't miss                  guard and a prisoner during a jailbreak.                                    Midnight Phantom                                                       1935
classic.                                                                     Men Without Honor                                                   1939    A newly hired police chief vows to clean up a notoriously
Mariners of the Sky (AKA Navy Born)                                  1936    Mercy Island                                                         1941   corrupt police department. When he is murdered, investigators
Possessing only scant amounts of war propaganda, Mariners of                 A young man takes his wife and an old friend on what they                   find that there is no shortage of suspects, most of them being
the Sky is the touching story of a naval officer who adopts a boy            believe will be a relaxing fishing trip in the Florda Keys. What            fellow cops.
who is orphaned when his parents are tragically killed. The                  they don't know is that the husband is mentally unbalanced and              Midnight Story                                                         1957
officer, played by the affable William Gargan, takes good care               imagines his wife and friend are having an affair. His plans for            Midnight Warning                                                       1932
of the child, despite the low expectations of the child's                    them are interrupted when they come upon a man hiding out in                Millie                                                                 1931
surviving relatives. The film then becomes charmingly absurd,                the Keys, who is a doctor on the run from the law for a crime he            Helen Twelvetrees, Lilyan Tashman, Joan Blondell and Robert
because the child is kidnapped by a gangster who believes the                didn't commit!                                                              Ames star in this rare RKO feature. John Haliday is featured as
child is his. Angry and motivated, Gargan marshals the entire                Merrily We Live                                                     1938    a man after Twelvetrees' affection, when he is rejected his
US Navy to get back his little boy! An adventurous and warm                  Dizzy society matron Emily Kilbourne has a habit of hiring ex-              interest turns toward her 16 year old daughter.
film, Mariners of the Sky is as cute and cuddly as the Navy has              cons and hobos as servants. Her latest find is a handsome                   Million Dollar Mystery                                                 1927
ever been!                                                                   "tramp" who shows up at her doorstep and soon ends up in a                  Million Dollar Weekend                                                 1948
Marines are Coming                                                   1934    chauffeur's uniform. He also catches the eye of her pretty                  Nicholas Lawrence, a young stockbroker, embezzles a million
Matinee idol (capra)                                                 1928    Geraldine.                                                                  dollars worth of cash and stock, planning to flee to Shanghai.
McLintock (letterbox)                                                1963    Mesa of Lost Women                                                  1953    En route, he meets Cynthia Strong, who is fleeing Los Angeles
Medicine Man                                                          1930   A mad scientist named Arana is creating giant spiders and                   after the suspicious death of her husband. When a blackmailer
Meet Dr. Christian                                                   1939    dwarves in his lab on Zarpa Mesa in Mexico. He wants to create              tries to force her to pay him or he'll accuse her of murder, she
First in the RKO Dr. Christian series starring Gene Hersholt.                a master race of superwomen by injecting his female subjects                appeals to Nicholas for assistance. During a layover in
This adaptation of the CBS radio series finds the good Dr, out to            with spider venom.                                                          Honolulu, while Nicholas and Cynthia are eating dinner, the
get a hospital constructed, the town Mayor has different ideas.              Mexican Bus Ride                                                    1946    blackmailer steals the attaché case containing the stolen loot.
Meet John Doe                                                        1941    Written and directed by Luis Bunuel in Spanish with English                 Millions Like us                                                       1943
Classic Capra; Barbara Stanwyck is a newspaper reporter who                  subtitles.                                                                  Mimi                                                                    1935
invents Joe Doe the soul of America. She and editor James                    Miami.Expose                                                        1956    Mind Reader                                                            1933
Gleason hire Gary Cooper to act the part. Walter Brennan is                  Midnight At Madame Tussaud's                                        1936    Warren William’s stars - Chandler, a con-man, and his helper
Cooper's friend who doesn't like the 'goings on'; Edward                     One of George Pearson's last directorial efforts, this is the               Frank decide to create a clairvoyant act for the carny circuit, as a
Arnold is the man pulling the strings for his own gain, and the              familiar tale of a man who bets he can stay over night in a wax             little research reveals Americans spent $125 million on mind-
supporting cast includes Spring Byington, Gene Lockhart, Rod                 museum (with interiors actually shot at Madame Tussaud's).                  readers and astrology. The carny, renamed Chandra, falls for
LaRocque, Regis Toomey, Warren Hymer, J. Farrell MacDonald,                  The catch is that someone is out to kill him!                               one of his marks, Sylvia, but their love is tested when he brings
Billy Curtis, Harry Davenport, and Sterling Holloway.                        Midnight Court                                                      1937    tragedy to other peoples' lives and she asks him to go straight
Minstrel Man                                                         1944   Missing Lady (The Shadow)                                             1946   Moon Over Harlem                                                   1939
Rare little title showing a side of American entertainment that             Mistaken Heiress (aka Gigolette)                                      1935   An all black cast including Bud Harris and Cora Green is
will never be seen again. This Classy PRC musical features                  Gigolette (1935) (original title) Writers: Gordon Kahn (story),              featured in this high stepping, lively musical
Benny Fields as a minstrel performer who gives his daughter                 Gordon Kahn (screenplay) Stars: Adrienne Ames, Ralph                         Moonlight and Pretzels                                             1933
over to friends to raise after the death of his wife.                       Bellamy and Donald Cook Kay Parrish, a society girl, finds she               Moons Our Home                                                     1936
Miracle Kid, The                                                     1941   is penniless when her father dies. However she persuades Terry               Moonstone                                                          1934
A third-rate boxer who loses most of his fights suddenly finds              Gallagher to give her a hostess job at his New York City clip-               Monogram whodunit from the 30's, with dialogue and sound
himself knocking out almost every one of his opponents. His                 joint, which he operates on the theory that if the suckers want it           effects based on the well known mystery book with same title.
sleazy manager spreads the word that the fighter has "the evil              he'll give it to them, albeit he does apply some principles                  A valuable gem from India is stolen in an old dark mansion and
eye" and casts a spell on the men he's fighting. A female                   regarding the matter. A Broadway playboy, Greg Emerson, falls                it is up to Scotland Yard inspector Charles Irwin to find out
reporter sets out to find the truth.                                        in love with Kay and proposes but his high-society parents                   who did it among all the suspects who were in the house.
Miracle Man                                                          1932   object strongly. Terry. Although he also has fallen in love with             Morning Departure (AKA Operation Disaster)                         1950
A gang of crooks evade the police by moving their operations to             Kay and doesn't realize she feels the same about him, sets out to            AKA Operation Disaster - The crew of a submarine is trapped
a small town. There the gang's leader, John Madison,                        provide a happy ending for the couple.                                       on the sea floor when it sinks. How can they be rescued before
encounters a faith healer and uses him to scam the gullible                 Mistaken Identity                                                     1940   they run out of air? John Mills, Nigel Patrick, Richard
public of funds for a supposed chapel. But when a real healing              All black cast in a weird murder mystery of, guess what...                   Attenborough and Bernard Lee star.
takes place, a change comes over the gang. Sylvia Sidney,                   mistaken identity                                                            Moscow Nights                                                       1935
Chester Morris, Ned Sparks, Virginia Bruce Irving Pichel and                Money Madness                                                         1948   Most Dangerous Game                                                1932
Boris Karloff star in this remake of the lost Lon Chaney film.              Monolith Monsters                                                     1957   Transferred from an original print, this fine adventure film was
Miracle Rider (serial)                                               1935   Rocks from a meteor which grow when in contact with water                    made on the jungle sets of King Kong with Fay Wray and
Tom Mix (one of the pallbearers at Wyatt Earp's funeral) stars -            threaten a sleepy Southwestern desert community.                             Robert Armstrong.
In 1930s Texas, following the murder of his father, Tom Morgan              Monster from the Surf                                                 1965   Mother And Son                                                     1931
joins the Texas Rangers to avenge his father's death and to                 or is it The Beach Girls and the Monster? or The Invisible                   Mastered from a very rare original Monogram 16mm print, this
follow in his path as a proponent of Indian rights. His task as a           Terror? or Surf Terror? Writers: Joan Gardner (screenplay),                  was silent star Clara Kimball Young's second sound film. She
Ranger is to stop the evil Zaroff and his gang, who are                     Joan Gardner (story),Stars:Jon Hall, Sue Casey and Walker                    plays the owner of a gambling house, who must keep this a
smuggling the elements for a powerful explosive from a mine                 Edmiston Stars:Jon Hall, Sue Casey and Walker Edmiston. A                    secret from her son. A Melodrama of the first order.
on Indian land.                                                             young girl is killed at the beach in Malibu. Professor Otto                  Motive for Revenge                                                 1935
Misbehaving Husbands                                                 1940   Lindsay suspects that it is some form of mutated fish. However,              Bank teller Barry Webster is driven to stealing bank funds by
Mise Eire                                                            1959   his son Richard, who was a good friend of girl, thinks that it is a          his mother-in-law who continually nags him about forcing her
Miss London Ltd                                                      1943   madman who has a grudge against Richard and his friends.                     daughter Muriel to live in poverty. He is caught and sent to
Miss Lulu Bett                                                       1921   Soon the list of victims grows to include one of Rich's surfing              prison and, while there, the mother forces Muriel to divorce
Missile To The Moon                                                  1959   buddies, Rich's bitchy stepmother Vicky and his friend Mark                  him and marry a wealthy industrialist. After serving his term
A giant Spider, a race of rock men and those beautiful moon                 who was crippled in an auto accident.                                        and being released, the new husband catches Barry and Muriel
women help make this awful nonsense fun.                                    Monster Maker                                                         1944   together. A shot is heard, the husband is killed and Barry and
Missing Corpse, The                                                  1945   J. Carrol Naish, Glenn Strange and Ralph Morgan star in this                 Muriel are accused of the murder.
a comedic melodrama that successfully incorporates both                     sinister horror flick. Dr. Naish gives Morgan a disease that only            Motorcycle Gang                                                    1957
verbal and visual humour, along with a dollop of suspense, in               Naish is able to cure. He hopes to cure Morgan so as to marry                A troublemaker returns to town only to find his old tearaway
creating a picture notable for its rare featured performance by             his daughter.                                                                pals have joined a supervised motorcycle club. Friction erupts
veteran supporting actor J. Edward Bromberg, skillful direction,            Monster Of Piedras Blancas                                            1957   between him and the new leader about this goody-goody setup,
and especially effective scoring, in addition to a clever scenario          Les Tremayne stars in this off beat creature movie. A Light                  and about the charms of gang moll Terry.
that benefits from perfect pacing to smoothly advance the                   house keeper leaves food for a head ripping, blood sucking                   Mr Moto's Last warning                                             1939
action.                                                                     crustacean.                                                                  Moto thwarts a ruthless band of international agents who try to
Missing Guest                                                        1938   Monster Walks                                                         1932   foment an international incident by mining the entrance to the
One of the guests at an old mansion disappears from his room.               Familiar re-working of the Cat and the Canary type of old dark               Suez Canal and blaming the British. Peter Lorre, Ricardo Cortez
The other guests search the house for him, but he appears to                house mystery. This one stars Rex Lease, Vera Reynolds                       and George Sanders star.
have vanished into thin air.                                                Sheldon Lewis and Mischa Auer.
Missing Juror                                                        1944
Mr. Boggs Steps Out                                                   1938   Murder at Midnight                                                  1931   Murder on Campus                                                     1934
Oliver Boggs, a typical office drone, with no success in sight,              Writers: Scott Darling (dialogue), Scott Darling (story) ..Stars:          A well above average Chesterfield mystery staring Charles
who can spout statistics about anything and everything, wins                 Aileen Pringle, Alice White and Hale Hamilton. Wealthy Mr.                 Starrett, Edward Van Sloan, Shirley Grey and J. Farrell
$1500 in a bean-guessing contest at the movie theatre, quits his             Kennedy shoots his secretary, Channing, during a parlor game,              MacDonald.
job and sets forth for the seedy, down-at-the-heels town of                  but it turns out the gun was loaded with real bullets. Luckily,            Murder on Lenox Avenue (black cast)                                  1941
Peckham Falls. There he buys a barrel factory and falls in love              criminologist Phillip Montrose is on hand to help the police.              Featuring an all-black cast - Dramatic events in a Harlem
with Irene Lee, the snobbish niece of crusty old Morton Ross,                When Kennedy quickly ends up dead as well, the police think                apartment house center around Pa Wilkins, chosen by the Better
the town's only rich man and owner of the closed canneries.                  it's a tidy murder-suicide, but the family lawyer knows of a               Business League to replace their ousted, crooked leader
Oleander Tubbs and her inventor father Angus, who sold                       letter that voiced Kennedy's suspicions about someone who                  Marshall...who wants revenge; and Pa's ward Jim Bracton, a
Oliver the factory, tell him it has no future but he disagrees and           was out to get him. Soon, the cops are on the trail of a ruthless          two-timing Romeo whose affairs are coming to a crisis. And
says he will have everything booming again. Oleander thinks                  and clever killer who is one step ahead of even Montrose                   hanging around is Marshall's murderous junkie henchman,
he is daffy but she and her father agree to help him. Angus                  Murder at the Vanities                                              1934   Lomax.
invents a collapsible barrel and Oliver, seeing fame and fortune             A homicide detective with an eye for the ladies investigating a            Murder on the High Seas                                              1932
just ahead, spends all of his money just keeping the factory                 murder in Earl Carroll's Vanities allows the music review to               This is really the 1949 re-release title for Love Bound, Robert F.
going. Oliver persuades old man Ross to re-open the canneries                continue during the investigation.                                         Hill was the director with the stars Natalie Moorehead, Alice
and to use the ground-breaking barrels and things appear to be               Murder by Television                                                1935   Day, Jack Mulhall, Montagu Love and Clara Kimball Young. A
going okay.                                                                  Lugosi stars in a dual role with June Collyer, George Meeker               lurid tale of extortion and murder.
Mr. Reckless                                                          1948   and Hattie McDaniel. Here a scientist is killed during an                  Murder with Music (black cast)                                       1941
Returning to his hometown after a long absence, oil-well digger              experimental television broadcast. While the BBC was just                  Murder with pictures                                                 1936
William Eythe discovers that his sweetheart has gotten engaged               gearing up for regular TV broadcasts, and RCA was to begin                 Murder Without Crime                                                 1950
to an older suitor. In an attempt to win back his lost love, Eythe           daily broadcast in April of 1939, this film was still seen as              A top-flight noir from the U.K. Dennis Price is a down on his
decides to impress her with a series of daredevil oil-field stunts.          futuristic. Television, however, had been cropping up in films             luck aristocrat forced to rent out rooms to maintain his former
Mr. Robinson Crusoe                                                   1932   since the 1920's (note Barrymore's 13th Hour).                             lifestyle.
Doug Fairbanks Sr. produced and stared in this little comedy                 Murder By The Clock                                                 1931   Murder.At.Glen.Athol                                                 1932
for the studio he, wife Mary Pickford, D.W.Griffith and Charlie              This is a rare chance to see Lilyan Tashman in a leading role,             Mutiny in the Big House                                              1939
Chaplin had formed: United Artists.                                          and she is spot on as a woman who wants wealth and comfort                 Writers: Martin Mooney, Robert Hardy Andrews -. Starring
Mr. Wong, Detective                                                   1938   by any means possible and sees her ability to manipulate men               Charles Bickford, Barton MacLane and Pat Moriarity - A young
Karloff in his first outing as the oriental detective; Monogram's            to do her bidding as key to her plan. The opening scene is set in          man forges a check in order to help his mother, but is caught
answer to Charlie Chan.                                                      a foggy graveyard with a group of mourners gathered around a               and sentenced to 14 years in prison. The prison chaplain, seeing
Mummy's Revenge                                                       1973   grave. Next old Mrs. Endicott enters the scene with her maid               that the new arrival is a good man, his cellmate, a hardened
La venganza de la momia (original title) Paul Naschy has a                   and son to visit the family crypt. However, honoring the dead is           con, sees the chaplain's interest in the young convict as
duel role as Amenhotep/Assad Bey, an ancient egyptian                        not her purpose, instead she is there to insure that her own               something he can use in his planned jailbreak.
mummified Pharaoh, and the high priest who brought him                       crypt is in working order. Mrs. Endicott has a fear of being               My Dog Shep                                                          1948
back to life. In order For Amenhotep to achieve immortality,                 buried alive and has a creepy sounding horn installed in her               Lannie Rees, Tom (Barbara Payton) Neal and Flame the movie
Assad Bey has to kidnap nubile young virgins in Victorian                    own vault so that if she is erroneously interred she can sound             dog star in this Ford Beebe film.
London for blood sacrifices. Writer: Paul Naschy, Stars: Paul                the alarm and be rescued. Thus she likes to try it out from time           My Favorite Brunette                                                 1947
Naschy, Jack Taylor and María Silva                                          to time to see if it still works.                                          Without a doubt Bob Hope's best non-Road picture (though he
Murder AT 3AM                                                         1953   Murder In Harlem                                                    1935   gets just a touch of help from Crosby even here). Lon Chaney
Dennis Price stars as a police detective who suspects that his               Murder in the Museum                                                1934   Jr, Peter Lorre, Dorothy Lamour, John Hoyt and Alan Ladd are
sister's boyfriend is a murderer.                                            Neat little film – but made from a fairly poor 16mm dupe.                  on hand as well in this stand out comedy mystery.
Murder AT 45 RPM                                                      1960   Murder In The Red Barn                                              1935   My Gun is Quick (Mike Hammer)                                        1957
                                                                             Murder Is My Beat (Edgar G. Ulmer)                                  1955
                                                                             Murder is News                                                      1937
                                                                             Canadian / American film directed by Leon Barsha.
                                                                             Murder On Approval                                                  1955
My Irish Molly                                                       1938   Mysterious Mr. Wong                                                  1935    New Orleans Uncensored                                                1955
Presented under the title, My Irish Sweetheart and features 18              Bela Lugosi & Wallace Ford In New York's Chinatown, a                        made on location in New Orleans is the "true" story of one
year o;d Maureen O'Hara in what she feels is her first film -               Mandarin (Lugosi) will stop at nothing to obtain the 12 coins of             man's battle with the mob. Arthur Franz plays a just discharged
though she did have a line of dialogue in one film before this.             Confucius. This was mastered from an rare original 16mm                      navy man who ends up in New Orleans looking for work. He
"Laughton arranged for me to make my first picture, a low                   print, with all original Monogram opening and closings                       hits the docks looking for a job as a longshoreman. It does not
budget musical called My Irish Molly. It's the only picture that I          (64min).                                                                     take long before he becomes involved in the seamy side of dock
made under my real name, Maureen FitzSimons. I was to play a                Mystery Man                                                          1935    life. Kick-backs to the union bosses, stolen cargo, or as they say,
young woman named Eiléen O'Shea who helps rescue a little                   Mystery of the 13th Guest                                            1943    "misplaced" cargo, and even murder. When a friend is killed off
orphan named Molly. Laughton wanted me to become more                       Naked Truth                                                          1957    for rocking the boat, Franz decides to get some pay back. He
comfortable with both being on a movie set and being in front               Nancy Drew, Reporter                                                 1939    tells the police he will go undercover and get the goods on the
of the camera." She would make her nxt two films with the                   Napoleon                                                             1955    mob boss, Michael Ansara. Ansara plays the mobster with the
great man; Jamaica Inn and Hunchback of Notre Dame (she                     Narcotics Story                                                      1958    unlikely name of Floyd "Zero" Saxon. When Ansara catches
would make one more; "How Green was my Valley").                            Nation Aflame                                                        1937    wind of the police investigation he decides to bump off Franz.
My Love for Yours (AKA Honeymoon in Bali)                            1939   Frank Sandino (Noel Madison), a slick confidence man, and his                There is a dockside chase and a blazing gun battle before all is
Bill Burnett, a resident of Bali, visits New York City, meets and           henchmen are about to be run out of town on a fake real estate               put right and Ansara is disposed of. There is some great back
falls in love with Gail Allen, the successful manager of a Fifth            scheme, but his smooth talk soon has the locals in a buying                  and forth between Franz and Beverly Garland who plays the
Avenue shop, who is determined to remain free and                           frenzy. Sandino and Roland Adams (Harry Holman), front man                   mobster's girl. While Garland and Franz are doing a little couch
independent. Bill proposes, Gail declines and Bill goes home to             for Sandino, form an Avenging Angels league to rid America of                wrestling she says,"Be sure not the skid on the curves!"
Bali. But a young girl, Rosie, and Tony the Window Cleaner,                 foreigners, and plan to make a fortune selling robes to the                  Niagara Falls                                                         1941
who dispels advice on every floor, soon have Gail thinking                  members. Sandino decides to adopt the name of Sands for this                 Night Alarm                                                           1934
maybe she was a bit hasty with her no to Bill's proposal. Ere               escapade. They return to a town in which Adams was once the                  A reporter itching to get off the boring gardening "beat" gets a
long she discovers that she does love Bill and can't live without           mayor, and find that Adams' daughter, Wynne (Norma                           chance to investigate a series of arson fires that have been
him. She goes down to Bali to give him the good news. He                    Trelvar), is busy entertaining a host of friends at a party she is           plaguing the city. He believes the fires are tied into a web of
learns that he is soon to marry Noel Van Ness. She goes back to             giving for her fiancee District Attorney Bob Sherman (Arthur                 political corruption involving a wealthy businessman, the
New York City.                                                              Singley.) -These stinkers were never short on plot.                          mayor and the police chief. Complicatins ensue when the girl
My Son The Vampire                                                   1952   Navy Way, The                                                        1944    assigned to help him turns out to be the businessman's
It took seven years to bring Old Mother Reilly Meets The                    The experiences of a disparate group of young men as they                    daughter.
Vampire to this country, and its easy to see why, This was the              make their way through Navy boot camp.                                       Night Beat                                                            1931
last and weakest of the series worth seeing only for Bela Lugosi            Nazarin                                                               1959   Night Boat to Dublin                                                  1946
(who under stood the title was to be Vampire Over London).                  New Adventures of Tarzan                                             1935    Written and planned before the War actually ended. There is
My.Learned.Friend.                                                   1943   The Green Goddess is a totem worshiped by the primitive                      still a ring of Nazi agents at work in this film, but the War is
Mystery Liner                                                        1934   natives of a lost city deep in the jungles of Guatemala, which               now over and the Nazis have become an international
Noah Beery stars as Captain Holling, relieved of command of                 contains both a fortune in jewels and an ancient formula for a               organisation trying to steal the secrets of the atomic bomb and
his ship after he suffers a nervous breakdown. His replacement,             super-explosive which could threaten the world in the wrong                  sell them to other hostile powers or organisations. Robert
Captain Downey, takes over the liner just as it is about to be              hands. From Africa, Major Martling launches an expedition to                 Newton stars (between cocktails and bar fights). Herbert Lom
used for an experiment in remote control. Professor Grimson                 find the Goddess and place its secret in safe hands. So does Ula             and Marius Goring are featured players in the cast as well.
has devised a system for controlling the ship from a laboratory             Vale, whose fiancé died attempting a similar expedition, despite             Night Editor                                                          1946
on land. But as Grimson demonstrates the system and the                     the warnings of her lawyer Hiram Powers, who secretly wants                  Night Life In Reno                                                    1931
special component that makes it work, a rival group is listening            the Goddess' contents for himself and has dispatched Raglan, a               A story of love, humor and drama against the background of
in, hoping to use the device for its own purposes. Shortly after            mercenary, to get it for him. Aboard ship to Guatemala, they                 America's "Biggest Little City." An (interrupted) indiscretion by
the demonstration, the professor is attacked and fatally injured.           meet Lord Greystoke - aka Tarzan - on his way to the same                    John Wyatt with a floozy prompts his wife, June, to make a trip
Major Pope comes on board to investigate the attack, and he                 locale to find his old friend d'Arnot, whose plane reportedly                to Reno, Nevada in order to get a quickie six-week-waiting-
decides to come along on the planned trip. Soon the ship is full            crashed near the lost city.                                                  period divorce. John, penitent over his past actions (since he got
of passengers and crew--and at least two of the ship's occupants            New Babylon                                                          1929    caught), follows his wife to Reno and manages a reconciliation
are really enemy agents.                                                    New Faces (of 1952)                                                   1954   after a murder gives him a chance to prove his true devotion
                                                                                                                                                         Night Life of the gods                                                1935
Night of June 13th                                                    1932   Nine Girls                                                          1944    Obsession – (Robert Newton)                                            1949
Elna Curry, once a concert pianist, develops an unfounded                    Ann Harding, Evelyn Keyes, Anita Louise, Leslie Brooks, Nina                October Man                                                            1947
jealousy of neighbor, Trudie Morrow. Elna who suffers from                   Foch and William Demarest star. One of the members of a                     Odd Man Out                                                            1947
neurasthenia, believes that Trudie is having an affair with her              sorority is found murdered. Although the police are called in to            A wounded Irish nationalist leader attempts to evade police
husband, John, and vows revenge on Trudie. John explains to                  investigate, fellow sorority girl Mary O'Ryan decides to do                 following a failed robbery. Action takes place in Belfast,
Trudie Elna's condition and plan. Trudie, being good-hearted                 some sleuthing on her own to unmask the killer.                             Northern Ireland. Carol Reed directs James Mason and the
tells John that she'll move. One evening, John returns late from             No Escape                                                           1953    volitile Robert Newton.
work to discover Elna dead. John burns Elna's suicide note to                No Hands on the Clock                                               1941    Of Human Bondage                                                       1934
protect Trudie. This results in John being charged for murder                No Man's Range                                                      1935    Leslie Howard and Bette Davis were to make three films
and put on trial. Clive Brook, Frances Dee, Charles Ruggles,                 No No Nanette                                                       1940    together at Warners, but this RKO outing is almost completely
Gene Raymond, Lila Lee & Mary Boland star.                                   Anne Neagle, Victor Mature, Richard Carlson, Roland Young,                  overlooked, despite the fact that it is by far the best film version
Night of Passion                                                      1960   Zazu Pitts, Eve Arden, Billy Gilbert and Keye Luke star in the              of Maugham's classic tragedy. Only one original print of this
Mike, the co-pilot of a US, England-based World War II                       second of three filmed versions of the 1925 Broadway musical.               film is known to exist (in the collection of Bette Davis), our
bomber, is injured aboard. Although an almost complete                       This was RKO's big Christmas release of 1940, and has been                  16mm is a reduction from that print.
recovery is likely, the loss of his 'manhood' drives him to                  unseen for nearly 35 years                                                  Oil Raider                                                             1934
suicide. For Mike's skipper, captain David, a gentle, well-                  No Room at the Inn                                                  1948    Old Barn Dance                                                         1938
educated Pittsburgh virgin, this seems a wake up-call that he                No trees in the street                                              1959    Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette team up with Dick Weston
must start his sexual life. After a ghastly failure with one on the          A young mugger is caught, knife in hand, by a local off duty                (later Roy Rogers) in this Republic western. The studio signed
airbase's women, David goes AWOL. The he bumps into even                     policeman who drags him home and gives him a lecture about a                Rogers to replace Autry, who left after this film.
shyer, charming English barmaid Jean. She not only hides him                 kid just like him that he knew some years earlier. The film is              Old Curiosity Shoppe                                                   1934
from the MP's, but falls in love with the handsome officer even              then told as one big flashback, before it was so bloody common              Dickens’s comes to life - An elderly shop-keeper and his grand-
more desperately.                                                            to to do so. Directed by J. Lee Thompson, written by Ted Willis             daughter are threatened by the rich, mean-spirited dwarf Quilp,
Night of the Big Heat                                                 1971   and staring Sylvia Syms, Herbert Lom and Melvyn Hayes.                      and decide to flee across England to escape him. They are
Very rare under this, its original British release title, this               Nobodys Children                                                     1952   pursued both by Quilp and by the shop-keeper's long-lost
effective horror film is better known as the Island of the                   Non Stop New York                                                   1937    brother, who wants to find them for a different reason.
