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					                             Silicon Valley Chapter
                                               Military Officers Association of America

Volume III Issue 4
                              The Bulletin                                                                          April 2006

  LTC Jesse Craddock         USAF           650-968-0446

                                                                        LUNCHEON PROGRAM
1st Vice President
  CDR John W. Ward           USN            408-736-8475
2nd Vice President
  CAPT Lloyd D. McBeth       USN            408-241-3514
  CDR Robert G. Smith        USN            408-255-9173

                                                                           27 April
  COL W. Van Der Molen       USA             408-371-8118
Immediate Past President

                                                                (Fourth Thursday of the Month)
  CDR Gordon L. Rollman      USN            408-243-9254

MRS June Coffey          USMC               650-574-1776
CDR V.A. Eagye           USN                408-733-3177
COL Warren B. Enos       AUS                408-245-2217

                                                                        Social Hour:        11:00 AM
CDR Gene Fife            USN                408-739-7436
COL Keith Giles          USAF               408-244-9401
LCDR Miles Rankin        USN                408-313-4467

                                                                        Luncheon:           11:45 AM
LTC Michael Sampognaro USAF                 408-371-3483
LTC Fred Weed            AUS                408-264-7581
MAJ David J. Yahiro      USA                925-556-0866

                 COMMITTEE CHAIRS

                                                                          William Ball
  Mrs June Coffey           USMC            650-574-1776
  Chaplain Fred Tittle      Palo Alto VA    650-493-5000

                                                              Director, Palo Alto VA Fisher House
Commissary/Exchange Advisory
  LTC Michael Sampognaro USAF               408-371-3483
Friends-in-Need (FIN) Program
  LCDR Miles Rankin         USN             408-313-4467
  LTC Fred Weed             AUS             408-264-7581

                                                                         What’s Fisher House?
  CDR John W. Ward          USN             408-736-8475
  CWO4 Patrick Clark        USA             408-267-0135
ROA Liaison
  COL W. Van Der Molen      USA              408-371-8118
  CAPT Lloyd D. McBeth USN                  408-241-3514
  CDR Gene Fife
Travel (Space-A Advisory)
                            USN             408-739-7436
                                                                             Luncheon is $16.00
  CDR V.A. Eagye            USN             408-733-3177
Web Master
  MAJ David J. Yahiro       USA             925-556-0866
  COL Warren B. Enos        AUS             408-245-2217
                                                            See Back Page For Reservation Form and Directions
                  BULLETIN EDITOR
                    COL Keith Giles

 The Silicon Valley Chapter meets at 129th Support Group,
                         Bldg 653
                  Moffett Federal Airfield
                  through the courtesy of

    “The Bulletin” is published eleven times annually
         by the Silicon Valley Chapter, MOAA
                       P.O. BOX 2
          Moffett Federal Airfield, CA 94035
                                                                         CALENDAR OF EVENTS
     Please direct all correspondence to above address
                                                              6 April      Board Meeting            10:00 AM
        Bldg 587 on Wescoat Court, 650-603-8047              27 April        Luncheon               11:00 AM
          Corner of Wescoat Rd and Wescoat Ct
                                                               4 May       Board Meeting            10:00 AM
               TRICARE Service Center
        Bldg 587 on Wescoat Court, 888-874-9378
                   (Near the Chapel)
                                                              25 May            tba                 11:00 AM
                                                                    Board Meetings Are Open To All Members
                                                            Board Minutes Are Available To Members From The Secretary
        SVC WEB SITES                  Top Cadets from the ROTC Units           pretending to be a court official

