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Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC Code by alicejenny


									       The Climate Code Foundation

                      Software for Climate Science

Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29 
          • 2000-2006: increasingly concerned about climate change,
            but unsure what I could do;
          • 2007: NASA GISTEMP code released, widely criticised;
          • 2008: started open-source Clear Climate Code project,
            rewriting GISTEMP in Python in our spare time;
          • 2010: founded Climate Code Foundation, a non-profit, to
            continue this work and broaden it.
          • 2011: increasingly well-known by climate scientists:
            publications, GSoC projects, invited to speak at workshops
            and conferences.

Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29         
         "to promote public understanding of climate science,

          • by increasing the visibility and clarity of the software used in
            climate science, and by encouraging climate scientists to do
            the same;
          • by encouraging good software development and
            management practices among climate scientists;
          • by encouraging the publication of climate science software
            as open source."

Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29             
                             Clear Climate Code
          • Over-riding goal is clarity: code which interested members
            of the public can download, run, read and understand.
          • Open-source, of course.
          • First target NASA GISTEMP:
          • 12 KLOC of Fortran (etc)
          • 3678 lines of Python
          • (including 1500 of docstrings)
          • fixed minor bugs.
          • fosters new science:
          • one paper in press, two draft.

Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29          
                    Google Summer of Code 2011
   Three projects, all successful:
          • Improvements to ccc-gistemp, for public engagement (Filipe
            Fernandes, UMass Dartmouth).
          • New homogenization code (Daniel Rothenberg, Princeton).
          • Visualising Holocene climate reconstructions using open
            data (Hannah Aizenman, CUNY)

  Scientists have never heard of GSoC, but when they do they
  think it's awesome. We hope to do more in 2012.

Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29        
                         Science Code Manifesto
   Code: All source code written specifically to process data for a published
   paper must be available to the reviewers and readers of the paper.
   Copyright: The copyright ownership and license of any released source
   code must be clearly stated.
   Citation: Researchers who use or adapt science source code in their
   research must credit the code's creators in resulting publications.
   Credit: Software contributions must be included in systems of scientific
   assessment, credit, and recognition.
   Curation: Source code must remain available, linked to related
   materials, for the useful lifetime of the publication.

Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29          
          • I say "non-profit". In reality, approximately, "Non-revenue".
          • All accounts open.
          • Total revenue to date £5181.26, from contract coding a
            simple web-scraping academic project.
          • Total costs £1766.56, not counting this NYC trip.
          • Personal lost income to date well over $50,000.
          • Funding model seeking $200K+ annually from corporate or
            NGO sponsorship (plus some project money from academic
          • Working hard on this.
          • Open to suggestions!

Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29           
                                Google wishlist:
       Code: DOI minting, more reliable SCM servers, some sort of
       VM-based test framework?
       Charts: SVG, or some other path to publication-quality figures.
       Docs: working pagination.
       Scholar: sort results by date; author pages, institution
       pages. Do Microsoft Academic Search but better.
       Summer of Code: More scientific/academic
       participation. Fixing terrible web interface. Summer comes
       twice a year.

       Where is Google Science? Data repo? Data formats?
       Visualisations? Digitisation? Linking existing resources? Code?
Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29          
                               Thank you:
          •   Google, for GSoC, GoogleCode, and much more;
          •   Richard Tucker, for hosting me in NYC;
          •   Hurricane Irene, for sparing us all;
          •   Everyone, for listening.


Nick Barnes talk at Google NYC, 2011-08-29     

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