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              J. Croft
What have we died for? On fighting other people's wars.

What have our people died for?
I'm writing this on Memorial Day; established by the Government to commemorate all the
people who died fighting for it… and presumably our Country. Presumably, because what have
our people fight and hurt and die for? Here's a overview, in roughly chronological order of all
the wars the United States of America has fought, and some commentary as to why.

The American Revolution(approx 1775-1783)

Remember, pre-Revolution, Americans were British Citizens… they were Subjects of the
Crown. So, the British Colonials were looking for a new opportunity beyond the long settled
and parcelled up England that had formed a crusty class system. The lower classes, rather
than crudding up British cities more than they already were, were encouraged to come to
America. There, they settled new farms, businesses, and pushed west-no, the British Crown
set a stringent limit on settlements west of the Appalachian Mountains. A settler, even after
seven years of indentured servitude(willingly selling yourself into slavery) to get over here
became trapped between breaking the law and heading out into the frontier, and all the
Native Americans not happy you're invading, or trying to buy ever more expensive legally
settleable land. They certainly didn't appreciate the taxes Britain levied to pay off the debts
incurred from fighting the Seven Years War, which was certainly a world war. Populist anger

The landed rich in America also resented England's policies; so much so they sought to assert
their own colonial governments. The British Crown, being a imperialistic government,
resented their colonials attempts at usurping authority so they sent troops to round up
conspirators and confiscate arms. The Colonial British, having tasted freedom, were not so
easily shackled to government authority as their modern day descendents are, so at Lexington
and Concord they fought the Redcoats… and THAT'S when they can rightly begin to be called

It was eight years of desperate fighting, a British Civil War-ordinary, and some not so ordinary
citizens, pitting themselves against their own government. The British were the strongest
single empire on Earth and had more than enough resources to crush this rebellion. Yet, they


People romanticize guerilla warfare too much. Certainly if you know your battlefield and
were willing to put up with whatever deprivations came along and were smart and resourceful
and sucessful you can wage such hit and run raids for a long time. Sooner or later however, if
you want victory, you have to take on the enemy force and defeat them. Guerilla fighters
with scavanged and otherwise second rate arms and training are at a huge disadvantage
because to win against a determined enemy you have to meet them on the battlefield and
defeat them. This can only be done against a determined adversary if you develop resources
and industry to turn out soldiers and their weaponry and this can only be done by securing
territory to safekeep those resources and industry, or securing weaponry from a third party.
We had France, yet they didn't have command of the seas-England did. And the British Army
went nearly anywhere they wanted in their Colonies because despite our ingenuity, tenacity,
initiative and our much better marksmanship, when the Redcoats bore down on you en masse
they were nearly unstoppable. They were the 18th century version of our modern military.

So how the hell did the British lose the Revolutionary War?!

Certainly when isolated or caught by surprise the Americans could win, but force to force-no.
The British had the Colonials at Bunker Hill, but they escaped "somehow" across New York
Harbor under the cannons of the Royal Navy. They were left alone to half freeze to death at
Valley Forge. There were plenty of battles where the British should've won. And Yorktown!
The British willingly let their forces get sandwiched between the bitchslapped to death
Colonials and the French navy?! With England ruling the seas and thousands of Redcoats in
New York City(we never did capture it)? It was a 18th century Dien Bien Phu for the British,
and a thinking man can contend that certain high up elements might've set out to lose.


The British had a caste based society(which we inherited) and those that commanded came
from the upper end of that society. Yes there were incompetents and fools but there were
also geniuses. The British commander in chief, Burgoyne, was such a genius and for him to be
able to understand his opponent's many weaknesses and not expoit them, with the material
advantages he posessed? He and those immediately under him had what it took to put this
rebellion down.

He was a British Gentleman, a genius, and a Mason.

The Masons virtually dominated British high society… which meant they virtually dominated
Colonial American high society. Their ranks were filled with nearly all the leading figures on
both sides of the conflict. The Masons have stamped this Nation with it's symbology for two
centuries. Our Federal Reserve Notes, our fraternal organizations, our architecture, our
government and law-Masons have dominated America. The Masons are secretive and although
you'd think they're just a bunch of businessmen, local polical hacks and cops who get
together, higher up there are some serious circles of power who get together…

So whose to say the American Revolution wasn't thrown by the British generals? No other
reason for American victory seems plausible. And saying that, is it totally out of the realm of
thought that the reasons for the American Revolution were staged managed as well? As you
read on, stage managed conflicts that whip up Righteous American Patriotism for viciously
evil purposes become a staple of American history.
Oh, before we go on, I have a question: have any of you read the Paris Treaty of 1783
formally ending the Revolutionary War? To sum it up, why all the flowery language and
concessions towards King George III? Didn't we win the damn war? You'd think we were still
technically part of the British Empire. If that's true then what did our ancestors fight and
freeze and die for?

Shay's Rebellion

America was independent. Under the Articles of Confederation, each State was almost like a
independent nation only they pooled together for common defense. There were however
massive debts from the war and in some of the states taxes were ruthlessly levied. In
Massechusettes, farms were foreclosed on for missing a tax payment, and without a "safety
net" those farmers and their families would perish. BUT, instead there was a rebellion, and a
sucessful one because the tax collectors backed off. It would be one of the few sucessful
standoffs against government authority in American History(ironic, no?).

Perhaps this is what prompted the Constitutional Convention-and did you know it was
originally intended to amend the Articles of Confederation? The people who were in that
convention had a different agenda-they were Federalists and they had a slick game plan. A
banker's puppet, who were the creditors of the war debt, Alexander Hamilton pushed with all
his might to sneak-SNEAK our current Constitution into being.

And it's funny. We give lip worship to it, yet most Americans today don't even know what's in
it. Essentially, it gives a form of representative government that was designed to on the
surface mollify the well educated, well armed People just enough not to stage another
rebellion, yet have enough wriggle room to expand the government. Quietly. Which is exactly
what happened. Their opponents, the even more barely remembered Anti-Federalists, didn't
pick up on the game plan in time to derail it. Jefferson was in Paris being a diplomat-and he'd
never go along with such crap. But our hero, the masonic George Washington certainly did
and his moral leadership was crucial.

I recommend a book "Hologram of Liberty" by Kenneth W. Royce. Look for a distributor on the
Internet and be ready for a rude awakening.

War of 1812-15

Round two between Great Britain and it's breakaway colonies, partly because our ships and
men were being dragooned on the high seas for fighting the Napoleonic Wars. Really it was
another world war between European powers and we got sucked into it because we weren't
strong enough to NOT be. Britain invaded, and probably could've beaten us-but all they did
was do some raids, bombard some forts, and probably kept us occupied on our own turf long
enough to not make another dumb mistake and help Napoleon.
The American Wars of Conquest during the 19th Century

The various Indian Wars, the Mexican-American War, the annexation of Hawaii. It was the
same hustle; poor white trash would be encouraged to stake out a homestead on some
native's turf, or a business(by some Mason)would go in and do the 19th century version of Wal
Mart and monopolize trade. The natives would get screwed, naturally go to war to free their
land, and then the U.S. Cavalry would literally ride out of the sun to protect the white folks.
Actually, they were tools and I bet more than a few saw through the b.s. But what does a
soldier trained to obey orders and is used to butcher other people and steal their land to do?
Social consciousness was out of the question for these basic 19th century types and the
powers that be used that unfortunate trait to send our warriors and corporate thieves across
the continent. On their backs was America expanded into a federal empire.

If I'm cracking on peoples concepts-too bad. It's past time for America to face itself honestly.
What the hell do our soldiers fight for? Were we defending Red Cloud's freedom? Geronimo's
freedom? Or were we dying for some blue blood chumps greed?

Civil War

500,000 dead. Nearly half the nation devastated. New, more terrible advances in weaponry
developed and the power of the Federal Government expanded. Yeah, we freed the slaves
but that was a wartime political move by Lincoln to further weaken the Confederacy. Fort
Sumter wasn't blasted because Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation after South
Carolina formally seceded. I'll say it again-the freeing the slaves thing was a cynical wartime
ploy. Lincoln said it himself if not freeing the slaves would win the war, he'd do it.

Speaking of Lincoln; that election of 1860 was a strange one at that. Never before, and never
again would there be a four ring circus of candidates. It was a turning point, and Lincoln's
election (as a Abolitonist(?!)) guaranteed the South breaking away.

Why couldn't the government simply buy the freedom of the slaves or something? Did freeing
the slaves really require the utter devastation the South endured? Did freeing the slaves
justify making the federal government a unstoppable colossus? I'm sorry if you're black that
your ancestors got a shit deal, but don't blame MY ancestors for that-they were brought over
as rent-a-slaves and worked to death. But look at our government today, hiding behind the
flag, the constitution, and buzzwords like "freedom". With 2 million or more laws on the books
and nearly half our incomes taxed before we see it, are we not their slaves?

Spanish American War(1898)

The prototype of 9/11, or the USS Cole happened a century before in Havana harbor. the USS
Maine, a old battleship parked in the middle of the harbor when it's coal bins-stupidly located
next to it's ammunition-exploded. William Randolph Hearst sent his photographer to Cuba
shortly before to make a case for war-and told him one would be made. It was. We fought the
Spanish, who were by then a has been with some relic colonial territories. America on the
other hand had just completed consolidating the west and needed some fresh brown skinned
fools to whup ass on. And colonies. And so with that war, America became a world power.

World War One

There were no "good guys".

Imperial Germany didn't start the war, the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburgs did. And people forget
that at the time a QUARTER of the Earth was under British rule. The Lusitania was a munitions
ship gussied up as a passenger liner. And for all the evils of German submarine warfare, Great
Britain had a blockade of German shipping that nothing could break. American billionaires
made great fortunes in loans and armaments manufacturing during that war.

There were however victims. The tens of millions of brainwashed soldiers flung in suicidal
charges against machine guns and poison gasses. A generation was gutted. Worse, civilization
itself was blighted by the incredible trauma-like a great blood sacrifice. And yet more terrible
weapons were produced.

What would history have been like if that nobody blue blood hadn't gotten himself capped in a
open motorcade cruising like a idiot in hostile, occupied territory? Would the prosperity of
Europe and America have trickled down to Asia, Africa, Latin America? Would there have been
a World War if the peoples of the world insisted their governments stopped spending up to a
quarter of their gross national products on vast armies and fleets of warships?

What the hell did America have to fight for if all the nations of Europe at the time were
pretty much the same?

War is man's biggest folly, it's greatest vice. It acts like a tax on human progress and
productivity, and lives. World War One traumatized the whole human race, enough for it to
fight a second one.

World War Two

So those blue blooded Masons set the terms-set the screws to Germany after the
armistice(they weren't defeated, they were settling for peace). They put the screws to that
nation so bad it drove enough Germans desperate enough to vote for Adolph Hitler.

In today's terms, Adolph Hitler would've been called a nerd. As bad and stunting it is for the
human race to degrade it's intellectuals in general, some need it. Hitler was one of the latter.
All he did was mooch off his friends so he could watch cheesy Wagner operas and make
paintings. In today's terms, he'd probably be a really off putting trekkie with permanent body
But events and people were behind him, guided him as he was the right personality at the
right time for the wrong cause. And he was a tool… until he got into power and turned
renegade on his handlers and the whole human race. Hitler was a intellectual beserker, the
love of war bred from being a psychotic in four years of trench warfare making him willing to
throw the whole planet into the fire. Hitler's Nazi Party had serious cash behind it though.
The Bush family. Henry Ford. Rockefeller. Right through World War Two, Standard Oil shipped
oil to Spain, which shipped it to the Third Reich to power their U-Boats and Stukas and Tiger
tanks. Certain factories belonging to Henry Ford were designated off limits to bombing.

Nobody lifted a finger to help the average Eastern European Jew being shipped off in cattle

And Japan-we build them up, knowing they were imperialistic assholes, THEN turn around and
be in shock when they acted like imperialistic assholes. So we embargo them, push them
against the war, force them to risk going to war against us-when we're many times more
powerful than they were. And presented them with a collection of obsolescent warships to
bomb because we knew their plan down the line.

World War Two was no accident, nor was it Hitler and Tojo's sole doing. Elements planned the
deaths of sixty million people for… well, the United Nations came into being. And the United
States of America became the tool of global government. How else do you reckon the
stationing of our forces in 145 foreign countries?


We Americans acted under United Nations authority-and the Soviet Union was a member! We
HAD to give our battle plans to the Chinese and North Koreans. No wonder 53,000 of ours
were murdered. Of course we murdered a couple million of theirs in turn… we are Americans,
the most fearsome race of warriors on Earth. And for what? It's a stalemate.


We picked up from the French. How sad's that? This was yet another preventable war; Ho Chi
Minh wanted to link up with us-literally wanting Vietnam to join the United States if you can
believe that! But no-our leaders wanted to make more darker skinned enemies for us to
whomp on. And we whomped on the Vietnamese for over a decade. We lost 58,000. They lost
millions. And we straight up fought it not to win. Why go to war if you're not going to win? If
you're going to go around being imperialists, at least have the desire to win.

Gulf Wars

We arm Saddam, then have April Glaspie encourage him to invade Kuwait-who were slant
drilling into Iraqi oil fields across the border. I guess we needed to whomp some more
weakling darkies and keep control of the oil…
The oil! Our blue blood Masonic elite conspire to make civilization dependent on a finite
resource that's available in only a few strategic areas and create a oligarchy to control it's
flow. So that's why we slaughtered a hundred thousand Iraqi solders, and bomb their nation
for a decade after-and then finished conquering them and wrecking everything.

What are we fighting for? What have our brothers, sisters, parents and friends died for?

Freedom? That word's becoming sadly quaint, like "fair play" or "doing what's right".
Freedom's out. How about something more venal-prosperity? Are you more prosperous? If
you're already rich and have no problem exploiting others, you probably are. Everyone else is
either barely hanging on or falling down.

God? How does murdering others for their land and goods, or for a false sense of fighting for a
just cause-how is that fighting for God? It isn't! Despite what American culture pushes, God
does not want Wal-Mart, GE, and the Federal Government running the world. You shouldn't

We are all here on Earth, now. We are supposed to make this place better for those that
follow after us, but we have allowed ourselves to be deceived and lulled into sleeping off the
destruction of our civilization. We must fight for our land, our culture, our freedom and
ourselves. We must fight all of this back to the point of willingly dying for it.

We must win back our world, and forge a new civilization of free individuals in free societies.
A world of free nations counterbalancing and complementing each other so that all benefit
and no one nation is in a position that the occasional collapse into degeneracy and
imperialism will threaten the world. This free world must also put the tightest of reins on
those whose power extends beyond borders, and affects a global influence. These institutions
and individuals must not ever be permitted to influence legislatures, leaders, institutions,
either publicly or in secret. They must be immediately and ruthlessly dealt with upon
discovery as any traitor should. Same with any nation that falls into degenerate imperialism.

We must be willing to fight for freedom-our own and others. We must be willing to die for our
freedom if it will help bring our final victory.


This is my first article.  It shows. 


When one develops their talent their inexperience and general youth will show even when they are on 
target.  One thing I hadn’t figured out was that there have always been two Americas.  When one learns 
that the version of history they grew up with was not what happened it does take a psychological and 
yes, spiritual toll. 


That stated all the political and historical points I would hammer later on are present.  We are 
responsible‐for ourselves and each other.  That means if you’re going to go out and kill people, take their 
land, subjugate the survivors you had better do that for a righteous reason.  Problem is when you 
repeatedly rely on those that give you your marching orders to tell the truth when they’ve repeatedly 
shown themselves to be liars, thieves, swindlers, murderers.   


If you’re going to die for a cause you best be Goddamn sure it’s for a righteous cause.   You do have to 
answer to God for what you do‐and don’t‐do.  It’s August 2010 and we’ve been in Afghanistan for almost 
10 years, Iraq for eight, and we’re preparing to jump down Iran and Pakistan… they both have nuclear 
weapons and modern militaries.  Going to war with them will draw in Russia and China‐world war three.  
When will we learn to stop fighting the Illuminati’s wars? 









J. Croft

America, land of the Free-no it isn't if you judge our public servants by their actions instead
of their words.

Every time some Bush (any govt) crony speaks he's either droning about some "threat" or
salivating over taking away more of our freedom. Come to think of it, it was the same with
that male slut Bill Clinton. If we're the land of the free, how come we let ourselves be "led"
by those who by their actions have no respect for freedom?

Every time you step to a govt. bureaucrat (or more likely, they step to you) you're toe to toe
with someone who'd otherwise be a small, petty person who'd normally be shunned. Should be
shunned and your Kids encouraged to harass to the point they leave your community.

But they work for the GOVERNMENT. That clerk behind the DMV counter, that traffic cop, that
building code inspector, that federal bureaucrat; they all exude the rank arrogance that
comes from unbridled power unaccountable to the average "taxpayer". Taxpayers-US-getting
up to HALF our pay stolen from us by seven trillion dollars a year. To pay for this "freedom" of
theirs-more niggling rules, less freedom-and they just love their jobs. They get off imposing
all these rules on us, that we pay seven trillion dollars a year for.

What the hell does SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS buys us beyond the most pervasive, most
massive government in history? How much freedom does seven trillion buy?

Actually, it seems that seven trillion/yr more like takes it away. If you try to honestly pull
yourself up to a better life, open and above board, you're faced with taxes, code inspectors,
osha, health inspectors, agents-a legion of small petty bureaucrats trying to justify their jobs
at your expense. You say "aw, the hell with it" you won't be earning so much. And being
properly taxed, you're more on the margins than a entrepeneur.

You can lose your health-and between the HMO and the government saying money's tight, you
can lose what little you got and be homeless. Do you know what bureaucrats are most likely
to deal with people who can't secure shelter or regular places to shower or change their
clothes? The cops. A lot of them are on a straight power trip(admit it) and get a kick out of
harassing bums-it beats going after criminals posing as public servants or otherwise powerful
people who can literally buy whatever legislation they desire-that become our laws… which
they enforce. Without thinking about it because they're on that power trip.

Power trips. And they're jealous of their power! Try to fix a problem on your property yourself
without "permit" and a "official" comes down on you for it. Recognize the police have no
mandate to guarantee your personal protection-and take personal responsibility for your own
safety-and you'll get some thug cops swarming you, and the criminal justice system will see
your sorry ass as just another excuse for their gulags. And America has the largest prison
system in the world-to go along with the largest body of law in the world. For the land of the

Sounds like a lot of rambling, right? All over the board, field or whatever metaphor you like?
No. The problem is systemic. It's the entire system that is at fault and it has been building to
this juggernaut for two centuries. Two hundred years-and nobody has yet to successfully
check it. Because nobody has realized that the problem is the system.

The system is the problem. The problem of why we are not free in the land of the free.

And too many of us have been cowards in this supposed home of the brave to do what we all
knew and know needed to be done. And it's out of hand. It's all out of hand. I wonder if Ken
Royce(Hologram of Liberty)* is right and it was rigged that way. It's a scary thought.
We used to be taught that we were a free people and that our prosperity is a byproduct of
that freedom. The point of America is to be free to be prosperous. Where the hell is either of
them? What the hell did we do? Did we by our silence give consent to giving up our freedom
for prosperity? Well, I don't see us being very prosperous today! Never mind what the
networks and cnn and foxnews and the govt. and that jackal Greenspan say, you drive around
some factories, some steel plants, some downtown skyscrapers, guess what? THEY'RE EMPTY!
Did by our silence and consent did we agree to prosper our traitorous corporations to move
them to Mexico and China, and take away our prosperity… and by doing so making us struggle
and focus on survival so much we haven't the energy or the time to act on our FREEDOM.
Freedom to find out why our prosperity has been stolen from us. Freedom to take the time off
work and that otherwise trivial game on tv to hold those traitors who institute the destructive
legal and monetary policies responsible for taking away our prosperity-our means of
sustinance. Our futures, people.

If we're not free to defend our freedom, we certainly cannot and by judging the actions of
today's "americans" WON'T defend our right to a enviroment and society where one can sustain
himself and a family. That's right; on top of unctous bureaucrats and politician buying,
traitorous corporations there's the brutal impact of their enviromental gangrape of our land. I
will mention the following because I hold that to be free also means to be able to have the
freedom to breath clean air, drink clean water, and eat foods clean of poisons and pathogens.

MTBE a fuel additive supposed to clean up automobile exhaust is making our water poisonous.
Our farmland is being literally washed down the Mississippi River because corporate
agriculture finds it too difficult economically to actually take care of the land.**
Contaminated foodstuffs are being passed along to us, and on top of that the corporations
load up with hormones and chemicals that actually damage us. Our very infrastructure, our
way of life is not geared to be efficient-it's incredibly wasteful with the distance between
markets and communities demanding the car. And they're gashogs. Cities are trashed so
developers can hype the latest subdivision made from farmland. Farmland we're gonna need
when oil production wanes and there's not enough to fuel our wasteful cars, our power grid,
and make fertilizers. Our consumption, this consumerism is a money pit. A resource pit. It's a
false prosperity you're literally mortgaging your futures on that's not going to last past the
next few years.

And these policies, to so totally screw ourselves, our children, our nation and our world-did
we vote on them? Did we approve of the courses this once free nation has taken? Of course

And yes; it's all interconnected. Because who made these decision? Us?


It was a CEO. It was a politician, a bureaucrat that took that payoff, that budget increase to
implement the policies that allow these crimes to flourish. And we're free? To what? Have half
our labor stolen by these people so they can poison us, take our livelihoods away and make us
slave for half the effective pay we made thirty years ago. Strung out on debt SLAVERY so
much we have to work twice as hard for a illusory taste of what the "american dream" was.

The "american dream"; I thought it was to be free. I guess it's an illusion to get you to give
your money to some bureaucrat or corporation.

Well, you're supposed to be free, right? Free to do this, or that as long as you don't go out to
harm someone else. Then, act free-be free.

Take back your freedom. Use your freedom of action to give your tv chair a rest, and
rediscover what freedom is. You'll have to do that first because I'll bet this article's the first
exposure you've had to any real notions of what that is. Educate yourself. Then find a issue
that pisses you off, and take back your freedom.

Find others like you and do the taking together. For some reason the freedom-haters can't
stomach a more evenly matched opponent. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that
they're bullies and cowards; bullies for imposing their tyrannies on us, and cowards for
pushing their violations of our freedoms behind closed doors, or disguising it as for "public
safety", "for the enviroment", "homeland security", and "for the children".

Time to knock their teeth out for Freedom. Time to do it now while we still have SOME
freedoms left!

*Ken Royce is a regrettably obscure Libertarian writer who wrote Hologram of Liberty back in
the nineties. It's a frightening book that surmises that the Constitution was deliberately
sabotaged by the elites of that time to eventually produce… what we pretty much have

**Farming was once a family affair in America, but corporations like banks got suckers hooked
on easy loans to expand production during the seventies, and then pulled the rug from under
them during the eighties. Those farming families were denied credit despite A1 ratings, and
they were foreclosed on. The lands and equipment were scooped up by… more corporations
and by the nineties corporate agriculture was washing our topsoil(where the roots are) down
the river, and foisting their frankenstein genetically engineered seeds onto the environment.

How Humanity might yet avert it's Apocalypse-because our survival is at stake.

J. Croft

As a writer, and a Human Being, I have over my brief time in this world observed the
gathering storm of disasters that threaten our race. I have watched the tv news and read the
newspapers and internet at all the disasters-mostly preventable-that have struck again and
again. Famines. Wars. Economic Sabotages. Industrial foul-ups of all kinds stemming mainly
from our purposely faulty, wasteful, backward technology. These disasters could be
preventable, even by retards yet they keep happening. And they keep getting worse. Union
Carbide in Bhopal. The Murrah Building and the two assaults on the World Trade Center. Pearl
Harbor. The last Great Depression. The in-progress demolition of America's social and
economic being that is nearly complete save for the last props that are primed for
detonation… the props that are touted as the very roots of America's and the world's
economic and social prosperity. Then again, someone could decide to salvo their nuclear
arsenal at some enemy in a radioactive gottendammerung. It keeps getting worse and worse,
as though according to a deliberate master plan.

It is.

And there's a whole gang of environmental catastrophes. Asteroids. Hurricanes. Drought.
Supercell storms. Earthquakes. Coronal Mass Ejections striking the Earth. The Yellowstone
Supervolcano that's primed to blow and destroy much of America and kill off most of Earth's
biosphere in a black cloud of toxic ash. Yet, nobody's securing ways of growing our food, or
hardening our infrastructure in the face of these threats. Nobody is preparing a defense
against the asteroids or even a much more serious search for them. Nobody who matters, who
can make things happen in this corrupt society is saying we must make emergency
preparations against a CME strike or try to do something to avert a Yellowstone eruption or
prepare. Well, if nobody's doing anything against the traitors sabotaging our Civilization, you
can't expect them to be honest about the threat of sudden ice ages or falling celestial bodies.

Stupidity? No: the people who run the show didn't get there by a lifetime of beer swilling and
television addiction. The people who run the show KNOW what the hell they're doing, so it's
obvious: it's all part of a evil, genocidal master plan. I say genocidal because our current path
is going to lead to all of our deaths.

I have been in my former life as a unthinking "christian fundamentalist" a avid consumer of
what's referred to as biblical prophecy; that the Hebrew god Jehovah, that rogue, that
murderer and enslaver would impose on some poor Bronze Age soul the heavy yoke of being
one of his prophets. These "prophecies" would logically be directed at some enemy of this
Yahweh-either some haughty Assyrian or Hebrew king that usually wound up in a genocide of
some form and enslavement of the unlucky survivors. And yet… and yet, somehow they're
forming up to be heralds of the events I keep seeing on the tv, the newspapers, the internet.
I won't engage in reprinting bible verses-anyone reading a essay on Revealations should know
them pretty well. A series of catastrophes that break the Human Race to the point where
they accept a planetary wide techno-slavery and worship some fraudulant "messiah" that in a
short time is replaced by another "messiah". A "messiah" that doesn't attempt to stop what's
called the "antichrist" but let's that evil plan come to fruition just so he or they can come in
and mop up.

So what does the above mean? I've been thinking about it for a long time, railing in my mind
and heart against the gross injustice of it all. The pronouncements by so-called "holy men"
that Man is evil, filthy, deserving of "divine judgement" unless there's a willingness to debase
one's very soul and accept spiritual slavery. That from what I've observed cannot be true. It
makes no sense: God-our Creator-grind us down as if He were the devil? Evil can't come from
the ultimate good. Yet God creates because He wants to interact, to be with others, to share
in our experiences, help us out if we need. We're His Children. Viewing creation, the natural
conclusion to reach is God is very creative and loving-so the conduct ascribed to Him in much
of the Bible? We all have the spark of life, a shard of the divine in us. Not to sound like some
new age twinkie but if you recognize you are a part of the Creation you are inclined to take
care of other parts of the Creation, like your fellow man. So, I've been thinking and have
come to two conclusions.

The first is that the organized religions are in the most part a evil perversion of spirituality, of
Man's connection to God. Not that that three letter word even does justice to the concept of
the Creator or Source of All. No! It's a evil perversion set up by brilliantly evil perversions of
Creation to pervert and subvert our connections to the divine and eternal out of our
ignorance-so that we are enslaved to whatever self-destructive doctrine that "they" set up. I
can relate detailed, gruesome firsthand experience vainly justifying my former faith in
Christianity with what that Frankenstein of a "holy book" called the Bible says… or contradicts
itself somewhere else in saying.

To make sense of the Bible you have to take into account it's origins:

*The first five books-known as the Torah in Judaism-were handed down by Jehovah to the
Israelite underclass that had been a worker class in ancient Egypt, much as Latinos are in
modern America. These five books have very strict rules on how to copy them; one flaw and
the whole document must be ritually destroyed. Why? Allegedly, they contain a vast code that
can "predict future events". Genesis, on the origin of humanity, is a highly compressed, edited
version of much older Sumerian texts.

*Later Hebrew writings incorporated into the Bible(by a debauched Roman Emperor)reveal
Jehovah to be a absentee god-who comes around to make his estranged followers suffer.
These encounters when scrutinzed reveal not a God, but something akin to a being using
advanced technologies to beat up on hapless bronze age humans.

*The New Testament is composed of the four gospels, Paul's writings, a few token writings by
James and Peter, and Revealations. Seeing how it's Christianity, it's rather suspicious that
Jesus Christ is only in the four gospels-which were written decades afterward, that barely
scratch the surface. Where's the Jesus-what did Jesus teach-there had to have been a hell of
a lot more than what's in the four gospels. Then, we have to suffer that pretender Paul-a liar
and a hypocritical Pharisee(the ancient religious lawyer class of Judea)who's teachings
contradict what little of Christ's teachings survived?

It's Paul's writings that are the center of gravity in the Bible we know. Jesus is used as a
religious symbol-can be because Jesus was already long ago edited out. The Jewish writings
become the Old Testament, that are used because they form a history, a code of religous
based authoritarianism. Slavery. A slavery Constantine the Roman Emperor brought forth out
of the Council of Nicea in 326. The final form of the Holy Bible was formed by another
debauched royal, James II in the 1600's.

Religion is a evil perversion of spirituality, so why take it at what's presented as face value?
It's spiritually suicidal, separating us from Our Father.

And Revealations?

My second conclusion logically derives itself from the first: what is presented as the
Apocalypse is but the execution of a evil plan laid out thousands of years ago. Evil by evil
perverted creations, the cancers and viruses of the Universe to have their way so that their
secret backer takes advantage of the mother of all hegelian dialectics to be the solution. That
solution being the genocide of the Human Race, God's greatest creation.

The Apocalypse of St. John, and Ezekiel, Daniel, what was attributed to Jesus at his last
sermon; these amount to prototypes of the Protocols of Zion(Illuminati)… they're blueprints of
a horrible master plan for the Human Race laid out in general millennia ago, to be finalized
and executed as the scheduled time of their enactment drew near. Suppress genuine Human
spirituality. Rob us of our true history-whatever that was, born witness by all the massive
monolithic structures that keep being found all over the planet. Enslave us all in warring,
competing Empires and States run by despotic frontmen to the master plan. And the kicker is,
they've laid it out right in front of our faces in the Bible, just like they lay out their Masonic
front symbolism and tout them as American.

To the master plan, laid out as Revelations, "Jesus Christ", the "messiah", the second coming
are the ultimate authors of this horrible, genocidal master plan invading and finishing off the
pathetic, enslaved, deluded and divided remnants of Humanity on the plains of Meggido. The
scrolls, cups and bowls of the Apocalypse are the general layout of a plan to crush Humanity
before we can arise and throw off our enslavers… our murderers.

And, so, coming to grips with the truth, then the only proper response for the Human Race-
for any Human Being-is to RESIST. Resist it all; resist the economic attacks, resist the
formenting of plots, resist the cultural, religious and economic chains of enslavement and
death, resist their enforcers, resist the allowance of unpreparedness against enviromental
destruction. Most of all, resist the evil, perverted creations, the viruses of the Universe who
insist that what was written down two millenia ago in what reads like a ET encounter of the
Fourth Kind be stopped. Resist the final implementation of a ritualized genocidal campaign.
Resisted whether they present themselves as Presidents, Experts, Central Bankers, Royalty,
and especially as any kind of "messiah".

So, we must resist. Yet how are we to do that? How can we?

Let's review, shall we? The solutions are readily apparent if we really want a solution.

We must take personal responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities, our
people, our planet. This is all interrelated but it comes down to not passing the buck to
others because that's a big part of how we got in this mess in the first place. The actions of a
individual can reach from the lowest common denominator to the very shaping of history

So what does that mean for you? First it means educating yourself as to how things really are.
You probably have already come to the conclusion either by first hand experience or by study
that what's passed as our institutions are frauds. You must do more. Find out for yourself
whether what you come across the Internet or other resources are true or not. This might
take time away from the TV or your golf game but those are amusements designed to distract
you, to keep you passive and ignorant.

Passive and willfully ignorant will get us all killed.

Educate yourself as to the way things really are. Then you'll come to the conclusion that you
must join others and together separate yourself from the system-the entire system of culture,
lifestyle, law, commerce, politics that's been carefully designed to enslave us as Americans,
yet touted as freedom.

Culture: watch TV for hours, entranced by it's banality and programming-which it literally is!
Turn it OFF!

Lifestyle: renting it under debt(slavery) a oversized tar paper and plywood "mansion", a gas
guzzling SUV, a "home theater" that'll be obsolete in a few years anyway. The clothes, the
fake gold jewelry, the credit cards. Sell it. Sell it all to someone dumb enough to stay with
the illusion. You can get by with a hell of a lot less; lot's of fine folks around the world have
no choice. We were NOT born to borrow luxury at 9 to 22 percent annual interest.

Law: written by the lawyers in our representative bodies-which we've given up trying to
control so we can just be bothered deciding which show to watch on TV. These lawyers have
operated unopposed by a sleeping America for a century now, and thanks to our negligence
and apathy have built the greatest most sufforcating body of law in the known history of
mankind. Is this the mark of a free society? You clean your own self of what enslaves you, you
seek out others like you. Find a town that has a weak government and take it over on the
local level. Then, clean out all the laws oppressing us and become a example of what being
Free really is.

I have more details on how to do it in my essay, "Message to Mr. and Ms. America at

We have to seize back control of ourselves, and then seize back control of our planet.

If we cannot persuade those that make the rules that govern commerce, govern the value of
our money, that "gatekeep" what's presented on the media as news and entertainment, that
not destroying their fellow Creations is in their interest, then we must remove ourselves from
as much of their institutions as possible. Stop using their sabotaged fiat currencies. Use
money that has intrinsic value in and of itself, like Silver and Gold-real money that's been
supressed by that "them" because they can't destroy it's value with a printing press or debt
issuances. Or straight up trade for items with other items or with skills.

Even better is to stop consuming so damn much in the first place. The economy is set up for
maximized purchase of goods and purchase of services to fix said goods. Why feed what we
know is utterly corrupt and designed as bait to enslave us in debt? Stop spending on trifling
junk! You are DEFINETELY NOT what you pay back at 21% annual interest to borrow to
purchase. Americans have been sold a false set of goods with the "American Dream"; a
cleverly executed bait and switch on the promise of freedom. Does that SUV, that plasma
screen, that prefab faux mansion allow you to be you? Of course not! You're literally killing
yourself body and soul in debt slavery, working overtime hours at a job that's slated to be
moved to India or China soon!
I must also insert something about Nations and nationalism. Our cultures help define us, and
as long as you keep in mind that the culture at large can do a better job of nurturing and
supporting Human free will and expression, then defending your culture from the ravages of
enslaving, numbing globalism is a duty. It however does not give license to engage in what
America's dumbest President has been told to call "wars of pre-emption". This means no so-
called war on terror. No jihad to make the world muslim. No war for international socialism
or aztlan, or a greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere or Third Reich or any of that crap.
They are the tools and excuses that malignant "they" use to get us to kill each other faster. If
we all can't wake up and point our guns at the true enemy of us all, all the attempts at
political, economic and spiritual liberation will be for nothing.

You are you in what you do, in what you contribute to those around you and to our Race. In
fact, sell your junk. Get rid of it NOW while it's still worth something relatively speaking. That
relief you'll feel is the sweet breeze of freedom.

Yes, sell that damn TV! What's on but distractions from the engineered destruction of society?
If you live where America experienced it's greatest yet blackout in 2003, you'll remember-
fondly I bet-how pleasant it was to step out of your mortgaged cocoon and actually talk with
your neighbor. There was no TV trying to sell you something or make you envious or scare the
crap out of you. You could actually think. For yourself. And that redneck or scary black person
or snobby yuppie across the street probably turned out to be someone a lot like you-in the
same sorry boat as you. How, people supported and helped each other and were courteous
and understanding. And talked. And for one night acted like Americans-like Human Beings can

And then the damn power came back on and we all went back into our mortgaged cocoons
and had our brains zapped by the damn TV you bought with debt. But the lesson was plainly
evident; people not twisted by evil are generally moral, decent Creations. And we don't need
all that crap we're sold really.

So, our economic freedom means separating ourselves from the economy. Trade items. Learn
to grow food, make or repair items. That sort of thing. People will be isolated at first but
clustering together in groups, and then trading with other groups, with our own monies,
people will liberate themselves. Becoming independent of the global economy means
independence from the worse effects of the coming engineered collapse.

With the liberation of time and labor will come the opportunity to liberate our own minds
with observation and reflection. With stress and the TV largely gone, people can begin to
think for themselves. At first it will be about practical day-to-day things but eventually it
comes around to "why are things so screwed up?" Then the questions shall fly-all the questions
our leaders, our institutions and our so-called faiths desperately try to stifle. Like all the
protestations to love thy neighbor, unless gawd orders them massacred-or so that preacher
says. Humanity must learn to be critical about the terminally diseased bovines sold as sacred
cows if we all are to free ourselves. And if there are no honest answers coming from whoever
is asked these questions, then where they're coming from will be apparent. They will be the

We as Free People must come together. It matters not who you are or where you're from. And
we must come together to mutually support each other. I mean that foremost in a literal
sense. The Libertarians have the right concept in their "Free State" efforts but their numbers
are far too few to effect state wide changes. They and all of us must crawl before we can

We must start with communities. A community: geographically isolated situated on defensible
terrain. It must have the basic resources; water, decent soil, raw materials of some kind. The
people already residing in this community would be the kind sick of their current local
government, and I'm picturing a inept pack of busybodies and petty tyrants given way too
much authority for way too long.

We move in as Free People. We integrate into the community, offer our skills and goods.
Come election day we pack those voting booths and insist on receipts of our votes. We will
add our votes independently of the election board and raise all kinds of hell if they even
attempt to execute any vote fraud.

We take over the community. And we scrap whatever bureaucratic nonsense that's
accumulated. We rewrite the local laws to honor freedom. Freedom of assembly, information,
self-defense, association, travel. We revoke the criminal property tax and restore alloidial
title to all private property. We hire police that honor the right to bear arms enough to train
a volunteer community militia in the latest swat tactics. We rescind all traffic laws save those
that actually keep the roads safe and make the local roads free to travel on without a license.
We encourage third, fourth, fifth parties. We open the accounts of the community and if the
Combined Financial Annual Report shows enough of a surplus-we let the government live off
that and end taxation.

With the liberation of this community it will be a lightning rod of retaliation. It will also be an
example-provided we expand on our alternative media production and distribution efforts, as
the "mainstream" media will crucify this effort.

This liberated community of Free People shall become a example of how everyone could live
in peace and freedom and prosperity. These Free People will of themselves replicate their
efforts in neighboring communities. This will expand the liberated area to a county wide
arena. It will greatly enhance the economic, political and if necessary the defensible viability
of the liberated community.

And no doubt, the zone of liberation will expand to other communities, other counties, and
eventually states and regions will become liberated, and with that shall come a showdown
with the powers that have enslaved us since before recorded history. It is a showdown that
must be embraced, must be won-because victory, even in extinction, is preferable to the
absolute slavery they're attempting to push on us.

And don't kid yourselves for a minute. The enemies of Humanity who control our institutions
will resist these attempts at liberation. All I can say is be ready. Always have extra places to
go, extra goods, money to survive on. As a group, be willing to assist others in common
defense. And always be spreading the light on your own as individuals. Liberation is one
person at a time, one person at a time. Be ready to lose but fight to win. And we shall win.
Strange as it sounds from someone who trashed religion as perversions and lies I have faith in
God in our eventual victory. You have to have that faith in your heart. Because we must win.
We must wrest control of our Civilization and Destiny from these evil creatures that plot to
systematically destroy us if we are to have a chance to survive the enviromental
catastrophes. Because with those threats, the only hope of survival shall be a truly socially,
politically, and spiritually Liberated Humanity acting as ONE to defend itself.

And, finally what of this second coming? Gentle Jesus wouldn't lay out a monstrous hegelian
dialectic to get us to ritually murder ourselves, especially on numerologically significant dates
and coincidences? Gentle, healing, loving Jesus wouldn't let a pack of inbred jackals enslave
the human race-I bet in fact that was what he opposed with all his heart… going so far as to
command the disciples to get weapons no matter the cost as his final teaching.

No, mostly the depiction of God in the Bible is actually an enslaving alien entity and it's step
n' fechit human coolies. If when we liberate this planet we come in possession of the
technology-the true technological state of the art-of the human race it will be a no brainer to
use it in the final stage of this revolutionary war. Take on and defeat them, because in the
end it's the only option we have.

These however are contingent on Humanity acting together. Humanity acting together isn't
going to happen until Humanity frees itself from the financial, social, political and religious
chains of slavery that keep us all dependent, despairing, dumb, at each other's throats and
enslaved to the notion that we must go through the Apocalypse of St. John.

We don't have to!

2011 NOTE: I had no idea that they’d go so far as to literally crack the seafloor in the Gulf Of
Mexico and unleash hundreds of millions of barrels of abiotic oil… then spray COREXIT to sink it…
which is not only still being sprayed, but a deceptive campaign of them sealing the blown
well(they didn’t). Meanwhile, industry whistleblowers are murdered if they can’t be silenced,
upwards of 40 million Americans living along the Gulf Coast are the immediate victims of
chemical poisoning.
Furthermore, the very nature of the Gulf waters has changed. See the Gulf of Mexico is a very
warm body of water, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees, which makes it a powerful
booster to the global ocean current system-but the oil apocalypse unleashed by the royal
controlled British Petroleum has stopped the flow of warm water from the Gulf. Meaning the
Gulf Stream that heats the Eastern Seaboard and Western Europe has largely faltered. Meaning
the record snowfalls and bitter cold and God knows how else that will progress but we are staring
at an induced ice age.

Meanwhile as I type this, the system of Muslim World pro-American tin pot dictatorships are
being deposed in street protests and revolution, which will isolate Israel. Apparently the
illuminati’s love of enacting the Book of Revelation continues. A general war will see the
destruction of the US military as a global force, being cut off in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Other than that, we got a full blown police state here and panic buying due to Obama seizing the
opportunity afforded by the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords is prompting people to
arm up even more ferverently than when Obama was selected to be President in the first place.

Let’s not forget the Wall St. engineered global economic collapse and depression, or deepening
depression since the American domestic economy has been systematically destroyed. Downhill
since before I was born!

So, be good to each other, because we WILL need each other.

Your God-given Right to Weapons-and how pacifism is not only cowardly in the face of evil,
but ungodly as well.

J. Croft

In the Garden of Gethsemenie, Jesus Christ was in torment, praying to the Father in
desperation. See, Jesus had gone against every corrupt power in Judea, and knew that a
betrayal and a gruesome end were coming. Nobody wants to go out having their closest friend
betray them(Judas), and systematically tortured to death.

That however was what was going to happen, and having to go through with it was a terrible
burden, even for Jesus.

So Jesus finished prayer to God and summoned two Apostles, and gave the last words of
advice. In paraphrase: get a sword, even if you have to sell anything and everything else to
get one.

A sword. In the time of the Roman Empire, before, and until the invention of the handheld
firearm a sword was the most lethal personal weapon up to long range. Not getting into
quibbling about the bow, a sword was a weapon of the military specifically designed for
killing other men.

Killing other men? Wait, didn't Jesus say something about turning the other cheek?

Yes, but; why did Jesus say have military armament for self-protection? It makes no sense
unless you actually start discerning what the Bible says from one verse to another and who
said it.

The Bible has been in Human hands for millennia; more than enough time for mistakes,
manipulations, and outright lies to be inserted. Indeed, knowing this one would be half
tempted to call such a manuscript "Satan's Big Book of Lies". Except, why were these works
manipulated in the first place if the basis for having their true meaning twisted wasn't to
cover up something from God? To turn freedom into slavery, knowledge into ignorance, love
into hate. You have to have faith that God is about freedom and knowledge and love-these
concepts spring from our very hearts, where God resides and has a embassy of the spirit.

That is the litmus test by which you and I can discern with wisdom the Bible.

So at its very essence, the message of Jesus Christ is Human Liberation and Redemption in
Love by our common Father. This liberation unfortunately also requires physical self-
protection against those fools who hate such things.
And there are plenty of those types. In the criminal underclasses, the bureaucracy, the
military, and the rich. All such social classes incubate envy, greed, jealousy, wrath and other
base evils.

Good news: unlike modern "liberals" and a lot of government types, Jesus would NOT have us
walk through this planet of the shadow of death without protection.

God the Father extends His protection spiritually to those who fight for His fellow Children.
He also provides in this "physical" plain by the inventions of Man.

Such inventions inexorably progress, even with the satanic retarding of Human Progress.
Swords become more efficient in design and construction, as does the bow(Jesus used the
sword as it was a much cooler visual).

Human technology progresses to the firearm, and arms of increasing effectiveness are built.
Pistols for close in and concealed carry. Shotguns for devastating close in counterattack in
your home. Rifles, for when you expect to fight, as the rifle is the premier hand held weapon.
As the sword was in Jesus' time.

So if Jesus was walking the Earth today preaching, He would instead of getting a sword no
matter what, would get a gun. A rifle preferrably. A pistol when you can't get to a rifle, but a
rifle's the priority here.

What kind of rifle? The kind used by the military. The evil black assault rifle that get the calls
to be stolen from YOUR hands every time a lone nut loses his ritalin prescription, somehow.

These rifles come in two basic varieties; main battle rifles and intermediate range "assault

Main battle rifles fire a powerful .30 caliber cartridge of some kind and are designed for
aimed, precise fire out to a minimum of 500 yards. A minimum, because marksmanship
standards have deteriorated to the point where it's forgotten except for gun enthusiasts that
19th century marksmanship standards called for engaging man sized targets out to a thousand
yards. These are heavy weapons, firing heavy, hard hitting rounds and the typical military
weapon will be a proven winner.

Assault rifles fire either a shortened .30 caliber or nowadays a high powered .22 caliber
round-not usually over 300 yards as the cartridge fired isn't as powerful as a main battle rifle
round. The payoff being many more rounds in the weapon and carried. The weapons are
lighter, usually have full automatic or burst capability. They're designed and built around
modern marksmanship standards-that is, a retarding of the marksmanship standards that
demanded precise fire out of conscripts fresh out of the city and farm out to 1000 yards.
In fact, guns and their effective usage have been demonized and filtered out of the
manufactured mass culture for two generations now. Guns are seen as evil, and their
effective use-marksmanship-is now a subject only practiced by the remnant gun culture and
government soldiers. What is depicted on TV is NOT how you use a gun, that is "programming"
to make you miss.

Jesus wants you to hit, and He wants you to have the most effective arm, and that means
having a main battle rifle. They're longer ranged and will penetrate tree trunks, auto body
steel, concrete, light brush, and body armor. Something that can't be said for any assault rifle
cartridge, which is what most government soldiers and most civilians use.

America may struggle with a false form of freedom, but there is still a good selection of
military small arms with which one can observe Jesus' final commandment with. What would
Jesus pack?

There are in bolt action, which are for those that are poor:

.303 Lee Enfield-10 shot detaching mag British rifle. Quickest bolt action, it's weaknesses are
it's ammo; sometimes difficult to find, and it's rimmed cartridge invites feed problems. You'll
spend at a flea market or gun show about 1-150 for the rifle and if you have any sense get a
case of 800 rounds for another 100 as the .303's availability is spotty. (Note: all calibers are
being cleaned out and there isn’t a cheap Enfield to be had.)

8mm, 30-06, and .308 Mauser-5 shot rifles made in the millions and in hundreds of variants.
Most desirable and harder to find are Mausers in .308 and 30-06, however 8mm is
currently(2005)very cheap and there are millions of Mausers from Turkey and Germany-via
Russia. Slow, but dependable. Currently, 8mm Mauser is available by the case at gun shows at
7.62x39mm prices. A bargain. A .308 however will allow you to keep shooting with military
ball ammo. The rifles will run from about 60 bucks each from Turkey(buy several along with a
case of 800 rounds per rifle) to about 200 for a .308. (Those were the days…)

7.62x54R Moisin-Nagant-5 shot rifles flooding America, it's cartridge is unique, but plentiful
currently at gun shows for cheap prices, as well as the rifles. Accurate, powerful. You can
arm several people for the price of one modern combat rifle. And the design can withstand
the worst climate and abuse on Earth. The cheapest of the bolt actions the carbines and full
length models run from 50-100 bucks a rifle. Ammo is abundant at the gun shows currently. As
with the Turkish Mauser buy a case per rifle.(You can still find these but the prices will only
go up.)

For those who can afford it, more modern, semiautomatic rifles provide a great leap forward
in shots on tap, plus they can be reloaded faster.

In .223 are the following: AR-15, Mini-14, AR-180, Robinson M-96, and Romanian AK-47. These
are all carbines-300 yards maximum but you have 30 round mags and drums up to 100 rounds.
The .223 will NOT penetrate much cover but the right bullet will cause tremendous shock.

AR-15's are the civilian version of the M-16, and there are many manufacturers offering a
practically infinite amount of options. Accurate, and a joy to use, it's weakness is it's fragile
semiautomatic action that blows propellant gasses directly into a number of finely
engineered, low tolerance parts. Hold out for the now brand new short piston conversion that
eliminates this stupid lapse of design judgement and finally makes the AR-15 a viable carbine.
They start at about 600 dollars. The rifle's designer, Eugene Stoner, even thought it was which
was why he designed the… (If you go for a piston, get spare parts for that exact model of
rifle, otherwise, go standard and deal with the maintenance requirements.)

AR-180-The M-16's nearly forgotten replacement, it features a more conventional gas piston
system and the new production Armalite versions feature some AR-15 mag and part
interchangability with a more rugged design. Not so many gizmos for this carbine. About the
same price as a starter AR.(It’s replacement is nearly forgotten as well. Trigger sucks

Robinson M-96 is a redesign of the Stoner 63 for U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam. This is a well
engineered rifle that is too expensive to be practical. Uses M-16 magazines. Forget this one
don’t pay 2 grand.

