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                                                                                                                                                             ISSUE 25 | APRIL 2011
      NICTA flies
      the flag for
      ICT Research
      NICTA takes
      Graeme Clark
      oration to
      regional unis
      NICTA crash-                                                                              NICTA proudly hosted yet another successful Techfest
                                                                                                showcase at the Australian Technology Park in February.
      proof code                                                                                Techfest is NICTA’s national ICT showcase, an event
      is a ‘top ten’                                                                            at which researchers and commercialisation staff from
                                                                                                each of our five laboratories come together to show
      emerging                                                                                  off their groundbreaking use-inspired ICT research
      technology                                                                                to industry, government, educational and research
                                                                                                institutions, and the general public. This was our sixth
                                                                                                Techfest with over 450 people in attendance.
                                                                                                The event showcased an array of NICTA innovations in
                                                                                                the areas of the digital economy, transport and logistics,
                                                                                                biomedical and life sciences, safety and security,
                                                                                                environmental management, enterprise software and
                                                                                                Research from NICTA’s Implant Systems group, which
                                                                                                is developing small, sophisticated and inexpensive
                                                                                                implantable therapies to help treat neurological
                                                                                                disorders, attracted plenty of attention. The two
                                                                                                research teams involved in the Bionic Vision Australia
                                                                                                consortium were kept busy with inquiries from
                                                                                                visitors keen to check out NICTA’s contribution to the
                                                                                                development of the bionic eye.
                                                                                                Over thirty NICTA research activities were showcased
          NICTA researcher wears prototype headset                                              including a booth dedicated to the recently launched
          as part of Bionic Eye research                                                        NBN-focused Australian Centre for Broadband
          display at Techfest                                                                   Innovation, a collaboration between NICTA, CSIRO and
                                                                                                the NSW Government.