   O      ur    primary    Chapter
        website is located at http:
                                       of the local High Schools in the
                                       near future.
                                           We have some vacancies on
                                                                                who threateningly says a warrant
                                                                                has been issued for your arrest
                                                                                because you didn’t show up for
index.htm. Enter this in your          our Board and would appreciate           jury duty. The caller claims to be a
address box and when you get to        two volunteers for some small, but       jury coordinator.
the home page, bookmark or add it      important jobs.                              If you protest that you never
to your favorites!                         Our immediate Project is the         received a summons for jury duty,
    At the MOAA site, put your         Chapter donation to the Fisher           the scammer asks you for your
mouse over Community, then             House. Please carefully read the         Social Security number and date
click on Chapters and Councils,        article in this Bulletin pertaining to   of birth so he or she can verify the
Council/Chapter Locator, CA,           our Plan.                                information and cancel the arrest
then Silicon Valley Chapter.               We want to extend a warm             warrant. Sometimes they even ask
From there you may link over to        welcome to Fred Tittle, our new          for credit card numbers. Give out
our primary website above.            Chaplain - his biography is on           any of this information and bingo!
                                       another page of this Bulletin.           Your identity just got stolen.
TRICARE SERVICE CENTER                     Remember to bring your used              The scam has been reported so

   T      he TRICARE service
       Center is located on
Wescoat Court, in Building 587,
                                       paperback books for the VA
                                       Hospital to the Luncheon. 
                                                                                far in 11 states, including Oklahoma,
                                                                                Illinois, and Colorado. This (scam)
                                                                                is particularly insidious because
Moffett Federal Airfield. Hours                                                 they use intimidation over the
are M-F 0730-1630. Phone 1-888-                                                 phone to try and bully people into
874-9378.                                                                      giving information by pretending
                                             JURy DUTy SCAM                     they’re with the court system.
    Thought For The Month
There are those who knows the
                                          M         ost of us take those
                                                  summonses for jury
                                       duty seriously, but enough people
                                                                                    The FBI and the federal court
                                                                                system have issued nationwide
                                                                                alerts on their websites, warning
price of everything and the value      skip out on their civic duty that        consumers about the fraud.
of nothing.                           a new and ominous kind of scam               This report has been checked
                                       has surfaced. Fall for it and            at These are the
                                       your identity could be stolen,           last three paragraphs in the Snopes.
        the prez says                  reports CBS.                             com statement on this scam.

   A        s we enter our third
          month, our Board has
reviewed our current standing as to
                                          In this con, someone calls                “This jury duty scam is the

Membership and “fiscal strength”,
and found that we are viable in both
areas. We have lost some Members
due to health, “move-outs”, and
deaths, but we have also gained
some new young Members.
   Our goals and support of
National MOAA remain strong,
and support of our Troops is of
primary concern. Our scholarships
have been awarded for 2006 and
we will be awarding medals to the
latest in a series of identity theft          MOFFETT FIELD GOLF                    them on the local economy. Fisher
scams where scammers use the                          COURSE                        House, built entirely with private
phone to try to get people to reveal
their Social Security number, credit
card numbers or other personal
                                              A      s a result of the 2005
                                                   Base Realignment and
                                           Closure (BRAC) Commission,
                                                                                    funds, will officially open 19 April
                                                                                    2006 for the families of veterans
                                                                                    being treated at the hospital. Built
confidential information.                                                           on the hospital grounds, it will house
   “It doesn’t matter *why* they                                                    15 families per night.
are calling --- all the reasons are just                                               We have hosted several veterans,
different variants of the same scam.                                                including Marine CPL Jason Poole
   “Protecting yourself is simple:                                                  and Tonia Sargent, wife of Gunnery
Never give this info out when                                                       Sargent Ken Sargent, at our monthly
you receive a phone call.”                                                         luncheons. So we have learned first
  Taddled from various newspapers                                                   hand of the need to support the
                                                                                    families of these heroes. Rather
                                                                                    than ask you to send your individual
             CHANGES                                                                contributions to Fisher House, your