Romanian AK-47. Comes in three calibers-7.62x39, .5x45x39, and .223. The .223 is the one
you want, and it uses it's own magazine but they are currently cheap at gun shows. Known as
the SAR-3, it and about 20 magazines will run you about 4-500 dollars. The AK's controls are
not user friendly, it's sights are communist basic, but THIS AK is accurate and the Kalashnikov
design will still be running when the last AR breaks down. (5.45x39mm is still reasonably
priced and available but the supply of AKs of all calibers are rapidly being drawn down due
to the Giffords shooting.)

Mini-14. DON'T GET! No! Mini-14's are fragile, inaccurate, and unreliable.
(If you want this rifle, then spoof Ruger into getting spare parts or get a spare rifle.)

Main Battle Rifles

Get these proven winners as they deliver full powered rifle ballistics in a modern
semiautomatic package. All are in 7.62 NATO and use 20 round magazines and heavy, but you
can do everything with these cartridge wise as a older bolt action, plus give out up to 4x the

M-14, is a American design descended from the Garand Rifle that the Johnson Administration
replaced with the M-16 as part of the Vietnam War. It was a mistake as the M-14 is reliable
and accurate. It handles well and boasts the best iron sights. It's gas system is self regulating
as John Garand was a genius. It is the lightest and has the fewest number of parts of any semi
automatic rifle. They will start at 700 dollars for chinese copies and about a grand for
American made civilian copies. The primo National Match guns go from 1500 bucks up. Since
you're spending the big bucks, shell out about 500 dollars more for a good quality rifle scope
and mount with bullet drop and rangefinding capability. Get a synthetic stock for a no warp
bed for the action. Magazines are the most expensive at about 30 bucks each.(10 buck Korean
magazines are out, which helps balance out the skyrocketing price of even the basic model.)

FN-FAL is a Belgian design that was used by over 90 countries before .223 was standardized. It
has a pistol grip, fully adjustable gas system and sometimes a bipod, but it's sights are a lot
more basic than the M-14's so a good rifle scope is mandatory. A very reliable arm. Several
makes and price schedules. A Century Arms import will run from 500 to 700, a DS Arms FAL
will go from1000 dollars up, and a original FAL will be over 2000 dollars. Magazines however
run about 5 bucks each.(Mags are no longer 5 each but there are 700 dollar FAL rifles again).

HK-91 is a German design that was also popular. This rifle has a delayed blowback system that
is the most reliable of any semiautomatic weapon, and will function no matter what. What
sucks about it is it's afterthought placed controls and crude sights. It recoils horribly unless
you get a CETME spanish copy, which then you'll have to contend with sometimes crude
remanufacture. Get a good scope for it. Mags are even cheaper than FAL mags though.

Okay you got a rifle-can you use it? If you know marksmanship you can.


The key to unlocking any gun's potential this is imperative in a rifle meant to strike killing
blows out to 500 yards. There are many guides but here's a basic rundown.

Positions, in order of stability:

Laying on the ground(prone)-the ideal as this offers the most stability and lowers your body to
the ground making you a more difficult target yourself. Use whenever possible.

Sitting/Kneeling When Prone isn't practical due to water, deep mud, obstacles, or because of

Standing-least stable, your rifle's unsupported, but you can MOVE to a position where the
more desirable positions can be used. You'll be in this position when you let yourself get

Rifle Handling:

Your buttstock is FIRMLY TUCKED in the meaty pocket of your shoulder.

Your left arm grips the forestock, preferably with a sling wrapped around it for stability. The
ideal is a Military Sling; this is a complicated design with two hooks and a lot of holes. But it's
use is simplicity itself; there's a loop midpoint just forward of the rear half, and you twist
your sling a half turn clockwise and tuck your arm in. Wrap the sling counterclockwise around
your left arm and your muzzle's a lot more stable-which will help you hit.

Otherwise you can just wrap your arm counterclockwise around the sling but this "hasty sling"
makes the gun shoot left.

Your right hand has a death grip around the stock/grip EXCEPT FOR YOUR TRIGGER FINGER!!!!

Your trigger finger quickly, but lovingly caresses the trigger; it FEELS the trigger parts slide,
resist, let go according to their mechanical design to send your rifle's firing pin on the round
you've aimed at down range. ONLY IT MOVES.

Next, sight picture-align the top of your front post with your target, judge and adjust your
range with the rear sight, align the rear sight with the front-unless you're using a rifle scope
then you just align the crosshairs.

Breath in a full breath,

let out half,

focus your eye first on target then front sight,

squ-eeeze-and let the gun surprise you when it fires. Anticipating the recoil will make you
miss. That's why gentle recoiling guns are easier to shoot.

Then you do it all over again for the next shot. With competence comes speed from
repetition; just trying to be fast will cause you to miss. You want to hit.

It's a discipline, and it requires instruction and regular practice, and a place to shoot with a
dirt backstop for the high powered rifle rounds, but fortunately the basics can be handled
with by air guns and dry fire practice.

Airguns are fun, they allow shooting practice in the privacy of your own backyard or hallway.
Get a basic bb gun and do each shot by the shooting methodology.

Dry fire practice is using your own rifle UNLOADED. No ammo around or you'll get careless and
put a round through the drywall(I know).

So, where do I find these fine items?

You can find them at gun shows, flea markets, yard sales, or a gun shop.(NO GUN SHOPS)
At gun shows, there are dealers and private collectors. Dealers make you go through a
government background check and fill out a yellow registration form which informs the
federal government you have a firearm. You don't want that so look around for a private
collector. You can tell someone's a private collector if he or she doesn't have a sign saying
such by the following:

Guns; they will have funky, older models along with more desirable arms.

Prices: will be rounded off to the nearest ten or five.

No pad of yellow forms or a phone visible either on the table or somewhere underneath.

It is best to wait for the gun show to get your guns, and they're advertised in the newspaper.
If however you don't have a gun show nearby check out flea markets or yard sales. This is pot
luck; bolt action rifles are not common and modern semiautomatic rifles are rarely
encountered. BUT, at least one flea market or one yard sale will have at least one viable
defensive arm for sale.

What if you can't find a gun show, and you can't find a halfway decent arm for sale? Then you
have to hold your nose and hit a gun store, fill out the yellow form and go through the
background check. The government will have you and your gun on record… and there will
come a day when the Government Agents are unleashed to come for your guns.

Get a gun NOW!

In His final instruction, Jesus communicated how much of a priority it was to be armed-to sell
one's cloak if one had to. A cloak kept a person warm in those distant times, so personal
protection is to be ranked above keeping warm… above keeping well fed… having that new
car, that new plasma screen TV, that mall shopping spree.

Get it now; gun confiscation is coming to America and when most of the American People
have surrendered that last vestige of their Freedom, then all hell shall descend upon this
country. Don't look for the "rapture" to give you a easy out-nearly nobody on this planet even
knows what Jesus really taught and meant, or lived as He did. You're here for the duration,
and your inaction has helped make this planet a hellhole. Thanks.

So get that rifle. Get your sword while they are plentiful and available and not a hassle or
dangerous to acquire. Do it, or else be utterly without defense against the evil one's minions.

How the false promise of a free ride to Heaven with a single prayer has corrupted otherwise
good folks and damned the Earth by their inaction!

J. Croft

What on Earth of any worth is really free?

A rock laying on the ground is free, but unless it's a diamond what value does it have? Other
than flinging it at something or using it for paving, not much.

Spoken words are practically free as well. Do something that harms another, and the cultural
programming would have us say "I'm Sorry" and there; that verbal bandaid fixed that problem.
No it didn't. It's used mainly to buy off the righteous outrage of the person harmed for the
bargain price of a few exhalations of air and sound.
That sort of garbage is used a lot by guilt-ridden children. Forgive them, as they don't know
any better-yet.

It's also used by the powerful-but only after a miraculously failed fight against the people
they harm. It becomes no better than a excuse.

An excuse. In common usage a lame reasoning for bad decisionmaking. There's a lot of that as
well, and more preferable than the "I'm Sorry" as there's no Guilt implied. Excuses are as
plentiful in modern-day America as debt.

And the damnable thing about it is, lame excuses, being free and of no value to the problems
they're tacked onto are created and used by those who should know better! Those, are people
that go to church and watch the televangelists as part of the worship of that excessive time
waster and mental enslaver that is television.

What excuses are they making for, and why?

The excuses are their-the self-professed "christians"-inactivity and submission to the many
forms of corruption and darkness that are gripping our communities, our Nation and our
World. They who preen about as if Righteous permit many crimes. I'll make list of fairly
recent events that barely carves a snowball off the tip of the iceberg:

1.)Emil Gonzalez; a 6 year old Cuban refugee from Castro's hellish communism, some folks
actually bothered to defend him from Janet Reno. The ugliest Attorney General in U.S.
history staged a cowardly SWAT raid at 4 in the morning at his relative's home and literally at
MACHINE GUN POINT a terrorist looking "agent" kidnapped that child out of the hands of the
man who literally had saved him from the Atlantic Ocean.

So, where was the outrage from Pat Robertson? Why didn't he lead a crusade against his bud
Jeb Bush and that shaved Sasquatch(you can tell I hate that woman)? Better yet, when Pat
the walking bobblehead doll did his aw shucks what can you do routine, why didn't all those
seemingly good folks not take their own initiative and consider that the last straw? Probably
for the same excuses that made all those "good christians" fail to even utter a peep for their
fellow believers in-

2.)Waco. ATF-better known as F-Troop-these folks are the result of the failed Whisky
Rebellion in the 1790's. President George Washington himself led a 15,000 man army into the
hills of rural Pennsylvania to put down a righteous rebellion of ordinary folks resisting a
onerous tax on distilled spirits made by a power mad wanna be tyrant Alexander Hamilton.
The rebellion crushed, the treasury department made the bureau that would eventually grow
into regulating taxes on tobacco and … firearms.

Two hundred years after the Whisky Rebellion this same outfit of tax regulators would be
equipped with body armor, military communications and the world's finest fully automatic
weapons would go regulate a… church. A commune to be more precise but Freedom of
Association is implied with our Bill of Rights. Now David Koresh did deal in firearms at the
Texas gunshows, but he went out of his way to be cooperative with F-Troop. Even though
right of uninfringed firearms ownership is explicitly stated in our Bill of Rights. They even shot
at targets together and Koresh was often in town. He was in that respect law abiding.

So why, really was a firearms tax regulating bureau sent on a bizarrely stupid and excessive
military style attack, treating the Davidians like a enemy objective? If Koresh DID commit
child rape, that was the perview of the Texas State Police and Rangers. How come they didn't
bust him in town? If Koresh DID brew methanphetamines, that was also not in F-Troop's
jurisdiction. But firearms regrettably are as born witness by the THOUSANDS sent to America's
prisons for the lamest of reasons. Koresh invited inspection of his firearms business.

F-Troop decided to attack, and make their ineptitude in military and police matters preserved
on video for all time. So the big boys of the FBI were sent in and after 81 days of shooting at
stragglers trying to surrender and non-stop psychological warfare they burn that clapboard
compound to the ground and use CS gas that turns to a cyanide when burnt.

So where were the Branch Davidian's fellow Christians? Why were they allowed to be
murdered by the government without protest? Children were burned and poisoned alive, and
all the worshippers of Jerry Falwell could do is keep their born again heads tucked firmly in
the sand. What lame excuse did they have?

3.) Terri Shiavo; where are those "christians" that worship T.D. Jakes-other than at their self-
glorifying temple to him? Why aren't they raising holy hell with the state of Florida and her
conniving lawyer-husband to give her the treatment that will cure her? Her brain problems
are treatable, yet only a handful of people, and her loving Parents have risen to this helpless
woman's defense?

4.)The "Patriot Acts". The first of these abominations was passed mere weeks after 9-11; as a
legal document you could literally knock someone out with it if you had the muscles to chuck
it, it's that thick. Nobody read it. Nobody had time to read it. It was near unaminously passed.
And a Police State was officially codified.

And now hundreds of thousands of petty, power mad bureaucrats and legions of automatic
weapon wielding ninja garbed goons terrorize us all. Where the hell is the outrage? Why aren't
the Christians, those that are supposed to be bravely defending the virtues of America
organizing and cleaning the Senate and the House of Representatives of all those traitors to
God and Freedom? Is it that they're too busy? Too cowardly? Or is it all for this war on terror?

5.)War on Terrorism-how do you wage war on a military strategy? Or rather, how does anyone
of conscience stand by and approve invading nations that had nothing to do with September
11? Iraq didn't have nuclear weapons after the first Gulf War. They didn't even have terrorists
until after we invaded and finished on the ground what over a decade of bombings didn't get-
their nation's destruction. We have created a new Vietnam War for us to lose and killed
hundreds of thousands in a doomed attempt to secure the oil fields before India and China
catch up to America in consumption with over half the people on Earth. There's no way that
enough oil can be pumped out to satisfy everyone, so there will be war. Where are all those
people packing America's megachurches? Why do they not object to war, to tyranny, to
murder and repression?

There are thousands of injustices over the years that America's "christians" have let slip, and
the world has become a lot more dangerous place to be in. Our-their-world is dying and they
let it happen, even quiver with excitement like the day before Christmas. Why?

They're waiting for the rapture. That theological free ticket out of having any responsibility
for their inaction and cowardice in the face of the dark forces trying to destroy this world.
These self-professed followers of Jesus Christ are locked in a death cult mindset that
predicates what they reckon as salvation on the death and damnation of nearly all of
Mankind. So they sit their useless corpulent butts in their pews and lazy boys and listen to the
toxic crap sold as gospel:

*Give money to your church!

*Obey your leaders!

*Pay your taxes!

*Support the system!

*Sneer at outsiders. They're going to hell anyway.

*We need even MORE MONEY so we can build a bigger church!

*But if you give, Gawd shall annoint and bless you and give you a better job, a better credit
line, and a bigger SUV to get you to our megachurch and give bigger tithes!

*There's a Apocalypse coming, and there isn't a thing you can do to stop it, because every evil
deed was preordained by the Lord Himself. But there's a easy way out-just confess Jeezus as
your lord and savior, and when it's time for the lawd to tell Satan to finish off the planet, he'll
take your good, tithe and taxpaying fatbody up to Heaven! That's it. That's all it takes.

*Support your President in the meantime. He believes in the Rapture-hell, he's trying his best
to make the Apocalypse happen sooner, so we can all drive around in Heavenly SUV's and
reside in even bigger versions of the homes we have here in 'Murika, and endless TV watching.

The first Truth about the "Rapture" is that your average brainwashed 'Murikan churchgoer
would never DESERVE such a out! We are all responsible for what we do and think, and if we
allow others to take charge, to do our thinking for us, to tell us what to do, to define the
dogma of what scripture says about God, then we have failed in our individual and collective

We are our Brother and our Sister's keeper. By implication, we are also keepers of the
integrity of the institutions we consent to have over us. And we have failed utterly to keep
those institutions in check so is it any wonder that our legislatures and our schools, and our
churches and our media have been taken over by forces hellbent on destroying us all? Such
people who would lie on their backs like a puppy wanting it's urine crusted belly scratched
don't deserve Heaven.

The second Truth is that there is no mention by Jesus Christ in what is accepted as the Four
Gospels of a rapture-as defined by modern christian theology.

Jesus mentions coming for a Bride-someone worthy of a union of equals, a fraternity with
God. Godly people do NOT allow corruption and theft and murder without a fight to the

Jesus mentions that this Bride is without guile or defiled-that is this union is with people who
do not follow false teachings. Regrettably there are false teachings in the Nicea Council
Approved Biblical Canon; a bastardized work cobbled together by the Roman Emperor
Constatine of watered down Gospel, Paul's abominations and the Hebrew Torah to forge a
document that has either enslaved or caused those who study it to reject God.

I personally, nearly fell for that cruel trick. I stuck with God in my heart however and
overcame the lies and deceptions. And because of that I can testify this: the assembled Bible
is a brilliant manipulation by the Devil.

Yes there was Jesus-what Christianity is supposed to be about, but He's represented by four
books composed long after the Resurrection. Most of what Jesus-probably 99.9 percent is

The rest is the Torah and Paul. And the Apocalypse. There's a disconnect one finds when one
starts using wise discernment.

The Torah and Pentatuch-the Old Testament-are about Yahweh, who acted like the devil
himself in forging a religion to worship him. Yahweh was very demanding, and very brutal
about enforcing those demands to the point of slaughtering innocents and permitting theft
and rape of entire peoples in the enslaved Hebrew's conquests. In that, Yahweh acted no
differently than any of the pantheon of gods of other peoples of that era.
Jesus however claimed to fulfill the law so what happened to the Old Testament can be said
to be in question. The Torah WAS precisely written to a extreme-over the centuries, and yet
if there is a single mark that's wrong on a handscribed torah it is ceremoniously burned. Why
the demand for such precision? Why else, so that you can find bible codes in it. On this I'll
make a opinion; Yahweh, a great intelligence, but not God is still arranging things to suit him.

Or, maybe God really is crazy-bipolar, or has schizophrenia or is disassociative. Perhaps it was
manipulated by God. Or the devil. Perhaps Jesus came to save the Hebrews from themselves?
Whatever it is, there's a disconnect that either enslaves or causes people to reject God
because they blame the religion handed to them. And since nobody on Earth has a time
machine, this issue can only be settled by wrestling with your faith-and the part of God that's
in your heart.

There is that disconnect, but another disconnect that finishes sabotaging Christianity is Saul
of Tarsus-a Pharisee. Jesus cursed the Pharisees. Saul's writings comprise most of the New
Testament, yet he was never, ever with Jesus. In fact, he persecuted Jesus' followers and
would brag about his evil works even after being "converted". Saul's writings emphasized
everything Jesus was set against.

Jesus spoke of faith and works to back up that faith. Paul preached that a few nice words, a
"I'm Sorry" to God are sufficient, when they're not by all the evils that have flourished since he

Jesus made no excuses. He healed the sick, took care of the underclasses and went to war
against the financial and religious elites of his day, advocated personal possession of military
arms even at the cost of having nothing else-and paid the ultimate price willingly. All Paul
could say was to say "yas suh, Boss", and obey your masters, even if you were a slave.

And that house slave mentality has permeated America. A deceiver, Paul would feel at home
as a elite of a Nation that propagandizes Freedom, yet taxes and regulates and enslaves and
poisons and murders more than any other in history. Don't believe me, just look it up in the
history books-even they attest to America's un-Christianity.

Fortunately, Saul of Tarsus has had his bones blackened by the fires of hell for the past two
millenia. Of that I have faith in.

And speaking of hellfire, there is Revealation. Some John gets whisked away in a psychedelic
encounter with angels and events far in the future are laid out. Cryptic tales of evil beings
and battles and great destruction and the genocide of the Human Race-we are to be rarer
than fine gold. Thank, God.

Or, maybe it's not?

As presented in the Bible it reads as God's Plan, but that's like Americans destroying towns
and cities all over the Earth to save those we war from themselves. Yes God shall judge, but
God also wants to save Humanity, and has also stated in the Bible He can and would shorten
and even cancel apocalypses-especially those arranged by the enemy.

But that's not what's taught. God is presented as wrathful to the point of wanting Humanity to
cruelly perish. That presentation destroys faith, and those that it hasn't are, naturally given
an easy out.

The Rapture.

Just ask to have Jesus in your heart, don't do anything else to upset the apocalyptic apple
cart and if you're around when the bugle blows you get a free out. How more irresponsible,
how more ungodly could a doctrine get? It can't! Your salvation dependent upon supporting
the status quo and your World's destruction?

Be of wise discernment. I personally was at one time a pre-millenialist fundamentalist
Christian-but only because I was forcibly sent to church at an early age and regrettably
became enamored by the falsehoods preached by Hal Lindsey, and some other crusty old
phart who is happily forgotten who actually gave a date on TV and arranged a tour for the
"holy land".

But one day I started to read it for myself. I fell away from rapture theology after I
discovered how the Bible couldn't support itself. Containing warped truth and lies, how can it?
So I stumbled, but NEVER having rejected God outright allowed me to approach the Father
objectively. And I thank Him for the wisdom and strength to make the journey-not back, but
to Him in the first place! How? I was objective, I was logical, I used my God Given Wisdom and
Discernment and reasoned for myself and struggled mightily with God against my societally
given belief systems and cast them aside for the lying trash they are.

I faced the wilderness and the hard questions and overcame, and joined my Father.

As should all those that start actually reading the Bible objectively and in partnership with
God who resides in your heart. And faces all the hard questions that shall pop up-and they
shall, and shall floor you. This is your struggle-you must be brave and face it yourself. You get
floored by Truth, you get up anyway. Your trust is to be in God-not Jesus who said there is
none good but the Father. Certainly not in a devious Pharisee or a bloodthirsty demigod who
requires flying contraptions, fire and wanton human savagery.

Most certainly NOT in the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jack Van Impe, Oral Roberts,
T.D. Jakes and the rest of those spiritual hustlers. And it goes without saying that you never,
ever put your trust in the likes of a U.S. government that has burdened the people it
purportedly serves with more taxes, more niggling regulations enforced by psychotic gun
wielding bureaucrats, enslaved more people for more legislated and socially engineered
crimes in hellish prisons, and killed more people in wars of conquest than any other
government, ever.

You put your faith in God. God has no need of guilt ridden slaves or ornate buildings or
spiritual pimps. God detests such things. He has need of You. He needs you, wants you to
know Him and to grow in love and friendship, and to test everything, even holy scriptures,
even spirits, even Him. Because God can pass every test and is happy to prove He loves you
and me. Service among Friends is a mutual, joyous thing. It is works, mutual favors, looking
out for our Brothers and Sisters no matter what the manipulated and perverted authorities
color them as. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick, defending the
defenseless, freeing those enslaved, casting out demons and other turds polluting our
institutions, setting past wrongs right.

And God will come to our rescue, of that I have faith. We don't have to go through a genocidal
apocalypse; if we seek God and ask for help He will deliver the Human Race from those that
plot to destroy it, no matter how much they pawn themselves off as Him. God shall do this
anyway! God however will not help those who suscribe to a false religion that promotes evils
yet paints itself as salvation. He certainly won't be taking those, or even those who DO know
God from Earth and let the rest of Humanity perish in the hands of Satan. God wants us to
FIGHT for our Brothers and Sisters-ALL of Man is our Brothers and Sisters! Black, White, Red,
Yellow, German, Zulu, Russian, Korean, Iranian, Australian, Japanese, Columbian, Mexican,
and definitely Americans of all the flavors of Humanity.

And when We have awakened from the deceptions handed down as religion and ideology, and
risen for the fight for our Earth, God shall stand by our side to cut short the Apocalypse, to
crush the plans of those that would enslave and destroy us. And it won't matter what the
enemy throws at us, with God in our hearts in partnership we'll overcome it.

The Human Race has not even begun to express it's genius, it's true capabilities without the
chains of enslaving religious dogma and oppressive government that currently bind us and
make us spiritually and materially ineffective. When we free ourselves with God from those
enslavements I have faith that we shall soon enough be able crush the evil ones. I would only
suggest that to prevent our Race from ever being enslaved again we actively make certain
that those that tried to do us all in never ever get another chance.

When we liberate ourselves from satanically inspired "christian" dogmas and oppression we
won't need a Rapture, a easy ticket out when we can annex Earth into Heaven. We-you-should
be insulted by being offered a cop out like that. And you need to start calling out those
spiritual pimps that preach such crap.

So stop praying for death and a ticket out. You'll just get the death and God will curse you for
being a evil coward and you'll get to see what 2,000 years of hellfire does to human souls by
watching Saul of Tarsus as you burn yourself. Saying "I'm Sorry" or making lame excuses at that
moment will just annoy God more.
So, be just and righteous and loving and pray for God to have a direct relationship in your
heart. God's infinite and should be listened to. Pray for Life and Freedom, and deliverance of
us all from the devil and his apocalypse-including you. And take Personal Responsibility for
securing the victory yourself and for everyone around you.

Of this I make this written prayer to God. Amen.

J. Croft


Wouldn’t change a keystroke. 
























J. Croft

Ever feel like a tool?

Ever feel like a ass enforcing a arbitrary speed limit with the same force as you would chasing
away drug dealers and creepy trench coated old men from elementary schools? Ever wonder
what the hell you or your partner were doing arresting that victim of criminal assault-ever
wonder what you were doing making that assault? Making a anthill into a 'prosecutable'
mountain so that your partner, or God forbid, yourself can make a collar? Or standing by and
stonewalling a desperate person pleading for your help, turning them away so that they go
over the edge and create another bust or two for yourself?

Ever feel like part of the problem, even though you're told that you're part of the solution?
Well, thank God you at least feel some responsibility for what you and your 'brother officers'
have done to help destroy America.

That's right; modern American policing is destroying America. It's a preening cult of
overtestosteroned man-children; 'cowboys' looking for the slightest excuse to wreck some
lives to make busts… for the 'law'.

And who do you wind up sending to the disease-ridden homosexual rape camps known as
prison? Poor white, black, and brown trash deliberately dumbed down and corrupted by a
covertly communist education system and mass media

You're rousting the wrong people-while the criminal rich steal from us all. The criminal rich
who are behind the shows that you recoil in disgust at… if you still can recoil in disgust. The
criminal rich who back the foundations and unions who have long ago transformed American
education into a manufacturer of adult children-unable to think for themselves, ignorant of
their heritage of Freedom and God, conditioned into having a programmed hostility towards
knowledge and those who still value it despite the programming. The criminal rich who have
over the decades progressively made living in America a desperate struggle for survival as the
jobs that can still sustain that seductive lie known once as the 'American dream' are sent
overseas to poor Chinese and Indians who will NEVER know of it.

The criminal rich who are mass produced by this nation's overabundant law universities and
become the trial lawyers, judges and representatives. The same pack of lawyer rat bastards
who have literally downed entire forests to print all the bureaucracy that has killed all the
joy of being a Free Man in America… and given you 'peace officers' a cornucopia of 'law' to

Law-a rich man's game as it takes a rich man to go through eight years of law school and
college and a hundred grand in tuition to become a lawyer. A move to keep as much of the
people the laws are targeted against from learning their convoluted rules as possible, and still
maintain this fiction that their 'laws' come from the People.

Oh, what-the law is the law to you? It hasn't sunk in that the law is one of America's worst
rackets? Let me run down a few catagories for you, see if they mesh with what America's
supposed to be:

Traffic laws-nominally to keep about two hundred million motorists safe on the road, they've
long ago been turned into a vile source of revenue and colossal waste of police resources. A
vile source of revenue as it's a fear based tax based mostly on driving habit, and a colossal
waste as traffic detail ties down you guys-who could be investigating shady folks like Ken Lay
of Enron, or tracking down who's really bringing more and more dope into the country. Or
even something as picayune as the corruption of the local government-which cuts your
paycheck. But it's a lot easier to play with some hapless Citizen than any local power broker
who could break you, isn't it?

DUI-Used to be you had to be honestly drunk and a threat to get pulled over for this. Now, it's
past overkill; the new drunk laws can mean a single beer and you're screwed. That and your
Goddamn checkpoints are killing off being able to go out. This is one of the few outlets
Americans seem to have left, and what do we find-a gauntlet of you bust hungry bastards to
run through. "Thanks".

And if you're homeless! These lawyer made 'anti-vagrancy' laws mean if a American loses their
job, winds up sleeping in their car or on the street, you guys roll on them and give them a
ticket to the nearest homosexual rape palace-which you call the county jail. What the hell
did these people do besides come out losing in a increasingly hostile economy? They drink and
take drugs, yes-you would too if you were cast to the bottom of a socio-economic pit you
have no hope of climbing out of.

Persecuting crime victims for protecting themselves; too many of you get mortally offended
when average folks use a gun to prevent their own mortal demise. You see anyone but a
fellow bureaucrat armed, and it's like he or she might as well have raped schoolchildren with
you. You forget the Bill of Rights recognizes each and every one of us has the God given Right
to armed self defense? What is about the very thought of the People being able to match you
in firepower that scares you? Are you looking at all of us as opponents?

Are you that twisted, that brainwashed by that perverted cop culture you've swan dived into
that your fellow Americans are your enemy? Are you even aware that you are brainwashed,
conditioned into being the razor edge of the spear of totalitarianism that's being thrust into
the very heart of our People?

What does freedom mean to you?

Does it mean anything? Or is it just another word?

Does it mean an ever increasing stranglehold of 'laws' that just give power to the state and it's
bureaucrats in a piecemeal fashion, so as to not arouse righteous opposition?

Do these laws reflect the respect for you as a free person? Do they protect us all from a
evermore invasive and belligerent government?

Does more bureaucracy not expose the people to more and more pushy, uppity, obnoxiously
authoritarian small minded cretins in cheap suits-given way too much power? And, if more
bureaucrats are a threat to all of our livelihoods and freedom, then doesn't it make sense that
more laws and regulations would only give these white collar scumbags just that many more
excuses to rob us of what is rightly ours?

Wouldn't LESS LAW be better for a free society?

You know the answers. You also know that the lawyers are not going to have a sudden change
of heart and start reversing all the damage done to our nation. You also know that most
bureaucrats are not going to look at a person and a rule and not enforce it.

So that leaves one person left, one safeguard remaining from the state confronting another
innocent vitcim-you.

YOU are the people's last line of defense from a out of control state!
It's your choice: stand with the People or stand against them!

The time is NOW to choose! More tyrannical law is being passed by more and more tyrannical
lawyers and other sycophant bureaucrats. Enforced by tyrannical bureaucrats mistakenly
armed and sworn, they cause more and more people to HATE YOU. This added hatred, along
with the increasingly technostalinist bent of our "laws" will make YOU a TARGET for those
unable to "cope" with the loss of their Freedom. A target literally.

For the sake of our Children, our Nation and your own ability to look in the mirror without
recoiling in shame, resist.

How you can resist

Get to know your non-cop friends again, and your neighbors. You probably let those
relationships go bye-bye when you bought into the crap that cops are "a breed apart". The
people you joined the force to 'serve and protect'; and you view them as scum?

Your mindset will be the first obstacle to overcome, but since you're reading this you're
hopefully already on that road. The 'cop culture' like most aspects of American culture is
managed by it's own 'gatekeepers' who serve an Agenda-to fill your discipline and duty
oriented mind with all sorts of psychological cues that herd you into being a insufferable

Yeah, that's what that 'they' want-there's always a 'they' around to ruin it for everyone. You
blindly enforcing laws which oppress everyone. 'They' fill you with pride in your profession,
give you a cool looking uniform, all sorts of means to carry out your job-and you get guns! All
of which are but bait-egotistical masturbation.

Assaulting this egotistical masturbation is your first duty, assaulting your 'brother officers'
programming as you can is your second duty. There is a line, and it's different with each
individual, but it basically is their patience at listening to you challenge what they've been
programmed with. Don't count on getting them to see the light quick, as you know the
programming's thorough and very deep. Don't push too much, and use examples you come
across. This is a war-not a battle.

Your third duty: shielding the People as best you can from the ravages of the laws lawyers
pass. Look into your heart-if you are with God, you will know which laws are sensible(stopping
murder, rape, robbery, reckless drivers, crack dealers selling to grade school kids). The
rest(niggling regulations, laws that rob people of their rights) must not be enforced. They
must be IGNORED.

Ignoring as best you can, because your supervisors watch you to make certain you do your job
as proscribed by them. You're in a bad spot, and sometimes you will be forced to pick your
battles. Sometimes you won't be able to directly help someone about to get steamrolled by
the state. You'll have to surreptitiously get evidence of their innocence and get it to a
attorney willing to fight for their freedom. Sometimes you'll encounter a scumbag son of a
bitch-who's shielded by the local powers-that-be. That person might even wear the same
badge and uniform as you. Here is where you shall have a real gut check: what if there isn't a
way to stop this bastard legally? What if this state sanctioned criminal plants dope to cause a
raid and asset forfeiture seizure? What if this human sized cockroach is going to whack a
'troublemaker'; someone working for Freedom just like you?

How far will you go to do something about it? And can you do it smarter-as in being able to
get away with it? There are people who know of these things, and one or two even wrote
books on the subject if you can't get a hold of that someone. Beyond that I dare not say what
you should do, except that it needs doing, and nobody's doing it at all.

There's more you can do; a lot more. You can do this under a alias or not, but it's my wish you
cops would start showing the People on a individual and community level how they can
defend themselves from the bureaucratic predators. How to get around the bureaucrats, and
who among them are still patriots. There are bad and good in every walk of life, and if
bureaucrats can see that they too can join in renewing freedom, this struggle shall end in
victory that much faster! Motivating them as officers to actually stand up and as a group
demand that laws start getting scrapped. Tell them that they wouldn't have so many cops and
bureaucrats in their lives if there weren't so many laws for them to enforce. Make it plain that
their lives will NEVER get better if they let themselves keep being hypnotized by that
electronic narcotic called the TV.

Teach the People how to physically defend themselves and their communities. Yes, if you
love freedom this would include the safe and effective use of firearms and when to do it.
Your police and military training makes you a natural choice to teach the People. Yes, this
incurs the risk of being labeled a 'militia', but for hundreds of years the gathering of all able
bodied adults in case of a collective danger was a key part of American civilization. They
organized and drilled and shot their rifles in public square it was that enshrined. It was when
a permanent, standing US Army and a permanent standing professional police force that the
Citizen's Militia quietly faded away from American public life.

The militia isn't a bad thing actually. If you actually read the older historical accounts there
are examples-like during the 1800's when the James Gang got cut to pieces in Minnesota; the
townsfolk got their guns and resisted, and won. Likewise, in Athens, Tennessee in 1946;
returning GI's tried to win a local election to clean the crooks that had been running the town
into the ground for decades. The crooks attempted to rig the election and went so far as to
hide in the jail and shoot at gunpoint anyone who tried to stop them. The GI's borrowed some
National Guard rifles and shot it out with them, and won. More recently, a few years ago, the
State of New York attempted to enforce cigarrette taxes on a Native American Tribe and
came with dozens of State Troopers; the entire Tribe greeted them with muzzles of their
assault rifles… the Governor wisely negotiated a compromise.
So that's the point: collective resistance works! And it doesn't and shouldn't if at all possible
have to be violent. A second hand personal story: days after the Columbine massacre a public
school mandated ID tags for every student… obstensivly to stop a massacre. A bunch of them
got together and smuggled in water guns painted to look like real guns, and objects made to
look like sticks of dynamite. They presented them to the principal and asked him if ID tags
stopped them from bringing in their made up weapons, and would it stop real weapons from
getting in… the ideal was scrapped.

Peaceful noncompliance works if done en masse. The emphasis should be first local; pushing
back the bureaucracies that strangle our lives. Start small, always, and build on that. First
you and your people could do something like get the parking meters removed. Then build on
that with pushing back niggling housing codes. Your weapons are your wallets; collectively
threaten to wage a tax strike, or a labor strike(don't forget to prepare with extra cash and

Then expand to strike at the big oppressions; property taxes, traffic laws, anti-constitutional
gun bans, drivers licenses and car plates, caps on laws made. Each victory builds on itself and
similar advances made by other like minded individuals. YOU can lead this; you have the
drilled in discipline, social standing and leadership, AND, you know something of the dirty
tricks the bureaucrats and traitor cops will pull to stop us. You're in a position to protect this
necessary revolution. Yes… a revolution to win back what our ancestors gave all for over two
centuries ago.

Together we can resist and win back our freedom. Our first obstacle to unifying as a people is
to overcome our racial and caste barriers-and as a cop, you are part of a caste… call it the
enforcement caste, made up of bureaucrats and law enforcement. You as a American must
reach out to those that have been maneuvered and manipulated to be your intended enemies,
the working and underclass castes-the people you're sent out to roust for fines and make
busts on.

Unite with them, because our enemies are the lawyer caste that makes and judges on the
'laws' they make, and the caste of the super rich. These people buy the lawyers out, and have
systematically looted America of our industry, our technology, our prosperity, and by their
house slave lawyers, bureaucrats, and cops, our freedoms. They've reduced us Americans to
being a military state-our real economy, our society propped up on a life support of debt that
they, the super rich can yank with but a few manipulations of their financial markets. They
will most likely do this in a manner much like yanking the cord on life support for a dying
man… which is what America is.

They want the world, and have used America to trample any and all opponents. They now
look to use the last allotted strength of America's military might to batter the nations of Earth
into a global empire run by them-with America to be consumed by economic and political
collapse and a engineered multi-front civil war NOBODY but the super rich will win. And that's
why you acting NOW to begin fighting for Freedom must be your one priority. This war we are
in, it's bigger than one individual or family or community. But if you don't join the fight, you
make victory for us all that much more difficult, and how will you face God with THAT crime
on you?

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Friday, March 18, 2005
J. Croft

Was it that "trailer trash redneck" in the cheap 'rasslin t-shirt that raised your taxes? If that's
true, why does he look almost homeless himself? White folks write sad country songs and take
up angry rap for good reasons. You think those people live in rundown trailer parks and drive
beat pickups because it's fashionable to be economically screwed? Poor white trash have been
getting the shaft as long as the rich have been importing blacks and exterminating the

Was it the "wetbacks" hanging out at the bus stop corner for a ride to their farm jobs that
voted in a smoke filled back room to deindustrialize America(by that I mean ship our means of
production-our factories-overseas)? If that's true, why are they here by the millions looking
for work? They get screwed over by their "leaders" enough to be motivated to migrate here,
and they get screwed by what they find out is the most insidious caste system in history?

Was it those "dotheads" operating the local convenient food mart that thought it'd be a great
ideal to have "free trade" that's sucked America dry of wealth? How does robbing people of
their jobs, and money, make them want to buy more? And wouldn't they suffer too? They
immigrated America, they'd want to enjoy being an American-not regret it.

Was it those gangbanging "niggers" who wrecked our education system, and turned our cities
into blighted war zones? If anyone's the victims of deliberately dumbed down public schools,
drug smuggling, and economic warfare, it's the blacks. And anyone else too poor to move out
of a slum. They didn't create the problems, they grew up in them and became the twisted
stereotypes of your manipulated nightmares.

Was it those "camel jockeys" operating another liquor store that think it's a great plan to
further shackle ordinary Americans with intrusive ID schemes cooked up by former Soviet
apparatchiks, while our borders are made more wide open than a Hollywood Hooker's legs at
midnight? Sure it's the official line that Muslims were behind 9/11, but anyone who saw the
live broadcasts heard further explosions at the moment the towers came down… as if being
demolished. And our vaunted air defenses let FOUR lumbering passenger planes fly off course
for over an hour… passing over nuclear power plants that if penentrated would make the most
populous sections of our nation a radioactive dead zone? Approaching major metropolitan
areas unchallenged? No. Just as much as that gas station owner does NOT think that
transforming the United States of America into a reborn Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is
nothing less than the uttermost evil-triumphing over whatever good America has done in
promoting Freedom.

Was it those "chinks" in the laundromat who cause our money to buy less, even as we make
less of it to begin with? You, I-certainly not the average Chinese controls our money. The
federal reserve does by how much money it prints out. It causes inflation, printing more
money, thus making each dollar buy less, and making all kinds of market manias-imbalances
that eventually, inevitably burst. They can and have also shut off the money supply, causing
depressions. And it's done on purpose to keep us all poor.

Was it those "injuns" who take up to half your wages before you even see them on your
paycheck? It's the government-robbing you of your earnings before you even see them with a
hundred different taxes. A hundred different excuses, much as the Native Americans were
given a hundred different excuses why their lands were swindled from them, and their
peoples had a genocidal war waged against them.

No. It's not your favorite race to hate that has turned living in America into a nightmare. It is
the fault of rich folks and other power craving fools of any origin. It always has been;
inheriting vast wealth, they seek more control. Thus, they take over government and craft
the laws and taxes and bureaucracies to serve them… meaning we get served with the theft
of the fruits of our labors, the theft of justice, the theft of our freedoms, the theft of our
future, the theft of our security.

This is what we have to learn again. This is what we have to rediscover as not only Americans,
but as Human Beings who stand and say WE shall determine our destiny. WE shall determine
how we live. WE shall have have freedom and whatever sacrifices it takes by each of us to
keep our freedom, we shall. Until we do that, we shall have tyranny, we shall have the fruits
of our labors systematically robbed from us, we shall not have justice nor freedom.

So why waste time hating folks in the same boat as you?

The Black Man, the White Man, the Red Man, the Brown Man, the Yellow Man. We are all
united under a common denominator: our culture, our economies, our laws, our institutions,
our communites, they have all been subverted and are being systematically destroyed… WE
are being systematically destroyed.

We can combat this. Each of us is an individual with the capacity for free will, to do right or
wrong. Step back from your racial and social predjudices-which are programmed into you by
the way-and look at the next person different from you as an individual being as afflicted by
what he or she's forced to live in as you. All of us pay excessive and unnecessary taxes, have
to submit to arrogant, preening bureaucrats for licenses to do and go to what is our natural
right. All of us can at any time become the victim of a sadistic, hardnosed crook with a badge
and a gun and be systematically destroyed by the state. All of us can have our means of living
robbed by greedy rich bluebloods and their sycophant lackeys when they move your job to a
Third World Hellhole.

Talk to them. They're in the same boat as you. And then stand by them and fight for what's

J. Croft
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Thursday, March 03, 2005

February 28: Just another sad date in American History


J. Croft
In the above picture I depict ATF "agents" assaulting a rural church with everything they got,
and having a good time about it. The picture itself is a satirical comment on the nature of our
current government, and if anyone's had any dealings with federal agents, the bootleg usage
of Beavis and Butthead is entirely appropriate for the bottom feeding scum that compose
most of their ranks.

The event itself: February 28, 1993, Mount Carmel, the Branch Davidian church and it's raid
by a hundred buttheads, is tragic. The federal agents shot first and only asked questions after
a righteous hail of defensive fire from the victims drove them back.

The tragedy became all the more horrific when the FBI was called in to salvage the "image"' of
the federal government and laid down a brutal siege that ended with the extermination of
the victims by fire and cyanide gas created when the "nonlethal" CS gas was ignited.

That horror was made all the worse with the systematic whitewash conducted by the Clinton
Administration that made every excuse they could to justify going after 81 American Citizens
in such a hardcore manner. They made excuses about a meth lab and child rape-and had a
firearms regulatory agency "investigate". They made excuses about the need for fully armed
military tanks and helicopters. They made excuses about the need to systematically torture
the victims with continuous loud noises and cutting off water-to children! They made excuses
for torching the place-with children inside.

Do you know what the worst part of this tragedy is? The worst part is that nobody did
anything to stop them. The government murdered those people as a show of force to scare us-
and we let them get away with it. We desperately accepted their excuses, so that we
wouldn't have to come face to face with the evil that has grown into the terminal cancer of
tyranny choking our nation-choking our world! We valued our gently deteriorating way of life
over standing up for our rights yet once again. We chose our gently deteriorating way of life;
our trashy entertainments, our welfare, our current comfort over setting right what has gone
horrificly wrong.

It's part of the real American Way. Common folks buying the excuses and lies to retain what
they got and not facing down the evil oppressing their fellow man, that's a American tradition
going back to the acceptance of stealing this land from the Native Americans and tolerating
British Aristocracy importing Africans and poor Europeans as slaves. It's a tolerance, a denial
of elites inflicting suffering onto others who are "different" that clashes with the popular
notion in this country that we are willing to fight for freedom.

Our own elites crushed a righteous rebellion in rural Pennsylvania in the 1790's and ironically
gave birth to the very government agency that would start the war against the Branch
Davidians two centuries later. Those same elites kept expanding the United States across the
Continent, and crushed all that opposed them. Elites brutally crushed populist movements to
organize unions with deadly force, and the common folks accepted the lie that their fellow
men in the movements were communist or whatever. They accepted the ever enroaching
government controls of licensing and regulating that steals one's freedom. And for the most
part, common people failed to see this fundamental truth: it is necessary to oppose evil at
the first sight of it.

We haven't. We haven't come close to trying as a people-and history WILL judge us for that

Some however, some people do see and do what they can to oppose evil. The civil rights
movement in the 60's springs to mind, as does the antiwar movement when it wasn't being
hijacked by fabian socialists. Your average soldier, fighting for America, does so but does it
all too blindly. There are organizations and individuals on the internet who labor mightily to
awaken America. They stand for freedom and justice. They are on both sides of the "left-right
political paradigm". They are as yet too few and too marginalized by the elites, cut off in
large part to fair media access to reach most Americans. Yet they fight on.

We as awakened Americans, it is each of us, our individual and collective responsibility to
recognize the war we are forcibly cast in over the destiny of the Earth and the Human Race.
To fight the evil enslaving us all and crush it, forever. It is easy to see this evil, just look at
what people accomplish.

If someone or an organization proposes something that winds up robbing people of their too
hard earned wages, they're part of the evil whether they realize it or not.

If someone or an organization proposes or does something that winds up robbing people of
their personal property, they're part of the evil.

If someone or an organization proposes or does something that robs people of their right to
personal arms for the protection of themselves, their families, and their nation as part of the
unorganized militia, they're definitely part of the evil oppressing us all. And it's been proven
that such victimizers hypocritically go armed themselves!

And if someone or an organization proposes laws that steal your inalienable rights for
whatever excuse, it's a no brainer they're evil.

And there's so much interlocking evil to fight you say? There's so many of us, a division of
labor is automatic; figure out which evil pisses you off the most and go after it with
everything you've got. Believe me, when you are in the fight and wage war against the enemy
in a righteous cause God will help you unlock strengths and skills you had no ideal you even
had. That's how weakened Humanity has become due to the poisonous evils in every level of
this civilization.

There are ways to fight evil-individually and collectively. Each one of us can hand a
informative or inspiring book or video or pamphlet to a stranger or even tuck it in a popular
book at a library(an ideal that gives me a sweet little plan-I'll write it up in another article).
We can learn how to use a rifle competently out to 500 yards and pass that vital knowledge
onto others. We can attend our town hall meetings and monitor our elected officials. We can
prepare for our own survival when America is subjected to it's long planned collapse-stock up
on foodstuffs, basic tools, 19th and 20th century knowledge of making things. We can
network, get more people to wake up.

Collectively… we can act in unison. We could move to a small rural town that has good
resources surrounding it, register to vote and in the next election take over. Accomplishing
that, we could repeal all property tax laws, eliminate many of the regulations choking
America-as a lot is done locally. We can make such a small town an example, a bastion of
Freedom in the land, inspiring others to do likewise. And with control of the local apparatus
of power, resistance to federal atrocities like Waco, Harper's Ferry, the Whisky Rebellion,
Ruby Ridge and Wounded Knee become possible. Good people, acting with righteous indignity
at federalized buttheads can and will stop them. It's possible-it's already happened in

After World War Two, in Athens Tennessee, returning GI's wanted a clean local government.
The ruling corrupt politicians who had made living in Athens miserable did every trick in the
book to steal the election and went so far as to lock up the ballots in the local jail and shot at
anyone trying to examine them. This didn't stop those Warriors-they went to a local armory,
requisitioned some rifles and shot it out with the corrupt local officials. The Governor at the
time did nothing to oppose the GI's effectively sealing the corrupt officals fate. So opposing
evil is still possible in America-we just have to decide to say NO MORE!

That old saw-about every journey starting with a single step-is an old saw because it's really
true. Find your cause. Seek a quiet space, be all alone and casting everything else from your
mind probe your heart. There, God awaits you to talk to Him. Have some maturity about this;
don't be like a little kid asking a make believe santa claus for a wish list. It doesn't work like
that, and it shouldn't; YOU wouldn't want to be pestered by your ignorant kid's birthday or
xmas wish list every day, even if you could deliver. So have some maturity and ask what can I
do, and then listen, and God will advise you how to do it, even if you have to work two jobs
just to "keep" the crap you've bought with enslaving debt, or you have huge medical bills, or
have kids. God is all that we aren't and that includes knowing what to do. And He really is on
Humanity's side so trust in God and listen.

And then work to stop any more tragic days in American History from happening. This can only
be done if good people say NO MORE!






















J. Croft

Hello, how are you doing today Mr. and/or Mrs. America.

Are you content, satisfied with your life and all the toys you've hocked the rest of your life's
labor for? Does your work at that megacorporation you bust your hump for fulfill your desires?

Do you have enough time for your loved ones with all the bills you have to make? Be able to
give them the love and attention and guidance we all need? Do you even have energy to spend
a few minutes to play catch? Read a book? Share a hard-learned life lesson to them, so they
can do better than you? How 'bout a hug?

Do you have enough to live on-even so much you don't have to borrow? Can you enjoy a trip
somewhere for the weekend-you can get away from that office and your barely human
overseer-er, manager, can't you? Do you have anything to set aside for, in case of your car
breaking down, or you lost your job?

Do you feel at ease with the society you live in? The increasingly difficult struggle to make
ends meet, the invasion of illegals, the ever increasingly choking presence of law
enforcement, the decreasing availability of quality jobs you can live on? Can you honestly say
to yourself that all the advertising, all the programming in the magazines, the papers, the
television-that push for you to just consume, consume, consume and for God's sakes don't ask
hard questions-that doesn't bother you as you sink ever deeper into debt trying to live up to

Do you go to church? Do you watch those televangelists on TV? Are you at ease with what they
preach-restricted as they are by their 501c(3) corporate status that restricts how and what
they can talk about if they want to retain their tax-free status? Did you know that under
corporate status they are regulated by the Internal Revenue Service as far as political speech,
social issues, and anything that may be construed as "anti-government" and get shut down?
Reading that, do you think they would tell the truth about what's going on, even in their own
ranks? Is it okay to ignore the outright use of religion like a truck stop whore to push for more
war, more murder of God's creation-your fellow Human Beings?

Do you think your public servants are truly there to protect you? That they'd honor your
Constitutional Rights, and never target you for speaking your mind about what's wrong? Do
you think your tax burdens at approaching 50%, are fair and just? That all the laws, the YARDS
of bookshelves filled with the U.S. Code, that the bureaucrats and lawyers generate are there
to preserve our liberties and our way of life? That you can take a politician's election night
promises as gospel truth? That they're all altruists, and don't have any ulterior designs for
more power?

Do you trust the police without question-that those that accuse the cops of abuse of authority
and brutality are liars or just wrong? That cops are really there to protect us all, from the
poorest to the richest? That when they pounce on you on the roads out nowhere, charging at
you at dangerous speeds and making you jump and temporarily lose control of your vehicle,
that it's just to look out for you?