Burning Damned. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee star                       Anna Lee and John Loder star in this complex and fascinating                Oliver Twist                                                           1933
Night of the Blood Beast                                              1958   mystery which uses a trans-Atlantic air plane ride in the                   First sound remake of the Chaney classic, interesting for Pichel's
With just a hint of the creeping unknown; An astronaut returns               climactic escape from England (three years before such flights              performance as Fagin.
from space dead. The base that recovered him is then cut off                 existed).                                                                   On Our Merry Way                                                       1948
from the outside world by an alien. The revival of the dead                  North West Frontier                                                 1959    (with Laughton and Lamor segments)
astronaut, the death of a scientist, and the discovery of alien              Not of this earth                                                   1957    On The Spot                                                            1940
embryos inside the resurrected astronaut's body bodes ill for                Nothing Sacred                                                      1937    One Exciting Night (Vera Lynn)                                         1944
the survival of those trapped at the base and the rest of                    The ultimate screw-ball comedy. Frederic March and Carole                   One Frightened Night                                                   1935
humanity.                                                                    Lombard star along with Walter Connolly, Sig Rumann,                        In this film Charley Grapewin has the lead role as Jasper Whyte,
Night Tide                                                            1963   Charles Winninger, Hedda Hopper, Hattie McDaniel and                        a crotchety head of a family, who are planning how to spend
Moody but well done adaptation of Cat People, both in style                  Margaret Hamilton. Wellman's direction, Oscar Levant's music                his money before he is dead. Jasper has a surprising
and story line. Dennis Hopper falls for Linda Lawson who                     and Ben Hecht's script all help make Selznick's production a                announcement - he is going to give each of his relatives a $1
believes she is descended from a long line of sea devils. She is             knock out.                                                                  million before he dies! But if his granddaughter can be found, it
aided in her beliefs by Gavin Muir.                                          Nowhere to Go                                                       1958    all goes to her!!!
Night was our Friend                                                  1951   Nude Vampire                                                         1970   One Girl's Confession                                                  1953
Nightfall                                                             1957   Nurse Edith Cavell                                                  1939    Orphans of the Pecos                                                   1937
Nightmare Castle                                                      1964   Nut Farm                                                            1935    Shortly after Brand kills Gelbert, Tom Rayburn arrives on the
Barbara Steele stars - A sadistic count tortures and murders his             Wallace Ford plays an aspiring actor. His sister and her                    scene and is accused of the murder. Escaping, he goes after Doc
unfaithful wife and her lover, then removes their hearts from                husband move out to LA to buy a nut farm and the wife gets                  Mathews, the man that can prove his innocence. Brand is also
their bodies. Years later, the count remarries and the new wife              hooked up with some phoney movie people. They fool her and                  after Mathews and intends to keep him from testifying. But
experiences nightmares and hauntings. The ghosts of the slain                the husband into giving them the farm money to make a movie                 Mathews is a ventriloquist and this will lead to Brand's
return to exact their bloody revenge, until their hearts are                 with the wife. It's up to Wallace to try to get their money back.           downfall. Got it?
One of Our Aircraft is Missing                                        1942   Outer Gate                                                          1937    Painted Dessert                                                      1931
During the Allied Bombing offensive of World War II the public               Ralph Morgan and Ben Alexander star (yes - star) Bob Terry is               William Boyd, Helen Twelvetrees, William Farnum, J. Farrell
was often informed that "A raid took place last night over ...,              in love with Lois Borden the daughter of his employer, John                 MacDonald and Clark Gable star - Western pardners Jeff and
One (or often more) of Our Aircraft Is Missing". Behind these                Borden. When some bonds are missing from the office, Bob is                 Cash find a baby boy in an otherwise deserted emigrants' camp,
sombre words hid tales of death, destruction and derring-do.                 accused and because of Borden's strong sense of obligation to               and clash over which is to be "father." They are still bitterly
This is the story of one such bomber crew who were shot down                 his stockholders, Bob is railroaded to prison. A few years later,           feuding years later when they own adjacent ranches. Bill, the
and the brave Dutch patriots who helped them home. Look for                  the real thief is apprehended and Bob is released. He now                   foundling whom Cash has raised to young manhood, wants to
Peter Ustinov in his first film.                                             begins his plan for revenge against Borden with the aid of his              end the feud and extends an olive branch toward Jeff, who now
One Romantic Night                                                    1930   prison cell mate Todd and a gangster, John Carmody. Soon,                   has a lovely daughter. But during a mining venture, the
Filmed in 1925 and again in 1956 as "The Swan". Princess                     some bonds are missing again and Borden knows Bob is                        bitterness escalates.
Beatrice's days of enjoying the regal life are numbered unless               involved but because Bob has suffered at his hands before,                  Paradise Isle                                                        1937
her only daughter, Princess Alexandra, makes a good                          Borden assumes the responsibility and is about to be sentenced              Love is different on Paradise Isle...where a woman pledges her
impression on a distant cousin when he pays a surprise visit to              to prison. Todd is shot while trying to steal the bonds back from           life for the man she loves! Come to the South Seas for a thrilling
their palace. Prince Albert has searched all over Europe for a               Carmody, but gets the bonds back to Bob and, before he dies,                lesson in love!
bride and he's bored by the whole courtship routine. He is more              begs Bob to return them to the owner.                                       Paris Underground                                                    1945
interested in the estate's dairy than Alexandra's rose garden.               Outlaw                                                              1942    Park Row                                                              1952
And then he starts playing football with the tutor and                       Here we offer the uncut United Artists release. Howard                      Parlor Bedroom and Bath                                              1931
Alexandra's brothers. Invite the tutor to the ball that night and            Hughes later bought this film from himself (when he took                    Buster Keaton, and his house, star - Jeff wants to get married to
watch how gracefully Alexandra dances with him. Lillian Gish,                charge of RKO) and had it re-released at 104 then 93min.                    Virginia, but Virginia won't marry until her older, hard-to-
Rod La Rocque, Marie Dressler and Conrad Nagel star.                         Walter Huston, Thomas Mitchell and Jane Russell's bust are                  please sister Angelica gets married off first.
One Way Ticket to Hell (AKA Teenage Devil Dolls)                      1955   always fun to see, but Jack Beutel is not. Not a good film by               Parole Inc                                                           1948
Cassandra falls in with the wrong crowd in high school. Her                  any means, or at any length - but a fun cult classic.                       A classic B cast including Michael O'Shea, Turhan Bey, Lyle
home life is not great, and she turns to a group of delinquent               Outlaw Woman                                                        1952    Talbot and Evelyn Ankers. When several notorious criminals
bikers to help escape. Before long she's doing drugs and failing             Outlaws' Paradise                                                   1939    are unjustifiably released on parole, the Federal Government
her classes until she has no chance of getting in to college. She            Y.A.T.M.B.W. (Yet another Tim McCoy B-Western) - Gang                       smells a rat and sends ace agent Richard Hendricks to
marries her clueless high school sweetheart Johnny, but soon                 leader Trigger Mallory is about to be released from prison.                 investigate. Hendricks infiltrates the gang, responsible for the
grows desperate for more drugs and falls into her old habits.                When Bill Carson notices the resemblance, he gets the Warden                parole racket by posing as a much-wanted convict Rick Carson.
The police try to help her out of her dilemma and take action                to hold Mallory and he assumes his identity. He fools both the              However, the wily Barney Rodescu, who is the brain behind the
against the increasing drug traffic, but have only mixed results             gang and Trigger's girlfriend Jessie as he sets them up to be               racket, soon finds out Carson's true identity. Carson's life is
in both pursuits. - Anne Francis's First husband, Bamlet                     captured. But Trigger escapes from prison and returns to                    now in grave danger.
Lawrence Price Jr. was a former UCLA student who was                         expose the hoax and Bill is made a prisoner.                                Party Girl                                                           1930
working on this film project (One Way Ticket to Hell). As part               Outlaw's Son                                                        1957    Jay Rountree, son of a wealthy manufacturer and young, rising
of their divorce settlement, he repaid her the $4,000 he                     aka "Gambling Man" and "His Father's Son". Dane Clark is the                businessman, gets caught up in a web involving an escort
borrowed for this film.                                                      outlaw - Ellen Drew and Eddie Foy III are also on hand. Clark's             service or 'party girls.' While eluding the wily Diana Holster,
Our Daily Bread                                                       1934   sister implicates him in the murder of the sheriff (a crime she             the self-proclaimed Queen of the Party Girls, he manages to get
Writers: King Vidor (story), Elizabeth Hill (scenario) - Stars:              knows he did not commit) - his son grows up to be an outlaw,                trapped in a web spun by Leeda Cather and her supposed
Karen Morley, Tom Keene and Barbara Pepper. John and Mary                    only to be saved by dad in the end.                                         mother and, much to his consternation and to the surprise of his
are city-dwellers hit hard by the financial fist of The Depression.          Oval Portrait                                                       1934    fiancée, Jay soon finds himself an unhappily married man. And,
Driven by bravery (and sheer desperation) they flee to the                   Overland Stage Raiders                                              1938    as events would show, Diana isn't all that happy, herself.
country and, with the help of other workers, set up a farming                Paid to Kill                                                        1954    Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Jeanette Loff and Judith Barrie star.
community - a socialist mini-society based upon the teachings                Panic in the Streets                                                 1950   Party Wire                                                           1935
of Edward Gallafent. The newborn community suffers many                      Panther's Claw, The                                                 1942    When the daughter of the town's leading citizen and a local
hardships - drought, vicious raccoons and the long arm of the                What was the meaning of the fateful claw-prints that meant                  dairyman have a romance,and the man makes a sudden-and-
law - but ultimately pull together to reach a bread-based                    death to the receiver? IT'S SPINE-CHILLING!                                 unexplained trip out of town, the local gossips, employing the
Utopia.                                                                      Paradise In Harlem                                                  1939    small-town's shared telephone lines, start a malicious gossip
Outcasts of the City                                                  1958   Frank Wilson, Mamie Smith, Juanita (Bloody Mary) Hall and                   campaign discussing the assumed-but-incorrect reason.
Another title from the Larry J. Blake cannon - Robert Hutton                 Edna Mae Harris star in this all black musical
also stars "Their past forgotten, living only for today!"
Passing of the third floor back                                     1935    Passport To Pimlico                                                   1946    Pennies From Heaven                                                 1936
In a London boarding house, a number of lives exist                         It seems the residents of Pimlico, England have declared their                Larry Poole (Bing Crosby), in prison on a false charge, promise
precariously on the edge of disaster or despair. Stasia, the                community a separate country. Great fun in the post war effort                an inmate that when he gets out he will look up and help out a
housemaid, hungers for happiness but is treated like a drudge               that shows the adjustments that were being made to peace.                     family. The family turns out to be a young girl, Patsy Smith
and constantly threatened with a return to the punishments of               Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus                                        1938    (Edith Fellows), and her elderly grandfather (Donald Meek)
her youth. Vivian, a beautiful young girl, loves the architect              A variation/adaptation of the George W. Peck stories originally               who need lots of help. This delays Larry from following his
Chris, but must marry the repugnant Mr. Wright in order to                  published in the 1880s, was brought up to date with few                       dream and going to Venice and becoming a gondolier. Instead
erase her parents' debts. Miss Kite derides all around her out of           alterations. While "Peck's Bad Boy" might have been simply a                  he becomes a street singer and, while singing in the street,
fear of aging and loss of beauty, while her friend Mr. Larkcom              little boy never allowed to grow up as with the long running                  meets a pretty welfare worker, Susan Sprague (Madge Evans).
sells mediocre phonograph records though he'd secretly love to              comic strip character of "Dennis the Menace, this latest edition              She takes a dim view of Patsy's welfare under the guardianship
be a concert pianist. Into the lives of these and other unhappy             matures its title character to adolescent age as he continues                 of Larry and her grandfather, and starts proceedings to have
residents comes a mysterious stranger, under whose influence                getting himself into various situations as well as trying the                 Patsy placed in an orphanage.
they each begin to see the possibility of happiness. But the                patience of his parents.                                                      Penrod and Sam                                                      1931
cynical Mr. Wright prefers to see them in misery and plots to               Set in the town of Bloomfield, the story starts off with Billy Peck           screen version of Booth Tarkington's novel in his Penrod series
thwart the angelic stranger who lives in the back room of the               (Tommy Kelly) seated outside his home looking over the                        about ordinary kids living ordinary lives. The humor is nicely
third floor.                                                                trophies he's won during his two years in summer camp, now                    done and low-key, in the style of Roach's OUR GANG series
Passion Flower                                                      1930    having his heart set on winning a third for 1938. At the dinner               and features some excellent comedy performances by such
A rich girl who gives up everything to marry for love -                     table, Bill gets himself in trouble with his parents, Henry (Grant            adult actors as Johnny Arthur and the great Zasu Pitts and,
marriage to a poor but independent, honest and reliable man                 Mitchell) and Martha (Nana Bryant) for placing a frog in the                  interestingly, the director's daughter as Penrod's older sister,
who has nothing but disdain for his wife's glamorous cousin,                soup, causing him to be punished by not attending summer                      Marjorie
one of the idle rich who wed a much older man for his money.                camp and remaining home with Cassie, the maid (Louise                         Phantom Express                                                     1932
Unable to escape her wiles, unable to get ahead in the world                Beavers). Before the parents get to have their fishing trip in the            An engineer at the throttle of a locomotive speeding through a
despite his strong character and earnest efforts, he leaves wife            country, each has a change of heart about their son's                         tunnel sees the lights of a train approaching from the other end.
and children to join the sorceress in an aimless pursuit of                 punishment by secretly giving Bill bus fare to go to camp. With               Although the signals say the track is clear, he still sees the
pleasure here and abroad - until he comes to his senses, returns            the Gordon Brothers Circus coming to town, Bill and his pals                  train's lights. He grinds the train to a halt, derailing it. He
home and asks his wife's forgiveness. Kay Francis, Charles                  decide to earn some money in exchange for free tickets, but are               survives, but many passengers are killed. He is fired in
Bickford and lewis stone star, and in one of 8 pictures he made             refused admittance by the ticket agent for presenting a false                 disgrace, but sets out to prove his innocence by finding the
that year - there's little Dickie Moore!                                    pass. Thanks to one of the circus employees, the boys are snuck               "phantom express."
Paul Robeson - borderline                                           1930    in and given places to seat. Unfortunately, they are spotted by               Phantom Fiend (Elizabet Allen AKA The Lodger).                      1932
Paul Robeson - emporer Jones                                        1933    one of Bill's friends, having Bill forced to pay for the seats with           This was the first sound remake of the Hitchcock silent classic
Paul Robeson - Jericho                                              1937    his bus fare. Along the way, Bill encounters Bailey (Edgar                    inspired by the Jack the Ripper legend. Ivor Novello, who
Paul Robeson – King Solomon’s Mines                                 1937    Kennedy), a lion tamer who's out to get that certain someone                  played the title role and headed the team writing the script, was
Paul Robeson - native Land                                          1942    who gave one of his lions sleeping pills (guess who?) as well as              in the original as well. Look for Jack Hawkins in his second
Paul Robeson - Proud Valley                                         1940    befriending Fleurette Decana (Ann Gillis), a child bareback                   feature.
Paul Robeson - Sanders of the River                                 1935    rider, who, along with her mother (Fay Helm), must cope with                  Phantom In The House                                                1929
Pay Off                                                             1930    Myrna Darrow (Benita Hume), a temperamental sideshow                          Phantom Killer                                                      1942
Lowell Sherman directed and stars in this crime drama about a               performer married to the show's manager (William Demarest).                   Phantom of 42nd st                                                  1945
master thief who will only steal from other crooks.                         Highlight includes Bill filling in for Fleurette, following her               An actor is killed during the performance of a play and critic
Payroll                                                              1961   slight leg injury, dressed up in girls clothes and doing her act              Tony Woolrich (Dave O'Brien) undertakes to solve the crime.
Peck's Bad Boy                                                              himself.                                                                      Claudia Moore (Kay Aldridge, in her last movie role), the girl
Released by Fox, this was the first talking version of the old              Penal Code                                                            1932    he loves, is suspected, but when two more deaths occur, she is
theatrical war horse. 12 year old Jackie Cooper discovers that              Peter Maxwell's Impact                                                1963    also threatened by the Phantom Killer. During a production of
he's adopted when Dorothy Peterson and Jackie Searl (who                    Peter Maxwell's Serena (Honor Blackman)                               1962    "Julius Caesar" the killer makes a final attempt.
play's the original obnoxious son) move in with Cooper and his              Phantom                                                                1931   Phantom of Chinatown                                                1940
dad. Peterson trys to cause a split between the two, so that her            Phantom Creeps                                                        1939    Detective James Lee Wong is on the scene as archeologist Dr.
own son can take Cooper's place. A great family film.                       Feature version edidited from the Universal serial.                           John Benton, recently returned from an expedition in China
                                                                                                                                                          where a valuable ancient scroll was recovered, is murdered
                                                                                                                                                          while giving a lecture on the expedition.
Phantom of the Red House                                            1956   Pickup                                                                 1951   Port of New York                                                      1949
AKA El fantasma de la casa roja - A millionaire's ghost watches            Low-budget, tabloid-lurid story with high camp value of older                 Agents Mickey Waters and John Flannery re-team to investigate
while his heirs murder each other over his fortune. Writers:               man falling for much younger beauty who's busy figuring out                   the theft of medicinal narcotics from the S.S. Florentine. The
Miguel M. Delgado (screenplay), María Cristina Lesser (story) -            how she can kill him now that they're married. Nasty verbal                   vicious gang responsible is headed by the ruthless, but debonair
Stars:Alma Rosa Aguirre, Raúl Martínez and Antonio Espino                  encounters and above all, Beverly Michaels, spike up this flick.              Paul Vicola, who doesn't hesitate to murder anyone who stands
Phantom President                                                   1932   Pick-up                                                                1933   in his way. Vicola's girlfriend is garroted when she becomes
Too bad for the presidential hopes of banker T.K. Blair; his               Pilot x (aka Death in the Air)                                         1936   unreliable, and when go-between nightclub comic Dolly Carney
party feels he has too little flair for savoir faire. But at a             Plan 9 (from outer space)                                              1959   poses a risk, he is thrown from his apartment window. After
medicine show, the party bosses find Blair's double: huckster              Planet of the Vampires                                                 1965   Waters is shot and killed trying to break into the gang's
Doc Varney. Of course, they scheme to make Varney T.K.'s                   Please Murder Me                                                       1956   Brooklyn-based yacht club front, Flannery decides to go
public spokesman; at first, he even fools Blair's girlfriend               Pleasure Cruise                                                        1933   undercover and pose as a San Francicco drug dealer. The gang
Felicia, providing a romantic complication. As election eve                Roland Young and Genevieve Tobin have been married for one                    is smoked out and after a furious gun battle, Vicola is
approaches, the conspirators face the problem of what to do                year, and they feel as if they are drifting apart in their marriage.          apprehended and his gang broken. Scott Brady and Yul
with Varney...who has difficult decisions of his own to make.              They decide that they will take separate vacations away from                  Brynner star.
George M. Cohan, Claudette Colbert, Sidney Toler and Jimmy                 each other to sort the marriage out. Tobin decides to go on a                 Port of Seven Seas                                                    1938
Durante star. Cohan only made 2 sound films - and this is the              pleasure cruise, and while aboard many available men begin to                 American remake of Fanny - Directed by Jame Whale, written
only one that still exists.                                                hit on her, and she begins to contemplate having a quick                      by Preston Sturges - Uncle Carl bought the rights to make this
Phantom Ship                                                        1935   shipboard fling with one of the men. Unknown to her, her                      from Pagnol while still at Universal - but things didn't work
During a horrific storm at sea, the crew realizes that there is a          husband had gotten a job as a barber aboard the ship in order to              out. Frank Morgan and Maureen O'Sullivan star.
murderer among them who is killing them off one by one.                    keep a close tab on her and who she speaks to.                                Port Sinister                                                         1953
Phantom Speaks                                                      1945   Poison Pen                                                             1939   A 17th-century Caribbean port rumored to have frequented by
The spirit of an executed murderer enters the body of a                    Police Court                                                           1932   pirates rises from the ocean floor, where it came to rest after an
physician, and forces him to do its bidding--namely, murder.               Police Dog                                                             1955   earthquake many years before. A scientist wants to study it,
Richard Arlen, Stanley Ridges, Jonathan Hale and Lynne                     Police Patrol (aka Riot Squad)                                         1933   some thugs want the treasure alleged to be stored there, a
Roberts star.                                                              Starring the sexy silent film sensation Madge Bellamy, Police                 bunch of mutated giant crabs living there attack them all.
Phantom Submarine U-67                                              1931   Patrol is a sleek and sophisticated drama with love, crime, and               Postal Inspector                                                      1936
AKA Sea Ghost - A rare starring role for the skipper’s dad                 fatally beautiful women. Bellamy plays a bad girl, a gangster's               A city is being ravished by a flood when a group of criminals
(Alan Hale). A crooked lawyer trying to cheat a young girl out             girlfriend. Used as a tool in his evil plots, Bellamy is put up to            (including Bela Lugosi) decide to steal three million from the
of her inheritance tries to convince a sea captain to help him.            seduce a good looking young detective, played perfectly by Pat                post office, which gets the postal inspector (Richard Cortez)
Laura LaPlante also stars                                                  O'Malley, and get him back to an apartment where the fiend                    involved. This was Lugosi's final film for Universal under his
Phantom Light.                                                      1935   lays in wait. O'Malley thwarts the plot, but ends up developing               Dracula contract.
Pharoah's Curse                                                     1957   feelings for Bellamy. The immoral coquette is also being                      Postmarked For Danger                                                 1955
Archaeologists in Egypt find one of their crew has been turned             pursued by another detective, and as the two fight for her they               A car plunging over a cliff kills its two occupants identified as
into a blood sucking mummy after they have unleashed a three               both risk their careers and eventually their lives striving for her           newspaperman Lewis Forrester and actress Alison Ford (Terry
thousand year curse by entering a Pharaoh's tomb.                          affection. Rife with unrequited and impure love, Police Patrol is             Moore). Surviving Lewis are his two brothers, Tim (Robert
Phenix City Story                                                   1955   a gripping struggle through depravity and perilous beauty.                    Beatty), a portrait painter, and Dave (William Sylvester), a pilot.
John McIntire, Richard Kiley, Edward Andrews and Kathryn                   Pool of London                                                         1951   Scotland Yard discovers that Lewis' death was engineered by a
Grant star in this semidocumentary. An Alabama town is run                 Port of Forty Thieves                                                         gang of international diamond smugglers he was about to
by a crime syndicate that's grown fat on prostitution and                  A cunning femme fatale with a penchant for murder has                         expose. Before he died, he had sent someone in London a post
crooked gambling, directed at soldiers from Fort Benning across            devised a foolproof scheme that could net her a fabulous                      card with a sketch of a woman's hand holding a Chianti bottle.
the river. Lawyer John Patterson, back from the army, is                   fortune! Or has she? A sublimely perverse and very rarely seen                Alison's father, John Smith (Henry Oscar) commissions Tim to
triggered by what he sees to join the reformers with a plan: to            poverty row noir with a mind-boggling myriad of twists and                    paint her portrait from a photograph. While Tim is out, the
run his father Albert for state attorney general. The syndicate            turns! Starring Stephanie Bachelor, Tom Keene, Lynne Roberts.                 supposedly-dead Alison enters his studio, but flees when she
responds with escalating violence.                                         Directed by John English.                                                     finds the body of Jill Stewart (Josephine Griffin), Tim's favorite
Philip Leacock’s 13 West Street                                     1962                                                                                 model. Scotland Yard Inspector Colby (Geoffrey Kene) suspects
Piccadilly Third Stop                                               1960                                                                                 Tim because whatever alibi evidence Tim presents vanishes
                                                                                                                                                         before the Inspector can confirm it. Reg Dorking (William
Prehistoric Women                                                   1950   Private Life of Henry VIII                                           1933    Racing Blood                                                          1936
Tigri (Laurette Luez, working her way up to Bomba and                      Four star film (and performance by Laughton) This movie tells                Frankie Reynolds (Frankie Darro' ), youngest member of a
Bowery Boys films) and her stone-age girl friends hate all men,            the story of King Henry VIII and the last five of his six wives.             family of jockeys, borrows $4.85 (yes, four dollars and eighty-
but realizing they are a necessary evil, capture some for                  Set almost entirely within the royal castle, it begins just before           five cents) from his sister Phyllis (Gladys Blake), who is not a
potential (strictly business, no recreation allowed) husbands.             the death of his second wife (Anne Boleyn) and ends just after               jockey, to buy a crippled colt from the stables owned by Clay
Engor (Allan Nixon, working his way down to the Mesa of Lost               his sixth wedding (to Catherine or Katherine Parr).                          Harrison (Kane Richmond). He nurses the colt back to health,
Women) escapes and, in his travels, discovers fire. This comes             Private Secretary                                                    1935    and in two years has one of the fastest horses in the country. He
in handy later, after he has been recaptured by the women,                 Edward Everett Horton and Alistar Sim in a delightful little                 borrows money from his pals to enter his horse in the opening
when he saves them with his new discovery…. just awful.                    British comedy from Twickenham studios.                                      race of the meet. The favorite, from the Harrison stables, is to be
President's Mystery                                                 1936   Probation                                                            1932    ridden by his brother Smokey (James Eagles as Jimmie Eagles).
