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Done by Yana Chichkanova

Special for FLEX4YOU
                        History of Halloween
• Ancient Celtic tribes celebrated their New Year on November
• October 31-st symbolized the transition from one year to
  another, the end of the “season of the sun” and the
  beginning or “the dark season” and was marked with a great
• It was believed that on the New Year’s eve the the Lord of the
  Death and Prince of Darkness Samhein called together all
  the dead people.
                       History of Halloween

• On October 31-st druids gathered on hilltops in oak forests
  as they believed that those trees were sacred.
• The druids would make fires and sacrifice crops, animals
  and may be even PEOPLE.
• When morning arrived, druids would give ashes from their
  fires to each family. The fires would keep houses warm and
  free from evil spirits.
                        History of Halloween

• The story tells that during the transition spirits return to
  earth looking for living bodies to possess for the following
• To scare those spirits druids wore horrific masks.
•   Catholic church called October 31-st All Saint’s Day.
• The holiday also used to be known as Hallowmass, All
  Hallow Even, all Hallow’s Eve.
• It was also believed that even strangers could help a soul to
  go to heaven.
• According to an Irish legend a sly alcoholic Jack tricked the
  devil. Jack made him climb the tree. While devil was
  climbing, he drew a cross on the trunk of the tree, so the
  devil couldn’t go back.
• When Jack died he wasn’t let either to heaven or to hell.
• He was given a pumpkin with a light in it to walk an endless
  dark tunnel eternally.
• Nowadays Jack-O-lantern is a pumpkin with a candle inside.
                   Halloween in America
• Halloween in the USA is a great celebration.
• It is considered to be a holiday mostly for kids, as
  they all get excited about going “trick or treating”.
• But teenagers and adults also love this holiday for
  PARTIES, tricks and wearing cool costumes
                     Who doesn’t celebrate
• There are usually some groups of extremely
  religious people who believe that celebrating
  Halloween is against their faith.
• But despite it they are always nice to those who
  celebrate Halloween and still give sweets to kids if
  they knock at their doors.
                    Another name for
• The night of floating apples.
• There is a challenge: you need to pick a floating
  apple from a big bowl or barrel without hands, only
  with your mouth!
               Before Halloween
• There is a real sweets, decorations
  and costumes boom in all the stores!
          Halloween in Disneyland
• Every year Disney imagineers
  decorate their amusement park
  according to a Halloween style.
                      Haunted Mantion
• There is a scary building in a Disneyland park in
  California, which stays there all year round.
• This Haunted mansion has a very interesting and
  thrilling story behind it.
“Phantom Manor”
• In 1860 in a
  Phantom Manor
  there lived a young
  woman called
• She fell in love
  with a guy and
  they decided to get
• But Melanie’s dad
  was against her
  marrying a n
  engineer as he had
  already chosen
  another richer
  groom for his
• Melanie didn’t
  agree with her dad’s
  will as she was
  madly in love with
  her boyfriend.
• Melanie’s dad got
  so angry with his
  daughter that he
  hired a phantom to
  murder Melanie’s
• The night before the
  wedding the evil
  phantom did just as
  he was told to do.
• Finally the big day
  came, but everything
  went wrong.
• When all the guests
  came and it was time
  for a groom to walk
  out, Melanie found
  out that her lover was
  hanged last night.
• That was a terrible
  tragedy for Melanie
  and she lost her mind.
• Melanie refused to believe in her groom’s
  death and never took off her wedding dress.
• She had been walking along the hallways of
  her manor for years and singing lyrical
  songs about lost love.
• But phantom also
  stayed in the manor
  to tease eternally
  devoted to her groom
• He tore her heart
  apart with his
• Finally the heartless
  phantom invited
  other spirits to the
  manor to celebrate
  Melanie’s grief .
• After Melanie died,
  she was burried in a
  separate from her
  lover tomb, but their
  memorials bent
  towards each other.
• This story proves that
  power of love is great
  both: during life and
  after death.
                        Police on alert
• Everyone knows that besides Halloween is time for
  fun, it’s also a moment for criminals to bring to life
  their evil plans.
• Not to let that happen or to help the victims Police
  is on a special Alert that night.
                Media and Halloween
• You can see Halloween adverts on TV, you can