          Living Lab boosts
Australia’s logistics
On the same day that Techfest opened            NICTA CEO Hugh Durrant-Whyte said:
its doors in February, the Future               “The Living Lab is an example of research
Logistics Living Lab was launched. The          institutions, industry and government working
                                                together on important challenges for the
lab is a collaboration between NICTA,
                                                logistics industry. NICTA is excited to be
enterprise software company SAP and             part of this initiative in Australia and will
Europe’s largest application-oriented           continue to drive innovation through industry
research organisation, Fraunhofer.              engagement.”
The Living Lab aims to improve the efficiency
                                                The Living Lab is located inside the NICTA
of Australia’s logistics networks by fast
                                                building at Sydney’s Australian Technology
tracking industry’s adoption of emerging
                                                Park. Participants joining the founding
technologies and research outcomes.
                                                members are Linfox, Hamburg Süd, Casella
The Living Lab will help industry address
                                                Wines, Ericsson, GS1 Australia, Gamma
challenges such as rising fuel costs, road
                                                Solutions, Google, Tradegate, XAct Solutions,
congestion, carbon emissions and safety.
                                                Victoria University and the University of New
                                                South Wales.
      NICTANews             2
                                               NICTA sharpens focus on
                 report                            research excellence,
                                               wealth creation
                                Welcome to the April edition of NICTA News. As
                                the new Chief Executive Officer of NICTA, it gives
                                me great pleasure to introduce the vision and                  The Networks Research Group will be led by Prof. Aruna
                                objectives that will drive NICTA forward over the              Seneviratne, who has led our Australian Technology
                                next five years.                                               Park Laboratory for many years. Control and Signal
                                                                                               Processing will be led by Prof. Rob Evans, who, like
                                The primary goal for NICTA is to build and deliver             Aruna, has headed a NICTA Research Lab (Victoria).
                                excellence in ICT research and commercial outcomes             The Machine Learning Research Group will be headed
                                for Australia. To achieve this, NICTA will focus on            by Prof. Bob Williamson, previously NICTA’s Scientific
                                targeted research and commercial areas where it can            Director.
                                achieve a world-leading position. It will attract and retain
                                                                                               Software Systems will initially be led by Prof. Gernot
                                the very best researchers and research leaders in these
                                                                                               Heiser and Dr Anna Liu. Interim leaders have also been
                                areas, building research groups of significant world
                                                                                               appointed for Computer Vision (Prof. Nick Barnes, Prof.
                                scale and scope. NICTA will focus on wealth creation
                                                                                               Richard Hartley and Prof Peter Cork) and Optimisation
                                opportunities that draw on and exploit these areas of
                                                                                               (Prof. Mark Wallace, Dr Sylvie Thiebaux, Prof. Toby
                                excellence, and that make a substantial economic or
                                                                                               Walsh). NICTA is working with our university partners to
                                social impact in Australia and internationally. Excellence
                                                                                               recruit permanent research leaders for these groups.
INSIDE                          will be our guiding principle.
                                                                                               NICTA Business Teams are based around recognised
                                                                                               application domains for ICT. Each Business Team is
NICTA flies the flag            Our people are at the heart of this vision and                 led by a small group of leaders who between them
                                endeavour; it is essential that we maintain the highest
for Australian ICT                                                                             have strong technological and industry expertise
                                possible standards among our researchers and staff.            and experience. The teams will build and develop a
Research               3        I will be actively pursuing opportunities to attract top       transformational vision and strategy for ICT in their
                                researchers to NICTA and will encourage all individuals        sectors.
NICTA takes Graeme              to achieve their very best in research and commercial
                                                                                               The Business Teams are:
Clark oration to                outcomes.
                                                                                               • Broadband and the Digital Economy
regional unis      3            Wealth Creation                                                • Health
                                NICTA will take a very broad view of wealth creation           • Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics
Online video search             and national benefit goals. This will include funded           • Safety and Security
takes shape as NICTA            industry partnerships, spin-out companies and research
                                                                                               The Business Team Leader for Broadband and the
                                outcomes with major societal impact, all of which are
teams with Microsoft            valid expressions of wealth creation. NICTA will pursue
                                                                                               Digital Economy is Dr Terry Percival, formerly Director
Research             3                                                                         of our Neville Roach Laboratory. The Commercial
                                research that delivers on each and all of these fronts.
                                                                                               Manager in this team is Glenn Downey, with input
                                Great students                                                 from Michelle Carden. Both Glenn and Michelle had
NICTA crash-proof code          High quality, well-trained research students are the key       senior roles in NICTA’s Commercialisation area. Health
is a ‘top ten’ emerging         to delivering major outcomes and to the future of ICT          will be led by Prof. Terry Caelli, former Director of our
technology             4        excellence in Australia. NICTA will be working closely         Queensland Research Laboratory, Dr Leif Hanlen and
                                with our university partners to attract the best possible      Lachlan James. Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics
NICTA and RTA                   research students and to create an environment where           is headed by Rob Fitzpatrick, former Director of
                                research students can achieve their best.                      Commercialisation and Markets. Dr Andrew Verden and
target traffic incident         Strong university relationships                                Dr Glenn Geers are lead technologists. The commercial
management              4       Intimately related to NICTA’s engagement with PhD              team for Safety and Security will be led by Jodi Steel
                                students is our relationship with the university and           and Michelle Carden. Lead technologists will be