A millionaire with a crumbling personal life comes up with an              Professor Beware                                                     1938    Race track racketeer Tex O'Donnell (Matthew Betz) frames
idea on how he can disappear, start a new life without anyone              Harold Lloyd stars as Egyptologist, Dean Lambert, accused of                 Smoky and keeps him from winning the race, which Frankie
knowing who he is and be able to take all his money with him.              car-theft, he skips bail and begins a cross-country trek to join a           wins. Smokey is ruled off the track for life. Frankie innocently
Preview Murder Mystery                                              1936   group in New York headed for Egypt. With the police close on                 has been responsible because of $500 he has accepted for his
an ensemble piece with Reginald Denny and Frances Drake as                 his trail he gets in and out of scrapes along the way.                       brother from a drunk named "Legs" (Arthur Housman). Frankie
the romantic leads, but there isn't much time for romance in this          Projected Man                                                        1966    swears to find the drunk and clear his brother
60 minute murder mystery. What stands out most here is the                 Public Stenographer                                                  1934    Racing Strain                                                         1932
editing. There are simply a TON of shots in this film. I don't             Purple Gang                                                          1959    Racketeer                                                             1929
think there is a single shot that lasts more than 10 seconds.              Pygmalion                                                            1938    Armstrong and Lombard team up again for Pathe' in this hard
Florey gives us every angle and many points of view for each               The snobbish & intellectual Professor of languages, Henry                    hitting crime drama from the talkies earliest days. This film
scene and there are many short scenes so that if you get up to             Higgins makes a bet with his friend that he can take a London                helped set the pace for all the gangster films to come.
go to the bathroom, you'll miss a good chunk of the details. It's          flower seller, Eliza Doolittle, from the gutters and pass her off            Rag Doll                                                              1961
a pretty simple plot, but with many twists. An actor is                    as a society lady. However he discovers that this involves                   Aka Young, Willing and Eager. a young girl who gets away
threatened to be murdered before the preview of the movie he               dealing with a human being with ideas of her own. This film is               from her town to go to London, to her auntie's home. London,
is shooting. After the screening he is found dead and the actress          as good - as the musical remake is bad - yes I wrote that - My               the big city and its high lights. But also its dangers. All kind of
and director are next on the murderer's wish list. Robert Florey           Fair Lady is just painful to watch. Rex Harrison is such a bore,             dangers. Especially men. All kind of men. The female lead falls
directs.                                                                   and Hepburn is no Julie Andrews. Howard and Hiller on the                    in love with a youngster like her, a handsome night club singer
Pride of the Bowery                                                 1941   other hand - magic!                                                          who happens to be a petty hood, nothing more. And our young
The Bowery Boys in action in a CCC (civilian conservation                  Q Planes (AKA Clouds Over Europe)                                    1939    girl is also harassed by an elder man, who is himself in love
camp); another Roosevelt II innovation that did nothing. These             A power-house cast (Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson and                   with her. A wealthy man. And, of course, the young lover of the
were disbanded shortly after the outbreak of FDR's other                   Valerie Hobson) in a lighthearted romp of a pre-war spy story:               girl is searching for the big money
innovation: WWII.                                                          quirky British secret service man finds out who's using a secret             Railroaded                                                            1947
Prison Farm                                                         1938   weapon to steal experimental planes.                                         Rain                                                                  1932
Prison Mutiny (aka You Can't Beat the Law)                          1943   Queen High                                                           1930    Joan Crawford as Sadie Thompson and Walter Huston as Rev.
Playboy Johnny Gray is framed and sent to prison after his                 Queen of Blood                                                       1966    Jimmy Swaggart (Alfred Davidson) are fine as the stars of this
stolen car is found at a holdup committed by Rico, and while               Queen of Spades                                                       1949   drama. Guy Kibbee and William Gargan also appear.
the latter is not suspected, his henchman Harry, Creeper and               Queen of the Amazons                                                 1947    Rain or Shine                                                         1930
Red are convicted with Johnny. Stung by the injustice, when                A woman's husband has disappeared on an expedition into the                  Early Capra sound film - After her father's death, Mary Rainey
even his fiancée believes him guilty, Johnny becomes an unruly             jungle. She hires a guide to take her into the jungle to find him.           takes over the Rainey Circus (which operates twice daily, rain
prisoner and is put in a cell with Cain, head of the prison gang           However, they discover that he has been captured by a savage                 or shine) but runs into financial troubles. In one bit reminiscent
planning a break. The new warden, Frank Sanders, wins Johnny               female tribe.                                                                of the Marx Brothers, the circus performers are up to some
over by changing his cell mate and giving him a chance to work             Quicksand                                                            1950    ridiculous antics at a dinner party with the family of Bud
in the prison gardens. Here, he meets Amy Duncan, daughter of              Peter Lorre and Mickey Rooney star - After borrowing $20 from                Conway, Mary's beau. As times become worse and the
prison guard Duncan. In an failed escaped, engineered from the             his employer's cash register, an auto mechanic is plunged into a             performers go on strike, Mary must try to save the circus from
outside by Rico, who is killed, one of Rico's men confesses that           series of increasingly disastrous circumstances which rapidly                rioting patrons.
Johnny is innocent                                                         spiral out of his control.                                                   Ramrod                                                                1947
Prison Shadows                                                      1936   Race for Life                                                        1954
Rat, The                                                            1937   Red Lights Ahead                                                       1936    Repeat Performance                                                     1947
This Imperator studios film stars Ruth Chatterton who                      Pa Wallace (Roger Imhof), an ardent member of the Whales, is                   Unbelievably good little dramatic fantasy - Sheila Page, a
befriends a thief (Anton Walbrook) who turns out to be a rat.              offered a chance to invest $5,000 in a gold mine by the head of                Broadway star, shoots Barney, her murderous husband on New
An unpleasant version of Raffles.                                          the Whales, Grand Harpoon F. Q. Whitney (Sam Flint). Mrs                       Year's Eve. She flees her apartment and goes to her Producer,
Raw Deal                                                            1948   Wallace (Lucile Gleason) is opposed but the four Wallace                       John Friday. When she arrives, it is New Year's day, a year
Rawhide (Lou Gehrig)                                                1938   children, Willie (Frank Coghlan Jr.), George (Ben Alexander),                  earlier. She has been given the chance to live life over and
Reach for the Sky                                                   1956   Edna (Paula Stone) and Mary (Ann Doran) are all for it, on the                 correct the errors of the past only to find that the end will be the
The true story of airman Douglas Bader (Kenneth Moore) who                 premise that if Pa makes some easy money, they can continue to                 same although the path will be different. Louis Hayward, Joan
overcame the loss of both legs in a 1931 flying accident to                loaf. Grandpa (Andy Clyde), a kindly but meddling old soul                     Leslie, Tom Conway, Richard Basehart and Natalie Schafer star.
become a successful fighter pilot and wing leader during World             also arrives for a visit. Money begins to roll in but not as fast as           Revenge of the Virgins                                                 1959
War II.                                                                    the children spend it. The bubble bursts when the police arrest                Revolt of the Zombies                                                  1936
Reaching For The Moon                                               1931   Whitney and his accomplice Nordingham (Addison Randall) as                     Dean Jagger stars in this story of Zombies that were created by
This is the 62 min version of this classic Bing Crosby, Douglas            swindlers involved in a pyramid scheme. Stone broke and                        the French in Cambodia as fighters. This was made by the
Fairbanks Sr, film.                                                        without the money to pay the mortgage Pa put on the house,                     brothers Halperin who also brought us White Zombie and
Reckless Moment                                                     1949   the clan moves back to their small, old home. The children come                Supernatural.
After discovering the dead body of Bea Harper's lover, Bea's               through and knuckle down to work to help the family recover.                   Rhythm and Blues Revue                                                 1955
mother Lucia hides the body under the assumption that it was               Then, Grandpa tells them that the gold mine never existed and                  This 1955 R&B Revue consists of performances by some of the
her daughter who killed the man. Martin Donnelly comes to                  the monthly checks had been coming from him, as he was                         greats of the golden era of Rhythm and Blues including Cab
blackmail Lucia on behalf of his partner Nagel and falls in love           anxious to prove that they weren't just loafers.                               Calloway, Martha Davis, Ruth Brown, Lionel Hampton, Faye
with Lucia instead. Nagel wants the money and Donnelly kills               Rehearsal For a Crime (Criminal Life)                                  1962    Adams, Herb Jeffries, and Joe Turner.
Nagel to protect Lucia, and then kills himself to end the                  Written and directed by Luis Bunuel, and presented here under                  Rhythm Serenade (Vera Lynn)                                             1943
impossible relationship with the married Lucia. Jame Mason                 its original title of "The Criminal Life of Archibaldo De La Cruz"             Riders of the Whistling Skull                                          1937
and Joan Bennett star.                                                     in Spanish with English subtitles. This is a complex and surreal               Best of the Three Mesquiteers' series of Westerns. Ray (Crash)
Red Hot Tires                                                       1935   image of a man's passions for sex and murder.                                  Corrigan, Bob Livingston and Max Terhune are well
Red House                                                           1947   Renegade Girl                                                          1946    complimented by a supporting cast including Iron Eyes Cody
Lesser known Edward G. Robinson film - Pete and Ellen have                 Jean Shelby, a member of a family of Confederate sympathizers                  and Chief Thunder Cloud. The plot centers on an
reared Meg as their own, ever since she was a baby and her                 in Missouri during the Civil War, has been providing                           archaeological expedition to a lost Indian city of gold. The city
parents took off. Now a teen, Meg convinces her friend Nath to             information about the Union Army to Confederate Raiders. So                    is surrounded by an ominous rock formation that whistles as
come help with chores on the farm: Pete isn't getting around on            the Union is trying to capture the Shelby family, with the help                the wind blows through it. The film is enhanced by the eerie
his wooden leg like he used to. When Nath insists on using a               of an outcast Indian who has his own grudge against the                        lighting effects and exciting suspense sequences.
short cut home through the woods, Pete gets quite agitated and             Shelbys. When Jean and a Yankee captain fall in love, their                    Ring Around the Moon                                                   1935
warns him of screams in the night, of terrors associated with the          plans and loyalties are tested.                                                Donald Cook turns in a fine performance in the best film that
red house. Curious, Meg and Nath ignore his warnings and                   Renfrew of the Mounties                                                1937    the little poverty row company called Chesterfield was to
begin exploring. Meg begins falling in love with Nath, but his             AKA Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937) Counterfeit bills are                  produce. Based on Vera Hobart's novel, the story traces and
girlfriend Tibby has other plans for him. Meanwhile they all get           being printed in Canada and shipped across the border hidden                   contrasts the romance of a poor shop girl and that of a society
closer to real danger and the dark secret of the red house.                in blocks of ice. When the counterfeiters force engraver Bronson               debutante's.
Red Light                                                           1949   to make a new plate, he inscribes a tiny help message on it.                   Ringside                                                               1949
Red Nightmare                                                       1962   Renfrew catches a henchman who has one of the new bills. A                     Don Barry and Lyle Talbot star in this tightly paced answer to
First we present that cold war classic, narrated by Jack Webb,             magnifying glass lets him read the message and he heads out                    City For Conquest. Here Barry is a concert pianist who turns to
about what would happen if an American woke up one day and                 alone to round up the counterfeiters. Writers: Laurie York                     boxing in order to avenge his brother.
found that his country was taken over by Communists. Then,                 Erskine (story), Charles Logue (screenplay) - Stars:James                      Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond                                          1960
from an original 16mm print: the 1966 film, ten years in the               Newill, Carol Hughes and William Royle                                         The Road Back
making; It Happened Here. This film deals with England, after              Reno                                                                   1939    Erich Maria Remarque’s follow up to All Quiet on the Western
the Nazi occupation of the 1940's                                          Requiem for a Vampire                                                   1971   Front. This shows the effects of war on those who made it back.
Reefer Madness (Tell Your Children)                                 1936   Return from the Ashes                                                  1965    It was meant to be a warning about Hitler, but Universal made
Rene Clair’s It Happened Tomorrow                                   1944   Return of Bulldog Drummond –                                            1934   more than 20 cuts. In the end the negative was turned over to
                                                                           Return of The Shadow (aka Shadow Returns)                              1946    Remarque who either lost or destroyed it.
River Beat                                                             1954   Roar of the Dragon                                                      1932    Runaway Bus                                                          1954
Phyllis Kirk stars - A London police inspector is patrolling the              A boatload of Westerners is trapped in Manchuria as bandits                     Ruthless                                                             1948
river looking for smugglers, when he becomes attracted to a                   led by Russian renegade Voronsky ravage the area. Seeking                       Saddle Mountain Roundup                                              1941
woman working as a ship's radio operator. When the woman                      refuge in a fortified inn, the group is led by the boat's Captain               Saint Louis Bank Robbery                                             1959
turns up in possession of some smuggled gems, the inspector                   Carson, who becomes involved with a woman who "belongs" to                      Saint’s Girl Friday                                                  1953
must determine whether she knew about them or was just                        Voronsky. Carson must contend with the bandits outside and                      An Anglo-American crime thriller distributed by RKO in 1953,
being used. If she is guilty, he must arrest her in spite of his              the conflicting personalities of those trapped inside the inn, as               filmed by Hammer Film Productions and Royal Productions in
feelings. If she is innocent, he must protect her from the                    well as dealing with spies among the inn's personnel.                           London, and produced by Anthony Hinds and Julian Lesser.
smuggling gang, which is known to silence anyone who might                    Roar of the Press                                                       1941    American release of the film occurred in 1954. It was the 9th
talk.                                                                         Jean Parker and Wallace Ford star - Our reporter hero has just                  and last in a series of popular films, dating back 1938, featuring
Riverside Murder                                                       1935   married our heroine, country girl from Vermont, and has come                    the character of Simon Templar, hero of a series of novels by
A rich man is killed in his home. There appears to be no reason               back to New York for a brief honeymoon. When he sees a                          Leslie Charteris. It was also released under the title The Saint's
for the murder, however there are several suspects: the house                 famous rich person fall from a window, will he get entangled in                 Return. Louis Hayward, who had been the first actor to play
keeper, two house guests and a mysterious woman who left just                 getting the story, following the siren call of the ROAR OF THE                  Templar in the series 18 years earlier, returned to the role one
before the murder. The Police dispatch two detectives to take                 PRESS, or will he be able to give his cute newlywed some                        last time for this film. Although based upon Charteris'
charge of the case and it soon transpires that there is ample                 quality time?                                                                   character, the film was an original work and not based directly
reason for numerous people to bump off the dead man.                          Rock River Renegades                                                    1942    upon any of his original stories though Charteris had a
Road Demon                                                             1938   Rogue's Tavern                                                          1936    percentage in the film. Diana Dors appears in a supporting role
Road to Happiness                                                      1942   Wallace Ford and Clara Kimball Young are among the stars in                     (as, oddly enough. "the blonde")
The BIG Monogram release of 1942 stars John Boles in one of his               this old dark house type mystery from the forgotten horror                      Sally in Our Alley                                                   1931
many come backs, as a man trying to make a home for himself                   club.                                                                           A British soldier (Ian Hunter) goes off to fight in World War I,
and his son, despite seemingly insurmountable odds.                           Rolling Home (Jean Parker)                                              1946    with his girlfriend (Gracie Fields) waiting and worried at home.
Road to Reno                                                           1931   Old time rodeo performer Raymond Hatton and his grandson,                       He is soon wounded in battle and crippled. He comes to the
Lilyan Tashman, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers and Peggy Shannon                      (Buzz Henry as Robert Dee 'Buzzy" Henry) arrive in a small                      conclusion that she would be better off believing that he has
star - Tashman is Jackie, the perpetually adolescent mother of                town with an injured horse, and local minister Russell Hayden                   been killed so she can get on with her life. She gets the news
two grown children - daughter Lee and son Jeff - who are in                   tends the horse's injured leg. Jean Parker, a wealthy but selfish               and is devastated. Several years later she is still grieving for
their early 20's. Even though fourth husband Robert (Irving                   young widow, lives in the town. The church is in debt but the                   him, but he has now been cured and goes looking for her.
Prichel) is a good provider, good step-dad, and all-around good               minister's financial problems are eventually solved by the horse                San Francisco Story                                                  1952
sport about Jackie's rather wild ways, Jackie is intent on                    winning a surrey race, and the widow whose attitude has been                    Joel McCrea, Yvonne De Carlo, Sidney Blackmer, Onslow
divorcing him although she seems to bear the man no                           softned by Hatton, Henry and Hayden.                                            Stevens and the mighty Tor Johnson star in this political drama
resentment. It just seems that her only reason is that it's time for          Room to Let                                                             1950    set on the Barbary coast of 1856
a change, much like an impulse to buy a new hat. Both children                52min British version of the Jack The Ripper story starring                     Santa and the Three Bears                                            1970
are upset about her decision since they have great affection for              Jimmy Hanley.                                                                   Santa Claus (Conquers the Martians)                                  1964
Robert. However, daughter Lee has just arrived home from                      Royal Bed                                                               1931    Santa Claus (vs the Devil)                                           1959
school and decides to accompany her mother to Reno to look                    Lowell Sherman, Mary Astor, Robert Warwick and J. Carrol                        Santa Fe Trail                                                       1940
after her. On the train west, Lee meets a young mining                        Naish appear in this film, which Sherman himself directs. A                     An underrated Warner Brothers all star film that traces the
engineer, Tom(Charles Buddy Rogers), who is headed to a job                   King of a small island must call all the shots for the first time, as           events leading to the outbreak of the civil war. Raymond
interview in California. The two hit it off and a romance buds.               his over bearing wife is away on holiday. This is one of those                  Massey, often associated with his portrayal of Lincoln, here
Tom says goodbye at the stop for Reno and vows to write to                    few comedies that has not become hopelessly dated.                              plays John Brown; Errol Flynn later to play Custer, here is seen
Lee while she and her mother wait the necessary six weeks for                 Royal Wedding                                                           1951    as Jeb Stuart opposite Ronald Reagan's Custer. Michael Curtiz's
the divorce. When Tom can't contact Lee he goes out to Reno to                Rubber Racketeers                                                       1942    direction, Max Steiner's music and the production values
see her in person and what he finds shocks him.                               Rules of the Game                                                       1939    brought by Hal B. Wallis and Jack L. Warner make this a near
Road to Ruin                                                           1934   Jean Renoir's masterpiece, made two years after his Grand                       masterpiece. The film also starred Olivia de Havilland with a
Roadracers                                                             1959   Illusion, has been on just about every top ten list of films. This              supporting cast that included Alan Hale, Van Heflin, Henry
Screeching Hell on Wheels ... is it Sport or Murder?! The father              film is in French with subtitles.                                               O'Neill, Bill Lundigan, John Litel, Gene Reynolds, Alan Baxter,
of a race car driver blames him for a death on the track, disowns             rumble on the docks                                                      1956   Ward Bond, Charles Middleton, William Hopper and Creighton
him, and sponsors a rival racer.                                              Run for Your Money (Alec Guiness)                                       1949    Hale.
Sarong Girl                                                             1943   Screaming Mimi                                                      1958   Serious Charge                                                          1959
Savage Eye                                                              1960   Exotic dancer Virginia Wilson (Anita Ekberg) sees a man get                Serpent Island                                                          1954
Savage Girl                                                             1932   shot moments after he tries to knife her in a shower, so she goes          An office secretary from Scranton, Pennsylvania (Rosalind
Scandal in Paris                                                        1946   to Dr. Greenwood a psychiatrist for therapy. He falls in love              Hayes) sets out to find her great-grandfather's hidden treasure.
fictionalized 1946 biographical film, directed by Douglas Sirk,                with her and takes over her life, although she insists on                  She enlists the aid of a former Marine Engineer turned harbor
depicting the life of Eugène François Vidocq, a French criminal                continuing her career at the El Madhouse nightclub. The club's             bum (Sonny Tufts) and the greedy Captain (Tom Monroe) of
who reformed and became a famous French prefect of police                      tough owner is none other than Gypsy Rose Lee who plays                    the sea ship "Constellation". They find the gold hidden on an
during the Napoleonic era. This one stars George Sanders,                      'Gypsy' and sings ("Put the Blame on Mame") when Virginia is               island near Haite, but it's guarded by a voodoo cult and a boa
Carole Landis, Akim Tamiroff, Gene Lockhart and Alan Napier.                   late one night. The traumatized Virginia is suspected of a series          constrictor. Stars: Sonny Tufts, Mary Munday and Tom Monroe
Scandal Street                                                          1938   of murders. Each victim had purchased a contorted sculpture of             (this is a real stinker – stock footage mixed with badly acted
Scared to Death                                                         1947   a woman called the Screaming Mimi, which was created by her                newer footage, and a pretty drab looking film to boot – offered
Scared to Death opens with the disclosure by morgue                            step-brother Charlie who was also responsible for shooting her             only for those Sonny Tufts fans out there)
examiners that a beautiful woman has literally died of fright.                 attacker. It's up to a handsome columnist Bill Sweeny to figure            Seven Days to Noon                                                      1950
The plot reveals how she reached the fatal stage of terror. The                it all out <hope he as better luck then I did>                             The British Prime Minister, (Ronald Adam), is sent a letter by
woman is married to the son of a doctor, the proprietor of a                   Search for Beauty                                                   1934   Professor Willingdon (Barry Jones), who works at Britain's
private sanatorium, where she is under unwilling treatment.                    Pre-Code film directed by Erle C. Kenton and starring Buster               Atomic weapons development facility, the Wallingford
Both the son and the doctor indicate they want the marriage                    Crabbe and Ida Lupino. They play a pair of champion Olympic                Research Centre, from which he has surreptitiously taken a
dissolved. Arriving at the scene is a mysterious personage                     swimmers who become the face of a health magazine, which                   nuclear warhead. It is a very explicit threat that Willingdon will
identified as the doctor's brother who formerly was a stage                    over their objections is turned into a "skin" rag                          destroy the centre of London in a week's time, at noon (hence
magician in Europe. He is accompanied by a threatening dwarf.                  Second Chorus                                                       1940   the film title), unless the British government declares that it is to
After it is apparent that the wife is terrified of the foreigners, it          Second Woman                                                        1950   stop all stockpiling of nuclear warheads. Detective
is disclosed that she is the former wife and partner of a Paris                Secret Agent X-9                                                    1945   Superintendent Folland (André Morell) of Scotland Yard's
dancer known as René, who had been shot by the Nazis.                          Secret beyond the Door                                              1947   Special Branch is charged with tracking down Willingdon and
Attempts to draw a confession that she had betrayed her dancer                 Secret of the Blue Room                                             1933   stopping him
husband and had collaborated with the Nazis led to the use of a                murder mystery film starring Lionel Atwill, Gloria Stuart, and             Seven Sinners (AKA Doomed Cargo)                                        1937
device employing a death mask of the dead patriot, which                       Paul Lukas. It is based on the German film Geheimnis des                   AKA Doomed Cargo. The film opens during a costume party
literally frightens her to death. Although the young                           Blauen Zimmers. A woman's suitor challenges his two rivals to              and after several spectacular train crashes, ends in a shoot out
newspaperman hero and his sweetheart guess the answer to the                   each spend a night in a room in which several murders                      in a movie theater, while a newsreel of a train wreck is on the
story, they allow the diagnosis "scared to death" to stand.                    occurred years before (Edward Arnold also stars).                          screen. Edmund Lowe stars.
Scarlet Street                                                          1945   Secret of the Loch                                                  1934   Sensation Hunters                                                       1933
Fritz Lang directs this follow up to the Woman in the Window                   Secret People                                                       1951   Dale Jordan is first accepted by the aristocratic first-cabin
with the same leads. Edward G. Robinson, Dan Duryea and                        Secret Place                                                        1957   passengers on a south-bound Panama-Pacific liner until they
Joan Bennett star with Margaret Lindsday in this remake of                     Secrets of Chinatown (The Black Robe)                               1935   discover she is a member of a troupe of cabaret girls led by
Renoir's La Chienne.                                                           Self Made Lady                                                      1932   Trixie Snell en route for the Bull Ring Cabaret in Panama City.
Scream In The Night                                                     1954   Heather Angel turns in a fine performance as a poor girl from              This makes no difference to Tom Baylor, San Blas mining
Sea Bat                                                                 1930   the slums who works her way up, out and into society. Henry                engineer, who presents her with a bracelet upon their arrival in
The West Indies island of Portugal exists mainly for sponge                    Wilcoxon, A. Bromley Davenport and Louis Hayward also star.                Panama. Tom departs for his mining location in the jungle and
diving. But the best area of collection is frequented by a very                Sensation                                                           1936   Dale is taken in tow by hard-boiled but good-hearted Jerry
large manta ray. Nina loses her lover to the creature and is                   Sensations of 1945                                                  1944   Royal, an old timer with Trixie's crew. Dale takes up with
comforted by a newly arrived minister, who seems very                                                                                                     millionaire Jimmy Crosby who promises to get a divorce from
                                                                               Senso (both versions Italian & English)                             1954
interested in an old poster offering a reward for a convict                                                                                               his wife in the states, but is unable to and commits suicide by
                                                                               Sepia Cinderella                                                    1947
recently escaped from nearby Devil's Island. More deaths                                                                                                  crashing his plane. Jerry and Dale go from one dive to the other
                                                                               Among the best of the all Black cast musicals offered here with
attributed to the sea bat follow before Nina resolves her feelings                                                                                        in an effort to get enough money to go home. They land in The
                                                                               the original sepia toned finale. Billy Daniels, Sheila Guyse &
for her comforter. Raquel Torres, Charles Bickford, Nils Asther                                                                                           Cobra, one of the lowest dives in Panama, and Jerry is knifed in
                                                                               Dusty Freeman star in this story of a struggling young musician
and Boris Karloff star.                                                                                                                                   a saloon brawl. (look for Walter Brennan as the stuttering
                                                                               who strays from his roots, only to find emptiness with success.
Sea Devils                                                              1937                                                                              waiter).
