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									Stockholm Convention on POPs:
Regional Consultation on the Draft
BAT/BEP Guidelines
Buenos Aires, 14-16 March 2005

David Ogden
Executive Coordinator
Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention
Aim of the consultations

 to set the scene for a constructive consideration of
  the BAT/BEP issue at the COP in Uruguay.
   still work to be done, and
   we need to engage all regions in that work so
     that the guidance is representative of all
Aim of the Consultations (cont)
 to inform countries of the draft guidelines,
 to get feedback on where further guidance is needed
  to reflect regional needs, and
 to help countries prepare for COP-1 discussions
  relating to the adoption of and further work on the
Format for the sessions

 Two sessions each day
   0900 – 1230
   1400 – 1730
 Aim to finish mid-afternoon on Wednesday
Program – Day 1
 Context for BAT/BEP
   Stockholm Convention
 Development of guidance
   BAT/BEP Expert Group – mandate, composition
   The evolution of the guidance
 EGB experts perspective and experience
 How to use the guidance – what is it?
 Experiences from the region – case studies
Program – Day 2
 Group work:
  exercises on how to use the guidelines;
  identification of issues/problems;
  identification of future needs and opportunities for
    regional approaches.
Day 3: Conclusions and follow-up
   Users: are the Guidelines
      Comprehensive? (What is missing?)
      Room for improvement? (Where?)
   Contributing to the Guidelines
      Do you have input?
      How to provide the input?
      Process for future development
Program – Day 3

 Conclusions and follow-up
  Implications for the COP
  Issues for further development of the guidance
 Next steps
 Close

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