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					C9P3 Simulator Fix for Windows Seven
The C9P3 simulator has issues running natively in a Window 7 environment. To be able to run the
simulator in Windows 7 or higher please follow the steps in the following tutorial.

Overview: you will be installing Windows XP Mode onto the Windows Virtual PC, then moving the C9P3
simulator over to the virtual PC and running it from there.


   1. Follow the instructions on the Microsoft XP mode website to download and install the XP mode
      simulator. The instructions can be found at the following web address:
      Note: Make sure that both the Windows XP Mode (step 2 on the Microsoft website) and
      Windows Virtual PC (step 3 on the Microsoft site) are installed.
   2. From the start menu launch Windows XP Mode as shown below.

       Note: If you do not see the Windows XP Mode icon then you probably did not install the
       Windows Virtual PC. Also note that the first time you start up the Windows XP Mode
       application, you`ll need to create a new user profile. This should popup automatically.
3. Your screen should now look similar to the one below.

4. Copy The C9P3_Simulator folder in which the CANDU simulator is stored.
   5. Paste the C9P3_Simulator simulator folder onto the desktop of the Window XP mode

       Note: If you are unable to paste the folder into the Windows XP Mode application, ensure that
       integration features have been enabled in the tools menu.

   6. You should now be able to run the simulator. Make sure that the Windows XP Mode application
      is maximized so that the full simulator can be seen.

** If you find that the simulator is running slow or utilizing 100% of the CPU within the Windows XP
Mode application then also do the following:

   1. Download the C9P3.BAT file from http://alumni.nuclear.uoit.ca/C9P3/ and save it in the same
      directory as the C9P3.EXE file (which should be in the C9P3_Simulator directory).

   2. To run the simulator double click C9P3.BAT.

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