You're in danger-you, I, and every other American-of losing it all. Already being content and
satisfied with our lives and our society has become a dim memory, a fleeting wish. Nostalgia.
We can't possibly be content when we have to work much harder for much longer hours, for
much less to live on. Our jobs, our labors only satisfy and enrich the mega rich we work for.

We work for others, and most of the fruits of our labors go to others-if not the mega rich who
own/control the megacorporations then the government, in all it's manifestations and taxes.
For us, a small pittance; enough for us to make that monthly payment on that debt millstone
called a mortgage. Auto loans, credit cards-that we're programmed as "consumers" to enter
into like lemmings, like idiots when we see something advertised on the TV-that electronic
narcotic. It is a narcotic because watching the boob tube for more than a few seconds
stimulates your right brain into producing pleasure hormones, even if you're watching a crap
ass reality tv show.

Yes we've been made into idiots, admit it. Our education system is not made to educate, it
indoctrinates with just enough educating for us to read the big lettered offers on loans and
credit. Just enough education to ignore the fact that that offer comes with terms of payment
on the fine print that'd make a loan shark envious. Just enough education for us to not
question where exactly we got that impulse to buy that bigger TV, or that bigger SUV half of
us can't seem to handle on the road. (hint, the idea probably came from that TV you want to
replace with a plasma screen) Critical thinking, an awareness of our history, a basic sense of
right and wrong-what's that to you as you heed the battle cry: "Let's go to the mall!"

So, we're consuming idiots for what little compensation we're allotted for our labors. And the
sorry excuse for the money we use seems to have less and less purchasing power year after
year. Yet we work ourselves all the harder to keep up the programmed expectations of having
that bigger plywood and sheet rock home, the cars, and all the other junk sold to us by our
American Idol, the TV. Television's the source of our programmed desires, our beliefs as
modern day Americans. And that TV's content is created by a interlocking network of basically
a handful of megacorporations-owned by a few rich old white men. The gatekeepers that
somehow sing the same tired tune on up to 150 channels. Same WAY too rich old white men
who benefit from the status quo as the government… the status quo that's killing you. Rigging
the economies of the world so you're forced to work yourself to death(if they haven't sent
that work to Mexico, China, or India). Work so much you wind up alienating your spouse, your
children, making them dependent on the TV set for the attention you're denying them.

That's the slow death; there's also the quicker, more painful death that we're increasingly at
risk from, thanks to generations of traitors that we've allowed to run this great nation of ours.
Traitors are everywhere folks!

Traitors who know that when you put tax and regulatory barriers to entrepeneurs, when you
ship good, even decent wage paying jobs overseas you force people out on the street when
they can't make their mortgage or rent because they have to eat. Or when you steal their
legal livelihoods you create criminals.

These traitors are everywhere you find power, and it's all because we've ALLOWED ourselves
to be put to sleep by the TV and that chimera pushed as the American Dream and all it's petty
trinkets that has only pushed us into chains of debt slavery to their banks!

So who are these traitors? How are they so powerful that they can manipulate generations of
people like this? As far as I've been able to determine by study, "they" are a group of
interbred-inbred really-megarich, violent sociopathic bluebloods who literally think they own
the world and that their actions to literally dismantle America and the World, are just
consolidating their power.

You may have read or heard rumors about their names: Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bush. You'll
occasionally hear about their organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the
Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones. I'm sorry to say the rumors are true,
and they're the rich old white men who's lackeys acting as the cultural and media gatekeepers
made the title "conspiracy theorist" a slur even worse than "enviromentalist wacko", "right
wing extremist" or "n*gger".

Sounds crazy to you? Want to stop reading? Want to label these words as the products of one
of those conspiracy types: the kind who run around in cammies, toting gun show special tec-
9's, picking their nose, oogling their kinfolk, and claiming microchips are implanted up their

Ever ask yourself where that automatic impulse to make those snap judgements, to think
those thoughts without any consideration of their truth came from?

The culture. More specifically that TV you spend hours in front of. And, thanks to that
electronic narcotic you paid hundreds for at a nice interest, and forty bucks a month for the
cable, you're conditioned so that when someone presented by "them" is labeled a "conspiracy
theorist", you immediately discount anything he or she has to say, no matter how true.

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was to convince people that he doesn't exist. "They"
have done the same thing; owning all the levers of human power, they get their dupes to get
their dupes, dupes to implant in the media they directly control that conspiracies are for
kooks, not kids or anyone else.

Someone brings up valid critiques of how the Warren Commission report was pure crap? Have
Peter Jennings host a crap ABC News Special using patently erroneous data, or the Mythbuster
dorks go by that erroneous data and staged a patently botched and biased test.

Government story on 9/11seem like lies? (and they really are lies)All the media you're likely
to take in outside of the internet will paint the same brief story; we "weren't prepared
somehow" the greatest military power in history: then show the World Trade Center go down,
and then cut in with some video of our troops on some wild goose chase in the middle east.
More people question it? Have your stooge who controls Popular Mechanics do a purge of his
writing and editorial staff and do a state approved whitewash.

Here's a example that you'll have to relate to: ever wonder where all the jobs went? You'd
think there wasn't a problem at all except you not consuming more by watching the
teleprompter readers at CNBC having a heart attack about America having a "service
economy"(financial traitors like them and their masters getting rich hustling their share to
your dumb ass at peak prices). Meanwhile, you want any pictures of what their treasonous
service economy has done to deindustrialize America: if you're too cowardly to roll through
Detroit, LA, Buffalo, Flint, NYC, or Pittsburgh, try hitting the temp services, or catch a Feed
the Children special at 1am.

But hey; the TV's never lied to me!

There are conspiracies folks. And America's got the greatest tangle of them controlling our
very perceptions of reality. "They" really are in control; the puppetmasters, the hidden hands
of history, they've used as many front organizations and bad guys(and "good guys") as required

1)Keep Human Civilization repressed and ignorant, and dependent on their institutions, their
resources and technologies. Why else would we be stuck with 20mpg SUV's after a hundred
years? Explain the crappy space shuttle that takes a minor miracle to complete a mission?
Explain Microsoft?

2)Occasionally cull this "herd" with wars pitting their front men against each other-using us all
as their cannon fodder.

It's a hidden history. A good primer can be found going through the articles at
Also, go to and look up their archives; specifically the articles by Charles
Savoie about the Pilgrim Society. Also and are good
background sources on "they".

They're the "they"-and "they" have been sucessful in hiding their agenda for generations. As
you'll find out, "they" have long ago infiltrated universities-where our educators, our lawyers,
our sucessful businessmen, our politicians, our military commanders, our bureaucrats, our
media gatekeepers go through. They go through college and from day one are
comprehensively and systematically brainwashed in a ideology that turns high school kids into
unthinking elitist puppets. Puppets who've been twisted into pushing whatever part of the
Agenda they've been trained for. Slaves.

…Yet, these puppets, these robots, these slaves, they either have no ideal what they're
helping to push or they've become so twisted by the traitors, they're now traitors themselves.

Our Educators-most of them so far up Karl Marx's ass they couldn't be surgically separated.
They push a vague form of American brand socialism that's created the colossus of
government choking us like kudzu. They're trained to churn out all the unknowing and
knowing socialists that comprise all the other classes of college graduates, who take socialism
as American as apple pie.

…And almost none know of the treasonous programming they indoctrinate us with.

Our Lawyers-who also become our judges and politicians. They're also trained in this anti-
American socialism and push for more laws, more regulations drafted by their "comrades" and
enforce these tyrannies on us all. And charge us hundreds of dollars a hour to be represented
by them in their courts. Where they steal more of our hard earned money with judgements of
fines and confiscation and jail time.

…And almost all are aware that "they" want it to be like this, and if they want the power and
the petty comforts being their tools allots them, they will continue to oppress their fellow
man with this insidious form of slavery.

Our Businessmen-churned out by business schools, they manage the massah's
megacorporations that market us to death with their shoddy products that don't last or
become obsolete, and poison our air, land and waters in the process. Poison us as well. These
megacorporations have taken over everything, and driven private entrepeneurs, family farms,
and flag waving American companies out of business or overseas. They're interlocked so in
essence they're one vast incorporation-that's owned in part by the Federal Government when
their stocks collapse and the government goes in and buys the stocks to keep Wall Street
going! A many-faced monopoly that mutually owns each of it's components, a devious form of
communism but with a Armani suit. These corporate suits, these traitors think nothing of
cozying up to a tyrannical federal government, and advancing the beast's agendas. Just think-
their labors help steer the slave galley all of us are cooped up in as we're pushed to row faster
and faster for less bread and water.

…And all have long ago sold out to the beast so they can have that wannabe mansion in that
gated community.

Our Military and Police-deserving to be lumped together because they've become one Habeus
Corpus violating entity. Our armies "peacekeep" and enforce government will like cops, and
our cops are suiting up like punk ass ninjas with military ordnance and armored vehicles, like
they were the a-team. Strutting around on a power trip many of these people are nothing but
puppets, many of whom who have no ideal what freedom is and how precious it is, go about
enforcing the massah's many, many enslaving edicts as if on a mission from God. Open season
on average citizens to harass and intimidate? Taser little kids repeatedly and cuff em' up?
Knock around some(fill in preferred slur)? Ambush folks after the bar even though they're
driving safely? Expose decent citizens to the homosexual rape palaces known as our prisons
for exercising their Constitutional recognized Rights to Free Speech, Assemble, Petition for
Redress of Grivences, and Bearing Arms for our God-Given Right of Self-Protection? No
problem, just another day taking out the trash. Many of them would literally wear a swastika
armband as long as they get to carry that badge and gun and mess with ordinary folks all day.

…And one day, a few of these traitors in black will have their jackboot on your throat, or
pump fifty thousand volts of electricity into your kids or your grandmother. Maybe they'll just
pump 'em full of lead.

Our Bureaucrats-a lot of them think they're serving "the public" but to a bureaucrat(or a
cop)it's a nebulous term that envelops the People, yet at the same time doesn't include us as
Individuals. Really, it's more of a synonym with the State, which has in America grown into
the greatest socialistic tumor in history. Global in reach now, it's self-imposed borders of
authority entrench themselves deeper and deeper into American life like kudzu. Kudzu's a
plant that was imported from Japan into the South that not only grows at a prodigious rate,
choking all around it, it's roots can extend down to a hundred feet-bogarting nutrients and
sunlight from all around it. That's the American government.

…And our "public servants" serve this cancer in order to have a secure job, a bit of that "good
life" falsely promised to all of us if we just "went along". All at the fifty percent tax burden
you're forced to shoulder, and the unending regulation of what's supposed to be a "free

Our Media-some of the most obnoxious socialists outside of a university political science
department work to shape our culture, our views, what we buy, wear, drive, live in, think
and say. They have vast power and have a effective monopoly thanks to the megacorporations
that own it. These house slaves preach the supremacy of the state, the chimera known as the
American Dream that enslaves all that aspire for it in debt in a vain attempt to attain it. And
it's not like the trash they sell us is worth watching or reading or wearing-there's literally all
sorts of programming that keeps us asleep. Asleep to all the traitors running around,
destroying this great nation of ours. It also subconsciously lowers our expectations of
ourselves and others as our media's insidious mediocrity is pushed as virtues, and it's hurt us
so badly. Few anymore even think about excelling, because a People who think about
excellence also tend to think about things like Freedom and Prosperity. No. "They" can't have
that so part of the literal programming of our TV softened minds is the lifting up of being
mediocre. Just do your job good enough to keep it. Play on the weekend. Obey the laws
without so much as a thought of protesting their justness in a supposedly free society.

…And they all know the real scandals, the buried bodies, the missing, the abuses of power.
And also they also know it's suicidal to try and expose the corruption we've all let metasize in
this country.

…And yes-there are good folks still, in all of these controlled institutions, but they're in the
minority-pining away just like you for a hero to save the day.

There isn't a organization existing now that'll do that. The Republican Party machine has been
taken over by a pack of people either planning armageddon so they can get to heaven or want
to profit off the manufacturing of war materials. The Democrats would do the same thing,
only under a United Nations government that would make ours, as bad as it is, look like a
paragon of small governance.

There isn't a person in power that'll do that now. Remember JFK? He started making noise
about pulling out of Vietnam, détente with the Soviet Union, and dismantling the Federal
Reserve-and he got blasted in broad daylight. He sure as hell ain't riding back from his grave
on a white horse, and neither is anyone else gonna jump on that pony ride, or in a red striped
black van that's gonna save the day for you. Mr T ain't gonna bitchslap some sense into the
cops before they taser the next toddler acting out because she hates that crappy day care
center she's stuck in by her overworked parents. Face Man isn't gonna run for Congress and
win, and singlehandedly push laws through to dismantle all the agencies and their agents that
choke Americans and their efforts. Hannibal Smith isn't going to your kid's university and
chase all the idiot marxist professors out by firing his assault rifle at their feet. And Howling
Mad Murdoch sure as hell isn't going to steal a Army gunship and use all those traitorous CEOs,
bankers and politicians rolling in their limos for target practice.

It's going to be up to us. You. We are going to have to be our own heros. We are the ones
ultimately who are responsible for our society by our actions and inactions, definitely, and so
it's up to us to clean it up.


I know your frustration. Struggling against a entire society going "wheee" as it's flushed down
the toilet is a daunting challenge, and from what you've been taught in those public schools
and the TV you've gotten "their" message that the only thing to do is to go with the flow.
Those are lies.

It's also a lie there isn't a thing you can do about it. There's EVERYTHING you can do, you've
never been shown a concrete plan of resistance and victory. Read on, if you truly desire

What you can do as an Individual
Before an athlete can compete in a game he must be in his best possible shape. To win the
war for our freedom, you too must be in the best possible shape-physically, mentally,
financially, and spiritually. You must clean up your own house before you can clean up your
neighborhood, so to do that you must clean yourself.

A house, a person is only as good as the foundation, and that foundation isn't in your material
wealth, your health, or the soundness of your mind. Your foundation is your soul, for without
righteousness, without truth or love, nothing else you'll do will be certain. So let's start with:

God-in spite of what your pastor might've told you, or Pat Robertson, God expects us to do
battle against evil wherever we see it, especially in ourselves. Love God and others like you
do yourself-it's because we as Americans have been conditioned into thinking strictly about
ourselves, being selfish, and that taking responsibility sucks that we're losing our nation. Love
God, because He loves you enough to have let you come into this world as a free agent, a
Human Being in a society of relative affluence-as corrupted as it is.

So,why did He make you as a American in 2005, and not a Brit or Russian or Somalian or Iraqi?
It sure as hell wasn't to await some "rapture" and let our traitors destroy our planet and
civilization. It sure as hell wasn't to damn 5 billion, seven hundred million people to death so
YOU can have some imagined get-out-of-the-apocalypse-free card. It sure as hell wasn't to
pursue that masterstroke of marketing called the "American Dream" of shoddy, imported
megacorporate junk.

No! We're here as Americans at the dawn of the 21st Century because God puts us here for a
purpose-to fight to get back the Nation and Freedoms our ancestors fought for. To be equal
under the law, free to do as one will without harming others, with no corporate tools
poisoning the enviroment, hypnotizing us with their ceaseless advertisements, or having their
lackeys push us into pre-arranged wars of conquest. Taking back control over America's
direction, stop fighting bogus wars, and avert a global Holocaust that's slated to kill off most
of the human race.

A holocaust "they" have been laying the groundwork for at least the past century if what I've
studied about them is accurate. How else could the elites turn around and progressively strip
America of it's economic strength and spread our forces out over the entire globe like a more
insidious form of imperialism. Almost all the nations of Earth have our troops stationed there.

And yet our borders are wide open. We have the greatest debt levels in history. China was
sold our nuclear weapons and high tech secrets by Clinton and Bush, who took their money
and invested in corporations who literally strip America of it's industrial strength and ship it
over to them. So have all of the super rich living today.

Reading that, "their" game plan's obvious; one more ruinous global war-between America and
China. This time, America will not be victorious; we have been used and abused and we shall
be tossed to the side-violently. China will probably still stand, but all the nations of Earth will
be so ravaged by this coming conflict, we'll all be ready to accept anyone's proposal to fix
things. And "they" have such a plan; you might have heard of it whispered, it's called the "new
world order". Which is nothing more than "them" controlling everything and everyone through
a choking high tech bureaucracy. America will be broken up into a bunch of dependent states-
resource colonies where the remaining assets, the land, the trees, the minerals in the ground,
our homes-our very lives will be used as collateral to pay back the debts our leaders took out
as we all slept.

"They" have made a fatal mistake though. Fatal to them.

It may have been "their" true plans for America to use this nation to build a "new world
order", but in their hubris they unleashed ideals dangerous, lethal to them; the expectations
of Freedom and Prosperity. Because never before in human history have there been such a
codification of the Rights of Man as in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.
Freedom of Religion, Speech, Assembly, Bearing Arms, Secure in your Home and Property,
protections against self-incrimination, a speedy trial, bans on cruel and unusual punishments,
and strict boundaries on government authority with the advantage going to the People.

Those ideals of Freedom come from God ultimately; why else would God make us individuals,
with free will? For those "founding fathers" however, who were attributed with their origin,
they owned and traded slaves. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin-all had plantations and never
freed their "property" while they were alive. They were the elite-part of the "they" back in
those days who sought a "new atlantis", a mercantile empire. So, why the First Revolution?
The obvious answer, knowing history, is to provide the British elite with a eventual enforcer
state to spread and enforce their own fortunes through their corporations, especially after
"they" got done exhausting Great Britain proper and make it a dependent state. They needed
a excuse, to get the People to go along with no longer being British subjects, but Citizens of a
independent America.

So, in a conspiracy with elites in the British Homeland they staged a war that constantly saw
the British Army lose in European style warfare-just enough for the third rate regular Colonial
Army to survive and fight another day. For cannon fodder "they" sought to recruit the common
folks for their War of Independence. Same common folks that they were constantly putting a
squeeze to in Colonial America by sewing up the legislatures and the laws, and rigging the
economics to benefit themselves-and keep everyone else dependent on them. For these
Colonial rich to get them to fight "they" had to inflict what's known as the dialectic on them.
The British Crown raises taxes and imposes regulations on economics and travel beyond the
Appalachian mountains on people wanting a new life and opportunity, which frustrates some
into open revolt. Most just wanted the Empire to be reasonable but they were unknowingly
being herded into rebellion. A few "radicals" in league with "they" take the rebellion to the
next level. They in effect launched a civil war and wrapped the whole cynical thing under the
banner of Liberty.
"They" played a most dangerous game; unleashing those ideals to people armed, to raise their
expectations-to go from subjects to a king to being virtually kings of themselves and the
government the subject. "They" got their American Revolution alright. It also took decades of
fighting off a number of rebellions after the war, against "their" foreclosing farms for debts,
their taxes on whiskey(which launched the federal agency ultimately known as the ATF) and
the imposition of the 1787 Constitution and Bill of Rights to put a leash on what they
unleashed from Pandora's Box.

Pandora's Box is still open, however. No matter what their descendants have done in using
America as a tool for world domination, no matter how they've used America as a whore for
their designs, the concepts they've unleashed can and will never be unlearned. And now, in
2005, it is up to you Mr. and Mrs. America, to finish the American Revolution. Finish fighting
these all too rich elitists for our world.

That's why God's put you here, now. Not to have that job you prostitute yourselves for, and
yet not even see a tenth of the fruit of your labors for. Not to have that mortaged-for-life five
bedroom "mansion". Not to have that SUV you can barely drive, or afford to gas. Not those
18%APR VISA cards you use to get that garage full of crap you probably used maybe twice.
Certainly not to have obnoxiously authoritarian bureaucrats running around imposing yards
worth of books filled with regulations on every conceivable aspect of life so that the People
are mired in red tape. Or worse, stage murderous raids on those seeking to be outside of their
tyranny-tyranny they desecrate the American flag with by wrapping their foul deeds in it.

You're here to forge a better world for you and your children. You're here to do that by doing
what's necessary to liberate America from the chains of the "soft" slavery that bind us mind
body and soul. Starving the corporate made consumer culture of the demand for it's junk.
Breaking the back of the government and it's lackey corporations by denying it dollars in the
form of taxes from what you spend and what you report. In doing so stopping it in it's tracks
from installing a permanent police state here, and smashing third world nations over false

Fight, you must instead of fretting over what game to watch or what you're gonna grill up for
the weekend. But to do that you must be ready for the fight, and the very first thing you've
got to do is get right with God.

First, make some time to be alone, and with absolutely nothing going on but your thoughts.
No music, TV, or interruptions. Let all the stresses and worries of your life slip away. Let your
thoughts slip away until the only thing you feel is your heart.

Your heart does more than pump blood. It feels, and those pangs of consciousness, that voice
that's told you to do the right thing-that's God talking to you.

So pay attention to your heart and listen to what God has to say to you. Direct, and not what
some pastor or that scam artist Benny Hinn says God says.(I'd like to see that blow dried creep
follow Jesus' teaching and sell all he has, give the proceeds to the poor, and quit with that
ridiculous doo)

God's gonna surprise you, I'll warn you right now. Somehow you came across this message, and
somehow something inside you got you to read this message. Guess what? That's God, and the
good news is you listened so you're already on the path. You got to keep going though,
because you're already in a war declared against you by the rulers of this sorry world. You're
already in the war, and further acquiescence, further submission to their evil is not only
futile, it should be insulting, shameful, degrading-beneath you! Dying? This body dies, as does
everyone's, but after that we're all in God's hands, and what we-you do now and for the rest
of your life in this world WILL matter.


We do what God would have us do. Reading the Bible, you'll find different books and authors
contradict each other a lot-a lot saying you should "obey your masters and government" and
whatnot. Consider who wrote what, because if for nothing else it was men that put together
the bible. Mostly the type that are Roman Emperors, bloodthirsty conquerors looking to
legitimize their crimes, and false prophets who claim God sent them but turn around and
contradict everything.

So you have to consider what most likely came from God and Jesus and go from there,
weighing the author and his words against God. The closest that is would be the Gospels at
the beginning of the New Testament, although Christ didn't write those. This is Christianity
we're talking about, so assuming that the four gospels containing Jesus Christ's words are
accurate you weigh the rest of the Bible on that.

So what does Jesus say we should do? We heal the sick, help the homeless find a home, free
the prisoners(and we're all prisoners on our own planet by the way-think we Americans have it
bad?), expand the frontiers of Freedom, fight evil and prevail wherever we find it and crush
the demons literally and figuratively. Jesus DID all of that-and got executed for it!

But first we must be right. It's not important to God that you have a lot of junk-in fact, a
childish need for the trinkets the megacorporations push on us gets in the way of the
essentials of life. It IS important to God if you do right. So if you're not to be trusted with
secrets because you're a gossip, quit trash talking about your neighbors who don't deserve it.
If you borrow things and never return them, that's stealing. If you don't spend time with your
kids because Survivor or American Idiot is on, well what's more important?

God wants us to love ourselves and love our people as ourselves. He also wants our love as
well, but religion, in service to "they", always wind up painting God as a celestial crackhead
frothing at the mouth for our suffering-when they're not asking you to tithe. That's actually
the devil's propaganda, a subliminal message that makes God repellant to folks. What you get
for a religion that's been in the hands of evil men for two millennia.
No. God wants our love because God is love. And if you love, you'll express that love as
action. You'll defend yourself and yours; your family, your home, your neighborhood, your
town, your country and your culture. Only people who have God are capable of this; those in
positions of power certainly don't have God in their hearts-why else would they attack us and
destroy our lives as they do?

God wants you-needs you to do your part because you're already in a war for yourself and
your world. So you might as well join the battle.

The point is, if your heart ain't right you won't have the inner strength to withstand what's
coming, let alone resist it. You'll collapse, give up, take the "easy" way out, betray your
friends when things get tough. Being a traitor; that's not something I'd want to carry around
for eternity.

Next: learn what's really going on. You sure as hell won't learn it by watching CNN or Fox. The
internet's the way to go, as it's the last bastion of independent voices that have a wide reach.
Go to as it's a warehouse of information… how much of it's valid well, that's for
you yourself to determine. Take personal responsibility for what you believe in. Some other
good sights are,, for straight talk about the economy.
Another website I would recommend you think about is

Start getting alternative views-a lot of them are right. You find out what's going on, and while
you're not on the internet: get the hell out of debt and that slave wage job you're working
like a chump. Most of the fruits of your labors either your employer keeps or the government
taxes away-and then like a genius you turn around and spend what's left on crap you'll have to
replace because it's engineered to break down or otherwise become obsolete.

Now, you must take steps to prepare yourself financially; you can't get political freedom if
you're still dependent on the same economics that has you like a mouse in a wheel for our

Stop buying crap you don't need! What you got should be fine. In fact you probably got extra-
sell it! Then, take that money and start paying off those credit cards. At 18%, it makes me
wish I owned a bank. You'll immediately notice you have more money in your wallet.

Sell that SUV, and get a somewhat older decent car that you can pay for up front: kiss that
300 a month loan payment goodbye! You can barely handle driving that monstrosity anyway.
There are auctions in the paper all the time, giving you a even bigger savings. Having 300
bucks more a month not tied up in debt payments gives you more options-like liberating
yourself from debt.

Scale down your domicile; sell that huge house and that huge mortgage payment for a smaller
home that you can own free and clear. Having at least a grand a month of cash to do as one
needs is liberating.

The end result? You are debt free, with no obligations other than your taxes and to feed and
clothe you and yours. You're no longer stretched to the limit trying to juggle bills. You, with a
purpose and free time and money can now take the next step; finding your purpose.

Economically freeing yourself, now you can ask this question: what's your purpose? Well, what
is it in your heart that you want to do? Not what career's being promoted to get you to get
training for. What is it that you've wanted to do when you were/are a young adult?

Do it!

In doing it, and talking to God about it in your heart, you should be able to discover what it is
about it that will serve others. In effect, what you like doing and how you're meant to do will
in some way that help others. The larger permutations and consequences you should leave up
to God to worry about; like I said, we're in a war and He's trying to set us free, not annihilate
us, so we have to have faith.

So you find your purpose(s) and in doing that with a debt free lifestyle you should be able to
make a living on it. You will have effectively a small business-you'll get to keep all the fruits
of your labors…

…wait, I gotta talk about taxes.

Having in effect a small business, you're required by the state to register as a "corporation",
report sales tax, and all the regulations bureaucrats love to lash onto you to be permitted to
operate. Reclaim your freedom; stay small, stay hidden, deal strictly in cash or barter items
or work. The state and it's bureaucrats have long ago proven they don't deserve our tax
dollars by the way they've ruined living in America. Deny them the fruits of your labors, keep
it underground and black market. Starve them of money.

Furthermore, those dollars in your pocket, on your checks and in your accounts-they're not
really dollars at all; they're debt notes. IOU's denominated in dollars by a private banking
cartel that loans these insturments to the government at interest. Our money is supposed to
be gold and silver as mandated by the Constitution, but until a economic crash occurs and the
dollar's printed into toilet paper this is but trivia.

But what isn't trivial is how we're all addicted into judging almost everything by dollar worth.
And it's through using these dollars that the state taxes and fines us to death. No matter what
we buy, there are taxes tied to it. So in your dealings cut down on the usage of their funny
money. Don't consume. Trade, borrow, lend, barter among others who want to be free.
Anything's preferable to feeding the beast.

Next step to take to make yourself ready for the fight; life insurance. Not some policy from a
insurance firm, but preparations you take as being responsible for yourself and yours. What
are you preparing for? The shutdown of America and it's way of life as a engine for
consumption and debt based economics. As you've discovered by your cutting back we
Americans have been trained to be the most hoggishly wasteful society in history. This was
not by accident. With our consumption comes cashflow for the megacorporations that set this
system up after WW2, so the logical outcome is the extreme wastefulness that goes on today.
We're trained to get the shiniest new junk they pump out, even at the expense of a lifetime
of debt slavery. We're dependent on being wasteful.

This wastefulness makes America extremely vulnerable; just cut off the flow of oil and the
flow of goods and services comes to a halt, and with most of us living in urban sprawl with
few outlets of basic goods within walking distance-think of the August 2003 blackout, and
picture it going on.

And on.

And on.

And on for weeks, months, probably years.

People will run out of food within a couple of weeks. Crime will skyrocket before that, and
when that last dusty can of green beans is consumed cold desperation and panic will set in.
And the blood will flow. Blood will flow-probably from you if you're unprepared-when that low
income neighborhood next to yours starts running out of food.

That's just one scary scenario, and it's not even close to being the worst case. Nuclear attack,
a restaging of a 9/11 style operation, mass terror strikes using stolen briefcase nukes, North
Korea lobbing ballistic missiles at our cities. A civil rights crisis involving abuse of illegal
immigrants galvanizing the estimated 20 million illegals in America into reacting violently.

Then there's what the government will do when they drop the hammer on our Constitution
and Bill of Rights and institute Martial Law; think those ninja suited madmen will stop at
incinerating a few backwoods churches and cabins?

You've read this far so here are some things you can and must do to protect yourselves

Look at a map of the United States of America. You'll see all the major cities, the clusters of
suburban towns that cluster around them like grapes, and the interstates that connect the
urban areas like vines. Now, look at the clear areas(not in the southwest, that's desert!) You'll
find some areas pretty far from the urban areas and interstates that have towns-move there,
or have a second home or relations, or even a trailer on a patch of cheap land. Those towns,
those rural areas will become the new redoubts of Freedom in America, because "they" have
their power in the major urban areas and military bases. Seek towns that could survive a
breakdown of the economy. Plus, they're cheap to live in.

Have some spare fuel for your car-rotate it out every six months because gasoline's
formulated to break down. Get some 55 gallon barrels, some 5 gallon jerry cans and a hand
pump to have as a emergency reserve. Take the jerry cans to the gas station and fill them up
each time you gas your car, then fill your barrels. Have your barrels in a separate shed, like a
tool shed, and when they're full, draw fuel from them to gas your car up and replenish as
needed. It's not to take advantage of price spikes, it's to have a emergency reserve.

Get a generator. A gasoline generator would be more compatable with your fuel storage but
lower powered. Diesel generators are more powerful and has the advantage of there being a
recipe for brewing a biofuel out of vegetable oil to fuel it.(THIS CAN ALSO BE USED IN
AUTOMOBILES WITH DIESEL ENGINES). Any generator however can power tools, a computer for
internet access, refrigerators-it's better having electricity than not having it of course.

Have what they used to call a pantry. Buy extra food you'll eat, and rotate that out like I
described with the gas storage. Buying in bulk saves cash in the long run anyway. And what's
even better is growing your own food naturally; having your own food supply and a few items
to trade will keep your food costs low.

To learn a LOT more, get the following magazines and their back issues.

The old MOTHER EARTH NEWS, up to about issue 80. These you'll have to look for at garage
sales and flea markets.

LINDSAY TECHNICAL BOOKS CATALOG. Everything you need to know about to restart a
industrial civilization after the apocalypse, they have it-but don't wait until after the
hammers dropped on us to get at least a basic battery of books.

BACKWOODSMAN. Small publication, but has a lot about basic living and old frontier
knowledge. Having back issues makes a good start to a survival library.

BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE. Like the Backwoodsman, but they have all their back issues on
CD's to view on your computer.

Learn how to use a weapon-preferably a rifle, because life in America can become very basic,
very easily and at best the desperate and the criminal are going to do what they got to.
Worse, is a out of control state being unleashed in a martial law(no law but what's dictated at
the end of a muzzle) scenario. They can shoot kids in the back, burn and poison whole
families alive, so they'll have no problem capping your middle class self. So if you want to
keep what's yours, learn to use a rifle in a combat situation.

Quick firearems overview
Pistols you carry on you when someone brings a fight to you-they allow you to fight your way
to your rifle, which is much more accurate and powerful. You always have your pistol on you,
or beside you within reach. Automatics are preferable over revolvers. You can always go to a
gun show and find a Glock, or 1911 type. Also common are Browning Hi-Powers, Sig Sauers,
and Smith & Wessons(last resort). Stick with 9mm, .40, and .45 auto calibers as they're cheap
and common. Have extra magazines and ammo and practice shooting live ammo and dry

Shotguns are good in a limited sense. Home defense and a car gun in a combat situation in
moving vehicles, a spray of buckshot allows a greater margin for error. Riot type shotguns
with the magazine going the full length of the barrel are preferable. Fit the weapon with rifle

Rifles are the PREFERRED weapon to have in a gunfight. And the preferred type of rifle to
have is one made to fight with in the first place. That means assault rifles that traitors in
government have nightmares about. If you have the money, and being middle to upper class
you should have the money, get a M-14. It's accurate, has a nice trigger pull, and shoots the
hard hitting 7.62mm NATO round. It's also gonna cost you about 2,000 bucks to properly
provide for it with extra magazines, ammo, and spare parts. It and it's ancestor, the 30-06
WW2 M-1 Garand are used in the Civilian Marksmanship Program. This course will teach you
how to shoot and hit out to 1,000 yards(and how it's survived over the years is something of a
miracle). Sign up and learn how to use a rifle in combat.

Second choice is the FN-FAL-it has a pistol grip, but it's sights and trigger are crappier. The
HK-91 is the most reliable rifle of all, but has even crappier sights and trigger, is the most
expensive, and it'll kick like a elephant gun. Stay away from the "clones" cobbled together
from parts kits, unless you want to learn gunsmithing to get them running properly.

If you're broke or just cheap, war surplus bolt actions like the Enfield and the Mauser are
cheap and ammo's currently plentiful-but look for .308 versions of these guns. You can buy
several and have them to arm friends and others who tag along in a pinch.

Where to get these weapons? First, look around for any gun shows; you can buy privately
without filling out federal forms that register you and your gun with the government. You'll
get the widest variety of weapon and ammo selection at these weekend shows, plus good
advice from folks who know what they're talking about.

If no shows are around you, or you're in need of a gun quick, you can look through the
classifieds. Someone's always got something for sale, though it probably won't be what you're
looking for.

A third option is to cruise garage sales and flea markets, but that's a crapshoot and your odds
of getting ripped off if you don't know what you're doing go way the hell up.
Gun shops? Nice for buying ammo and getting your gun serviced, and they're the most
reputable, but you'll have to sign that form and get registered with the government and have
a background check. And why go through that if government's the problem in this country?
You're only free with a gun when the government doesn't know you have one.

Having a gun is a great responsibility-it's your responsibility to never point the muzzle of your
weapon at something you don't want to destroy. It's also your responsibility to become
proficient in it's use. That means practicing marksmanship. Find someone who knows how to
show you the basics. Also, get a bb gun and "plink" at targets in your backyard or hallway. It
would also help if you took up paintball, which will teach you what combat's like. If you're
able, sign up for one of the premium firearms academies like Gunsite, or Thunder Ranch.

Here are some resources for you to continue your quest for personal protection:

PALADIN PRESS-they have a large selection of books on firearms and how to use them-among
other no-no topics like bomb making and guerilla warfare.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR VETERANS ORGANIZATION This is a website run by "Fred" who's
trying to promote old school rifle marksmanship; being able to shoot and hit with a service
rifle out to 500 yards. The principals can be taught at 25 yards with a backstop.

SNIPER COUNTRY.COM-this is a knowledge base for those hungry enough to want to learn to
shoot out to a thousand yards or more.

SUBGUNS.COM-another longtime message board. It's like being in a online version of one of
those old gunshops. They'll answer any question about guns or government you got.

Now, with you out of debt, having stopped being a slave of frivilous consumption and
overtaxation, and possessing the basic means of self-sufficiency and personal defense, it's
time and your responsibility to become personally responsible for others. Now you're ready to
join the fight for our freedom.


Share with them what you've discovered and have gained. Get copies of the text, files and
video that made you aware of the truth and share them. Just keep in mind the slow learning
curve that you went through, being at one time as conditioned as they are. Patience, tact,
and a minor miracle are needed to get through to the standard right or left wing American.
Patience as in not giving up, ever, to educate. Tact as in not making them as the enemy-
they're the ones who engineered our entire culture and society into it's current sorry
landscape. You don't win over white collar types by getting in their faces with black crusted
bare feet, bell bottoms, a hemp shirt and a week without a bath. Likewise, you don't win over
the millions of "lower class" Americans at the local bar watching nascar by trying to engage
them in a analysis of the government backed manipulation of the precious metals markets.
You have to get people to relate to you so they will listen-that's just how Americans are

Find out who they are. Find out what their buttons are. Corrupt, traitorous bosses, dirty
"brother cops", dirtbags making their neighborhood a hellhole, their jobs getting sent
overseas-there's enough illuminati generated miserey to go around for everyone. You'll find
some topic that's got them by the balls…

…and then, the miracle is up to God-does this person have a open enough heart, enough love
so that God can get this guy to listen to you? Have faith; God works in ways the devil and his
legions cannot comprehend. He's got a million plans for victory for every one they labor to put
together, but what He needs is your actions to get through to others. Osmosis only works with
bacteria folks; we want Freedom, we're gonna have to fight side by side with God Almighty to
do it, not watch the spectacle from our living rooms on CNN.

It's gonna be slow going; we Americans are a closed minded lot, and it takes a lot for us to not
trust our lifetime friend the television. But if you keep at it, and even the failures will give
you lessons on how to reach others better, our numbers will increase. You might even make a
few new friends. And getting more people in the fight is vital, because with many, a lot more
can be accomplished!


With others with you, even in your neighborhood you can enhance your own personal defense-
you extend the zone you're capable of securing from outside threats by protecting each other
like you were protecting yourselves. That's the attitude you have to have with all group

Doing things as a freedom loving group has definite economic advantages-ever heard of group
buys? Pooling together cash for bulk purchases allows you to buy a lot more. Just about
anything outside of luxury items can be had for a better bargain when you can hand the
merchants more cash.

Also, a group of self-sufficient individuals who are honest with and trust each other will
almost automatically create a localized economy in their neighborhood or extended group.
Services and items are bartered, rendering such untaxable and therefore free from state
theft. One guy does metalwork, one guy continually trains the group in self-defense, one
woman can grow herbs, one guy maintains computers. More than one can open up a quality,
private homeschool for their children, as the public schools paid for by your property taxes do
little beyond program us to be unthinking slaves. It's communal, but definitely not communist
as you rightfully keep the fruits of your labors.

As your duty for expanding freedom, you simply must phase out federal reserve notes(you
know as cash)-they're the financial insturments of our slavery to the state. Do barter items,
labor, knowledge, and silver and gold for currency. Silver and Gold are suppressed because
they are real money and cannot be inflated at will by the state, which is why prices always go

It is not enough to just save yourselves. As you've liberated other individuals, so you as a
group must help other individuals and groups to liberate themselves. This helps expand
freedom in general, and create more groups for mutual trade, defense and cooperative
political activities. The composition and strengths of each group will vary as to their nature;
you'll have a old enclave of survivalists sharing long accumulated knowledge and training.

A rural town that's always loved freedom that knows how to survive hard times-because
they're already in hard times. Rooted, grounded folks who know how to take care of
themselves as a close knit community will have a lot of hard won experience to share.

A middle class suburban block group that's become motivated to take care of each other. Not
only that, they offer sanctuary to persecuted freedom fighters and access to the community
as acceptable citizens. Also, America's middle class has in their neighborhoods experts from
every field and will have the largest incomes-AFTER YOU PEOPLE GET OUT OF DEBT.

You'll have a geographically disconnected but unified secret group of decent Freedom loving
street cops and soldiers providing some much needed stability and direction(and firepower).
These folks if they have any sense will be among the most motivated to get people to work
for change. They need to be because Americans have been trained to take authority figures at
their word… and Freedom fighting street cops and soldiers ARE "authority figures".

A self-unionizing factory whose workers know how to make things. These are the people who
will lead the economic struggle to rebuild America from the many decades of treason. In the
meantime, their knowledge will enable freedom loving groups to be self sufficient and
integrate trade and industrial efforts.

A secret group of freedom loving bureaucrats and politicians working as a intelligence
gathering agency, letting us know when raids are planned, more oppressive laws enacted.
They more than anyone will know who the traitors are and where they'll hide.

A group of computer technicians, hackers and independent filmmakers documenting our
successes, the evils of our common enemies, and creating hard hitting news and how to DVD's
and text. We're going to need a backup communications system when the internet's
sabotaged-and these people will know how to build it.

We all don't need to agree on everything. What we all need to do is to act in common cause
against our main enemies-the hydraheaded government-corporate composite organization
that's enslaved us. Only with it's destruction will we have the luxury to have a civilized,
peaceful debate between the WASPS, the poor, the minorities, the cops, the enviromentalists
on how things should be-and I'll bet that without Illuminati manipulation and sabotage Human
Civilization can and shall make great leaps and bounds.

We have to defeat them first. That's going to require united political and possibly military
action from all of these disparate groups. Question is, do you love freedom enough to unite in
common cause with folks you've been programmed to hate?

When you've got a group that's liberated themselves from the state's controls, you can expect
a lot of negative attention from their bureaucrats and house slave cops. Don't expect any
relief from the state's bureaucrats by using the state's courts; even more than you were,
these clueless souls have been enchanted by the pseudo-freedom illusions of the satanic
entity they serve. Yet, to fight a government, you need a government, or… take over the
government persecuting you!

Taking back the government-peacefully!

This is the preferable manner of us as groups reclaiming our Freedom. To be effective, one
must have a understanding of America's political system as it relates to our cause. We have a
president, a vice-president and their agents, a congress, a federal judicial system, and the
duplication of this political layout among the states. Beyond that you have the many
thousands of county and local governments. So what will work best?

Take over the presidency?

It's long been proven that unless you have the blessings of the two official parties of this
nation, you cannot seriously run for president. The closest independent candidate was Ross
Perot back in 1992, and even being a billionaire didn't shield him from getting shredded by
the media.

So, assuming the voting machines are honest(not)and the media's fair(not) you need the
machine of a major party backing you(won't happen).

And the president can only do so much; America's system of government is extremely
compartmentalized, so that unless you have a common ideology and party mechanism guiding
and controlling the various components, it's impossible for one man to dictate policy. So a
independent party president, one lone person against the rest of the hydra headed federal
monstrosity is not only impossible, it's retarded even planning such a thing.


Congress is made up of 540 members-100 senators and the rest in the house of
representatives. All are elected in staggared election cycles so it would take approximately a
decade of successful nationwide campaigning to create a majority party. Yes, congress writes
the laws and taking it back is essential in our struggle, but even factoring out the two official
parties and their political machines the structure of this body demands a massive political
machine of our own.

Massive organizations that have a heirarchial structure have been penetrated, subverted and
corrupted by our enemies since the beginning of time. It's a process that to them is a natural
as breathing. Then there's all the fundraising that will be needed and we're not rich-the only
ones with money in America are the same pack of vampires who've been sucking us dry. So a
singular, national organization will not be sucessful.

Independent and rogue candidates however do have some success. Bernie Sanders of
Vermont, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Ron Paul of Texas, and at one time James Trafficant of
Ohio sadly represent the successes. Most candidates are attorneys who've long ago prostituted
themselves. They whore themselves to the political machine that will take them where they
want to go. All they want is power and in exchange have legislated the monstrosity American
government has become. The democrats and republicans, their bosses for all practical
purposes appoint these elitists their congressional seats and they're prepared to spend
whatever cash it takes to take or retain that seat. Vote fraud of course is part of their

There are no rich left in these times who would willingly sacrifice their lives, their fortunes
and their sacred honor-they're either sold out or scared. So any candidates for congress will
have to be raised and funded by us. That means we have to do it in a grass roots manner. We
have to build not one political machine, but a army of political machines that are
independent of one another, yet cooperative.

Many small parties, one common agenda

This form of political resistance lends itself naturally to our groups. It will go like this:

The group helps other groups form. They in turn during the next local election cycle turn out
and get the candidates they choose elected in town and county governments.

Much of the oppressive laws plaguing us are drafted and enforced locally. Taking over local
governments will not only give the freedom groups relief from local law enforcement
harassment, it will give us the tools to revoke and repeal such things as:

Property taxes that allow the government to sieze that home you're working a lifetime to pay
for if you miss one "rent" installment. Those in power whine that property taxes are for the
schools and the children-isn't that what their gambling rackets known as the lotto are for? And
they're willing to make you and yours homeless for the children… such evil makes me just
want to shoot them. But let's try not to go there yet.

All those damned zoning restrictions, regulations, speed trap traffic laws designed to churn up
"tax" revenue, laws criminalizing all sorts of things and actions that bother nobody. Think of
any local ordinance that seems to have been drafted by a neurotic control freak… the list
would be endless really!

Un-Constitutional, pro criminal gun control legislation. A big part of their program's disarming
us so that we're helpless and have to rely on them exclusively for protection, establishing
dependence. Not that the cops are legally obligated to your personal protection of course.

Anything that pledges cooperation with state and federal authorities, at least until we take
our nation back!

Another book recommendation: HOW TO WIN A LOCAL ELECTION. Should be in your local

When we take back a local government and bring that jurisdiction back into line with the
classic tenants of American government, it will be a beacon of light, an example of successful
peaceful resistance. It will immediately inspire and launch similar efforts in neighboring
communities. Each composed of small, decentralized groups working together on the big
problem, so that one day they can afford to bicker on the small stuff-that the Libertarians,
Constitutionalists, Christian Patriots and Conservatives currently do. So together, with control
of enough cities and townships, the combined efforts of those groups can take over counties.
With control of enough counties, an entire state can be taken over by our groups.

Why take that next step? The list of things we can do when we take back our local
governments is vast, but then there would be the call to centralize governmental control with
state and federal authorities. So when this begins we must be as aggressive as possible-being
examples to others, advising, and most importantly WE MUST NOT FIGHT AMONGST
exploited by our enemies, it will be our biggest downfall.

And if we can take the nation back…

There are many things we must do immediately, as soon as we can take back control of
America's destiny.

(1)Secure our borders from any further infiltration. Whatever that takes, whatever
manpower's available, we must find a way to seal up thousands of miles of hinterland border,
and many thousands of miles more of coastline. This will take bringing our troops and ships
home, and in effect end America's era of being used as a tool of global empire. It will be
good, as being number one just makes you the one everyone else wants to take out.

At the same time, a heightened state of alert must be maintained if another power were to
take advantage of our transistional phase and attempt some economic or military adventure
against our interests. America will be painfully contracting from it's global economic empire
as we attempt to revive a self-sufficient free republic and the last thing we'll need is for
Muslims seeking revenge against the Empire, or China rolling the dice on a military adventure
against us.

(2)Impose a flexible series of tariffs so that no matter where on Earth a imported good is
made, it's cost after going through customs is just a few percent more than one made in
America-with all the taxes still imposed. This must be implemented by law for I'd calculate
twenty years; because this is the minimum time required to rebuild America's manufacturing
economy. The rest of the world's just going to have to learn to live economically without the
American consumer, and the American consumer is going to have to learn basic economics. It
will be a horrifically shocking adjustment, and lead to a economic collapse-of the
megacorporations. It's the bitterest medicine, but America and Americans have become
almost terminally sick with the current system imposed upon us and those that don't
immediately take steps to save themselves will need some hard lessons quick to bring them
back to reality.

This adjustment wouldn't be nearly so horrific if we'd acted thirty or even twenty years ago
when the traitors began dismantling our economy wholesale to finance their "new world
order". So, with this bitter medicine a depression is guaranteed, but unlike the last one, we
won't have a Federal Reserve to keep the money supply tight and the economy depressed-
keeping the depression going until World War Two could be engineered. No, because:

(3)It's time to dismantle the private "federal" reserve banking system. Central banks have
been the main culprit behind destabilizing economic boom and bust cycles by printing or not
printing "notes" that have the backing of nothing. Left alone, a economy will gently expand as
a result of increasing population and innovations in technology. However, the economy has
been constantly and continuously tampered with, and the key to the tampering is a "flexible"
currency. Silver and Gold boullion are by their nature inflexible-and thus STABLE-because
precious metals are difficult to dig out of the ground, process, and form into coins and bars.
Because of that difficulty in introducing new metals into the economy you could count on a
ounce of silver or gold, or a gold backed dollar to buy the same fifty years from now as it did
fifty years ago. Also, back in the day there were numerous state and private issuers of money,
all backed by silver and gold; the ones who engaged in issuing fiat or inflated their notes by
overprinting didn't last.

That system was killed by those way too rich old white men. They ended the use of silver and
gold. Our "federal reserve notes" have been greatly inflated since the foundation of the
federal reserve system in 1913; the dollar's purchasing power has fallen by 99%! All because of
a printing press and a monopoly on currency. If we're to have a stable currency, we must
abolish the Fed and bring back precious metals backed money.

(4)Apprehension and immediate trials of all persons responsible for the christmas list of
treasonous acts that have brought our nation and our world to such a perilous state of
emergency. Mainly I speak of the mega rich. They cannot be allowed to remain free to
sabotage our efforts to avert their armageddon, with their vast, hidden fortunes. Everyone
DOES have a price and these traitors to the human race have accumulated literally most of
the world's wealth, so they're capable of bribing all but the most Godly. Their lackeys and
tools also must be brought to justice before they can carry out orders and sabotage our
Revolution. Their assets can be distributed among our poorest first so they have something to
help contribute to rebuilding our Republic. Beyond that, financing a economic renaissance in
our poorest areas, like the inner cities, former factory towns, Native American Reservations
and Appalachia must be made by grants from seized assets.

(5)A one time jubilee must be declared; the biblical version where all debts are forgiven.
Those debts being owed to a few multinational banks tied to the private federal reserve
banks. When the banking cartel's smashed, it will make no sense, nor be just to let them keep
imposing debts on the people they've been hustling. The People keep clear title on what
they've been paying on; it will be just punishment for all the crimes the bankers have
committed against us. Their excess assets not claimed by any person or company they
foreclosed on can be distributed amongst our poorest for rebuilding purposes.

(6)Review of all laws on the books; any that don't minimally guarantee freedom and individual
safety as proscribed within strict Constitutional limits-abolish. The entire tax code is to be
scrapped and overall tax rates slashed to no more than ten percent. The IRS is to be
abolished, and it's personnel subject to review of their conduct for potential prosecution.

