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					                                                                NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007


Dear School Community

  Ein gutes neues Jahr,                                                  When the German Swiss International School was founded
Happy New Year, Kung                                                  in 1969 by a group of German and Swiss parents, it was not
Hei Fat Choi!                                                         intended that the school would comprise two separate
                                                                      streams. The intention at the time was to form an
                                                                      international school in which students of many nationalities
   Communication is a                                                 would be taught in both English and German in one class. The
challenge       in     any                                            oldest pupils were ten years old when the school opened, and
organisation,         and                                             the founders originally planned that pupils would sit for either
particularly so in one so                                             the German or the English ‘final’ exam. However, once senior
complex and diverse as                                                classes had been established in the early 70s it became
our        school.     We                                             increasingly clear that regulations for German and English
constantly strive for                                                 examinations were so different that neither one nor the other
clarity, transparency and                                             could be achieved with any success if the original founding
open dialogue, and time                                               ideal of a bilingual system was retained.
and again we find that we
use language differently. We need to negotiate meaning. We
need to clarify and agree on the terms we are using, and each            Consequently, the Principal at the time, Herr Tiemann,
new generation of teachers, students and parents must take            proposed dividing the school into a German and an English
up this task anew. Let me illustrate this with one example            language stream. At first, these were known as the “German”
that is central to our school identity: the names of the two          and the “English Stream” but over the years common usage
streams.                                                              changed. As early as 1987, the school minutes refer to the
                                                                      “German” and “International” departments of the Secondary.
                                                                      Similarly, in his contribution to the 25th anniversary
                                                                      publication, the then Principal, Herr Schierschke, spoke of the

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The name The GIST combines ‘GSIS’ and ‘The GSIS Times/Tribune’;                                           NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007
it is also the English word for ‘das Wesentliche’, the essence.                                                        PAGE 2

“international stream”, and added that both the German-             medium, respectively). But again, there was no agreement.
speaking and the English-speaking streams “are, in fact,            Others strongly felt that this new proposal misleadingly
international!” Two years later, in 1996, the name “English         suggested unified primary and secondary departments,
Secondary Department” was changed to “International                 whereas in fact there were two departments following
Secondary Department”, and it was noted that the English            different educational philosophies.
Primary Department was “usually referred to as the
International Primary Department”. Finally, in 1998, the
School officially adopted the name “International Stream”,             To reach a broad-based decision, the School Management
presumably in view of the increasing number of non-English          surveyed all the faculty and non-faculty members. The result
students in the “English Stream”.                                   was unequivocal. A clear majority in both streams favoured
                                                                    the shortest and simplest names: “English Stream” and
                                                                    German Stream”. The Association Board, the Presidents of
   This name change has created new challenges in                   the Student Council, and the KPR Secretaries were consulted,
communicating what the two streams at GSIS stand for.               and there were no objections to the old/new names. So, as far
When our former Admissions Officer, Hannah Chilton, left for        as terminology is concerned, we are back where we were in
Australia in early 2006, her parting advice was to change           the early 70s: the German Swiss International School has two
“German Stream” to “German International Stream” and                streams, an English and a German Stream, a Kindergarten
“English Stream” to “English International Stream”. In her          (English/German Stream), an English and a German Primary
experience, the juxtaposition of the two names “German              Department (EPD and GPD), and an English and a German
Stream” and “International Stream” created confusion among          Secondary Department (ESD and GSD).
parents, implying that the German-language stream was
narrower or more provincial in outlook than the International
Stream. A similar point was made by Dr Koehler, the                    In the context of streams and departments, English and
Chairman of the Combined Federal States Committee for               German refer to the medium of instruction, not the nationality.
German Schooling Abroad, when he visited GSIS for the 2006          To make this clear, we will use the terms English-language,
Abitur exams.                                                       English-speaking, or English-medium stream in our
                                                                    publications wherever appropriate, and we will explain that
                                                                    the German stream follows a bilingual German-English
   Clearly, there was a communication issue that needed to          programme.
be addressed. The School Management Team discussed the
matter and settled on the proposal “English International
Stream” and “German International Stream”. Admittedly,                 Names may be changing; the school’s mission remains
these names were a little long but they reflected the               unchanged. At German Swiss International School we will
international character of both streams. Similar to the             continue to provide a quality education to global citizens of the
English-speaking stream, the German stream has become               21st century, encouraging and fostering the talents of each
increasingly international in student body, staff and               student – as an individual, as part of a team and as a
curriculum. In the German stream, children from 15                  responsible member of society. We will continue to help our
nationalities are taught by teachers from Germany,                  students grow into explorers who take pleasure in facing new
Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Canada,               challenges with an open, questioning and adventurous mind.
England, Wales and Scotland. For many of our students,              We will continue to help them explore the traditions that
English is the family language, and, in the future, they will sit   surround, shape and enrich us: the world of the German and
the bilingual German International Abitur.                          English-speaking countries as well as the heritage and living
                                                                    presence of our host country China.
   However, when the School Management proposed the
names “English International Stream” and “German
International Stream”, the language teachers, particularly in         In this sense, I look forward to working with you in the new
the English-speaking stream, were quick to point out that           semester and the Year of the Pig.
“English International” was an oxymoron, a contradiction in
terms, and that the international character of the school was
highlighted by its name: German Swiss International School.
Out of this discussion came a new suggestion. One teacher              Yours sincerely
suggested referring to the Departments as the International
Primary/Secondary Department (English medium or German              Jens-Peter Green
The name The GIST combines ‘GSIS’ and ‘The GSIS Times/Tribune’;                                                       NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007
it is also the English word for ‘das Wesentliche’, the essence.                                                                    PAGE 3