I      t’s goodbye to our Chaplain,
     CAPT Ed Bastille, USAF, who
is retiring and moving to Vermont.
                                                                                    Board is asking you to send your
                                                                                    contribution to our Treasurer, COL
                                                                                    Bill Van Der Molen using the form
                                                                                    below. Our goal is to raise $2,000
                                           Onizuka Air Force Station is             by our 22 June luncheon. We plan
                                           scheduled to be closed. In a             to car pool up to the VA/Fisher
                                           conversation with the Public Affairs     House after the June luncheon to
                                           Officer at Onizuka it has been           present our donations directly to
                                           confirmed that Onizuka intends           the Fisher House Director, Bill
                                           to cease golf course operations on       Ball. You can hear more about all
                                           30 September 2006. NASA is the           of this by attending the 27 APR
And hello to our new Chaplain, the         landlord of the golf course and          luncheon when we will kick-off our
Rev Fred Tittle, Palo Alto VA.             unless they decide to operate the        contributions drive. Donations can
                                           course themselves, or find someone       be made at the APR, MAY and JUN
                                           else to do it, the last day of golf      luncheons directly to Bill Van Der
                                           will be 30 September 2006.              Molen. Or by mailing it to him at the
                                                              CDR V.A. Eagye        address below. This is your fully tax
                                                                                    deductible “off budget” contribution
                                                                                    by you and SVC/MOAA. Please
                                                     FISHER HOUSE                   donate generously!!!
                                                       PALO ALTO                    Name: ______________________

   Fred is a former Marine who
                                              Y      our Club has been
                                                   supporting the VA hospital
                                           in Palo Alto in many ways. Now we
                                                                                    Amount $____________________
                                                                                       Send to: COL Bill Van Der
served 30 years in the service. He         have an opportunity for us all to join   Molen, 3258 Hilary Dr., San Jose,
served in Viet Nam, Panama, and            in and support their families. The
Desert Storm. He is the Chaplain for                                                CA 94124-2
                                           men and women undergoing special
the Cancer Center at Stanford and
also does pre- and post-deployment         treatment at the Palo Alto center are
counseling for the Reserve and             there for many months. It is very
National Guard. He is married              expensive here in the Bay Area for
and has two adult children.               their families to come to stay with
                                       YN2 class Richard Swain, USN,            again with aircraft flyovers, and
  SVC MOAA SCHOLARSHIP                 Naval Air Reserve Center .Enrolled       will include the color guards
       AWARDS FOR 2006                 at Coastline Community College           from many services, modern and