(7)A immediate and thourough review of all judgements and sentences of every incarcerated
person. There are a LOT of people who've commited no crime against their fellow man in
prison, and many are completely innocent. They must be immediately released and
compensated for their false or malicious prosecution by the state. All persons involved in
malicious prosecution must be brought to justice for their crimes. All persons committing
atrocities against incarcerated persons must be brought to justice.

(8)Immediate open review of all government projects and operations. Any found harming
American Citizens and the Republic must be ended, the victims compensated, and all persons
involved in treasonous acts brought to justice.

(9)Some of the confiscated assets must be earmarked for grants to restart private industries
of all kinds and for education; a manhatten project to rebuild America's intellectual base
from grade school to colleges to vocational training. Privatizing public schools as practical,
ending the government monopoly and degredation of education. People will learn according
to their aptitudes, desires and speed of completion of the basic curriculum and standards as
practiced a hundred years ago. The regimented public schools must be made into a thing of
the past. Engineering, technology, the arts, history; all the forms of learning that will rebuild
us as a free nation must be pushed and offered for free. Most importantly, a imperative of
constantly guarding our Freedom and Safety must be taught, as well as the ultimate form of
that guardianship; effective usage of military arms to secure it.

(10)A deregulation of access to media must be done to allow freedom of speech and access to
media to all.
(11)Immediate shutting down of all activity that poisons individuals and the nation. This will
involve everything from dumping waste into rivers to putting flouride in the water to
additives like asparatame and msg into our food. Any found practicing these treasonous acts
shall be punished, their assets seized.

(12)Rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, using seized assets to finance.

(13)Rebuild the United States Constitution so that the abuses and manipulations inflicted
upon us for all of our history will NEVER be repeated!

This is a huge workload and will require the participation of the entire nation. America will, if
the Revolution is successful enter a period of reconstruction and restoration. It is a necessity
that all of us not engage each other over petty differences while the period of restoration
takes place. We must be able to afford debate on the issues that divide all of us that love
Freedom, and we can't afford it. Certainly not now, and certainly when we're engaged in the
herculean tasks described above that will consume us for a generation.

So: will we be ALLOWED to complete this Revolution peacefully? Will we be able to complete
it at all?

I don't know if we'll be a hundred percent successful. More than likely, as hundreds of small
local citizens groups make a impact the temptation by the powers that be to stage a 9/11 and
throw this nation into martial law and suspend normal political activity will be irresistable. I
hope and pray they just become panicked, like deer in headlights but I know that's just
wishful thinking. They'll try to shut down the political process rather than hand it over to a
grassroots revolution. Barring a pro-freedom military and police coup, martial law will

When that happens, all of us will be targets of the government, literally. Banded together in
common defense however and possessing the basic tools of civilization and the knowhow and
will to use them to wage war, a second civil war will erupt.

Small bands of freedom fighters will dot the landscape, HOPEFULLY aided by breakaway
government forces. We probably won't be able to rely on any foreign assistance. This worst
case scenario will be bloody, but it will eventually rend most of the federal beast apart.
America will break up for awhile into several areas of varying degrees of unity and political
composition. There will be strong entities both forged by us and still retained by vestiges of
the elite and federal government. There will be hundreds, thousands of tiny enclaves relying
on each other for sustinence. America will look like Germany after the Thirty Years War in the
17th century-a map so convoluted with autonomous territories it will give anyone looking at it

We would however gradualy reunify, as the common bonds of Freedom and the heritage of
being an American will win out over the efforts of the elites to bottle the genie they unleased
in a attempt to use America as the disposable tool of their plot for world control. Liberty is a
flame that once unleashed cannot be quenched no matter how much made in China crap, how
many zero down payments, how much they put Paris Hilton on the TV. The human desire to
be free shall win out.

…At the cost of millions dead of starvation, disease, bullets, perhaps radiation from fallout. A
peaceful transistion is imperative if we want to avoid that.

Time is of the essence if we want this Revolution to be relatively peaceful! It's now June of
2005 as I write this; the next series of elections is in 2006-GET COMMITTED AND GET TO WORK
NOW!! If you want back what you've lost to these bastards and get it back without a decade of
civil war, we must do this now and have a united national platform with a strong across the
board grassroots base supporting it by the 2008 elections. This must be in conjunction with
MASSIVE peaceful protest and citizen action to monitor government election officials
whenever even a whiff of vote fraud is detected. We are Americans-we CAN do this if we'll
show just the courage of the Minutemen patrolling our southern border.

Our enemies would like us to stay ignorant til' they drop the hammer on this country. Failing
that, they'll take misdirecting our anger, and our energies. We must stand as one if we are to
free ourselves and our world. God and our Children are counting on us.

Additional reference works for you to read and learn. Hey, use your brain; if it's on the
internet DON'T USE YOUR OWN COMPUTER! "They" keep track of everything these days and if
you're careless they'll build a profile of you on "their" files-and you don't want that! Use
someone elses, preferably some one else's that lots of other people use. Think "public".

INVISIBLE RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY by Jefferson Mack, Paladin Press

The inspiration for this rather long essay, Invisible Resistance is a primer on how we
Americans can fight back.

HOLOGRAM OF LIBERTY by Kenneth Royce, Javelin Press

Royce does the research on how the 1787 Constitution was subtly sabotaged by the elites of
the day to produce in time for their descendants the many faced tyranny we're shackled to.

RICH DAD POOR DAD SERIES by Robert Kiyosaki, any bookstore

A "entry level primer" this series when looked at not for it's sometimes bogus financial advice
shows the parasitic nature of the rich in America; going so far as to rewrite the laws to
maximize their benefits. We working class people are nothing more than "income streams" for

Good starting points to search for the truth about who we are, where we came from and
where we're being steered toward.

BOSTON'S GUN BIBLE by Boston T. Party, Javelin Press

The basic primer on firearms today. Advice on weapons, tactics, dealing with hostile law
enforcement, "their" never ending crusade to take them away from you. Most informative are
his consumer report on the five common Main Battle Rifles; he shot them extensively and
made his notes for you to make a informed decision.

BOSTON ON SURVIVING Y2K by Boston T. Party, Javelin Press

Although the Y2K bug was a nonevent, this is for an overall view of how to survive any
collapse of the American economy.

YOU AND THE POLICE by Boston T. Party, Javelin Press

Boston T. Party by being a American Freedom Fighter is at the razor's edge of this war-
consequently he's had more than his share of run ins with the police. So here's an expert's
advice. Take it.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES by John Ross, Accurate Press

Nominally a fictional work, Unintended Consequences goes through a century of ever more
government enroachments on freedom and public safety, leading ultimately to a band of
rogue agents being confronted as they're planting evidence by a Righteous Man. After that it
turns into a fictionalized primer on how to wage a low intensity guerilla war campaign against
the traitors and win.


This infamous series of book(also on CD-ROM) goes beyond rifles and shows you everything you
need to know about how to kill folks. Seriously scary stuff-or empowering, depending on how
you want to look at it.

BULLETPROOF PRIVACY by Boston T. Party, Javelin Press

Want to order all these fine books, but don't want people to know who you are? Want the
government to not know who you are? Get this book and begin liberating yourself from the
government's intrusions in your affairs. I lived for several years under a different identity and
address and let me tell you the peace of mind knowing the government didn't know where I
really was at… Freedom! I never felt so secure.
BEHOLD A PALE HORSE by William Cooper

A overview of the beast and it's plans, it's author was assasinated by corrupted cops during a
raid. When they kill you, that just shows you were right, right?

DEEP INSIDE THE UNDERGROUND ECONOMY, by Adam Cash, Breakout Productions

Adam Cash gives us a thorough overview of the underground(free)economy and how to
participate in it. And let me tell you having my tax burdens drop to next to nothing… it feels
GREAT not having half of my labors supporting the system that keeps trying to press it's
jackboot on my neck.


Marksmanship basics from a civilian standpoint, Mr. Van Zwoll has hunted everything and this
book is a great starting point to mastering your Main Battle Rifle. When you've sucessfully
absorbed this work you can get:

THE ULTIMATE SNIPER, by Major John Plaster (Ret), Paladin Press

Major Plaster in this much larger work goes beyond basic field marksmanship and into how the
military and paramilitary forces shoot at unsuspecting foes-which may well be us all.
Something to always bear in mind.


Read why there was a American Revolution in the first place.









Long Range Shotshell idea
Perhaps someone can develop this. The main issue I see is the design of the wad, and whether
the fins on the projectiles should be straight or curved like a arrow for spin.

The amount of weight of the projectiles is kept down so that more thrust=more velocity.

If this is doable, I see it as a way to expand the combat capability of any shotgun beyond 100
yards with the 1 oz slug. Longer range, more forgiving hit probability, the chance to have
penetrating or expanding projectiles, or a mix.

The propellent could even be blackpowder! This design could give those who cherish Freedom
a fighting chance when, and it will be a when, rifle ammo becomes scarce and reloading
capabilities crude at best. A rifle round requires far more precision to make the bullet
jackets, the primers-already hard to formulate when working from scratch, the precise
measurement of high performance rifle powders.

Low powered propellant, the projectiles can be cast easily since there's no need for a copper
jacket to ride the rifling at high velocity. I'd like to hear from anyone who can do something-
post a comment below!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Second Message to the Police Officer


J. Croft

We have problems in America Mr. Police Officer-a lot of them.

We have, obviously, problems with crackheads and meth addicts causing all kinds of havoc to
anyone they come in contact with to get their next hit.

We have, obviously, problems with street dealers strutting around being problems to their
neighborhoods-what with the fight over "markets" that ends with shootings, and all the
crackheads they attract to make their pay.

We have, obviously, problems with these dudes being able to so readily get a kilo of cocaine
to sell in their crack houses. Problem is, they get it so regularly despite a decades-long "war
on drugs" that's locked up a generation of inner city Americans.

There's something way the hell wrong here!

We've had, for decades, huge problems with sealing up our nation's frontiers-with the most
powerful armed forces, including your police department, in human history. And the drugs
keep flowing in like water going over the Niagera Falls.

How the hell does that happen?

How the hell do you penetrate the world's best defended airspace and coastal waters in a
private craft? Airplanes have transponders, and any deviation from flight course gets you a
fighter escort with shoot to kill orders. The Coast Guard-now part of Homeland Security-
guards all the ports and makes nuisances of themselves to every boater on the waters. The
minimum wage perverts the TSA employs at the airports grope everyone, and the ones they
get boners for twice. Or more. Our southern border is a virtual wall of… empty desert given a
token patrol by the Border Patrol and… private citizens from the Minuteman Project… and
there are gunmen with automatic weapons shooting at them… and the Bush Administration
told the Border Patrol to "stand down" while the Minutemen were patrolling?

How the hell do the drugs NOT get in?

Why would our government in a time of a "war on terror" leave our southern border as wide
open as a homeless crack whore's legs when craving for rock? Why would the government
allow drug smuggling like that when there are more people locked up for drugs than ever?
Why would the government make our southern border a four lane highway for cocaine,
illegals, and vengeance seeking terrorists?

Why is the government so intent on being part of the problem? Why-especially after
incarcerating millions? Why after creating a police state after 9/11 that's turning the
Constitution and Bill of Rights-the greatest achievement in government in human history-into
a quaint museum piece to be eventually forgotten?

Or is it the government-or elements high up yet hidden-that IS the problem?

Is it a bloated, out of control government so greedy for power that it's willing to tolerate the
addiction of millions to hard drugs and the criminal empires such trade produces so as to gain
power by a fear-struck America? With a "war on drugs?" If there's a war, how come each of our
inner cities can practically build a snow castle out of cocaine?

Is it a bloated, out of control government so greedy for power, it punishes generations of
people for succumbing to illegal narcotics, and yet practically imports the shit at the same
time? Because I cannot figure how else we can have so much drugs AND drug enforcement

So the government, or elements implicit thereof, are part of the problem. And yet you as a
sworn Officer, do you at least think through their logic before you accept their marching
orders? With such criminals? When they spend more time trying to regulate to death average
Americans with a nazi-ass "Real ID", than staunch the high tide of drugs, illegals, and probably
suitcase nuke-bearing terrorists?

What's going on? What's the agenda?

The agenda can only be to profit off America's fall as a necessary byproduct of world
domination. Before you think I'm smoking crack myself think about this:

Where have our manufacturing gone-the good paying blue collar jobs that used to employ the
simple folks that would otherwise try and deal drugs to get by. Or not and smoke their
problems away.

Where have our high technology jobs gone, that used to make America the cutting edge of
innovation? That used to give millions of innovators a outlet and reward for their ingenuity.

Anywhere but here. And yet, that siren call of the "American Dream" calls for us on the TV.
Calls us to buy that bigger house, no matter our income prospects, buy that stupid ass SUV,
buy that newer TV that'll be obsolete or unrepairable in a few years-all borrowed at interest.

Rambling all over the place? No-it's a jigsaw puzzle, bigger than what we're conditioned to
usually look at. Because that's what scale the scum that smuggle the drugs operate at. Same
scum that write the drug laws you enforce on the crackheads and street dealers they create
when they can't get jobs-because they're now in Mexico or China. Same scum that control
public opinion via their idol, the television. Same scum that offer those sorry, broke bastards
an "opportunity" to borrow at interest to get that made in Taiwan junk. Same scum that
attack our Freedoms and won't stop with their bullshit "patriot" acts until they can make
America into some kind of flag waving dictatorship and use the Constitution and Declaration
of Independence for kindling. Or a ass wipe.

And these scum are the ones behind YOUR ORDERS, YOUR TRAINING, YOUR CONDITIONING!!!

They make you Mr. Police Officer-as hardcore patriotic American as anyone, into part of the
problem. How? Your orders, your training, your conditioning. You're ordered on a daily basis
to harrass otherwise average, patriotic, law-abiding Americans by enforcing "laws" and
"regulations" crafted by scumbag lawyers in our city halls and legislatures, and judged over by
the same class of parasites in court. Traffic ordinances designed for revenue generation, rules
governing everything from the color of your house to whether you can have the privilege to
have a yard sale, gun control that leaves those citizens naked before the crackheads, robbers,
and murderers. And the state.

Your training: after years of observing police behavior I've come to the conclusion that your
paramilitary training is geared as much to perform as your superiors want as it is to narrow
your mental horizons to think the way you're told to. There's something way off with some of
your training-like how you're mentally corralled into making officer-citizen contacts into
making any kind of ticket or arrest, even for something so picayune as rust spots on cars and
some other bureaucrat made rule. Break the arm of a crippled or elderly person when they
reflexively reach out to you for support. Pass the buck on situations you're repeatedly called
out for because it's not "departmental policy".

Taser small children. Cuff them. Arrest them and expose them to the patently brutal and
corrupt "justice" system. All this as part of your conditioning-the sum of your orders, your
training, the cop "culture" of beating your chests and throwing your weight around because
you're superior in modern America to the average citizen. Your peers who accept how they're
being turned into federalized agents of destruction of our nation and our Freedoms. They are
the problems.

As to you Mr. Police Officer, are you willing to be part of the solution? Some nice sounding
noise out of your mouth about loving 'Murica is not pushing back the homegrown police state
your scumbag bosses are making, rather than enforce our laws and national boundaries. Time
is not a commodity we have much left of. Neither can we afford to let our nation's problems
be someone else's to fix. Each of us much pull together, across whatever social divides there
are if we are to stand a chance of reclaiming America. That's not going to happen if you keep
blindly enforcing the 'laws' the lawyers make. It serves those in power for you to harass, fine,
imprison, inflict pain and commit murder. Think I'm talking about you doing that shit to
robbers and rapists and serial killers and all those other no account motherfuckers who need
to be permanently removed from society-no!

When I talk about those in power who direct you to harass, fine imprison, inflict pain and
commit murder, I talk about the poor and the homeless your "brother cops" direct their
sadism towards. I talk about people who've worked all their lives to get that coastal property,
and then have their government put a few marijuana plants so they can sieze it. And execute
the owner when their "public servants" enter on a bogus no knock warrant.

I talk of the man in Vermont who's had various lowlife bureaucrats harass him and inflicted
great distress towards over their petty rules; the man a couple of your "brother officers" pull
over and harass for a couple of rust holes in his truck!

I talk of people rushing to the hospital with their loved ones, and instead of getting an
ambulance or at least a police escort, your "brother officers" force them to wait while they
ticket them… or worse, assault them when those victims rightly decide their loved ones' lives
are more important than your "brother officers" power tripping.

I talk about 13 year old children getting arrested for trying to help save a handicapped woman
condemned to starvation by a scumbag judge. I talk of children younger than that getting
tasered. I talk of accident victims having state troopers gloating over them, looking up in
their lawyer-made rule book what offence they can slap on them regardless of fault. I talk of
protesters exercising their Constitutional Rights to freedom of speech, association, and
protest getting assaulted and arrested en masse for opposing treaties drafted by traitors that
rob America of it's future.

I talk of average "productive citizens" who fear the crime and carry protection in spite of anti-
Constitutional, lawyer-made rules illegally prohibiting such bearing of arms and how your
"brother officers" bust them like they were crack dealing gangbangers. I talk of unwanted
advances made on attractive women, and being coerced into granting sexual favors in
exchange for your "brother officers" not throwing the state on them… or worse-there have
been rapes committed.

Didn't you sign on to stop such crimes? Or did you sign on to be able to commit those crimes
and more under color of law?

I will tell you this: all those homeless, all those property owners robbed by the state, all
those motorists endangered by sadist cops, all those protestors wrongly beaten and jailed, all
those sent to prison for assuming the Constitution meant what it said, all the women raped by
your "brother officers"-each offense you and your fellow police officers commit helps fuel a
righteous anger. An anger that if you don't start policing yourselves and get serious about
shaping your departments up, start resisting this lawyer-made creeping tyranny of legalism
will spark a Second American Revolution. And you will be among the first targets of their
wrath, by guilt of association.
I don't want that to happen to you. I LOVE a righteous Street Cop who looks out for me. Such
a man or woman I'd gladly help out in their time of need. Well, we Americans need you!

We need you to start yelling at these foolish spineless sheep that try to pass themselves off as
Americans these days. Do your traffic stops or questions on the street: make it real plain that
the laws lawyers make you enforce wouldn't be enforced if they would do their duty.

Make it real plain that there's much worse coming their way-for you to enforce and they to
obey. Make it real plain that the time's going to come when the velvet glove's going to come
off the steel fist of state power, and that the only people left on the force will be those that
will gleefully wield that steel fist and smash their heads in. Make it real plain that it's already
happening. Make it plain that the time to keep themselves narcotized with the TV set to
alleive the stresses of the day are over.

Then you can tell them what the hell they can do about it:

Telling them it's time to get their own houses in order. Get out of debt, store spare food and
fuel, get a rifle.

Get organized, with selection of candidates and a campaign, to take over city, township and
county governments and liberating them of the bureaucratic fat that's accumulated because
we've all been lax in policing our public servants. This is all of our civic duties.

Organizing self-defense courses done in private with everything from hand to hand to non-
lethal weapons to pistols to rifles. From defending against individual attack by a criminal, to
defending the community against threats to life and freedom. This is the essence of the
Militia: not a pathetic pack of beer guzzling loudmouths who can barely handle their guns
safely, but every able bodied Citizen ready with rifle to defend what's theirs.

So, you're asking how do you do all this in a few minutes or seconds, with cameras monitoring
your conduct, and the certain wrath of your corrupt 'leaders'? Make pamphlets up, and include
a address and time for a private meeting later. Preferably as a group-that'll impress them of
the seriousness of our situation. That and the fact that it's you, as a police officer-acting as a
patriot. A modern day Paul Revere warning the People of danger. You'll actually be heroes!

Make connections with any groups wanting Freedom back, wanting something of that America
we all grew up in. Only without the scum in three piece suits that import drugs and terror and
trade our jobs for it. There are many different groups in America-we have to realize we are
all in this together and the only ones who are going to get our Freedom back is us!

Beats spending your life just collecting fines for the state from irate motorists and guarding
the donut table, doesn't it.

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"State slaves"


J. Croft

Back in the days of open slavery in America(before the Civil War for those who got their
education only from public schools), the Americans in bondage, the Blacks, would divide
themselves into two classes:

Field Slaves-only did the minimum possible work, rebelled when they could, and ran away if
they had the heart. Knew enough about Freedom to know that they sure as hell weren't, and
always kept in mind that they were enslaved. And were treated like walking, talking shit by
their blue blooded "massahs". Denied the right to live their lives as they wished, made utterly
dependent on the white trash that worked them all their lives without hope of reprieve or
even just compensation. Birthed, lived-in a limited way-worked and died for another's profit
and pleasure.
House Slaves-did whatever they could to get with "massah" so they could get a few extra
scraps of the luxury those Southern wannabe aristocratic types deigned to toss them. Luxury
gotten at the sweat, blood, tears of the "property" that KNEW they weren't free. House Slaves
were likewise enslaved-a slave's a slave-but these fools somehow managed to forget about
Freedom, forgot how their chains chafed them to their very souls. I don't know if they
actually loved being enslaved, but they were as hostages suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
are today; supporting their captors and their demonic motivations.

Slavery eventually split the nation between the States who considered resolving the social
disease inherited from the British on their own, and the Federal Government under Abraham
Lincoln who wanted it resolved nationally in a Civil War. The slaves were freed over the
bodies of a half million Americans and the permanent crippling of the South and
Constitutionally limited government in general. Modern day America was given birth with the
Civil War.

And with it a new, unspoken, far more insidious slavery that's bound all of us in chains
stronger than steel.

"What?!" You're spazing, "I'm no slave-I'm a 'Murikan, living free in the freest country on Earth.
The hell you talking bout I'm some slave?!" You think you're free? You REALLY think you're
free? Well, let's go over the facts of living in modern day 'Murika: Can you, for example, just
hop into your car and drive anywhere? "Yeah" you say-WRONG!

You can't just "hop in"; you first must have a driver's LICENSE. The definition of license is
basically having standing permission to do or have something until revoked by the power you
submit to for that license. You're buying the American government's permission to drive on
Public Roads, submitting to the ruse that driving on Public Roads you pay out your ass in taxes
for is a "privilege" that can be revoked. You have-had-a right to use Public Roads unfettered
until you bought into getting permission. Or rather, your Grandparents did and screwed us for
being weak minded, and otherwise asleep at the wheel. The price of Freedom's eternal

They weren't; so, the government, exploiting it's carefully crafted image to the average well-
indoctrinated 'Muriken, couched the driver's license to your Grandparents under the guise of
"public safety". This issue of "public safety" would be exploited by those weak of character
enough to be power hungry, and eventually that license card became a de facto ID. That,
coupled with your social security account number that the state requires for
identification(FDR said it was only to be used for your retirement account)has lowered
America to the level of any other nation. You, me-toadying up to the license bureau and
begging PERMISSION to be able to use a motor vehicle-OUR PROPERTY-to travel on public
roads we're supposed to have a RIGHT to use. Yet you don't need a license to operate a
bicycle on the same roads-yet.

Oh, about your SSN? Another identifier that was once long ago promised by the state to just
be a "account number". Since then your parents caved in and obeyed their state "massahs"
when they required the social security number to be used as identification-even though
federal law prohibits such abuse.

Section 7 of Public Law 93-579(Privacy Act of 1974): (G)(1):

"It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State, or local government agency to deny to any
individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual's refusal
to disclose his social security account number."

Unlawful-yet required by the state anyway. Today we're even threatened with arrest by
massah government's agents if we lawfully refuse disclosing our government retirement
account number as a identifier. And private corporations? They have even less right to
demand our SSN but have gone along with their fellow "massahs" in "public service" to demand
it from us like we were living in Nazi Germany-"your papers please". Your "papers" serve to
identify you and hound you with every step you take, every purchase you make-you can and
are tracked and monitored in everything you do. How free do you feel thinking about that?

"But, we got our license, we can drive." Yes. You got "massah state's permission" to use OUR
public roads with the state's nazi-ass identity cards. NOW you say we can "hop" in and drive-
whoa there, Gilligan; you now need license plates.

License plates have their origin fighting government-generated crime during prohibition-when
alcohol was banned and millions of tax dollars and thousands of Americans lives were wasted
enforcing it. Police and Revenue Agents had to have a way of tracking and identifying their
fellow countrymen partaking in activities as old as man, as were otherwise legal and innocent
a mere decade before and that included their automobiles. Because of laws passed by
intolerant fools, their treason sowed more excuses for social controls by the power freaks of
that era as criminal activity turned violent. This violence made it mandatory that all cars be
licensed and identifiable by a visible serial number. So now, not only can you be tracked, your
vehicle can as well. Does it stop thieves? No! Does it act as yet another control mechanism
like your driver's license and SSN, more chains? You try driving down our public roads without
license plates-see how far you get before you get pulled over by a "house slave" in
government service who's bought massah's line even more than you.

So: you got your driver's license and your plates-now you can drive-whoa there again, little
buddy! Now you need insurance from a private corporation as "proof of financial
responsibility" by massah. See, the private sector wannabe massahs they thought that it'd be a
sweet income enhancement if they could make having auto insurance legally mandatory for
the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on public roads. So, being rich these corporate
whores lobbied the whores who occupy our state legislatures and now you have to have
permission from a private party… to use your private property… on public roads you're
supposed to have a right to.
So yeah, you can drive your car-after you beg massah state and his overseers for permission.
Not that you even properly own your own car, having fallen for those chains of slavery known
as debt! I'll get to that shortly, but the point is we need PERMISSION from the state to enjoy
what should be our RIGHT! We mind conditioned 'Murikans need permission from massah for
just about everything!

Want to operate a business? Get massah bureaucrat's licenses or get shut down. Probably get
shut down anyway if one of massah's agents decides they take a personal disliking to you or
even just had a bad day.

Gotta have massah's license to teach-not that it's any guarantee you'll get a quality education-
in fact, somehow state(NEA)standards seem to have made a nation of dumbasses too ignorant
of their rights and heritage to know they've been robbed, too dumbed down by their own
schools to care. The teachers: conditioned by the very colleges they went to earn the
privilege to teach, are even more socialistic.

Gotta have massah state's license to practice medicine, or manufacture drugs-even though
doctors and hospital stays account for the biggest number of fatalities in Modern America. A
system of medicine that can treat traumatic injury very well, but is at the same time the
greatest long term threat to your health with the poisons they tout as 'medicine'.

Gotta have massah state's and it's overseer the BAR's license to practice law-and monopolize
judicial appointments, and use that piece of parchment to cause awe in a dumbed down
Modern America, so those rat bastards can rob us of our money and freedom in our courts, our
legislatures, and in our executive offices. Any wonder a single copy of the United States Code-
just the Federal law-takes up YARDS of bookshelf space? Many yards more of bookshelving are
groaning under the various state and local ordinances, AND the regulations of the 36(so
far)federal agencies. Interpreting and enforcing all those rules of course is up to the various
overseers and flunkies who are otherwise unable to make their own way in life, but
dependant on massah state as cover to steal from YOU!

Gotta have massah state's permission slip to build or fix up your own home-otherwise one of
massah's bureaucratic overseers come over, see you acting uppity and sic massah state's finest
to enforce their edicts with guns and fines and possible jail time. Don't want to get
homosexually gangraped by literally hardened convicts do you? Better obey massah! And it
just got better-your house can be taken away if massah state decides someone else can
generate more tax revenue. That's what you get for not earning enough-coolie.

Gotta have massah state's permission slip to use your Constitutionally guaranteed Right to
Free Assembly. Otherwise a whole bunch of massah state's finest will dress up like wannabe
Darth Vaders and use your body for batting practice with their aluminum batons. Even with
massah state's permission to use your First Amendment "right" the overseers might have a
undercover operative to stage some scripted violence-a excuse to beat, tear gas, arrest en
masse or even murder your little public get-together.
Gotta have massah state's permission to use your Constitutionally guaranteed Right to Bear
Arms for personal protection(if you're lucky enough to be in a locale that actually allows such
a thing!) Most of the time you won't have it anyway so if'in you're uppity enough to consider
packing that heat to save yourselves from common criminals, massah state's unknowing dupes
in the great crime of robbing your Freedom, massah's overseers in blue will spaz and probably
kill you for such impudence! Besides, criminality is encouraged in the land of the laws
because the increasing likelihood of being randomly victimized makes you forget how your
'massah' is victimizing all of us… because of your apathy and inaction against tyranny!

We're free?!

We're in chains, folks; chains far more pervasive, interlocking, and far stronger than steel.
They're chains of indoctrination, of conditioning, of years of public school and television that
teach a warped view of Modern America that serves to preserve the status quo. That being
you bearing your chains of slavery without complaint as you get massah's permission to drive,
massah's government retirement account number to be used as a identifier. And as you drive
to and from that job(you might not have in six months if that traitorous private firm you slave
for decides to export it to China), you might decide to think about whether giving half the
labors your given from your corporate massah to your state massah is worth it.

We're slaves-to the state. The state being the federal government, the state government, the
county and city governments. The state is also surprisingly the corporations; whenever the
stock market plunges, the government goes in and buys up stock of major corporations to
keep the market up-to keep you SLAVES giving money to that fraud. Lotto for the middle
class-and in return the government can more firmly stamp our wrists and legs with their irons,

Economic slavery-as in that McMansion that's a financial ball and chain around your neck, and
that auto loan on that ridiculous land yacht that binds a leg, that boat you take out maybe a
dozen times a year on the other leg, those credit cards that shackle your hands. If you don't
own it free and clear YOU DON'T OWN IT. They're chains of debt slavery with gold paint and
some glued on rhinestones that their manufacture culture's conditioned you to "need"!

Don't have a McMansion, a SUV, a boat? All the better to massah state-you're enslaved by the
poverty that's been racheted higher and higher since the 1960's. You're too busy trying to
make ends meet, so you have almost nothing left except to watch… Paris Hilton on at least
two goddamned "reality" shows. No matter where you are on the income scale, that income's
taxed upwards of half of yours by massah state. Same massah who can outright buy billions of
shares of corporate stock when folks sell out of those fraudulent insturments. A fraud-that
robs you, keeps you indentured on massah's economic plantation.

So you see, you are a slave. So what kind of slave are you gonna be?
Are you going to remain a house slave-a state slave-who serves massah state by blindly
obeying all laws, rules and regulations? Are you going to be a good overseer or trustee and
make sure none of the field slaves get any notions that they're more than servants or catch
any kind of uppity attitude?

Or are you going to rediscover your humanity, rediscover God who is that soft voice in your
heart-not the confusion you and your slave programming make in your head.

Get back with God in your heart-don't rely on the bible or the koran or some whackjob money
pump disguised as a cult by a hack sci-fi author, or any other document touted by Man as the
"word of God". There you will find our Father the Creator, who Loves you enough to endow
you with a soul and Free Will. This is prima facie evidence that God Almighty desires you to
be Free, so long as you respect others Freedom. Evidence God Almighty didn't go through all
the effort to have you here, in this country, at this pivotal time in history to be someone's
property-whether you know it or not!

So exercise that Freedom. Free yourself from listening to those state slaves, those house
slaves on the TV-that electronic narcotic. Explore the Internet while it stands free. Learn
about Freedom. There are dozens of those on what you've been programmed by massah's
culture to think as the "fringe". Fringe is exactly where they should be-fringe of Freedom.

Do you know what the most striking thing about a slave is? That in spite of the privations,
hardships, abuse, and even physical threat to their very lives they lack the means and the will
to defend themselves.
So learn how to protect your Freedom-and the most imperative is for you, personally, to learn
how to use a weapon. A gun. The most powerful, most effective type of gun you can learn
how to use is the rifle. And the most effective type of rifle for a liberated Daughter or Son of
God is the semiautomatic military rifle in 7.62mm NATO caliber. The rifles, and ammo and
spare mags will set you back about $2,000. Enough to buy that plasma screen instead; but can
that TV be used to defend you and yours?

Get a airgun first though, learn the fundamentals at on making the rifle
shot and practice in your hallway with a box filled with newspaper. Take index cards and
make 1/6 inch targets and practice the fundamentals of the shot:

Shoulder the rifle, put the butt in the meat of your shoulder, death grip with your right

Place your front sight post on your target, center hold but a 6 o'clock hold(on the
bottom)is acceptable.

Align the rear sight with your front sight, still on target.

Breath in, then half out and HOLD, keep those sights on target...
While keeping front sight on target focus on your front sight...

With a caress your trigger finger feels through the trigger... keep those sights on target
and then let the shot be a surprise-and keep your eyes open and on target as the shot
goes off, it's called follow through.

If your sights are sighted in and adjusted for range you'll be in the black.

The rifle you can currently find at gun shows. The marksmanship training to use your rifle
properly will be harder to come by. Perhaps you'll find someone at the gun show to train you
but just in case you can't, here's a training aid-get a bb gun. You'll learn all the fundamentals
of making a accurate shot by using a 30 buck air rifle. Body positions, sight alignment, target
tracking, breath control, trigger squeeze. Use the internet to find tutorials on rifle
marksmanship-I suggest going to RWVA.ORG for much more detailed direction.

When you get your rifle and your skill squared away,(and your life for that matter GET OUT
Freedom our Father in Heaven gave us as a gift as important as our Life, you'll HOPEFULLY be
motivated to awakening others. Start with small groups and keep them small and separate.
Your group will be your survival net-each supporting everyone else. Together, as your
numbers multiply you'll begin to expand your power and reach, even start taking over local
governments. As your power snowballs you'll start taking over state governments, and
eventually sieze back the federal government. I GREATLY expand on this in my essay "Message
to Mr. and Mrs. America" at

It's possible, even destined, if you'll have faith that you are meant to be more than someone's
slave. You may think after reading this essay that you are small-you are not! Not by a long
shot. Any Man or Woman who loves God and Freedom and their Fellow Man is worth more
than a hundred of massah state's overseers and flunkies.

That can be you if you'll allow yourself to think of yourself as more than a slave-field, house,
state or otherwise.

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Message to the Latino-legal or otherwise


J. Croft

Welcome to the United States of America.

Someone had to say it; to be honest, the average uninformed American citizen is afraid of
you. They're afraid you're driving down wages-to the point where they-we-can't support
ourselves. Let's face facts: you are, but I realize it's because your homeland's traitorous
leaders and rich have looted your industries, your economies and made you desperate enough
to trek across desert and make deals with criminals to come to the United States. Where
you're treated as a modern day slave class by my country's traitorous leaders and rich.

They're afraid you're smuggling everything over the border from diseases previously conquered
to drugs to military firepower for your fellow countrymen in the 18th Street Gang and MS-13.
Your "leaders" export you to stave off revolution in your country and make you come to the
U.S. to eventually help forment a civil war.

They're afraid you're attempting to flood the USA with your people so some of your misguided
countrymen can whip up a revolution and carve out of Northern Mexico and the Southwest
USA some half-assed Aztlan state that sounds like a pipe dream doomed to failure. A lot of
you would go along with such a stupid plan.

I know you Mexicans, Nicarauguans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Columbians, Venezuelans,
Bolivians, Hondurans and Cubans are desperate enough to come to a land that uses you like
whores, but think. Do you really think that the political whores who would wind up in charge
of this "aztlan" would turn that stretch of brush land and desert into the garden of brown
skinned eden? Do you really think the utter, in your face corruption of your homelands
wouldn't turn "aztlan" into yet another banana republic? Do you really think you'll get away
with taking Texas from Texans, or any other part of America without making Latinos forever

I know you don't want that. I know you want to be respected as courageous, hard working,
dilligent people and be able take care of your families, even if you have to come to the
United States to do it. I know a lot of you came to America to be Free, to have the prosperity
denied in your homelands.

Your homelands; all the real crooks are either drug lords, cops, judges or elected officials
who loot your economy at every level, prostitute your resources and industry to my country's
money whores or ship it to China-home of the slave laborer. No wonder freedom, civil rights
and respect for property are alien to your "leaders". Your homelands are nothing but whores
to them!

And you? You are used and abused like a common streetcorner whore. Used by the rich money
whores in the United States who sell out their countrymen by getting you to work for slave
wages, driving down our wages while costs go up, denying us too a equitable economy. You're
in the United States-therefore you're not only contributing to the economy of your homeland.
You as a strong, justifiably angry Latino are away at the same time, keeping the fires of much
needed revolution at a manageable level for the whores, who can maintain their traitorous
policies of economically disemboweling your country's economy so it can be integrated into a
"new world order". This is a plot that needs you here in the United States to help the whores
finish economically disemboweling America by being willing to work much longer for much
less. This further attacks the average American's economy which weakens their potential to
revolt and liberate themselves from the whores-as they make billions of dollars off your way
underpriced labors. You're used by the whores who run your nation who have squeezed you
dry since Simon Bolivar died. How his revolution has been betrayed-freed from the Spanish,
you're enslaved by the descendants of their colonial overseers!

You are being used; by the same whores in three piece suits you vote for in rigged elections.
These whores, in exchange for some money and some power over your lives, pimp all of Latin
America out. Their government agents enforce too many regulations over you-when they're
not stealing it in the form of taxes or bribes. The whores in your legislatures and presidential
mansions take your very means of survival in your homelands by letting in slave labor
factories, and then letting them get exported to China or Bangladesh.

So, looking for a way to keep your families fed you leave everything you hold dear and travel
to the United States, looking for a way to make a living. You put your lives in the hands of
professional criminals who traverse hostile desert… all so that you can be worked as slave

If the average American-those white, black and brown people you see rolling in SUV's, getting
fatter off food bioengineered to do so, and flocking to the mall like lemmings when a "sale" is
advertised-if they remain asleep and yet made just aware enough to falsely think of you as a
threat, then we will not be free of the whores or their masters until it's too late. And no;
most are still ignorant enough to not listen to you.

What the hell to do about the whores?

You can't stop trying to help your people in your homeland. What you can do is the following:

Get educated about the United States Declaration of Independence, and the U.S.
Constitution's Bill of Rights. You must learn about Freedom so you can teach your countrymen
about Freedom, both here and back in your homeland. You will only defeat those who plot
against us all if you reclaim control over your own countries.
A quick breakdown:

First and foremost, we are all God's Children, endowed by our Creator with rights no one has
a right to deny as long as we respect each other's rights. Those rights are as follows:

Right to have a government who is transparent in it's functions and as accountable to the
People it serves as can be engineered. This government's primary, ideally, only function is the
preservation and enhancement of the Individual's Freedoms from threats both within and
without. Mainly from men lacking respect for your rights but also from natural threats like
disease or natural disaster.

Right to Free Speech, including inventing and using media. This means if you want to stand in
public square and expose your corrupt city councilman's corrupt dealings or his lust for school
age boys, you can't be stopped or even required to get a "permit".

Right to worship or otherwise love your God(s) as you see fit, without sanction from the state
or any religion.

Right to petition for redress of grievances against government wrongdoing, and to have those
grievances addressed in a timely and public manner.

Right to ownership of personal property, including your home, transportation and money.

Right to honest, stable money that won't be inflated by bankers or corrupt government
officials into toilet paper.

Right to keep and bear arms in defense of yourself, your family, your community and your
nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Right to a jury trial of one's peers, in a timely manner, under law both just and easily

Right to have a jury nullify a law if it interferes with government's mission of perserving

Right to have a economy and society where one can pursue his or her talents and abilities and
enjoy the rewards of one's hard work without being unfairly squeezed by the rich or the state.
A right to a economic future.

Right to free and aboveboard elections that have a voting system that can be verified and as
impossible to steal as possible.

These among other Rights are what God wants for us because God wants us to be all we can
be. Now, you are reading this and you're saying "this J. Croft, he is a gringo and a childish
dreamer, he needs to grow up and face facts." I am, and I'm saying your current situation-OUR
current situation is intolerable. It's not only intolerable, it won't even allow for survival for
anyone if things keep going the way they are. So I say YOU have to face down your fears and
do what YOU can to change things.

So, when you go back you must become teachers of Freedom and leaders of your own

I can't say just go home because you need to be here to feed your families. Organize into
small groups; these groups will be autonomous yet cooperate with others of like mind. From
there, organize a strike of that Gringo's business exploiting you for less than minimum wage.
You must set precedent that your labors are as good as any American's and therefore you
should get paid the same. And you must do it together-as you know, one worker demanding a
living wage will get fired. A crew demanding a living wage will get fired. A whole community
demanding a living wage from all the gringo farmers and factory owners-that will not only
give those whores no choice but to raise your wages, it will help gain support from the
average American.

Learn English. If you're not trying to earn American citizenship at least have the respect to
learn our language and a few basic customs. This way when you describe just how shitty your
homelands are when you find a American that does care, they'll listen.

Stop trying to take advantage of so many U.S. government programs and loopholes. This
enrages us and does nothing to gain sympathy and support for your cause. I personally would
rather look at a Latino as someone being victimized by the same system as I, and not as
someone who's short-sighted actions are helping the system crush me. You likewise would like
to walk American streets and not feel the constant vibe that behind your backs you're being
called wetbacks or spics.

If you're in a gang, it's time to use your strength against the whores who wrecked your
countries, not average Americans. You're soldiers brave enough to shoot it out with each
other and the police; smuggle yourselves back home and go after the criminals who's
economic policies make fathers leave their wives and children and travel thousands of miles
to a land which uses them as practically slave labor.

When you go home, convert the rebels of your homeland to stop being communists and join
the Cause. They usually have military weapons, as do street gangs here in the U.S. Aim those
weapons at those elites who made you smuggle yourself North, made you degrade yourself to
support your families because they stole your livelihoods and freedoms away.

Most of all, be willing to fight for your Freedom, even unto death-because death will be the
only freedom you'll get if you keep letting the whores sell your beloved homeland like… a
Keep these thoughts in mind:

Your expectations are what's given to you by your leaders whether in your government or who
run your cultural institutions. I say, you can set your own expectations. Expect the best of
yourself and others, expect freedom and demand nothing less.

Freedom is a gift from God, as is life and a chance for happiness. Does God want your people
to live in never ending poverty? Never ending exploitation by the rich in your nation as well as
in the United States? No, a loving God would never want that. God wants you to be able to do
your best, for yourself and your people. It is only by the unfettered pursuit of excellence in
what we want to do, in what we are destined to do that the Human Race will find it's
salvation, and purpose.

To get that freedom though, you first must free yourself. Rediscover God in you. Seek Him
out for yourself-that small, still voice of conscience. Don't rely on other's opinions on God, nor
some cheesy televangelist, nor even some (probably) corrupt church official. The TV, the
church, your cultural icons all shape you and herd you to playing roles, to believe in certain
things that keep that corrupt system going. Dispense with everything that takes Freedom from
you and your fellow man. Get right with God, and find what you're really here on Earth for.
All of us have purpose, talents and resources we can give wholeheartedly to gain our

Your leaders are your problem, not having a million more square miles of desert and urban
sprawl to be exploited in under the Mexican flag. Your true fight is against Vicente Fox and
his drug lord lackeys, not the Minutemen. They, like you are sick of the corruption and
treason by their "public servants" and have the will and vision to take action. Perhaps a few of
them might be interested in helping you resist the scum that make you smuggle yourselves to
the U.S.?

You'll have to fight for Freedom. Building from the grassroots, take over your villages, your
towns, then unite. Join in common cause with other groups in other towns like yours to take
over provinces. You'll have to fight for Freedom-probably literally; I've never heard of a ruling
group who simply handed power back to the People because they said so. They held onto it
until the very last.

You must make it their last because they're pushing us all to war and the destruction of all
our cultures. Our children and our future are at stake.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


J. Croft

If you're a celebrity reading this, be thankful to God for your blessings.

You can be thankful for being able to do what you want to do, to have time to play, relax,
reflect. You can be thankful for having the money to live very well-which is no small
achievement in today's America, seeing how all the opportunities to advance or even tread
water are disappearing. You can be thankful that you have opportunities to make something
that others will appreciate, that those works will-hopefully-last after your fame has faded.
That you have millions of perfect strangers who love you-who don't know you and wouldn't
care less about you if you weren't on the TV or cineplex for them to idolize and try to
emulate. …Those millions need your help.

(I know a LOT of you contribute to charity. You're talked about all the time on the TV and
magazines on how so and so gave this to this foundation or that charity, or participated in this
event-all proceeds going to whatever. It makes you feel good, I'm sure, HOWEVER: what are
your charities doing to solve the problems they're against? You're against, presumably.

*Does the charity or foundation you support get at least 90% of the donations to where they're
stated they're going? 50%? Any %? How much of the funds wind up as executive perks-or yours?

*Does the charity or foundation you support, do their goals actually help? Take for instance,
cancer: a cure already exists and it has to do with proper diet. Any people not exposed
regularly to the toxins found in American foods don't get cancer. Most animals in nature don't
get cancer. Any person knowledgeable in "alternative health" know how to avoid or eliminate
cancer-which is a natural bodily process that gets out of control. So knowing that, does the
charity or foundation you support spread this knowledge, or is it just a fundraising machine?

*You need to ask these kinds of questions for all your charitable benefactors-it doesn't make
sense to throw a multi-million dollar concert to petition leaders to end poverty wherever,
when they're the sources of poverty. When that money and those resources could be much
more efficiently used to bring the Third World into the 21st century; would it kill anyone to
show these people how to live free, be the sources of their own livelihoods and how to
basically be prosperous without being such a enviromental cancer like we Americans have
been railroaded to be by the society imposed on us?

*Most importantly, are the charities and foundations you work for, are they honest and up
front about their agenda, or are they pushing something that will wind up robbing people-of
their livelihoods, their property, their freedom? Is that what you want-make the problems
worse in the long run just so long as you get to feel good about doing it for "the cause"? Are
you doing that charity event for others, for the millions of fans who aren't doing well, or are
you just stroking your own ego?)

I know a lot of you contribute to charity but the cause I'm advocating you help fight for now is
Freedom. All of ours, before we lose them all. It's not a left/right paradigm issue, it's a
matter of survival. The current political climate in America resembles nothing less than the
early years of the Third Reich; rampant imperialism, a expansion of state power into every
facet of life and into every corner of the globe, a cult of power with the centerpiece around a
war leader with a "destiny".

If we keep going on this "destiny" the destination for our country's going to be the same as
Nazi Germany or Japan-utter defeat, destruction, and collapse. Millions will be killed outright
in war, millions more succumb to disease and starvation. America's pissing off the world and
in retaliation the world might decide to engage our divided, far flung military in a all-out
attack that won't end until foreign troops are occupying American soil. Nuclear war might
even be acceptable to get rid of the beast America has become. A beast we've all helped
nurture by our blind support and lack of action. Because not enough of us have risen up to
oppose the evils imposed on us.

When the government votes for itself more power to tax and regulate, how many of us
opposed them and demanded their immediate resignation for their treason? Not enough.

When the government's agents go overboard to enforce those taxes and regulations, how
many of us opposed them even to the point of exercising our Constitutional Right to resist
such criminals? Anyone?
When the government, trying it's own agents acquit them when they MURDER innocent law
abiding Americans in their homes, businesses and churches, and steal their property and
livelihood, how many of us said NO? Not enough.

When the government scratches the back of it's plutocratic partners in big business-to the
point of cutting sensible enviromental regulation, rigging the trade laws to permit the
wholesale dismantling and export of the American economy and making millions of your FANS
destitute, and outright government buying of stocks to prevent a stock market collapse-how
many of us threatened any kind of reprisal, say, like a boycott of the traitor businesses
"goods", or a tax strike? …Not nearly enough.

Those millions of fans-Americans like me, and YOU-ARE getting squeezed. Have been for the
past two generations but the squeeze has been slow so as not to enrage us into action. A
squeeze that's been so successful we're forced to work much more-for much less.

No: we DON'T live well! Our opportunities are disappearing because, who can open a grocery
store or gas station or restaurant when you have megacorporations with global resources that
can literally go anywhere, set up shop and outbid you with slave labor? Who can run for office
when they can't even make all their monthly bills? Who can invent something and have that
patent respected without some corporation engage in piracy? Who can even work a chump job
and not have up to half their income stolen from them by the government and all their taxes?
And here's one you guys can relate: who can make a tv show or movie and get it distributed
without the media industry's blessing, or respect the contract made?

And those who have the spare time, energy and will to even attempt such things in today's
America are the exceptional ones! For everyone else, it's been a slow squeeze so as to keep
everyone still asleep, still believing the myths and lies. The squeeze comes in many different
forms, from many different directions so that it's not apparent that the socioeconomic war
being waged on Americans is a coordinated effort, and the components are as follows:

A imperialistic federal government that takes up to half of the average American's labors
through every kind of tax possible-from income tax, to social security(a slush fund), to state
taxes on every commodity and product out there. Locally imposed taxes, by small time hoods
that get elected through vote fraud just like the federal mafioso they wish they were. These
trash slap taxes and regulations that forces businesses to pass on to the "consumer". And when
the government isn't taxing, it regulates; a single copy of the United States Code, the body of
federal law takes up literally YARDS of bookshelves! All the regulations made up by the 36(so
far)federal agencies-they could fill up the rest of a small library that the US Code doesn't. And
all these laws, all these regulations are enforced by packs of jackbooted thugs who if they
weren't sworn agents would most likely be working for some mob boss. Except they are
working for the biggest pack of mobsters on the planet; "our" government. Most of them like
their work.

What's so bad about all this government you say? Doesn't all the social programs and the law
enforcement and regulatory efforts, don't they help America? Look around you!

Does it help that there have to be federal social programs-because the same imperial federal
government made it a unstated policy to de-industrialize this nation through overregulation,
inflation, and "free trade" that makes them have to compete with Third World slaves? Those
people now financially and psychologically dependent on welfare slavery would be either
working at a factory making quality American products or opening up businesses of their own,
or pursuing higher education or the arts. They can't because it's economically impossible save
for their brightest and most determined, so they either turn to crime or suck on the federal

Does it help to have thousands of thug agents harass and steal from the People? Ask the
survivors of Ruby Ridge and Mt. Carmel, and Oklahoma City. Ask the thousands in federal
penitentiaries for violating some regulation they have no possible way of obeying, out of the
millions of regulations choking us all.