Thursday 1 February                               Thursday 8 February                               Monday 19 February
   No Kindergarten for K2 students                   Y01 Family Maths Evening                         Holiday - Chinese New Year (until 23.
   because of interviews for prospective K2          Start of ECA second cycle (to 19 April)          February)
   students, International Kindergarten only         Athletics Practice Girls (School Team)         Monday 26 February
   SEAMC (to 3 February)                          Friday 9 February                                   Deadline for contributions for the GIST
   UKMT Intermediate challenge                       Kindergarten Carnival                          Tuesday 27 February
   Athletics Practice Boys (School Team)             University visit (London, Exeter)                Joint Primary Meeting (1:30 pm)
   Inter-House Tennis Competition                    HKAYP Silver Assessment (to 11 February)         Meeting regarding A level options Y11, IB
Friday 2 February                                    GSIS Idol                                        Hall (6:00 pm)
   No Kindergarten for K2 students                Monday 12 February                                  Written Abitur
   because of interviews for prospective K2          University visit (Edinburgh)                     Sprachdiplom I Mocks (2:00 pm)
   students, International Kindergarten only      Tuesday 13 February                               Wednesday 28 February
   Distribution of school reports (except Y11        Abitur Information on RPO                        Written Abitur
   and K13)                                          Inter-school Athletics (boys)                    Discussion Forum IB / A levels
   Inter-school Athletics (boys)                  Wednesday 14 February
   EAABIS Arts festival, Beijing (to 4               Meeting regarding GCSE options Y09, IB Hall
   February)                                         (6:00 pm)
Saturday 3 February                               Thursday 15 February                              Thursday 1 March
   EAABIS General Meeting Dulwich                    Chinese New Year Celebration in                   Y03 Family Maths Evening
   College, Beijing                                  Kindergarten                                      Athletics Practice Girls (School Team)
Sunday 4 February                                    Y02 Family Maths Evening                       Friday 2 March
   GSIS Flea Market, Mothers’ Committee              Athletics Practice Girls (School Team)            Model United Nations (to 3 March)
Monday 5 February                                    School ski trip to Davos - evening start (to      Written Abitur
   Beginning of Afternoon Activities (2nd            25 February)                                   Saturday 3 March
   half year)                                     Friday 16 February                                   Inter-House Squash Competition
   GCSE handbooks distributed to Y09 (to 9           Primary Assembly (lessons 2, 3 and 4)             Entrance Assessment Exam Y08-Y11, Old
   February)                                         Chinese New Year                                  Gym (9:00 am)
Tuesday 6 February                                   Primary Carnival                               Monday 5 March
   Y11 Assessment Meeting                            School reports distributed to Y11                 Y12 AS level Geography fieldtrip
   Y09 Geography fieldtrip                           A level handbooks distributed to Y11              Written Abitur
   Y12 Biology fieldtrip                             School finishes for Chinese New Year              Kindergarten Parent Evening
Wednesday 7 February                                 holidays (normal time)                            Publication of The GIST
   Inter-school Athletics (boys)