                                                                               Freddy Bartholomew (who was not black) has a cameo role as
Seven Were Saved                                                   1947   Shanty Tramp                                                         1967    Sin Takes A Holiday                                                1930
A nurse (Catherine Craig) is taking an amnesia victim, who was            A sleazy evangelist makes a play for a small town's local tramp,             Constance Bennett, Basil Rathbone and ZaSu Pitts star in this
imprisoned by the Japanese during WW II, to the United States             but is shocked to learn that she prefers a local black kid over              RKO/Pathe' drama. Bennet enters a marriage of convenience
in a plane piloted by Richard Denning. The passengers include             him. Furious, he stirs up the town against the couple.                       with her boss, on a trip to Paris she meets Rathbone who shows
a Japanese colonel (Richard Loo) on his way to Manila to face             She Gods of Shark Reef                                               1958    her the ropes and asks her to get a divorce. She returns to her
war-crime charges, and a couple (Ann Doran and Byron Barr                 Two brothers, one wanted for murder, are shipwrecked on an                   husband (Kenneth MacKenna) and they find that they were
(II)) who were married on the day they were liberated from a              island inhabited by nubile young women who have amassed a                    intended for each other after all.
Japanese prison camp. During the flight, the colonel---Richard            valuable cache of pearls.                                                    Sinful Cargo (AKA Yellow Cargo)                                    1936
Loo NEVER surrendered---breaks away from his guards, causes               She Shoulda Said No                                                  1949    The first of a series of four "G-Man" films produced by George
the plane to go out of control, and it crashes into the sea. The          Ship that Died of Shame                                              1955    A. Hirliman's Condor Productions (with all four starring
survivors get into a rubber boat and go through a minor-league            Shiver Of The Vampires                                                1971   Conrad Nagel and Hirliman's wife, actress Eleanor Hunt, in
version of "Lifeboat, with no Alfred Hitchcock sightings, until           Shock                                                                1946    continuing roles), "Yellow Cargo" has G-Man (nee FBI) Alan
Air-Sea Rescue pilot Russell Hayden rides to the rescue, just as          Vincent Price, Reed Hadley and Lynn Bari star in this                        O'Connor (Conrad Nagel) being "borrowed" by the United
he did in his Columbia westerns also directed by William Berke.           psychological murder mystery. Price kills his wife so as to                  States Immigration Service to track down a smuggling ring on
Sex Madness                                                        1938   continue his affair with Bari. The only witness is being treated             the West Coast, which is engaged in bringing in Orientals to the
This is a typical sex exploitation film from the early 1930s -            by Price for a mental disorder.                                              U.S. in violation of the Chinese Exclusion Act. O'Connor is met
complete with wild parties, sex out of wedlock, lesbianism, etc.          Shoeshine (Sciuscia)                                                  1946   at the airport by reporter Bobbie Reynolds (Eleanor Hunt), who
A chorus girl's exposure to the "casting couch" also exposes her          Shoot to Kill                                                        1947    mistakes him for a New York actor in search of a movie job in
to syphilis. Exploitation filmmakers hoped to capitalize on the           Short Grass                                                          1950    Hollywood. O'Connor falls in with her plan to introduce him to
taboo subjects of venereal disease, sex before marriage,                  Should Ladies Behave                                                 1933    some producers, so he can get a line on the leaders of the
lesbianism, etc. while skirting the Motion Picture Production             Show Girl in Hollywood                                               1930    smuggling ring, who are operating under the guise of an
Code of 1930 which forbade a film from containing such                    Shriek in the Night                                                          independent motion picture company. Vince Barnett is on hand
content...                                                                A fine little murder mystery from poverty row. The central                   for comedy relief as "Bulbs" Callahan, a bone-head news
Sexton Blake and the Echo Murders                                  1945   character is played by a very young Ginger Rodgers.                          photographer, while Crane Wilbur, who directed and wrote the
Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror                                 1938                                                                                original screenplay, also plays an uncredited role.
                                                                          Side Street                                                           1950
Sexton Blake and Tinker foil criminal plot connected with the                                                                                          The first of a series of four "G-Man" films produced by George
                                                                          Sidewalks of New York                                                1931
Tongs, and master-minded by "famous stamp collector" and                                                                                               A. Hirliman's Condor Productions (with all four starring
                                                                          Anita Page, Buster Keaton and the voice of Jiminy Cricket; Cliff
millionaire. Another Tod Slaughter classic. We also offer the                                                                                          Conrad Nagel and Hirliman's wife, actress Eleanor Hunt, in
                                                                          "Ukelele Ike" Edwards star - A dim-witted slumlord tries to
1945 follow-up Meet Sexton Blake.                                                                                                                      continuing roles), "Yellow Cargo" has G-Man (nee FBI) Alan
                                                                          reform a gang of urban boys (and impress an attractive young
Shack out on 101                                                   1955                                                                                O'Connor (Conrad Nagel) being "borrowed" by the United
                                                                          woman) by transforming their rough neighborhood into a more
Shadow - International Crime                                       1938                                                                                States Immigration Service to track down a smuggling ring on
                                                                          decent place.
Shadow - Invisible Avenger                                         1958                                                                                the West Coast, which is engaged in bringing in Orientals to the
                                                                          Silent Enemy                                                         1929
Shadow - Missing Lady                                              1946                                                                                U.S. in violation of the Chinese Exclusion Act. O'Connor is met
                                                                          Silk Hat Kid                                                         1935
Shadow of Silk Lennox                                              1935                                                                                at the airport by reporter Bobbie Reynolds (Eleanor Hunt), who
                                                                          Silk Noose, The                                                      1948
Shadow Strikes - Scourge of the Underworld                         1937                                                                                mistakes him for a New York actor in search of a movie job in
                                                                          AKA The Noose – Carol Landis’ last film before she offed
Low budget detective story filmed quickly to cash in on the                                                                                            Hollywood. O'Connor falls in with her plan to introduce him to
                                                                          herself over – of all people – Rex Harrison, What a waste!
radio show:                                                                                                                                            some producers, so he can get a line on the leaders of the
                                                                          Silver Horde                                                         1930
Shadow, The                                                        1933                                                                                smuggling ring, who are operating under the guise of an
                                                                          Joel McCrea, in his first he-man role, stars in this action packed
A group of people in an old dark house are terrorized by a                                                                                             independent motion picture company. Vince Barnett is on hand
                                                                          adventure film based on the novel by Rex Beach. An early
mysterious hooded figure dressed in black who proceeds to kill                                                                                         for comedy relief as "Bulbs" Callahan, a bone-head news
                                                                          appearance by Jean Arthur and a final role for Blanche Sweet
them off one by one.                                                                                                                                   photographer, while Crane Wilbur, who directed and wrote the
                                                                          also highlight this feature
Shadows of the orient                                              1935                                                                                original screenplay, also plays an uncredited role.
                                                                          Silver Streak                                                        1934
Esther Ralston, Regis Toomey, J. Farrell MacDonald and Sidney                                                                                          Singapore Woman                                                    1941
                                                                          Sin of Lena Rivers                                                   1932
Blackmer star in this lurid tale of smugglin "Chinamden" into                                                                                          Sinister Hands                                                     1932
                                                                          Sin of Nora Moran                                                    1933
the US.
Silent Passenger                                                      1935    Small Town Boy                                                         1937    Song of the Gringo                                                     1936
A detective mystery in which a lord sets out to prove that a man              This filmed version of the Broadway play "The Thousand Dollar                  In his film debut Ritter is sent to investigate miners being killed
did not kill his wife's blackmailer. This was the first film outing           Bill" was most likely re-titled to cash in on MGM's release of                 and their mines confiscated. The culprit is Evans and after Tex
for novelist Dorothy L. Sayers' fictional amateur sleuth Lord                 Small Town Girl the year before. This Grand National outing                    joins the gang, he is sent to kill two more miners. When Estaban
Peter Wimsey. The Silent Passenger was an original story                      stands up quite well on its own, however, and finds Stuart                     is killed, Tex is put on trial for all three murders.
written by Sayers specifically for the screen but unfortunately               Erwin and Joyce Compton turning in fine performances in this                   Sons of Steel                                                          1934
her amateur sleuth turn out as a somewhat eccentric imbecile                  drama about a Nobody who finds a thousand dollar bill, only to                 Sons of the Sea (Atlantic Ferry)                                       1941
who solved murders in spite of himself. A blackmailer is                      discover that it changes him into a heartless business man.                    Sorority Girl                                                          1957
murdered by the husband of one of his victims, a railroad                     Smart Woman                                                            1931    Sotto Il Sole Di Roma (with subs)                                      1948
detective Henry Camberley (Donald Wolfit), but it is the                      Smiling Ghost                                                          1941    Southerner                                                             1945
innocent John Ryder (John Loder) who is suspected of the                      Elinor Bentley Fairchild's previous three grooms-to-be have                    Jean Renoir's brilliant portrayal of one man's struggle to start a
murder when Camberley puts the dead body into his trunk.                      either died or been maimed. Her aunt hires Lucky Downing to                    farm in the south. Renoir co-wrote this with an uncredited
After making the casual acquaintance of Ryder, amateur                        become engaged to her for a month to break the curse. But                      William Faulkner. Zachary Scott, Betty Field, Beulah Bondi,
detective, Lord Peter Wimsey (Peter Haddon) sets about                        Lucky becomes a target of what appears to be the ghost of one                  Percy Kilbride and J. Carrol Naish star.
proving his friend's innocence. All these events take place while             of the former fiancés.                                                         Spanish Cape Mystery                                                   1935
on a train trip from London to the English Channel, with Ryder                Snorkel                                                                1958    Speak Easily                                                           1932
acting as "bait" to flush out the real killer and solve the murder.           So Young So Bad                                                         1950   It is not often we can offer a classic from the vaults of MGM; but
Sinners in Paradise                                                   1938    Social Register                                                        1934    here are Buster Keaton and Jimmy Durante together for non-
James Whale directs Madge Evans, John Boles, Bruce Cabot,                     Some Like It Hot (aka Rhythm Romance)                                  1939    stop laughs. Keaton is a mild mannered professor who inherits
Milburn Stone and Gene Lockhart in this air plane                             Remake of the 1934 film: Shoot The Works, starring Bob Hope,                   $750,000. He decides to come out of his shell; there waiting
disaster/survival film. The cast must survive on a deserted                   Una Merkel, Shirley Ross, Gene Krupa and Richard Denning.                      with open palms is Thelma Todd. Durante is handed most of
south seas island while facing up to their past lives                         Hope plays Krupa's promoter in this re-titled print of Rhythm                  the laughs in the body of the film, while Keaton's best moments
Siodmak & Ulmer’s People On Sunday                                     1930   Romance                                                                        are saved for the end.
Sitting on the Moon                                                   1936    Something to Sing About                                                1937
Six gun Rhythm                                                        1939    A New York bandleader journeys to Hollywood when he is                         Special inspector                                                      1938
When football player Tex Fletcher arrives home he finds his                   offered a contract with a studio, but he is determined to do                   Spellbound (aka Ghost Story)                                           1941
father missing. Jim Davis has killed the father and learning of               things his way and not theirs. Writers: Victor Schertzinger                    Or, if you prefer, the Spell of Amy Nugent! - A young man's
Tex's identity, sends his men to kill him. But when Tex kills one             (story), Austin Parker (screenplay) - Stars:James Cagney, Evelyn               fiancé dies after contracting a terminal illness, and in his efforts
of the attackers, Davis' stooge Sheriff puts Tex in jail.                     Daw and William Frawley                                                        to contact her he gets involved with a group of spiritualists. .
Skyway                                                                1933    Son of Dr Jekyll                                                       1951
Slander House                                                         1938    Son of Ingagi                                                          1940    Sphinx                                                                 1933
Madame Helene Smith operates a swanky salon for renovations                   All black cast in one of the rarest of the forgotten horror films. J           Lionel Atwill, George (Gabby) Hayes and Paul Fix star in this
of women's faces and bodies, with her partner Mazie Mason                     & J was the first to offer this title, having transferred it from an           outstanding Monogram outing. Atwill is a deaf-mute accused
who grew up with Helene on New York's not-so-swank Tenth                      original 16mm print. Staring Laura Bowman and Spencer                          of murder by an immigrant janitor. The problem is that the
Avenue. Mazie is in love with newspaper columnist Terry Kent,                 (Andy Brown) Williams.                                                         janitor testifies Atwill asked him the time of day. A medical
who frequents the place for juicy items as the salon is a                     Son of the Border                                                      1933    examination proves Atwill can not speak or hear. Remade by
gathering place for the town's rich and near-rich ladies. Terry               Song for Miss Julie                                                    1945    the same studio as The Phantom Killer in 1943. Mastered from
calls it a "scandal house" and, if he had known the title would               A play is being written about an older actor. His Southerner                   35mm nitrate.
be changed to "Slander House" before release, would have                      granddaughter holds the rights to his estate, and is rather                    Spook Town                                                             1944
deemed it as such. Upper-crust Doctor Herbert Stallings, with                 reluctant to give info about her grandfather to some visiting                  Star Reporter                                                          1939
mandatory pencil mustache, is in love with Helene, who isn't all              New York playwrights. This soon disintegrates into a full                      Unbelievable Monogram newspaper drama has Warren Hull
that taken with him. Enter Ruth DeMilo, statuesque showgirl                   family relative comes forward with some new information.                       inheriting a newspaper after the "mob" kills his father. He
and gold-digger de luxe, quickly followed by Pat Fenton,                      Song of Freedom                                                        1936    diverts all efforts of the paper to bring the murderers to justice.
dashing young man-about-town, who sees and quickly falls in                   Paul Robeson plays a man who has a chance to fulfill his dream                 Turns out that the head of the mob is Hull's real father who
love with Helene, despite the fact she uses Madame as a title.                and in the process learn more about himself and his roots.                     writes a confession that frees Marsha Hunt. He then shoots Paul
He takes her to a cabaret where she is insulted by Fenton's                                                                                                  Fix and is killed by the coppers. Is that Clear?
attorney                                                                                                                                                     Stark Fear                                                             1962
Slightly Honorable                                                    1939
Stars Look Down                                                     1939   Strange Fascination                                                 1952   Strangers Of The Evening                                            1932
Carrol Reed's beautiful film concerning the plight of the British          Hugo Haas was the crown prince of low-budget films in the                  A fine murder mystery from Tiffany studios based on "The
mining community. Not as well remembered as How Green                      1950's. It was his seven collaborations with beautiful Cleo                Illustrious Corpse". Zazu Pitts, Eugene Pallette, Tully Marshall,
Was My Valley which was released at about the same time, but               Moore that are best remembered today. STRANGE                              Lucien Littlefield and Theodore Von Eltz star.
a more realistic study of the same subject. Michael Redgrave,              FASCINATION was their first film together and one of the                   Street of Women                                                     1932
Margaret Lockwood, Cecil Parker and Emlyn Williams star.                   more conservative, less lurid of the bunch. This is a drama                Archie Mayo is the director - and the women?... Kay Francis,
Step Lively Jeeves                                                  1937   regarding a renown concert pianist (Haas) who becomes                      Gloria Stuart, Marjorie Gateson, Adrienne Dore and Louise
Stepping Out                                                        1931   attracted to and marries a nightclub dancer (Moore) which                  Beavers
Kane Richmond, Charlotte Greenwood, Reginald Denny, Leila                  starts him on the road to ruin. A few years later, Moore's                 Strip Tease (aka Sweek Skin)                                        1963
Hyams, Lilian Bond and Cliff Edwards star. slapstick mixes                 character would have been a bad girl who took him for                      Submarine Alert                                                     1943
with drawing room style wit, Charlotte Greenwood shines most               everything he had, here she's rather sweet girl who is really not          War time spy drama with Richard Arlen, Wendie Barrie and
consistently. Adapted from a hit Broadway comedy, the plot                 responsible for his problems its all very low key.                         Nils Asther. Arlen is under cover for the FBI trying to stop
involves neglected Hollywood wives (Greenwood and Leila                    Strange Holiday                                                     1946   enemies of freedom from jamming radio waves.
Haymes) who, after catching their wealthy husbands (Harry                  aka "Terror on Main Street" & "The Day After Tomorrow" -                   Submarine Attack                                                    1954
Stubbs and Reginald Denny) in the company of two voracious                 Arch Obler's adaptation of his radio play. Businessman John                Successful Failure                                                  1934
gold diggers (Lillian Bond and Merna Kennedy), run off                     Stevenson returns from a camping holiday in the mountains to               Ellery Cushing is full of catchy sayings and old-fashioned
together to a Mexican resort only to find themselves chased by a           discover the whole of America has been taken over by foreign               wisdom. But all that his family cares about is how much money
pair of male gold diggers (Cliff Edwards and Kane Richmond).               invaders. His family has been taken away and he is thrown into             he makes, and all that his boss at the newspaper sees is that
The husbands pursue the wives, the female gold diggers pursue              prison and must come to terms with the new USA.                            Cushing is getting too old to keep up with his work. So his loyal
the husbands and they all get mixed up together in Caliente                Strange Illusion                                                    1945   co-worker Phil decides to see what he can do to help everyone
where they indulge in several farcical encounters.                         Edgar G. Ulmer's best moment, better even than Bluebeard.                  see what his friend has to offer.
Stoker, The                                                         1932   Warren William and Regis Toomey star in this metaphysical                  Sucker Money                                                        1933
A man whose wife has deserted him winds up saving a                        tale of suspicion and murder.                                              Sudden Fear                                                         1952
beautiful girl from the clutches of a murderous bandit on a                Strange Love Of Martha Ivers                                        1946   Suddenly                                                            1954
Nicaraguan coffee plantation. (Noah Beery stars with Monte                 An outstanding and complex mystery featuring Van Heflin,                   In the city of Suddenly, three gangsters trap the Benson family
Blue and Dorothy Burgess.                                                  Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas and Lizabeth Scott. Stanwyck,               in their own house, on the top of a hill nearby the railroad
Stolen Face                                                         1952   Heflin and Douglas grow up together, Heflin leaves town and                station, with the intention of killing the president of the USA.
Stolen Paradise                                                     1940   the other two marry. A match made in heaven as both are                    Directed by Lewis Allen and starring Frank Sinatra, Sterling
Stork Club                                                          1945   criminally insane. When Heflin returns and meets Scott,                    Hayden and James Gleason. – mastered from an original 35mm
                                                                           Douglas doesn't make it very pleasant for either of them.                  release print
Strange Case of Doctor Rx                                           1942   Strange Woman                                                       1946   Suddenly Its Spring                                                 1947
Strange Case of Dr Manning                                          1957   Strange World of Planet X (aka cosmic monsters)                     1958   Light weight comedy with Paulette Goddard and Fred
Dr. Manning, a successful doctor, married to a rich woman                  Stranger                                                            1946   MacMurray as lawyers, married to each other, but about to
(played by Greta Gynt), is called out in the middle of the night           Orson Welles' intense study of a Nazi war criminal who's                   divorce. The divorce is on again/off again: with Macdonald
to take care of a patient. Dr. Manning never returns from his              assumed a new identity in New England. Loretta Young,                      Carey after Goddard and Arleen Whelan after Fred.
visit and soon after his wife receives a ransom letter requesting          Richard Long and Edward G. Robinson (as the Nazi hunter)                   Sunny (Anna Neagle)                                                 1941
five thousand pounds.                                                      also star. Welles' flair for the dramatic was never better than            Sunny Skies                                                         1930
Strange Confession                                                  1945   during the incredible finale in the clock tower.                           A rare musical from Tiffany Studios. Norman Taurog directed
Jeff Carter (Lon Chaney, Jr.) is testing a vaccine for influenza.          Stranger in Town                                                    1943   this feature starring Benny Rubin and Marceline Day. It has the
He is working for tycoon, Roger Graham (J. Carrol Naish), who              Stranger Left No Card                                               1952   distinction of being the worst college musical ever made. In
takes the credit and the profit for Jeff's discovery. Roger cares          A strangely dressed and eccentric-acting stranger arrives in a             fact it is so painful its fun, but for all the wrong reasons.
more about profits than safety and tests it on Jeff's son. Jeff            small English town. But, after several days on being in the                Sunset Murder Case                                                  1938
resigns and is blacklisted by his boss. He heads to South                  town, the citizens accept him as a harmless, though a bit daft,            Small-time showgirl, loved by two men, poses as a stripper to
America to perfect the formula. Graham has used this                       member of the community. He then pays a visit to the town's                infiltrate a nightclub whose owner is believed responsible for
opportunity to release the drug and romance Jeff's attractive              leading citizen and reveals himself as a man with the perfect              her father's murder.
wife, Mary (Brenda Joyce). When Jeff hears that his son has                plan for murder.
died, he takes revenge.
Super Sleuth                                                         1937    Sweet Beat                                                           1959   Symphony of Living                                                 1935
An actor who plays a detective in films soon finds himself out               An aspiring singer wins a trip to London and is promised a                  Evelyn Brent stars - There is this old concertmaster of the
of his depth when he tries to investigate a real crime.                      record deal, but when she gets there an underhanded American                Cosmopolitian Orchestra and he is about to realize his life-long
Surprise Package                                                     1960    record producer spirits her off to New York and away from her               ambition of appearing as a soloist with the orchestra, when an
Suspense                                                              1946   boyfriend.                                                                  accident robs him of use of his right hand. His children, upon
Svengali                                                             1954    Sweetheart of the Navy                                               1937   learning of his misfortune, immediately desert him knowing he
Hildegarde Neff, Donald Wolfit and Micheal Craig star in this                Grand National outing has Eric Linden coming to the aid of cafe             will no longer provide them with money. So Adolph Greig
British remake of the Warner's 1931 classic. Based on the du                 singer Cecilia Parker. Linden falls for Parker and nearly throws            sinks lower and lower and becomes a street beggar, too proud
Maurier novel "Trilby", this film boasts outstanding sets                    away his Navy career to marry her. Jason Robarts Sr. is also                to ask for help from his friends and unable to find his son or
(fashioned from the illustrations in the original book), but still           featured.                                                                   daughter. One night, standing in front of the concert hall, he
falls short of the Barrymore version. – and the color is off as              Sweetie                                                              1929   sinks to the street from hunger and fatigue. He is picked up by
well!                                                                        Swing                                                                1938   two men associated with the orchestra, Mancini and Rozzini,
Svengali (Archie Mayo)                                               1931    All black musical starring Cora Green, Hazel Diaz, Carmen                   and they take him to Rozzini's and they develop a plan
J & J located a mint original 16mm print of the classic - This is            Newsome, Dorothy Van Engle and Alec Lovejoy. Oscar                          whereby they will set up Greig in a next-door studio where he
the classic story "Trilby" with the great John Barrymore as                  Micheaux directs                                                            can give violin lessons. A young violin genius named Carl
Svengali, the mysterious music teacher with hypnotic powers,                 Swing High                                                           1930   Rupert shows up and, with the aid of Mancini and Rozzini,
Marian Marsh also stars.                                                     Yet another Pathe' classic.            This one's a semi-                   Greig starts the boy off on a brilliant career
Swamp Fire                                                           1946    musical/circus/drama starring Helen Twelvetrees as part of a                T Men (Dennis OKeefe, Wallace Ford)                                1947
Directed by William H. Pine, this marked a rare opportunity for              sister aerialist act with an ending that was painstakingly                  Director Anthony Mann's tale of United States Treasury agents
Olympic champion Johnny Weissmuller in a non-Tarzan                          reconstructed from several sources                                          O'Brien and Genaro who infiltrate a counterfeiting ring which
performance for the very first time on screen (not counting a                Swing High Swing Low                                                 1937   has some dangerously good paper. This is based on several
cameo appearance in the 1943 all-star musical, STAGE DOOR                    A remake itself of Dance of Life, the negative to this film was             actual Treasury cases.
CANTEEN for United Artists). Having acquired the role and                    destroyed when it was remade as When My Baby Smiles At                      Tall Tan and Terrific                                              1946
loincloth since his introduction as the Jungle Lord in TARZAN                Me. All three films were adaptations of the stage play                      Taming Of The Shrew                                                 1929
THE APE MAN (MGM, 1932), followed by nearly ten sequels                      Burlesque. Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray star with a                    Tanks a Million                                                    1941
thus far, Weissmuller finally got his chance breaking away from              supporting cast that includes Dorothy Lamour, Franklin                      Tarawa Beachhead                                                   1958
the jungle into something completely different, a he-man                     Pangborn, Anthony Quinn, Lee Bowman, and Bud Flanagan                       Tarzan and the Green Goddess                                       1938
adventure in the tradition of William H. Pine, producer and                  (later Dennis O'Keefe). No original prints of this film are                 The Green Goddess is a totem worshiped by the primitive
director of profitable "B" products since the early 1940s, many              available, our’s was mastered from a reduction reversal, a bit              natives of a lost city deep in the jungles of Guatemala, which
starring Richard Arlen. SWAMP FIRE provides Weissmuller a                    contrasty and grainy, but a film well worth seeing.                         contains both a fortune in jewels and an ancient formula for a
chance to enact fully clothed, either in striped shirt and cap or            Swing Hostess                                                        1944   super-explosive which could threaten the world in the wrong
coast guard uniform. He does get to do Tarzan-like duties such               Swing Parade of 1946                                                 1945   hands. From Africa, Major Martling launches an expedition to
as diving into the river and wrestling an alligator in order to              Swiss Family Robinson                                                1940   find the Goddess and place its secret in safe hands. So does Ula
rescue a lady in distress, along with battling with a villain,               Thomas Mitchell stars in this great family entertainer, mastered            Vale, whose fiancé died attempting a similar expedition, despite
played by another former Olympic champ, Larry "Buster"                       from a splicey 16mm print (an original theatrical trailer replaces          the warnings of her lawyer Hiram Powers, who secretly wants
Crabbe, who, at one point in Hollywood history, rivaled                      the opening titles). Mitchell and his family are ship wrecked               the Goddess' contents for himself and has dispatched Raglan, a
Weissmuller with an independent production as TARZAN THE                     and find refuge on a deserted island. Here they first simply                mercenary, to get it for him. Aboard ship to Guatemala, they
FEARLESS (1933).                                                             survive, then learn to love the beauty of nature.                           meet Lord Greystoke - aka Tarzan - on his way to the same
Swan (One Romantic Night)                                             1930   Sword of the rebellion (AKA: Il ribelle di Castelmonte)              1964   locale to find his old friend d'Arnot, whose plane reportedly
Sweeny Todd                                                          1936     AKA: Il ribelle di Castelmonte (Italy) - Writers: Aldo Berni,              crashed near the lost city. On reaching Guatemala, Tarzan, the
A Fleet Street barber recounts the story of Sweeney Todd, a                  Luigi Bonelli (story); Stars:Gérard Landry, Annie Alberti and               Martling party and Ula learn of Raglan's devilish mission and
notorious barber who in the last century murdered many                       Luciano Benetti                                                             that he has a good head start on them.
customers for their money. Directed by George King and                       Sword of Venus                                                       1953   Tarzan The Fearless                                                1933
staring Tod Slaughter, Stella Rho and John Singer                            Robert C. Clarke and Dan O'Herlihy star in this remake of the               This is the feature version of the lost Buster Crabbe serial.