All the people put out of work, stolen from, dependent on government handouts, imprisoned,
murdered; those are people who won't be able to see that next picture, won't be able to go
out and buy new gear or fragrances or beer with your name on it. And at the rate "our"
government's growing we'll ALL be out of work, out of our homes, our cars, and having little
choice but to turn to them for assistance-the same imperial federal government that stole
America from us in the first place. That day, your fame and fortune won't matter because
your job will be finished: that job Mr. and Ms. American Celebrity, is to distract the People as
their very nation's stolen from them. You are the modern American equivalent of the Roman
circus to the imperial federal government's bland welfare bread. Why else are your private
lives made into public spectacle; the gossip about you filling the 150 channels of crap?

And the work you do? When's the last time you came upon something remotely great?
Remotely watchable without a suggestive laugh track to encourage group think with the
average brainwashed American to laugh along at the pathetic "joke"? When's the last time,
being offered such work that the studios didn't fuck it up? Or that "messages" weren't written
in the storyline or background or advertised that didn't seek to continue oppressing Americans
with a celebrity(you)driven consumer culture that has all the substance of redi-whip? When's
the last time you challenged the tyranny of "political correctness"-whether it be based in the
left wing or the right wing when the p.c. stance was simply wrong?

Did I cross some lines with that last paragraph? Are you secretly a Marxist? A globalist? Many
millions have been murdered in the name of Marxist-Leninist Socialism and hundreds of
millions more have been enslaved-denied even the illusion of opportunity the America
Fabianist model of Socialism "gives". Are you ready to die knowing you, with all your money
and clothes, cars, the mansion; you got all that by just being a fucking tool of a group of way-
too rich old blue-blooded white men. Old blue-blooded white men who approve the projects,
who gets to be a star, the messages in the works, the same pack of elitist jackals who own
the megacorporations that ship your fans work overseas, the banks that ensnare them in a
lifetime of debt slavery, the seats of power in government that direct the bureaucrats and
federal agents to systematically harrass and rob and murder your fans.

Why keep serving such parasites of the Human Race?

Angry? Still angry? Want to do something about it? Let me offer a few suggestions based on a
realistic appraisal of our situation and your particular circumstances.

Americans all but worship celebrity-because celebrity worship makes for easy TV
programming to keep them asleep as the traitors work to destroy us. Destroy you in the end
because our money pays for your lifestyle. And yet, you're hemmed in by the same media you
get your fame and riches from because it's tightly controlled by the same bastards who're
destroying us. You know you have no control once your work hits the editing suite. You also
know that if you go "too far", your contracts will be terminated and you can kiss your future
work goodbye; have a paid for home and saving set aside, and throw your celebrity full bore
into the fight. So, using your fame as a soap box for advocating a return to Freedom's not
going to work-in the mainstream media. So make your own.

You have the cash to blow on another car or a million dollar rock? You definitely have the
cash to join with other like minded individuals and finance new media outlets and
distribution. A new media system's needed anyway as the mainstream media's as
impenetrable to reform as every other American institution. I would not advise you to directly
participate in any underground media production and distribution, as discovery of such
activities will immediately end your career in the mainstream media. Rather, use those with
talent that are motivated to fight for Freedom and bankroll them. Fortunately, Hollywood's a
magnet for these types and odds are there's a few you'll encounter with the goals and talent
to be your surrogates.

Another line of resistance you can do covertly is bankroll a group of Freedom-loving People
organizing for a election campaign at a local, or regional level. Any Freedom Movement
political effort's going to have to start at grassroots level to build communities that love and
practice Freedom. These community groups are going to be the foundation and support for a
real third party to challenge the frick and frack Democrat and Republican party. It would be a
great boost in their efforts if someone like you could hock a couple of your custom rides, or
some bling to help a group retake their community.

A few important words about finding or founding these groups:

(1)Look for people who're practical-minded; they have a long range goal and lay out the steps
needed to get to that goal, and they figure out how and what they need to take each step.

(2)These people of course have been fed up with the imperial federal government and all
their antics. Be certain though you don't get one of those idiots who advocates bomb making,
or is a nose pick who thinks his gun show cammies, jam-a-matic tec-9 and made in pakistan
sword's gonna win a war. And if you get a person who advocates illegal activity right out the
bat; that's a government agent provocateur.

(3)Work through a trusted intermediary; even these Americans will lose their minds at your

(4)The effectiveness of your group(s)will be greatly magnified if they're geographically close.
What I'm saying is the Third Party groups can work better supporting each other if the
communities they are liberating are adjoining each other. Those groups that succeed become
not only examples to others seeking Freedom where they live; they can render assistance-
everything from advice to manpower to resources.

If you and other celebrities can financially and materially assist these Third Party groups in
their own communities to win their local elections and enact Freedom reforms, they can unite
to liberate their county. And when enough counties have been liberated by the hundreds of
Third Parties, they can unite in common cause to liberate their state. And with enough states,
the Third Parties can take back Congress and the Presidency. …And from there all of the
Judiciary, all of the Megacorporations and their way too rich owners, all of the federal
bureaucracy, and all of the shadow government can FINALLY be taken out!

Imagine-a Free America: Not having the police react to everyone who isn't a cop like they're
the enemy, that they actually go after those harmful to a Free society-whether they sell
crack to kids or to traitors in government office legislating all sorts of tyranny gift wrapped as
"good government".

Not having obnoxious local officials shake you down for bribes, or pass endless ordinances
that infringe on your personal Freedoms.

Not being conditioned by the PROGRAMMING on the TV to do everything from being a
lemming-like consumer to being apathetic in the face of corruption.

Not have to go through a media bottleneck controlled by corrupt insiders to get work, and
that work will actually be good-not the deliberately mediocre crap they like to push to keep
Americans dulled while they worship the TRUE American idol: the TV set.

Not having to fear what you eat may have genetically modified genes from fish or rats or God
knows what.
Not having to fear the air you breathe, the water you drink may have toxins from
megacorporate industry.

Not having to fear that corrupt officials in YOUR government will decide they want your
property enough to seize it, whether by legal bullshit or planting drugs and going in with a
pack of jackbooted federal thugs.

Not having to fear those corrupt officials bosses deciding to expand their bureaucratic
fiefdoms and write up a bookshelf of more regulations for their agents to make your life
miserable with. Not having to fear a government united in desecrating the American
Revolution and using American might for global empire.

Can you imagine it? Will you fight for it?
































Message to the Patriot Movement


J. Croft

The modern Patriot Movement had it's beginnings during the 1970's and 80's with the
Survivalist Movement, as Carter and Reagan danced with the Soviets. The smart people-not
buying the media propaganda that nuclear war was unwinnable and not worth surviving
through anyway-acquired guns, gold, foodstuffs, tools and land in remote places with basic
resources in the hope of being able to rebuild in the aftermath.

Yet the Soviet threat collapsed as if on cue. A staged event because previous ventings of pent
up rage against communist oppression had been brutally put down by the Red Army; Hungary
in '56, Czechoslovakia in '68. But that summer of '89, the Red Army stayed in their barracks
and with the exception of Romania Eastern Europeans were "allowed" by absence of being
gunned down to rebel and "win". One place gave lie to the "revolutions" in the communist
world: Tianamen Square, where thousands of Chinese Students duped into thinking they too
would have peacable change were murdered in a military assault that would've made Mao and
Stalin proud. Most people would think that the Chinese Communist Leadership were just being
assholes about retaining their power, but we in the Movement know better.

So the communist threat as defined by the armed might of the Soviet Union and China
"disappeared" to most in the west as Russia imploded and China allowed some market forces
to put a happy face on their depraved slave system. We fell asleep during the early 90's and
the decade had promise to see a unwinding of the distortion of that WWF scripted trillion
dollar farce known as the Cold War. As for myself, I was content with gearing up for college
and maybe take up my life's work whatever it was when I figured that out…

Until Clinton was raised up by the ever tightly controlled media to be the President, after
Bush the Elder went down in the fifth for some undiscovered huge favor. Clinton was a
straight up liberal, a conditioned reaction to the country club republican morass of Bush. Soon
as he and his partner Hillary got into the white house they started raising all kinds of hell.
Being a conservative enough, I reacted with alarm and fear. Those fears were soon stoked
with Waco, Oklahoma City, the Brady Bill, the aborted Health Care Plan, and other stunts
they pulled. I and everyone else in the Movement would soon learn another bitter truth-we
wouldn't, we couldn't fight back.

We were shown to have no will to fight back with Ruby Ridge under Bush. Under Clinton the
Waco siege made us as a bunch of cammie wearing wannabes. I mean, what did people do
beyond ineffectually protest at the police line? The only heads that rolled outside of the April
19 assault on women and children were when the survivors-victims all-were sentenced to
decades in federal prison. All the government players got promotions and pay raises.
Although, in retrospect it did shift the militia movement into high gear what with all the gun
and ammo buying by millions of casual shooters and gun collectors-a trend that was staunched
by the Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. I say staunched because fresh supplies
of foreign made military pattern rifles were blocked until US importers could get the tooling
up to make compliant parts, and that those weapons and all others became registered in a
easily accessable computer database.

We were then blamed for the staged Oklahoma City bombing, showing us to be ruthless, yet
cowardly-willing to exterminate innocent women and children, even though we in the
movement KNOW the government had it's agents away from the building on the day of the
attack. KNOW that a "Ryder truck full of fertilizer and fuel oil" could not possibly shear off
half of that federal building like it was demolitioned with plastic explosives. Before that we
were conservatives reacting to Clintonian leftist excesses; after April 19th, 1995 we became
dangerous far right extremists the American "people" were programmed to seek government
protection from. …Same Goddamn government that planted those charges and blew up that
federal piece of shit after it's agents were on a "exercise".

The Sudan medicine factory attack? It was supposedly on our CIA asset Osama Bin Ladin and
one of his camps. The symbolic attack was made to coincide with testimony in Washington DC
about him lying about having sex with some skank intern… which masterfully deflected
attention not only from the lurid details, but also from all the murders and drug and gun
running with the Bush clan in Mena, Arkansas.

The Elian Gonzales soap opera openly trashed our beliefs in Freedom as the media made
getting little Elian reunited with his Cuban Intelligence Officer Dad morally superior to
keeping him in America-supposedly the land of the free. And what a better capper that
communism and statism is preferable to Freedom and Individual Rights than with the raid on
that house by our own government. …That infamous photograph of a federal jackbooted
terrorist pointing a machine gun in the faces of a terrified Elian and the very man who
rescued him from death in the Atlantic Ocean.

Goddamn Bill Clinton-thank God he was out in 2000 … Only to discover "dubya" would make
the previous drama queen-in-chief's tenure seem as a gilded age.

I never would have thought that this limpwristed, cowboy wannabe, waste of a five minutes
of lust son of a inbred sociopathic blueblood could've caused so much havoc. I mean, Y2K was
a no show that made all the survivalist look like boobs once again as nothing happened, and it
was technically a republican at the helm of our ever so subtly sinking ship. I didn't think
anything beyond a economic collapse would occur soon-and I had gold so I figured I just get a
apartment building and a bar after the collapse. Nor did I think that the most dangerous
period in recorded history would be engineered by his puppetmasters, but September 11,
2001 proved that assessment so dreadfully wrong. I lost; we all lost that morning with the
news coverage.

And the Movement lost. We totally got blindsided, and lost the last bit of ideological
momentum with the staged events of 9/11. Not just two jets making three skyscrapers
collapse like they were demolished, when they were specifically designed to take such
damage, it was a total media package; the graphics, the drumbeat for a police state-now!
The slogans "this is the new America, it is forever", the traitorous "patriot act" all ready to be
passed by a panicked Congress, the "war on terror" that somehow goes along with the
Neoconservative Project for a New American Century in it's progression of invasions. It was a
disaster for America, which not only got the public behind a series of imperialistic land wars
in Asia, but also served to turn the American "people" away from Freedom, away from any
expectation of Constitutional Rights with fear of a potemkin enemy. Now we've crushed two
Third World nations and sent our remaining military might there to be crushed in a planned
World War III. Now, the sorry excuses for 98% of the American People are ready to bend over
when "our" government finishes off our Constitutional Rights with the next staged attack.
Looking back, at Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, the systematic dismantling of the economy,
the scripted collapse of the communist block, the assaults on the sorry fringes of American
society at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, the Brady Bill, the Elian Gonzales soap opera,
the stolen 2000 election, 9/11; it all has come together. A master plan made by masterful
planners whose ultimate aim is to weaken America to the point when it's sacrifice in a coming
soon world war will make the survivors gladly accept global slavery. Weaken so we as a nation
will never recover any semblance of our former glory. In fact with the Latino invasion we're
due for a engineered second civil war that will divide us into warring states. What survives
the nuclear fire of course, until we too give up and accept a life of abject slavery to avoid a
life of abject horror, death and starvation on a daily basis. And we'll lose our souls in the

So, our current situation: we as a movement in our current form have lost this war of ideals,
simply because we were outmatched in every possible way; in organization, in strategy,
tactics, propaganda. Anybody who claims to be in the patriot movement or even start talking
about the obvious government deceptions is already tuned out by the brain deadened sheep's
indoctrination and conditioning. And ignorance. Worse, even those on the "left" or even
ideologically close won't listen to us, and we usually don't listen to them either because of
some difference in doctrine or more programming. But do you know what's the worst, most
absurd aspect of our defeat in the war of ideals? We waste energy and TIME fight over the
pettiest of reasons as our enemies finish setting ALL of us up for their Armageddon: unless
there are a lot of Patriots in the closet that'll pop out and spark change, we'll lose the war to
avert Armageddon-the destruction of America as a sovereign state and military power, the
holocaust of upward of a billion people, and the acceptance of slavery by the starved,
irradiated "survivors".

If martial law, economic collapse, civil war, nuclear attack happen we'll be forced into a two-
fold mission: survive all attempts at our capture or murder, and the preservation not only of
the ideals of Freedom but the basic knowledge of civilization itself. Basic agriculture,
metalworking, machining, commerce, war tactics including marksmanship and weapons
manufacture. More importantly the reason for preserving such knowledge; that we all have a
loving Father who wishes each of us to exercise our Free Will in Love and Respect for our
fellow Man and to build a civilization based on uplifting the Individual to their maximum. Each
and every one of us has to assume we will be the sole surviving source of that knowledge, and
have the means to copy and disseminate as needed. You think all those fat fools who waste
their lives trying to keep up their borrowed lifestyle with some imaginary "Jones", they'll have
the vision, the grit, the knowledge to rebuild? Or some welfare parasite? Or a lawyer or a real
estate agent or a stock broker?

It's up to us to rebuild a entire civilization-but it'll be damn hard when the enemy has had
your number. That house you've worked hard for all your life, your car, all the guns you were
dumb enough to submit to federally registering to get, your credit cards; your ass is on a
master file and you have been profiled for a long time now. Our entire movement, and all the
other movements that have arisen? Long ago factored in with the enemy's plans; counted on
in fact in a exceedingly cunning way. It's a no brainer that resistance to tyranny pops up; if
you wanted to rule isn't it better to divert your enemy's efforts into battles amongst
themselves, or in ways that advance other thrusts of your efforts to enslave humanity? The
radicals of the left are sent against the establishment in ways that actually target middle
America and make them hate grubby, rude-assed hippies even more than they do. The
radicals of the right have buildings blown up in their name, their families murdered and they
get painted as the American equivelant of Al Qaeda-not that one in a thousand of you could
live up to that moniker at the present.

Face it: you're going to have to do better. If your current efforts aren't getting results-change
your efforts. In the meantime, you're gonna have to preserve yourself, and that means making
yourself as hidden from the enemy as possible. Get a place that's somehow not in your own
name-even a old camper with one of those old titles you don't have to go to the registrar to
change, parked on some old guy's property for a nominal rent, or a stash in the sticks. IF
you're young enough; college towns have students looking for roommates all the time. Take
over a abandoned town, squat on some long abandoned property, live on a boat on a lake or
river. Don't be at a address you can be easily found when they come for you-and there WON'T
be any warning!

It's time to get serious: reaffirm a commitment to your loving Father to help liberate us all.
We'll need God's strength in the years ahead so make your peace now! Get physically ready.
Burn off the fat, practice with your equipment, refine your gear for maximum mobility.
Practice with your rifle until you can hit man sized targets at 500 yards-that should be a
minimum, and if your rifle isn't up to the task get one that will.

All that's the easy part. The hardest will be working together-I'm not kidding! We're a sorry
lot-we gossip and infight, we make enemies with each other over issues of doctrine that really
ought to be settled later. I think our biggest problem is our egos. We think that just because
we're out to save the world everybody needs to listen to us and do what we say.

We're Patriots-we love America enough to see what it truly is, warts and all. And fight for
redemption. To everybody else were cammie clad, nosepicking, buttcrack picking, beer
guzzling, ignorant, bahbul thumping, intolerant, racist, tin foil beanie wearing trailer park
cretins who when not handling their tec-9's in one hand and a bottle of wild turkey in the
other are bedding their sister. Or Mom. Or Dad.

We expect other Patriots to come heed our call and rally behind us-each of us and do what
we say. We don't ask what we can do for them. And that is why our "movement" has moved

And when we bungle even networking amongst ourselves, we turn around and bungle reaching
out to others. We shove some facts arcane to the general public and expect them to
comprehend-which is like taking a person who's never played a video game, gave him a
quarter on a fighter game, and after that told him to take the controls of a F-15 fighter jet.
We just press facts strange to them, and ask them to join and help us-the Patriots. Those
radical militia types who bomb federal buildings and shoot all those hero cops who're really
trying to keep society safe-just a few bad apples that set people up.

You, I, We are what we do, not what we say. What do we do for the people we say we want
to help?

Our fears and prejudices also cripple us. We don't reach out to the average blue collar worker
and ask how we can help them-what troubles them. We sure as hell don't reach out to the
inner cities and ask how we can assist them in their struggles against the CIA imported drugs
and the brutal, corrupt government. We don't reach out to the police officer struggling with
working for the beast, the bureaucrat who knows what's really going on behind closed doors
and wants to talk but has no safe place, the white collar worker, the gangsta, blacks, whites,
asians, latinos, natives.

And these are the few that have awakened-and we do nothing for them; the norm in this
country is a blissful ignorance about such important issues. In fact, it's encouraged by our
oppressors as their systemic mind control operations permeate our entire society. A
inescapable consumer "paradise" that enslaves the nations of the world with our own
materialist slavery.

Time is running out; government power is expanding, choking freedom-our freedom to move
and communicate. They're maneuvering into positions necessary to drop the hammer on
Liberty. Don't think they'll just keep their incrementalism going-they've calculated a time and
set of conditions where a quick, violent take down will be successful. When that time and
conditions coincide they'll stage something as a excuse to make the sheeple obey their new

That day comes we will lose that ability due to a staged catastrophe and we'll be picked off.
Making a stand at that home you've slaved your life for is stupid-you'll get killed and instead
of being a martyr you'll just be a example of what happens to resisters. Make a run for the
border? Should've done it before 9/11; unless you can speak Spanish and pass for a Latino
you're not gonna get past the heavily surveiled borders. Hide out in the woods like Eric
Rudolph and Ted Kazinski? Unless you have friends, supplies and spares of everything cached
and know how to escape and evade you won't last. Live as nomads in trucks and vans or even
like the Native Americans on horseback? America isn't a vast wild prarie; it's huge metropolis
with a grid of smaller communities almost all the way across the continent. Think of each
small town in the sticks as a blockhouse of sorts; with enemy troops and surveillance
equipment-all of the enemy and all of the population of that community thinking you're the
enemy. This national grid of communities act like the British blockhouses did during the Boer
War; they prevented the Boer Commandos from being able to maneuver and resupply across
their nation. It will be the same situation when martial law is enacted.
No, we won't be able to just hide. We can't make a stand, and we won't be able to verbally
persuade enough people not to support the state in enslaving them for some "guarantee" of
safety. We'll have to wage a propaganda war as hard as a war for survival. Propaganda as in
exposing what the enemy does to oppress us in a way that will be credible. Raids, to help the
people not be so oppressed, freeing unjustly imprisoned, liberating supplies; all must be
taped and videos distributed so the truth is known.

And we must help other groups even if it hurts.

Time to stand together. Time to ask your "rival"-if you were stupid and selfish enough to have
one-what you can do for them. Don't wait on them to make the first gesture; it must be up to
YOU to move first! If someone needs help, no matter what, if you can, do. We are far too
few, and everyone has their worth.

Instead of expecting others to help you, ask what you can do for them.

We must expand our ranks, and to expand we have to give reason why. To do that requires
education, and to do that we must present our message in a way that will penetrate their
indoctrination and ignorance. Time will not allow us to do this mission in the half-assed way
we've done it for the past quarter century. Half-assed as in assuming that what we understand
now, they will understand right off the bat. We didn't, so why could they? Furthermore, you
have to consider this: we were actively searching for the truth or were turned on to it, and
over the years the pool of people like us in the population that hasn't been exposed has gone
down. So what's left? More than likely a happily compliant tool, or otherwise someone who's
resigned to not have much.

You have to attack their complacency first and foremost before even considering
spoonfeeding the basics.

We must do a MUCH better job categorizing the truth into levels, like grade school, because
what we're trying to do is deprogram a lifetime of New World Order brainwashing on first
contact; and we come off like we're insane. Our enemies use a variety of delivery methods
delivered over time-much as subtext so that the conditioning isn't too obvious. Also, it must
be noted that as part of their conditioning, Americans are kept in a arrested state of
development. Adult children dependant on the state and corporations for everything that
they associate with being an American.

We simply must perfect a better, more efficient means of countering this, get these state
slaves to grow up on their own before the plug's pulled on America's economic life support
and their world's taken away. Get them to make all the progress we have in a much shorter
timespan so they can use what economic and personal resources they have for the Cause.

We have to attack their assumptions in ways that they can understand. We must copy the
advertising methods of the enemy, break our messages down into common denominators that
can be verified by our pathetic target audience, and make them begin to question their
assumptions. We must leave hints, bread crumbs to more meatier messages that will not only
make them begin to think, but also as a byproduct rehabilitate the arrested mental
development "our" engineered society's inflicted on them. Then, as the individual's curiosity
and intellectual capacity has grown can we inflict on them by hints in the lower levels of our
messages the whole, ugly truth.

How? Simple, we have the lowest levels at the effects the average person feels, yet is
anesthetized by the enemy's propaganda. Keep it simple and short, yet effect a cognitive
dissonance in the person taking it in, and at the same time make hints that there's a lot more
to be uncovered-and ways to find out. This will require great skill in crafting as we don't want
to make it obvious at first that he's dumbed down-if Americans have anything past body fat
and debt it's pride. Something akin to a Chick Tract that can be deposited in a location as
appropriate to it's message-for example how shopping at Wal Mart's disembowling America-a
tract can be put into a product at Wal Mart.

The next level(s) of messages can be a burned DVD or booklet offered on the internet, the
address detailed in the first level tracts. Here we can lay down the individuals and the history
behind their problems in a more mature manner-like a essay or photo compilation. Or a comic
book. Here we don't want to go full bore into subjects like the thirteen illuminati bloodlines.
Here we go into the government and business players and the organizations at their level that
they use to keep us enslaved. Here we must also offer solutions and paths for the person to
do. This level we must get people motivated to begin pulling their weight in the Cause; a
return on investment.

We have to use the types of media they do-that means video. Yes, lots of Patriot videos have
been made; how many of them even begin to stack up production wise against the poison our
enemies can make? And it's not only quality issues we have to address; we must adjust our
propaganda, our attack. People just beginning to have doubts about their world view are not
going to be equipped to analyze, say, whether or not the 1787 Constitution was deliberately
sabotaged by banker agents. Most people are ignorant about the real essence of Freedom to
begin with.

The top level, if there is to be one is the stuff we in the Movement view all the time. Do you
understand? When we bust on the Rothschild clan for their dynastic greed we're looked at as if
we're talking about the Earth being flat-because most people don't even know who the
Rothschilds are.

Baby steps. We must have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of deprogramming and
education built into our propaganda.

We MUST target the next generation! We MUST get the truth out to the youth, those who will
grow up seeing this false paradise fall because it will be them who finish this war and it will
be them who will build the Second Republic out of the slave state that's about to be

We have to present the Patriots of the First Revolution as who they really were; common folks
wanting Liberty enough to challenge the greatest power on Earth, not cornball caricatures in
stockings and three cornered hats. We have to educate them on Freedom; what it is to do as
one wills so long as others are respected and to demand that respect back. We have to
educate them on their enemies, and how even this manipulated culture is a enemy. We have
to teach them how to survive and fight once we win them over-teach them what we know to
survive and resist, and hopefully win. We have to do this most of all, in ways they'll want to
take in and grasp… certainly not like this long assed essay until they're ready. The next
generation is audio/visual oriented so this reinforces the need to do MUCH BETTER in that
field of communication than we have-and not something retarded like Barney or Teletubbies!

Long term, we'll also have to develop our own clandestine manufacturing and research assets.
That means having either the cooperation of needed facilities on the sly, or actual physically
liberated territory in which to get or build. How the hell to do this? As of now(summer,
2005)we could IF WE GET OUR POLITICAL ACT TOGETHER we can do what the Free State
Libertarians are trying to do on a statewide level in Wyoming and New Hampshire-but we
start with one community in a area that:

*Is politically ready to have a huge part of the imperialistic government yanked off their
backs, no matter the cost in "perks".

*Has pre-existing resources and facilities-power, raw materials, manufacturing.

*Can be defended in a worst-case scenario.

With location, enough Patriots, a plan of action can be enacted to take over the local
government in the next election.(1) Peacefully taken territory will afford unfettered access
and use of manufacturing and technical research of areas of Citizen Self-Defense. And we will
need to research several areas to defend ourselves:

*Develop a redundant wireless mobile internet system with portable communication nodes
relatively cheap to manufacture, with some kind of integral power supply. The internet as
we've known is headed for extinction with the declaration of martial law, and we MUST have
our own communication system.

*High tech weaponry that can be turned out by small businesses and shade tree mechanics.
Accurate rifle fire is only a start to effective Citizen Self-Defense against an out of control

*Discover practical applications for "lost science" including Tesla technologies, as the junk
that's pawned off as high technology is decades behind what's available to the enemy.
*Defenses against enemy microwave and ELF attacks. Microwave weapons will literally fry us
and Extreme Low Frequency can insert false messages into our minds, literally, and used to

If research has to be conducted under wartime conditions it will go at a tiny fraction of the
progress that we could do this in peacetime, so that gives additional impetus to "winning the
'soft war'" as Fred of RWVA.ORG advises.

How can we possibly do all this? When people join us-and that's when they finally figure out
that we're regrettably correct about too much. We can win this war if we can just get our
message out!

In the meantime… work out and get in shape, get a hideout, shoot, get your gear and bugout
kits ready, buy extra food, ammo, fuel, tools, extra guns to cache. Use the internet as much
as you can before "they" pull the plug; download survival info, the truth about our enemies,
combat tactics, basic 19th and 20th century technologies, combat tactics, countermeasures
against EMP, microwave weapons, spark gap generators(jammers).

Find recruits amongst all who are sick and tired of the way things are going and where they're
headed. If they haven't bought a gun or signed up in anyway to anything that can flag them as
a gun owner STRONGLY persuade them to keep that status and to let themselves be used as a
safe house for the Cause. Get them shooting! Our Victory will ultimately be built on everyone
being as accurate and efficient with a rifle as possible!

I've stated that one of our problems is we don't ask others what we can do for them. So, I'm
going to tell you what I can do for you.

I'm a writer, I'm well versed in video production, animation, and have studied film my entire
adult life. I've had a strong interest in political and military issues since I was a child, and
since I've awakened a appreciation for who really runs this world. I can be reached at; just make a comment to an article and leave a e-mail address.

(1)I present a excerpt from "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America" at my blog on how to do this:

Taking back the government-peacefully!

This is the preferable manner of us as groups reclaiming our Freedom. To be effective, one
must have a understanding of America's political system as it relates to our cause. We have a
president, a vice-president and their agents, a congress, a federal judicial system, and the
duplication of this political layout among the states. Beyond that you have the many
thousands of county and local governments. So what will work best?
Take over the presidency?

It's long been proven that unless you have the blessings of the two official parties of this
nation, you cannot seriously run for president. The closest independent candidate was Ross
Perot back in 1992, and even being a billionaire didn't shield him from getting shredded by
the media.

So, assuming the voting machines are honest(not)and the media's fair(not) you need the
machine of a major party backing you(won't happen).

And the president can only do so much; America's system of government is extremely
compartmentalized, so that unless you have a common ideology and party mechanism guiding
and controlling the various components, it's impossible for one man to dictate policy. So a
independent party president, one lone person against the rest of the hydra headed federal
monstrosity is not only impossible, it's retarded even planning such a thing.


Congress is made up of 540 members-100 senators and the rest in the house of
representatives. All are elected in staggared election cycles so it would take approximately a
decade of successful nationwide campaigning to create a majority party. Yes, congress writes
the laws and taking it back is essential in our struggle, but even factoring out the two official
parties and their political machines the structure of this body demands a massive political
machine of our own.

Massive organizations that have a heirarchial structure have been penetrated, subverted and
corrupted by our enemies since the beginning of time. It's a process that to them is a natural
as breathing. Then there's all the fundraising that will be needed and we're not rich-the only
ones with money in America are the same pack of vampires who've been sucking us dry. So a
singular, national organization will not be sucessful.

Independent and rogue candidates however do have some success. Bernie Sanders of
Vermont, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Ron Paul of Texas, and at one time James Trafficant of
Ohio sadly represent the successes. Most candidates are attorneys who've long ago prostituted
themselves. They whore themselves to the political machine that will take them where they
want to go. All they want is power and in exchange have legislated the monstrosity American
government has become. The democrats and republicans, their bosses for all practical
purposes appoint these elitists their congressional seats and they're prepared to spend
whatever cash it takes to take or retain that seat. Vote fraud of course is part of their

There are no rich left in these times who would willingly sacrifice their lives, their fortunes
and their sacred honor-they're either sold out or scared. So any candidates for congress will
have to be raised and funded by us. That means we have to do it in a grass roots manner. We
have to build not one political machine, but a army of political machines that are
independent of one another, yet cooperative.

Many small parties, one common agenda

This form of political resistance lends itself naturally to our groups. It will go like this:

The group helps other groups form. They in turn during the next local election cycle turn out
and get the candidates they choose elected in town and county governments.

Much of the oppressive laws plaguing us are drafted and enforced locally. Taking over local
governments will not only give the freedom groups relief from local law enforcement
harassment, it will give us the tools to revoke and repeal such things as:

Property taxes that allow the government to sieze that home you're working a lifetime to pay
for if you miss one "rent" installment. Those in power whine that property taxes are for the
schools and the children-isn't that what their gambling rackets known as the lotto are for? And
they're willing to make you and yours homeless for the children… such evil makes me just
want to shoot them. But let's try not to go there yet.

All those damned zoning restrictions, regulations, speed trap traffic laws designed to churn up
"tax" revenue, laws criminalizing all sorts of things and actions that bother nobody. Think of
any local ordinance that seems to have been drafted by a neurotic control freak… the list
would be endless really!

Un-Constitutional, pro criminal gun control legislation. A big part of their program's disarming
us so that we're helpless and have to rely on them exclusively for protection, establishing
dependence. Not that the cops are legally obligated to your personal protection of course.

Anything that pledges cooperation with state and federal authorities, at least until we take
our nation back!

Another book recommendation: HOW TO WIN A LOCAL ELECTION. Should be in your local

When we take back a local government and bring that jurisdiction back into line with the
classic tenants of American government, it will be a beacon of light, an example of successful
peaceful resistance. It will immediately inspire and launch similar efforts in neighboring
communities. Each composed of small, decentralized groups working together on the big
problem, so that one day they can afford to bicker on the small stuff-that the Libertarians,
Constitutionalists, Christian Patriots and Conservatives currently do. So together, with control
of enough cities and townships, the combined efforts of those groups can take over counties.
With control of enough counties, an entire state can be taken over by our groups.
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Message to the Rifleman


J. Croft
I am a Riflemam.

I'm not literally the last Citizen Rifleman in America, but I feel like it. Outside of the Internet,
unless I hit a random old gun shop(can you count the "sporting goods section" of Wal Mart?) I'd
bet money that you could go all day and not find someone actively practicing military rifle

It shouldn't be this way, especially not these days. There should be ranges everywhere where
Americans from all backgrounds can get together-are taking time off from work-to hone their
rifle marksmanship, skills instilled from the earliest age. A place where people can talk about
Freedom, who or what's threatening it, and organizing a campaign to defend their Freedom,
take Freedom back, expand it.

But that's not our situation. A Citizen Rifleman is a rare breed in today's America, a nation of
adult sized children; intellectually stunted by government schools that do anything but

Today's 'murikens, mindlessly waving their made in China flags on cue; they're morally
bankrupt, and conditioned to view that as a "good thing", which actually weakens them in
ways they can't understand, not while modern America can coddle them at up to 21% interest.
They're psychologically and financially dependent on a kind of public/private establishment
that over the decades has systematically enslaved them. A system that talks all day of the
"American way" yet does everything in it's power to subvert and deny Freedom. Especially the
right to bear arms... and most importantly I think, suppressing the skills needed to wield
them effectively.

So, is it a wonder we're alone? We Freedom loving shooters have been cast on the outer
fringes of a already fringe element of American society. A fringe that's been under constant
attack by traitors in positions of public and private power for two generations. How many
representatives, cops, soldiers, bureaucrats nod in approval of us valiantly keeping civilian
rifle marksmanship alive? Or rather, how few?

When's the last time you heard of a local high school shooting team? When's the last time you
saw a TV show that showed the proud heritage of Free Men using their rifles to defend
Freedom? When's the last time you heard all those teleprompter readers that pass for news
anchors go off on the evils of gun control? Or your favorite TV character for that matter?
Riflemen-if anyone's not thinking of that old western-are synonymous with a pack of racist
backwoods cammie wearing incestous rednecks.

That has to change if we're to revive the spirit of Freedom in America!

We have to change the People's perceptions-well, we have to expand their horizons first. The
average person hasn't a clue about rifle marksmanship but before we can get them to shoot
accurately we have to get them to see us as more than radicals out on the fringe.
The person that will have to change first, though, is you. Everyone has their predjudices,
their untermenshen, their n*ggers. Whatever issues you have with so and so from such social
group-get over it because I view it literally as sin to deny someone wanting freedom the
means to secure it… even if do have different skin color, background, or listen to music you
don't relate to. You don't know their story, and besides your house is made of glass too… so
drop that stone already! We need as many people as we can get for this struggle.

We can't settle with just showing someone how to shoot straight. The message of Rifleman
Training MUST become integrated with the larger message of Freedom. That Freedom was
won only with the effective use of force-in modern times the cornerstone of that force is the
rifle so it's MEANING must be taught along with it's proper use… after you get them to make
some hits in the black, of course.

Three examples off the top of my head that prove my point, that we can use:

American Revolution

Farmers, Craftsmen, Frontier Settlers heeded the call of Revolution by the Colonial upper
classes-who wanted THEM to do the dying for them to set up their own independent
mercantilist empire… that would exploit them instead of the Crown. Nevertheless, our
Ancestors fought and fought hard for their own concept of Freedom.

Most had captured Brown Bess Muskets and shotguns-short range pieces but many of the
Frontiersmen had the Kentucky Rifle. A elegantly slender, simple flintlock weapon, in the
hands of a man honed by years of repelling Native Americans in guerilla actions and simply
surviving in wilderness it had up to six times the range of British massed musket fire. Not that
today's threats to Freedom would wear fruity red coats and march in file in open country,
unfortunately, it does illustrate that those Riflemen had to be crafty as well as deadly
accurate to survive against the world's best army. A union of weaponry, skill and righteous
purpose the American Rifleman set the pattern of Freedom loving Individuals taking their own
personal Liberty into their own hands… in spite of how far future Americans drifted away from
their God given heritage! The American Revolution showed if given a opportunity to change
things for the better people will go for it.

Boer War

I mention this because the struggle of Free Men is universal. The British Empire was on the
march around the world-the biggest in history! Hundreds of millions ruled by a technologically
advanced, yet smallish set of islands of no more than fifty million the British looted and
dominated wherever they went. And in the 1890's the same clans of aristocrats that lost their
Thirteen Colonies a century before had their eyes on South Africa… all the gold and diamonds.
One obstacle that remained against Britain securing that wealth was the Boer-descendants of
Dutch settlers in the 1600's. The Boers were much like the Americans of that era; self
sufficient, settling a land not of their origin, contending with highly organized and effective
resistance from the native Zulu tribes.

The Boers, not being stupid, prepared for the inevitable showdown; they got the world's best
rifle at the time, the Mauser m1895. Bolt action, 5 shot, in the flat shooting 7x57mm Mauser:
the Boers ordered as many as Germany could make and ship until Britain blockaded… and
invaded… and rightfully got shot to hell with the same sorry musketry-based tactics and fruity
red uniforms. The Boers, like the American Frontier Riflemen, organized into small voluntary
units, used a lot of hit and run tactics, cover, and expertly aimed rifle fire from their brand
new Mausers with skill honed from a lifetime of warfare and survival.

As long as the Boer had his rifle and ammo, his horse and support from the People he was
unstoppable, so the British used their superior resources to methodically build up
fortifications called blockhouses. Marched them throughout Boer held territories to cut off
the Boer's manuverability in a way 7mm rifle rounds couldn't easily defeat. The British
brought in loyal subjects from Canada and Australia-frontiersmen and riflemen who's
misplaced love for Queen and Empire blinded them to their Boer Brothers and Sisters fight for
Freedom. Then the British-bastards that they are-rounded up the Boers, all of them, and
forced them by bayonet into concentration camps, so the Boer Commando lost his food and
shelter. With the blockade cutting off outside supply, isolated geography , and no capacity to
manufacture more ammuntion the Boers were doomed and eventually surrendered. A loss,
yes-but of strategy and resources, not of fighting ability which the average Boer Farmer
showed were superior to that of the backwards British Army.

Given even a few years of industrial development, perhaps reaching out and making common
cause with the Zulu, that average Boer could have not only stood his ground against the
world's most powerful military, he could've won! South Africa could've become a truly
independent nation, a second America... another lesson there on recognizing one's true
enemies and allies.

Battle of Athens, Tennessee

During the 30's and 40's Athens Tennessee was dominated by some "good ol' boys"-the type of
human waste that slicks their way into the local levers of power and keeps themselves there
at the expense of everyone else. And they milked their power for all they could. During World
War Two, those Athens boys sent off to war got a first hand appreciation of tyranny thanks to
fighting the Germans and Japanese(and their own superiors, to be truthful) so when they
came back home as Men the conditioning to accept things as they were was broken. They set
up a GI ticket and ran a grassroots reform ticket to roust the bastards out. Being bastards
though, those "good ol' boys" pulled a crude version of the 2000 election and stole the ballot
boxes, securing them and themselves in the local jail-threatening to shoot anybody who

Remembering their Heritage, those GI's went to the local National Guard Armory and
borrowed some equipment they paid with their tax dollars; M-1 Garands, Carbines, and some
American produced No4 Enfields, and all the ammo and dynamite they could scrounge up and
laid a siege on those traitors! Fittingly trapped in their own jail they eventually
surrendered... and those Patriots won because the Governor of Tennessee was wise enough to
know sending in the National Guard would mean a revolt-not Civil War sized but probably on
the scale of the Whisky Rebellion. Those GI's cleaned and returned their government property
to the Armory they borrowed them and went on with their lives. The Battle of Athens, TN
showed the proper response to tyranny in America-both from a Citizen's AS WELL AS A PUBLIC

Do you see?

We have the history. We have the skills. We have the Message-we're just going to have to be
willing to stick our necks out, and risk all to get that Message out.


America is not culturally homogenous anymore. It's a kaladaescope of subcultures ranging
from the remnant WASP mainstream most of you belong to, to Latino, Urban, and all the
subcultures that spring up from music, hobbies, careers. Particularly with those careers
involving a great deal of indoctrination, like the military and police.

With all the differences, all the varying outlooks, how's one to spread the liberating message
of rifle marksmanship? See their perspective on their lives. See their perspective on Freedom,
and then see their perspective on guns and go from there.


Older folks, with a "respectable" career-with a mortgage, an auto loan and more than a few
credit cards. People whose ideologies are firmly locked, not easily swayed unless through
overwhelming evidence-and even then that's a maybe! Given to believe the establishment's
line the most because they've willingly exposed themselves to that the longest. Collectively
they still have the financial and social power to transform the nation, to complete the
American Revolution and make a society that serves the Individual and uplifts the highest
Godly principles of Freedom, Truth, Justice, Beauty and Love.

They don't. And won't unless there's a intervention; because those adult sized children think
that the establishment-the state, the media, the traitorous corporations shipping their
neighbor's job to China-personifies those traits… or at least enough of them to still blindly
support it and buy it's bullshi-er, it's line.

That establishment line sees Freedom as something to be compromised for the sake of
convenience to the state and it's favored. Hence all the laws, regulations(and loopholes),
executive orders, court rulings and so forth. And since the establishment can't have it's
"citizens"(subjects) running around with rifles, being able to say "hell no" to them they've
been laying siege to the Second Amendment for a century now.

Mainstream Americans, if they do have guns, have it for a occasional sporting clays shoot, or
duck hunting. Or their Dad or Granddad did. It's a fun yet noisy and potentially dangerous
hobby, and for too many if guns were outlawed the vast majority would voluntarily turn them
in. Their spouses certainly wouldn't miss em. I'm not counting hunters in this category; by
their very use of rifles for hunting they're automatically in a "fringe element".

To awaken Mainstream Americans… these are the most socialistically conditioned, most
anethetized, most brain deadened of Americans yet their power, even at this late stage could
tip the tide! To get them to the range to defend Freedom, a appreciation of Freedom, of a
Free Society that maximizes individual opportunity and potential must be introduced. We're
starting from the beginning with these people, and even then we'll come off like we're
speaking Martian!

Worse, it will have to be made from scratch as the nearest comparable ideology,
Libertarianism, has serious flaws as far as "free trade" are concerned, plus their message is
still geared toward the few intellectuals that make up most of their stalled movement. (Yeah,
it is stalled because you Libs haven't made any results!) This message must be powerfully
persuasive, yet simple. A direct ideological approach may not even be possible with these
folks; proven examples by other more "fringe elements" converted to the Movement will
probably have to do.


All the usual suspects who think voting Republican and plunking down a few bucks in dues to
the often sellout NRA will make do. Otherwise they TRY to get their overpriced deer rifle to
hit the side of a barn, or fawn over their collection of wall ornaments(guns)… or worse, with
the Gun Show Ninjas buy cammies and cheeseball knockoff gear that only looks kool, with
their jackassed SKS wannabe assault rifle and hit the range maybe once a year and blow off a
whole bunch of rounds for nothing. All supposed "style" like their favorite action hero but no
results… any wonder they only do it once a year?

Yes, most DO KNOW their beloved hobby's under attack from 'liberals' yet most are still stuck
in the enemy's "mainstream" thinking. However, the huge hurtle of introducing guns was long
ago taken care of, so now the next huge hurtle is introducing these casual shooters to the
rigorous discipline of rifle marksmanship-and the reason for it.

The introduction is simple; bump into them at the local rifle range and after letting them see
you punch all your targets in the black, as they struggle with their guns lure them in. Their
initial curiosity must be met by your enthusiastic sharing of knowledge and a few rounds
through your rifle. Then show them how to do likewise with theirs; believe me, actually
showing them how to hit with their rifle will open their eyes… but anyone who's a Rifleman
knows this. The critical part is the conveyance of the rest of the Message; the need for the
average citizen to have a rifle and the skill to to personally defend themselves and theirs
from attack… from whomever.


This is more diverse a group than you'd think-more like several sub groups…

THIS is the generation we have to get to in restoring America-or forge a Second Republic.
Either way, it's they who are going to shoulder the greatest load in rebuilding not just
Freedom, but the entire domestic economy-manufacturing, infrastructure, finance,
agriculture, services, retail. Our culture; music, entertainment, literature, morals, the
churches or however way we wind up in the aftermath being with God. If we don't reach
them, they're going to hate us for not having anyone among us who cared enough to take time
off from watching "dancing with the stars" to warn them.

They're a pretty diverse group as I said; think back to high school and all the little cliques and
subcultures, and all the social stratification that carries over into adulthood.

The Athletes, the Honor Rollers, all the people honored in the yearbook; consider them
"mainstream" in thought-buying the enemy's line because they get rewarded for towing it
enough to get those little "perks". That being stated, you're most likely to find your shooters
in this crowd; so there's a conundrum of people accepting the way things are-with guns! That
however is my view, there might be lot's of people who could see the light.

What's in the middle? Lots of folks just trying to get through another eight hours of soul
draining routine-being conditioned by the obscene Prussian model of schooling traitors
imported in the 19th century to create a exploitable working class. These people are hit or
miss like any group but they don't stand out, so you'll have some people toeing the party line
and some nice malcontents to recruit.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are all the outcasts-some are troublemaking little punks,
most band together for support, some aren't worth thinking about, and some you shouldn't
even think about showing how to shoot a gun! …The gangs already have guns-it's too late
getting the things out of their hands. Same goes to that sad bunch of outcasts with enough
sense to know standing alone only works in the movies. That budding psychopath alienated by
a education system designed to divide, conquer and stupefy you need to get his parents to
give the poor bastard a COMPLETE change of enviroment!

Aside from the budding psychopath and obvious shithead, these people do have one thing in
common; they know a lot of things are messed up.

GOING WAY THE HELL OUT ON A LIMB I believe they could be our best prospects for
recruitment-even if there is that horrible culture clash issue to deal with. However, like most
young Americans these people have nobody to show them what to fight for, as conditioned as
everyone else.

A few conscientious Riflemen who'll try not to judge them on their music and clothes but on
their acts… next time you're at the gun range and you see some "metal faced punks" I'll quote
from some old geezer who bitched at about their "hollywood marksmanship"…

…They won't learn how to be a functional person without guidence. They sure as hell won't
learn how to channel their energies into a proper and comprehensive effort to take America
back. A media first approach is needed with these people, plant the seeds in their culture.
Getting those cultural seeds is going to be a chicken-and egg sort of problem, and someone
into generating their media "underground" who's recruited is going to have to be found.

Once those seeds are generated, once in their "underground" they see how things really are
and rise up to the challenge, stop blindly lashing out at random but channel that rage against
what's oppressed us all-only then are they ready. Showing some "kid" how to use that "assault
rifle" to get hits might get him to listen to you about other important topics, build some
mutual respect, get some recruits to the Movement when you show them they can fight back,
change the way things are.


Very hard to find nowadays, very risky to approach given how today's police are systematically
losing their minds, between the psychotic paramilitary training they're getting and the
propaganda about how they're defending "the people". This is nothing but code for the
incestuous union of public office and private power that is the establishment. Sounds 60's?
Sounds like a line a street cop would never buy? Probably-probably not because these cops
wouldn't be sympathetic if they didn't see the utterly total corruption their profession serves
and protects.

These people should be our natural allies-but approaching, finding them, involves approaching
tens, hundreds, probably thousands of traitors and otherwise ordinary criminals armed by the
state. They likely have MOST of the skills needed but like the military have been deprived of
the rifle marksmanship standards our grandfathers were trained under. Some tracts a
invitation to a rifle marksmanship clinic by a range or range officer who either is a sworn
peace officer themselves, or has enough respect from that community that any thug cop who
tries to break up the party will be protected.


Probably all of them aren't too thrilled being issued Eugene Stoner's bastard child. Some even
are not liking the way this "war on terror" is run, where it's going, where this whole 9/11
adventure's taking the country. Too damn bad most of them are conveniently overseas; if
allowed back into this country in any numbers I guarantee a social and political upheaval
would take place that would make the 60's look like a mild hiccup. We'll have to catch the
active duty ones as we encounter them while on leave… hope that DU poisoning hasn't
crippled them up first.

The Gulf War and Vietnam War Veterans? Lump most of them in with the Korean War and
World War Two Vets; getting infirm from "modern living", weak from old age, service-induced
sickness, or both. Good trainers and motivators; we can give them a channel for the deep
deep rage they feel towards the rulers of this once free nation of ours. Many are hunters or
collectors, some go to the gun shows. Obviously, they're found at the local VFW.


You can't trust them-this includes the cops. You going in yapping about "freedom" and
"heritage" and long dead dudes in three cornered hats and at BEST you can look forward to a

Yes there's a lot of pent up rage in the cities that'll yield another series of riots with the next
crisis. Yes we'll need their cooperation in building a more equitable society. Yes city folks
have a lot of technical skills needed for the rebuilding that'll have to happen no matter what
the next decade yields.

The big no remains; how do you trust people who's enviroment consists of a lot of shady
characters, denied economic opportunities, malignant neglect, forever low expectations? I
don't have a way and I shouldn't. Let those who've come from the street, who know what we
know go to them. I know what you're thinking now. You think gangbanger, crack dealer, pimp,
welfare mom, future Maury Show guests. Yeah…

…Yeah but these AMERICANS along with the new slave class known by you as all those Illegals
poring through our deliberately underguarded southern border, they want to be able to live as
you and our parents did. They can't because "they" have social engineered the poor and
minorities to be as the Goths and Vandals were to the late Western Roman Empire; the
unassimilable oppressed barbarians who finally brought that civilization down.

Besides, these "criminal types" they've been resisting the establishment all their lives-not that
those pricks have given them any other option! That and the systematic economic treason by
those blue blooded bastards have alienated them, made trying to "fit in" a struggle most folks
from any background would find insurmountable. Perhaps their personal strength and
experience being the typical adversaries of the establishment will give others much needed
wisdom and strength. Most important, they need our help. And we need theirs.

