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Forever Comfy Cushion _2_


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									Forever Comfy Cushion

The Forever Comfy is a combination cushion with a special three layer design. It helps provide comfort
and support for the back, bottom and legs. So even when you are sitting for long periods of time you
won’t become sore.

Unlike other regular support cushions which only contain foam, the Forever Comfy cushion is made of
both a supple layer of therapeutic gel in the center that is covered by high density. The soft and supple
layer of gel in the core will move along with your body and distribute your weight evenly.

It provides proper support and protection against sitting on hard surfaces. This greatly reduce the stress
placed on the body, eliminating back pain or aches, sore buttock or aching thighs for sitting too long. Plus
the Forever Comfy is also washable, lightweight, portable and reasonably priced.

Since the Forever Comfy cushion is so light weight, compact, and portable, you can take it with you
anywhere you like. You could use at the office, the dining room, in your car, when sitting on hard
bleachers, or any other surface to create a comfy seat. Forever Comfy will provide you with comfortable
seat with support anywhere.

Another benefit of the Forever Comfy is that the cushion provides you with extra height while driving. This
gives you a better view of the road. Plus the Forever Comfy is also not only limited to just being a great
seat cushion. It can also be used as back support as well with its comfortable design.

Visit: http://www.shopasseenontv.com/forever-comfy/ to get the Forever Comfy

Offer Details: Order a Forever Comfy pillow for the only $19.95 plus $9.95 p&h. And that’s not all: Order
now, and we’ll double the offer and send you a second Forever Comfy as a bonus, just pay separate
$9.95 p&h. 30 day money-back guarantee (less p&h). Sales tax may apply. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.
Additional $10 p&h for delivery outside of the continental US.

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