Sweepstake Annie                                                     1935    Son of Monte Cristo with Clarke assuming the role originated                Crabbe was up for the Tarzan role at MGM but turned it down
                                                                             by Louis Hayward.                                                           to go to Paramount. While Weissmuller was swinging at Metro,
                                                                                                                                                         Crabbe became King of the Jungle, a Tarzan-like character. This
                                                                                                                                                         was Crabbe's only actual Tarzan feature
Tarzan's Revenge                                                      1938   Teenagers From Outer Space                                         1959    That Brennan Girl                                                    1946
Glenn Morris as the ape man - Eleanor and her parents are                    This is the Tom Graeff epic about invading teenagers and                   The film begins on Mother's Day, 1938 when 14-year-old Ziggy
hunting big game, acompanied by her wimpish fiance. Ben lleu                 cardboard lobsters. This is one of the few really bad films that           Brennan (Mona Freeman buys a gardenia for her mother.
Bey wants to add her to his 100-woman harem. Tarzan wants                    is fun to watch. Graeff (an Orson Wells all rolled into one) is            Ziggy's youthful exuberance disappears when she enters their
her too.                                                                     the only name in the production credits.                                   apartment and finds her mother, Natalie (June Duprez),
Teen Age Crime Wave ( see Jail Bait)                                  1955   Telegraph Trail                                                    1933    drinking with a strange man. Natalie introduces Ziggy as her
Teen aged Devil Dolls (see One Way Ticket to Hell)                    1955   Temptress                                                          1949    "sister" and quietly cautions Ziggy against calling her "mother."
Teenage Confidential (AKA Boy in Court)                               1954   Joan Maude and John Stuart star in this down beat crime drama              Later, dispensing some motherly-advice, Natalie tells Ziggy
typical warning short (20min) for teens of the 40's - Johnny is a            involving a doctor who kills for love and money.                           that if she learns all the tricks, she'll never have to work for a
troubled 15-year-old who falls in with a bad crowd, steals a car             Ten Minutes to Live                                                1932    living. Ziggy goes right out and applies parts of this advice by
and gets caught by the police. However, instead of sending                   Ten Nights in a Barroom                                            1931    stealing a valuable lapel pin from a fellow high-school student,
Johnny to reform school, the judge takes an interest in him and              Tension                                                             1949   and is promptly expelled from school. About five years later,
assigns a probation officer to try to steer Johnny away from a               Terror                                                             1938    Ziggy has made progress and meets Denny Reagan (James
life of crime.                                                               Terror                                                             1963    Dunn), who persuades her to go into his racket. Ziggy's role is
Teenage Doll                                                          1957   Yes - Roger Corman's at it again - this time with Boris Karloff            to telephone people who are planning to move and make
Roger Corman - at it again - The Black Widows, a teenage girl                and Jack Nicholson. A young officer in Napoleon's army                     arrangements to provide a truck to move the furniture
gang, find one of their number killed; they suspect Barbara,                 pursues a mysterious woman to the castle of an elderly Baron.              That Uncertain Feeling                                               1941
sometime girlfriend of the leader of rival gang The Vandals. As              Terror Aboard                                                      1933    Ernst Lubitsch (and his "touch") directs Merle Oberon, Melvyn
the gangs prepare for a rumble, we glimpse the members' home                 An ocean liner is found at sea with everyone on board dead. An             Douglas and Burgess Meredith star. Against her better
lives, exaggerating every type of family dysfunction; but that of            investigation is begun to find out what happened. Charles                  judgment, happily married Jill Baker is persuaded to see a
their "average American" quarry is no better. Full of shadowy                Ruggles, Shirley Grey & Neil Hamilton star.                                popular psychoanalyst about her psychosomatic hiccups. Soon,
urban night scenes                                                           Terror in the Midnight Sun (AKA Invasion of the Animal             1959    she's disillusioned about husband Larry; and one day in the
Teenage Gang Debs                                                     1966   People)                                                                    doctor's waiting room she meets pianist Alexander Sebastian,
A no-good Manhattan girl moves in on a Brooklyn gang. Using                  AKA Invasion of the Animal People, of if you're from Sweeden;              who's even more confused than she is. Can this marriage be
her obvious charms she gets the leader killed in a fight over her            Rymdinvasion i Lappland (original title). Aliens release a furry           saved? Larry has a plan that is pure Lubitsch
and then takes up with the victor and new head man. Then she                 critter in the wilds of Lapland where it takes a woman captive             That's My Baby                                                       1944
starts pushing him to get out onto the streets to mix it with rival          and threatens a group of scientists.                                       This cleverly produced comedy stars Richard Arlen as a
gangs.                                                                       Terror Of Tiny Town                                                1938    producer who presents a spectacular musical show to cheer up
Teenage Zombies                                                       1959   Released by Columbia, this boasts of being the only all midget             his melancholy father-in-law.
Re-issued as Teenage Torture - Teenagers Reg, Skip, Julie and                western... thank God. A year later Jed Buell's midgets were to             The Boss                                                             1955
Pam go out for an afternoon of water skiing on a nice day. They              go under the rainbow at MGM.                                               The Greene Murder Case                                               1929
come ashore on an island that is being used as a testing center              Terror Street                                                      1952    The Law                                                               1959
for a scientist and agents from "an eastern power." They seek to             Fine crime drama with Dan Duryea being accused and hunted                  The Scar                                                             1948
turn the people of the United States into easily controlled                  for a murder he did not commit. He's a U.S. service man in                 There goes the Bride                                                 1932
zombie like creatures. The agents steal Reg's boat, stranding the            England suspected of killing his unfaithful British Wife.                  There's No Business Like Show Business                               1950
teens on the island. The four friends are then held captive in               Texas Cyclone                                                      1932    They Can't Hang Me                                                   1955
cages able only to speculate on their fate. Though they have                 Texas Kid                                                          1944    Sentenced to death for murder, a civil servant reveals that he
already been testing the formula on convicts and drunks, the                 Johnny Mack Brown and Raymond Hatton star in this                          has long been a foreign agent smuggling secrets out of the
enemy scientist and agents plan to conduct final tests on the                Monogram outing. This is the archetypical B western of the                 country. He meets with special branch officer Inspector Brown
teens before they use it on the rest of America. Meanwhile, two              1940's. While the screen play was written by Jess Bowers it was            and offers to reveal the identity of an elusive master spy in
of their friends, whom the captives had planned to meet later,               based on a story by Lynton Brent, who appears in the film as a             return for a reprieve. With five days before Pitt is to be hung,
search for their missing friends. After a series of suspicious               character named Jess.                                                      Brown sets out to trace the identity of the spy.
encounters, they urge the corrupt sheriff to search the island               Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven                                         1948
where their friends are trapped.                                             A would-be playwright and a young woman escaping from a
                                                                             job at a gas station meet cute and fall in love.
                                                                             Thank You Jeeves                                                   1936
They came from beyond space                                          1967   Thirteenth Guest, The                                               1932   Three Cases Of Murder                                               1950
Astronomers investigate a mysterious meteorite shower in a                  13 years before the movie opens, there was a dinner party, at              This must have been the fore runner of Rod Serling's Night
rural English farm field, - exceptional because the space rocks             which the 13th guest failed to show up. The master of the                  Gallery, more so than Flesh and Fantasy. Three separate tales
all fell in a V formation. Dr. Richard Arden, preeminent in the             manner has died, and left the bulk of his estate to this 13th              (the first one "In The Picture" was re-done as a Night Gallery
field of extraterrestrial study, is not permitted to accompany his          guest, but nobody knows who that is. Now someone is                        episode) are told: all feature Alan Badel in one role or another,
colleagues, including his girlfriend Lee Mason, because he is               murdering the remaining guests, and placing their dead bodies              the last has the powerful Orson Welles as a member of
still recovering from the effects of a recent motor accident. The           at the table, in the same seat they had occupied 13 years before.          Parliament with an obsession.
scientists are summarily taken over by some alien force, and                This Day and Age                                                    1933   Three Crooked Men                                                   1958
others in the area are dying from a mysterious "crimson                     This Is Not a Test                                                  1962   Three men arrive in a small town to pull the local bank heist.
plague," which covers their bodies with drops of blood. Temple              This is the Army                                                    1943   And in that purpose, they have to use the shop that stands
seems the only person immune to both maladies, so if he can                 In WW I dancer Jerry Jones stages an all-soldier show on                   besides the bank. They have to break the wall which is on the
discover the reason for this immunity, he may yet foil the alien            Broadway, called Yip Yip Yaphank. Wounded in the War, he                   other side of the safe.
plan to take earthlings back to the moon for their own sinister             becomes a producer. In WW II his son Johnny Jones, who was                 Three Steps North                                                   1951
purposes - Robert Hutton stars.                                             before his fathers assistant, gets the order to stage a knew all-          Three Weird Sisters                                                 1948
They Never Come Back                                                 1932   soldier show, called THIS IS THE ARMY. But in his pesonal life             When a mine collapses destroying the homes built on top of it,
Prizefighter Jimmy Nolan, facing an opportunity to get a                    he has problems, because he refuses to marry his fiancée until             the three sisters of the the family that owned the mine promise
championship fight, is knocked out when he sustains what is                 the war is over. Beautiful print - full color and a killer cast:           to rebuild the homes. This doesn't sit well with their brother
apparently a permanent injury to his arm. From there, Nolan's               George Murphy, Joan Leslie, George Tobias, Alan Hale, Charles              who now lives in the city and is the real source of money for the
path leads downhill. He is drawn into a romance with a                      Butterworth, Dolores Costello, Una Merkel, Stanley Ridges,                 family. Returning home in order to straighten out the situation,
nightclub entertainer, then is framed on a theft charge by a                Rosemary DeCamp, Frances Langford, Gertrude Niesen, Kate                   he soon finds that all is not well in the old homestead, and his
jealous suitor. After his prison term, Nolan makes a spectacular            Smith and Ronald Reagan.                                                   life is in grave danger.
comeback in a fight which proves his courage and integrity,                 This Side of the Law                                                1950   They Were So Young                                                  1954
while disproving the fallacy about the old sports adage that                David Cummings, a vagrant, is bailed out of jail by Philip                 AKA Mannequins für Rio, A model agency in Rio de Janeiro is
"they never come back."                                                     Cagle, an attorney, who hires him to impersonate a missing                 actually a front for a white-slavery ring that kidnaps European
They Raid by Night                                                   1942   millionaire, whose presence is necessary in order to distribute a          women and sells them on the South American sex market. And
The British Commandos send Bob Owen (Lyle Talbot) to                        $3,000,000 estate. Cummings' masquerade involves fooling the               anlong the way you'll see Scott Brady, Raymond Burr, Gert
Norway to prepare for a raid. His mission also includes freeing             missing man's wife, his brother and the brother's wife. Cagle,             Frobe and in her first screen role: Caterina Valente (then 23
General Heden (Paul Baratoff) who is being held by the Nazis.               desiring to be rid of Cummings, sets actions in play which ends            years old).
His aides include Eric Falken (George Nesie) and Harry                      in murder, attempted murder and the entombment of                          Thunder in the City                                                 1937
(Charles Rogers). Inga (June Duprez), a Norwegian girl to                   Cummings.Janis Paige and Nita Talbot are among the featured                Thunderbolt                                                         1947
whom Falken was once engaged but who has become the                         players.                                                                   Ticket To A Crime                                                   1934
sweetheart of Oberst Von Ritter (Victor Varconi), betrays their             Those We Love                                                       1932   A Man is found murdered at the Lido Country Club and,
hiding place. The three overpower the Gestapo men sent after                Mary Astor, Kenneth MacKenna and Lilyan Tashman star - A                   although several people are under suspicion, including Elaine
them, take their uniforms and enter the prison camp and free                young author meets and marries the woman who bought the                    and Willis Purdy, the police can not find the murderer; but
Heden. The four men then start for the coast to meet the                    first copy of his new book. They live happily with their son, but          private detective Clay Holt, and his pretty secretary Peggy
Commando expedition. Inga, who the men still trust, again                   some time later, as the husband is moving into the family's new            Cummings unearth the vital clue and bring the killer to justice.
informs von Ritter and Falken is captured but Bob and Harry                 home, a woman in the neighborhood tries to seduce him.                     Timberjack                                                          1955
escape with the aid of Dalberg, who they thought was a                      Although he resists, his wife becomes very suspicious, and her             Time out for Romance                                                1937
Quisling stooge.                                                            distrust threatens to ruin the whole family                                A girl (Claire Trevor) escapes marriage and hitchhikes with a
They were so young                                                   1954   Threat, The                                                         1949   young man (Michael Whalen) in whose car a jewel thief has
Thief of Bagdad                                                      1961   At Folsom Prison, several inmates escape...including killer                planted his loot. Joan Davis and William Demarest are on hand
Things Happen at Night                                               1947   Arnold Kluger, who swore revenge on the detective and district             as well.
Things to Come                                                       1936   attorney who convicted him. Despite precautions, the two men               Times Square Playboy                                                1936
The ultimate British prophecy film. This, based on The Shape                are soon in Kluger's power, together with showgirl Carol whom              Titanic, Disaster in the Atlantic                                   1929
Of Things To Come foretold the advent of WWII by a sneak                    he suspects of informing on him. At a shack in the California              Titfield Thunderbolt                                                1953
attack in December. This is the 93min American release print.               desert, Kluger, two henchmen, and four hostages wait, and
                                                                            wait, for an escape plane that may never come.
Tomboy                                                             1940    Trapped by Television                                              1936   Under The Big Top                                                      1938
Marcia Mae Jones, Jackie Moran and Grant Withers star in this              Mary Astor stars with Lyle Talbot, Nat Pendleton, Joyce                   A pretty young circus trapeze artist is pushed by her
charming film about a city girl who falls in love with a country           Compton and Thurston Hall. An inventor looking for backing                domineering aunt to be the best aerialist in the world. When she
boy. A fine romance film from the days when Hollywood                      for his television invention gets involved with a crooked                 begins to fall for one of the two men in her act, her mother
could afford to be tender                                                  businessman and gangsters who try to steal his invention.                 determines to break up the romance. So does the other trapeze
Tombstone Canyon                                                   1935    Trapped in Tia Juana                                               1932   artist, who is also in love with her. Marjorie Main, Anne Nagel,
This film was saved from being just another horse opera by the             Duncan Renaldo stars in a double role in this combination of              Jack La Rue, Fred 'Snowflake' Toones and Betty Compson star.
outstanding performance of Sheldon Lewis as The Phantom,                   the Zorro legend and the tale of the Corsican brothers. A lot of          Under the Bridges (Unter den Brücken)                                  1946
some neat plot twists and fine production values. This was                 fun, even if it's a bit creaky.                                           Two barge skippers fall in love with the same woman. Third
filmed at Tiffany with a Universal studios' crew and Ken                   Tread Softly Stranger                                              1958   film for Hildegard Knef, the original German title was "Unter
Maynard as star.                                                           Triumph Of Will                                                    1935   den Brücken" - alright, not quite as catchy as it could be.
Tomorrow Is Forever                                                 1946   Trouble At Melody Mesa                                             1949   Under The Sun of Rome (Sotto Il Sole Di Roma)                           1948
Tomorrow We Live                                                   1942    Jimmy's father, a rancher, died in suspicious circumstances. To           Undercover Agent                                                       1939
Tomorrow’s Youth                                                   1935    make things worse, Jimmy's disreputable uncle has a plot to               Neat little crime drama from Crescent Pictures: A railway
A look at how his parents' divorce affects the life of a young             take over the ranch. Jimmy turns to his friend Brad, the                  postal clerk goes after a sweepstakes counterfeiting ring..
boy. That young boy; Dickie Moore - featured players include               Marshal, for help.                                                        Undertaker & His Pals                                                  1966
Jane Darwell and Franklin Pangborn.                                        Trouble in Store                                                   1953   Ray Dannis and Robert Lowery star in this gore, exploitation,
Tonight or Never                                                   1931    True Story of Lili Marlene (Humphrey Jennings)                     1944   comedy. Dannis runs a funeral parlor in the best of taste, he
Too Late for Tears                                                 1949    Try And Find It (aka: Hi Diddle Diddle)                            1943   even offer trading stamps. Only for the stout hearded.
Too many crooks                                                    1959    Adlophe Menjou, Pola Negri, Billie Burke, June Havoc and                  Underworld Story                                                       1950
Top Banana                                                         1954    Martha Scott star in this bright comedy; further highlighted by           A yellow journalist and antihero, prints a story that leads to a
Tormented (Tormento)                                               1950    great annimated sequences. A pair of newlyweds is allowed                 gang killing, and is blacklisted from the city papers under
Richard Carlson labours under the direction of Bert I. Gordon -            only a 48 hour honeymoon before the groom must 'ship out'. A              suspicion of ties with a racketeer. a neat little film, with a great
A man lets a former flame fall to her death rather than let her            non-stop parade of loonies thwarts them at every turn. Classic            cast ;Dan Duryea, Herbert Marshall, Gale Storm, Howard Da
interfere with his new relationship, but her ghost returns to              comedy from the closing days of the screwball genre. (AKA:                Silva, Michael O'Shea, Alan Hale Jr., Roland Winters and in his
disrupt his impending nuptials. When this hit TV they called it            "Diamonds and Crime" and "Hi Diddle Diddle")                              last screen role; Edward Van Sloan (who did not get screen
"Eye of the Dead".                                                         Tudor Rose (AKA Nine Days A Queen)                                 1936   credit).
Tough assignment                                                   1949    AKA Nine Days A Queen, AKA Lady Jane Grey. Sir Cedric                     Unfinished Task (aka I'll Give My Life)                                1960
Tough to Handle                                                    1937    Hardwicke, John Mills and Nova Pilbeam (then unknown                      This a touching and important story about faith, love, and the
A young reporter's grandfather wins a sweepstakes, but it turns            members of the London West End Theatre Company) star in                   big choices in life. A son decides to forgo fame and fortune in
out that his ticket is phony. The reporter finds out that the              this detailed and historically correct account of the days                order to fully embrace his Christian beliefs by joining a
police are looking for the criminal ring responsible for the               following the death of Henry VIII. Watch this one after the               seminary. This is much to the chagrin of his wealthy father.
phony-sweepstakes racket, so he and his young brother set out              Private Life of Henry VIII or Man for All Seasons                         Their relationship on the skids, both learn about themselves and
to track down the gang responsible and expose them.                        Tunes of Glory                                                     1960   each other in this emotional drama that mingles tragedy with
Toward The Unknown                                                  1956   Turn the Key Softly                                                1953   hope. Also not to be missed is a glimpse of the phenomenal
Town Went Wild, The                                                1944    Joan Collins stars in an Intimate Study in Passion and                    Angie Dickinson in one of her earliest roles.
Feuding fathers deal with the shocking news that their sons                Suspense...!                                                              Unholy Four                                                            1954
were switched at birth, meaning that one of their daughters is             Turnabout                                                          1940   Unholy Love                                                            1932
about to marry her own brother. Staring Freddie Bartholomew,               Bickering husband and wife Tim and Sally Willows mutter a                 Unstoppable Man                                                        1960
Jimmy Lydon and Edward Everett Horton.                                     few angry words to a statue of Buddha and wind up living each             Cameron Mitchell, Marius Goring and Lois Maxwell star in this
Tragedy at Midnight                                                1942    other's life. Writers: Thorne Smith (novel), Mickell Novack               superior British crime drama. Mitchell's son is kidnapped, and
Train of Events                                                    1949    (screenplay) Stars: Adolphe Menjou, Carole Landis and John                he is out to get the culprits himself; Rambo style (flame thrower
Transatlantic merry go round                                       1934    Hubbard                                                                   and all)
Transatlantic Tunnel                                               1935    Twilight Women                                                     1952   Untamed Women                                                          1952
Richard Dix stars in this futuristic and effective drama. A                Twin Husbands                                                      1933   Mikel Conrad and Doris Merrick star in this silly sci-fi flick.
tunnel is to be built beneath the Atlantic ocean and Dix risks             Two Headed Spy                                                     1958   Told in flashback with footage from 1,000,000 B.C. one feels
everything to see it through.                                              Two Seconds (Mervyn LeRoy)                                         1932   sorry that Conners ever got off the island.
Untamed Youth                                                        1957    Walk into Paradise                                                 1956    Werewolf In A Girls Dormitory                                        1961
Sisters Jane and Penny are arrested for hitchhiking on their way             Originally called A Walk into Hell (go figure) Steve McAllister,           Like many of these imports this one's known by a few names;
to Los Angeles when they stop for a quick skinny dip in a rural              an Australian official for The New Guinea Administration, gets             "Ghoul in a Girl's Dormitory" amd "Lycanthropus". Also, like
town. Local agricultural magnate Trump is a sponsor for a local              orders to investigate an oil discovery by Ned 'Shark-Eye' Kelly            many of these imports - its not short on plot; The new science
prison work program and the women get put in the fields to                   in the interior. He selects his native policeman, Sergeant-Major           teacher Dr. Julian Olcott with a mysterious past arrives in an
work off their sentence. Trump is dating the widowed judge in                Towalaka, to accompany him on his "walk into hell" and then                institutional boarding school for troublemaker girls. Along the
order to ensure a stable supply of cheap labor in order to                   finds that a French lady doctor, Louise Dumurcet, is to go with            night, the intern Mary Smith, who is blackmailing another
undercut his competition. The prisoners suffer ill treatment, but            them part of the journey. They find the malaria-stricken Jeff              teacher - Sir Alfred Whiteman - with some love letters, is
the judge's son has signed on as a hired hand and begins to                  Clayton in a deserted village and he joins the trek. They are              slaughtered by a werewolf. The detective in charge of the
figure out the scam as he begins falling in love with Jane, and              captured by jungle-natives but are released after Dr. Dumurcet             investigation attributes the crime to a wolf, while her mate
Penny dreams of making it big in showbiz. Howard W. Koch                     cures the fever-stricken children of the chief                             Priscilla believes she was killed by Sir Alfred. On the next days,
directs Mamie Van Doren, Lori Nelson and John Russell.                       Walk The Dark Street                                               1956    other deaths happen in the school, reducing the list of suspects.
Up The River                                                         1938    Walking Nightmare                                                  1942    Werewolf of Washington                                               1973
Forgotten remake of the 1930 classic. Preston Foster, Tony                   Wallaby Jim of the Island                                          1937    Dean Stockwell, Katalin Kallay and Henry Ferrentino star in
Martin, Phyllis Brooks, Slim Summerville and Arthur Treacher                 Wallaby Jim and his men have just found a valuable source of               this stinker - A reporter who has had an affair with the
star.                                                                        pearls in the South Pacific. But Jim's associate Norman has put            daughter of the U.S. President is sent to Hungary. There he is
Valerie                                                              1957    the whole operation in jeopardy because of his gambling                    bitten by a werewolf, and then gets transferred back to
Valley of the Zombies                                                1946    problem. Jim's unscrupulous rival Richter decides to exploit the           Washington, where he gets a job as press assistant to the
Vampire Bat                                                          1933    situation by jumping Jim's claim and trying to take over for               President. Then bodies start turning up in D.C. . . .
Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Melvyn Douglas, George E. Stone and                 himself.                                                                   What a carve up (remake of The Ghoul)                                1961
Dwight Frye star. When the villagers of Klineschloss start dying             War of the Satellites                                              1958    What Price Innocence                                                  1933
of blood loss, the town fathers suspect a resurgence of                      Warning from Space                                                 1956    When the West Was Young (Heritage of the Desert)                     1932
vampirism. While police inspector Karl remains skeptical,                    AKA Uchûjin Tôkyô ni arawaru - UFO's are seen around                       often filmed Zane Grey story - Nabb controls the pass and lets
scientist Dr. von Niemann cares for the vampire's victims one                Tokyo. Because they look like giant starfish the aliens cannot             all the ranchers through except Holderness and his stolen cattle.
by one, and suspicion falls on simple-minded Herman Gleib                    approach us without creating panic. Hence one of them                      When Nabb refuses to sell, Holderness works an his son Snap
because of his fondness for bats. A blood-thirsty mob hounds                 sacrifices itself and takes the form of a popular female singer.           who has run up gambling debts. There is more trouble when
Gleib to his death, but the vampire attacks don't stop.                      It/she warns mankind that a meteor will crash on Earth. While              Snap becomes jealous of Judy's attraction to the surveyor Jack.
Vampire Lovers                                                        1970   the approaching meteor causes hotter and hotter weather,                   When Holderness has Snap killed, everyone heads to town for
Vampyros Lesbos                                                       1971   mankind runs and builds a last-chance anti-meteor weapon.                  the showdown. This time out it stars Randolph Scott, Sally
Vanity Fair                                                          1932    Wasp Woman                                                         1959    Blane and J. Farrell MacDonald
Myrna Loy stars as Becky Sharp in this modern dress version of               Waterfront Lady                                                    1935    When's Your Birthday                                                 1937
the Thackeray novel. Billy Bevan and Montagu Love also star.                 Ann Rutherford as the title character - When a young man is                One of Joe E. Brown's best features, with a cartoon sequence by
This 62 min. feature was mastered from a sparkling original                  befriended by a gambling ship operator and made a partner in               Leon Schlesinger besides. Brown plays an astrologer who
16mm print.                                                                  the business, he becomes involved in a police manhunt after he             believes he is invincible when the full moon is out. The
Velvet Trap                                                          1966    covers up a murder committed by his new partner.                           supporting cast includes Edgar Kennedy, Marian Marsh and
Villain Still Pursued Her                                            1940    Waterloo Road                                                       1945   Margaret Hamilton. This was mastered from an original
Vote for Huggett                                                     1949    Way Ahead (Immortal Battalion)                                     1944    monochrome print
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women                            1968    Weary River                                                        1929    Where’s My Man Tonight                                               1943
Astronauts landing on Venus encounter dangerous exotic                       great chance to see two silent screen stars Richard Barthelmess            Whip Hand                                                            1951
creatures and almost meet some sexy Venusian women who                       and Betty Compson step into the talkie era together in what                Whispering City                                                      1947
like to sunbathe in hip-hugging skin-tight pants and seashell                might otherwise be a standard early talkie prison picture.                 Whistle Stop                                                         1946
bras. Credited Director: Peter Bogdanovich with Mamie Van                    Well Diggers Daughter                                               1940   White Angel                                                          1955
Doren, Mary Marr and Paige Lee. The film is actually a re-edit               We'll Meet Again (Vera Lynn)                                       1943    Where's That Fire                                                    1940
of a Soviet science fiction film with extra footage of young                 Went the day Well                                                  1942    White Pongo                                                          1945
American girls. Very low budget. The two sets of actors never                                                                                           Hunters and scientists venture into the jungle to track down a
actually meet. - There are actually two re-edits of the original -                                                                                      savage albino gorilla, which they believe could be the missing
and both - well - are kinda awful.                                                                                                                      link between man and ape.