   D      uring     the     February
        luncheon four awards of
$500 each were presented to members
                                       (Distance Learning). Goal: BA
                                       degree in Business Administration
                                                                                historical military equipment, plus
                                                                                reenactment groups. There will be a
                                       June 2007.                               simultaneous color guard ceremony
of four military organizations.                                                at Presidio of Monterey with a
                     CDR Gene Fife                                              flyover after the Santa Cruz parade
              Scholarship Chairman                                              start. Early afternoon will feature a
                                                                                BBQ for visiting military, parade
                                                                                participants, and veterans, all to
                                                                                take place at the boardwalk. And
                                                                                all throughout the day there will be
                                                                                static equipment displays, antique
                                                                                aircraft flyovers, tours of ships,
                                       SSgt John Froschauer, USAF,              as well as exhibits by civilian and
                                       Onizuka AF Station. Enrolled at          military sponsors. In the evening
                                       Touror University (On-line Distance      there will be a dinner-dance at Santa
Cadet 1st Lt Eric Lewine, AF ROTC,
                                       learning). Goal: BA degree in            Cruz Casino USO style with major
San Jose State University. Enrolled
                                       Computer Science winter 2007.            entertainment.
at San Jose State University. Goal:
                                                                                    Much of the activity on Sunday,
BA degree in History June 2007,
                                                                                21 May, will take place in the
then serve in the US Air Force.
                                                                                Monterey area with a 10am color
                                            AFD PARADE UPDATE                   guard ceremony and procession
                                          P       lanning continues for a
                                                spectacular Armed Forces
                                       Day Celebration set for 19-21 May
                                                                                through historical Monterey. Open
                                                                                houses and benefits will take place at
                                                                                the Maritime Museum and Presidio
                                       2006 all throughout the Monterey         Museum. Late morning there will
                                       Bay area, with major events              be a band concert. The afternoon
                                       scheduled for Monterey and Santa         will provide visitors a chance to
                                       Cruz.                                    tour ships, see military exhibits and
                                          About mid-day on Friday, 19 May,      industry displays, and even observe
Cadet Capt Gregory Deger, Army         various ships will begin to arrive and   military     recruiting    activities.
ROTC, Santa Clara University.          drop anchor near Santa Cruz greeted      There will be a farewell ceremony
Enrolled at California State           by Santa Cruz Yacht Club and Santa       and end of the Armed Forces
University, Hayward. Goal: BS          Cruz Harbor boaters. There will be       Day Celebration at 5:00pm. 
degree in Criminal Justice June        a welcoming ceremony at the wharf                Adapted from News Release
2007, then serve in the US Army.       and beach areas, which will include
                                       aircraft flyovers, military bands and
                                       color guards, plus elements from
                                       the Chambers of Commerce and
                                       local government agencies. Friday                 PURPLE HEART
                                       evening will include band concerts,
                                       receptions, and entertainment at the
                                       Santa Cruz Casino/Boardwalk.
                                                                                   I     recently was proud to stand
                                                                                       with a group of veterans in San
                                                                                Diego who support my legislation
                                          On Saturday, 20 May, there            to honor certain prisoners of war
                                       will be a huge parade at 11:00am,        with the Purple Heart. I wanted to
share with you information about           invaluable service with the Purple         organizations, for access to officers
my legislation and about these fine        Heart. No one except those who             and sailors and facilities/equipment.
veterans in San Diego.                     have been held as prisoners of             And in general such requests have
    Under current law, all prisoners       war can truly know the magnitude           been denied. Since MOAA conducts
of war who die in confinement are          of that experience. But for those          lobbying efforts and sells products
not awarded the Purple Heart. Those        who do not live to tell their stories,     and services, MOAA was turned
who die of starvation, disease, abuse      it is up to us to honor them.             down as well.
or other causes are not eligible. My            An E-mail from Barbara Boxer              But for a variety of reasons
“Honor Our Fallen Prisoners of                           United States Senator        not yet clear, the issue may not
War Act” would make members                                                           be closed. There have been some
of the Armed Forces who die in                                                        recent developments involving the
captivity under any circumstance                                                      legal staffs of both the Coast Guard
eligible to receive the Purple Heart.         COAST GUARD CHAPTER                     and national MOAA which could
This legislation is retroactive to
December 7, 1941, and would                   A          fter discussions with the
                                                       Coast Guard over many
                                           months, a decision was reached mid-
                                                                                      lead to a CGI chapter at some point
                                                                                      in the future.
therefore include all POWs who have                                                       In the meantime, CDR Sammons
died in captivity since World War II.      February not to allow formation of         and his group are moving forward
San Diego Congressman Bob Filner           a MOAA chapter at Coast Guard              to reactivate the East Bay Chapter
is sponsoring identical legislation in     Island, Oakland/Alameda.                   using facilities near Jack London
the House of Representatives.                  Some months ago, CAL-                  Square in Oakland. At this point,
               General          George     MOAA Vice President CDR John               more than 700 national MOAA
           Washington wrote in             Sammons, USPHS-Ret, led a team             members and about 185 Auxiliaries
           his General’s Orders            into negotiations with CGI officers,       in the area are eligible for local
           in 1782: “The General,          hoping to reactivate a failed East         chapter membership, and those
           ever desirous to cherish        Bay/Alameda County chapter on              people are being contacted now.
virtuous ambition in his soldiers          the island itself using Coast Guard        Already an impressive number
as well as foster and encourage            facilities. It appeared to be an ideal     of local officers are expressing
every species of military merit,           opportunity to serve an extended           interest in both chapter affiliation
directs that whenever any singularly       military community, both assigned          and active participation by taking
meritorious action is performed, the       Coast Guard officers and national          on leadership roles.
author of it shall be permitted to         MOAA members currently without                 The target date for reestablishment
wear on his facings, over his left         chapter affiliation.                       of the East Bay/Alameda County
breast, the figure of a heart in purple        Some years ago the Oakland area        MOAA chapter is 27 April 06. 
cloth or silk edged with narrow            MOAA chapter disbanded because                        SVC Field Correspondent
lace or binding. Not only instances        members were unable to find
of unusual gallantry but also of           officers and directors willing to serve.
extraordinary fidelity and essential           Not being part of the Department
service in any way shall meet with         of Defense but of Homeland Security,       DOGS SAVAGE A CROCODILE
due reward.”
    Our current law on the awarding
                                           the Coast Guard operates under
                                           different policies and procedures. In
                                           short, with Coast Guard Island being
                                                                                         S      ometimes nature is cruel
                                                                                              but there is also a beauty in
                                                                                      that cruelty. The crocodile can fall
of Purple Hearts simply does
not meet the eloquent words and            the last significant Armed Forces          victim to the kind of “team work”
sentiment of our first President. The      element in the Bay Area, it was and        due to the pack mentality and social
aim of my bill is to honor the sacrifice   is being deluged with requests from        structure of canines.
of those prisoners of war who never        all kinds of commercial business/             See the remarkable Page
returned to us by recognizing their        industry for profit groups, as well        6        photograph,         courtesy
                                           as not for profit and nonprofit            of       Nature        Magazine. 
DOG PACk kILL CROCODILE provisions against military recruiters                   with Spain. He was discharged, but
                                        or the same prohibitions are applied     on 23 April 1899 accepted a position
                                        to all persons who seek the personal     to first lieutenant, and was promoted
                                        information on students.                 over the years ultimately to colonel
                                           A complete list of pending            (permanent) on 4 June 1920.
                                        California legislation pertaining            He served on Guam in 1899 and
                                        to, and of interest by, the military     Puerto Rico in 1900, then moved
                                        community can be found here:             on to Panama and the Philippine
                                         Islands. He had service in Cuba,
                                           Our chapter wants to influence        then as a fleet marine officer with
      STATE LEGISLATION                 the course of both federal and state     the Pacific Fleet, and in 1914

