Credit China in Strategic Cooperation Plan with Xinhua Publishing

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                 Credit China in Strategic Cooperation Plan with
                                Xinhua Publishing

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                        Expands Funding Support with RMB1 Billion Target
                          Strengthens Financing Business in Shanghai

(Hong Kong, 10 July 2012) — Credit China Holdings Limited (“Credit China” or the “Company:” Stock
code: 8207), one of the leading non-banking financing service providers in China, is pleased to announce
that the Company is collaborating in the Strategic Cooperation Plan with PRC state-owned Shanghai Xinhua
Publishing Group Limited(“Xinhua Publishing”). Under the plan, Xinhua Publishing is to support the
Company in its business development in areas ranging from providing up to RMB1 billion in funding to
strategic business expansion.

Xinhua Publishing will kick off a funding support campaign for the company with a target of RMB600 million
to RMB1 billion (HK$738.0 million to HK$1.23 billion) in the next two years. The plan will enable the
Company to obtain additional funding of RMB300 million to RMB500 million (HK$369.0 million to HK$615.0
million) by the end of 2013 by way of a shareholder’s loan and provision of guarantee. Xinhua Publishing will
further inject new funding of RMB300 million to RMB500 million (HK$369.0 million to HK$615.0 million)
within 2014. The relevant commercial agreement will be signed between Xinhua Publishing and the
Company for each tranche of funding.

Xinhua Publishing is the second largest shareholder of the Company, holding approximately 29.91% of the
issued share capital of the Company through Jiefang Media (UK) Co. Limited.

Mr Shi Zhijun, Chairman of Credit China, said, “We are pleased to maintain continued trust from Xinhua
Publishing, our second largest shareholder and advance our strategic collaboration in different business
areas such as expanding funding support and exploring new business directions. With Xinhua Publishing’s
state-owned enterprise background and rich experience in media and real estate investment in the PRC, we
believe the cooperation will provide tremendous support to Credit China’s business development over the
long run.”

Apart from the funding arrangement, Xinhua Publishing will strongly support the Company to develop a
small loan financing business in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region and assist the Company in
securing a small loan financing company licence in Shanghai area. It will assist the Company in conducting
financing and expanding funding sources for the business and channels for financing. Besides, Xinhua
Publishing will also help the Company in its exploration plan for issuing trusts in the PRC. The two parties
will also explore further collaboration in the area of intellectual property and media financing.
Credit China Enters into Strategic Cooperation Plan with Xinhua Publishing
10 July 2012

Mr Shi Zhijun concluded, “Leveraging the expertise and network of Xinhua Publishing, we are confident
that the cooperation will greatly strengthen our principal businesses of real estate pawn loans and real
estate entrusted loans in the PRC while enhancing our risk management capability. With the booming
demand for non-banking financing services in the PRC, we are well positioned to grasp the numerous
opportunities and strongly drive our business growth, bringing excellent returns to our shareholders.”

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About Credit China Holdings Limited (8207.HK)
Credit China Holdings Limited was listed on GEM of the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong in November 2010. It is an
integrated financing service provider which mainly provides short-term loan services. Based in Shanghai and the
Yangtze River Delta, Credit China provides fast and convenient short-term loans and financing solutions on a multi-
business platform to SMEs and the middle class with real estate as collateral. After listing in Hong Kong, the Group
commenced its money lending service in Hong Kong in the first quarter of 2011 and other collateral-backed pawn loans
in Chongqing in the fourth quarter of 2011. The five financing service areas are: 1) Real Estate Pawn Loan; 2)
Entrusted Loan; 3) Financial Consultancy; 4) Finance Lease and 5) Other Collateral-Backed Pawn Loan.

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