While the Patient Slept                                                1935   Wild Women                                                           1951    Without Warning                                                     1952
Grandfather is sick and the family and his lawyer gather                      The 1950's answer to "Ingagi". An African exploitation epic                  riviting, but forgotten little noir gem - Carl Martin is a morose
around waiting for him to die. When he receives a telegram                    with a solid cast of Hollywood second stringers: Don Orlando,                and deranged Los Angeles gardener, who,in retribution for the
from his disinherited son, Charles, he passes out and a nurse,                Dana Wilson, Mort Thompson, Clarence Brooks, Lewis Wilson                    infidelity of his unfaithful wife, sets about to kill as many
Sarah, comes to the house to attend to him. His other two sons,               and Frances DuBay. WARNING: this film is only for fans of the                blonde's as he can. From the time the film opens, to the sound
Ross and Adolphe, quarrel over an outstanding loan. Later that                genre (or fans of National Geographic's countless photo                      of a radio turned up full-blast over the still-warm corpse of a
night, Adolphe is murdered and the police are called. Everyone                sessions with jungle natives). Mastered from 35mm nitrate                    blonde, the audience knows the identity of the killer. The film
is lying and has their reasons. A mysterious man is seen on the               Wind Across The Everglades                                            1958   depicts, with documentary realism as it was shot on location in
property before Grondel, the Butler, is killed. When the                      Window In London                                                     1939    and around Los Angeles, how the police, using laboratory
reporters arrive, they write wild stories as O'Leary looks for the            This film was released in the U.S. in 1942 under the title Lady In           techniques against the few clues they have, track down Martin.
killer with little help from Det. Jackson. Sarah has nothing but              Distress. Universal remade it as Lady on a Train with a                      Their key clue is a spring from a pair of garden shears. The
wisecracks for O'Leary but does offer some clues to the identity              maturing Dianna Durbin and later Hitchcock borrowed from it                  police move in just as Martin is about to add Jane Saunders, the
of the murderer                                                               in his classic Rear Window. Michael Redgrave sees Paul Lukas                 daughter of a greenhouse owner, to his long list of victims.
White Zombie                                                           1932   murder his wife, or does he? Redgrave is on a passing train and              Witness to Murder                                                   1954
Based on the novel The Magic Island by William Seabrook, this                 only gets a glimpse of the crime. Later it turns out that Lukas is           Wives Under Suspicion                                               1938
Halperin brothers' production is among the finest in the low                  a magician who uses his wife as an assistant. You won't believe              James Whale's remake of his own Kiss Before The Mirror, based
budget horror field. Lugosi could not have been better, and the               the ending!                                                                  on the novel Suspicion by Ladislaus Fodor. A fine cast
film itself so impressed Paramount that they hired the                        Wings of Danger                                                      1952    highlights this film: Warren William, Gail Patrick, Ralph
Halperins to do a picture ("Supernatural") with their biggest                 Winning the West (aka The Light Of Western Stars)                    1930    Morgan, Bill Lundigan, Connie Moore, Samuel S. Hinds,
star: Lombard.                                                                Winslow Boy                                                          1950    Milburn Stone and Jonathan Hale.
Who Killed Aunt Maggie                                                 1940   Robert Donat stars as the lawyer who sacrifices nearly                       Wolves of the Range                                                 1943
Who Killed Teddy Bear                                                  1965   everything in defence of a young man dismissed from military                 Bob Livingston stars in this entry into the PRC Lone Rider
Wife Wanted                                                            1946   school on charges of theft, Sir Cedric Hardwicke plays the boy's             series. Sam Newfield directs.
Wild Boys of the Road                                                  1933   father. Brilliant acting and fine court room drama. Mastered                 Woman Between                                                       1931
Frankie Darro stars - In the depths of the Depression, two                    from an original 16mm print.                                                 Lily Damita and Anita Louise star in this romantic melodrama
teenage boys strike out on their own in order to help their                   Winterset                                                            1936    about a newly married French woman who finds herself more
struggling parents and find life on the road tougher than                     this four star drama from RKO stars Burgess Meredith,                        attracted to her step son, then her husband. An other pre-code
expected.                                                                     Eduardo Ciannelli, John Carradine, Paul Fix, Myron                           epic from Radio Pictures.
Wild Gold                                                              1934   McCormick, Mischa Auer, and Lucille Ball. Fictionalized here                 Woman Condemned                                                     1934
A young man desperately in love with a nightclub singer sees                  is the tail of Sacco and Vanzetti in an adaptation of the Maxwell            Woman Eater                                                         1958
an opportunity to spend some time alone with her when they're                 Anderson play.                                                               Get your mind out of the gutter! this one is about A mad
traveling through the Nevada gold country, and he takes the                   Witching Hour                                                        1934    scientist who captures women and feeds them to a flesh-eating
carburetor off her car and throws it in the river, stranding them             A gambler with clairvoyant and hypnotic powers, is able to win               tree, which in turn gives him a serum that helps bring the dead
there. They wind up staying at the cabin of a crusty old                      at cards through his unique gift. But when he inadvertently                  back to life. Kind of a mad scientist recylcling program.
prospector, and soon the manager of a nightclub act shows up                  hypnotizes young Clay Thorne, Thorne kills an enemy of the                   Women in the Night                                                  1948
with his bevy of beautiful showgirls. Things get weirder from                 gambler while under a trance. No one believes his protestations              Six women from the main Allied Nations battling the German-
there                                                                         that Thorne is innocent of any murderous intent, so he teams up              Japanese Axis in WW2 are arrested by the Germans in Shanghai
Wild Ride                                                              1960   with a retired lawyer in hopes of saving the young man from                  University, under the false accusation they are accomplices of
A rebellious punk of the beat generation (Jack Nicholson)                     the gallows. Featured in the cast are Gertrude Michael and                   the killing of a German officer in the Hospital. Two Asian
spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver in between                    William Frawley                                                              women will join the group, and eventually it is revealed that
partying and troublemaking. He eventually kidnaps his                         Woman in Question                                                     1950   there are at least three underground spies amongst the small
buddy's girlfriend, kills a few police officers and finally sees his          Woman in the Shadows                                                 1934    group. Some will survive, others will die heroic deaths for their
own life end in tragedy.                                                      Woman Rebels, A                                                      1936    religious beliefs, nationalist ideals, or the sake of humankind.
                                                                              Woman who Came Back                                                  1945    Wooden Horse                                                        1950
                                                                              With Words and Music                                                 1937    World Accuses                                                       1934
World Gone Mad                                                     1933   Zontar, The Thing from Venus                                     1966       MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH                  1934
Pat O'Brien ("Hell's House") stars as an obtrusive reporter               John Agar (again) teams with Larry Buchanan (again) in this                 Edna Best, Nova Pilbeam, Peter Lorre and Leslie Banks star in the
investigating the vicious assassination of a befriended District          color remake of It Conquered The World. A bat-like creature                 spy thriller. Though it may well be dated, it is still more fun to
Attorney and unravels almost single-handedly an entire                    invades Agar's mind and forces him to cut off the world's                   watch than Hitchcock's own 1956 remake.
network of corruption, blackmail and political scandals. Evelyn           power supply.
Brent, Neil Hamilton, Louis Calhern and J. Carrol Naish join in
the mystery.                                                                                                                                          THE LODGER 1926
World’s Greatest Sinner                                            1962   1,000 dollars a minute                                    1935              First of three film versions under this title of the Jack The Ripper
Wrecking Crew                                                      1942                                                                               story. This was the first Hitchcock film to exhibit all of the
                                                                          13 demon street (3 eprsodes & Devil's Messenger)          1961
Wrong Road, The                                                    1937                                                                               master's dynamic visual touches.
                                                                          13 West Street                                            1962
Spoiled young lovers rob bank and hide the loot. Lionell Atwill
                                                                          13th Man                                                  1937
tries to find it. With Richard Cromwell and Helen Mack.                                                                                               BLACKMAIL 1929
X Marks the Spot                                                   1942   5                                                         1951
                                                                                                                                                      Though this was to be the Master's first talking film, the first 10
BLACK MARKET CZAR!...Exchanging human lives for blood-                    5 min to live                                             1961
                                                                                                                                                      min. are a montage narrated by sound without dialogue.
soaked Profit! This was the second of 3 films produced under              90 degrees south                                          1933
this title (made between 1931 and 1944). Rubber is a valuable             99 River Street                                           1953              CHAMPAGNE 1927
commodity during WW2. Eddie Delaney is a second lieutenant                John Payne and Evelyn Keyes star in the story of a
in the army, but also a private detective. Eddy swings into                                                                                           Early Hitchcock comedy concerning a millionaire who pretends to
                                                                          washed up boxer and his nagging wife. (its better                           go bankrupt to teach his daughter a lesson. Betty Balfour and Jean
action, when his father, police-sergeant Timothy J. Delaney, is
                                                                          than I make it sound :-). Also in the case is Regis                         Bradin star
gunned down by rubber racketeers. With the help of his brave
friend and radio disc jockey Linda Ward and police-lieutenant
                                                                          Philbin’s first father-in-law Frank Faylen. Oh and
William 'Bill' Decker, Eddy goes after the racketeers. Eddie,             by the way – Keyes is not the nagging wife – that’s                         EASY VIRTUE 1927
Linda and Bill have during their search to deal with various              Peggie Castle.                                                              Ian Hunter and Isabel Jeans star in this social melodrama about a
criminals, like Marty Clark and the unscrupulous businessman                                                                                          married woman who falls in love with a young man who later
and owner of the nightclub 'The Spot', John J. Underwood. –                                                                                           killes himself.
and they fit all that into 6 reels!
Yesterday Machine                                                  1963                             Alfred Hitchcock
Yield to the Night
                                                                                                                                                      JAMAICA INN               1939
Young and Beautiful                                                                                                                                   Hitchcock’s last British film before heading to the US and turning
                                                                   1934   The 39 Steps      1935
Young Daniel Boone                                                 1950                                                                               out Rebecca! If you’re looking for a great Hitchcock movie – don’t
                                                                          A man in London tries to help a counterespionage agent. But when
Frontier scout Daniel Boone is sent out to locate the only two                                                                                        look here – but if you want a good film with an ample side of ham
                                                                          the agent is killed and he stands accused, he must go on the run to
survivors of General Braddock's men that are believed two have                                                                                        provided by Laughton – well this is the place. And Maureen
                                                                          both save himself and also stop a spy ring trying to steal top secret
lived through an Indian massacre. One of the survivors,                                                                                               O’Hara is not hard to look at either.
CHarlie Bryan, witnessed the capture of his two daughters,
Rebecca and Helen, by the Indians. Boone succeeds in locating                                                                                         MANXMAN         1928
and rescuing the women. Shorty afterwards, the Boone party is             THE FARMER'S WIFE 1928
                                                                                                                                                      Carl Brisson stars as a fisherman who is lost at sea. When he
joined by Captain Fraser, who proves to be an intelligence                Long believed lost, this stands as a fine example of the master's
                                                                                                                                                      returns he finds that his girl friend is expecting his best friend's
officer in the French forces, and Boone's small group is                  lighter touch. This comedy centers around a farmer whose wife
captured. An Indian attack is diverted and the tables are turned          dies in the first reel, he then spends the rest of the film searching for
in favor of the British forces. Boone kills Captain Fraser, and           a new one. His methods and the women's reactions are reminders
looks forward to a happy future in Kentucky with Rebecca.                                                                                             RICH AND STRANGE 1932
                                                                          of the gentle comedy that was possible only on the silent screen.
Young in Heart                                                     1938                                                                               Least common of the early sound films by Hitchcock. Again the
Young Man Of Manhattan                                             1930                                                                               first 7 min or so is a visual montage orchestrated to sounds and
                                                                          The Lady Vanishes        1936
Young One (Zachary Scott)                                          1960                                                                               music (no dialogue) that show a man's frustration with is dull life.
                                                                          While traveling in continental Europe, a rich young playgirl
Young Stranger                                                     1957                                                                               This remains a bizarre and engrossing entry.
                                                                          realizes that an elderly lady seems to have disappeared from the
Young, Willing and Eager                                           1962
You're out of Luck                                                 1941
Waltzes From Vienna 1933                                                 The Pleasure Garden        1925                                           Will Hay - Windbag The Sailor                     1936
TV cut down of the master's least favorite film. The story of Johann     Hitchcock's first directorial credit; filmed before, but released after   Will Hay - Old Bones Of The River                 1938
Strauss the elder and younger.                                           "The Lodger". Patsy Brand is a chorus girl at the Pleasure Garden         Will Hay - My Learned Friend                      1943
                                                                         music hall. She meets Jill Cheyne who is down on her luck and gets        Will Hay - Good Morning, Boys                     1937
MURDER             1930                                                  her a job as a dancer. Jill meets adventurer Hugh Fielding and they       Will Hay - Hey Hey USA                            1938
Herbert Marshall, in his first speaking role, is Sir John in the fine    get engaged, but when Hugh travels out of the country, she begins         Will Hay - Where There's A Will                   1936
who done it. Here Marshall is a juror who sets out to prove that a       to play around.
convicted girl is innocent of murder.                                                                                                              Sherlock Holmes
                                                                                                   Anna May Wong
NUMBER 17        1927                                                                                                                              Sherlock Holmes Fatal Hour (Sleeping Cardinal)      1931
A fine crime drama that was to set the pace for many of Hitch's          Piccadilly                                            1929                Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle              1928
climax scenes to come. A Jewel thief helps the police track down         Thief of Bagdad                                       1924                Sherlock Holmes Dressed To Kill                     1946
her former gang.                                                         Island of Lost Men                                    1939                Sherlock Holmes Secret Weapon                       1943
                                                                         A Study In Scarlet                                    1933                Sherlock Holmes Terror By Night                     1946
SABOTAGE       1936                                                      Java Head                                             1934                Sherlock Holmes Woman In Green                      1945
Fine performances by Sylvia Sidney, John Loder and (as the foreign       Tiger Bay                                             1934                A Study in Scarlet                                 1933
agent passing himself off as a London movie house owner) Oscar           Bombs Over Burma                                      1942
Homolka highlight this suspense thriller.                                                                                                          Der Man Der Sherlock Holmes (German w/subs)        1937
                                                                         Daughter of Shanghai                                  1937
                                                                         Impact                                                1949                Richard Tauber - Heart's Desire                    1936
SECRET AGENT               1936                                          King of Chinatown                                     1939
It took the direction of the master and a power house cast to put this                                                                             Richard Tauber - Land Without Music                1936
                                                                         Lady from Chun King                                   1942                Richard Tauber - Pagliacci                         1936
over. Robert Young, Peter Lorre, John Gielgud, Lilli Palmer and
                                                                         East End Chant (Limehouse                             1934
Madeleine Carroll star in this spy drama.
                                                                         Outside the Law                                       1920                Serial – Raiders of Ghost City                     1944
                                                                         Peter Pan                                             1924                Serial - Last of the Mohicans                      1932
THE SKIN GAME         1932
                                                                         Toll of the Sea                                       1922                serial: A Woman in Grey                             1920
John Galsworthy's popular play about a land owner who hates his
self made neighbor shines with the talents of Edmund Gwenn,              Chu Chin Chow                                         1934                serial - Crimson Ghost (Clayton Moore)              1946
Helen Haye and Frank Lawton.                                                                                                                       serial - Drums of Fu Manchu                        1940
                                                                         Clara Bow Hoop la                                     1933                serial - Perils OF Pauline Episodes 1-9 only        1914
THE RING        1927                                                     Clara Bow My Lady of Whims                            1925                serial - Power God                                  1925
Carl Brisson, Charles Farrell and Ian Hunter star in this fine silent    Clara Bow Love Among the Millionaires                  1930               serial - red barry                                  1938
drama. Brisson is a circus attraction called "One Round" Sanders         Clara Bow IT                                           1927               serial - Secret Code                               1942
who's in love with Lilian Hall-Davis (the girl in the box office). He    Clara Bow Mantrap                                      1926               Serial - The Green Hornet                           1940
meets his match in the ring and with Davis, when pro-boxer Hunter        Clara Bow, Wild Party                                 1929                serial: - Battling with Buffalo Bill                1931
comes on the scene.                                                      Clara Bow No Limit                                     1931               Serial - Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand     1936
                                                                         Clara Bow Saturday Night Kid                           1929               Serial - Batman                                     1943
YOUNG AND INNOCENT              1937                                     Clara Bow (and Eddie Cantor) Kid Boots                 1926               Serial - Batman & Robin                             1949
Nova Pilbeam is a girl on the run, when her boyfriend is suspected
                                                                                                                                                   Serial - Devil's Horse                              1932
of murder. All of the master's touches a present to highlight this       Will Hay - Ask a Policeman                            1939                Serial - Green Archer                               1940
chase drama.                                                             Will Hay - convict 99                                 1938                Serial - Hurricane Express                          1932
                                                                         Will Hay - Goose Steps Out                            1942                Serial - Miracle Rider                              1935
                                                                         Will Hay - Oh, Mr. Porter                             1937                Serial - Phantom Creeps                             1939
                                                                         Will Hay - Where's That Fire                          1940
Serial - Shadow Of Chinatown                 1936    West Of The Divide                                      1934   Helm - Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrowna – 1929
Serial - Shadow of the Eagle (John Wayne)    1932    Westward Ho Rating                                      1935   Helm - Mistress of Atlantis – (G. W. Pabst) 1932
Serial - The Galloping Ghost                1931     Winds of the Wasteland                                  1936
Serial – The Phantom Empire                  1935                                                                   G. W. Pabst’s Abwege (The Devious Path)
Serial - Three Musketeers (John Wayne)       1933                                                                   G.W.Pabst - Grabo in die freudlose gasse
Serial - Oregon trail                       1939     Ida Lupino                                                     G.W.Pabst - july 20 (1955)
Serial – Buck Rogers                        1939                                                                    G.W.Pabst - Secrets of a Soul
                                                     Ida Lupino - Ghost Camera                        1933          G.W.Pabst - White Hell of Piz Paul – 1929
John Wayne (features)                                Ida Lupino - Her First Affaire                   1932          G.W. Pabst – The Treasure – 1923
                                                     Ida Lupino - One Rainny Afternoon                1936
Angel and the Bad Man                        1947                                                                   Josef Schmidt; My Song goes round the World
Blue Steel                                    1934                                                                  Josef Schmidt; A Star Fell from Heaven (German)
Born to the West (Hell Town)                  1937   From The Fatherland (Germany)...
                                                                                                                    Leni Riefenstahl: Lowlands-(begun in 1944: released in 1954)
Brown of Harvard                              1926
                                                     Fritz Lang: The Indian Tomb - 1959                             Leni Riefenstahl: Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations 1938
Claim Jumpers                                 1934
                                                     Fritz Lang: The Tiger of Eschnapur - 1959                      Leni Riefenstahl: Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty 1938
Dawn Rider                                   1935
                                                     Fritz Lang: Frau Im Mond - 1929                                Leni Riefenstahl: Triumph of the Will 1935
Four Sons                                    1928                                                                   Leni Riefenstahl: Tag der Freiheit 1935
                                                     Fritz Lang: Dr. Mabuse: Der Spieler - 1922
Frontier Horizon                             1933                                                                   Leni Riefenstahl: Victory of the Faith (Sieg des glaubens) 1933
                                                     Fritz Lang: Testament of Dr. Mabuse - 1933
Gold Strike River                             1934                                                                  Leni Riefenstahl: Das Blaue Licht - 1932
                                                     Fritz Lang: Thousand Eyes Of Dr. Mabuse - 1960
Hangman’s House                               1928                                                                  Leni Riefenstahl: The Blue Light (silent UK edit of the above)
                                                     Fritz Lang: Spies - 1929
Haunted Gold                                 1932                                                                   Leni Riefenstahl: Der heilige Berg (1926) aka Holy Mountain
                                                     Fritz Lang: M - 1931
Hell Town                                     1926                                                                  Leni Riefenstahl: White Hell of Pitz Palu (1929)
His Private Secretary                         1933   Lilian Harvey - der Kongress tanzt (1931)
King of the Pecos                             1936   Lilian Harvey - Die Drei von der Tankstelle 1930               Marte Harell - Rosen in Tirol
Lawless Frontier                              1935   Lilian Harvey und Conrad Veidt -Ich und die Kaiserin.          Marte Harell - Die Fledermaus.German Dialogue.No subtitles
Lawless Range                                 1935                                                                  Marika Rokk - Der Bettelstudent - 1936
Lucky Texan                                  1934    Murnau - Finances of the Grand Duke – 1924                     Marika Rokk - Hab' mich Lied - 1942
Mclintock                                    1963    Murnau - Phantom (by Gerhart Hauptmann) - 1922                 Rokk and Zarah Leander - Es war eine rauschende Ballnacht
Men Without Women                             1930   Murnau: Nosferatu - 1922                                       Marika Rökk - Hallo Janine!.Russian and German Dialogue
Neath Arizona Skies                           1934   Murnau: Tartuffe - 192
Paradise Canyon                               1934   Murnau: Tabu - 1931                                            Zarah Leander - Damals - 1942
Rainbow Valley                                1935                                                                  Zarah Leander - Das Herz der Konigin - 1940
Randy Rides Alone                             1934   Lubitsch - Die Austernprinzessin                               Zarah Leander - Das Lied der Wuste (Song of the Desert) - 1939
Sagebrush Trail                              1933    Lubitsch - Anna Boylen (Emil Jannings as Henry VIII)           Zarah Leander - Der Blaufuchs
Star Packer                                  1934    Lubitsch (with Pola Negri) - Die Bergkatze - 1921              Zarah Leander - Es Was eine Rauschende Ballnacht
Telegraph Trail                               1933   Lubitsch - Die Bergkatze AKA The Wildcat _1921                 Zarah Leander - Zu Neuen Ufern w/Detlef Sierk (Douglas Sirk)
Texas Terror                                  1935   Lubitsch (with Pola Negri) - Sumurun
                                                     Lubitsch - I Don’t want to be a man – 1918                     Daisy Chain aka Das Liebeskarussell - 1965
The Desert Trail                              1935
                                                     Lubitsch – The Doll (Die puppe) - 1919                         Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (Gerd Forbe) - 1962
The Man From Utah                             1934
                                                                                                                    Der Ewige Jude
The Trail Beyond                              1934
                                                     Helm - Gold - 1934                                             Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam - 1920
War of the Wildcats                           1943
                                                     Helm - Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney                                Der Heilige Berg - 1926
Der König der Mittelstürmer - 1927                                        Bomben auf Monte Carlo – 1931                                           narrow. So the viewers at that time were either mildly delighted or
Die Elf Teufel (11 Devils)                                                AKA Bomb over Monte Carlo. Hans Albers, Anna Sten and Heinz             incensed, depending on their degree of hedonistic inclinations, and
Die Stadt Ohne Juden (city without jews)                                  Rühmann star. The captain of a battleship of a small Balkan country     a keen interest in the movie was immediately established. What
Different from the Others (1919)                                          is fed up with following strange orders from the country's queen,       contributed further to its success, as with other Zarah Leander
Eine dichterjugend (Friedrich Schiller) - 1923                            who wants to make a cruise to the Med inspite of the fact that the      movies, was her songs, which became instant hits
Emil und die Detektive                                                    country is broke and the crew didn't get its salary. So he decides to
FP1 antwortet nicht - 1932                                                disobey orders and commands his ship to Monte Carlo, but the            Der fall Dreyfus – 1930
Friedrich Schiller - Eine Dicterjugend                                    queen decides to go there too. He loses his money there at the          German version of Dreyfus – odd for its impassioned call for
From Morning till midnight                                                casino, but the queen falls in love with him.                           tolerance (considering where Germany would be in a very few
Hands of Orlac (english titles)                                                                                                                   years.
Ihre Majestät die Liebe - 1931                                            Das indische Grabmal – 1938
Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse (Lex Barker) - 1961                           Directed by Richard Eichberg based on the novel by Thea von             Der Tiger von Eschnapur – 1938
Ingrid Bergman - Die Vier Gesellen                                        Harbou - who's former husband, Fritz Lang was to remake it 20           Directed by Richard Eichberg based on the novel by Thea von
Jan Kiepura&Marta Eggerth - Mein Herz ruft nach dir                       years later                                                             Harbou - who's former husband, Fritz Lang was to remake it 20
Jud Suss – 1940 (english subs) (also 1934 UK version)                                                                                             years later
Karl Grune - Die Strasse AKA The Street _1923                             Das Schweigen am Starnbergersee – 1920
Kuhle Wampe oder: Wem gehört die Welt? (1932)                             early feature by Rolf Raffé concerning the supposedly "mad" King
Klassiker Die Feuerzangenbowle - 1944                                     of Bavaria, Ludwig II, probably the first feature film concerning the   Der Bettelstudent – 1936
Liebelei - 1933                                                           life of that King. In the piece, which is for the most part a           Carl Millocker's operetta was so good in it's story that the
Ludwig der Lweite Konig von Bayern (1929)                                 straightforwards historical biopic from the DW Griffith school of       propaganda ministry didn't need to change it in fact Gobels
Magda Schneider Eva - 1935                                                narrative filmmaking, Ludwig is portrayed as an Idealist who            exploited it. Poland is in a dictatorship by Kommandant Von
Nathan der Weise (1922)                                                   cannot fit into the world of his contemporaries.                        Krakau, played by Fritz Kamper. Countess Nowalska, played by
Nosferatu (1979) - Klaus Kinski                                                                                                                   Ida Wust, want her daughters Laura, played by Carola Hohn, and
Oskar Werner Life and Loves of Mozart - 1955                              Das Blaue Licht – 1976                                                  Bronislawa, played by Marika Rokk to marry the rich royalties
Peter Lorre Der Verlorene - 1951                                          Hans the farmer is drawn into war as a soldier. Returning from the      cause they are broke. This was Rokks second film in Germany and
Renata Müller-Viktor und Viktoria - 1937                                  front, having been defrauded of his pay by his own king, he makes       she was not the star yet. Meanwhile the students are rebelling
Robert Wiene - Furcht AKA Fear 1917                                       his way home. On his trip, he encounters a witch who asks him to        against Krakau dictatorship with Simon, played by Johanne
Sieg des glaubens - 1933                                                  fetch the light from a spring. He keeps it when the witch tries to      Heesters, and his friend Enterich, played by Ernest Behmer, as the
The Realm of the Six Dots (Vom Reiche der Sechs Punkte) - 1927            deceive him and he discovers her foul magic. When the light is          students leader.