   M           any of the new pieces legislation. If you have a view,
             of legislation being some position, on AB 1778 that you
introduced in Sacramento involve would like presented to California
                                                                                 participated in the occupation of the
                                                                                 city of Vera Cruz, Mexico.
                                                                                     His career continued with
improved benefits to members of legislators, contact any chapter                 expeditionary duty in 1916,
the California National Guard, the officer or director. Every effort will        disembarking in the Dominican
California State Military Reserve, be made to deliver your message to            Republic, then duty as naval attaché
and the California Naval Militia.       the appropriate office and person.      in Norway, Sweden, and ultimately
    AB 1923, Military Education and         Adapted from CSCVC Summary           Copenhagen, Denmark.
Veterans, for example, introduced                                                    In September 1921 he was at
31 January 2006, would provide                                                   the Marine Barracks, Boston and
free tuition and fees at the California                                          in 1923 attended the Naval War
State University, the University of         MARINE STARTS MOAA                   College, Newport, R.I., going on
California, and the State Community
Colleges, for members of the
National Guard.
                                           T       he    Military
                                                 Association of America
                                        (MOAA), formerly The Retired
                                                                      Officers   to serve as commanding officer
                                                                                 of Marine Barracks, Mare Island,
                                                                                 California, until he retired from
    One piece of legislation, Officers Association (TROA), was                   active duty on 29 July 1925.
introduced 4 January 2006, may organized on 23 February 1929, in                     Colonel Marix died on 11
prove interesting to many chapter Los Angeles by Col. Arthur T. Marix,           January 1949, at the U.S. Naval
members. AB 1778 Pupil Records: USMC-Ret, with 63 members, later                 Hospital, Long Beach, CA,
Release of Information: Military expanding to 2,000 in 1935.                     and was interred at Hollywood
Recruiters would prohibit release          MOAA was conceived and                Cemetery, Hollywood, CA. 
of student personal information by organized by retired officers as an                       SVC Field Correspondent
high schools to military recruiters. independent nonprofit association,
It would also prohibit a high school operated to benefit uniformed
from refusing to release the personal services retired officers, their                 MORE CHANGES
information      to     postsecondary families, and survivors, and to
educational institutions, or to support legislation bearing on a
prospective employers. The bill strong national defense. MOAA’s
                                                                                    D     aylight Savings begins
                                                                                        on Sunday, 2 April.
                                                                                 So set your clocks ahead one
has been referred to Assembly purposes were stated succinctly in                 hour on Saturday night. 
Committees on Education and the preamble of the earliest bylaws,
Veterans Affairs.                       and little has changed to this day.
    The legislation is opposed             Colonel Marix was born in
by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Leavenworth, Kansas, on 29 April
(VFW), California Department. 1869. He accepted appointment as a
It is recommended that the bill be second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine
opposed unless the discriminatory Corps on 27 May 1898 for the war
                                          Silicon Valley Chapter
                                 Military Officers Association of America
             Mail to Treasurer: COL Bill van der Molen, 3258 Hilasry Dr, San Jose, CA 95124