PhD student aims to             research sector. To this end, NICTA is working to build        appointed shortly.
colour our world    5           strong and deep relationships with our university              NICTA is expecting to grow the number of Business
                                partners in a range of areas to achieve the best               Teams as we build skills and capabilities in new
Will the                        in research, training and commercial outcomes for              application areas.
next Mark Zuckerberg            Australia.                                                     The roles of Scientific Director, Lab Director and Chief
                                Refocused organisational structure                             Technology Officer will no longer exist in the new
please stand up?     6
                                NICTA’s new vision will be articulated in a revised            structure – these will be performed by Research Group
                                internal structure, which has now been put in place.           and Business Team leaders reporting directly to the
Matt has his                                                                                   CEO. The Lab Director role will be met by Research
                                Instead of the project-based structure organised
finger(print) on the            according to research themes and business areas,               Group and Business Team leaders in each state.
pulse                  6        we now have a simplified structure comprising six              Finally, we now have an Engineering and Technology
                                large-scale focused Research Groups and four industry          Development area at NICTA. This is a place where we
Lab News               7        sector Business Teams. Research Groups and Business            develop prototypes and systems, to better engage with
                                Teams exactly align with the main objectives of research       our industry partners and to identify problems that need
P2P network engine              excellence and wealth creation.                                further research. This important new activity will be led
flies into US and               Research Groups                                                by Bill Simpson-Young, former head of R&D Services at
                                NICTA will focus on six research groups of significant         NICTA.
Europe                 7        scale and focus in areas where we have a genuine               I now commend you to the rest of NICTA News, where
                                opportunity to be ranked in the top five in the world.         you can read about the many exciting activities we have
Events and                      These are:                                                     been undertaking over the last four months.
short courses          8        • Software Systems
                                • Networks
                                • Machine Learning
                                • Computer Vision
                                • Control and Signal Processing                                Hugh Durrant-Whyte
                                • Optimisation                                                 NICTA CEO
  NICTA flies the flag
           for Australian ICT research at
                CeBIT Hannover                                                                                   Online video search
                                                                                                                 takes shape as
                                                                                                                 NICTA teams with
                                                                                                                 Microsoft Research
                                                                                                                 NICTA is collaborating with Microsoft
                                                                                                                 Research Asia (MSRA) to develop
                                                                                                                 technology to improve the performance of
                                                                                                                 online video search engines.
                                                                                                                 The research association aims to make it
                                                                                                                 easier for computers to better understand
                                                                                                                 video content, which up until now has been
                                                                                                                 one of the most difficult technological
                                                                                                                 challenges for search engine developers
                                                                                                                 around the world.
       Senator Kate Lundy and Dr John Parker
       examine electrode.                                                                                        Most search engines support keyword
                                                                                                                 search for video-based content retrievals.
                                                                                                                 NICTA’s research will investigate mapping
 In March 2011 NICTA took off for                       •   Implant Systems technology
                                                                                                                 action words from video titles and
                                                        •   AutoMap mapping software
 CeBIT Hannover for the second time,                    •   BrainGauge cognitive load monitoring
                                                                                                                 transcripts to action segments within
 following seven successful years of                                                                             the video, delivering more accurate and
                                                        •   Future Logistics Living Lab
                                                                                                                 faster results. The NICTA team will develop
 exhibiting at CeBIT Australia.                         •   eGovernment
                                                                                                                 algorithms and prototype software and test
                                                        •   Smart Mobile Content Distribution.
                                                                                                                 them using Microsoft’s video metadata.
 CeBIT is the digital industy’s biggest, most
                                                        Exhibiting at CeBIT allows NICTA to engage
 international event. This year NICTA was one of                                                                 Shipeng Li, MSRA Group Manager of Media
                                                        directly with important ICT and user industries.
 4,200 exhibitors from over 70 countries. CeBIT                                                                  Computing at Microsoft Asia, said: “I believe
                                                        As the largest global event of its kind,
 attracted 339,000 visitors from 90 countries.                                                                   this research collaboration will result in real
                                                        CeBIT provides international exposure and
 NICTA demonstrated a selection of great                                                                         progress in the area of large-scale database
                                                        demonstrates the groundbreaking research
 research, including:                                                                                            search based on human action recognition.
                                                        we are doing at NICTA.
                                                                                                                 This research direction is well aligned with
                                                                                                                 Microsoft’s research strategy. We expect to
                                                                                                                 establish a long term research collaboration