NEW SMOKING LEGISLATION                                                          REVIVAL OF THE HOUSE SYSTEM
    According to Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance and                               After a period of inactivity, the House System of the
Smoking (Public Health)(Amendment) Ordinance 2006                                Secondary Department has been revived by a joint effort of
smoking is banned in, among other places, schools (indoor                        students and teachers. The Presidents of the Students’
and outdoor areas), from 1 January 2007. In order to comply                      Council, Natalie Armentrout and Sunita Lauber, held a
with Hong Kong legislation, we have amended the "Smoking"                        meeting on 14 November. “Save the House System!” was the
section in our House Rules as follows:                                           slogan, and general consensus was that a committee
    “Students, staff and visitors may not smoke in the school                    involving both students and teachers would be the best way to
(indoor and outdoor areas) , in the immediate school vicinity,                   run the house system, which should offer an increasing
and on school buses. The immediate school vicinity includes                      number of house events in non-sporting areas and be
Watford Road, the Wellcome car park, and the section of                          incorporated into GSIS daily life.
Guildford Road adjacent to the school premises.*                                     On 14 December all Secondary students came together in
       * The ban on smoking in the immediate school vicinity goes                four House Meetings. Phoenix, Lions, Dragons and Tigers met
beyond what is required by the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance                 with their new Housemasters, Mr Deuchars, Mr Wong, Herr
and Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Ordinance 2006. However,                 Kronbach and Mr Jackson. Top of the agenda was the election
it is to be hoped that everybody will recognise that smoking in front of
                                                                                 of the House Captains and Deputies, one pair for Seniors, one
young children and teenagers is to be avoided. “
                                                                                 for Juniors.
                                                       DR JENS-PETER GREEN
The name The GIST combines ‘GSIS’ and ‘The GSIS Times/Tribune’;                                            NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007
it is also the English word for ‘das Wesentliche’, the essence.                                                         PAGE 4

   Next up, teams were                                                one of the most competitive subjects. He must have excelled
put      together     for                                             both in the LNAT test [which is an additional test for Law
activities on Sports Day.                                             applicants in Britain] and at the interview, a reflection of his
Once again, Relays, Egg                                               excellent language and analytical skills.
and Spoon Race and                                                        In the International Secondary Department, Felix Chan,
Tug of War were                                                       gained a place at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford to read
guaranteed to draw the                                                Chemistry, whilst Guillaume Lau was accepted to read Land
crowds and the cheers.                                                Economy at Robinson College, Cambridge. Both offers are
   At the end of the                                                  conditional on achieving A grades at A level. There are many
event, once the points                                                other students with conditional offers from The London
had been tallied, the                                                 School of Economics, University College London, Durham,
Tigers took first place.                                              Bristol and other top universities. Two of our students, Natalie
However,            more                                              Armentrout and Pearl Ho, have received offers from the
important than the final                                              prestigious Bartlett School of Architecture [part of University
results, was the spirit,                                              College, London]. Lucy Xin has gained a place at Columbia,
camaraderie and sense                                                 although most US applications are still pending.
of enjoyment that were                                                    It is worth adding that applications to Germany,
clearly evident.                                                      Switzerland, Europe, Australia and Hong Kong are also
   Students will not have to wait too long until the next House       pending.
events. A Scavenger Hunt will be organized by Mr Hoskins on               The Careers Department would like to announce the
Friday 9 March, followed by the Senior Quiz later in the              following upcoming visits to GSIS:
month. There will also be a Junior Quiz, Inter House Sport                     School of Oriental and African Studies, University of
events and a chess tournament in the near future. If students                 London at 9:20 am in the Careers Room [U102]; The
or staff have any suggestions for any House activities they                   University of Exeter at 11:05 am in U221 (Friday 9
should give their proposal to their House Captains.                           February)
   More information regarding upcoming competitions and                        The University of Edinburgh at 11:00 am in the
activities will be posted soon and we encourage all students                  Careers Room [U102] (Monday 12 February)
to don their house colours and participate and/or support!                                                               VERONICA ANDREWS
   Thank you to the organisers of the sports day, the house
leaders, captains and vice captains and all students for their        MORE THAN LIVING UP TO BAVARIAN STANDARDS
enthusiastic support.                                                    K06A participated in a standardized test in English at the
                                                        JOHN BARKER   beginning of the school year, competing with their fellow
                                                                      students at grammar schools in Bavaria, Germany. Now the
ESD CURRICULUM INFORMATION AVAILABLE ONLINE                           results have been published:
   The English Secondary Department section of the school
website has recently been updated to include relevant                    Number of participating Bavarian grammar schools: 364
curriculum information for parents and students alike.                   Number of participating classes: 1 430
   Therefore, if you’d like a more detailed insight into what            Number of participating students: 40 077
your son or daughter will be studying in individual subjects as          Average mark: 2.69
they progress through the English Secundary Department of                Weakest mark: 4.64
GSIS, please visit our website which will be updated as                  Average mark of K06A (25 students): 2.01
necessary. Your comments and feedback are invited.                       Average mark of GSIS Flyers (9 students): 1.66                       Average mark of GSIS Movers (16 students): 2.31
                                                        JOHN BARKER      Congratulations!
                                                                                                                            DR HEINZ WOLF
   We are delighted to announce that our GSIS applicants are          NATALIE ARMENTROUT IN DOHA
doing very well in the current cycle of applications to                                     Natalie Armentrout (Y13) represented
universities both in the UK and also in USA, with three                                  Hong Kong in the Asian Games, being held
students at this school gaining most coveted Oxbridge places                             in Doha, Qatar between 1 and 15
and one receiving an offer from Columbia.                                                December.
   We were particularly proud of the fact, this year, that one of                           She ran for the Bauhinia team in the 200
our students who gained an unconditional place at Queen’s                                metres sprint and is the first GSIS athelete
College, Oxford was a student in the German Stream and                                   to ever compete in the Asian Games.
gained entry with the Abitur. Robert Whittaker, who                                         GSIS is extremely proud to boast of such
completed the Abitur last summer, applied for Law, which is                              an outstanding student.
The name The GIST combines ‘GSIS’ and ‘The GSIS Times/Tribune’;                                           NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007
it is also the English word for ‘das Wesentliche’, the essence.                                                        PAGE 5

