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					Bath Salts: Dr. Oz Editorial                                                     Name:


        1. List any synthetic (made with man-made chemicals) drugs that you you know people use in
           our school and community.

        2. Why do you think an appearance on Oprah can lead to such notoriety and fame for experts
           on her show?

Active Reading

        3.    What nicknames exist for MDVP?

        4. List two reasons this “synthetic” drug is so dangerous? What makes it different from other

        5. What seems odd about the government’s handling of the regulation of the drug?

        6. When Dr. Oz tells us other countries that have banned the drug, what two persuasive
           techniques is he using?

Post Reading Analysis/Synthesis

        7.   Why is Dr. Oz a good choice to write this editorial, more so than just a common scientist or
             doctor that people haven’t heard of?

        8. What two perspectives is he writing this editorial from? HOW does that effect his opinion on
           the drugs?
9. Why does Dr. Oz mention the name brands this drug is sold under? How do the products
   names seem oxymoronic (opposite) to their effects?

10. What are two specific actions that Dr. Oz wants readers of this article to take? Why does he
    say these actions are important?

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