Titanic (1943)                                                            ignited, a little man appears who must serve the owner of the light,
Under The Bridges - 1946                                                  but it only has power if the owner has faith in himself. His courage    Der Schimmelreiter – 1934
Westfront 1918 - 1930 (German, no-subs)                                   bolstered, Hans goes to the king once more to demand his wages be       Quite visual shot very much like a silent film. The story focuses
                                                                          paid. He is refused yet again, and so he kidnaps the king's             around a farm in the Netherlands (or Flanders). It's run by an
Mauvaise graine (1934)                                                    daughter, who is now forced to lead Hans' household. The king's         elderly Farmer played by Wilhelm Diegelmann. Mathias Wieman
AKA Billy Wilder’s Bad Seed (eng Subs)                                    bounty hunter captures him and has already erected the gallows          plays a farm hand Hawk Haien. The second farm hand is Hans
In the 30's, in Paris, the playboy Henri Pasquier is supported by his     when an accidental gunshot delivered by an unsuspecting robber          Deppe, as Knecht Iven. Marrianne Hoppe plays Elke. She and
father, Dr. Pasquier with money and a brandy new car. When Dr.            saves Hans' life.                                                       Hawk are engaged. He has other plans as well. He shows her a
Pasquier decides to suspend the allowance and sell the car to force                                                                               drawing of a plans to thwart floods when a storm happens ,since
Henri to get a job, he leaves home and associates to a gang of car        Der Blaufuchs - 1938 (Zarah Leander German only)                        the land is below sea level. There's even a scene in which Marianne
thieves. Henri falls in love for the thief Jeannette, and when they are   (aka The Blue Fox) A somewhat unusual German film comedy of             Hoppe sings.
betrayed by their boss, they decide to move to Casablanca and             the 40s insofar that the flirtatious and slightly frivolous heroine
straight their lives.                                                     who is about to run out of her - admittedly boring - marriage is        Der Zerbrochene Krug – 1937
                                                                          neither punished by fate, nor finds her way back to the straight and    The Great Emil Jannings stars and the film works even for those
who don't understand German. The man who broke the jug, the                film historian Jostein Saakvitne was able to to buy the film on a         that a person's values only are valid if they are devoted to the
judge, is trying a case who determine who broke the jug. Long              German Internet auction. Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940                 group, read: Deutsche Volksgemeinschaft
before the evidence becomes conclusive against the suspects, it            (English: Battle for Norway - 1940 Campaign) is a 1940 Nazi
becomes apparent that the blustering and bullying - and naive -            propaganda film directed by Martin Rikli and Dr. Werner Buhre             Frank Wisbar; Stalingrad Dogs (Do You Want To Live Forever)
village judge is the guilty one.                                           under orders of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht. The                       1959
                                                                           documentary film follows the Invasion of Denmark and Norway in            Gerhard Klein; Eine Berliner Romanze (A Berlin Romance) 1956
Die Brucke – 1949                                                          the spring of 1940.                                                       Gerhard Lamprecht; Irgendwo In Berlin (Somewhere In Berlin)
The film takes place towards the end of the second world war and                                                                                     1946
describes the arrival of refugees from the German east areas in a          Kleider machen Leute – 1940                                               Karl Gass; Schaut Auf Diese Stadt (Look At This City) 1962
provincial town. After initial skepticism/hostility it comes in case of    An early Helmet Keuntner picture is a "cinder-fella" type story. He       Slatan Dudow; Frauenschicksale (Destinies of Women) 1952
a big fire to the collaboration between the inhabitants of the town        portrays a frustrated tailor's assistant who wishes he was wealthy
and the expelled.                                                          and important (and had better clothes). He has a fantasy about                                           Shorts
                                                                           being an important person. a sex fantasy too when his fantasy bride       Ask Dad (short)                                       1929
Die Geierwally 1940                                                        shows up topless before it turns into a wedding dress. He get's fired     Bees' Buzz, The (short)                               1929
Wally is the daughter and only child to Fender, a rich, widowed            the next day. Starving in the winter he meets a gnome who gives           Hollywood Extra Girl (short)                          1935
mountain farmer in the Ötztal valley in the Tyrolian Alps. She is          him one wish. He gets engaged to a higher up, played by Hilda             House I Live In (short)                               1945
young, beautiful, intrepid and, most of all, strong-minded. When           Sessack, but ends up falling in love with middle class women,             Stolen Jools (short)                                  1931
she at great risk catches a vulture's young from its nest she carries      played by Hertha Feiller.                                                 Yes, Yes Nanette (short - Oliver Hardy)               1925
the respect of her father, but also the scorn of Bear-Jospeh, assistant
hunter to the local squire. He mocks her as "Geierwally" (Vulture-         So ein Flegel – 1934                                                                                     TV
Wally), as he thinks young women shouldn't wear pants and climb            (AKA Such a Boor)An earlier version of the "Feuerzangenbowle":            Barbara Stanwyck Show #32 The Assassin                1961
around in the mountains hunting. What he doesn't yet know is that          The famous writer Hans Pfeiffer has problems in directing his latest      Dick Powell Show #17 Price of Tomatoes                1961
Wally is almost mad with love for him - and too stiff with pride to        play about a high-school class. He's told the reason is that he never     Frankenstein Lon Chaney Jr as the Monster             1952
admit the slightest idea of that. To make it complicated, her father       attended a regular school, so he decides to swap roles with his           (Kinescope)
wants her to marry Vinzenz, a neighbouring farmer. But Wally,              younger brother Erich, who's a never-graduating, always kidding
                                                                                                                                                     James Dean on TV; Harvest, Long Time Till             1953
loathing Vinzenz and burning with desire for Joseph refuses. Mad           senior in a small-town high-school. When Erich aka Hans suddenly
                                                                                                                                                     Dawn, I'm a fool
with frenzy, Old Fender bludgeons her with a heavy stick, and, as          turns from class clown into the role model of a pupil, everyone
                                                                                                                                                     Kennedy, Nixon debate                                 1960
she still won't budge                                                      believes it's just another prank. So Hans is practically forced to take
                                                                                                                                                     New Adventures of Charlie Chan - #4 - Blind           1957
                                                                           over Erich's standard... and enjoys it.
                                                                                                                                                     Man's Bluff
Die Drei von der Tankstelle – 1930
                                                                                                                                                     Of Human Bondage - (Charlston Heston                  1949
Willy Fritsch, Lilian Harvey star - Willy, Kurt and Hans are broke,        Quax In Afrika (H R hmann 1944)
so they sell their car and open a filling station. Then they all fall in   This film was shot during 1943 as a sequel to the first "Quax" film,
love vor the same girl.                                                    passed censorship in February 1945, but wasn't shown in Germany           Remember to Live (Ford Theatre)                       1954
                                                                           until ten years after being shot As many German films of 1945 it          Topper - #20 - The Proposal                           1954
Feuerzangenbowle – 1944                                                    was premiered in Sweden a few years after the war                         U S Steel Hour - A Wind From The South                1955
(AKA The Punch Bowl) Hans Pfeiffer and some of his friends are
drinking "Feuerzangenbowle". Talking about their school-time they          Quax, der Bruchpilot – 1941                                               Additional Foreign Language
discover that Hans never was at a regular school and so, as they           Quax is an individualist, someone who stands beside the group
think, missed an important part of his youth. They decide to send          When the group of flyers are having a sort of a party with                Adventurera                                           1950
him back to school to do all the things he never could do before.          community singing Quax stands aside He shows skill in flying and          An Andalusian Dog (Un chien andalou)                   1929
                                                                           is brave and energetic, but always with himself as goal The whole         Baron Munchausen                                      1962
Kampf um Norwegen. Feldzug – 1940                                          premise of the film is to direct Quax from his individuality to the       Bitter Rice (Riso Amaro)                               1949
Nazi propaganda film was deemed lost until 2006 when Norwegian             interests of the whole group, i e : the premise of the film is to show    Carnival of Sinners (aka La main du diable)           1943
Catene (no subs) aka Catene                            1949    Rape of the Vampire (aka Le viol du vamp)            1968      Black Pirate (color)                              1926
Das Schweigen im Walde                                 1929    Senso (both versions Italian & English)              1954      Blind Husbands                                    1918
Elevator to the Scaffold (aka Ascenseur pour           1958    Shoeshine                                            1946      Body & Soul                                       1926
l'échafaud)                                                    Sotto il sole di Roma                                1948      Brown of Harvard                                  1926
Flesh Will Surrender (IL Delitto DI Giovanni           1947    Toni (Jean Renoir)                                   1935      Burglars Dilemma                                  1912
Episcopo)                                                      Tormento (no subs)                                   1950      Burstup Holmes' Murder Case                       1913
Great Consoler (aka velikiy uteshitel)                 1933    un Chien Andalou                                     1929      Butcher Boy                                       1917
Henryk Szaro Mocny Czlowiek                             1929   Under the Roofs Of Paris (Sous les toits de Paris)   1930      By the law                                        1926
Herr Arnes Pengar (Sir Arne's Treasure)                1919    Well-Digger's Daughter (La fille du puisatier)       1940      By The Light Of Faith (Lon Chaney Sr )            1922
Hotel Du Nord                                          1938                                                                   By The Sun's Rays (Lon Chaney Sr )                1914
I Figli di Nessuno (aka Nobody’s Children)             1952                                                                   Cabinet of Dr. Caligari                           1920
La bete humaine                                        1938    Highway safety                                                 Cabiria                                           1914
La Chute De La Maison Usher                            1928                                                                   Cameraman                                         1928
La grande illusion                                     1937    Death on a Highway (industrial)                      1962      Camille                                           1921
La Habanera                                            1937    Mechinized Death (industrial)                        1961      Cat & The Canary                                  1927
La ilusión viaja en tranvía (aka Illusion Travels by   1954    Signal 30 (industrial)                               1959      Cheat                                             1918
Streetcar)                                                     Wheels of Tragedy (industrial)                       1963      Chicago                                           1927
La Main Du Diable (Carnival of Sinners)                1943                                                                   City Without Jews                                 1924
La Romana (aka Woman of Rome)                          1954                                                                   Cobra (Valentino)                                 1925
La Terre                                               1921    Silent Cinema                                                  Coeur Fidele                                      1923
Ladies of the Bois de Boulogne                         1945                                                                   Conquering Power (Rex Ingram, Rudolph Valentino    1921
Le Corbeau (The Raven)                                 1943     20,000 Leagues Under the Sea                          1916    & Alice Terry)
Le Golem                                               1936     A Christmas Carol                                     1910    County Fair                                       1920
Le Grand jeu                                           1934    A Fool There Was                                       1915    Crainquebille                                      1923
LAW (la Legge)                                         1959    A Kiss For Mary Pickford                               1925    Dante's Inferno                                   1911
Le Streghe                                             1967    A Man There Was                                        1917    Dante's Inferno                                   1924
Les Trois Valses (three waltzes)                       1938    A Strong Man (Mocny Czlowiek, Henryk Szaro)            1929    Daydreams                                         1922
Liliom                                                 1935    Abel Gance’s Mater Dolorosa (Torture of Silence)        1917   Der Letzte Mann (The Last Laugh)                  1924
Ludwig                                                 1971    Aelita, Queen of Mars                                  1924    Destiny                                           1922
Madonna of the 7 Moons                                 1945    Anna Christie                                          1923    Devil's Island                                    1926
Mise Eire                                              1959    Asphalt (Joe May)                                      1929    Diary of a Lost Girl                              1929
Nazarin                                                1959    Avenging Conscience                                    1914    Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed                  1926
Never on Sunday                                        1959    Backstage                                              1919    Die Stadt Ohne Juden (City Without Jews)          1924
Ossessione                                             1943    Bat                                                    1926    Die Strasse AKA The Street (Karl Grune)           1923
Paris Qui Dort                                         1925    Battleship Potemkin                                    1925    Different from the Others (incomplete)            1919
Paul Leni - Rebus Film No 1 (Crossword)                1925    Beggars of Life                                        1928    Docks of New York                                 1928
People On Sunday (Emberek vasárnap)                    1930    Bellboy                                                1918    Don Q Son of Zorro                                1925
Pepe Le Moko                                           1937    Bells                                                  1926    Doomsday                                          1928
Phaedra                                                1962    Beloved Rogue                                          1927    Dr Pyckle and Mr Pride                            1925
Portrait of an Assassin                                1949    Berlin, Symphony of a great city                       1928    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde                             1920
Que Viva Mexico                                        1931    Big Stakes                                             1922    Dragon Painter                                    1919
                                                               Birth of a Nation                                      1915
Ella Cinders                                    1926    Isn't Life Wonderful                            1924   Robin Hood                                           1922
Entr'acte                                       1924    Jack and the Beanstalk                          1902   Romance of the Underworld (silent)                   1928
Erotikon                                        1920    Joyless Street                                  1925   Sally of the Sawdust                                 1925
Faces of Children                               1925    Kid Brother                                     1924   Salome (Charles Bryant)                              1923
Faust                                           1926    Lady of the night                               1925   Scrooge (Or Marley’s Ghost)                           1901
Feel My Pulse                                   1928    Lady Windermeres Fan                            1925   Sea Lion                                             1921
Fig Leaves                                      1926    Last Days of Pompeii                            1913   Seven Chances                                        1925
Flapper                                         1920    Little Annie Rooney                             1925   Shanghaied (Charlie Chaplin)                         1915
Flesh And Blood                                 1922    Lost World                                      1925   Sherlock Holmes Baffled                              1900
Foolish Wives                                   1922    Love ‘em and Leave ‘em                          1926   Sir Arnes Treasure                                    1919
Forbidden City                                  1918    Love Speed And Thrills                          1915   Smoldering Fires                                     1925
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse                 1921    Love, Loot and Crash                            1915   Spartacus                                            1913
Frank Capra The Power of Press                  1928    Magician                                        1926   Spoilers                                             1914
Frankenstein                                    1910    Mark of Zorro                                   1920   Stella Maris                                          1918
Free To Love                                    1925    Married Virgin                                  1918   Strike (Stachla)                                     1925
Frolics Of Satan                                1906    Matinee Idol                                    1928   Strong Man                                           1926
Furcht AKA Fear - Robert Wiene -                1917    Mauritz Stiller's Hotel Imperial                1927   Student Of Prague                                    1913
General                                         1927    Merry Go Round                                  1923   Sunnyside (Cahrlie Chaplin)                          1919
Girl in Every Port                              1928    Midnight Faces                                  1926   Thief of Bagdad                                      1924
Girl Shy                                        1924    Midnight Girl (Lugosi)                          1925   Thirteenth Hour                                      1926
Good Night Nurse                                1918    Million Dollar Mystery                          1927   Three Ages                                           1923
Grand dad (Wm D. Taylor)                        1913    Moana (Robert J. Flaherty's)                    1926   Toll of the Sea                                      1922
Grass A Nations Battle for Life                 1925    Mother Machree                                  1928   Torture of Silence                                   1920
Great White Silence                              1924   Mysterious Lady (Fred Niblo)                    1928   Trap                                                 1922
Greatest Question (Lillian Gish)                 1919   Mystery of the Leaping Fish                     1916   Treasure (G.W. Pabst)                                1923
Grim Game (Harry Houdini)                       1919    October                                         1928   True Heart Susie                                      1919
Haldane of the Secret Service (Harry Houdini)   1923    Oliver Twist                                    1923   Warning Shadows                                      1925
Hangman's House                                 1928    Outlaw and his wife                             1918   Waxworks                                             1924
Harry A Pollard's Uncle Tom's Cabin             1927    Outside The Law                                 1921   White Sister                                         1923
Haunted Castle                                  1921    Palace of The Arabian Nights                    1906   Wicked Darling                                       1919
Häxan Witchcraft Through the Ages               1922    Pandora's Box                                   1927   Winning of Barbara Worth                             1926
Heart of Humanity (Allen Holubar)               1918    Paul Robeson – Body & Soul                      1925   Wolf Blood                                           1925
Hindle Walks (aka Fanny Hawthorne)              1927    Penalty                                         1920   Wrath of the Gods (aka Destruction of Sakura Jima)   1914
His Majesty The Scarecrow Of Oz                 1914    Peter Pan                                       1924   Why Change Your Wife                                 1920
His Wedding Night                               1918    Phantom Chariot (Phantom Carriage, Körkarlen)   1922
Hoodoo Ann                                       1916   Phantom of the Opera                            1925                          Special Programs
Hunchback of Notre Dame                         1924    Playhouse (Keaton)                              1921
Ingeborg Holm                                   1913    Pony Express                                    1925
Intolerance                                     1916    Prisoner of Zenda                               1922   Classics of 30's Annimation Vol 1-4 Four 90 min. compilations,
Invaders                                        1912    Rene Clair Crazy Ray                            1925   B&W and color, featuring the works of Ub Iwerkes, Harmon Isling,
Irish Destiny                                   1926    Rene Clair Entr'acte                            1924   and others.
                                                                        a Doubt, Juarez, Ministry of Fear, Stage Fright, Mr. Skeffington,        Pictures, Saturday the 14th, Some Kind Of Hero, Mrs. Soffel,
The Silent Years Vol 1 1916-22 Featured is a 50 min. (narrated)         Brothers Karamazov, Song of Surrender and many others.                   Return to Oz, Cat's Eye, 2010, Year of the Dragon, Red Sonja,
condensation of Valentino's Blood & Sand. Following this is the                                                                                  Wetherby, Marie, To Live and Die in L.A., Officer & A Gentleman,
complete Mystery of The Leaping Fish; starring Douglas Fairbanks        Coming Once More 40's - 70's Trailers and promos from the late           Lets spend the night together, The Verdict (Paul Newman), Peter
Sr. in a story by Tod Browning (an early parody of Sherlock             60's and early 70's, an hour and 15 min. of classic animation from       Pan (Disney), Long Good Friday, Eating Raoul, Class Reunion
Holmes). The tape is rounded off by two Paramount shorts of the         Hollywood's Golden days, and the theatrical trailers for four of         (Nat'l Lampoon), Man From Snowy River, Tron, Kiss Me Goodbye,
1930's: Movie Milestones (#1 & #2). They feature the only footage       Bette Davis' finest Films highlight this offering. Included are:         Raiders of the Lost Ark, Monsignor, Lords of Discipline, Tex,
known to exist of Emil Jannings in Way Of All Flesh, and Lon            Tommy, Time Tunnel, The Deep, Close Encounters (preview), Taxi           Airplane II, Trading Places, Rambo, Desperately Seeking Suzan,
Chaney Sr. in The Miracle Man.                                          Driver, Lords of Flatbush, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TV),         Purple Rose Of Ciaro, Last Dragon, Explorers, Code of Silence,
                                                                        Murderer's Row, Where Angels go Trouble Follows (Featurette)             Prizis' Honor, Legend of Billy Jean, Life Force, Summer Rental,
The Silent Years Vol 2 1908-13 Here is a two hour study of the art      and more.                                                                Real Genius, Volunteers, Cocoon, View to a Kill
of D. W. Griffith. 12 of his one and two reel features are presented    Coming At Last 1931 and up Featured are trailers from The Public         Today's Trailer Tape #2 Black Cauldron, Rocky IV, Beverly Hills
here, 10 of them restored from the paper prints stored in the Library   Enemy (a rare preview trailer), Phantom of the Opera (1939), The         Cop, Terminator, Buckaroo Bonzi, Cotton Club, Falling In Love,
of Congress. Featured are: Lines of White Upon a Sullen Sea,            Climax (Karloff), Petrified Forest, 42nd Street, Footlight Parade,       Thief of Hearts, Witness, First Born, Breakin' II, Spinal Tap, The
Balked At The Alter, Faithful, Lonely Villa, Fools of Fate, An Awful    Key Largo, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Cobra Woman and many                     Falcon & The Snowman, Song Writer, Places In The Heart, Johnny
Moment, The Girls and Daddy, plus others. This title is offered at      others. They are followed by a Fleicher Cartoon Festival and two         Dangerously, Flamingo Kid, Over the Edge, The Last Tycoon, An
$19.95                                                                  classic W.C. Fields shorts: The Pharmacist and The Barber Shop.          Unmarried Woman, Great Santini, Other Side of Midnight,
                                                                                                                                                 Brubaker, Pirhana, Winter Kills, Alien, Rabid, Julia, Never
Hollywood Party Tape 90 Min of rare takes and footage                   People's Shorts 20's & up Five shorts are featured in this 90 min.       Promised a Rose Garden, Romancing The Stone, The Natural, Beat
including Bugs Bunny for bonds, Bette Davis for dish washers,           program. The Voice That Thrilled The World (sound film                   Street, Racing With The Moon, Top Secret, Star Trek III, The
Lugosi with Betty Boop, Ron Reagan Bloopers, Constance Bennet's         retrospective from the late 1940's), Once Over Lightly, Happy            Bounty, Bachelor Party, Woman in Red, Revenge of the Nerds,
Beauty Secrets, Star is Born world premiere (1954), 1939 accadamy       Times and Jolly Moments, Love's Intrigue, and Good Old Cord.             Staying Alive, Porky's II, Baby its You, Still Smokin', Tough
awards and a very rude Porky Pig are included.                          The four titles are complete silent shorts of the mid 1920's, all were   Enough, Star Chamber, Eddie and the Cruisers, Max Dugan
                                                                        scored, narrated and re-titled by Warner Brothers in the 1940's.         Returns, Mr. Mom, Trading Places, Raiders (now playing), King Of
Early Disney Animation Two Alice cartoons, two of Disney's                                                                                       Comedy, Flash Dance, MGM Diamond Jubilee, Pope of Greenwich
Oswald the Rabbit cartoons, two Neuman's Laugh-o-grams, Susie           Shirley Temple and Friends. Three classic two reelers staring            Village, Entre Nous, Making the Grade, Electric Dreams, Until
The Blue Coupe, The Mad Doctor and more, highlight this                 Shirley Temple are presented uncut from original 16mm material:          September, Red Dawn, Breakin', Ice Pirates, Oxford Blues, Splash,
collection.                                                             "Merrily Yours", "What's To Do", and "Dora's Dunkin Donuts".             Reckless
                                                                        Intermixed to fill out this 90 min. program are three one reel live
Felix the Cat (Otto Messmer) -1919-24                                   action shorts: "Meet Jimmy Dorsey", Donald Novis with "Say It            Today's Trailer Tape #3 A Christmas Story, Rocky IV, Wise Guys,
                                                                        With A Song" and finally Rudolf Friml Jr and his orchestra play          Santa Claus, The Movie, Young Blood, One Magic Christmas,
Coming Soon 1931 - 1968 We've remastered our collection of              "Friml Favorites”.                                                       Down & Out In Beverly Hills, Journey Of Natti Gann, Fever Pitch,
Universal horror trailers, added; the Karloff/Lugosi chess game,                                                                                 Poltergeist II, All The Right Moves, Easy Moves, Zelig, Silkwood,
Lugosi on You Asked For IT, 'Tribute to a Star' (50's TV Lugosi         Warner brother's blooper reel collection -1936-40,42,46-7                Under Fire, Dead Zone, Uncommon Valor, Heart Like a Wheel,
interview) "Today's Teens" (Karloff narrates a Movie Tone horror                                                                                 Daniel, Gorky Park, Breathless, Two Of A Kind, Flash Dance,
story about the youth of the 60's), Trailers for many of Ray            Classic Car Commercials-1950-80                                          Terms of Endearment, Greatest Story Ever told (featurette), Grease,
Harryhausen color films, King Kong VW commercial, and so on                                                                                      Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu, Picnic At Hanging Rock,
(Two hours).                                                            Today's Trailer Tape #1 Star Wars, Ragtime, Prince Of the City,          Godfather, 101 Dalmatians, Student Bodies, Small Change, Take
                                                                        Mommie Dearest, Dragon Slayer, First Monday In October, Taps,            This Job and Shove It, Phantasm, Stunt Man, Silver Streak, Serpico,
Coming Again 30's & 40's One half hour of classic trailers, not         Gallipoli, Modern Times, Sharkey's Machine, Southern Comfort,            Breaker Morant, The Boat is Full, Bang the Drum Slowly, 9 to 5,
horror related; then all three Popeye Featurettes (Aladdin, Sinbad,     Time Bandits, Rollover, Arthur, Shock Treatment, Paternity, Reds,        My Bodyguard, Ordinary People, Norma Rae
& Ali Baba). Trailers include: Casablanca, A Stolen Life, Shadow of     Midsummer Night Sex Comedy, Young Doctors in Love, Quest For
                                                                        Fire, Swamp Thing, Author; Author, Star Trek II, I Ought to be in
The Alice in Wonderland disc                                               The bombing of China by Japan, Mayor Laguardia taking a 1932
Included are feature versions from 1903 and 1915 and Disney's 1923         stand against prohibition, Coolidge visits Hollywood in 1930 and     Video Song Books Volume 2 Volume two includes Henny
Laff-o-Gram Alice's Wonderland.                                            more. You'll see the crash of the Hindenburg, The Byrd expedition,   Youngman, Louis Armstrong, Buddy Rodgers, Larry Clinton, Bill
                                                                           Justice Black and the KKK, and more.                                 Robinson, Cab Calloway, The Mills Brothers, a very young Ricardo
Four By Four Volume 1 Four Rare short subjects are presented                                                                                    Mantalban in "He's a Latin from Staten Island" and 22 more.
