Baking a Better Investing Cake Using Gold by arvisepacar


									                   Baking a Better Investing Cake Using Gold

Designing an investment portfolio can be accomplished with success if you have the correct
ingredients, follow the instructions, and remain disciplined. If you have a "homemade"
recipe that's been proven to work time after time - you are indeed ahead of the curve.
Successful investing uses many of the same skills as baking a great cake.

I have never baked a cake from start to finish. I've helped people prepare to make a cake,
and armed with bowls of sticky stuff and mixing whisks, assisted them with the work. A
quick Internet search tells me I need sugar, eggs, milk, flour, etc. plus frosting to finish the

But what if I skipped some of the steps and assorted tasks and invited you over to eat the
ingredients one or two at a time? Not very appealing, you would think, and you would no
doubt decline gracefully. Many investors acting alone proceed within a vacuum or single
mindedly design their investment accounts or retirement plans without a proven recipe I
can offer a recipe for success that will perform well but also protect you from the.ravages of
inflation AND the pain of recessions and stock market crashes.

Let's focus in my example on just two ingredients in the recipe: gold and stocks. The yellow
metal has stolen the spotlight the past 5-10 years, performing quite nicely. Stocks have to
be considered as the main staple in our investing diet. We just cannot avoid equities as they
have been the major contributor to building retirement wealth for over 100 years. Most
advisors just diversify among Stocks, Bonds, and Cash. Their plan has led to disastrous losses
in the past. Our recipe requires gold, silver, other natural resources that protect and
diversify your savings. Depending on the client we can provide for physical ownership of
bullion, funds that hold physical bullion bars, and when warranted mining companies to
produce the metals.

Do you believe gold and the stock market are risky places to invest? We answer YES, in
isolation. However, when combined with other non-correlated investments, the
combination often increases the returns but decreases the risk. Most investors have a sense
and memory that gold had a great run in the 1970's after President Nixon took America off
the 'gold standard' in 1973. Gold peaked under President Carter at $850/ounce and then
languished for many years. So most would agree: gold wasn't such a great investment for
20+ years. That's all true. Naturally, if a big part of your investments were in gold over that
time, you suffered mightily.

However, mixing in gold into your portfolio of stocks did have a dramatic and positive effect
on your overall portfolio performance. We cited the benefits of this in a detailed report to
our clients last month. Today we'll report to you a valuable subset of that report.
Gold has the qualities to act as a hedge in a portfolio to lessen the negative effects that a
bad stock market serve to your table. So, just as investing in the yellow metal alone could
cause sleepless nights, when mixed with stocks it contributes to the overall portfolio
performance and prevents wild ups and downs. What is critical is not how each component
of your portfolio preforms but what is the PROFIT earned at the end of the year.

A portfolio of half gold and half stocks would have hedged or lessened an all stock
portfolios' losses in 6 of 7 major down (bear) markets over the past 40 years. When stocks
turned down, gold delivered. Gold helped your portfolio in 1973, 1974, 1977, 1990, the
2000-2002 bear market, and the most recent 2007-2009 ugly bear market when stocks fell
50% in just 17 months! Gold rose $200 an ounce or 30% during that stock meltdown. That's
the diversification or balancing effect. In just two years did Gold fall enough for your total
portfolio to decline and not show a profit.. That's a record and a prize winning recipe that
even Betty Crocker would proud of.

In summary; Gold does act as a hedge and lessen the ups and downs of an all-stock
portfolio. The proof's in the pudding recipe, so to speak. The ingredients chosen and the
quantity of your holdings in stocks, gold, bonds, and cash can truly make a difference in both
providing decent portfolio returns and sleeping well.

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