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					Most sports that are played today are popular only in certain regions. Be it basketball, baseball, football,
rugby, hockey or cricket. But the only sport that is played in every country is wrestling. Wrestling originated
as an ancient sport, unlike the other modern sports today. It has been an Olympic sport for a long time. It is
also an integral part of most ancient cultures, the world over. It is said to have originated in Egypt, several
thousands of years ago. But it is a common misconception that wrestling is WWE. Well look at that later.
The pure form of wrestling is slowly but surely dying out. Before moving on to pro-wrestling, take a look at
the original and unique forms of wrestling.

A very popular form of wrestling is Sumo wrestling. Everybody thinks that sumo wrestling just involves two
very obese people engaged in 1-1 combat. But sumo wrestling is far more than that. There are several
complex moves involved and these take quite an amount of time to master. The major Sumo matches are
held in Tokyo and tickets are not easy to come by.

Though there might be many other forms of wrestling, the most popular is the WWE pro-wrestling league.
The WWE is an extremely commercialized version of wrestling. It is a high stakes contest involving several
players. Tickets can go up to Hundreds of Dollars for the main clashes. There are several leagues like the
Smackdown, RAW and Heat. There are WWE t-shirts, mugs, caps, video games, cards and what not. I
would say the WWE is a money making stint, the most popular being the WWE RAW.

The WWE airing format is a constantly evolving one. Earlier, it used to be aired continuously for long
hours. But now, it is split into different 2 hour sessions, which has proved to be far more entertaining to
fans. But what sells tickets nowadays, are the babes, rumors and the hype that surrounds WWE. WWE divas
are a worldwide hit today. WWE diva fights, features many sexy women, who compete in wrestling, and
this has proved to be a big hit among fans. It capitalizes on the eye-candy factor. There are all sorts of
matches from tag-team to lingerie clashes. WWE has also invaded Hollywood. TV interviews, behind-the-
scenes shows, reality shows featuring WWE superstars are a common sight today. Be it the Hulk Hogan
show on VH1, or John Cenas chartbusting Music, the Hollywood side of wrestling is growing popular very
fast. Many stars have also had acting stints, the latest one being the Rocks Gridiron Gang.

Wrestling is an international hit. People pay lots of money to watch others fight. It is but human nature to
enjoy the sight of 1-1 combat and WWE has taken this to a whole new level: the global stage. So if your
wallet is packed, and your day is empty, head to the nearest arena for the one, the only: WWE pro-wrestling!


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