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					BATH CH SHOW 2009
German Shorthaired Pointers
Judged by Des Hodgkinson

MPD (3) 1 Rose & Gaffney’s Kavacanne Toff At The Top, nice dog, good coat colour & texture, pleasing
head, dark eye, correct bite, moved well, should have a promising future; 2 Smillie’s Oakberrow Wotziname,
heavier built dog & not the confidence of 1 & not in unison with his handler, really giving her a hard time.
Well muscled.

PD (4,1a) 1 Harris’ Barleyarch Paxo, good upstanding dog, hope he does not grow on. Balanced head, dark
eye, good lay of shoulder, sound quarters, correct harsh coat; 2 O Wotziname; 3 Wilson’s Barleyarch Oxo.

JD (3) 1 Rusk’s Booton Snowman, disappointed in the quality of this class, 1 took time to settle. Well off for
bone, neat correct shaped feet, balanced head, clean neck, level topline. Withheld all other places.

ND (2) 1 B Paxo; 2 K Toff At The Top.

PGD (7,2) 1 Collins’ Twice As Nice of Forestpoint, solid liver, a slow maturer but slowly bodying up. Excels
in movement, true in every aspect, pleasing balanced head, dark eye, good lay of shoulder, correct topline
leading to well set tail, good muscle definition; 2 Elliott’s Pitwit Jack The Gamekeeper, honest workmanlike
dog, still needs to tighten. Good shaped head, nice earset. Would prefer darker eye.

LD (9) 1 Cook & Lamb’s Adhemar Break Of Day, lovely sized dog, balanced throughout, short harsh coat,
correct head & eye, clean neck, good lay of shoulder, parallel front, neat feet, good topline standing & on
the move, good turn of stifle. Just lost out in the challenge to two more experienced dogs; 2 Potter’s
Ivoravon Snow Storm, a little heavy for what I was looking for today. Sound quarters, good topline, well
muscled, strong teeth of correct bite; 3 Mould & Bird’s Koolwaters Accolade.

OD (8,3) 1 Thurm’s Bryburn The Toff, I am sure everything has been written about this dog in the past but
he was in tip-top condition & deserved his top honour. Classic head, clean neck, well bodied, good legs &
feet, masculine but nothing overdone, as usual shown & handled to perfection; 2 Smillie & Hammond’s
Oakberrow Xsepshonal at Southmead, balanced head, kind expression, clean lines, well muscled. Not
putting everything in this movement; 3 Rusk’s Booton Moonriver.

VD (2) 1 Dawson & Walker’s Sh Ch Jolicoem Krakatau, a worthy ch, pulled out all the stops & was a strong
contender for the CC once again. Correct size, fitted the standard to my interpretation. Unlucky to meet CC
winner here. RCC; 2 Prior’s Booton Trouper, good head & eye, correct dentition, good front, nice turn of
stifle, correct topline. The upper classes were of a much better quality & breeders should take note.

MPB (7) 1 Elrington’s Barleyarch Atora at Tequesta, nice shape, good head & eye, well balanced bodywise,
sound rearquarters. Needs to tighten in front movement; 2 Rose & Morris’ Kavacanne Toff Act To Follow,
good quarters, clean neck, good front assembly. Did not settle on the move so was a little difficult to assess;
3 Cule’s Barleyarch Mercedes of Mordax.
PB (3,1) 1 Pitman’s Dysons Delight via Pitwit, pleasing head & expression, wide nostrils, straight front, tight
feet, correct coat texture, moved soundly for a youngster; 2 Withheld.

JB (8) 1 Deck, Dawson & Walker’s Police Apache Tear, on top form & showed with style & confidence,
balanced feminine head, dark eye of correct shape, well set ears, good dentition, well laid shoulders, good
spring of rib, sound quarters, good turn of stifle, correct tailset & carriage which did not detract from her
overall shape, moved well with style & drive; 2 Mould & Bird’s Wansleydale In Koolwaters, caught my eye
but was unlucky to meet winner in such good form; 3 Bridges & Waldock’s Carnsmerry Choccy Muffin.

NB (4) 1 Keate’s Deepthatch O’Deuska, head & eye good, soft expression, ample bone, good front, tight
feet, well bodied, sound muscled rear quarters, moved OK; 2 Dysons Delight via P; 3 Leney’s Barleyarch

PGB (15,3) 1 Pitman’s Pitwit Playing Games, largest class of the day & she won with some to spare. Good
head & eye, correct dentition & strong teeth, harsh coat, correct front & rear assembly, good spring of rib &
deep brisket, moved with purpose; 2 Pearson’s Ladyhawke Andromeda over Tholumi, pleasing head & eye,
well bodied & in good coat; 3 Attwood & Turner’s Pattercourt Sukianna.

LB (9,1) 1 Morton’s Stairfoot Sandgoose, correct size, everything in the right place, good head &
expression, clean arched neck, good legs & feet, well muscled throughout, in lovely hard condition. Just let
herself down in the challenge when moving did not put any effort in; 2 Harris’ Barleyarch Pixie, splitting
hairs between these two bitches. Same comments apply, just preferred front movement of 1; 3 Dawson &
Walker’s Jolicoem Inspiration.

OB (8,3) 1 Grant’s Puddledub Plum from Stairfoot, neat compact bitch, not giving her all today. Pleasing
head, clean neck, good front, well bodied; 2 Adams & Rittscher’s Isara Kurzhaar Unapremise, strong old
fashioned type; 3 Prior’s Booton Marietta of Whinchat.

VB (3,1) 1 Gardiner’s Kilnrae Jezebel & 2 Small’s Tilmoray Tabitha, both these dogs were enjoying their
day out.


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