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					                     Third Nine Weeks Study Guide
1. A flashlight uses three different forms of energy. Please list in the correct order
________________ to electrical to ______________ to _________________.
2. The photosynthesis process in plants shows which energy transformation?
   Solar energy to _________________________________.
3. Order the following list from most potential energy to least.
   _____ book on the second shelf from bottom of a bookshelf
   _____ book on the first shelf from the bottom of a bookshelf
   _____ book on top of a book shelf
   _____ book on the floor
4. Which painter has more potential energy? A one hundred sixty pound painter on
   the third rung of a ladder or a one hundred eighty pound painter on the third rung
   of a ladder? Why?

5. When a ball is released from a certain height, it will not bounce to the original
    release point. Some of the energy is converted to sound and heat energy. This is
    an illustration of the ________ of _______________________ of energy.
6. The sun is an example of which kind of nuclear energy. On the sun, two atoms of
    hydrogen go together to form one atom of helium. ______________________.
7. ___________________________ is the type of nuclear reaction that is currently
    used to generate electrical energy.
8. Newton’s _____________ law of motion describes the relationship among mass,
    force, and acceleration.
9. Newton’s _______________ law of motion states that an object at rest will
    remain at rest unless a force acts upon it.
10. Newton’s ______________ law of motion states that for every action there is an
    equal and opposite reaction.
11. A rocket launching is an example of Newton’s _______________ law of motion.
12. Jessie jumps of the cart and the cart moves back. This is an example of Newton’s
    _______________ law of motion.
13. It takes more force for Marcus to push the full shopping cart. This is an example
    of Newton’s __________________ law of motion.
14. The football remains on the 20 yard line. This is an example of Newton’s ______
    law of motion.
15. Inertia is another name for Newton’s ____________ law of motion.
16. __________________ energy is the result of molecules vibrating.
17. __________________ energy is the energy of motion.
18. __________________ energy has to do with the flow of electrons.
19. __________________ energy is the result of electrons vibrating.
20. __________________ is the splitting of the nucleus of an atom to release energy.
21. __________________ the joining to two hydrogen atoms to form a helium atom.
22. A __________________ is the standard unit used to measure work.
23. How much work is done is a person lifts a barbell weighing 500 N to a height of 2
    m? (W=Fd)

24. The _______________ is the unit of measurement of power.
25. An Antarctic explorer uses 5500 J of work to pull his sled for 50 s. What power
    does he need? (P=work/time)

26. In order for ____________ to occur something must be moved.
27. Name the six simple machines and give an example of each.
    _____________________________ _____________________________
    _____________________________ _____________________________
    _____________________________ _____________________________
    _____________________________ _____________________________
    _____________________________ _____________________________
    _____________________________ _____________________________

28. The number of times a machine multiplies the input force is called the machine’s
    ____________________ _____________________.
29. Calculate the MA is the input force is 10 Newtons and the output force in 40
    Newtons? (MA=Output Force/Input Force)

30. Calculate the speed of a wheelchair racer that completes a 100-meter course in 20
    seconds. (S=d/t)

31. Ama starts sliding with a velocity of 1m/s. After 3 s, her velocity is 7 m/s. What
    is Ama’s acceleration? (a=final velocity-initial velocity/time)

32. What is the main difference between calculating speed and velocity? __________
33. Draw a picture of the compound machine, a wheel barrow, and label the simple
    machines that it contains.

34. Draw a roller coaster and label where it has the most kinetic and most potential
35. Kinetic energy depends on ____________________ and ___________________.
36. Potential energy depends on ___________________ and ___________________.
37. Name three examples of renewable energy resources: ___________________,
    ________________________, and _________________________.
38. Coal, oil, uranium, and natural gases are all examples of ____________________
    energy resources.
39. Name positive and negative consequence of using nuclear power.

40. Name positive and negative consequence of using fossil fuels.

41. A rocket must overcome the forces of _______________________ and
    _____________ ______________________ as it is launched.

42. Explain why it is important to wear a seat belt based on Newton’s Laws. Be

43. __________________________ is the opposition or slowing down of the flow of
    electric charge.

44. What has more resistance in an electrical circuit, based on size and length of
    wire? Draw and explain.

45. Current from the outlets in a home is ______________       ____________.

46. __________ ___________ is the relationship between current and resistance
    expressed algebraically as I = V/R

47. Draw and label a series circuit (include wire, bulbs, battery, & switch):

48. Draw and label a parallel circuit (include wire, bulbs, battery, & switch):

49. In magnets, like charges _______________ each other.
50. In magnets, unlike charges __________ each other.
51. To make an electromagnet stronger wrap the wire around the nail (more or less)
52. A _______________________ changes mechanical energy into electrical energy.
53. A ________________________changes electrical energy into mechanical energy.
54. Copper, nickel, and aluminum are all examples of good ____________________.
55. Name two examples of good insulators - ____________________ and
   56. A __________ or ____________ circuit allows electricity to flow.
   57. Draw an example of an open and a closed circuit.

   58. ___________ ____________ can produce a magnetic field and cause iron and
       steel objects to act like magnets.
   59. ____________________________are temporary magnets that lose their
       magnetism when the electric current is removed.
   60. Both a motor and a ___________________have magnets (or electromagnets) and
       a coil of wire that creates another magnetic field.
   61. Most of the ____________________ energy we use comes from generators
   62. Examples of _________________ include those in many household appliances,
       such as blenders and washing machines.

Additional questions of concern from the previous 9 weeks exams are added to this
study guide.

   1. The _________________________are located to the right of the stair-step line
   on the periodic table.
   2. ___________________ tend to lose electrons in chemical reactions, forming
   positive ions.
   3. Nonmetals tend to gain ___________________ in chemical reactions, forming
   negative ions.
   4. Gaining or losing electrons makes an atom an ____________________.
   5. Gaining or losing ______________________makes an atom an isotope.
   6. Gaining or losing a proton makes an atom into a completely different
   7. The ________________columns in the table are called groups or families.
   8. Elements in each group have similar properties because they have the same
   number of electrons in the outermost energy level.
   9. The horizontal rows are called _________________________.
   10. Elements in the same column (family) of the periodic table contain the same
   number of ____________________in their outer energy levels
   11. When a metallic element reacts with a nonmetallic element, their atoms gain
   and lose electrons respectively, forming _____________________bonds.
   12. Two nonmetals react; atoms share electrons, forming
   ____________________ (molecular) bonds.

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