                                       NICTA takes
                                                                                                                 between MSRA and NICTA in this area.”

Graeme Clark Oration
     to regional unis
The annual Graeme Clark Oration honours the            The Graeme Clark Oration is sponsored by NICTA,     in the life sciences. A complete list of sponsors is
achievements of Professor Graeme Clark, AO,            the State Government of Victoria, The Melbourne     available at
who developed the first multi-channel Cochlear         University School of Engineering and other          au/our-sponsors.php.
implant. In his only Australian appearance,            organisations interested in promoting excellence
Professor Terrence Sejnowski, a pioneer in
computational neuroscience, delivered the
Oration, The Computational Brain, to a capacity
crowd at the Melbourne Convention Centre. You
can view the Oration webcast and download
the podcast or vodcast by visiting the Graeme
Clark Oration website –
This year, there were some extra people listening
in. For the first time this important public science
event was available via webcast to two sites
in regional Victoria – Deakin University and the
University of Ballarat – allowing ICT businesses
and university communities the opportunity to
participate in this event. The result - almost
100 “attendees” across both centres and a
great start to NICTA building linkages with major
regional centres of education and research.
                                                       Prof. Terrence Sejnowski
   NICTANews                  4

                                    MIT Technology Review says NICTA
                crash-proof code is a ‘top ten’
                          emerging technology
                        NICTA’s formal             represented by a researcher whose vision and          reliably, never crash, and at all times operate
                           code verification       work is driving the field - promise fundamental       as its specification dictates, as long as the
                             technology has        shifts in areas from energy to health care,           proof assumptions are met,” explained senior
                               been included in    computing to communications.                          project member Dr June Andronick.
                               MIT Technology
                               Review’s annual     “The embedded computers that are essential            “The breakthrough was the demonstration that
                              list of the          to controlling modern cars and medical devices        this kind of proof can be applied to complex,
                             world’s ten most      rely on software for their safe operation, but        real-world software of realistic size,” said
                            important emerging     testing that software for reliability has largely     Project Leader Prof. Gerwin Klein.
                            technologies.          relied on trial and error. With the creation at
                                                   NICTA of the core of an operating system that         NICTA and the other companies included in the
                            Each winner is         can be mathematically proven to be crash              2011 TR10 list are featured in the May/June
                            drawn from the         proof, such control software could be made            edition of Technology Review at
                          editors’ coverage        much safer, which is vital for the foundations
                          of key fields, and       of our increasingly computer-driven world,”           The seL4 microkernel is now available from
                       is based on a simple        said Stephen Cass, special projects editor,           NICTA spin-out company Open Kernel Labs (OK
                    question: is the technology    Technology Review.                                    Labs) under the OKL4 Verified brand name
                          likely to change the
                               world? These        “NICTA’s seL4 microkernel verification applies
                                 innovations       mathematical, formal logic to program code
                                  - each           and proves that this code will always work