CROSS COUNTRY TRIUMPH                                                ARTS FESTIVAL IN BEIJING
   The GSIS girls team won the HKSSF Division Three                     The East Asian Association of British International Schools
Championships! They came first in A/B Grade and first in C           is holding an Arts Festival at the British School of Beijing and
Grade, an outstanding result!                                        Dulwich College, Beijing this weekend. Eleven students from
   All members of the girls cross country team were invited          the EPD and GPD will be attending accompanied by Don
to the presentation on 6 December at Tang Shiu Kin                   Benson and Ulrike Weiss.
Secondary School, Morrison Hill.                                        Our students will be mixing with other international
   Congratulations!                                                  students from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing
                                                     PAULA WYMOND    and taking part in a range of activities including music, fine
                                                                     arts, dance and drama.
SUCCESS FOR BASKETBALL BOYS                                             This promises to be a wonderful experience for our
   The Boys’ Basketball team (Grade B) qualified for the             children from both streams.
Second Division of the Inter-School competitions and                                                                    WARREN JOHNSTON
managed to enter the finals, coming fourth in the end. The
team, which had been trained by Mr Kwan-Lin Lai but playing          GERMAN CHRISTMAS FOR FRENCH STUDENTS
together in this formation only for four months, secured
victories all the way up to the semi-finals, losing only one
game, which made them second in their group.

