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									About India

India is officially well known as “Bharat Ganarajya” or “Republic of India”. India is a country situated in
“South Asia” according to the stats of geographical area India is world’s seventh largest country. India is
also known well it’s population, in population India is on second number. India is world’s most populous
democracy country.

By reweing map of India we cam to know that in south India is bounded by “Indian Ocean”, in the south
west area it is bounded by ‘Arabian Sea’ and on the south east India is bounded by “Bay of Bengal” an
India’s border Pakistan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh and Barma countries are situated . “Andaman Nicobar
Islands” of India’s shares sea border with ‘Indonesia’ and ‘Thailand’.

India is a home of ancient ‘Indus valley civilization’ and also having strong routes of its history and
culture. India is a world famous for its ancient history and culture. In India world’s four largest religions
are present – ‘Hinduism’, ‘Janism’, ‘Sikhism’. Before few times ago the ‘Muslim’ and ‘Christianity’ also
took place in India during the 1st millennium. India is a country having the mixture of all religions in its
nature known as “Indians”.

In the early 18th century India was administrated by ‘British East India Company’ directly for many years
and after many movements and struggle India announced Independent country in the year 1947.

India economy is world’s 10th largest economic country in many fields such as “Nominal GDP”,
“Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)”. With in few years India represented itself as a country having strong
economy and also very fast growing.

India’s political system runs under the observation of “Parlia mentary System” which covers the all “28
states” and also all “7 union territories”. India is the world’s largest democracy.

In India’s natural habitats a large diversity of wild life is found protected.

From the term “Indus” the “India” came out India country is also well known as “Bharat Ganarajya”. In
the ancient times “India” was well known as “Aryavarta” and it was famous all over world as the “Land
of the Hindus”.

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