                                    Dr June Andronick

NICTA and RTA         target traffic
                incident management
 NICTA and the NSW Roads                          occurs or special events demand road                 us understand how complex demands on
                                                  closures and re-routing of traffic.                  operators affect the management of traffic
 and Traffic Authority (RTA) have
                                                                                                       incidents,” said Dr Fang Chen, NICTA Project
 reaffirmed a research agreement to               To do this, NICTA will apply unique technology,      Leader. “We will use the results of ongoing
 develop new systems to improve the               which continuously monitors changes in the           research to help the RTA to redesign work
                                                  operator’s voice and speech patterns to then
 management of traffic incidents on               gauge their capacity to manage additional
                                                                                                       practices, systems and user interfaces.”
 the state’s roads.                               work. Also, emerging peak loads on the
 Working closely with the RTA’s 24-hour           operator can be identified and mitigated.
 Transport Management Centre (TMC) in
                                                  “Apart from helping to spread the load
 Sydney, NICTA will help manage the workloads
                                                  in critical situations, this will also help
 of TMC operators when a traffic accident
student aims to
    colour our world
Cong Phuoc Huynh joined NICTA in 2007 and is now busy completing a NICTA-supported PhD
at the Australian National University in the area of physics-based computer vision. Photometric
Invariants and Shape Recovery in Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery to be precise!
Physics-based computer vision consists          According to Huynh, another hot area is           “The commercialisation and IP training at
of reflectance and illumination modelling,      computational photography. “This involves         NICTA are definitely an enhancement to the
colorimetry and photogrammetry, multispectral   the use of optical physics, reflectance and       academic side of a PhD training program,”
and hyperspectral imaging and shape recovery.   illumination modelling and an understanding       Huynh adds. “I have received very effective
“I also work in pattern recognition including   of colorimetry and photogrammetry in              supervision at NICTA with clearly defined
material identification, skin recognition and   manufacturing hardware and software to            goals and a very unified team. These factors
biometrics,” says Huynh.                        create digital photographic contents.” Colour     helped me to sketch the road map of my own
                                                reproduction in electronic displays and digital   PhD study faster than I otherwise would have
He says that the big research developments      art archiving, shape analysis for graphic         done.”
in his area of expertise are industry-grade     rendering, scene and object recognition as well
and consumer imaging. Sensors, he explains,     as non-invasive skin disease diagnosis are
capture information in just three primary       also part of the picture.
colours – red, green and blue (RGB). “I see
these sensors evolving beyond the RGB colour    Huynh is always on the look-out for commercial
model to incorporate more than three channels   opportunities. “NICTA’s commercialisation and
to capture information on more colours,” says   intellectual property courses always encourage
Huynh.                                          me to keep an eye on commercialisation
                                                opportunities that may stem from my research

     Who is your most admired scientist              I would recommend the book A General
     and why?                                        Review of Vietnamese History by Truong
     I would not mention any particular name         H.Q, Dinh X.L., Le M.H. (2000).
     because scientists contribute to the            What do you love about being a
     advancement of sciences and the society         researcher?
     in different ways depending on their            Being a researcher, you have the freedom
     fields.                                         to pursue and express your thinking
     Although I have preferences for the             independently. The passion for creative
     subjects I like to study, such as               thinking has driven me to this kind of
     Mathematics, Physics and Computer               work.
     Science, I would not say I only admire          What do you do to relax?
     scientists within these fields.
                                                     A comedy or a cartoon is a treat for me
     In general I respect scientists who have        after a busy day. I also like practicing
     brought well-being and happiness to             photography while travelling or roaming
     other people throughout their career.           around interesting landmarks or busy
     For example, Howard Walter Florey and           areas.
     Ernst B. Chain developed penicillin into
     a useful anti-bacterial treatment (after        What do you like the most about
     its discovery by Alexander Fleming), that       Australia?
     saved millions of lives during World War II.    I enjoy the vast landscapes and the
     What is your favourite book?                    blue sky. Those bring some inner
                                                     peace to my mind. In addition, the
     I like to read books that have been             pace of life and work in Australia
     adapted into movies. Some that I’ve read        is quite relaxing and not as
     are Sylvia Nasar’s A Beautiful Mind, a          rushed as many other
     biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., winner      developed countries.
     of the Nobel Prize in Economics. I also
     enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire, a novel by
     Vikas Swarup, 2005.
     I am also interested in history in general,
     and Vietnamese history in particular.
   NICTANews                   6

