12th JANUARY, 2010             All of us as adults have to
                               accept that it is the            Bag2School is a fundraising
Dear Parents,                  protection of the child who      initiative which can help
                               may be at some kind of risk      raise money for school.
I do hope you had a good       which is most important.         We will be distributing
Christmas break and would      A copy of the Safeguarding       bags to the children on
like to wish you all a Very    Procedures is available for      Friday 22nd January and we
Happy New Year.                inspection in school.            need them back in school
                                                                before 29th January.
                                                                You can bring them in on
G.J. LESTER                    If you have a new mobile         the 27th, 28th or 29th
                               phone could you please call      January.
                               into the school office and
                               change the number on the         You can put any unwanted
                               school records.                  clothes, handbags, shoes
From time to time the                                           inside the bag and then
school receives information                                     bring them back to school.
from a variety of sources      Please could you make sure       Thank you for your support
(children, parents or other    your child has a warm coat
adults) concerned with the     with their name inside
protection of individual       when they come to school
children from abuse. This      as the weather is very cold      Class 5F will be visiting
information will always be     at the moment. Thank you         Seacombe Library on 14th
dealt with as confidentially   for your support.                and Class 5H on the 21st
as possible and made known                                      January, 2010.
to the smallest number of
staff who need to know.        We are collecting FLORA,
Parents do need to be          NESTLE tokens and                HALF TERM HOLIDAY
aware that, whilst we will     anything else. Thank you         School will close on Friday
deal with such information     for your continued support.      12th February, 2010 at
with sensitivity and care,
                                                                3.00 p.m.
there are legal
                                                                School will re-open on
responsibilities laid upon     We have been busy                Monday 22nd February,
the school to report actual    updating our Website and         2010 at 8.55 a.m.
allegations to Social          it is full of information on
Services or the Police and     what is happening in school,     EASTER HOLIDAY
there are procedures that      Newsletter updates, clubs        School will close on
we are expected to follow      and lots more information        Friday 26th March, 2010
if suspicions are passed       about school so please log       School will re-open on
onto us.                       on -                             Monday 12th April, 2010
                               The address is

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