   They revealed their potential in every game but most                  For three years now students studying French in the K08
impressively at the semi-final when they took up the                 and students studying German in the class seconde of the
challenge of competing with the team of the Chinese Women            Lycée Français International Victor Segalen (FIS) have been
Secondary School which later turned out to come second: The          on an exchange.
GSIS team fought its way from 14:28 to 30:32 points!                     During their last visit to GSIS in 2006 the French were
   The boys enjoyed the games very much and gained a lot of          introduced to German Christmas.
experience. They and their parents commend Mr Lai for his                By now K09A has joined in and is preparing an introduction
admirable commitment and his unfailing support of the boys           to towns of Germany which might be worth a journey.
over the years!                                                          On the French side Frau Irmgard Lehning, who teaches
                                                       ELKE MAYER    German at FIS and is the driving force behind the exchange,
                                                                     keeps her students busy with the preparations for the
COOPERATION WITH SINGAPORE                                           upcoming visit of the GSIS students at Blue Pool Road.
   The business Colleges of the GSIS and the German                                                                          ELKE MAYER
European School Singapore have agreed to expand and                  WHO CAN TEACH ITALIAN?
deepen cooperation.                                                     One of our students in K08 is looking for an Italian teacher.
   The heads of the two colleges, Stefan Pauli and Torsten           He will return to Germany at the end of June to join a class
Kröger, will meet on a regular basis to discuss curriculum           with Italian as the third foreign language.
issues and other matters of mutual interest. The two colleges           If you can help or know somebody who is willing to
will join forces in developing teaching and examination              introduce the boy to the basics of the Italian language, please
material and will engage in peer appraisal. Students will carry      contact the head of the German Secondary Department.
out joint projects.                                           
                                                      STEFAN PAULI                                                          JENS EGGERT
The name The GIST combines ‘GSIS’ and ‘The GSIS Times/Tribune’;                                            NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007
it is also the English word for ‘das Wesentliche’, the essence.                                                         PAGE 6


                                                                       urges parents to educate and enable their children to do so.
                                                                       Parents are asked to discuss the appropriate usage of seating
                                                                       provided in the lounge: there have been cases where students
                                                                       have consumed non-Sodexho food in the lounge, blocking
                                                                       seats intended for lounge users.
                                                                          There have been numerous suggestions on how to cut
                                                                       down on waste, in order to be environmentally friendly. For
                                                                       details see below.
                                                                          If you have any more questions or concerns please contact
                                                                       the Mothers’ Committee or myself or the new Sodexho
                                                                       representative, Mrs Cherry Lee.
                                                                 (mobile 6019 0298)
    Resolving the problem of disturbing examinations in the                                                                SUNITA LAUBER
Old Gym and also improving the Tuck shop accessability,
Sodexho have, with the schools help, relocated to a new                BIODEGRADABLE LUNCHBOXES
improved tuck shop space where the girls’ washrooms used
to be at the courtyard level of Upper Building. This opened for
operations on the 15 January. Starting in February they will
also provide cooked food directly on the premises, removing
the need to deliver from their outside catering unit. The girls’
washroom has not totally disappeared, as the boys’ facility at
the back was also modified to allow for girls’ needs. So, there
is no need to walk up two floors in search of one.
                                                 BERNARD O'DRISCOLL,

    This school year has brought us Sodexho and with it comes
an all new catering committee which ensures communication
between the providers and consumers is well oiled and
    So far there have been two meetings, which were attended
by Jacques Dufresne from Sodexho, members of the Mothers’                 Cherry Lee, who has been assisting Jacques Dufresne
Committee as well as teacher and student representatives               during the last four months, is the new supervisor and contact
from both primary and secondary.                                       person of Sodexho's GSIS operations now, as Jacques has
    We have discussed the students feedback and the staff’s            been posted to another site.
opinions as well as compared the old model to Sodexho’s                   Along with her comes a new biodegradable lunchbox. It is
services.                                                              made with fibres such as bamboo, sugar cane pulp, starch
    The main issues have been the quality of food (emphasized          and water and will decompose eventually after use. It
by the Mothers’ Committee), the time-consuming queuing                 contains exactly the same 850 ml portions as before and can
process and environmental issues.                                      also be put into the microwave, even if it tends to change its
    Sodexho assures us that they are working on improving              form slightly during that process. It is a bit more expensive
the quality and taste of their meals. They have also improved          than the former plastic box, but Sodexho will pay for that.
the lounge by adding a clock and music, in order to create a              As Cherry points out, Sodexho joins wholeheartedly into
more relaxed atmosphere.                                               the catering committee’s quest for environmentally friendly
    We are still working on a solution concerning the never-           food solutions. Students who order soup, for example, are
ending queues. The most popular suggestion is to split the             encouraged to use their own containers and everyone may
queues into a card- and a cash-queue. Students can however             bring his own cutlery or wash and reuse the Sodexho items.
contribute already to speeding things up by using their                   If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Cherry
student cards instead of cash – and the catering committee             at or 6019 0298 (mobile).
The name The GIST combines ‘GSIS’ and ‘The GSIS Times/Tribune’;                                         NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007
it is also the English word for ‘das Wesentliche’, the essence.                                                      PAGE 7


