Willie Nelson: Lost Highway

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					"Lost Highway," finds Willie Nelson doing what he seemingly loves to do
best - make music with his friends -- and let's emphasize the "make" in
that. The man works at his music making. He, certainly, has been doing
it for decades, and. at about 74, is a longtime member of the Country
Music Hall of Fame. This record finds him doing two duets with silky
country crooner Ray Price, 81 -- they may well be the last of the great
honky tonk performers, and the last of the Texas Swing singers, too.
They here give us the title song, "Lost Highway," and an emotionally
vibrant "I'm Still Not over You." Nelson also duets here with country
stars Lee Ann Womack, Toby Keith, and Shania Twain. The artist
collaborates with husband/wife team Elvis Costello and Diana Krall on
the timeless, thoughtful "Crazy," one of the first songs Nelson ever
wrote: it was a big career-making hit for Patsy Clyne. Finally, he
delivers a soaring version of country classic "You Don't Know Me," and a
swinging "Harder They Come."

Nelson can render a song, any song, with a passion and purity few
artists can match. He can deliver an emotionally-laden song, yet do it
with a clean, understated approach: guess it takes decades of practice
to learn that. Furthermore, the man does just seem to like to ramble,
and to make music with his friends: I was once lucky enough to catch him
in New York's Central Park, one beautiful blue sky spring evening,
playing and singing with Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon
Jennings, then calling themselves The Highwaymen. Believe me, there were
lots of good vibes bouncing around.

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