Envita Reviews Teri’s Lyme Story by DominicCrock


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									                   Envita Reviews Teri’s Lyme Story

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Strep Throat: Consuming lots of antibiotics
washed-out the good bacteria in my GI system that resulted in C-Difficile. I had to
face so many difficulties such as severe tiredness, memory loss, brain fog, lack of
concentration,   puzzlement,    blurry   vision,   red   swollen   eyes,   respiratory
challenges, weakness, GI pain, neck pain, jaw pain, sore throat and cough,
insomnia, hair loss, mood swings, bad temper, increased allergies and what not. I
then consulted my family doctor, she advised me for few tests including x-rays,
ultrasounds and copious blood tests. After all the tests and visiting specialist all
the reports came negative. She then prescribed me anti-depressants so that I
could live with the Chronic Fatigue. But I didn’t want to live like this with all the
problems. I was then referred to Envita where after having some tests, I was
diagnosed with Lyme Disease and heavy metals toxicity and my treatment
started. I saw instant results, although it taken almost a year to rebuild my
strength. Most of the symptoms of Lyme have disappeared. I’ am really thankful
to Envita for giving me back my previous active life.
Envita Medical center doctors are immensely helpful and show great sympathy
towards patients concern. It is because of their whole-hearted dedication and
devotion onto me that I saved my life from this so called deadly disease. But
before that I got chance to know the origination and affected areas of the world
by this disease. Though, possible treatments are available for Lyme Disease, but
I would like that you should not suffer like me, and step once for a while at Envita
Medical Center for better future.

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