  read them in the newspapers, find them in the
  stores, hear them on the radio.
TV shows love Halloween
               My Halloween experience
• Last year I had the most amazing Halloween
  ever. I’d love to share, my experience with
                My Halloween experience
• No costumes were allowed at my US school! No
  exceptions for anyone.
• Everyone had to wear a costume in the evening,
  after school. That was a strict rule!
                  My Halloween experience
• Couple a weeks before my host family took me to the
  Pumpkin Patch. That was a place in Dixon decorated
  according to the Halloween theme. There were a lot of
  little shops with Halloween costumes, sweets and
• We went on various fun rides that day.
• Pumpkin Patch is a perfect place to pick a pumpkin to
  your taste.
                 My Halloween experience
• Most of people decorate their houses a week
  before Halloween. They take it really seriously and
  built huge scary houses, set big blow up shapes,
  make dark halls, arrange a cemetery, etc. at their
  front yards. People go very creative!
                    My Halloween experience
• But my host family took me to Sacramento’s Governor’s
  mansion. It was a huge and old looking mansion where
  nothing has changed since the time it was sold to the city in
  1982 by its Governor- Jerry Brown. The house itself was built
  in 1877.
• CA is the only state which doesn’t have a mansion for the
  Governor to live in.
                My Halloween experience
• Right on October 31-st me and my host dad, mom
  and sister were decorating the house and carving
  pumpkins. That was a fun Halloween activity!
                  My Halloween experience
• In the evening I went trick or treating with my
  friend Thais.
• My host sister Marissa was hanging out with her
  friends at the party.
• My host dad Keith was sitting on the porch with a
  black pot in his hands full of sweets for kids. For
  more mystery Keith turned on a smoke blower.
• Belyn in a costume of witch stayed with him.
                 My Halloween experience
• Trick or treating was a lot of fun! We didn’t only
  manage to collect a lot of treats, but we saw
  incredible decorations and people walking in cool
                  My Halloween experience
• I’ve got a lot of great memories left after my last
  year’s Halloween!
Pumpkin face!
Halloween is eatable
Smores- a sweet sandwich
                        Pop quiz
• When did Celtic tribes celebrate New Year?
• What did October 31-st symbolize?
• What did druids give people the next
  morning after Halloween night?
• Which tree did druids believe to be sacred?
• What’s the second name of Halloween?
• What is a Jack-O-Lantern?
• Who doesn’t celebrate Halloween in
• Where is a Haunted Mansion located?
                       Pop quiz
• What was the name of a manor where a
  horrific story happened?
• Why was the marriage cancelled?
• Can American teenagers wear Halloween
  costumes to school?
• What is a Pumpkin Patch?
• Who refused to live in a Governor’s
• Write the name of the only state, where
  there is no a mansion for a governor.
• What’s the name of a sweet sandwich?
• November 1-st
• The end of the “season of the sun”, the
  beginning of the “dark season”
• Ashes
• An oak tree
• The night of floating apples
• A pumpkin with a candle inside
• Extremely religious people
• In Disneyland
• Phantom
• Because the bride’s lover was hanged by the
  phantom the night before
• No
• It’s a pumpkin farm
• Jerry Brown
• California
• Smores
 This is a beautiful castle. There is princess sitting on a throne
in a castle. A handsome prince walks in. He sends the
princess an air kiss. Lovers start flirting. An ugly dragon with
three heads and a long tail flies through the window, grabs
the princess and flies away. The prince runs to save his bride,
jumps on his horse and rushes to the dragon’s cave. Clouds
cover the sun, trees are squeaking and bending, the wind
nocks the horse off its legs. The prince can’t come up to the
cave because the wind is on his way. The dragon appears.
   Its three heads are blowing fire out of their mouths. The
battle starts. The prince cuts each head off one by one. The
dragon’s body shakes in convulsions, the tail moves from
side to side. The princess runs towards the prince, but trips
over the tail and almost falls. The prince catches his princess.
They hug. The tail continues to move.
                            The end
Guess a piece
                          Movie salad
•   “I know What You Did on Elm Street”
•   “A House of Silent ”
•    “Massacre Creepers”
•   “Vampire Ghost”
•   “ last Summer Activity”
•   “The 13-th Turn”
•   “Paranormal Nightmare”
•    “Wax Hill”
•   “Final Friday”
•   “Wrong Destination”
•   “13 Diaries”
•   “Texas chainsaw Jeepers”
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