with four equally hard to find cartoons. Russ Columbo stars in             One Reeler Parade Volume 1 Featured are eight one reel short
'That Goes Double'; Phil Harris in 'Harris in the Spring'; Laurel and      subjects including the 13 min Warner Brothers Breakdowns of 1938,    Video Song Books Volume 3 Volume three features Sally Rand
Hardy in 'Criminals at large' (from a kodascope original) and Harry        Night In Manhattan with Glenn Ford and Al Jolson in the              and her Fan Dance, Luba Malina, Spike Jones, Snooky Lanson, The
Langdon in the 1926 'Fiddlesticks' (with Frank Capra receiving             Vitaphone short "I Love To Singa”.                                   Mercer Brothers, The June Taylor Girls, Ray Sinatra, The Mills
screen credit as writer). Four Ub Iwerkes cartoons are included.                                                                                Brothers, the Three Suns and 20 more
                                                                           One Reeler Parade Volume 2 Nine shorts are featured including        TRAILER COLLECTIONS Horror, Fantasy, Exploitation 1
Four By Four Volume 2 Our second offering of classic shorts and            "Radio Roundup" hosted by an Amos and Andy rip off team:             Volume One: Piranha, Ice Pirates, Splash, Alien, Rabid, Quest for
cartoons from America's golden days of cinema. Bessie Smith in "St.        Molasses and January. Next is "Three Kings And A Queen" with a       Fire, Swamp Thing, Return To OZ, Cat's Eye, 2010, Shock
Louis Blues", Natalie Moorehead in "Git Along Little Wifie", A 16          very young Betty Hutton. Others shorts include Andre Kastelanez      Treatment, Star Wars, Terminator, Buckaroo Banzai, Cocoon,
year old Mary Astor in the silent two reeler "Second Fiddle" and           with "Movie Melodies On Parade", Buddy Rodgers in "New Deal          Phantasm, The Seduction, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi,
Leon Errol in "Truth Aches" are the four live action shorts. Four          Rhythm" and a "Song Hits Parade" from 1937.                          Tommy, Poltergeist II, Star Trek II, Young Frankenstein, The
monochrome Merrie Melodies are included.                                                                                                        Female Bunch, Terminal Island, Pippi In The South Seas, Caged
                                                                           America: An Illustrated History Volume 1 Nine sound newsreels        Heat, When Men Carried Clubs and Women Played Ding-Dong,
Four By Four Volume 3 Our third collection of two reelers and              dating between 1928 and 1930 are presented. Historic moments         Deadly China Doll, Terminal Man, Woodstock, Black Belly Of The
cartoons features full (Cine) color animation from the studios of Ub       include speeches by Calvin Coolidge, Al Smith, General               Tarantula, Weekend Murders, Cremators, The Big Doll House, The
Iwerkes and the following shorts: Buster Keaton in "Grand Slam             Hindenburg, George Bernard Shaw, Mussolini, & Sinclair Lewis.        Asphynx, Love Me Deadly, Creeping Flesh, Legend Of Frenchie
Opera", Sterling Halloway in "Scooper dooper", the great Bert Lahr         Historic events such as a 1929 Civil War Veterans reunion, Ramsey    King, Vanishing Point, Willard, Someone Behind the Door, Tales
in "No More West" and Leon Errol again in "Wrong Romance.                  McDonald being welcomed to N.Y.C. by Grover Walen, Al Capone         from the Crypt, Godzilla's Revenge, Island of the Burning
                                                                           going to Jail, Hitler reviewing the troops and more.                 Damned, Ben, The Woman Hunt, Nec'ro-man'cy, Beneath the
Two Reeler Parade Volume 1 Four live action shorts are included:                                                                                Planet of the Apes, Escape From The Planet of the Apes, Planet of
Shemp Howard and his stooges in "Knife of the Party", Charlie              Baker's Dozen 13 assorted shorts including two Warner Brother's      the Apes, Magus, Boston Strangler, Journey into Midnight, Pretty
Chase (under the direction of Leo McCary) stars in the silent "Crazy       monochrome cartoons: Red Headed Baby & Lady Play Your                Poison, Batman The Movie, Defcon 4, Company of Wolves, UFO
Like A Fox", Milton Berle stars in the prohibition comedy "Poppin'         Mandolin; an Asop's Fable "Making 'em Move"; La Cucaracha (first     Target Earth, Final Exam, and more... 89 min
The Cork" and Lloyd Hamilton rounds it off with "Too Many                  three strip technicolor film); Television (a 1939 RKO short); Ruth
Highballs".                                                                Etting in Roseland; Jack Mulhall, Jane Darwell and Dorothy           TRAILER COLLECTIONS Horror, Fantasy, Exploitation 2
                                                                           Granger in "Wig Wag"; So You Want To Be In Pictures (Joe             Volume Two: The Birds, Rear Window, Vertigo, Man Who Knew
Two Reeler Parade Volume 2 Bing Crosby appears under the                   McDoakes behind the 8 ball short with a guest spot by Jack           Too Much, Psycho, Its A Wonderful Life, Phantom Of The Opera
direction of Mack Sennet in "I Surrender Dear", Ruth Etting in             Carson); Hollywood On Parade, Let's Go To The Movies; Broadway       ('39), Night at the Opera, Big Store, All Quiet on the Western Front,
"Artistic Temper", Mickey Rooney in "Mickey's Tent Show", Willie           Highlights and more.                                                 13 Frightened Girls, Strait Jacket, House on Haunted Hill, Zotz,
Howard in "The Smart Way" and a one reel bonus: a 1931 look at                                                                                  Let's Kill Uncle, Bug, Old Dark House ('63), Rosemary's Baby, 13
the Ziegfield Follies, hosted in part by Flo himself: "Glorifiers of the   Video Song Books Here are three 90 min. volumes of the songs         Ghosts, Mr. Sardonicus, The Tingler, I Saw What You Did,
American Girl"                                                             America grew up with.                                                Macarbe, Shanks, Homicidal, I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin,
                                                                                                                                                Ilsa; Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks, Vampire People, Let Me Die
America: An Illustrated History Volume 2 Second in our series of           Video Song Books Volume 1 Volume one features Nick Lukas             a Woman, A Taste of Flesh, Angel's Wild Women, Super Weapon,
living American History, Sound and silent Newsreels cover much             with "Tip Toe Through The Tulips", The Mills Brothers with           In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro.
of the first half of the 20th century with emphasis on the years 1930      "Rockin' Chair", Gene Krupa with "Let Me Off Up Town", Ray
to 1933. Pictures in sound and images are the 1932 presidential            McKinley, The Delta Rhythm Boys, Johnny Long, The King Sisters,      TRAILER COLLECTIONS Horror, Fantasy, Exploitation: 3
campaign, The death of Rin Tin Tin, The Lindbergh kidnapping,              The Three Suns, Jimmy Dorsey, Duke Ellington and 20 others.          Volume Three: Ghetto Freaks, Without a Stitch, Flesh Feast,
Oracle, Trick or Treat, Beast of Yucca Flats, Flesh Eaters, Daughter     stars". Rounding out the two hours on this volume are 4 Holiday           Joys of Christmas Vol 10
of Horror, Brides of Blood, Succubare, Invasion of the Flesh             shorts                                                                    little shepherd and the 1st christmas
Hunters, Super Spook, Fire in the Flesh, Satan's Sadists, Brain of                                                                                 Martin the Cobler
Blood, Blood Sweat and Fear, Phantom of Terror, Blood Demons,            The Joys of Christmas Volume 5 of "The Joys of Christmas"                 merry christmas - 1950
Retrievers, Psycho From Texas, Slayer, Bolero, The Comeback,             featured is a newsreel from 1945, a Visit to Santa - 1963, A Visitor      Mickey Plays Santa
Mutant, One Armed Executioner, Girl School Screamers, House by           for Christmas, Joe Santa Claus - 1951, a small collection of theatrical
the Cemetery, Dragon's Inferno, Savage Streets, Cut & Run, Reform        trailers for Christmas movies, the stable boy's christmas and more.       Special: The Toons of Christmas
School Girls, Annihilators, Eyes Of Fire, Toxic Avenger, 3:15,                                                                                     2 hours of animated classics from Fleischer, Harmon Ising, Iwerkes
Mountain Top Motel Massacre, Terminal Choice, Naked Cage,                                                                                          (highlights from our three volumes of Christmas Animation)
Troll, Low Blow.                                                         Joys of Christmas Vol 6                                                   Joys of Christmas Vol 12
The Joys of Christmas Volume 1 of "The Joys of Christmas"                A Christmas Dream                                                         Our First Christmas
featured are the 1955 NBC Christmas eve special "An evening with         A present for Santa Claus - 1957                                          Santa Claus Suit
Charles Laughton" - for a full hour Mr Laughton reads from the           Charlie's Christmas Project                                               Santa in animal land
works of James Thurber, the Book of Daniel, the gospel according to      christmas all year round                                                  Santa's Workshop - Night before Christmas
Luke and Charles Dickens' "The Pickwick Papers". Taken from an           Christmas Bus                                                             Santa claus punch and judy
original NBC Kinescope.                                                                                                                            Story Line (color) A Baby Named Jesus
Also on this volume is the 1954 Christmas episode of Waterfront;         Joys of Christmas Vol 7                                                   Story Line (mono) Led By A Star
"Christmas in San Pedro" with Preston Foster, Willie Best and            Christmas Day Dreams
Arthur Shields. There are several Christmas short subjects including     Christmas Rhapsody                                                        Vol 13 Christmas at Menlo Park
1957's Howdy Doody's Christmas.                                          christmas sing-a-long 02                                                  A Christmas Accident (Edison) - 1897
                                                                         Christmas Visitor                                                         A Christmas Carol (Edison) - 1910
The Joys of Christmas Volume 2 of "The Joys of Christmas"                I will Take you to the Christ Child                                       A Holiday Pagent at home (Christmas 1901)
featured are over 90 minutes of Christmas shorts including "No                                                                                     A Trap for Santa - 1909
Room at the Inn", "Christmas Lace", "The Brightest Night" and            Vol 8 (Christmas around the world)                                        A Winter Straw Ride - edison - 1906
more. The collection ends with The Patti Page show. This is the          Christmastime in Europe                                                   Night Before Christmas (Edison) - 1905
Christmas episode (Patti sings 4 or 5 songs) - but it should be noted,   Child's Christmas in Whales                                               Santa Claus (A Fantasy-night before christmas) 1925
this was her 15 minute syndicated show, not the one sponsored by         Christmas in Appalachia with Charles Kuralt                               Santa vs Cupid (Edison) - 1915
Oldsmobile!                                                                                                                                        The Wrong Santa Claus (Edison) - 1914
                                                                         Joys of Christmas Vol 9
The Joys of Christmas Volume 3 of "The Joys of Christmas"                Elves and the Shoemaker                                                   Vol 14 Christmas Annimation part 1
featured are 4 half hour specials including one from 1950 called         god's Christmas Gift                                                      1939 - peace on earth (harmon)
"The Guiding Star", The moving "No Escape from Christmas", The           Holy Night                                                                Alias Sait Nick
animated "The City that Forgot About Christmas" and Jim Backus           How The Animals discovered Christmas                                      A Christmas tree - 1959
telling the story behind the most famous Christmas letter of all "Yes    Little Drummer Boy                                                        christmas up north
Virginia, there is a Santa Claus".                                       little lamb                                                               Cosmic Christmas.mpg
                                                                         Joys of Christmas Vol 11 (the Night Before)                               Fleischer - Christmas Comes But Once A Year
The Joys of Christmas Volume 4 of "The Joys of Christmas"                Night Before Christmas (Rakin Bass)                                       Jack Frost (1934)
featured are Two versions of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" - the first    Night Before Christmas (castle)                                           Little Drummer Boy (Rankin Bass)
is narrated by Fredric March and stars Basil Rathbone as Scrooge -       Night Before Christmas (EB films)
the second Stars Mach as Scrooge, with Rathbone as Jacob Marley.         night before christmas - 1956                                             Vol 15 Christmas animation part 2
This one is a musical with lyrics by Maxwell Anderson and music          the fright before Christmas                                               Merry Mirthworm Christmas
composed and conducted by Bernard Herrmann. It was originally            Twas the Night Before Christmas (Norman Luboff)                           Santa and the Three Bears - 1970
shown on Christmas Eve, 1954 as part of the CBS/Desilu "Shower of                                                                                  Silent Night, Holy Night
Small One & A Snowy Day                                    Ozzie And Harriet - A Busy Christmas
                                                           Racket Squad - The Christmas Caper – 1953                 Ann Dvorak
Vol 16 Christmas Animation part 3                                                                                  I Was an American Spy - 1951
The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives (1933)                  Volume 5                                                Out of the Blue - 1947
Tom And Jerry - The Night Before Christmas (1941)          Racket Squad - The Story of Blessed Expense - 1952      Gangs of New York - 1938
Toyland Broadcast, Bedtime For Sniffles                    Robin Hood - Christmas Goose - 1957                     Blind Alley - 1939
Twas the Night Before Christmas (Norman Luboff)            Scarlet Pimpernel - the Christmas Present - 1956        Merrily We Live - 1938
Those Beautiful Dames                                      Four Star Playhouse - The Gift - 1953                   Manhattan Merry-go-round - 1937
What is Christmas - 1973                                                                                           I Sell Anything - 1934
Joys of Christmas Vol 17                                   Volume 6                                                  Blanche Sweet
F.W.Woolworths Christmas                                   Sherlock Holms - Case of the Christmas Pudding - 1955   A Tripple Feature
McDonalds Christmas Commercial - 1976                      The Nativity (Westinghouse Studio One) - 1952            - Death's Marathon - 1913
Singer Christmas Commercial                                The Ruggles                                              - One Is Business - 1912
Miracle On 34th Street - 1957                              A Christmas Carol (as told by Vincent Price)             - The Painted Lady - 1912
Christams Looking                                                                                                  also...
Christmas is                                               Chritmas Features....                                   showgirl in hollywood - 1930
Story of Christmas (NFBoC)                                 Santa and the Three Bears - 1970                        Anna Cristie - 1923
                                                           Santa Claus (Conquers the Martians) - 1964              Silver horde - 1930
                                                           Santa Claus (vs the Devil) - 1959
Television Christmas                                       Scrooge - 1935                                           Paul Robeson
Each DVD contains 4 holiday episodes of classic TV shows   Great Rupert - 1950                                     Big Fella - 1937
                                                           Christmas that almost wasn't - 1966                     King Solomons Mines - 1937
Volume 1                                                   A Christmas Carol - 1910                                Body & Soul - 1925
Your Hit Parade - 1955                                     Christmas Eve - 1947                                    Borderline - 1930
Annie Oakley - Santa Wears A Gun - 1957                                                                            Emporer Jones - 1933
Betty White - A Date With The Angels - 1957                The Cinderella Disc                                     Jericho - 1937
Burns & Allen - 1951                                              Included are the 1898 Milies film, the 1914      Native Land - 1942
                                                                  Mary Picford feature and Disney's Laff-o-Gram    Sanders of the River - 1935
Volume 2                                                                                                           The Proud Valley - 1940
Capt. Gallant - the boy who found Christmas - 1955                                Special Collections              Song of Freedom - 1936
Coke Time - 1955                                                                     -The Stars-
Crossroads - Our First Christmas Tree                                                                               Vera Lynn
Crossroads- the Man Who Walked On Water                     Edward Everett Horton                                  One Exciting Night - 1944
                                                           But the Flesh Is Weak - 1932                            We'll Meet Again - 1943
Volume 3                                                   Private Secretary - 1935 *                              Rhythm Serenade - 1943
Dragnet - Big New Year - 1956                              Town Went Wild - 1944                                   A Fire Has Been Arranged - 1935
Dragnet - A Gun/rifle For Christmas - 1952                 Lonely Wives - 1931
Dragnet - Big Little Jesus - 1953                          Man in the mirror - 1936                                 Carole Landis
Four Star Playhouse - The Answer - 1955                    Holiday - 1930                                          Brass Monkey 1948
                                                           Front Page - 1931                                       Silk Noose 1948
Volume 4                                                   Smart Woman - 1931                                      Out of the Blue 1947
liberace show - 1954                                       Sunny - 1941                                            Secret Command - 1944
Meet Corlis Archer - 1954                                  * includes the 1929 short "Ask Dad"                     Topper Returns - 1941
A Scandal in Paris 1946                          Das Blaue Licht - 1932                          1931 À Nous la Liberté
Behind Green Lights 1946                         (german soundtrack with English subtitles)      1930 Under the Roofs of Paris
Road Show 1941                                   written, directed, and starring Riefenstahl.    1928 The Horse Ate the (Italian Straw) Hat
Turnabout 1940                                   The Blue Light (silent UK edit of the above)    1928 La tour
and the 1937 A Star is Born (where she           Der heilige Berg (1926) aka The Holy Mountain   1925 At 3:25 (aka Crazy Ray & Paris qui dort)
had an uncredited role as the Girl in a          White Hell of Pitz Palu (1929)                  1925 The Imaginary Voyage
Beret at the Santa Anita Bar)                    AKA Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü                1924 Entr'acte
                                                  (Directed, at least in part, by G.W. Pabst)

 Anna Neagle                                                             - The Directors -        Frank Capra
Yellow Canary                                                                                    1964 Rendezvous in Space
Forever and a Day                                 G. W. Pabst                                    1957 Hemo the Magnificent
Wings and the Woman                              1955 It Happened on July 20th                   1956 Our Mr. Sun
Irene                                            1933 Don Quixote                                1944 The Battle of China
Anna Neagle                                      1933 Don Quichotte                              1944 The Negro Soldier
Bittersweet - 1933                               1933 Queen of Atlantis                          1943 The Battle of Russia
Nurse Edith Cavell - 1939                        1931 Kameradschaft                              1943 Divide and Conquer
No no Nanette - 1940                             1931 The 3 Penny Opera                          1943 The Battle of Britain
Sunny - 1941                                     1930 Westfront 1918                             1943 The Nazis Strike
London Melody - 1937                             1929 White Hell of Pitz Palu                    1942 Prelude to War
                                                 1929 Diary of a Lost Girl                       1941 Meet John Doe
 Kay Francis                                     1929 Pandora's Box                              1928 The Power of the Press
Allotment Wives - 1945                           1928 The Devious Path                           1928 The Matinee Idol
Divorce - 1945                                   1927 The Love of Jeanne Ney                     1927 Fiddlesticks
Charley's Aunt - 1941                            1925 The Joyless Street                         1926 The Strong Man
Little Men - 1940                                1923 Treasure
                                                                                                  Josef von Sternberg
 Leni Riefenstahl,                                Ernst Lubitsch                                 1937 I Claudius (The Epic that Never Was)
though vilified for her work as part of          1925 Lady Windermere's Fan                      1930 The Blue Angel
Hitler's porpaganda machine she directed         1921 Die Bergkatze                              1930 Der blaue Engel
the finest documentaries ever put to film        1920 Kohlhiesels Töchter                        1928 The Docks of New York
and though the subject matter of her             1920 Anna Boleyn                                1928 The Last Command
most famous works represents the darkest         1920 Sumurun                                    1927 Underworld
moments of 20th century human history            1919 My Lady Margarine                          1927 It (uncredited)
as records of what happened are invaluable.      1919 Die Puppe
to this end we offer these works                 1918 I Don't Want to Be a Man                    Jean Renoir
Lowlands (begun in 1944, released in 1954)                                                       1954 French Can Can
Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations 1938    René Clair                                     1951 The River
Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty 1938        1945 And Then there were none                   1945 The Southerner
Triumph of the Will 1935                         1944 It Happened Tomorrow                       1939 The Rules of the Game
Tag der Freiheit 1935                            1943 Forever and a day (segment)                1938 La Bête Humaine
Victory of the Faith 1933                        1942 I Married a Witch                          1938 La Marseillaise
-> and from her acting days<-                    1935 Ghost Goes West                            1937 Grand Illusion
1936 The Lower Depths                                           both the 1918 and 1935 versions are present. This is a classic,      Item 006 Take your best shot 1933/1935
1935 Toni                                                       near fantasy based on the Victorian play by Jerome K.                Quota quickie or Poverty row; here are two films, completely
1931 La Chienne                                                 Jerome.                                                              different plots - both called A Shot In The Dark.
1928 La petite marchande d'allumettes (short)
1927 Charleston Parade (Sur Un Air De Charleston)
1926 Nana
                                                                Item 009 The Windy City 1952/1957                                    Item 007 Its the Arizona kid 1930/1939
1925 Whirlpool of Fate (La Fille De L'eau)                      Two films of what has been dubbed the noir style (though not         here again are two films with the same name (Arizona kid),
1959 Experiment in Evil (Le Testament Du Docteur Cordelier)     by me), set in the Chicago if the 1950's. Chicago Calling from       made roughly 10 years apart, but with little in common other
1962 Elusive Corporal (Le Caporal Epingle)                      1952, and from 1957 its Chicago Confidential.                        than the title and the Western setting.
 F. W. Murnau
1921 The Haunted Castle                                         Item 002 Jew Suss 1934/1940                                          Item 008 Back to the slammer 1943/1955
1925 Tartuffe                                                   both the 1934 and the 1940 versions are present. Dramatically        Here are two great little Prison Pictures; from 1855 its "The
1924 The Last Laugh                                             different approaches to the same story, the first, a brilliant and   Big House USA" and from 1943 we offer "Behind Prison
1924 Finances of the Grand Duke
                                                                moving story of life in the 18th century Jewish ghetto of            Walls".
1922 The Phantom
1922 Nosferatu
                                                                Wurtemburg. And a man who tries to better himself with the
1926 Faust                                                      help of an evil Duke. The second is the Nazi propaganda              Item 010 Mysteries of the Orient 1931/1935
1931 Tabu: A Story of the South Seas                            historical costume melodrama, where the protagonist of the           In the set we offer Chinatown After Dark (from 1931) and
                                                                1934 film is turned into the Villain.                                the fast passed Chinatown Squad (from 1935).
 Fritz Lang
1960 The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse                               Item 003 The Golem 1920/1936                                         Item 011 he Emerald Isle 1958/1959
1959 The Tomb of Love                                           both the 1920 German version and the 1936 French import are          From 1958, The Loot goes missing in a robbery/double-cross
1959 Der Tiger von Eschnapur                                    offered - and as a bonus - we're including a 4 minute fragment       in “Dublin Nightmare” - and then the story of the 1916 Easter
1950 House by the River
                                                                from the (almost) lost 1915 version.                                 Rising,using original footage of the time; Mise Eire (1959)
1947 Secret Beyond the Door
1946 Cloak and Dagger
1945 Scarlet Street                                             Item 004 The Tudors - 1933/1936                                      Item 012 Spotlight on Julien Duvivier 1930/1939
1943 Hangmen Also Die!                                          Two films about old Henry that show just how good those              First up is Au Bonheur Des Dames from 1930, then we offer
1934 Liliom                                                     quota quickies could be. First, from 1933 we offer Charles           Duvivier’s La Charrette Fantome from 1939
1933 The Testament of Dr. Mabuse                                Laughton in the title role showing us the Private Life of Henry
1931 M (English or German)                                      VIII – then a 1936 look at Lady Jane Grey's short life, from         Item 013 Spotlight on Rene Clair
1929 Woman in the Moon                                          her forced marriage, to her brief reign as monarch of England        First a film that became the basis for TV's Early Edition; It
1922 Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler (part 1 or 2)                      and finally to her                                                   Happened Tomorrow, a gem from 1944. Then from the pen
1921 Destiny
                                                                beheading in Tudor Rose (aka Nine Days a Queen).                     of Agatha Christie; And Then There Were None (1945),
                                                                                                                                     remade (badly) as Ten Little Indians.
Our new double feature line - get two movies for the price of
                                                                Item 005 Robinson vs Louis 1950/1955
one (on one DVD)
                                                                Great film biographies of two of America's greatest sports           Item 014 Those teenage delinquents!
                                                                legends;                                                             Teenage delinquents terrorize a small community in The
Our New Double Features:
                                                                 Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis. In the former, Jackie                Choppers, from 1961. Next the son of a hot-rod hating judge
                                                                Robinson plays himself, in the latter Coley Wallace is cast as       soups up a jalopy and makes daddy proud - eventually - in
Item 001 Passing of the Third Floor Back 1918/1935
                                                                Joe Louis, because the felt Louis just wasn't the right type!        "Hot Rod" from 1950.
Item 015 A Bite of the Big Apple                                Friday The Thirteenth, 1933                                              2. You may call me (Bill Brent) at (718) 767-6836 to order by phone.
Manhattan Love Song, 1934                                                                                                                Again – leave a message and we’ll get back to you
Manhattan Tower, 1932                                           Item 026 Popular sites of the 1940s                                      3. You may mail orders to: Bill Brent, 157-15 14th Avenue,
                                                                                                                                         Beechhurst, NY 11357. All we need are your name and address, the
                                                                Ghosts of Berkeley Square, 1947
                                                                                                                                         titles you are ordering and payment….maybe I should have
Item 016 All Roads lead to The biggest little city              Waterloo Road, 1945                                                      mentioned that first ?
Road to Reno, 1931                                                                                                                       4. Payment may be by cash, check, money order or Paypal (paypal
Night Life In Reno, 1931                                        Item 027 Tales of the bad guys                                           account is bill@bbrent.com).
                                                                Underworld Story, 1950                                                   5. Shipping Charges -- free in the USA. Overseas shipping costs 3
                                                                Gangster Story, 1960                                                     or more titles - also free!
Item 017 Son of Those teenage delinquents!                      Item 024 The Uk of the Future
Teen Age Crime Wave (AKA Jail Bait), 1955                       Once you've seen Things to Come (and you can buy a nice
Teen aged Devil Dolls (AKA One Way Ticket to Hell), 1955        copy from J&J) - have a look at this double bill; "Bombs over
                                                                London" and "Non Stop New York" both from 1937
Item 018 A Swinging Sensation
Swing Parade of 1946 (made in 1945)                             Item 028 I didn't even know she left
Sensations of 1945 (made in 1944)                               Girl Who Came Back, 1935
                                                                Woman who Came Back, 1945
Item 019 Thanking all the Little People
Terror Of Tiny Town, 1938                                       Item 029 The Hell you say!
It’s a Small World, 1950                                        Dante's Inferno, 1911
                                                                Dante's Inferno, 1924
Item 020 This TV thing will never catch on
Trapped by Television, 1936                                     Item 030 Newton's Law
Murder by Television, 1935                                      Fig Leaves (Howard Hawks), 1926
                                                                A Fig Leaf for Eve, 1944
Item 021 Lucky 13 1932/1943
First up, the original "The Thirteenth Guest" from 1932, then   Item 031 Charles Laughton rides again 1939/1945
11 years later, the remake; "Mystery of the 13th Guest"         Okay, that whole "rides again" image really doesn't play well
                                                                with Laughton, but here are two classic outings (outings?)
Item 022 Rathbone and Bruce Volume 1                            staring the great man; Jamaica Inn from 1939 and Captain
Sherlock Holmes Dressed To Kill, 1946                           Kidd from 1945.
Sherlock Holmes Secret Weapon, 1943
                                                                All single titles $15.00 - including standard shipping in the US - NYS
                                                                orders add 8.75% sales tax
Item 023 Rathbone and Bruce Volume 2
Sherlock Holmes Terror By Night, 1946                           How to Order
Sherlock Holmes Woman In Green, 1945                            1. Send a simple email to bill@bbrent.com to order directly through
                                                                the internet. All orders will be confirmed within 24 hours. (don’t let
Item 025 Son of Lucky 13 1932/1933                              the spam deter you – we’ll get the email)
Night of June 13th, 1932

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