We can't do it now. We shouldn't. And I'm afraid a lot of bad things are going to have
happened to us all before they're willing to look honestly at themselves, see how
dysfunctional they are and begin to make changes. Bad things like a collapse of America's
civilization-a house of cards as you know. When they do wake up they'll make great recruits as
our message is a message of self-actualized hope; but until then DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR



MEETING TO LISTEN TO! It doesn't help the cause if you come off like a psycho, or a creep or
a doofus or some other brand of asshole. Nothing will hurt our cause more than a bad first
impression. I mean, would YOU listen to a message about Freedom and Rifle Marksmanship
from say, Urkel? Scott Peterson? Bill Clinton? Jeffrey Dahmer?

If you know you make a bad impression or can't effectively do it person to person don't feel
too bad; everyone's got their strengths. But that doesn't mean you can't strengthen your
interpersonal skills, and you need to.

Gun ranges-best place to meet shooters.

They already got guns and are trying to shoot. Now's your opportunity to show off your
shooting skills and hopefully get noticed. Let them try your 25 meter targets-bring extras! If
they bite, start training them right there-even if it causes you to be late for whatever, even
work. Your personal sacrifice of time to aid them will make a big impression.

If nobody's there at the time, leave extra 25M targets-one with your results.

Get a 25M rifle clinic or challenge going with the range owner. Even a clinic will bring in
renters and that means $. Having a Rifleman Challenge with a cash pot for best shooters will
bring in $$$ for the range and the greed will help spread our Message.

Booth at the Gun Show-while they're still allowed!

Second best place to meet shooters, network with all the characters that hock stuff, get a
live audience. Get some salesmen among you to take a Saturday and Sunday afternoon to man
the booth. As for the booth, well if you just have some tracts you won't get much attention-
you need an attraction that's also educational-how about a pay-to-play shooting gallery?

Some sort of rifle marksmanship demonstrator using AIRSOFT GUNS-configured like a M-14 or
some other MBR with the proper sling and sights. Targets like you'd find in a combat situation.
Wouldn't such a interactive display get people's attention? How much more attention could
you get if you offer money back if they score high enough.

Oh, since you're operating a booth you might as well have some goodies for sale. Have private
sale MBR's or even SKS's, Enfields, Mausers. Targets, slings, ammo. And media… tracts, videos,
books. More on that immediately below!


While person to person contact is the best means of reaching out, media allows reaching out
to a much broader audience. Fred's column in SGN is one way and I believe an effective
means of delivering the Message. We need MUCH more.

More tracts, like those cheesy little Chick Tracts you find in church but with a basic message
about marksmanship or freedom are good attention getters, and cheap. A lesson that gets the
reader to ask more questions-and places they can get answers to should be on the back cover.

Video production; this is a audiovisual generation, that's where we need to go!

One category that's a no brainer is how to shoot. There are some out there, like Thunder
Ranch, Gunsite, the Marine Corps video guide, but Citizen Riflemen should make their own
videos. Get some master shooters together with a how-to video production that also delivers
the why as well. As you know, Americans equate TV with reality-where's our TV?

Another category is our Heritage; our own productions on Colonial Militiamen, Frontiersmen
and Indians, the Boers, those GI's at Athens, Tennessee cry out to have their stories told both
in documentary and fictional accounts. These are far more difficult to make; they'll require a
master's touch in the writing, the production. The distribution's coming around to finally
benefit us; I've been tracking developments in the filmmaking industry and the distribution
networks that have been bottlenecked by our enemies are giving way to technological
advances that allow us to distribute on the Internet-not to have to go through "their" markets
and film festivals where it'd have a snowball's chance in hell.

A word: any video production requires professionals for the job. You can't rely on bubba and
his trusty ol' 8mm camcorder for this! You need $ to hire sympathetic actors, directors,
cameramen, and all the others that constitute a film crew, plus $ for camera rental, $ for the
editing platform or time at facility, $ for video duplication, $ if by some miracle you can get
this "right wing" work into a film festival just to twit the lefties. Yes video is a very powerful
tool-it's used to brainwash millions of Americans every day, but it's a expensive tool.

The way to finance this is through a corporation-a Nevada incorporation so as to allow
anonymous shareholders and executives. Through this privacy shield the Riflemen and other
Patriots can buy stock; the cash can then be used to rent equipment and locations, hire
actors and crew and used as representation for media distribution. Consult "Boston's Privacy
Manual" as to making a alternate address for you patriotic stock purchasers.

As we recruit and expand we must encourage those we find that are expert in their fields to
contribute-incorporate our Message in their work or contribute work that directly helps ours.
We're in a war-it's already been declared on us-and the only right choice is to fight back.

If we want help, we should give it first.

There are other Patriots that are fighting for Freedom. They could use our help-volunteering
and such.

Say a anti-tax group or a group protesting new laws that have nothing to do with gun rights.
Union workers circumventing their corrupt leadership, protests against a whole slew of issues
that get you angry too. Go in, volunteer, even if you wind up doing the grunt work. Don't start
off with the Message; let them get to know you first as a stand up kind of person and a hard
worker for their cause. Earn their respect-it's that reputation you forge that will open the
door in their minds when you get around to teach. Or won't.

If we want people to listen to us, to help us we must be willing to do likewise for others.

What's the point? A synergy of individuals and groups fighting for everyone's Freedom arising
like a swarm of fire ants. Right now there are a few of us and we are easy enough to bump off
or otherwise discredit, but get the whole colony going and it's retreat or get literally eaten
alive! If we want a renaissance of Freedom we'll need everyone's efforts, everyone's causes to
be mutually supported, and used to attack the establishment, the system simultaniously.

If everyone, from all walks of life could just get together and fight for their Freedom back we
could win! We really could; the enemy doesn't have enough technology, enough brain dead
jack booted thugs and bureaucratic scum to stop us. We just have to awaken to that.

We don't struggle alone. God is with us as we fight this most necessary struggle. Because God
created us as Men and Women with Free Will, He meant for us to live in Freedom not in
slavery-otherwise we'd be as bees or ants, a hive mind. Our enemies want humanity to have a
stupefied hive mind, to break us down to our very souls, to be but tools to serve them.

God works through us and even the devil himself every moment to bring this about, but He
would have a lot easier time of it if YOU would just drop that remote, get up off that couch
and fight side by side with our Father-for your Freedom!



Martial Law Survival Guide

J. Croft

This article will start off assuming that the Reader (you) is already subject to MARTIAL LAW;
that is, the "suspension" of the Constitution. Curfews, rationing of basic goods, enforced
relocations, confiscation of firearms and supplies, and summary arrest/execution by soldiers,
paramilitary police and other jack booted chumps in black wielding assault rifles. Basic
survival tips will be followed by more detailed ideals on how to counter this coup against the
American People.

The remainder will apply IF you're reading this before MARTIAL LAW is imposed by the current
corrupt government. IF you are reading this while you still nominally under Constitutional
Law, it's urgent you read from the beginning to end so as to appreciate the opportunities you
currently have to not only protect yourself and yours, but to attempt to stop a coup.


Rule #1

Never take the government's word at face value-except when they tell you that they'll kill

Government-it's components of career politicians, bureaucratic vermin, and SS ninja
wannabes live, have lied. For a lot longer than you'd think. It's the very job; being part of an
empire wrapped in the cloak of American political traditions of Freedom, that corrupts. All
that power, attracting the most venal along with the most patriotic to defend America. All
that license under ever mutable law written by money whores to lie, steal, embezzle,
blackmail, extort, poison, torture, enslave, murder.

Is it any wonder then that such human scum would get together and work "the system" to set
themselves up as kings, dispensing with the pretty coverings of Constitutional limitations that
trip their crimes like a prom dress? Taking as much as they can, while keeping YOU ASLEEP AS

Yes: a lot of the blame can be laid on your shoulders, American. You dropped the ball with
going along with not finding the truth about JFK's assassination. Dropped the ball with MLK,
RFK, Malcolm X. Dropped the ball with Vietnam, the air trafficker's strike that Reagan
crushed, Iran-Contra. Dropped the ball with the 92 election-picking that drug runner and
murderer Bill Clinton because he was charming… like a pimp. And boy did he pimp you out at
the expense of Randy Weaver and his family, the 81 casualties at Waco, the peoples of the
former Yugoslavia. You were too busy following Micheal Jordan and watching Friends.

Then you assholes really dropped it when George W. Bush STOLE the Presidency, with the
media not even allowing a Ross Perot to run. If you would've elected him in 1992 in fact
America could've been saved. BUT, you'd rather take government careerists at their word and
plan your next outing to the mall than save your nation. Save your jobs, your freedoms, YOUR

Now it's gone. The criminals that've systematically taken over YOUR government they've
removed the last vestiges of Constitutional law. Now it's law by the barrels of their assault
rifles in your face-do ANYTHING other than obey in utter fear and you're dead. Or worse. You
listened to their lies for over a century, you and your ancestors-where has it gotten you? Don't
take their word on any "news" they have. Nor take their advice, their "assistance" their laws at
face value because they manipulate everything they do to screw you.
What you can take their word on is, if you DON'T go along with them screwing you, they'll kill
you for it.

Rule #2


Do NOT tell anyone anything that could get you in trouble. Assume anything can get you in
trouble, because it probably will. Especially with any government official, but anyone looking
to gaining a favor with the state can and will snitch on you. The rat who would sell you out
for his thirty pieces could be:

*A small businessman looking for a in with the state so he can make money a little easier.

*A former friend who's looking to get some revenge.

*Someone desperate for even some food. Times are tough and will get tougher.


Review the remaining rules of surviving MARTIAL LAW with Rule #2 ALWAYS in mind. Because
some rat on two legs you say the wrong thing to WILL snitch to the "authorities" in exchange
for favors or even brownie points… and then you get to find out how ironclad Rule #1 is.


Rule #3

ANY AUTHORITY FIGURE IS THE ENEMY! Unless you are waging a war of liberation-gathering
intelligence or spreading disinformation or infiltrating-have no relation with nor voluntary
contact with any soldier, police officer, bureaucrat, or anyone in authority in private life
cooperating with MARTIAL LAW. Review Rule #1: they're all liars, con artists, hustlers,
thieves, murderers. Same goes to any fellow travellers in big business; they and government
have been in the same bed for a century.

Stay away from them as much as possible. Tell them lies. Don't do any business with them.
Unless they're sticking a gun in your face don't even acknowledge that they exist.

Shun them, their family and any sycophants that fawn over them for a few favors.

Rule #4
prohibited from having an item that helps you survive, get the item, review Rule #2 AND KEEP

If you're prohibited from having extra food, medicine, guns (no brainer) then you will CACHE
your prohibited items in a place where it won't easily be found. Foods, after properly sealed
for storage, and medicines can be placed in hollow spaces in walls, floorboards, stairs, behind
false walls in closets, or even in a hidden underground pantry dug underneath your foundation
or basement.

Firearms are metallic; they can be detected by metal detectors unless you store them deep
underground or in a place they won't think of looking right away… like sealed in wider
metallic tubes, or away from your property. And if you by chance acquire or keep firearms
knowing HOW TO USE THEM(sight alignment, trigger squeeze) and RELOADING AMMUNITION
will be mandatory.


To use a gun, first find the PROPER AMMUNITION FOR IT. After loading, pointed end forward,
the ammo into the magazine, cylinder, or chamber load the weapon. On semiautomatic
pistols if the slide-that moving part on top-is locked back there's a small lever on the left side
of the gun. Push on it and it will close. Otherwise you'll have to pull the slide back yourself.

Pistols are concealable, rifles and shotguns are for starting a fight. Shotguns you load from a
port on the underside, behind the fore stock or it breaks open. Rifles come in several flavors;
single shot, pump, bolt action, automatic, and feed from the chamber, a internal magazine or
has a detaching magazine. The rifle you want first and foremost is a automatic rifle in a
military common caliber. That coupled with proper marksmanship transforms you from a
victim to a freedom fighter.

Here's the most important part: see what you're aiming at… put your FRONT SIGHT where you
want the bullet to go… then WHILE YOUR FRONT SIGHT'S ON TARGET align your REAR SIGHT
with your FRONT SIGHT. …When your FRONT SIGHT and REAR SIGHT aligned like this more or
O target
( ( I ))

…when you're aligned and aimed AT THE SAME TIME DO A SMOOTH, QUICK PRESS ON YOUR
TRIGGER. The gun will go BOOM! and will push back in RECOIL. Don't be afraid; think of it like
setting off a firework, only you're also sending a lead bullet at someone. If you did all the
steps right you'll hit.

Dry firing a empty gun at a target is one way to practice. Even better is getting a air gun,
paint some targets on a sheet of paper and going at it until you can aim and land every round
in the black as fast as possible.)

Rule #5

While keeping the above rules in mind ALWAYS HELP OUT THOSE WHO ARE RESISTING! They,
unlike you, have decided that there's nothing to lose and therefore deserve anyone's help
who's willing to risk their lives. You think MARTIAL LAW is going away on it's own? Those
bastards in black will have a sudden change of heart and do something worthwhile for a
change and not oppress you? I like to dream too…

The VERY LEAST: have extra food, water for resistance fighters, basic medical supplies, ammo
caches(hint, these should be concealed).

A secret room either built from some closet space or under the home can house a couple of
fighting Patriots. Those who fight will need to keep hidden, yet able to communicate with
fellow fighters. You can be a intermediary.

You have skills, like welding, machine tools, chemistry? You can take that secret room and
make weapons, ammo, other things the resistance needs.

You have inside information? Share it. You have videography experience, tools? Make how-to
videos on resisting the theft of your freedoms. You have medical training? Set up a
underground hospital.

Not all Patriots can or should pick up a rifle and blow a traitor's head off. Riflemen need
ammo, food, a place to rest, medical assistance, repairs for their weapons, intel on their next
target. Most of all they and you need each other because a man alone doesn't stand a chance.
Only by uniting in common cause with all one has to offer can the traitors be defeated, and
Freedom restored to the land.

…If you're not at least giving aid to those helping to liberate you put this article down, go
back to being a victim of government oppression; maybe you can get by being a pathetic
lackey they'll thieve from and occasionally beat or take sex from.

Rule #6

With the utmost care develop a SURVIVAL NETWORK. This is a group of people with skills
and/or resources who can help each other in areas they would be lacking on their own. It
could be anything from extra food, medicine, repair parts, fuel, transportation-whatever.

In any given neighborhood you can have machinists(weapon makers), medical personel,
drivers(good knowledge of local roads), gardeners(agriculture knowledgebase).
Petty bureaucrats secretly opposing martial law are prime candidates to spy, steal, or commit

Computer technicians can hack government systems and create surveillance systems and
guidence packages for missiles.

Construction workers can build secret rooms to hide anything from a arms cache to a secret
factory. People in the media can smuggle cameras and work with computer techs to: bug
enemy meetings, produce freedom media that documents sucessful means of resisting and
present government atrocities for the reasons why.

Salesmen can "borrow" merchandise from their stores for use-anything and everything is

Especially useful will be disgruntled cops and military who can provide everything from intel
on raids to weapons to training.

Keep the numbers of your group "small": smaller cells are more difficult to penetrate by
enemy agents and professional snitches. Keeping that in mind, a means of communication
independent from wiretapped phones and audible eavesdropping devices must be developed
amongst you.

Runners can be a athlete or a kid on a bike. They can carry small packages, or notes with a
handy breakable vial of flammable liquid if discovered. With a sealed packet of potassium
chlorate taped to it the gasoline(preferable) will automatically ignite; otherwise you'll have
to actually light that incriminating evidence.

A mail drop can be a home, a hollowed out tree trunk, a hole in the ground, a open fence
pole-anything. Just be sure it's discreetly out of sight of surveillance.

If God's really liking you, one of your group will be a SMART SURVIVALIST. This will be a
exceedingly rare breed, because most in this group were smart enough to begin preparing for
the collapse to begin with. They WEREN'T smart enough to avoid detection of their awareness
and distrust of government. They signed form 4477 registration forms for their firearms, used
credit cards and checks for their weapon and ammunition purchases, registered for weapons
permits, or registered themselves with gun clubs and shooting organizations. These people
more than likely got swept up in pre-dawn raids or got blasted resisting.

No the SMART SURVIVALIST prepared-and kept his mouth shut about those preps. He or she
never signed federal permit forms for purchases or carry license. He or she presented a
"average American" profile or totally disappeared. Get or find one in your group and you'll
have a literal treasury of knowhow and resources to survive… maybe even start taking back a
Rule #7

AVOID GOVERNMENT MONITORING AND CONTROL! Know where the cameras are and how to
avoid them. Know who patrols where, and what routine they follow so as to avoid contact.
Know your snitches and always feed them b.s. if you can't avoid them.

Find ways around checkpoints. Side streets, forest paths, neighbor's yard, railroad tracks,
tunnels; whatever go arounds to getting from point a to point b without a pack of government
troops searching you, checking your ID. I can't and won't go into detail; how you find your
ways is up to you.

Rule #8

AVOID A GOVERNMENT ROUNDUP. It could be from a disaster, a attack, or even because
they've decided to end the pretense and show you what they really think of you and your
"rights". You'll just wind up in a detention camp where your freedom of movement and
resources will be strictly controlled. That means having a place to go away from your area, a
means to get there, and supplies.

Very difficult to do in a martial law situation, with shortages and rationing at gunpoint.
Remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina; how they were set up to be stranded in New
Orleans by the government? How they were constantly baited with false hope of rescue for a
week after the catastrophe? How they eventually were herded by FEMA into concentration

You disregard Rule #1, you'll find out.

Get a safe house of your own-a friend or a abandoned home, a empty storefront or even a
patch of woods. When the troops start going street to street, house to house have escape
routes by lesser used streets, trails, whatever. You may have to go on foot, so have a light
backpack with a few days worth of nonperishable food, portable water purifier, a first aid kit,
a light sleeping bag-and your weapon. A mountain bike may be a more optimal and versatile
escape mode than your road-dependent car. Better to be on the run, desperate-and have your
freedom-than be imprisoned in a FEMA slave camp.

Rule #9

Find a way you can successfully resist. Probably not with guns or bombs unless you have the
training, but there's plenty of ways you can monkeywrench the basic functioning of the state

If you work for the state you have plenty of opportunities to mess things up, but even private
firms are subcontracted by the government. You know who's just earning a paycheck, who's
backing this war against the people, and who's getting off on "just following orders". If you
can take action, great; concentrate most of your planning on getting away with the job.
Otherwise, get contacts with Patriots and be the most reliable source of intelligence you can

Every bit of drag on the government beast helps-perhaps in botching that paperwork,
breaking that surveillance camera in disguise, or misdirecting that bureaucrat or soldier cop
that act might be the beginning of a butterfly effect of bringing down the state of MARTIAL
LAW and restoring Freedom to our nation. Always keep that in mind. You must find your own
way, but find it you must if you want what was stolen from you back.


To be honest it's probably the most difficult challenge anyone can face. Because you're
starting a conflict from scratch inside the belly of the beast. You can't fight for territory when
you've only got a few guns against divisions of enemy troops equipped with automatic
weapons, armor, air support, the pitiful acquiescence of a "people" who long ago gave up
Liberty for the trap of existence of a childlike, cushy debt slavery.

So the smart coup leaders that prosecute a martial law takeover will do it against a
population that's already been pacified in one way or another. Now with the gilding stripped
off their chains they're as frightened hostages willing to go along with ANYTHING massah state
wants so long as they have some semblance of their former "lives". Aside from sickened,
disgruntled vets, the American People; untrained in the military arts or even basic survival
have been pacified-or the coup would never have taken place.

It is simply fear of loss after being so coddled, so divorced as a culture from personal
responsibility -although enough exposure to fear and the human psyche has a way of
becoming psychologically inured to it… which can lead to anger, and then revenge.

No: better way to pacify is to bring it on in a overwhelming torrent onto a population
unprepared for it, unprepared for hardships. Take away their culture, their moral cores, their
connections to God. Ply them with trinkets and baubles and other junk-get them to find
solace in material things, in distractions like spectator sports, television. "Our" junk culture.

Keep them hypnotized by a junk culture while their means of sustenance-their jobs-are
shipped overseas piecemeal, so they don't wake up.

Keep them hypnotized by a junk culture while their rights are legislated into impotence,
irrelevance to the state's enforcers.

Keep them hypnotized by a junk culture, as even the know how of being able to survive
outside the system; basics like growing food, repairing stuff, marksmanship is slowly stifled.
And all the time tell them they're free and prosperous. Eventually you'll have a people much
like modern America's dumbed down materialistic debt slave. Such a people as ours, fed lies
about our evil corrupt system as you find on TV are ready for a fall now as I write this. All
that's needed is a plausable pretext, a cover story for the sheeple to accept the loss of their
freedom in exchange for a impression of security in a land where the plenty of food and goods
has been taken away.

Now some will see through the b.s.; but Humans can be stubbornly stupid when it comes to
misdirected hope. These slaves, in every sense of the word, will actually defend the system
that has enslaved them. Such is the enemy's genius at their social engineering. All those
slavishly obeying the state in a martial law enviroment for some forlorn hope that their lives
will somehow go back to the false paradise of the late 20th century will in effect be the
enemy themselves.

You won't be alone. The enemy's genius is formidable, but not perfect. Quite frankly they're
overconfident-and even if they weren't they're not God. They can't see all and will make fatal
mistakes. The question will be, will you be man enough to exploit those mistakes to bring
their downfall and save the Human Race?

How to beat the state when it has all the cards; can't take on an army with a pistol… but you
can take on one of it's soldiers when you sneak up on him when they're not looking for it. If
you're skilled with a rifle you can kill at distance and sneak off… if you have a supressor on
your weapon you can do a whole lot of killing and not be detected. If you know chemistry,
you can come up with all sorts of nasty stuff that can do damage to the enemy's expensive

If you have friends or fellow travellers you can do a lot more damage, even recruit if you have
a video camera, editing system, and dvd duplicators(get someone skilled in video production)
to advertise your victories and how others can duplicate your efforts, plus why they should
fight in the first place.

If you're successful your area of operations will be overflowing with Patriots looking to bag as
many jack booted thugs, bureaucrats and other traitors as they can get at. The excess
Patriots can then spread out to other areas of our country, replicating as best they can what
you've done.

With whole regions of the country infiltrated and secured secret industry can develop. Light
weapons can be constructed at first, but eventually heavy weapons will be designed and
made, and distributed. Ammunition, food, fuel, medicine-all can be manufactured on or
made with basic machine tools and chemistry.

The time will come… if the enemy still clings to their forlorn hope of defeating the American
People with the brainless thugs and sheeple that lick their boots… the time will come that
OPEN WARFARE can begin and territory openly liberated.
After that… it'll probably devolve into a stalemate. The enemy isolated in their city/prison
states unable to retake the surrounding countryside, but the Patriots not having enough
strength to retake the cities. Or perhaps enough time because either the enemy develops
some funky new superweapon, or their continued control of military assets overseas causes a
outside power to intervene… on whose side… who knows?


Because a MARTIAL LAW will lead to CIVIL WAR… and national destruction… what I just
described to you.

Let's NOT have a civil war, and spend the next century rebuilding. Much better to organize
right now, as I write in October, 2005! We still have a political process we can use if we learn
how to use it effectively. We can together find a small town and take it over-like the
Libertarian's Free State Projects, only focused onto one town. Take that over, free it, and
spread out from there. We as Americans need a standing example of what a Free State is;
since we don't have the numbers to take over a state, we have to take over a town… so we
can get the numbers to take over a state.

Even some in the traitorous elite don't want to see MARTIAL LAW because they recognize the
exquisite control and enslavement the current American political system has over Americans,
and want to keep their power. They can be used, then abused.

Individually, if you have guns, bury spares of your fighting arms, or sell them privately to new
Patriot recruits. This will get easier as deteriorating conditions bring the reality of our
situation home, and the government's conduct in New Orleans make personal preparation a

Buy lots of ammo, food, medicine, reloading supplies. Get these at gun shows for CASH ONLY.
Go to gun shows while they're still legal!

Find books on basic manufacturing processes-that's vital!

If you have EVER joined a gun group, bought guns and ammo with credit cards, checks, and/or
signed registration forms and permits HIDE AND/OR SELL YOUR EXCESS GUNS TO MOTIVATED
PATRIOTS! You WILL be searched first on "The Day", and if so much as a empty shell casing's
found you can count on being starved, beaten and raped to death in a internment camp. Or
maybe they'll take you anyway for being on record.

Start driving around: look for abandoned homes, businesses, and roads or trails that'll get you
to them. Caves, forest haunts, old barns, the nastiest trailer in that tired old trailer park.

When you recruit, don't let them put their names on any forms that could implicate them in
the eyes of the government. Keep their profile low-Patriots will need infiltrators, safe houses,
spies… can't do that if you're still running around openly displaying a "I'm the NRA" sticker or a
Gadsen Flag. Sorry.

Take your Recruits and:

*Toughen them up. Camping, survival courses, hand to hand combat courses. Even getting
them to let their TV gather dust to do… anything will be of benefit. Demonstrations, projects,
meetings, find places to hole up like anything without people around…

*Shooting, and lots of it! Paintball to teach tactics. A range of some sort for battle rifle
practice. Airguns and required turning in of targets for their own practice-the airsoft guns are
coming along as viable training tools and as soon as they perfect a paintball that'll cycle
through them you should splurge a couple hundred bucks and get some guns and paintballs.

*Group buy ammo, parts, food, knowledge, a legal fiction to acquire property not under your
own name, nor any connection to you. Have your stashes in several small units throughout the
area you figure you're going to operate. The more the better, and, no one person should have
knowledge of where all the caches are at. A cache should have ammo for the standard
weapon/caliber your group should standardize on. I recommend a military pattern rifle in
7.62NATO, along with spare parts because they'll break down with all the shooting and abuse
you're gonna heap on them. Enough ammo to refill all your carry mags for a mission. Also,
nonperishable food. Should have lots of calories, carbs, protein. Medical supplies.

…No you're not going to get a lot of recruits. The enemy's cultural weapons are pretty damn
powerful, and their mind control of Americans is exquisite-but not foolproof! On occasion a
event will occur that will defy their spin control and b.s.-like the live coverage of Hurricane
Katrina and their criminal abandonment of the Black Community to die in that open sewer so
they'll abandon the city to foreclosers wanting a "Las Vegas on the Gulf". Point out the
criminal abandonment of the government of their People. A lot of eyes were opened by that
hurricane, and not all of them are going to shut again by the system's lies. Take your
opportunities as they come.

I have a plan of peaceful political action that can be used, so here's a excerpt of my essay,
"Message to Mr. and Mrs. America" at my blog

Taking back the government-peacefully!

This is the preferable manner of us as groups reclaiming our Freedom. To be effective, one
must have a understanding of America's political system as it relates to our cause. We have a
president, a vice-president and their agents, a congress, a federal judicial system, and the
duplication of this political layout among the states. Beyond that you have the many
thousands of county and local governments. So what will work?
Take over the presidency?

It's long been proven that unless you have the blessings of the two official parties of this
nation, you cannot seriously run for president. The closest independent candidate was Ross
Perot back in 1992, and even being a billionaire didn't shield him from getting shredded by
the media.

So, assuming the voting machines are honest(not)and the media's fair(not) you need the
machine of a major party backing you(won't happen).

And the president can only do so much; America's system of government is extremely
compartmentalized, so that unless you have a common ideology and party mechanism guiding
and controlling the various components, it's impossible for one man to dictate policy. So a
independent party president, one lone person against the rest of the hydra headed federal
monstrosity is not only impossible, it's retarded even planning such a thing.


Congress is made up of 540 members-100 senators and the rest in the house of
representatives. All are elected in staggared election cycles so it would take approximately a
decade of successful nationwide campaigning to create a majority party. Yes, congress writes
the laws and taking it back is essential in our struggle, but even factoring out the two official
parties and their political machines the structure of this body demands a massive political
machine of our own.

Massive organizations that have a heirarchial structure have been penetrated, subverted and
corrupted by our enemies since the beginning of time. It's a process that to them is a natural
as breathing. Then there's all the fundraising that will be needed and we're not rich-the only
ones with money in America are the same pack of vampires who've been sucking us dry. So a
singular, national organization will not be sucessful.

Independent and rogue candidates however do have some success. Bernie Sanders of
Vermont, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Ron Paul of Texas, and at one time James Trafficant of
Ohio sadly represent the successes. Most candidates are attorneys who've long ago prostituted
themselves. They whore themselves to the political machine that will take them where they
want to go. All they want is power and in exchange have legislated the monstrosity American
government has become. The democrats and republicans, their bosses for all practical
purposes appoint these elitists their congressional seats and they're prepared to spend
whatever cash it takes to take or retain that seat. Vote fraud of course is part of their

There are no rich left in these times who would willingly sacrifice their lives, their fortunes
and their sacred honor-they're either sold out or scared. So any candidates for congress will
have to be raised and funded by us. That means we have to do it in a grass roots manner. We
have to build not one political machine, but a army of political machines that are
independent of one another, yet cooperative.

Many small parties, one common agenda

This form of political resistance lends itself naturally to our groups. It will go like this:

The group helps other groups form. They in turn during the next local election cycle turn out
and get the candidates they choose elected in town and county governments. Much of the
oppressive laws plaguing us are drafted and enforced locally. Taking over local governments
will not only give the freedom groups relief from local law enforcement harassment, it will
give us the tools to revoke and repeal such things as:

Property taxes that allow the government to sieze that home you're working a lifetime to pay
for if you miss one "rent" installment. Those in power whine that property taxes are for the
schools and the children-isn't that what their gambling rackets known as the lotto are for? And
they're willing to make you and yours homeless for the children… such evil makes me just
want to shoot them. But let's try not to go there yet.

All those damned zoning restrictions, regulations, speed trap traffic laws designed to churn up
"tax" revenue, laws criminalizing all sorts of things and actions that bother nobody. Think of
any local ordinance that seems to have been drafted by a neurotic control freak… the list
would be endless really!

Un-Constitutional, pro criminal gun control legislation. A big part of their program's disarming
us so that we're helpless and have to rely on them exclusively for protection, establishing
dependence. Not that the cops are legally obligated to your personal protection of course.

Anything that pledges cooperation with state and federal authorities, at least until we take
our nation back!

Another book recommendation: HOW TO WIN A LOCAL ELECTION. Should be in your local

When we take back a local government and bring that jurisdiction back into line with the
classic tenants of American government, it will be a beacon of light, an example of successful
peaceful resistance. It will immediately inspire and launch similar efforts in neighboring
communities. Each composed of small, decentralized groups working together on the big
problem, so that one day they can afford to bicker on the small stuff-that the Libertarians,
Constitutionalists, Christian Patriots and Conservatives currently do. So together, with control
of enough cities and townships, the combined efforts of those groups can take over counties.
With control of enough counties, an entire state can be taken over by our groups.

Why take that next step? The list of things we can do when we take back our local
governments is vast, but then there would be the call to centralize governmental control with
state and federal authorities. So when this begins we must be as aggressive as possible-being
examples to others, advising, and most importantly WE MUST NOT FIGHT AMONGST
exploited by our enemies, it will be our biggest downfall.

And if we can take the nation back…

There are many things we must do immediately, as soon as we can take back control of
America's destiny.

(1)Secure our borders from any further infiltration. Whatever that takes, whatever
manpower's available, we must find a way to seal up thousands of miles of hinterland border,
and many thousands of miles more of coastline. This will take bringing our troops and ships
home, and in effect end America's era of being used as a tool of global empire. It will be
good, as being number one just makes you the one everyone else wants to take out.

At the same time, a heightened state of alert must be maintained if another power were to
take advantage of our transistional phase and attempt some economic or military adventure
against our interests. America will be painfully contracting from it's global economic empire
as we attempt to revive a self-sufficient free republic and the last thing we'll need is for
Muslims seeking revenge against the Empire, or China rolling the dice on a military adventure
against us.

(2)Impose a flexible series of tariffs so that no matter where on Earth a imported good is
made, it's cost after going through customs is just a few percent more than one made in
America-with all the taxes still imposed. This must be implemented by law for I'd calculate
twenty years; because this is the minimum time required to rebuild America's manufacturing
economy. The rest of the world's just going to have to learn to live economically without the
American consumer, and the American consumer is going to have to learn basic economics. It
will be a horrifically shocking adjustment, and lead to a economic collapse-of the
megacorporations. It's the bitterest medicine, but America and Americans have become
almost terminally sick with the current system imposed upon us and those that don't
immediately take steps to save themselves will need some hard lessons quick to bring them
back to reality.


Most important thing you can do? Pray. I'm serious. Don't do it in some gay mega-church and
tithe to some blowdried huckster-do it like Jesus taught. Find a quiet place, quiet your mind,
and open your heart. God WILL talk to you , or at least convey some feeling. You can't listen
because you're out of practice listening so, practice. Eventually God will talk to you, and it's
in your best interest to listen because God does love you!
He isn't looking to burn you for eternity for your petty imperfections. He's looking to liberate
His People-all of us. Can't liberate a people if they're dead from some "bible prophecy" going
on as scripted: wouldn't the events of Revelation carried out as written be a victory for the
devil… wanting to possess and destroy? Humanity's all but destroyed in the end of that book.
Why not fight to derail that outcome?


Lindsay's Technical Books-basic knowhow and such.

Gun Show-to buy guns and ammo, but also camoflage, gun books. Look in the paper in the
classifieds. Bring cash for discreet purchasing.

Google-start googling terms like militia, patriots, martial law.

RWVA.ORG-Revolutionary War Veterans Association; these people are working hard to
resurrect rifle marksmanship in America, and you WILL need to be able to shoot straight if you
want your meager supply of ammo to be effective.,,, are
independent news media and also popular nexus points to web search and find out the truth.
















The Power of NO

The Power of NO!

J. Croft

In our lives we are given a endless series of demands.

Demands on our time, our money, our energies, our allegiances, our beliefs, our patience.
These demands, given without a semblance of choice, have molded us into doing things we
really wish we didn't have to do.
Submit to the anti-American work culture, which whether you're on the bottom or the top
which robs you of the best years of your life in exchange for a mere pittance of what you

Take out a lifetime of debt to "get" what is sold as the "American Dream" which turns you into
a consumer of a bunch of made in China junk.

Support policies and actions that we know harm us all, from ever increasing taxation and
regulation to policies designed to socially engineer-create-a underclass and suppressing them
to the point where they blindly lash out. You know it as crime and it's not only to generate
profits to those that make a living off jailing them by the millions. It's to socially engineer the
rest of the nation to support a authoritarian corporate state, to unquestioningly waving a
made in China U.S. flag in support of that abomination as it crushes other peoples in senseless
war. These wars serve to spawn further hatred of America and it's people, setting up a cycle
of misplaced hatred that's going to wind up destroying human civilization.

What's the root cause? We've lost the will to say NO! And back it up as far as we have to, to
regain control over our lives, our rights and our destiny.

Looking at our society, it's no surprise we can't say NO to the injustices perpetrated in our
name-and on us. From infancy the average American is indoctrinated, conditioned to a set of
core beliefs:

*"The American government is full of good people selflessly giving the best years of their lives
for public service". A lie-when we know power corrupts, and the government in this country is
not only all powerful, but all pervasive. Millions of petty tyrants throwing their weight around
wreaking havoc on Americans; claiming to be safeguarding them, but doing anything but. Just
step in your local DMV office, or get pulled over by the wrong cop, or God forbid you file hits
the wrong agent at the wrong time.

*"You deserve the lifestyle you see on your god the TV (which never ever lies)". With the ever-
tightening economic conditions in this country you literally have to be rich to afford that
"American dream". For the average American, having that house, SUV, shopping sprees to fill
that house full of junk requires that person-having the same spending power in 2005 as in
1975-to go into a lifetime of debt slavery. For modern America; uneducated and mind-
crippled by government schooling, bombarded by fashion makeover shows, home makeover
shows, MTV Cribs, Desperate Housewives, and all the slick advertising that goes into selling
loans the patina of financed "good times" is irresistable.

*"To have the 'American Dream' in the 'Land of the Free' you need to be a productive member
of that society". "Productive"-to whom? Productive to your employer, who'll get most of the
fruits of your labors? To the various government bodies and agencies taking up to half of the
perhaps 5% of what your dedicated service generates for your boss?(that's half your income,
for those not understanding that last sentence) Which leaves you with 2 1/2%, or abouts, of
the gross profit of your efforts. No wonder you resort to a lifetime of debt slavery to at least
FEEL like you're "making it" in modern America.

Come on! You REALLY wanted to be some corporate drone, doing all the work while your CEO
and Board of Directors get to use all the corporate profits for themselves, while your efforts
help destroy America by sending our productive capacity overseas?

You REALLY want to be a 8.00/hour assembly worker living in constant fear of being
downsized, struggling with keeping ever-increasing health care for your body, rapidly
deteriorating from all the work you do for massah job? A fast food worker cultivating a face
full of zits while your friends are out enjoying themselves, with not a hope of getting health
insurance? A Wal Mart slave, helping to drive the last vestiges of American business overseas,
in one of the most oppressive work enviroment in the country? A glorified revenue collector,
getting nothing from the people you're obstensively charged with protecting but fear and
hatred, while crack dealers, thugs, rapists and other criminals prowl the streets… you're
otherwise known as a traffic cop?

NO! You REALLY wanted your own company, or at least get some good slice of your labors.
You REALLY didn't want to get tied down on that factory job, that restaurant job, that Wal
Mart ball and chain because you were STOOPID enough to try living way the hell out of your
income bracket. It's what you get for chasing after that now elusive "American Dream".

To repeat myself: it's a beautiful chimera, a ghost of expectations of a era now dead, where
Americans could and DID do what they liked. But YOU Mr. and Ms. braindead consumer, you
just had to have that lifestyle, even when you said "yes" to a lifetime of back breaking work
at jobs you hate. Jobs: with most of your labors stolen by the corporation, and half the rest
by the government, and the remainder by the creditors who loan you the money for that crap
made in China, and that way overpriced, oversized house.

Worse, you say "yes" to all the laws, all the regulations, the licenses, the taxes that
government loves to levy on us all. Except if you're very rich and can bribe politicians of
course. You saying "yes", your parents and grandparents saying "yes"-it's gotten to the point
where the Bill of Rights is merely a symbolic fig leaf of Liberty on a oppressive fascist state
itching to rip it off and expose it's raw, naked authority for all to bow down to.

You said "yes" to your chains of slavery.

I'll let you in on something you were never taught: you can say NO!

"What?! No to my house, my SUV, my shopping sprees at the mall?! You want me to do
without?! Be some bum?!"

That's what you're saying, yes. NO however is the only hope you have if you want your
Freedom back.

You do want your Freedom back, right? I mean, what I just described as your life-you really
want to be a slave? Have, and I'll state this again, 95%(and more) of the fruits of your labors
go into someone else's pocket? Live in constant fear of violating some law, some code of
conduct in what's supposed to be the "land of the free" and get robbed and imprisoned by the

Saying NO is you asserting your Freedom. NO means you can make a choice, are making a
choice, and if someone doesn't like it, well too damn bad, no matter who they are.

NO is a act of self-liberation. When someone presents you with a selection of options-none of
which are good for you-and you say NO, you're reaffirming the fact that YOU are making the
choices in your life. YOU are the one in control of YOUR destiny. Being able to say NO is a God
Given Choice, the indispensable part of being Free. To be able to say NO to slick advertising,
high taxes, sufforcating regulations, hucksters in three piece suits wanting your vote, and
jackbooted state sponsered thugs is as saying NO to the devil himself.

We all need to say NO a lot more than we do. Because everyone in "our" society is pressing us
to say "yes" to, let's run through this again so there's no doubt:

*"Yes" to those society elevates as people to emulate… like professional athletes, third rate
"reality show" entertainers, teleprompter readers presenting lies called "news" with a inch
thick layer of makeup. These shills and yes men are touted by those that run our society as
models to emulate and listen to, but what makes whatever the hell they say worth more than
what you have to say? Because you saw them on TV that electronic narcotic, that god you
devote most of your free time to, that you implicitly trust never to lie to you like the naïve
adult-sized child you've been brought up to be by American society?

*"Yes" to, I'll say it again, getting a bunch of overpriced foreign made junk that entails a
lifetime of debt payments, that bring on stress at jobs we hate. With the harassment from
collectors when we inevitably fall behind on those payments, and most of all, the bitterness
when we get old that we didn't do what we WANTED TO. Because we couldn't say NO, since,
those celebrities on our TV god sell them.

*"Yes" to, whom they self-refer themselves as the "intelligentisa"; a pack of snobbish two-
faced traitors who dominate our educational institutions and media. All day, every day they
follow their agendas to define-warp more precisely-the minds of Americans through our
"education system" and culture. All to expand and solidify their vision of a socialist America:
socialism being stealing what you have and earn for them to control… come to think of it,
we've had socialism for a long time in this country. They're the ones who force that socialist
agenda onto all the college educated professionals-who become America's manegerial class,
who then go along with whatever anti-Freedom pro-state agenda's passed for them to
enforce, because they've been trained to think that way.

*"Yes" to thieving, lying professional politicians and bureaucrats who either use flowery
language or coarse scare tactics to get your dumb ass to say "yes" to their incompetence,
their ever more restrictive rules, their power grabs, and their never ending quest for more of
your dollars. They're just men-scared little man sized children who rely on the state for their
living; couldn't make it in the real world if they had a trust fund they'd blow it in a year and
wind up on welfare or strung out on the streets selling sex for crack. But, because they had to
go and get a law degree they can take bolshe-shit and make it into our laws.

*"Yes" to fifth column agents and provocateurs who you know sabotage the causes you fight
for, yet are rewarded by your continued allegiance. (Cindy Sheehan, PLEASE TAKE NOTE!)
They could be that greasy haired loser who obnoxiously and repeatedly brings up suggestions
that are counterproductive, or just to disrupt your agenda. Worse, they could actually be
respected leaders running the organization-into the ground. It's done to divert your energies
away from being effective, to stem any populist threat to "them".

*"Yes" to every whim of a out of control police subculture that think itself above the
Citizenry, as they harass you under the law, taser you, plant evidence and "drop guns", even
murder you in cold blood. Meanwhile, the biggest criminals live in opulence deciding all of our
fates in the boardrooms and country clubs; people we're all conditioned to respect and
revere, touted as paragons of American society… when they're the ones who've hijacked this
country! And if you're a good street cop why do you tolerate the continued presence of dirty
cops on your force?!

*"Yes" to a pack of hairsprayed bible thumping liars and thieves who scare you with a dogma
of a death cult "christianity" designed to get you scared of a apocalypse without offering a
way out for mankind. There's a way out for you if you merely confess your sins and drop as
much money as you can in their offering plates; which they promptly spend on mansions,
bentleys, artwork, five thousand dollar tailored suits, and prostitutes and crystal meth on the
weekends. And they have the chuztpah to tell us to keep our genitals in our pants and say no
to drugs, and all those other worn assed slogans they spew.

"That's all true, but you say NO to those people you can lose everything."

Lose what? Your wage slavery? Your trinkets you sold yourself down the river for? Honestly,
you really need all that crap you see on TV? You get it, use it once or maybe three times then
chuck it into the garage with all the other crap you thought was cool. Say no to the wrong
person and you lose the ability to accumulate all that garbage that was supposed to salve
your pain at being exploited?

It's just stuff.

What do you really need? Clean air, good food, decent shelter from the elements, fulfilling
your heart's desires, sharing your love with someone mutually worthy, good friends, a
community that trades within itself, takes care of each other, a system of government who's
sole purpose is to guarantee our Freedom to get those necessities.

"Try saying NO to the government lately?"

It's because way too few have said NO to the government lately that defying those state-
lovers, thugs and other traitorous filth is so hard… on your own.

Rosa Parks said NO. Government made her pay the price of jail but that frail little African-
American woman had more guts, more courage than 99% of the chumps reading this-yeah, I'm
probably talking about you. A little old lady finally shamed a couple generations of African
Americans to stop letting themselves be treated as a bunch of slaves with a little more length
to their chains and some nicer clothes.(We're all still servants, but at least we have the
option of breaking free of this opulant slavery)

Cindy Sheehan's saying NO on a daily basis, and yes she's getting arrested for it. A grieving
mother, ostracized on national television on a daily basis, yet you still see her breathing, still
fighting for what's right. Cindy opened her eyes, saw the light and stop permitting herself to
being used as a propaganda tool for the powers-that-be… because not nearly enough
Americans say NO in the first place!

Yet you're a big, burly 'Murikan-land of the free, home of the brave. Why ain't you weighing
the true costs of your slavery. Why ain't you figuring out that there's strength in numbers and
convince your friends, neighbors and coworkers that if you UNITE and say NO, TOGETHER, and
be able to back up that NO, you can retake your Freedoms. And there's SO MUCH to say NO to!
How about that fiction of a prosperous lifestyle you're financing for the rest of your life?
You've read this far; if you really could afford that McMansion, that SUV, the mall shopping
you wouldn't have to drown in debt to do it. Get real! Sell that oversized house and get out of
that mortgage millstone. Sell all that crap you've got your garage or attic overflowing with
and unused and have a yard sale or e-bay it. Get a decent five year old car in good shape for
cash. Take that money and pay off your debts, reclaim your Freedom; say HELL NO to being a
debt slave!

Another thing you can say NO to: paying withholding on your wages-better yet, working a
slave wage job in the first place! How about harnessing you innate talents to support yourself-
that's how Mankind got along for at least five thousand years before the Industrial Revolution
chained us all to corporate jobs. And doing it all underground market style so there's no tax.

There's SOMETHING you want to do, a passion, a gift you have. And there's a way you can
make a living off that gift. Yes, wage slave, people actually still do what they want and
survive in this sorry era. You work as a mechanic, or carpenter or plumber; those skills are a
no-brainer for underground enterpenurialship. If you're artistic, you can market your creations
on the internet. Anyone can grow extra vegetables in their back yard, or use a old truck or
van to haul stuff and people around. If you have military training, you can start a protection
service or training academy.

Most of all, how about saying NO to having your beliefs shaped by others-like the traitors that
educate you, preach to you on those godawful religious programs? Don't let CNN and TBN give
you your thoughts and beliefs-think for yourself! You don't need Paul and Jan "ro-beast"
Crouch to find God-it's best you do that on your own… whatever your relationship between
you and the Almighty is, it can only be between you two! Quit wasting valuable time and
money on lying, hypocritical televangelists! Quit being a human bobblehead doll when you
watch O'Reily, or Deutshe, or Scarborogh. None of them would know what the truth was if
they ever tried to honestly present it. The only one who should be judging that is YOU.

That's saying NO for yourself, but there are many areas in life that are hard to say that to
alone-like wherever the state can make you pay for saying NO. For example, to have to ask
the government's permission to use YOUR PUBLIC ROADS YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO USE via a
license-which they use to categorize, track and control you? Hard, very hard for one person to
say NO to a badge heavy cop with the whole state backing him up.

So get backup of your own.

The state has tons of bullies working for it, and a bully is usually reliant on bluff-unless he
knows he can defeat you, and a lone person saying NO to him can be defeated. A group saying
NO, and able to back that NO up, presents problems for the state; the employment of large
amounts of force is bad publicity, unless they can successfully demonize you. Keep the
sheeple bolshe-shitted that "their government's looking out for them".
If however, you can get some real numbers; tens of thousands, preferably much more, to
stand with you and say NO in unison, then and only then can you defy the state. Getting
together, like about ten thousand brave people at a time, having a bonfire and chucking all
your ID's and license plates in that sucker would give all those self important buzzcut cops and
thieving, lying bureauCRAPS a NO they wouldn't forget! A Boston Tea Party for driver's
licenses, property taxes, or other stupid government permits by a sizeable portion of the
population will put the no-win situation on them for a change: relent with their anti-American
social controls or wage a civil war.

(IMPORTANT REMINDER: organizations are easily penetrated by enemy agents. Don't have one
big, top heavy org. directing the movement. Be a movement of Individuals-lead yourself!)

Which reminds me: if you're reading this, and are in "public service", there's a whole lot to say
NO to! Like, harassing common working class people, covering up for the richest who
systematically loot this country-with you their tools. Not so much as telling your superior NO,
but by actions, like being a lot less efficient about helping your asshole boss go after some
small businessman or other average American. Paperwork gets lost all the time, mistakes are
made typing information into a computer; systems do crash now and again. Also, perhaps that
guy who makes it his mission in life to zealously enforce every government edict? Perhaps it's
HIS TURN to come under government scrutiny for something or another.

Speaking of "public service" certainly, saying NO to selective service, volunteering for the
military, a draft. "What that's unpatriotic!" What's so patriotic about dying for some inbred
psychotic blueblood's war? The only call for armed forces is the protection of the nation and
it's freedoms from all enemies foreign and domestic, NOT for plundering the planet to
maintaining a lifestyle calculated to sucking up so many resources a policy of global
domination is mandatory to sustain it. If we're saying NO to feeding that stupid, wasteful
consumption there'd be no need for our military to be in other people's lands to safeguard our
thieving of their resources! We could live our lives in Freedom, and the rest of the planet
could be spared having their economies warped to service ours and keep them down. This is
another area where it's best for everyone to say NO, at once, whether getting hit up by that
recruiter, or on the front lines.

To accomplish any of this, the people you talk to have to go through the same wrenching
psychological and financial struggle to Freedom as you have, or will. The "American Dream" of
wasteful prosperity for working a corporate job for a pittance of your efforts has become the
chains of slavery. Our consumerism, that salve to ease the pain of not being the masters of
our own destiny, has been used by the power elite to economically enslave the rest of the
planet to meeting our shopping needs… As ironically our jobs are exported to them to make
the crap we buy-robbing us of our individual financial ability to survive.

It's falling apart, this system, and so the power elite will need a new paradigm to maintain
their control over the Human Race. That shall be World War III, which is scripted to cause the
nations of the world to destroy themselves waging for. The survivors of that war will be so
shell-shocked, so destitute they will say "yes" to whatever form of world government the
power elite will have for them. And it shall be a form of slavery that will close the book on
Human progress and civilization. A few families of inbred, psychotic bluebloods with way too
much time and money on their hands are going to blow up the planet and rule in it's ashes
because too many of you dumbasses can't see you're being hosed and say "yas suh boss" to
whatever they want.

