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					Spelling Activities

The spelling activities below will be assigned on a weekly basis. On the homework board will
read “Complete Spelling Activity #___” Please use the list below to determine exactly which
task you need to complete for the evening’s homework.

(1) Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.
(2) Word Operations. This is an activity where you will ADD or SUBTRACT letters from your spelling
list words to make new words. After 4 steps, choose a new word.

                     Step #1:      Start with any spelling word.
                     Step #2: Add or subtract letters (or groups of
                     letters) to create new words.

                     1. Mistreat – Meaty
                     (a)                 Mistreat – mis = treat
                     (b)                 Treat + y = treaty
                     (c)                 Treaty – tr + m = meaty
                     (d)                 Meaty – m and y = eat

(3) Write a quality sentence for 10 of the spelling words.
(4) Write a paragraph including EVERY spelling word.
(5) Write each spelling word. Next to each word, write two additional words that
     can be spelled using the letters in the word. i.e., continent = tent, net
(6) Write each spelling word without its vowels. Replace each vowel with a line.
(7) Write your spelling words in two pen colors, red for consonants and blue for vowels.
(8) Write each spelling word and cross out all of silent letters.
(9) Print each word. Next to it, write the word in cursive.
(10) Write each spelling word three times.
(11) Write your spelling words as fractions based on the number of vowels and consonants in each word.
(12) Use letter tiles to spell out 10 of this week’s words. Glue them into your notebook and total up the
points for each word.
(13) Write your spelling words in secret code. (Use the secret code key you received in class.)
(14) Word Hunt – Using the patterns you see in your spelling words, look in the newspaper, your reading
book, a textbook or, to find five words with similar spelling structures to your spelling
words. Then, write the definition of each newly found word.
(15) Create 4 sections on your paper. List words by parts of speech. Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs.
(16) Break your words into syllables and separate each syllable using a symbol. You may write OR type.
(17) Write a poem using at least 8 spelling words.
(18) Cut 10 of your spelling words out of a newspaper or magazine. Glue them on construction paper.
(19) Arrange the letters of each word in abc order (ex. Broken would be beknor)
(20) Using the dictionary, locate ALL of your spelling words. List the page # and 2 guide words for each
and write the meaning for each word
(21) Write the words in reverse ABC order
(22) Write newspaper headlines using your spelling words
(23) Write a rhyming word for each spelling word
(24) Write your words in shapes
(25)Tongue Twisters. Write a tongue twister for each word. Underline each spelling word.
(26) Create a video of you writing each spelling word. Use: smartnotebook, educreations or Submit your video through Edmodo.
(27) Create a tagxedo OR wordle of all of your spelling words print or submit through Edmodo.
(28) Create a scramble or wordsearch using this site or Highlight all of your
(29) Use pixton, toondoo or paper template to create a cartoon story that includes 10 of your spelling
words. Print or submit your electronic homework through Edmodo.
(30) Use Vocaroo to record yourself saying (and spelling) each of your spelling words. Turn in your
Vocaroo through Edmodo.
(31) Generate a newspaper article using
include 10 of your spelling words. Type each word in ALL CAPS when you type it. Print or submit
through Edmodo.
(32) Go to . Select: Make a picture. Use any background and create 10 sentences on
your picture using your spelling words AND a sentence. Print or submit through Edmodo.

                                  Remember with all spelling tasks:
            Spelling is the #1 priority BUT creativity and effort are important as well!!

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