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Stuff you never knew about Bats
            Is it a bird…?
• Are bats featherless birds?

      If you said NO, you are
          100% CORRECT!
• We now know that bats are mammals,
  just like people.
• But bats are very special mammals. They
  are the only mammals that can fly.
How do we know they are
           • Bats are warm
           • Bats nurse their
             babies with milk
           • Bats have fur
    Where in the world are Bats
• Bats live on all continents except Antarctica.
• However, they are many more bats and
  species of bats where the weather is warm,
  like near the equator or the southern United
               Bat Wings
• Bat wings are made of two
  thin layers of skin
  stretched over the bat's
  arm and fingers. Bats have
  a thumb and fingers, just
  like people!
• Bats use their wings for
  more than just flying, they
  can wrap their wings
  around fruit or an insect
  when eating.
               Bat Senses
• Are bats really blind?   NO!
• Bats can see perfectly well during the day.
  The only problem is, they hunt at night!
• To make up for this, bats have the best
  hearing of all land mammals.

• Instead of relying on their sense of
  sight to navigate in the dark and find
  food, bats make rapid high-pitched
  squeaks called "ultrasounds". These
  sounds are too high for most people to
     • When the sound hits
       an object an echo
       comes back. The bat
       can identify an object
       by the sound of the
       echo. They can even
       tell the size, shape
       and texture of a tiny
       insect from its echo.
           Bat Video

Let’s take a look at some bats!
                         • Many bats eat while they
                           are flying, and this makes it
                           difficult for some bats to
                           make the squeaks out of
                           their mouths.

                         • Therefore, many bats use
                           echolocation out their
                           noses. These bats have
A bat with nose leaves     special flaps and folds of
                           skin on their faces called
                           "nose leaves“.
              Species of Bats
• The world's smallest mammal is
  the bumblebee bat weighing
  about as much as a penny.

• The Flying Fox, with a wingspan
  of 78 inches, is the world’s
  largest bat.

• There are over 900 different
  species of bats -- they make up
  one fifth of the world's

• Bats are grouped into two main
  groups: megabats and
             Micro Bats

• Micro bats are small bats that eat
  insects, blood, fish, lizards, birds and
• Micro bats can echolocate, and account
  for most the bats found all over the
               Mega Bats
• Mega bats are large fruit
  eating bats, also known as
  flying foxes.
• They eat fruit and live in
  tropical regions of the
• Many important agricultural
  plants, like bananas,
  mangoes and cashews rely
  on bats for pollination and
  seed dispersal.
Vampire Bats!

• The vampire bat is the only bat (and the
  only mammal) that eats only blood.
           Vampire Bats
  Is it true that vampire bats suck
              your blood?
           If you said NO,
• Contrary to popular belief, a vampire
  bat does not suck blood from its victim,
  but makes an incision and laps the
  blood up, which doesn't clot because of
  anti-coagulants in the bat's saliva.
            Bat Behavior
• Bats hunt and eat
  at night and sleep
  during the day.
• Therefore, bats are

          Bat Behavior
• How do bats sleep?
 If you said upside
 down, give yourself a
 pat on the back!
• They are very
  sociable, as they
  usually sleep together
  in large groups.
      Where do Bats roost?
• Some bats may find old
  mines and set up their
  colony there.
• Tiny woolly bats of West
  Africa live in the large webs
  of spiders.
• The Honduran white bat
  cuts large leaves to make
  "tents" that protect its
  colonies from jungle rains.     Honduran white bats

What is one place we are
                 Bat Caves!
• Some caves may be home to thousands of bats.
• The largest bat colony in the world is in Bracken
  Cave, Texas. During the summer, this cave is home
  to as many as 20 MILLION Mexican free-tailed bats.
• These bats eat 250 tons of insects every night.
                  City Bats?

• Bats that might have typically lived in caves have
  begun to adapt to urban life by modifying their
  behavior to live in man made structures in the city.
• The largest urban colony is under the Congress
  Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas, home to about 1.5
  million bats.
               Bat Babies
• After hibernation, the female bats start
  having baby bats. Do you know what they are

   Bat pups!

• Bats usually only have one baby at a time,
  but sometimes they have twins!
• The pups are tiny when born, but can usually
  fly a month after birth.
               Bat Babies
• The pups are born with strong legs and
  claws because they have to hang on to the
  mother when she's roosting and to the cave
  when she's not there.
• If the baby looses its grip and falls, it will

                                    Mother bat taking care of
            Bat Enemies

• Predators of bats include Great Horned
  Owls, hawks, falcons, raccoons, house cats,
  and snakes.
• But who is the greatest predator of all?

Humans, because they destroy
the bats’ habitat.
         Bats and Rabies
• Less than ½ of 1% of bats carry rabies.
• Fewer than 40 people in the United
  States are known to have contracted
  rabies from bats during the past 40
• Far more people are killed by dog
  attacks, bee stings, or lightning than
  rabies from bats.
     Bats Are Sleeping
      (tune: Frere Jacques) Bats
      are sleeping
      Bats are sleeping
      Upside down.
      Upside down.
      Sleeping in the morning
      Waiting for the night to
      Then they'll fly all around.
      Then they'll fly all around.

     Amazing Bats Amazing bats like to eat
      Thousands of bugs for a tasty treat.
      Flying through the moonlit air,
      Traveling here and traveling there.
      Hibernating when the weather's cold,
      Gathered with hundreds of friends,
      I'm told.
      Many bats are endangered, I'm sad to say
      There are fewer and fewer bats every day.
      Be kind to bats, that's the thing to do,
      Tell your friends and your family too!

     Spooky Bats Spooky bats go flying at night,
       Flapping about in the pale moonlight.
       Spreading their wings, they're a scary sight!
       But truth be told, there's no need for fright.
     Spooky bats are really not bad.
       They eat harmful insects, for which we're glad!
       They're somewhat shy, I might also add.
       But never grab one - it could get mad!
     Spooky bats like to sleep in the day.
       They hang upside down and doze that way!
       Caves and trees are where they stay.
       Until it grows dark - then it's up and away.



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