On the other hand, picking up a rifle to defend yourself against some inbred psychotic
blueblood with way too much money, and his minions, that's one thing you should say YES to!
State's minions love their guns, and would love to be the only ones with guns; they don't like
their victims armed. They especially won't like a whole bunch of what they subtextually think
of as their "slaves" getting uppity to massah state. So getting one of those "evil assault rifles",
preferably a military pattern .308 they've been trying to ban because such weapons enable a
lone man to successfully defend himself against a onslaught of traitors and other criminals.

Get one at a gun show from a private seller, and actually shooting it, and learning the fine art
of rifle marksmanship is as mandatory a part of being able to say NO as having your loved
ones, friends, neighbors and coworkers join you. Rifle marksmanship is a suppressed subject
in America; the teaching of it used to be in our public schools! Now it's restricted to hardcore
shooting enthusiasts and the police/military-and even THEY get a watered down version of it,
lest too many disgruntled veterans who can honestly shoot join some future revolt. That's why
you on the "left" are driven to push for gun control!

How do you use a rifle? Well, rather than make this article about twenty pages long I'll just
refer you to a website: where you can begin your journey of regaining your
Freedom and claiming for yourself the full benefit of the power of saying NO!


Bolshe-shit-adaptation of "bullshit", the lies statists spout for people to go along with their
Freedom and property stealing agendas. Those that spout bolshe-shit are usually referred to
their superiors as "useful idiots". So check what you say to make sure you're not regurgetating
someone else's bolshe-shit.


































J. Croft

Why'd you sign up, Soldier-

"-To defend America-you pinko piece of shit! You wouldn't have your Freedom to lip off with
your peacenik claptrap without REAL MEN like us putting on the uniform defending your
rights! Fuckin' Bush-hater."

First off, you'd never find me burning the flag-I love America too, which is why I write these
articles. You set out to fight for our Freedom by joining the armed forces. I set out to fight
for our Freedom by casting a light on the dark heart of our nation. And it is a dark heart that
our America has-like there are TWO Americas that are and always have been engaged in a
struggle for this nation:

*The America we all grew up with, which really exists as myth. The land of the free, home of
the brave. The land with a Constitution that was meant, at least,(1) to limit oppressive
government whether that be a foreign invader or homegrown and help secure our God Given
Freedoms. The land where as long as you don't hurt others you can do what you want, be who
you want to be. The land that strove to overcome it's horrible shortcomings to become in
reality the ideals expounded in the American ethos.

That's not the America you've been fighting for, Soldier.

*THIS America, the one you volutarily submitted to be transformed into a psychotic
automaton for is where your orders come from. This America is the back alley whore of the
ruling caste: the central banks, oil conglomerates, megacorporate arms merchants, and the
violent inbred psychotic bluebloods that pull all the strings. Your strings too, with their
headlock on America's culture and society, and the way they dress up their clapped out
prostitute of a nation with the trappings of the America we-and the rest of Earth-still cherish.
This America sells itself out to the rich and powerful every chance it gets. The results are all
around you; a People under the heel of millions of laws enforced by millions of lawyers. This
lawyer-made system of laws, regulations, taxes and enforcement without regard to justice
has stolen our Freedoms, our livelihoods, our money and soon the very food we eat… as this
country finishes self-destructing.

These are shocking words. Disconcerting words, that bring up some powerful defensive
reflexes in you right now. Yet these are things that must be talked about and talked about
now because your unquestioning loyalties to the U.S. Government's military is actually having
the effect of robbing us of our Freedom-

REMEMBER 9/11!!"

Heard of the "patriot act"? How do you defend Freedom by taking it away? And if the United
States government is adept at anything, it's taking people's Freedoms away. It's something
nearly everyone in government is trying to get onto for what seems like a authority turf
battle, with the turf being our Freedom.

The "war on terror"? Let's look at this war from a military standpoint, being a lifetime civilian
student and a Citizen-Rifleman.

…How do you wage war against a strategy? Some neoconservative sloganeer got confused right
before coming up with this retarded name for this war. Terrorism-the arbitrary use of military
power be it conventional or clandestine against random or selected civilian targets to force
societal and governmental change-terrorize those changes into being as a "lesser" of two evils.

Who uses the strategy and tactics of terrorism? Governments, clandestine groups, individuals.
The U.S. Government for example uses aspects of terrorism in it's warfighting strategy and
tactics, as well as in it's daily administrive and law enforcement activities.

Who is waging war against those that use terrorism? The United States Government, in a
worldwide campaign of conventional military invasions of Third World Islamic nations that
also, without a trace of mere coincidence, control vital oil interests in a time of peaking oil
production… according to the oil corporations that have a energy stranglehold on the global
economy. Oil dependency in a age of lower production isn't just a technological bitch; it's a
manufactured shortage that's a key component to our true enemy's domination of Mankind.

More on them below, but the point is: the "war on terror" is self-perpetualizing, because
America's leaders are sending you into these strategic Third World countries. What's

-First, you're either outraged over their barbarism, or that they might get their hands on
nuclear weapons. Well, in Afghanistan we left them on their own, permitting the CIA backed
Taliban to gain control. And Saddam Hussein was "our boy" for a quarter century; we even
sold the bastard chemical weapons with a handshake from your Secretary of Defense, Donald
Rumsfeld!(there's a pic of that)
All the generals and intelligence types knew for a fact that the Taliban were backwards
fundamentalists. They knew Saddam Hussein was a wannabe Stalin. They only became targets
at the ruling class leisure; the Taliban when they refused a lucrative oil pipeline contract
from western oil corporations, and Hussein when even he got tired of having Iraq used as
America's punching bag, threatened to convert it's oil sales from dollars to euros. Which is
part of the ruling elites domination of oil supply and the prop to America's financial economy.

So, that Al Qaeda, what in Arabic means the "toilet seat", is funded and set in place in
Afghanistan ahead of time. Clinton makes some deliberately half-assed cruise missile strikes
to not just distract from his impeachment scandals(which cover his higher treasons with
China) but also to as a institution piss you guys off for when your leaders are ready to unleash
you on whoever they label "terrorist".

-Then, with pretext and goal set, you guys are sent in… underequipped and manned for the
task needed, and with the wrong doctrine. Yes: our bombs, rockets, fighters and tanks are
awesome but you need troops, lots of them, for ground conquests. Or liberation if you still
want to believe that fairy tale. In neither Afghanistan or especially Iraq were nearly enough
of you Soldiers sent in. Worse, you're still burdened with worn and faulty weapons(thanks to
Clinton's drawdowns and the Pentagon's big boner for big weapons). Not enough body armor,
not enough ammo, a piece of shit rifle known as the M-16 that was made to jam up and shoot
a ineffectual round. The planning was faulty. The execution was made to fail-going into a
horrible duststorm and then have you sit still like targets for a full day for whatever the Iraqis
were thought to have.

Worst of all was after you won; any liberating force wanting to remain on the good side of a
very well armed populace would be wise to respect it's customs and ways of doing things
whenever practical, and to treat them respectfully, as Individuals and as a Nation.

Well, we sure as hell didn't do that in Iraq! After securing that sorry country's oil
infrastructure and intelligence files we let all the criminals go buck wild looting everything
from refrigerators to arsenals to the most heinous crime, the six millennia worth of
antiquities stolen in broad daylight-when a few of you Soldiers could've stopped that with a
show of force. The heritage of Sumer, the origins of much of Human Civilization-certainly the
West's-is now a mere memory.

This was a terrible slap in the face of the average Iraqi, who was expecting us to be
Liberators, not conquerors. Not criminals. But that slap in the face would be followed by
many rifle butts in the gut, boots on the neck, rifle barrels pressed in the heads of the Iraqis
we were led to believe we were "liberating". By you. Treating Iraqis like Americans-
conditioned by generations of TV to accept being hogtied, terrorized and beaten in order to
"protect and serve" at 3:00AM-when even Saddam's regime was more discreet… it was a recipe
for defeat.

Face facts: our criminal abuses, our bull in their china shop conquest was the catalyst to
setting off Iraqi resistance. Not merely Al Qaeda that moved in after Hussein was
deposed(Saddam hated Bin Ladin)-though that CIA supported pack of murderers has used Iraq
as a giant live fire training camp for their misguided "useful idiots".

Not merely that Saddam had used all that UN food for oil money to buy every RPG, AK, and
pack of C-4 explosive he could purchase in the world's arms markets.

Not merely that we fired the entire Iraqi army en masse without honoring any pay agreements
instead of using them as a transitory force to help stabilize a society we've waged war against
for over a decade.

Not merely that we ignored that Iraq is a tribal society and we could've saved a lot of lives if
we merely showed their tribal leaders the time of day.

Not merely that you Soldiers were given policing duties when you are trained killers on the
razor's edge and will shoot at anything.

Not merely that restoring basic infrastructure and a basic level of civilized living was put on
the back burner furthest back.

Not merely that you, the U.S. Soldier were sent in without a clue as to how to communicate
with the people you were obstensivley liberating, their customs, what they perceive as

It was all of these, together; a willful obtuseness, the simple-minded arrogance that we as
Americans have time and again shown as we've been directed by the powers-that-be, the
ruling elite, our true enemies to throw America's military weight around. In effect, WE in
every possible respect created the "problem"; that thug Hussein and his "Ernst joins the Army"
level of competence waging war against Iran and Kuwait. April Glaspie encouraging Hussein to
be the dupe to invade Kuwait-those asshole sheikhs slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields so
America's ruling elite can have a war to assert our effective control over the Middle East oil
fields. And after the atrocity of 9/11 WE have been used to solidify control over half the
world's currently exploited oil sources.

We've been used, and will continue to be used for world conquest.

"That doesn't matter! We gotta wage this war on terror to secure the homeland, no matter
the cost! REMEMBER 9/11!"

I remember September 11, 2001; the day America died as the internet writer John Kaminski
rightly put it. I still remember waking up, turning on the TV… seeing the live footage as one of
the World Trade Center towers burned from a hit by a jumbo jet. I remember thinking "this is
some kind of movie made up as a live telecast"-but at 9 AM?
Then the second plane hit-and then there was no doubt this was a military strike.

I remember pacing back and forth with a fury like I've never quite felt before, keeping in
mind where my rifle and ammo were, like some knee jerk survival reflex. Like I was going to
encounter some "muslim terrorist" on my own streets, as that was what this attack was
attributed to.

…And then I started seeing the contrivances, the very visible flaws in what I was being

First, how do two subsonic passenger jets elude the United States Air Force-both NORAD
complex and the various Fighter Wings along the Eastern Seaboard for over a hour-flying
peculiarly zig-zagging courses throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio? How does a
Boeing 757 outrun a mach 2+ F-15? (Later it was revealed that NORAD was running a large
series of hijack scenarios that very morning-so how would Muslims terrorists possibly know
about them to time their supposed attack? Aren't such exercises kept secret?)

Then the towers started to fall. I remember the live coverage; audio reports of explosions
near the base of each tower. The massive amount of dust and debris generated up and down
the towers. The way each building fell into it's own "footprint" as it collapsed-and so fast! So
neat! So very much like a demolition…

…Yet those towers are modern skyscrapers, specifically designed to withstand fire, jumbo jets
colliding into them. The jet fuel fires were beginning to taper off, with not a chance in hell of
even beginning to melt the 47 steel columns. There's even a photo available on the internet-
there's a woman standing at the very edge of the hole where one of the jets went in-ALIVE!
The fires that were in the uppermost section of the tower-yet massive amounts of debris
started to erupt from the base of each tower like a volcanic eruption.

If Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda were behind the attack, why the low loss of life? Why not
make each tower tip over into lower Manhatten, get the maximum amount of death and
destruction-supposedly they managed to elude the world's best air defense network with a
handful of passenger jets for over a hour, made the towers fall neatly as if demolitioned. And
those towers were made to withstand jet plane crashes.


…Why such a low payoff? Why crash that third jet into a section of the Pentagon that was
being refurbished, that wasn't being used?

If Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda were behind the attack… no-Muslim terrorists couldn't
possibly be behind the attack. They'd have had to have insiders-high level traitors in the U.S.
Military-to arrange air drills on the day of their attack, or time their attack to the secret

They'd have had needed the most brilliant demolitions and metallurgical experts ever born-to
execute a relatively neat demolition of the twin towers, not have those towers topple to the
sides, potentially killing many thousands more… why not make those towers topple?

Explain WTC 7 being demolitioned in the same manner as the twin towers-with no airplane
strike, a minor dying fire-falling into itself demolition style virtually at the speed of free fall,
a feat that as you've read only professional demolition experts have the knowledge and
MOTIVATION of doing.

Explain Israelis videotaping and cheering as the World Trade Center was destroyed. Israelis-
not Muslims? Explain how the Israelis time and again on 9/11, the Jordan bombings, the
London bombings and other events-that they alone get the word not to be in a certain place
at a certain time of terrorist events.

Explain how the state of Israel has been the net benefactor of 9/11 and the wars against
Afghanistan and Iraq as they hide behind terrorism and the holocaust as they perpretrate
their own genocide against Palestinians-men, women, children, whole villages.

And then, listening to the news broadcasters-the ready made phrases, the ready glitzy
graphics, the entire ready-made new language of the post 9/11 paradigm trotted out at once
that day, to instantly brand it after the shock and awe of the, let's get it out, staged terror

Staged, to scare and bludgeon Americans into accepting their country's role as imperial ogre-
to wage that "war on terror"(funny how the media had those buzz phrases ready that day).
And a lot of you mind conditioned, power loving Soldiers are willing to go along with it. I
know personally because that night, I was at a bar. Across from me was a soldier-Ranger he
told me he was. Short, squat, buzzcut blonde dude-and the only happy dude in the entire bar,
grinning at the coverage and everyone's reaction like it was fucking x-mas for him.

I guess it would be if you considered your ideal x-mas to be let loosed onto the world for
imperial glory. I swear, the dude was about to bust a nut, knowing he was going to be turned
loose on the world under the cover of this "war on terror". He bragged about the prowess of
Americans at warfare(undeniable). I'll give you a quote of his: "hell, we're worse than the

He went on… with that knowing tone of someone on the inside of a crime who's just gotta
brag. "Yep, things are gonna change. We're going to have to learn to live with fewer rights",
"lower standard of living". Being me I forcefully disagreed… yet he proved right-no, on the
inside knowing of things. The "patriot acts", "homeland security".

That man is a traitor, and anyone-particularly you, Soldier-who agrees with him out of lust for
power or fear is a traitor too.

"That ain't me, Dude. I signed up to defend America and our Freedom no matter what my
bosses say or do!"

You still say you defend Freedom? Historically, government forces-in particular, ours in the
"land of the free"- have been used to crush dissent-using terrorism as a key part of it's
warfighting doctrine. Yes: despite the hype, American government has caused more than it's
share of suffering. A few historic examples:

*Whiskey Rebellion-Western PA farmers got tired of the federal government's brutal taxation
of their liquid corn-based products… they'd fought and won a revolution against England for
such a thing. So those farmers started shooting government tax agents and burning their
offices. George Washington, President at the time, personally led a 30,000 man army into the
Pennsylvanian hills to crush the populist revolt. A trivia note: our founding father had
thousands of acres of estate in the area, so he probably had a personal interest in securing his
property. He DID own slaves to the time of his death, y'know.

*Civil War-Now I know we're all told it was fought over slavery. In fact, the slavery issue was a
underlying cause; the thing that actually tore America apart was the old "who's in charge"
issue. Black suffering was just being used as a excuse for war and war profiteering. The
Southern States wanted no interference from the federal government in it's internal matters-
as sordid as they were. The leaders North, whipped into a anti-slavery fervor by hypocritical
abolitionists who shut their eyes at Yankee versions of human servitude.

Yes: blacks were kept as slaves in northern states, but also children who were enslaved by the
northern versions of plantation owners in factories that maimed and murdered them. Pushing
the South to revolt over state's rights became the excuse to get the government to spend
billions of dollars raising and equipping a "Union" army. War is a racket(2). The free the slaves
goal was only brought up to keep the North fighting the qualitatively superior Confederate
Army until they were overwhelmed by coastal blockade, their own lack of industry pitted
against the North's much greater industrial base and manpower reserves. The Union army tore
the South apart, sparing no one the horrors of war-like Al Qaeda terrorists wished they could!
Lincoln himself stated that if could've avoided freeing the slaves to win the war he would've.
Look at the end products: the federal government became all-powerful, the South crushed,
the Blacks got Jim Crow, and all kinds of eastern establishment arms merchants got really
really rich. The slaves needed freedom, yes-but ALL the slaves needed freedom. This issue
didn't need a civil war that wound up enslaving us all to a rapacious beast of a government.

*Indian Wars-200 years of the government practicing eminent domain on the original owners
of America for the rich. If our ancestors really DID believe their propaganda, at the end of the
American Revolution the slaves and indentured servants would have been freed. And the
Native American Tribes would have been offered a chance to join the United States-not be
destroyed. Yet most of them love America as much as you or I. Amazing the power of the
ideal of America. Amazing how people still mistakenly assume the ideal of America
synonymous with the United States government.


*Bonus Army Riot-Middle of the Great Depression Americans were literally starving. Thousands
of desperate World War One vets and their families made a gigantic Hooverville in
Washington. A Hooverville was that era's term for a encampment of homeless. Again, these
folks weren't crack fiends or bums, they were hardworking folks who got squeezed by elitist-
generated economic forces… same ones threatening us all today.

So what did Herbert Hoover do? Sent in those American heroes Eisenhower, MacArthur and
Patton, who sent in cavalry and tanks and broke up their peaceful marches, burned their
camps and murdered them and their families. Would it have been too hard to simply convert
their bonuses-due in 1945-into some kind of note they could each sell at a discount? Near
unknown bit of history, our Tianamen Square helped kick Hoover out and bring in FDR… who
all but made the United States of America into a form of communist state with all his federal
expansion, his THEFT of our individually owned gold, and most of all, his DELIBERATE
SACRIFICE of 3,000 AMERICAN SOLDIERS to get us into World War Two-a war his eastern
establishment buddies(Prescott Bush prominent, Dubya's granddad) set up by financing the
Nazis into power into Germany after crushing that nation in World War One and the 20's. Not
to mention, pissing off the Japs by threatening their nation's destruction by a oil embargo.

Off on a tangent-no! History is interrelated, events spin off to bring on better, or worse
events-all by our standing up for principle or taking the easy way out and going along with the
powers-that-be. Safe for us, until our acquiescence comes back to exact it's price when it's
OUR TURN to be sacrificed.

*Waco-1993, a criminal, unchecked branch of the federal government known as the ATF
staged a showy, over the top raid on some sorry countryside church and their off the beaten
path leader… which in their utter lack of regard for Constitutional Rights by trying to murder
them with heavy automatic weapons fire they bungled. So they called in the pros at the FBI,
who got a hold of some military hardware-including tanks-which they used to burn that
church and poison gas 83 men, women and children. A tragic mistake? No way-another
example of federal government expanding it's perceived mandate to crush all-now it'll be
mainstream America's turn. What our rulers like to call "flyover country".

*Hurricane Katrina-2005, the worst natural disaster to hit America yet makes a desolation of
the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. While all the "rednecks" as they're demonized daily by the
ruling class' owned media lost everything, the People of the Big Easy got it much worse. See,
being so poor they can barely keep up with rent they didn't have the resources to evacuate.
The city did; hundreds of school buses they just let lay in their depots to be ruined when the
levees broke. We'll never know how many thousands died from the storm itself-just as well as
the ruling elite still thinks of these people as "niggers". They think that of all of us, even you

That was just the beginning of their suffering. Anyone not deliberately keeping his head
ducked in the sand remembers what happened: the long lines, the endless waiting to get into
the Superdome/shelter only to be searched like common criminals. The inadequete resources
made available to them. New Orleans bungled preparations, generations of poverty, crime,
and welfare slavery combined with Hurricane Katrina to make a human catastrophe of death
and suffering Americans haven't been exposed to in living memory, but the perfect storm
wasn't made until the Federal Government comes into play.

Or, lack of play, as the Federal Emergency Management Authority threw it's bureaucratic
weight around like a sumo wrestler to… stop all effort at rescuing the People of New Orleans.
They stopped convoys of relief thrown together by folks from all walks of American life
"because they weren't FEMA approved". They threw every conceivable bit of red tape at
efforts to evacuate people from what became the world's largest open air toilet. So what WAS
"approved" as relief?

How about buzzing around in helicopters over the heads of American Citizens slowly dying,
not even dropping a few pallets of bottled water or emergency rations until the outrage over
the live TV coverage threatened to begin civil unrest and Citizen resistance.

How about letting neighboring racist Parish authorities set up roadblocks and send refugees
back to the hell that New Orleans became at the muzzles of their shotguns.

How about making a Potempkin Village of relief activity for George W. Bush, miles away from
the real crime scene so as to keep him bullshitting the government miseducated and TV
hypnotized American People.

How about sending in the fabled 82nd Airborne along with state and federal SWAT and
FOREIGN MERCENARIES to transform the shattered city into a federally operated police state-
with those goons swaggering around with automatic weapons to disarm our fellow
countrymen-so they could be forcibly evicted even from areas not flooded.

How about plans to use eminent domain and tax forfeiture laws to rob the People of New
Orleans of their property after they were forcibly evicted.

There, even America's history makes your short-sighted assertion that you're "defending
Freedom" a delusion. The America that's the empire you serve isn't the America that's been
victimized by empire.

And for the record I'm not so much a Bush-hater as I think he'd be better qualified as say, a
bartender at a sports bar picking up the slower shifts. Frankly I'm glad I not in his shoes;
dancing a proverbial razor wire tightrope suspended above a fiery pit. One wrong move either
sending the planet into a maelstrom of thermonuclear hellfire, or himself being introduced to
the kind of hellfire in the hereafter-after getting "Kennedy-ed"(3) for not following the game
plan. I DO hate the traitorous trash around him though: they're the terrorists who executed
9/11and it's aftermath. There's nobody else on Earth who couldve pulled it off.

So, I'll ask a question: Why DID you become a soldier again?

To endure months of humiliation, stress and behavioral modification designed to instill the
basic programming of a modern US soldier-ideally to the Pentagon a expendable pawn, a
human shaped meat robot that does whatever they're told without question. Knowing the
above, and that the government in it's various local, state and federal incarnations take half
of your income and subject you to the most extensive, the most pernicious and diabolical
code of "law" ever conceived, WHY DID YOU SIGN UP? You still wanna say "Patriotism"-to
serving the beast in Freedom's clothes: to go to foreign lands, kill without remorse, without

"-They're America's enemies! We gotta go in there and take them out before they do it to us!
Besides, it's our orders!"

Who cuts your orders again?

Your generals, your elected representatives, the bureaucratic machinery of the government?
Not really, they're all of a caste secretly getting their orders from others much more
powerful. They're American ruling caste, the "eastern establishment"; old money, who have
whole buildings named after them, whose wealth is hidden under innumerable corporations,
foundations and trusts, who uses that wealth to buy power by pimping all the lawyers,
bureaucrats, elected representatives-and yes, the generals.

They are my true enemy, your true enemy, the true enemy of all Mankind who spend their
lives plotting to take more and more from everyone else. They belong in such societies as the
Masons, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Royal Institute of
International Affairs-the most powerful of them belong to a much more secretive order known
as the Pilgrim Society.(4)

On the other hand, you my fellow countryman and I belong to the working caste; we wear our
names on our workshirts and do all the grunt work, and are supposed to believe the ruling
caste's propaganda that we're all equal under the law. The ruling caste can't manage us
themselves, couldn't stand the thought of them and us being equal so they take the most
pliable of their slaves(that's what we are to them) and promote them to the managerial
caste: lawyers, politicians, generals, bureaucrats, cops and soldiers.


And you Soldier, you see your superiors, the managerial toadies, those generals and
politicians, stand and wave American flags of Chinese manufacture as they spout their
treasonous crap-so you JUST GOT to bob your fool head in agreement with whatever the hell
those traitors have to say. All they have to do is drape themselves in the flag and the America
we were brought up with. Next thing, you're flying overhead your fellow Americans in
blackhawk helicoptors denying them relief in their flooded city. Or maybe you're on the
ground backing up thug cops as they tackle down 90 year old women for actually taking the
Bill of Rights at face value, and having a mere revolver for defense against gangbangers and
other low level criminals.

Low level criminals the ruling class has seen fit to cultivate the past half century through
more laws and worsening economic and social conditions so that the great herd of mainstream
America will accept the loss of everything they should hold dear for some perceived "safety".
The "safety" of slavery. The "safety" of not having guarantees against government theft of
your property, of your Rights to Free Speech, Free Assembly, your Arms, to not be detained
without cause or inquiry, or be tortured while detained.

If you're in uniform to defend America, why do you go unquestioningly along with policies and
orders that you know betray our nation and our people-AND YOU? Does wielding the might of
the U.S. Military trump doing the right thing? You really won't stand against tyranny in your
own "homeland" but you have the gall to say you'll go anywhere else on Earth to take out
some third rate Third World thugs?

"I can't say no, I'll lose my job!"

What, you don't want to lose your job? Face court martial, a dishonorable discharge for
disobeying orders that go against Americans and their Freedoms? Lose the privilege of
continuing your service to the beast as a cop or a private contractor-a fucking mercenary?!
Are you going to shoot your fellow Americans like some of you do Iraqi children? I do recall
the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: at least one of you stated you would if your fellow
countrymen didn't surrender their own arms. Shoot them for being desperate for food? Shoot
them for wanting to defend themselves and theirs against criminals-whether of the street
variety, or minions of a ever-rapacious government?

You're not afraid of losing your job that much are you? Afraid of not being able to qualify for
debt slave loans for overpriced housing? Overpriced gas-guzzling SUV land yachts you can't
even drive safely? 25% annual percentage credit cards to fill your overpriced house with
shoddy made in China crap that'll either break in a year or sit in your garage collecting dust
because it really was another stupid gimmick toy you fell for?

Then kick back, physically and mentally exhausted and let yourself be hypnotized by that god
you really worship, the TV set-that electronic narcotic that you let do all your thinking for
you? Sells the very crap you waste your money on? That electronic narcotic who's content is
produced by the very ruling class, the very violent, psychotic, inbred, retarded bluebloods
who want you-American Soldier-to not question why you let yourself watch all that crap assed
That PROGRAMMING of YOU that gets you to just let the politicians worry about the politics.
The politics that get you to use what money you have after having half of it stolen right out of
your paycheck by the very government that owns your ass, gets you to blow that too hard
earned for cash on spending sprees and debt slavery that help prop up a artifice of prosperity.

A artifice of prosperity built on you being a foolish slave to consumermism and debt payments
that create demand. Demand and cash flow the ruling class uses to take over the Third World,
reduce those peoples to slaving away for a buck a day as their country's looted of it's
resources and future-just to shod your feet in the latest sneakers, because LeBron James or
Christina Aguilera hocks them?

That the kind of "freedom" you defend?

"You can't fight city hall, and you certainly can't fight the pentagon! Who else am I gonna
convince to take a stand? All this empty talk about fighting for rights and principles…"

No, you can't do it alone.

So join with others. Individuals start revolutions-groups finish them!

You can start, in private, with others in your unit-at least get a consensus of general principal
that you're all being used. Keep your own survival in mind at all times, going out like Michael
New should be a last resort. And mind who you talk to-keep away from the brown nosers and
other snitches who'd be happy to wreck your life to get that extra chevron or star on their

On missions, as individuals helpless against a all-powerful military you must walk a fine line
between conscience and what those traitors in command call "duty". Because those bastards
want you to kill, destroy and terrorize other peoples. Create enemies, conflict, wars for them
to get the government to buy more weapons, take over and monopolize vital resources, keep
the entire Human Race at each others throats as they profit.

It is vital that you show them by your conduct that you're Americans, not the U.S.
government. Represent our America. Fight: every moment, every action you take counts.
Educate those you serve with. Figure out more loopholes by which you can make a stand, or
at least make the burden of empire on everyone easier.

And… if… you can turn your unit reach out to other like-minded individuals. Get your people
higher up in command and get yourselves reassigned to other units so that you can continue
to reach out to others.

Be very careful whom you try to reach out to. Snitches and other people of low character
abound-we were brought up that way, y'know.
When you're discharged, likely you will become a police officer-continuing your role in the
other America's "enforcer caste". I have a whole other message for them called "Message to
the Police Officer", and Second Message to the Police Officer" at my blog, Basically, the whole "cop culture" has to be changed; you cannot
"serve and protect" people you think you're superior to. The superiority complex, the
government and cultural reinforcement of that complex with privileges and a deceptive image
portrayed by media, it's serving to transform America's cops into the overseers of a fascist

Help others with their efforts to regain Freedom, as they're being misdirected, sabotaged, or
plain stopped in their tracks by the enemy. Your fight doesn't end when you take off the
uniform for the last time-it just morphs.

There are union workers-patriotic citizens just like you-who are being economically
pulverized by the empire, and their own sold out leadership.

There are civil rights organizations desperately trying to keep our Freedoms, defend those
brave enough to directly challenge the beast or otherwise victimized by it.

There are local elections in your own hometown; you can run for office and then with others
use that local government to resist as best possible tyranny-maybe even take Freedom back.
All politics is local, and having you a Soldier go in and clean up city hall; repealing regulations
and taxes(especially the property tax that has robbed Americans of their homes)!

Third party political organizations need your participation, your dedication and skills. Left,
right, somewhere off that false dichotomy; look for and recruit those honestly wanting

Keep up with your physical fitness, your marksmanship, your training. Train others. Organize
three or four man groups to make peaceful change and share self-sufficiency knowledge with.
Alone, you're as scared and dependent as any other brainwashed person in this twisted
society-stand together and your strength is far greater than the sum of your numbers.

Start a shooting club and get some land for a range and some rifles-use a anonymous legal
entity or a person you keep unconnected from your cell for the land and corporation and get
your guns and ammo at gun shows through private sales and cash. Because a nation of
Individual Riflemen saying NO to being slaves is the greatest threat the ruling elites fear. A
lone man skilled making his rounds count with a semi-automatic battle rifle in rapid fire can
engage and defeat a squad of thugs. A community skilled with the rifle, self sufficient, saying
no to government and corporate slavery can change history. I talk a lot more about this with
my (admittedly long) article, "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America" at
There's a website for the proper rifle training you'll need as, unless you were in the Marine
Corps you didn't get it:

Eventually, stronger actions will need to be taken-because the ruling class has plans for the
U.S. military; engage the rest of the world in a destructive world war. The only possible
defense against that with "our leaders" is to do what the British, French and German soldiers
did on Christmas Day, 1914.

Those troops, classically educated, working class products of imperial Europe had been
fighting in muddy, disease, lice and rat infested trenches for the past four months, living,
fighting and dying amongst their own dead, sent headlong into suicidal frontal charges against
interlocking machinegun fire and massive artillery fire.

So Christmas Day comes around. Everyone wants to celebrate Jesus' birth but the same breed
of inbred psychotic sociopathic bluebloods who got Europe to killing each other over one of
their own wants the killing to go on.

The soldiers started refusing.

First as individuals, making gestures. Then those individuals started to meet each other in No
Man's Land and talk. And trade. And celebrate the holiday. Whole units followed, and soon
the entire western front was shut down!

For the generals, politicians and royalty this was a affront! How dare their slave stop killing
each other! Worse, talk was rapidly spreading of stopping the war on their own.

Heads had to roll. Examples made-and they were.

See, the Europeans had had enough horror to stop fighting, but they lacked that cultural
aspect we have-rebelling against leaders. The generals made some arbitrary examples, the
Europeans caved in against a few lackeys of the murdering motherfuckers who started that
war… and spent the next four years charging in suicidal human wave attacks against
interlocking machinegun fire and massed artillery barrages.

We have to do better. We can't afford to buckle under like they did. It's hard making the
adjustment of viewing all those terrorist "ragheads" as being victims, but if you STILL haven't
gotten the gist of this article, so are you! We as a race, the Human Race can only survive and
overcome the genocidal plans of the ruling elites-the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, DuPonts,
Vanderbilts, Windsors, Foleys, Bushs, and all the other interlocking and interrelated old
money violent inbred psychotic bluebloods-if we stand together and say NO MORE FIGHTING

So which America will you represent? Which one shall you fight for?
Decide now and steel yourself for the consequences of promoting "subversive ideologies",
"aiding and abetting the 'enemy'", "insubordination" and "mutiny". Because it's going to take
teaching others about their God Given Rights enshrined in the ten amendments of the Bill of
Rights to get them to want something better than some elitist's "new world order" of feudal

It's going to take giving heads up on treasonous plans to those in this struggle for Our America.

It's going to take standing by the side of those you'd normally wouldn't because we've all been
duped into arguing over the smaller issues.

It's going to take overcoming all our petty prejudices-class, race, culture.

It's going to take learning from others everything we can-down to the very basics of survival.

It's going to take seeing yourself not as a soldier, but as a American, a Human Being and
asserting YOUR RIGHTS.

(1)Order from the book by Mr. Ken Royce (Boston T. Party)Hologram of
Liberty about the elitist origins of the 1787 U.S. Constitution; how it was hustled into
becoming the law of the land by eastern establishment types of that era, and how it was so
cleverly designed to unfurl the hydra headed oppressive federal government we have today.

(2) Smedly Butler, War is a Racket. No pinko peacenik, this Marine Corps General spent his
career making the world safe for American Corporations by blasting beaners, chinks, crackers,
coons and other poor riff-raff. He was even tapped by certain rich folk during the depression
to stage a coup to replace Roosevelt's communist socialism with their more fascist brand of
socialism… Butler refused.

(3) Kennedy-ed: my term for presidential assassination staged as sacrificial ritual for those
foolhardy for making a frontal assault on the powers-that-be unprepared. Usually held on a
numerologically significant date, at a symbolically important place, important time, two or
three shooters and backup. And a nosepick patsy given credence for the event-supposedly
with a wop piece of junk "rifle" with a defective scope. Whose assassinated himself by another
deluded dope.

(4)Go to, then to the archives. Find the articles by Charles Savoie: World
Money Power, World Money Power II, World Money Power III. It's these articles that I believe
expose the ancient center of power that have dominated, exploited and harvested Man in
endless series of financial and social manipulations-the most cruel yet profitable to those
bastards being war. It's what you signed up for, Soldier!


J. Croft

Have you ever noticed that America is scizophrenic-of two minds, two ideals, two ideologies
that contradict? How much American rhetoric doesn't match up with American actions?

Notice how there are so many laws in what's sold to the world as the "land of the free?"
Speaking of that slogan, it's ironic how many dictators we support as "allies", isn't it?

We protect our freedoms by letting them be taken away. We secure our country by waging
war against others, and leaving our borders unguarded, selling our ports to foreigners. We let
"free trade" be promoted for the richest, while letting more and more taxes and regulation,
and a inflationary imbalance choke and kill the dreams of all Americans as we're priced out of
competitiveness with the rest of the world. We let the government "promote the General
Welfare"-as is it's charge in the U.S. Constitution-by letting it clandestinely ship in drugs with
one branch, as proven by Terry Reed and Michael Levine(1), and then waging a "war on drugs"
that locks otherwise peaceful citizens for possession of some pot. Degrading them and
warping them into more criminals by a prison system designed to spawn more crime, more
fear, more pressure for more laws and more government authority, more power... which they
turn around and DON'T use when honest disasters like Hurricane Katrina hit.

We think we're free, yet we cower in the face of abusive authority that seeks more power and
more people to label as "criminals so they can ticket and taser and shoot at and lock up. We
think we're prosperous, yet we tremble in fear of losing our slave wage job and joining the
ever-growing ranks of the damned known as the homeless. We engage in cowardly double-
think to keep ourselves in line with "mainstream though"-as we lose our nation.

How can we be so warped about ourselves and our nation? How can Americans embrace such
diametrically opposite concepts simultaniously? Are we as a people scizophrenic? Is Freedom
scizophrenic-no, that can't be it!

It's something else, something far more insidious.

There are two Americas.

There's the America most of you reading this actually believed in-or still believe in. That
America is the fabled "land of the free, home of the brave".

That America was founded on the principles of Freedom, limited authority, a free hand to
make your own destiny in this life with what talent and smarts you were able or willing to
bring forth from yourself, on a legal, social and economic level playing field. That America
was the place where your individual beliefs were respected, was where anyone from
anywhere could come and start over with the same opportunities as a person born here from
a family going back ten generations.

That America was a land and people who had a limited, representative government that
guarded them and their Freedom, and more importantly, was held in check by a document
known as the Constitution, that enshrined an article called the Bill of Rights-which didn't
deliniate individual rights so much as made boudaries beyond which the government could not

Now reading that, think; do you live in this America?

No. You, me-we all live in a different America.

This America, in reality a kind of federal empire, drapes itself in the trappings of the America
we were all taught was the way this nation was as a form of ideological disguise. We were
lied to. This America, the fabled "land of the free, home of the brave", uses that quote as a
slogan, a sugar coating on the many poison pills of lawyer-made laws, regulations, taxes,
fines, agencies, and the corrupt ruling class that wields all that power for its own good.

In this America, Freedom is a sugar coated lie to get us to accept the many political and
social controls imposed upon us. This America's ideal of "freedom" is actually license-for
example do you freely own and operate your automobile without government approval and
permission? No? Then explain that chain of slavery known as your driver's license-you applied
to a government agency for PERMISSION to drive, when nothing physically stops you from
hopping into your car and driving safely anyway. Explain the vast bureaucracy that cloaks
itself in "public safety" yet has the effect of taxing permission, taxing even harmless driving
habits, even so far as taxing the condition of your vehicle in some areas-and I'm not talking
busted headlights, I'm talking about having just a little rust-and you get fined!(Someone
actually snapped and killed two cops over this-google "Carl Drega"... the state is becoming
overbearing in it's arrogance and reach)

You also don't have Freedom of Assembly; go to a church and it's a 501(c)3 incorporation
under IRS rules that PERMIT it to operate without paying taxes in exchange for the church's
keeping quiet on the real important issues of the day. Keep going on about personal sin and
pumping the myths that the America we believe in is the America we live in, and you can rake
in all the tithes you want. Rail about government abuses, and the IRS will bust a audit-like
what happened to a "liberal" Californian church last year when they criticized the war.

Plan a protest? State doesn't recognize your 1st Ammendment Rights: gotta get a PERMIT or
you'll be labeled a riot, and have troops have a gay ol' time pepper spraying and caving your
head in with their nightsticks.

Want to get together in private and work toward peaceful, positive change? One paid snitch
lying under oath is all it takes, and the government will come down on you under anti-terror
laws, say you're "conspiring".

Need to protect your person against the outlaw class the government's cultivated through free
trade econmics and barely covert racism over the past half-century to terrify you into
accepting more overt control and restrictions? Depending on where you live, who you know,
you likely have to get a PERMIT...PERMISSION from the government to exercise your RIGHT.
...Depending on where you live, GETTING CAUGHT carrying a gun makes YOU a criminal too.
And trust me, those government minions you come across in those types of jurisdictions are as
small minded, as greedy, as ruthless and without a moral compass as the government
manufactured street trash they deal with. A peacable "productive citizen" is nothing more
than another bust, another conviction.

Want more examples on how your Freedom's a nice myth meant to keep you pacified? No-too
bad; your Fourth Ammendment Right to protection from "unreasonable" search and seizure
has been reasoned out of effective usage by a federal government that reasons it can keep
taking more of our rights so long as it's non government partners in the media and big business
can keep us plied in cheap Chinese goods gotten by cheap enslaving credit. Yes-the very
credit you put your ass into lifetime debt slavery for, congragulations on that brand new blow
up playset your materially spoiled, emotionally neglected kids will use maybe three times. So
enjoy your borrowed junk before the government "reasons" an excuse to raid your home and
trash the place.

( Speaking of money-it's supposed to be silver and gold specie-coinage, and notes redeemable
in precious metals. Since 1913 it's been "federal reserve notes"-issued by a nongovernment
organization you think is the government's central bank. It's privately owned by the inbred
elites that've run this country and they've made a 1913 dollar worth FIVE CENTS as of my
writing this in 2006 by overprinting dollars-that's why everything keeps going up in price!)

Same principle with the Fifth Ammendment-the one you hear those nasty criminals on the
hundred TV cop shows the media puts out use to duck the righteous street cop's interrogation.
Make it the province of scumbags and bullshit us with the state-lover's principle that "if you
have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about". DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY OTHERWISE

What has your encounters with the police, agents and other bureaucrats been like? Danny
Glover(Lethal Weapon) pull you over just to tell you to fix that taillight that just went out
before some no life having prick with too much authority and a gun ruins your day and your
meager budget with a court appearance and fines?

Kim Delaney(NYPD Blue) ever conduct self-defense training courses, because the cops can't or
won't come to your aid in time-like someone can't pull a trigger before you dial 911... like Mel
Gibson's(Lethal Weapon, again) gonna come out of that phone speaker like Alladin out of a
lamp, guns blazing?

Stephanie March(Conviction)gets your case-y'know the one where a bureaucratic busybody's
seizing your house because you're on land some eco-geek's called a "wetland"-and decides to
prosecute the liar who proclaimed your dry, grassland backyard instead?

Craig T. Nelson(The District)decide to stop police harrasment of people forced to live on the
street-without real jobs they can live on, homes, drug detoxification, help them find a reason
to go on, hope?

Michael Chiklis(The Shield)operate a table at a gun show selling privately owned firearms
under the table to a nation in desperate need of the means of self-protection enshrined in the
Second Ammendent?

More than likely, no.

Most people in government, they learn to live with the yoke of federal tyranny they're
mandated to enforce-it's their power. Many of them are of such small minds they to love the
power trip, the open display of guns in a nation that's been programmed to surrender their
own right to bear arms for self-protection. The worst of them commit their own crimes-theft,
drug dealing, rape, murder; they are the ones most likely to be promoted.

Promoted by criminals in three piece suits, known as career politicians.

These criminals in three piece suits unfortunately operate not a Constitutionally limited
government, but a hydra-headed monster of a government that masquerades itself as many
federal, state and local institutions. This monster's tentacles never stop reaching for more
power, more authority, more of YOUR MONEY AND LIFE'S WORK, seizing it and stealing it from
YOU! In fact, this monstrous federal government's reach into our lives is so pervasive, so
overwhelming, only the largest of corporations can operate in the country with any degree of

At the pinnacles of power there is a small group of inbred elitists who regularly go back and
forth from private life as CEO's and Directors in the corporate boardrooms to positions of
power in government. They are greedy and corrupt beyond description, and have
perpretrated literally every act of treason against us-and gotten away with it. You need a
visual on this go to and you'll see this is fact!

You want power, that so-called good life? You either have to be born in the right family, or
know somebody-"it's not what you know it's who you know" as a insider once told me at a
chance encounter at a bar. This piece of shit with too much money and power was about 35,
dressed like a frat boy, and exuded a self assurance and confidence that told of a person
who's always had their way. He breezily talked about him being in this bar in this suburb in
this nowhere town because he had a swearing in ceremony the next morning-after that, all he
had to do was produce a signature and it would be used as a license for some kind of niggling
bureaucratic license. This walking, talking elitist filth told how his family "in politics since the
the Revolution" went further, stating he'd next get a congressional seat in a few years. So I
asked him about getting voted out of his "destined seat" by competitors, and he said it doesn't
matter, he'd get it.

"Well," I asked, "what if some Ross Perot type runs against you, with a billion dollars?"

"Doesn't matter. We'd outspend him. ...It isn't what you know, it's who you know." And then
the rat bastard tells me not to be "cynical", to "have faith in 'your' leaders".

The entire political system's rigged like this folks. Get anywhere beyond a village council seat,
and you gotta be accepted by "insiders" who own the game. For all practical purposes, in this
country, if you don't go along with the way things are, you'll lose. And if you do win
somewhow, because we have a federal, republic form of govenrment there are all kinds of
checks to you doing any reform, all sorts of ways you can be corrupted and compromised...
and if you still prove to be a danger, do a seance of JFK-ask him what the elites of this
country do to reformers. Go to Go to Start reading up on how these
"elites" really are-you'll find the truth is they're literally satanic, which explains their
predatorial behavior.

So, two Americas; one's a illusory piece of propaganda genius, and we're stuck in the one with
no level playing field, no limited representative government, no guarantee of Rights. It's a
insider's game and conditions have been ratcheted to squeeze out as much initiative, drive,
intelligence and resources out of the American People as possible.

The state-it doesn't serve We the People, it serves the Elite(2)-a pack of three piece suited
hereditary criminals who have been exploiting Americans of all walks of life since the first
footfall of Europeans on this continent. Africans and poor Europeans as slaves, indentured
servants, wage workers in hazardous factories, soldiers to be shot to pieces in wars they set
up. Those rare individuals that exhibited some talent and drive that allowed them to move
upward were either regulated or taxed into oblivion, or exploited when they sold out.

And what of this Constitution that's the supreme law of the land? What of our Rights?

I'm afraid that too is a illusion, a "Hologram of Liberty" as Kenneth Royce put it as his title to
his groundbreaking book. Order it from or hit a gun show while you're still
allowed... His premise, and our history has proven it correct is the Constitution was made in
secret sessions by the very aristocratic ancestors of the pack of elitist inbreds running this
country. The Constitution was engineered to have a veneer of limitied republican government
while actually being a legal trojan horse of government power in service to the elites. The Bill
of Rights was thrown in to appease enough people to BARELY get it passed, yet written to
eventually get them nullified with technicalities and enroaching government power.

We live in the "land of the free"? That slogan's a LIE! A great deception to appease us, keep us
distracted, disinformed, asleep as the elites of this nation consolidated power-slowly, just
enough to not wake up a armed, self-sufficient, intelligent Free People. Get them caught up
with wasteful entertainments, sell them shoddy foreign slave labor made trinkets, wave that
flag in their faces...

...And keeping that flag waving they've dismantled the American nation:

*Made private entrepeneurship nearly impossible with megacorporate competion, regulations,
a ever debasing currency.

*Expand federal, state and local power to take away rights to private property, travel,
freedom of speech, your right to arms, a real education, a level economic field.

*Force everyone to resort to wage labor to keep up that materialistic "American Dream" that
turns everyone into a corporate or state tool, then ship the jobs overseas thanks to taking
down tariffs that leveled the playing field with nations with no regulations that used literally
slave labor. Without jobs that sustained their lifestyles, mentally crippled by government
schools and a elitist controlled media, Americans are sold on getting into lifetime debt slavery
to keep up with the Joneses.

This didn't crop up in the past 20 years either! No; the seeds of our destruction were laid two
centuries ago when a people who fought a Revolution against the British Empire chose to let
themselves be deceived into accepting a new Constitution that laid the groundwork for the
theft of Freedom. Go to and order "Hologram of Liberty", but basically the
people who crafted the 1787 Constitution were lawyers and bankers agents. They stood by
while the real Patriots fought and died, pulling strings on both sides because it was England's
war to win-and they bungled the job so completely.
History books talk of the many miracles of the American Revolution, but it was actually all to
a plan; the Continental Army had it's few victories, and our Riflemen using guerilla warfare
and marksmanship had the potential of winning if they played by their rules... but the
generals chose set piece battles with the British Army and got asswhipped in straight up
confrontations from New England to Georgia. See our enemies controlled the top ranks of
both sides of that conflict; being monied interests they've ALWAYS controlled both sides
surreptitiously in a grand game of problem-reaction-solution... the dialectic that's meant to
artificially transform human societies-our attitudes and beliefs-through their induced inputs
of money and violence.

For example, slavery could've been abolished upon independence, but the writers of the 1787
Constitution kept it in-80 years of slowly building outrage, racism, the selfish interests of the
minority of plantation owners who controlled Southern politics and you have the flammable
social conditions that led the the Civil War. With the conclusion of that conflict, States
Rights, a bulwark against tyranny was removed, the states humbled and the Federal
Government became the dominent power in America. Blacks remained a hated underclass and
were the scapegoats for the beginnings of unconstitutional gun control laws. Furthermore, as
they were suckered by bankers and industrialist from fleeing the raw deal of southern farms
to working the factories of the north, those same blueblooded bastards were plotting to
eventually move those factories overseas for "free trade"-cheaper labor with less attitude.
Those Blacks were trapped in the older part of the cities, and being promoted by the elites as
a hated underclass; discriminated against, subject to harsher treatement by law
enforcement, denied opportunities their part of the town eventually disintegrated, decaying
into the ghettos we all know and loathe today... except for clueless young wiggers who
foolishly think being broke and socioeconomically doomed is a cool thing.

Everyone's been screwed over by the elite's dialectic. Everyone's been worked and molded
into either good little worker drones, criminals to scare the little worker drones into going
along with getting screwed, or cast aside, gulaged into prison or homelessness as a "example".
Having lost their self-reliance Americans have lost their courage, and having lost their
courage, they've cowered for the past century as the bankers and the blue bloods and the
traitorous social engineers have had their fun with America; building a united global empire
using American might abroad to bludgeon the world into surrendering... as they play a
brilliant balancing act of consuming this country and it's people as they build their "world


As it stands as I write this, the job's about done. Everyone's a materialistic little debt slave-a
nation of sheep herded to the slaughterhouse. When war breaks out with Iran and China, you
can count that the final pretenses will be set aside, and America will become a fully
militarized totalitarian state dedicated to total war. The Constitution-as rigged for the ruling
class and flawed in it's protections as it is-will be scrapped and the full power and authority of
the state will be felt by everyone.

Armored vehicles and machine toting state thugs, finally unleashed under martial law on a
unsuspecting, unprepared, asleep America. They'll make a big, terrifying show and then
psyching out you adult sized children, give you an "out"; obey them at all times, spy on your
fellow countrymen like you were living in East Germany(remember that country?), or perish.
Food will be rationed-think you'll be able to dissent and still eat-or do you know how to tend
a garden, get seed? Maybe you'll luck out and catch a bullet right there and then... or more
probably, you'll be shipped to a "detention camp"; concentration camps have long been a dark
side of American history people! The Japanese-Americans knew of them during WWII. The
Native Americans know them as "reservations", Blacks have their "inner city ghettos".

