Gwen Edwards by 7X3Yv6k4


									                               Rutherford(Vaughn         8/27 Leston & Margaret
       Chuck Bailey, Ruth      Family), Beth Taylor,               Fields
Carson, Lillie Dahlberg,       Margaret & Dee               8/30 Max & Nancy
Kelly Davenport, Robert        Wilson(Penny Family),                Gordon
Duus, Gwen Edwards,            Azalee Womack(Lorck       8/ 8/31 Sara Wallace
Tom Flanagin, Max              Family)
Gordon, Bill Granville,
Greg Gunz, Lewis Jordan,
Marilyn Mayer, Wadena
McAlister, Pat Mickus,
Cleo & James Ramsey,                    August                8/1 – Deacon’s meeting
Mike Rogers, Andy              8/1 Roy & Teresa Smith         8/5 – Elder’s meeting
Stegal, Joan Stephens,         8/2 Bill Mickus                8/5 – T.F.C. tonight
Faye Sunvison, Nancy           8/2 Della Sharum               8/11 – Jayme Moreland’s
Tomlinson, Marie Vaughn,       8/3 Robert Duus                wedding shower from
Gerald Yarbrough               8/3 Freddy Johnson             9:30 – 11:00 a.m. in the
Also: Kathleen                 8/3 Robert & Irene             fellowship hall.
Adams(Jordan Family),                 Duus                    8/19 – TLC #2 potluck
Bobbie Arrington, Jo           8/3 Ben & Jessalu Lorck        dinner
Crawford(Tomlinson             8/5 Tommy Flanagin             8/19 – T.F.C. tonight
Family), John                  8/5 Greg Gunz                  8/26 – End of the month
Frame(Stewart Family),         8/5 Alondra Luna               luncheon
Sherry Friar, Dena        8/   8/5 Andy & Kandace
Gandy(Rogers Family),                Smith                    In Search of the Lord’s
Marsha Garcia(Penny            8/6 James Petty                Way Each Sunday at 7:30
Family), Ethan                 8/7 Bill Granville                  on KLST-TV
Hare(Dahlberg Family),         8/10 Gatlin Click
Otha Holloway, Dene            8/10 Sarem Hong
Johnson, Alicia                8/10 Teresa Smith
Montgomery(Webb                8/14 Mckenna
Family), Jack                       Moreland                  We are all encouraged to
Nelson(Edwards Family),        8/17 Bill & Frances            attend Wednesday night
Russell Reeves(Darron               Bingham                      (7pm) and Sunday
Smith Family), Belva           8/19 Dan Tomlinson              morning (9:30am) Bible
                               8/26 Cynthia Hong                       class.
If your birthday or your
anniversary is not listed
please contact Irene in
the office so she can add
your name to the list.

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