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BAT YAAR - jeep tour


									    Bat Yaar Ranch

                  The Ultimate Galilean Jeep experience
                 Ancient History, Modern History and “Today”

              A highly recommended way and sometimes the “only way”
                to access some of the Treasures of the Upper Galilee.

Bat Yaar Ranch is situated Just 10 minutes drive from the Old City of Safed, Center of Jewish Mysticism
and one of the 4 Jewish Holy cities,
the Ranch is situated in the heart of the Biriya Forest,
naturally aircondtioned 800 meters above Sea Level, enjoying magnificent views of the Upper Galilee
including the Hula Valley , & the Hermon Mountain.

Your experienced driver will describe the various sites and route and also add “local flavor”

** Jeep ride can start at the Bat Yaar Ranch, in Safed, your hotel
   or any convenient site in the area.
       Jeep Tours can be adjusted to be suitable to all ages and levels of activity and interest – and can
       also include more than one track per group – even within the group so the more active and the
       less active can both be satisfied.

The Ultimate Galilean Jeep tour - a 2 - hour ride
Track 1– recommended!
Biriya Woods, the ancient Naburiya Synagogue, Biriya Fortress and Dalton Creek.

Track 2: The Golan Heights from Hapkak Bridge along the line of Syrian military posts on the Golan

Track 3: Catered to request.

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        FAX : 30 - 8999816 : ‫ , פקס‬TEL :04 - 8811188 : ‫טל‬     20831 ‫מצפה עמוקה ד.נ. מרום הגליל‬
    Bat Yaar Ranch

Biriya forest

The Biriya Fortress
Start the trips delights by visiting the Biriya Fortress recently refurbished by the Jewish National Fund.
This Stockade and Tower settlement, which was invented overnight in 1936, has a unique story to tell in
Israel’s Modern History. Jewish resettlement continues in this area with “Mizpim” new settlements such
as in Mitzpeh Amukka , a 50 family settlement that was established here in this forest adjoining Bat
Yaar Ranch in the early 1980’s and many other such settlements throughout the Galilee.

Continue in your jeeps over the rocky paths of the magnificent Biriya forest, This forest was created and
developed by the Jewish National Fund after the establishment of the State of Israel in1948 and is now
a magnificent example of forestation with a magnificent selection of flora and fauna for your delight. You
will enjoy the ride between the magnificent trees and bushes of varying species and size. Our jeeps will
take you to sites inaccessible by any other vehicle. Stop to view some of the Natural phenomena, such
as the streams of Biriya, or Tombs of Sages, on the way to the Nevoraya Synagogue.

Nevoraya Synagogue.
Here we learn some biblical history at this recently reconstructed 400-500 BCE Synagogue.
Continue with our Jeeps along the Dalton Crest, enjoying breathtaking views, to view the Dalton Winery,
this magnificent “boutique” winery that is situated in one of the best grape growing areas. Until recent
years many of these vineyards were Apple orchards. Here we have an opportunity to learn about
“Todays” economy and agriculture in the region

Here we can meet with your Bus or return to the Bat Yaar Ranch for a culinary experience or more Bat
Yaar activities.

     -   A 2 hour jeep ride: 550 nis + Vat per jeep
         price per person: 90 nis + Vat for min 3 jeep and more
     -   Scavenger : 10 nis + VAT per person / Minimum of 25 people required
     -   Meeting a Period Person, At the ancient Naburiya Synagogue: 850 nis + VAT per group

                                           The Bat Yaar Team
                                           Tel. 04 – 6822268
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        FAX : 30 - 8999816 : ‫ , פקס‬TEL :04 - 8811188 : ‫טל‬     20831 ‫מצפה עמוקה ד.נ. מרום הגליל‬

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