PRICE REDUCTION: GERMAN CALENDARS                                   Paul Maar: Der tätowierte
   Please note that the school shop cut the prices of the last      Hund
remaining German calendars by 30 per cent. The selection
ranges from traditional wall calendars to arty pocket               ISBN: 3866151217
calendars and one page planners by the German artist                HKD: 50.00

ORDER PAUL MAAR’S BOOKS NOW!                                                                        Paul    Maar: Eine      Woche
   Paul Maar will be visting the German Primary Department                                          voller Samstage
during Book Week (15 to 17 March). He is one of the best                                            Recommended from 8 years
known German writers for children and has received several
awards.The most famous of his books, however, remain the                                            ISBN: 3789119520
stories about the Sams, a creature with red hair and a pig’s                                        HKD: 100.50
nose that can grant wishes.
   Maar will be reading from his books and is quite willing to
sign copies. Therefore, the School Shop likes to draw your
attention to its services: You are welcome to buy Maar’s books      Paul Maar: Der verborgene
from the shelf as long as there are any. But if you want to         Schatz
order a title, please do so until 26 February at the latest. Then   Recommended        from    10
you will have it in good time for Paul Maar to sign it.             years
   Three of Maar’s books are on offer as the School Shop’s
monthly special and can be purchased at a reduced rate all          ISBN: 3789142506
through February from the shop or via                               HKD: 110.00


    Our second Discussion Forum will be on Wednesday 28                 So please get involved, send us your questions and then
February from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. In response to questions          join us in the IB Hall on 28 February for what we hope will be
at the previous forum, we have invited a representative from        a lively and informative debate.
the English Schools Foundation, Ms Diane Bohm (Post 16        
Consultant). She will join us on the panel and explain the                                                                  MARY PEART
rationale behind the ESF’s decision to adopt the IB Diploma
from August 2007.                                                   AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES – SECOND TERM
    In order to address your main concerns, for this forum we           The new programme has been uploaded on the
invite you to send us your questions by e-mail in advance. We       website and booking commenced on Wednesday 24
will select the most frequently raised issues and publish           January. Courses will start on Monday 5 February and will
these on our website prior to the Forum. There will hopefully       finish on Saturday 16 June.
also be time for some open questions at the end of the forum.           Please note that you must log into the Portal to access
    Should the decision be taken to adopt the IB, it would most     the schedule and to make bookings. Please ensure you
likely be introduced from August 2010. This would mean that         choose the user type "Family" before entering your
our current Year 8 would be the first to take the IB. It is         username and password. If you are a parent/guardian of a
therefore particularly important that those of you with             child who does not attend GSIS then you must register
children in the lower Secondary and upper Primary years are         with us first. You will find a link to register next to the
involved in this debate, as you will be the most directly           login button on the myGSIS home page.
                                                                                                                  INGRID FREMGEN-BAQUÉ
The name The GIST combines ‘GSIS’ and ‘The GSIS Times/Tribune’;                                          NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007
it is also the English word for ‘das Wesentliche’, the essence.                                                       PAGE 8