             next Mark
                     Will the
                                      please stand up?
While their friends were posting status             Facebook and the other required to programme          students to consider the unlimited potential of
updates on Facebook, a number of high-              robots to perform a ‘rescue’ before returning         a career in technology.
school students from across Australia               to their starting point with an obligatory victory
                                                    dance upon completion.                                As in the past, we were blown away by the
were busy developing their own social                                                                     calibre of students who attended this year’s
networks. This was just one of the many             Year 11 Keith Area school student, Nicholas           NCSS and look forward to seeing some of the
tasks that attendees at this year’s                 Drasch, was one of two lucky South Australians        faces around the NICTA corridors in the years
National Computer Science School                    to attend the NCCS. First introduced to the           to come.”
                                                    program last year but too young to apply,
(NCSS) enjoyed.
                                                    Nicholas believes his NCSS experience was
Run annually, the NCSS is aimed at students         well worth the wait. “I met so many people with
going into year 11 and 12 who are particularly      the same interest as me,” he told the Border
interested in computer programming and              Chronicle. In the future Nicholas plans to
website development.                                study computer software engineering of some
Held at the School of IT at the University of       kind, concentrating on his special interest of
Sydney, and co-organised with NICTA, the NCSS       software development.
is designed to get students thinking about a        ICT professionals took part in the NCSS by
future career in ICT. It also provides them with    providing ‘mentor’ roles to students. The
an opportunity to ask questions they may have       mentor interview program provided NCSS
about the ICT industry, jobs, and opportunities     students with a platform to help prepare for
for people with ICT skills.                         their professional careers, with a morning of
This year’s NCSS attracted 73 students with         individual mock interviews. The sponsors’ role
the ten day event including a programming           was to interview students and give feedback
competition, a mentor interview program and         on their interview performance.
the chance to take part in tours at NICTA’s         NICTA’s Dr John Judge said: “The NCSS helps
Research Laboratories and external companies        in stimulating interest in ICT research by
such as Google.                                     concentrating on the imagination and wonders
The programming competition saw the group           of technology innovation. It provides NICTA
divided into two, with one given the challenge      with a unique opportunity to deliver on our
of developing a social network to rival             commitment to inspiring the next generation of