                                           Membership Application
Date__________________ Enroll Me As: New Member__________MOAA Membership #________________
                                           Aux Mbr_______________
Annual Dues:              $26.00 $__________
(Auxiliary – No Dues charge)
 Donations to SVC Fund             $__________
Donations to Scholarship fund      $__________
(All Donations are Tax Deductible)
                          Total: $____________Make checks payable to SVC-MOAA and mail to above
address. Please complete all applicable blanks

Status: Active_____Retired______Former Officer_____Widow(er)______

                         Last                        First        MI     Rank    Service
Address:_________________________________________/________Date of Birth_________
                     Number        Street (P.O. Box, etc.)          Apt/Suite
City____________________State_____Zip_________/______Spouse’s Name_____________
                                                  5 Digit   4 Digit
Phone (____)_________________________       E-mail ________________________________

   SVC Dues are separate from National MOAA Dues. SVC Dues support the Bulletin and Administrative
functions. Luncheons are self supporting. Dues are not prorated. Donations can be made to the Silicon Valley
                            Chapter’s general fund and/or the Scholarship fund.

                                               06                                                              06

                                                06                                                             06
Silicon Valley Chapter MOAA
P.O. Box 2
Moffett Federal Airfield, CA 94035

ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                      April 2006

DIRECTIONS: Going North on Hwy 101: Exit at Lawrence Expwy; go Right; then next Right; then immediate Right; follow
Frontage Rd. Going South on Hwy 101: Exit at Lawrence Expwy; go Left; then next Right; then immediate Right; follow Frontage Rd.
  ----------------------------Cut Here---------------------------------------------------------Cut Here----------------------------

                                     ****LUNCHEON RESERVATION FORM****
                                      Deadline to reach SVC no later than 21 April
                                        If you have not sent in your reservation form by the
                                                 above date and still wish to attend,
                                            please call Bill van der Molen, 408-371-8118
                                            LUNCHEON PRICE - $16.00
                                  Times: Social Hour 11:00 AM, Luncheon 11:45 AM

Please reserve _______ places for the       27 April) Luncheon
A TOTAL of $__________________

Make checks payable to: PROGRAM CHAIRMAN
Mail to:    COL Bill van der Molen, 3258 Hilary Dr, San Jose, CA 95124-2215

RESERVE IN THE NAME OF: ____________________________
Telephone: ______________________________________________
MENU: Buffet featuring several varieties of garden fresh vegetables, beans, pasta, cheese, tomato, and onion selections. Two
(2) hot entrees. Soup. Assorted breads and rolls. Desserts. Coffee and tea.

                             |                                                         |
                             |                                                         |

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