GSIS IDOL                                                            respective GCSE and A level courses. This starts with the
   After months                                                      distribution of booklets outlining the courses available.
of     preparation                                                      As this process is new to the Y09 students, each class also
GSIS Idol (Season                                                    has a talk from me followed by a question and answer
2) will be held on                                                   session. Several days after the booklets are distributed, we
Friday 9 February                                                    hold information evenings explaining the factors that need to
from 6:30 pm to                                                      be considered when making subject choices. All subjects are
9:30 pm in the IB                                                    represented at these meetings giving an opportunity to find
Hall. This year we                                                   out more about the courses and what they entail.
have     a    wide                                                      For Y09B/C/D GCSE Options Evening will take place on
range of musical                                                     Wednesday 14 February, 6:00 pm in the IB Hall. For Y11B/C/D
performances                                                         A levels Options Evening will take place on Tuesday 27
from Classic to Pop, dancing styles from ethnic to modern            February, 6:00 pm in the IB Hall.
and acting.                                                             Students can, of course, discuss their subject choices with
   The show is organised by Y08 and K07 (main student                their individual teachers and parents will have the opportunity
organisers: Riya Chandiramani and Eveline van der Hoeven)            to speak to their son’s/daughter’s teachers at the Parent
in collaboration with prefects. This year’s MCs are Victoria         Information Days on 7 and 8 March. Final choices then need
Nassberg and Kira Torpey.                                            to be submitted on Monday 12 March so that we can begin the
   Parents of Y08 are generously supporting this event by            process of blocking, timetabling and staffing, as necessary.
providing refreshments, as well as prizes, posters, tickets and                                                             MARY PEART
   The main objective is to continue raising money for two           GSIS FLEA MARKET
refugee children, Given and Reshme from Congo and Sri                                        The traditional Flea Market of the
Lanka, who the Y08 classes are sponsoring to attend school in                             Mothers’ Committee will take place on
Hong Kong                                                                                 Sunday 4 February 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
   Tickets can be purchased for HKD $50 for adults and $30                                on the Covered Playground of the Lower
for students from Mrs Maegerlein.                                                         Building.
                                                       ALICE SILVA                           You are invited to join in the
                                                                                          bargaining and to enjoy coffee, cakes and
GCSE AND A LEVEL CHOICES                                                                  other refreshments sold by the Mothers.
  February sees the start of the process by which our Y09     
and Y11 students in the ESD choose their options for their           px?id=6223778df0bb43f7aab385e19e6a2e28
                                                                                                                          PRUDENCE LIU


    According to the newspapers there has been an increase                    After touching secretion please wash your hands
in flu related diseases in South East Asia recently. Especially           thoroughly with soap. Children tend to forget about such
in areas with cases of bird flu viruses might mix, creating the           procedures. Please do remind them.
much feared super bug in the process.                                           If you show signs of flu or feel feverish please
   Therefore the Regional Medical Officer at the German                   consult a doctor as soon as possible.
Embassy in Beijing, Dr Iqbal Anver, would like to remind you                    The best precaution, however, is to get vaccinated.
of some simple precautions:                                              Please note that at GSIS all classrooms and offices are
            Since the virus is concentrated in the mucuous           equipped with liquid soap and towels or alcohol solution to
     secretion of the mouth and the nose this should be kept         encourage washing of hands. Alcohol solution dispensing
     away from others, especially children. Please wear a            machines are set up at main entrances. Cleaners are
     mask if you suffer from cough or sneezes.                       acquainted with basic hygiene practices and there is a stock
        The next best thing to use are paper hankerchiefs. But       of face masks.
     please throw them away afterwards and teach your                    For further information please feel free to contact the
     children to do so as well.                                      school or the Regional Medical Officer in Beijing.
The name The GIST combines ‘GSIS’ and ‘The GSIS Times/Tribune’;                                           NO 18, FEBRUARY 2007
it is also the English word for ‘das Wesentliche’, the essence.                                                        PAGE 9

   The KPRs of the German stream would like to draw your                    children will be held at the Kaiser Centre, 18 Center
attention to two events with Dr Jan-Uwe Rogge, an expert                    Street, Sai Yin Pun, Sheung Wan.
and bestselling author on education from Hamburg, Germany.              Both events are organized by the Institute of
        On Friday 9 February 6:30 pm he will lecture at the           Psychotherapy and Counselling (IPC).
        GSIS (Room 222) on the challenges of keeping order              Therefore, for further information please contact Ms
        and tolerating chaos respectively.                            Gudrun Kittel-Thong.
        On Saturday 10 February 10:00 am to 3:00 pm a more     (Phone 9043 9914)
        general seminar on every day problems living with



                                    Paul Liem started working                             Susana Mercado started working as a
                                 as full-time A/V Technician on                        Maze Assistant on 2 January.
                                 11 December. Paul is a native                            Susana is a native Tagalog speaker and
                                 Cantonese speaker and fluent                          worked as a Contract Systems Analyst
                                 in English.                                           before.
                                    He has a diploma in
                                 Multimedia Web Development
                                 and Digital Entertainment and
                                 was previously working at ESF
as Performing Art Technician.


Head of the English Primary Department, Warren Johnston, will be leaving GSIS at the end of this school year to become the
founding Principal of the Yue Kong Pao School in Shanghai. Mr Johnston has been at GSIS for seven years, first as a teacher and then
as Head of Department. We wish Mr and Mrs Johnston well in their new venture.

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