                        Matt has his
           on the pulse
Congratulations to PhD student Matt Thompson, who has won the
Prestigious 2011 Fulbright Queensland Scholarship.
Matthew’s Fulbright Scholarship will allow him to further       another. And mistakes made to date have resulted in
his research on assessing inaccuracies in fingerprint           innocent people being wrongly accused.”
identification and collaborate with US fingerprint experts
from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Federal          Matt will carry out his research at the University of
Bureau of Investigation.                                        California, Los Angeles to determine how accurate
                                                                fingerprint experts are, explore the psychology that
“Every day, law enforcement agencies identify thousands         affects how well they match fingerprints, and maximise
of fingerprint matches that can be used as evidence in          the reliability of fingerprint evidence in the criminal justice
convicting criminals,” Matt said.                               system.
“Contrary to popular belief and TV shows like CSI,              The prestigious Fulbright program is the largest
computers are not relied upon to match crime-scene              educational scholarship of its kind, created by U.S.
fingerprints. Instead, human fingerprint experts decide         Senator J. William Fulbright and the U.S. Government
whether a print belongs to a suspect or not.”                   in 1946. Aimed at promoting mutual understanding
                                                                through educational exchange, it operates
“But, despite its 100 year history, there have been few         between the U.S. and 155 countries.
peer-reviewed studies directly examining the extent to
which experts can correctly match fingerprints to one
Australian Technology Park Laboratory             “Local Search with Edge Weighting and             Analysis”, co-authored with NICTA’s Justin
                                                  Configuration Checking Heuristics” published      Zobel and Adam Kowalczyk, and Mike Inouye.
Successful IRSES Program Funding
                                                  in the Artificial Intelligence Journal, one of    Three Promega Awards were given this year to
Congratulations to Lavy Libman on his             the most prestigious AI journals. The paper       encourage and reward research excellence in
successful application for funding for the        proposed new heuristics and was able to break     the field of gene expression and organisation.
International Research Staff Exchange Scheme      the record on a 20+ year challenge problem on
(IRSES) program (2011-2012). The funding was      Minimum Vertex Cover (MVC).                       Human Variome Project
awarded on behalf of the Australian Academy                                                         January 20th saw VRL host a visit from the
of Science and is part of the EU Seventh          Victoria Research Laboratory                      Chinese delegation that visited Melbourne to
Framework Programme.                                                                                finalise China’s contribution of approx. US$300
                                                  Peter Stuckey - 2010 University of Melbourne
                                                                                                    million towards the work of the Human Variome
Neville Roach Research Laboratory                 Woodward Medallist
                                                                                                    Project (HVP). The funds will be used to
Toby Walsh’ starts a Conversation                 Following on from his Google Australia Eureka     create a new institute in China dedicated to
                                                  Prize for Innovation in Computer Science, Peter   the work of the HVP, the construction of new
Toby Walsh is one of the first contributors to
                                                  Stuckey has been awarded the 2010 University      international databases of genetic variation
The Conversation website, a new independent
                                                  of Melbourne Woodward Medal for Science           in some 5,000 to 8,000 genes, and the
channel for disseminating independent
                                                  & Technology for his article “Propagation via     establishment of the Chinese Node of the HVP.
information, analysis and opinion from the
                                                  lazy clause generation”. Established by former    In total, the Chinese Government are expecting
academic research community. Catch The
                                                  Chancellor Sir Edward Woodward and Lady           to provide 25% of the total output of the global
Conversation and Toby’s lively contribution at
                                                  Woodward, the Woodward medals recognise           Human Variome Project. NICTA is a long term
                                                  University of Melbourne staff for research        collaborator with the HVP through the work
Prashant Varanasi – Winner of UNSW CSE 4th        publications considered to have made the          of the Biomedical Text Processing project, in
year Performance Award                            most significant contribution in their field      particular Lawrence Cavedon and Justin Zobel.
Congratulations to NICTA student Prashant         during the previous three years. Two medals
                                                  are awarded each year – one for Science &         The Cosmonaut’s Visit
Varanasi on winning the UNSW CSE 4th year
Performance Award, worth $1000. The award         Technology and one for Humanities & Social        Cosmonaut Alexander Ivanchenkov visited
will be presented at the annual UNSW CSE          Sciences.                                         the Laboratory in March, inspiring a capacity
Prizes Reception in April/May 2011.                                                                 crowd with his talk on his experiences as a
                                                  Gad Abraham – Winner of a Promega
                                                                                                    Flight Engineer with the Soyuz and Salut space
                                                  Student Award
Queensland Research Laboratory                                                                      programs. Following a number of both short
                                                  Congratulations to Gad Abraham on being           and long-stay space flights over many years,
NICTA paper published in one of the most          awarded a Promega Student Award at the            Ivanchenkov is now engaged in the training of
prestigious AI journals                           32nd Lorne Genome Conference held in              cosmonauts for long space flights.
Congratulations Abdul Sattar, Shaowei Cai         February. Gad received the award for his paper
and Kaile Su for recently having their paper      on “Sparse Linear Models for Genome-Wide

 network engine flies
                                           into US and Europe
A NICTA-developed peer-to-peer network            anti-bullying campaign package for schools
engine is fuelling two new children’s online      within GlobWorld. Our first campaign was a
entertainment and education applications          success with twenty thousand trading cards
in the US and Europe. Badumna, developed          delivered in the US. Badumna is helping
by NICTA’s Scalify research team, has been        GlobWorld to deliver a fun way to seriously
adopted by Finnish company Fantastec Oy and       battle bullying,” said Dan Castro, WishB Chief
US company WishB LLC.                             Strategy Officer.
Fantastic Oy has developed a 3D ‘edutainment’     Scalify Project Leader Dr Santosh Kulkarni says
application for children that is expected to      Badumna was designed to support millions
attract more than two million subscribers.        of users with minimal infrastructure and can
“Scalify's Badumna platform allows us to          provide significant competitive advantage over
deliver our edutainment application to a          existing network engines.
massive audience,” said Juha Väisänen,
Fantastec Oy CEO, “The ability to scale means
we can grow our user base with complete
confidence. We expect our application, Polar
Heroes, to grow to more than two million
users in the near future. Having a product like
Badumna is very important for us.”
WishB LLC is using Badumna to support
its child-friendly GlobWorld social media
environment. “We are currently running a free                                                                                                        7


AusInnovate: NBN Conference                                    CommunicAsia                                     Meet the Founder Series
The AusInnovate NBN Conference is the                          CommunicAsia is Asia’s largest                   Canberra Research Laboratory
leading platform in Australia for connecting                   communications industry tradeshow.               Scott Rashleigh, Founder, AOFR
research, commercial and government                            Singapore                                        5 July, times TBC
communities to identify what is required to                    21 to 24 June                                    NICTA, Ground Floor Seminar Room
maximise the benefits from the NBN.                             
31 May                                                                                                          the_founder/crl_series
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre,                       Big Picture Seminar Series
Darling Harbour                                                Queensland Research Laboratory                   Public Sector Reform and E-Government:                      Innovation in Biomedical Imaging and             Lessons Learned from the US Experience.
ausinnovate-nbn.                                               Information Technology                           This presentation looks at recent US
AusInnovate is organised by HFA in partnership with NICTA,     Prof. David Feng, University of Sydney           experience culling lessons learned in the
CSIRO ICT Centre and the Defence Science and Technology
                                                               25 May, from 3.30pm to 6.00pm                    latest public sector reform initiatives,
                                                               Eagle Street Conference Centre                   especially identifying barriers and proposing
CeBIT Australia                                                175 Eagle Street, Brisbane                       an agenda for overcoming them.
CeBIT Australia is the leading business event                  Canberra Research Laboratory                     Prof. Terry Buss, Executive Director and
in the Asia Pacific region for Information                     Glenn Wightwick (IBM)                            Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Heinz
and Communications Technology that drives                      Details TBC visit       College, Carnegie Mellon University, Australia.
business strategy.                                             nicta_events/big_picture/canberra_research_      5 May
31 May to 2 June                                               lab_seminars                                     NICTA Ground Floor Seminar Room
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre,                                                              
Darling Harbour                                                                                                 events/registration/index.php?id=11
                                                             For more information on all of NICTA’s events please visit:

short              courses
Date                               Course Title                                  Presenter                               Location

5-6 May 2011                       Progress in Radar Research                    DSTO and                                Adelaide SA
                                                                                 University of Adelaide

11-12 May 2011                     Fundamentals of RF System                     Dr Rowan Gilmore,                       Canberra ACT
                                   Design and Simulation                         University of Queensland

24-25 May 2011                     Practical Machine Learning                    Dr Edwin Bonilla                        Adelaide SA

1-2 June 2011                      Introduction to Linux for                     Dr Peter Chubb                          Canberra ACT
                                   Embedded Developers                           NICTA

14-17 June 2011                    Advanced Topics in Digital Signal             Professor fred harris                   Adelaide SA
                                   Processing                                    San Diego State

20-21 June 2011                    Cooperative Control of UAVs in                Dr Isaac Kaminer &                      Adelaide SA
                                   Adversarial Conditions                        Dr Naira Hovakimyan
                                                                                 Visiting US Instructors

22-24 June 2011                    Guidance of Unmanned Aerial                   Dr Rafael Yanushevsky                   Adelaide SA
                                   Vehicles                                      Visiting US Instructor

7-8 July 2011                      Tactical Data Information Links               Howard Harvey                           Sydney NSW
                                   (TADILs)                                      Haoi Technologies

                                                                                                                       31 May – 2 June
                                                                                                                       NICTA invites you to
                                                                                                                       join us at CeBIT 2011
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