Is that what you want? Be freed of Freedom, free of being personably responsible? Are you
THAT developmentally arrested that you want a mommy and daddy into your old age? You
really want that America, the one our enemies have been building into our prison so long as
you have your barbecue grill and NASCAR, and Christina Aguilera's new album?

Or do you still yearn for the America we were promised, the "myth" as they put it behind our
backs, that keeps us docile, compliant, asleep? Do you have the courage to be responsible for
yourself-Freedom does require you be independent, self-reliant, resourceful, wise... not the
things Ameicans are conditioned for by the elites "popular culture" and educational
institution-plus there are all those laws... still yearning to be Free? You willing to take the
certain confrontation with the government to secure your Freedom-you willing to say NO to
bowing before them for permission and license to practice what is your Right?

Do you have what it takes to make the America we believe in-that's currently a illusion used
by the enemy to pacify us-into reality? Will you stand, even alone if you must, even pursued
relentlessly by the enemy's jack booted thugs for even peaceful noncompliance?

Would you even have the guts to give a Freedom Fighter even a morsel of food you were
gonna consume-getting fatter and fatter on your couch, as American Idol rots a few more of
what brain you have left?

Are there ANY Americans left that value their Freedom over their borrowed comforts? That
would rather live in truth than enslave themselves to lies for some false promise of "safety"?

As I write this I wonder if we ever had that America we were promised... and I pause...

...I have to say we have had that America in the past.

We've had that America when escaped slaves and indentured servants of all races moved
beyond colonial authorities into the Appalachians and the Great Plains, risking their lives to
have a place of their own, a place they could be Free. To keep their Freedom those brave,
shining examples of Humanity picked up the rifle, learned the fine art of rifle marksmanship
and fought for their freedom from both the British Crown and our own nation's native born
inbred elitists.

We've had that America when Abolitionists helped escaped slaves make it out of the South,
risking everything they have in disobedience to a corrupted government flush with plantation
and factory owner bribes.

We've had that America when millions of women rose up, risked arrest and imprisonment and
ruin to gain their Right to vote.

We've had that America when millions of Blacks rose up, and shook off the overt racism of Jim

We've had that America with the brave defenders of the Alamo-Americans and Mexicans
wanting Freedom from a corrupt Mexico.

We've had that America with the brave citizens of Athens, Tennessee in 1946, who witnessed
the horrors of World War Two and found they could not accept the homegrown tyranny of a
pack of corrupt traitors-using the weapons from a local armory their taxes paid for these
Patriots routed them after a attempt at vote fraud.

We've had that America when in 1998 at a "town hall meeting"(remember those?) in
Columbus, Ohio, Madeline Albright and a couple other elitist tools were foolish enough to
have a question and answer session with average Americans-trying to sell a Iraqi invasion! Left
and Right, Veterans and Peace Activists got their heads together on the spot and like Real
Americans made those warmongerers regret even trying to sell that war... they had to wait
about four years after they blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to scare us into
World War III.(3)

We've had that America with every worker intitiated strike, with every government employee
who tries their level best to contain their employer's destructive reach and appetites, blow
the whistle when the corruption is wafting in their face, when the thugs that government
likes to have get set to ruin innocent lives.

We have that America, in the hearts of those who cherish Freedom.

It's not enough to have our America in our hearts however, we must make our America a
reality in our land if we are to save ourselves from the techno-feudal police state that
threatens to stunt and enslave humanity for all time. We must ACT and take back authority
from those who conspire with that America-the enemy of all men that oppresses and taxes at
home and wages war abroad, that has promoted every evil under the sun while clothed in the
image of the America we Free People love and cherish.

We MUST have Our America if we're to survive!
How? First off it's up to you. You have to want it enough to sacrifice-whatever sacrifces it
takes to be Free, that's the commitment you and yours has to make, or you won't even begin.

If you do, it will amaze you what one person can do. Know your limits, as the state's more
than equipped enough to handle individuals. A small group, the state's equipped to handle...

...Spawn many individuals, many groups-all independent yet all working toward a common
goal and the state will be as a hapless cattle in a field full of fire ants.

But start with you. You've got to flush your head gear of the propaganda and conditioning
that's damned you, cleanse your body and mind of the poisons that are killing you. Mentally
and physically prepare for your struggle, because this the Devil's world and we were put here
to Liberate it.

Find your destiny. What you're good at. Believe in yourself and your cause. Don't look for
examples, BE the example, survive, and that will be success enough for others to join you.

First off-getting your head straight: while you still have unfettered internet access visit these
sites, and LEARN: how to use a rifle, because the Armed Citizen is the foundation of a Free
America.,, how
messed up our economic policies have been, and then protect what's left of your assets by
buying silver. T. Party is a Libertarian author I like to refer to. His Hologram
of Liberty should be required reading as to the corrupt origins of this nation. Also there are
links to his Free State Wyoming project-a effort to peacefully take over a Wyoming county
and build a real-life working model of a Free Community. I also write about this at my, in a article titled "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America.", Jones has late breaking news, and has
himself infiltrated elitist gatherings and taken video of the pagan ceremonies they perform.
No, these people are NOT church going lovers of Jesus! source of info on the true state of America and aspects of
it's darker origins. Wolfe is another Libertarian, and her message board's a great
place to meet other freedom-minded folks. motherlode of alternate information on the internet. A cyber Grand
Central Station of Truth. Take a few weeks, go through the archives, read all you can-if this
site doesn't wake you I don't know what will.(Warning: UFO's are among the wilder topics
tackled here.) Also check out,, leftist, and I think the Left lets themselves be ruled by their gatekeepers
too much, but these people are expressing themselves and their struggles and doing a good
job. Network with them, learn, teach, get together on the big issues because only united
under the cause of Freedom will we stand a chance. write extensively on the above subjects and I encourage you to
read through my essays. I don't write for soundbytes though.

Get some education, then DO:

*Cleanse yourself. Stop eating corporate made, government approved processed foods-they're
killing you! Eat organically, in fact go on a vegan no meat/dairy diet for a couple months
coupled with abstaining from the TV and actually working out. I've done it myself and you'll
be amazed at the difference. Stop drinking tap water and using fluoridated toothpastes, they
poison your body and dull your mind, making you more suggestible and weak minded.

*Store up food, herbal medicine, candles, fuel, batteries for when the elite get done using
Americans as the economic engine of their global plantation and crash this country.

*Pray to God directly. Our Father the Creator will hear all who find a quiet time, a quiet
place, and quiet their minds. Our Father's voice is a quiet humble voice and not knowing how
to commune with Him(thanks to all the deceptive religions meant to spiritually enslave us)...
it will take time and practice and perseverance but Our Father WILL help you, believe me!

*Get a anonymous server. After you educate yourself take the essays and articles that have
influence you the most and copy and paste them everywhere. Go to sports sites, fan sites,
message boards of all types and post like crazy. Get the message out!

*Find out when the next gun show is. Then start shopping for a military pattern
semiautomatic rifle in .308, a supply of magazines, and a case of 7.62x51NATO. DON'T GO TO
for people walking around or a table with a private seller even numbered prices. Get a FAL or
a M1a/M14, or even a HK-91. Stay away from the AR-10's, they malfunction and parts are hard
to come by. Get spare parts too. The effort will cost about $2,000. You can do it-sell that
extra SUV, or have a yard sale-whatever it takes. If not, then find a bolt action war surplus in
.308-a mauser or Indian enfield, otherwise you'll have to spring for several cases of obsolete
*TRAIN! Get some targets and the Guide from Fred's( and go shooting. Shoot until
you can hit a 1 inch target rapid fire at 25 meters-you'll be good out to 500 meters after you
figure out how big a man looks out that far, and you'll be a threat to tyranny. Get some
airsoft guns and practice close in tactics. Camp for a week at a time; wean yourself of the
cushy mainstream lifestyle that's enslaved you mind and body to the system. Being self
sufficient and independent is the only antidote to the cultural and social poisons we've been
pumped with our entire lives, and the key to being self sufficient is self sufficiency protecting

*Get activated politically! Find a cause that gets under your skin and get involved! Work with
others, with their causes, be a good example of yours as yous selflessly help others and you
might gain a recruit.

*Get out of debt. Stop being a slave to consumerism. Pay off the car, the house, the credit
cards. Sell that house if you have to but stop being a slave to your job and to the elite
bankers who enslave you with the childish materialism they've conditioned you with with their
media your entire life! Find a new place to live, even renting, in the country where you will
survive a staged economic collapse or a nuclear 9/11.

*This will be tough... try to talk to someone not like you. For example, if you're a relatively
successful(by wage earner standards)blue or white collar guy, start a conversation with that
gangbanger looking dude as you both watch the ball game at the bar. Urban folks are
oppressed and are more likely to be aware. Or if you are a rural type, the next time you have
to help one of those yuppie types who can't figure out how to change their own tire, take the
opportunity to wake them up. If you're a good Cop next time you pull someone over you
should make some blunt comments on how their vegging in front of their big screen TV's
allows crooked politicians and traitorous social engineers to pass the laws he or she enforces.
Part of the enemy strategy is to keep us divided along race and class lines-we are all
countrymen who have sat and watched helplessly as Our America has been waved in our faces
to keep us decieved, as it has been slowly killed.

*When you actually get people listening and motivated work together start preparing for the
worst. America's consumer economy is run by a thin margin; that is, if the trucks stopped
rolling in two weeks FAMINE would hit this country. So build up food stocks. Group by ammo
by the case at gun shows. Train together. Better yet, get involved in local politics. Take over
a local government and start dismantling the federal beast! I go into detail about this in my
essay, "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America" at

God's put us as Americans in this time for a reason. America's being used for global
domination in a process designed to destroy it in the process-because the enemy used ideals
dangerous to them in creating this nation. Our Father WILL win this war against the enemy
and their scheduled apocalypse, but He will have a much easier time of it if YOU will join him
in Liberating this world. Besides, you're going to die sooner or later and face Him; what are
you going to face Him as, a made in China flag waving couch potato "patriot"?
(1)Terry Reed, Compromised: Bush, Clinton and the CIA-this is the suppressed truth about our
last three Presidents; how they commited acts of treason with their drug running. A
dangerous book if you like keeping your illusions about this country's ruling class. A companion
volume, more dealing with the South American side of the drug game is The Big White Lie by
Michael Levine.

(2)You know that all our Presidents are related?! It's true; Burke's Peerage traces the ancestry
of all the men who became President-they're all related to Charlemange. What are the odds
this is coincidence? Folks on the internet talk of a "new world order"? These "royals" trace
themselves back to the Roman Empire-some try to hustle us to believe they're descended
from Jesus Christ! "New World Order"?!
We've been living in this rotten old world order for thousands of years!

(3)9/11 was staged. There's no way modern high strength steel skyscrapers will collapse
demolition style neatly into their own property, not tipping over, after relatively lightweight
aluminum and composite jetliners crash into it, and burn out their kerosene fuel-which can't
begin to melt heavy construction steel! And a collapse certainly wouldn't produce all the
volcanic style outgassing of vaporized concrete and steel and send steel beams weighing
thousands of pounds shooting out sideways like someone detonated a really powerful bomb...
not by aluminum jetliners crashing into buildings designed to withstand such a event, not by
jet fuel that burnt out a hour beforehand. And where the fuck was the U.S. Air Force for two
hours as four jumbo jets were lumbering across American airspace off course, with their
transponders shut down? Trillions spent on air defense during the Cold War and we can't track
nor intercept jetliners with our state-of-the-art mach 2+ interceptors?! Who staged this
monstrous fraud? Neoconservatives in their "Project for a New American Century" called upon
a "new Pearl Harbor" attack to scare the American People into transforming the U.S.A. into a
empire. It's worked.

J. Croft

I’ll start this essay by being up front: I grew up with a lot of conservative beliefs.

I grew up around guns and know how to use them-a skill that at one time every American was
taught along with learning how to read and do math. I counted myself blessed born in the
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

I supported wholeheartedly the Cold War-because I saw Soviet communism as a threat to
Freedom(and admit it, it was. Just ask anyone from Eastern Europe.) So I was for us having as
many guns, tanks, ships, attack jets and nuclear weapons as American industry could turn out
so we could defend ourselves.

I was for an aggressive foreign policy-no, I was for a REALLY aggressive foreign policy… as in
spreading Freedom and the tenants of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence
as the Communists were pumping Marxist-Leninism. No wonder then, that I supported the war
in Afghanistan against the Soviets, that THIS is how we could turn the tide of world socialism-
armed populist resistance. I thought that overwrought show of force in Grenada wasn’t
enough; that we should’ve gone straight into Nicaragua and Cuba and cleaned the commies
out of “our” hemisphere. I played a lot of computer war games; guiding stealth fighters and
tanks and ships to blast all of America’s enemies, as if taking on their military would
automatically free those people such a war would murder…

I had faith: in Ronald Reagan, in Pat Robertson, the GOP, Jerry Falwell, TBN, Morton Downey
Jr., Ralph Reed. I knew, as a kid, as intuitive that unconditional welfare handouts and gun
control and abortion on demand were immoral and anti-American. Not respecting of Life,
Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, that encouraged just giving up and living off the
government dole; excuses for more taxes, more poverty…

Those that hold "conservative views", yes we do love God, Guns and Country, but
at the same time, there are attitudes you in the “left” have that I always agreed with:

The Earth is our Home-we don’t have garbage and wastes strewn all over our houses(well,
most people) yet we usually permit toxins and the products of the socially engineered
consumer culture to be disposed of wherever it’s most profitable… to the benefit of just a
few that own and control the corporations. That quality made products made to last years-
like Americans made once upon a time-is a far wiser use of valuable materials, energy and
labor than shoddy, imported, slave labor-made crap that all too soon winds up in the trash.

I’m down with the concept of labor-us, working at wage slave jobs-uniting, organizing and
being strong in the face of greedy, far-too-rich old men trying to squeeze us for every dollar
they can. That the common man can and should unite to get a slice of that corporate pie, if
the economic conditions make it impossible for everyone to have a self-employing skill or

Being an artist myself, I believe in the right to self-expression. I believe in the unfettered
Right to media access to express myself. I believe in the unfettered free market of ideals-free
of interference by either smug religiousity or some falsely pious political correctness.

I don’t care much for the callous greed a lot of people programmed with “right wing” beliefs
has-like the whole world revolves around them and their lifestyle, and to hell with anyone
and everyone that gets in the way of their next debt-fueled shopping spree. That their broken
moral compass is the one true measure for all things, peoples and beliefs-when they run
around and cheat on their spouses, take drugs, steal, gamble. Those self-proclaimed “godly”
are gluttons, wouldn’t dream of sharing their wealth to help the poorest, are unloving,
uncaring, and root for the “prophecied” genocide of the Human Race and Earth’s destruction
known as the Apocalypse-so they can have that go-to-heaven-free card known as the
‘Rapture”. Something I regret believing in most of all, because it’s at the root of a lot of
dysfunction amongst those that call themselves christian-dogmatic irresponsibility and
passiveness to the evil that rules this world.

Furthermore, as I educated myself about the reality of modern America, I found a lot of what
I supported and believed in as a onetime “right-winger” were misguided:

*People can be born into a underclass whose location and socioeconomic status exclude all
but the most brilliant and driven from succeeding-and that’s before being buried by taxation
and regulations. While at the same time traitorous politicians, CEO’s and Directors on
corporate boards conspiring to lift foreign tariffs the slave-labor goods and the never ending
expansion of government authority and taxation “force” those three piece suited traitors to
lobby for “free trade agreements”-keeping as much of “their” money in their pockets as
possible. Thus the underclass expands, forcing more people to either join the military, work
at wal-mart, go on welfare that robs relatively better off Americans through taxes, sell drugs
or just say the hell with it and take ‘em themselves in a futile attempt to ease their pain.

*No matter how grisly and evil dismembering a Person in their Mother’s womb is, I cannot
abide by the callous disregard for how bringing a child into this world can wreck someone’s
life in this country. Much of the social stigma’s gone, but a single mother, or someone in
America’s underclass is still faced with being forced to live hand-to-mouth to take care of
their kid, in a ever-worsening economy, their “fathers” socially programmed through a variety
of means we trust to be irresponsible, to have some “baby mamas”.

*Those “conservative” politicians on TV, wearing those guilty shiteating grins making nice yet
useless noises with their mouths? They’re almost all for lining their pockets and expanding
government. Gun control, abortion, taxes, welfare, crime-it’s all but props they and the same
breed of shiteating grin wearing politicians that call themselves “liberal” use in their ongoing
political pro wrestling show.

At that, I must remind you that the “left” has nothing to brag about either. You in the left
turn respect for the enviroment into excuses for government to tax and steal the People’s
lands from them. You let politicians and other whores exploit your activism to oppress us,
keep us from truly owning the land we work our entire lives for. Your misguided social
conscience is exploited by those in government that hold the homes of the People hostage to
foreclosure for delinquent land taxes. Taxes to fund the horrible state run schools that make
each graduating class dumber and more pliable to government control than the last.

Your natural and understandable horror at all the violence caused by government and
corporate policies aimed at creating social and racial inequalities-that when coupled with
dumbed down state schooling-leads to criminals… you don’t attack the sources of the crimes,
you try to get the government to steal the People’s Rights to arms to protect themselves and
their communities. Yes: you too have the right to protect yourself from a criminal, no matter
how he’s been victimized. You think I lie, go ask any of your friends that lived through
hurricane Katrina.

In fact, you in the “left” take this anti-violence sensitivity to such a suicidal extreme some of
you are willing to compromise our Nation’s defenses. Yes, the military-industrial complex is a
monster; but that doesn’t validate your unilateral disarmament drives when the Soviets
had(and still have)hordes of tanks, planes and nuclear weapons aimed at us. Any peaceniks
care to say something about communist China building up a military to take on the rest of the
planet? Any of you willing to expend some protest time against North Korea? Sure-take this
country to task for it’s sins, but there are no innocents when it comes to the governments of
this sorry world.

Pacifism only works if everyone practices it. Being weak in this world just makes you prey; if
there’s anything I can still agree with the “right” about, it’s that.

Yes, I had faith in “my” ideology just as you have faith in “yours”. Time marches on however.
You gain life experience and sooner or later if you haven’t completely given your thinking
over to those you listen to, who manipulate you, you start seeing what’s wrong with what you
previously held as inerrent truth. That some attitudes, some people are wrong. Some of those
attitudes, those people are lies, liars-a con to get your money, your vote, your approval of
whatever crime they tried to pull. Yet I and most people keep believing the main tenants of
their prepackaged ideology to be worshipped and followed without question.

And yet… there DOES come a time, a place, a event, a book that opens your eyes, that takes
your world view and torches it like a pyromaniac with a gallon of gas. Probably hasn’t
happened to you but it happened to me, in 1991, with a book: Compromised: Bush, Clinton
and the CIA, written by Terry Reed. A late night radio host by the name of Chuck… someone, I
forget his last name, he had on Terry Reed… And the tale he told…of cocaine shipments by
large cargo planes into Mena… with Clinton, Bush senior, Oliver North, and a cast of spies and
other criminals… well, the way that man told the tale had the heft of Truth to it, in spite of
it’s seeming unbelievability!

I bought the book… and I read it all night… and began the process of liberating my thinking
from the “left/right” paradigm that’s helped put the thinking of most Americans in a
ideological straightjacket, a hegelian dialectic that has two seemingly opposing forces on
some throwaway social issues yet are united in using those “left/right” causes to advance
government power and control over the People.

Terry Reed? Never heard of him? Not surprised; the media pulled out all the stops in
suppressing the whole affair-making a “limited hangout”(1) of the Whitewater scandal-a side
show meant to launder drug money basically, not the main event. And your “hero” William
Jefferson Clinton became President.

You hated Reagan like I hated Clinton-in reality they were about the same:

They both radically expanded the power and size of government.

They both engaged in useless, reckless overseas adventures: Grenada, Somalia, Kosovo,

They both did their damage to this nation’s laws and people. Reagan broke the unions with
the air trafficker strike, and made it easy for corporations to export themselves overseas,
accelerating the economic decline of our nation. Clinton gave the green light to Waco-where
women and children were deliberately poison gassed and burnt alive. Clinton signed NAFTA
and GATT into law, further accelerating the looting of our manufacturing base.

They both made a show of being “reformers” yet “somehow” wound up bolstering the very
system that’s oppressing us. They both paid lip service to the causes we believe in-then either
distract us til we forget that they’ve done nothing of substance, or worse, use those causes to
bring more power onto themselves, steal more of our hard-earned money.

They both have “partners” far more evil than they. Hillary Clinton and the Bush family.

The Bushes are worse, of course, much worse than Reagan or Clinton. A family of blue-
blooded bandits and fascists responsible for financing Hitler, supplying Nazi Germany with oil
through Spain when our Grandfathers were getting murdered by the Wehrmacht. Filling the
economically and socially engineered inner city “ghettos” with cocaine they smuggled in
through the C.I.A. Rigging two Presidential elections with fraudulent, easily hacked electronic
voting machines manufactured by a corporation owned by a close political friend. Open our
borders to a invasion of illegal, ignorant Mexican rednecks and encourage them to scoff at the
law to create a economically based race war. Having close business and social ties with the
Bin Ladin family-INCLUDING OSAMA BIN LADIN-and running interference for them years before
the shadow government black op known as 9/11.

And Hillary? She’s a partner with Bill in the Mena drug smuggling operation with Oliver North
and the Bushes. She helped engineer a media orchestrated comeback after Gennifer Flowers
revealed she was his mistress(at a time when the Donna Rice scandal brought down Gary Hart-
remember those “quaint” times?) Hillary designed that monstrous health care plan-remember
the schematic that looked like the plans for the Death Star? Would’ve been a “death star” to
the economy and our lives if she had been slicker about it. She went to New York and like a
yankee carpetbagger after the Civil War got herself a Senate seat. Now she waits for her
time, waiting for George W. Bush to fall, for America to fall so she can go in like a vulture,
ride in as a “hero” to supposedly save us all from those nasty right wingers. I tell you; if Bush
doesn’t spark a second civil war, she will!
“Left”, “right”-IT’S ALL A SHOW! A political pro wrestling act that keeps us TV tranced, state
schooled dumb down ‘murkans bamboozled as everything we and our ancestors believed in,
fought for, died for is robbed from us. What or who will save us from the Bushes and all their
bandit friends-and Hillary if the script calls for Bush’s fall to discredit American patriotism
and christianity? Is there someone in the political arena-virtuous enough, yet with enough
clout, enough wealth, enough pull with the media and the CEO’s and Directors on the boards
of the handfull of megacorporations to make him or herself a viable candidate? Get “elected”
President and lead like-minded Patriots to sweep into Congress and clean up the federal

No. You and I are going to have to do it. You see what kinds of thieves and clowns parade
themselves in front of the cameras-and I write about the career politicians we’ve surrendered
control of OUR NATION to. Can’t rely on compromised, greedy criminals to develop a
backbone and do battle. We’ll have to; have to start up an entire political movement, come
up with a pro-Freedom ideology that will awaken the mind controlled masses. We’ll have to
forge a political movement, a economic austerity movement to a American People long
spoiled with foreign manufactured junk they’ve mortgaged their lives on.

The timing is critical. It’s spring, 2006, the elections are in November, and despite America
literally falling apart around us, most people that can still pay their bills are still asleep.
Those that have been rudely awakened to reality find their time is spent trying to survive
with what little they can keep.

The momentum is against us; by the time America wakes up to how they’ve been
systematically robbed by a single band of thieves that dangle a political system that’s already
scripted out, they will be mostly destitute. Destitute people lack the money to buy airtime-
assuming the mainstream media would let them have access. Destitute people are too busy
finding shelter, food, staying out of the way of thug cops who get their sick jollies off
persecuting them. Dirty, desperate destitute people that reek of sleeping in garbage strewn
alleyways have no respect in today’s sorry excuse for America; they couldn’t survive in a
increasingly hostile social and economic climate, hence they’re garbage. And we treat them
as such.

We cannot afford the American People to wake up when their homes and Freedoms are taken
away! They, and you have to wake up and make the hard choices NOW!

I’m trying to do something with my essays at maybe they’ll inspire someone someday. What
about you? What are you willing to do to take back your destiny? What would you sacrifice to
be Free?

What amount of time zoning out in front of the TV are you willing to sacrifice to find out
what’s really going on, and fighting against it however you can?

How many shopping sprees are you willing to sacrifice to have the money to get out of debt to
have cash for a week or two off your job to participate in political action? Investigating
crooked politicians? Protesting? Making flyers, videos? Going to town meetings?

How much ostracism, how much sudden intolerance from your more mind conditioned,
shallow, petty excuses for “friends” are you willing to sacrifice game days and backyard
barbecues in order to help in the struggle to regain Freedom?

How open are you to examining your most cherished beliefs-do they pass the reality test? Are
you willing to consider Truth from a ideological opponent if that Truth will help secure your
Freedom and your Life? Dogmatism is the intellectual crutch of the weak and cowards.

How far are you willing to go to be Free? Our forefathers who fought for independence from
the British Empire, who signed the Declaration of Independence, they gave all. Men who had
lands, ships, businesses, beloved wives and children-they turned cannon on their own homes
when the British occupied them, sacrificed all their ships in smuggling arms to our shores,
kept on fighting themselves even as their wives were raped and tortured in British gallows,
endured the loss of everything they built up on this Earth. They were willing to sacrifice all
they had in this world, because securing their Freedom, their Nation’s Freedom took that kind
of sacrifice. It’s no different today.

Rather forget you read this, turn on your master the TV set and tune out all your fears, let
that electronic narcotic lie to you all night long? Well, it’s a free country I suppose, but
consider this:

We have but a short time on this Earth, an even shorter time when we have our health and
our ability to not just accomplish something for ourselves, but leave our world a better place
for those that follow us. That we as a People have forgotten this Truth-drunk with beer,
fretting over perceived status, submitting to those that systematically rob, murder and
tyrannize us and soothing our guilt for being so cowardly with debt-fueled consumer spending-
will only mean we have robbed our Children. It will be up to them and their progeny who will
have to bear the load of making up for lost time, lost progress of Human Civilization… after
cleaning up the mess we will leave them.

So what will you do to make it up for your irresponsibility? What will you do to make up for
participating in robbing your Children?


1)They’re not really your enemy, so stop treating them as such. We’re all in this together;
taxed, ruled over, our labors channeled so that only the government and a few major
corporate stock owners benefit-unless you really expect to stay thirty years and get that 14k
gold plated watch! So stop cursing out everyone who doesn’t drive a hybrid, or doesn’t eat
vegan, or doesn’t march in lockstep with Noam Chomsky or Amy Goodman. In fact, lose your
manipulative, lying gatekeepers and rediscover how to think for yourself. Talk with a
construction worker or a gun owner at a bar sometime about the issues that bother you both…
you’ll discover you’re really on the same page on the issues that matter.

2)There ARE causes “right wingers” support that you can get behind, that promote Freedom,
respect for others. Find common cause, get together on the big issues, show them how to
organize a good protest movement-only without the gatekeepers that lead all of you astray.
Example: the recent Latino protests in Los Angeles and other American cities was organized
and led at the ground level by Communists. Yes, you read right, Communists. Ted Twietmeyer
has actual photos of a Communist activist organizing angry yet naïve youth to protest(look for
it at Common folks just like me wanting to be able to live their lives, and they’ve
been manipulated and molded by globalist caused poverty into being their tools to destroy
America. Our America, the one that we once believed this nation was, the America that this
nation could really be if we unite… we can’t unite if we LET OURSELVES be divided along
racial lines, or some bullshit left/right paradigm.

3)Be respectful of others when you protest. That cop or white collar worker you don’t spit on
or repel due to some hippie aesthetic funk might listen to what you might say-unless you start
off by wanting to raise taxes… everybody’s paying too much of those! If you want to honestly
gain the support of “right wingers” be someone they can identify with, someone whose
opinion they’ll respect: wear a suit when you protest. Save your venom for the bureaucrats,
the corrupt lawyer/politicians, the way too rich CEO’s and members of the Board of Directors
of the major corporations.


1)Get over their lifestyle choices-you got bigger things to worry about, like losing your wage
job because your boss wanting to shift production to countries that allow their citizens to be
exploited for a dime a day. America is a diverse stew of peoples and cultures but there’s a
core of Freedom and respect for others that all can share. They do too, so why not protest
against economic and political traitors instead? Find the common denominators we can all
agree on, most of the social hangups can be sorted out later.

2)When they protest something you can agree with them on, join them. Mix with them, and if
you know the ones manipulating the protest for some shady socialist reason disrupt their
game. Talk to the average folks, get to know them, get them to see you as people, not the
stereotypes we’re all programmed with.

3)Invite a “liberal” over to talk, socially. A barbecue or a game like that. More ways to get
them to see you as people, to weaken their ideological programming. When you speak, don’t
get defensive; instead find the common ground… you’ve got beliefs that are wrong too

If you go to’ll note a lot of similarities with my other
essays. I do this on purpose because I search for the right alchemy of words and thought that
will wake people up or inspire someone to do a better job of waking America up than I.
(1)LIMITED HANGOUT-damage control technique used when a scandal’s grown beyond the
criminal’s lesser means of containing it; have a prearranged patsy and a small piece of the
conspiracy to be bullshitted as the main event. Works like a charm in these simpleminded
United States.
J. Croft


That’s what you call yourselves and you should be, although “Black” is much easier to use.
“Black” isn’t accurate though, as you’re some shade of brown. That however is being
technical, like the nice propaganda slogan that we’re all equal under the law-hence my title
“African(American)”. Not just the shaft your people get by the state but what more than a
few whites call you: “c**n”, “jungle bunny”, “spearchucker” or the n-bomb I hear dropped
about you when you’re not around to hear.

Yes: half the time you’re NOT being paranoid about racism; you’ve always been an
“accepted” underclass-much preferable to the Native Americans by the elite throughout this
country’s tragic history. No wonder that a lot of you are racists yourselves. Yet, you have to
realize some things:
*Racist attitudes start off as cultural-your parents and your friends and their parents, they
were most likely taught by their parents and friends that this or that race was inferior and/or
dangerous. This attitude is a product of tradition. Tradition, on both sides of the race line,
are reinforced by people’s unquestioning acceptance of the teaching (and teacher) of that
tradition; especially when someone harms them in some way. Then the epithets fly, fists and
sometimes bullets fly and discrimination to “outsiders” becomes the order of the day.

*Racist attitudes can and are exploited by those who seek to dominate, control, and make a
buck off your misplaced hate. Skinheads make money off their membership and their crappy
literature from fear of you or the jews taking over and having hot, sweaty sex with their
blonde daughters. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam wouldn’t be where it’s at today if
it wasn’t for the racism on BOTH sides of the color lines-you don’t think there isn’t a profit
motive behind their actions, their crappy literature and their creepy bow tie cult? You don’t
think Mr. Farrakhan isn’t as corrupt and ultimately destructive as any other racist? I don’t
need to remind you that the system-the state and the major corporations-uses a subliminal
form of racism in making the laws we’re forced to live under, the media that’s presented to
us to entertain and “inform” us. Attitudes, security systems, cameras in public places, SWAT
troopers on every street corner, gun control, bigotry, and a ever-expanding government are
the wares they sell of of hatred of you.

*Speaking of the system, it’s in the interest of those who control the reins of power in
America to keep us divided and afraid of each other when distraction and overwork at a job
won’t keep us quiet, obedient taxpayers. Those that hold the reins have done so since this
nation’s founding, a heritage of power they’ve passed down through the generations and,
unlike most of us common folk, they’ve had the best of everything-education, upbringing,
business and social opportunities. “Their” elitist ancestors wrote the Constitution, not the
thousands of common folk who lost their belongings, their loved ones, their limbs, their very
lives fighting against the most powerful empire on Earth-their former nation.(1) Hijacking the
American Revolution, they cleverly reversed much of the progress toward equality for all
colors and sexes with stock market manipulation/depressions, provoking uprisings until a
Constitution could be made in secret that provided a “hologram of liberty”. Many of
descendants of those suckers became the rednecks you’re programmed to hate… who’ve been
dumbed down in state schools, denied the opportunities “they” have enjoyed, had the wage
slave jobs shipped overseas when “they” decided to cash in on Chinese slave labor.

It’s not the redneck in the skidmarked bedsheet that’s the greatest enemy(unless you wind up
on the wrong side of town).

The elite are your enemy. The elite are enemies to all of us. The elite are not the faces that
are paraded on the TV-they’re much more powerful, much, much richer, and own the media.
The elite own everything in this country, including the people paraded on the TV as those in
charge. They manipulate a carefully contrived and controlled political process that gives the
illusion of a Republic yet is in practice a ever-expanding one-party state. A fraud whose only
real differences between it’s two institutionalized parties is how fast they grab more power
for themselves, more of our taxes, make it harder for a supposedly Free Man to build
something of his own in this life.

To those criminals and their stooges in government service and the corporate hacks, we
ordinary Americans of all other colors and backgrounds are all servants, slaves, marks-
n*ggers! Yet we stupidly, blindly hold onto the lies they program into us, as we waste our
lives, our too short time on Earth working a slave wage job for “massa”, or watch some
retarded sitcom. Or a ball game. Or hit the mall and go on a foolish spending spree with some
of that 5% we’re “allowed” to “keep” after taxes and accepting that wage job in the first
place(company gets the fruit of your labors)


So you’re Africans, in a American society that’s really neither yours, or mine, or the Asians, or
the Latinos, or definitely not the Indians. People among a People that have been conditioned
to view you as a underclass-when really they don’t really know you personally, don’t know
you as a people and definitely have some misconceptions drilled into them about you. So for
the benefit of those not Brown I’ll run down some things about what you are.


Your people come from a continent of survivors, as much of Africa is really a hostile place for
human settlement; if it isn’t lifeless desert, it’s some of the thickest jungle teeming with
disease, and if it isn’t jungle it’s plains that were dominated by the largest land animals. Such
hostile conditions don’t allow for a civilization to get started easily, yet your ancestors have
had their share of empires… it’s just that it’s hard for much of anything beyond stoneworks to
survive there.

Hostile enviroments do make for more ruthless people however. Those forced into a survival
mentality on a daily basis form more ruthless societies. Ruthless enough to engage in brutal
tribal warfare, slavery-the big reason the European elites were so successful in the slave
trade was because Africans were and are brutal-and brutalized-enough to sell your ancestor
to them. In America, starting off as slaves in societies still with the European imprinting of
class separation and bigotry, that held you back as much as any number of whips, guns and

Yet, you and your people have done the best they can to tread water in a sea of bigotry and
discrimination. Eventually, the yearning of Men to be Free overcame… most of that. You are
technically, the equal of everyone else-yet like I wrote earlier racism and fear is used by the
powers that be. You’re scapegoats for everything from government spending on welfare to
crime to government spending on the “justice” system and prisons. Rougher times still, are
ahead as government oppression extends to the formerly protected “mainstream”. Yes,
“cracker” that means you. Checkpoints, unconstitutional search and seizures, arrest without
cause, foreclosure and homeless destitution, starvation, it’s all coming down on you as the
American Consumer rapidly becomes obsolete to the elite bankers. As obsolete as America
itself will be to the all-too-real “new world order” as this country’s spent in a careful
calculation of power expenditure, as our military and economic power is used to bludgeon the
rest of this planet into accepting a global slavery.


Goes hand in hand with being survivors. Your Ancestors, when they couldn’t rise in revolt or
run away, shirked off and did as little as they could get away with. Today, many of you are
the heart of the underground(Free)economy doing everything from hard crimes to bootlegging
major corporate products at swap meets and flea markets. If more people could wake up and
bypass the mainstream economy(owned by the powers that be, the “elite”-our mutual
enemies), and learned how to be entrepeneurs themselves we could reclaim our financial

Many of your young have long resorted to gangs to secure the basics of survival. Being united,
that’s made you a natural target of the police state. Where you go wrong with the gangs is
the primitive parasitic criminal activity you inflict on the very places you live, the very People
who could support you, give shelter to you, stand by you when you’re in trouble. Instead of
blasting each other over crack turf or some insane standard of respect, you should realize you
and your community are one. You’re going to need to wake up if you’re going to survive

A close group of people; armed, mutually loyal, helping to lift their community’s economy
and keeping them and theirs safe-that is what you communities should aim for. You’ll need all
the help you can get when this potemkin economy (2) is shut down and you wake up to find
out the government really does own everything-including you!

You know firsthand how rough America’s institutions can get. Many of you see through the
veneer, the propaganda, the version of America that exists as myth in the real world… and in
our hearts. Every time you step outside your door and face the shitstorm of fear, crime,
government oppression, the trained avoidance of much of American “mainstream”, the
endless loops the more assimilated of you have to hop through just to get a taste of that
corporate packaged “American dream”. All that struggling leaves a lot of you dispirited
enough to obliterate your seared souls with drugs, a lot of you disillusioned enough to stop
giving a fuck who you hurt or kill to get yours… yet all that struggling has given most of you
insight into how this country’s really run, beyond the corporate packaged bullshit.


Aside from the personal achievements of the very best of you(or the most connected), your
people have been consigned to the bottom of the racial order that has been set up in
America-not counting the Natives who were condemned to genocide.

Your Ancestors were brought over as slaves, their children born into a lifetime of servitude.
When they were freed as a result of the Civil War, they were then condemned to economic
and social apartheid. When as a result of the unions and industrialization good paying
manufacturing jobs enticed them, they migrated by the millions into the inner cities. It was a
cruel trap.

Those rich-many the descendants of those that bought you and brought you over-they decided
it would be a good ideal to make lax the trade and tariff structure that enabled American
industry to thrive in the first place. They, controlling our very money decided to also weaken
the dollar by 95% over several generations through control by the private “federal” reserve
bank. Combined with ever-expanding government that restrains the creative impulses of what
is supposed to be a Free People, and a Hegelian Dialectic(3) is formed whose only apparent
“solution”-for them-is to move their factories overseas, and exploit Mexicans and Asians as
their new slave labor.

The result is where many of you are living in today; economically depressed communities that
stay depressed because of America’s economic dependence on trans-national corporations for
it’s market economy. These depressed areas are then neglected by the same powers-that-be
that pulled the economic rug from under your fathers and grandfathers feet. Less taxes, in a
system that needs money and vital services start to suffer. An already crap ass state school
education that turns out dumbed down worker/servants to industry becomes completely

People become desperate. Desperation that isn’t overcome becomes despair. Despair turns to
hopelessness and along with the racial divides produces everything from dependence on
government welfare programs to self-destruction with drugs to high risk crime. A people
denied and defeated, hopeless, turns on themselves, and everything from abandoned,
dilapedated homes to broken families to gangs result… which result in more bad feelings
towards you, more mistrust by brain-dead white America, more persecution by the

Your hopelessness, socially engineered ignorance, and self-destruction help maintain your
mandated position as America’s racial villains: welfare queens, gangbangers, pimps, hos,
bums, drug dealers and murderers. People who “deserve” to have over testosteroned
government goons beat, arrest and shoot them, even if they haven’t done anything wrong.


Help yourself.

Can’t help others if you can’t do for yourself. If you’re dependent on working for someone
else to survive, get a skill or learn to sell, or a trade you can entrepeneur because you’ll
never get anywhere giving out 90% of the fruits of your labors to your “massa boss” and 5%-
HALF of what you get afterward-to “massa state”.

You also can’t help others if you’re making a lot of debt payments. Get the hell out of debt
no matter the cost. Be the master of your own finances. That means sacrifice… I know the
whole consumer culture, the plywood and sheet rock mansion, the SUV, the wallet filled with
credit cards ready in a instant for a shopping spree, the backyard grill, the home
entertainment center… it entices you to live a life you’ll pay for, some other day. That other
day always comes, and the more you borrow, the more money it takes to service the debt,
the more time you have to devote to working to service the debt, to have all that overpriced
crap. You can have 80% of the fun on 20% of the expense-what’s more important, status or
gaining your Freedom?

Read a lot more about this at Look under “Message to Mr. and
Mrs. America, and “Free Yourself to Free Others”.

If you’re on drugs, you have to realize there’s much more to this life than getting a buzz, no
matter the cost. Part of that cost is the time lost in a drug induced haze to stifle the pain.
You want to get rid of the pain, find and do what you’ve been sent here by Our Father. Yes,
there really is a spiritual side to this struggle, but it’s not what the corrupted churches say it
is. Is sure as hell isn’t asking for “miracles” and “prosperity” like God was just another credit
card. We are all here for a reason-it’s not always something great, but there’s a greatness in
the simple things. I believe that reason is to FIGHT for this world and it’s People. To free
them, to awaken them in their hearts so that Our Father can commune in them and us with
Him as one Family in Love. A secular humanist I am not: without a grounding in our spirit by
Our Father you’re given over to the worst of you and others, and the next thing you know
you’re selling out: serving toxic corporate fast food or selling mortgages or pulling guns on
folks toking up in the fraudulant war on drugs. A Man with Our Father won’t do such things.
You waking up, striving to make even your community a better place-free of government gone
amok and self-destructive crime can and will make a difference. Yes this is a new paradigm of
thought-for you. Actually it’s what Jesus taught two millenia ago before he was murdered for
what He tried to do in what was only partially touched on by the four gospels.(4) God didn’t
write the Bible, men did. Learn to go directly to God and He will save you from the lies of
man. He did with me.

If you’re in a gang, well I have a surprise for you, this isn’t a anti-gang message. Why?
Colonial Militiamen-simple farmers and tradesmen-faced off against their own empire’s
military, the most powerful on Earth at the time. They could’ve been considered a gang: they
had weapons, and associated with each other, and resisted government tyranny as best they
could. Your gang however is currently a liability to your community, a menace to those it
should be protecting and helping out. You have strength in numbers but you let the scum of
your neighborhoods make you into a mirror image of their own sickness. You standing up along
with others and with your people for Freedom and survival could transform your gang from a
community disease rightly targeted by everyone into part of a cure for your own problems and
your community.

Sell your CIA supplied crack if you must-but use the addicts money to start small,
underground businesses. Sell locally made media, food, products; you get together, find the
person with the best ideal and back him up. When she or he is in a position to pay back what
was invested, they can lift the next person up. Use your muscle to keep the crackheads, wife
abusers, and your psychopaths in check. Do try to make connections with others who also
want their Freedom. Stock up on survival items: seeds, fuel, tools, 19th and 20th century
how-to books, and especially ammunition. Make peace with your fellow man whether he be a
cop sympathetic to your plight, or rival gang members or white folks you come in contact

Help those that fall through the cracks and get pushed to the bottom survive.

African-Americans know how to survive in a hostile system, and those newly poor because
their tech job gets sent to India for a 90% saving on labor cost, they’re going to need help!
Not to mention what happens when a disaster like Hurricane Katrina strikes and the
government deliberately does nothing to foster social and economic changes those that call
the shots see as beneficial-to themselves. Most mainstream Americans hold onto their
programmed trust in this country’s institutions. Take the opportunity when their world’s been
shattered to help rebuild it-and by doing that helping to build a better world for yourself.

Be the best Villains you can be-to the system that oppresses us all!

Protest loudly when some asshole from the rich suburbs tries to put cameras on every street
corner, thug cops enforcing “zero tolerance” policies that reek of slavery. If possible, get
your own candidates in a recall election and drive the traitors out of power. If he rigs the
election and the courts use legal excuses to do nothing, then you have no obligation to obey
tyrannical law. Smash the cameras, spit on the sidewalks, burn your drivers licenses and
plates in mass protest, stop paying taxes, openly carry your guns!

African-Americans have no business supporting a system that’s oppressed them. In my essay
“The Two Americas”, I go into detail how the America that’s in our hearts isn’t the America
that’s imposed on us all. Don’t feed the beast-starve it of labor, taxes, the best years of your
all-too-short life.

Learn how to economically support yourself as a community.

Along with dependence on government-who invariably is the enemy-you’re dependent on the
major corporations for jobs and dependent on their products to salve the pain of being poor,
enslaved. The superficial allure of the “American Dream” is truly powerful, but it’s past time
to recognize that debt-fueled consumerism is itself a insidious form of slavery. A slavery
designed to use your vanities as the motive force of a global economy that pillages the lands
of others, enslaves the poor the world over no matter their pigment of their skin in servicing
your latest trends… at 18% annual.

I have to add something that a lot of you aren’t going to like-a lot of tools operate as your
leaders. Al Sharpton is big on reparations for slavery. First off, where do you think the
money’s going to come from?
Not from anyone responsible that’s for sure! It would come from my pocket, and there isn’t
much there to begin with, so this reparation ploy is nothing more than another racist attack-
get everyone to hate each other. The taxes that would come from white America would put a
lot of families under. Certainly the federal government won’t be sacrificing any of it’s assets
to compensate. You have in effect a spark for a stupid race war.

You want Freedom? Free yourselves of thinking that divides that oppresses you.

Wake up others:

Get active in local politics. Take over the local reins of power, free your communities of
government oppression. Kick out the big box stores that stifle local entrepenurship,
encourage small business to thrive and protect it. Money made by people from their own
labors that benefits them instead of the government and the elite CEOs stays in the
community and lifts everyone up.

Freeing your community, reach out to other communities in need of Freedom. Reach out to
other races, and help them, thereby crushing most of the hate and latent racism directed
against you.

Get enough communities, take over a state. Take over enough states, and you can begin to
reshape the federal government. Perhaps this can be done in time to thwart any federal plots
to ignite a civil war and gain the people’s approval for martial law.
We’re all in this together; but until the average American has had his wakeup call-whether by
job loss or some government thug’s jackboot on his neck –he’s not going to hear you. We’re
on our own.

(1)I highly recommend going to and ordering “Hologram of Liberty” by Ken
Royce. It’s a shocking eye opener to how we got the government we’re being crushed by in
the first place.

(2)A lot of money’s spent keeping Americans lulled into a brain dead childlike state as they
spend money they borrow from the elites on shoddy crap the elites shipped them from their
slave labor factories overseas. Most of America and it’s economy isn’t owned by the average
American-it’s owned by the government and the elites that control the government. Go to to find out about just how big the government really is.

(3)Hegelian Dialectic-Basically it’s Problem/Reaction/Solution. To get a desired reaction or
outcome the “elite” first engineer a “Problem”, carefully planned to cause a reliably planned
“Reaction” in us all. In combination with our fears and our exquisetly engineered cultural
programming, our Reaction, signals “they” to trout out the “Solution” that will qualm our
socially engineered fears. And so “they” get more power, more control, more of the
fraudulant depreciating “money”, more of Our FREEDOM in exchange for some lie of
“security” in their slavery.

(4)Read the King James Version of the Bible; if it isn’t the Old Testament, it’s the writings of
Saul, a Roman Pharasee, which contradicts what Jesus taught. In fact the Gospel of Thomas-
which is nothing but quotes from Jesus-was ommitted from the Bible. Paul taught acceptance
and obedience to the powers that be but Jesus attacked the status quo every chance He got.
You cannot be Good and let Evil have it’s way-that make your purported “goodness” a lie.

J. Croft


Really, why should you? This is coming from a regular citizen-some Jane or Johnny Paycheck
blowing off some steam at all the taxes they have to pay, the ever increasing body of laws,
rules and regulations they must suffer. Suffer the ever increasing contacts with government
officials of all types enforcing the millions of pages of law-or is it millions of laws-that they
require us all to obey. The article itself even looks long-like it’s some kind of overblown
antigovernment rant. Well, it is.

Who do you think wrote this diatribe? Was it some useless Berkely liberal: no, it must be some
“right wing” rant-like from these unwashed government-hating mutants:

So I guess for you it’d be okay to stop reading this, throw it in the trash and get on with your
…and that’s the problem all of us have to face as Americans. You just doing your job as
mandated by your superiors enacting government policy is destroying living free in this
country. IS destroying this country. Has just about destroyed it to tell the truth. Millions of
pages, I’ll repeat, of local, state and federal dictate enforced by an army of government
power-loving lawyer/politicians, socialist social workers, some naïve do-gooders, and a lot of
crass careerists who know who butters their bread.

You love your job, your pay, your benefits, your power. Especially your power. Yet while you
love your job, we’re hurting under the oppression of your collective efforts. If it isn’t taxes
it’s regulations, or court rulings, or some whim by a rogue bureaucrat.

“Rogue bureaucrat”? That’s a person in government service who thinks they’re above the
People-that they’re supposed to serve and protect… so far above they regard We the People
as nothing. Not just the obvious corrupt types but also the ones who heartlessly enforce all
the laws, rules and regulations pumped out by lawyers over the years that that exclusive
group has had exclusive control over what laws are made.

You’re wanting to say something like “can’t make a omlette without breaking some eggs” or
“we gotta have rules or there would be anarchy” or something to the effect? Some defense of
the beast as being a better civilization than none? Guess what? To those that control the
beast we’re all going to be omlettes. Sooner or later, one of your superiors will decide to
break you.

You know it’s happened. You’ve probably seen it. You’ve closed your eyes to the havoc you
do to us all in the name of being the bitch of the federal government by repeating to yourself
that you’re doing this for the United States of America. You’re not, and you need to awake
from that delusion before your job completely steals your soul. I know in your quiet moments
you worry about it-you should.
Read this: and know the true state
affairs with the beast and our Nation.

“So what the hell can be done?!”

Damn good question. The political process is sown up by those really in charge of this nation-
the scripted banality reminds me of a pro wrestling show if it were produced by C-SPAN.
Which is intended of course to discourage political participation by a “people” of dumbed-
down, civically ignorant, anesthetized sheep. That is, when they could be pried from their
couches watching Paris Hilton perfect the art of practiced stupidity.

See, the degeneration of the American People into adult-sized spoiled children kept busy
making money for the few way too rich old white men who run this Nation into the ground for
world domination-it wasn’t a overnight affair. Americans didn’t one moment decide to take
on a lifetime of debt, trust big corporations with their financial future and see how fat they
can get instead of maintaining themselves, their own finances and what’s supposed to be

It was a process-a kind of (mostly)non-military form of social war, waged with skill, subtlety,
patience on many fronts that has victimized many generations. Think about it: you think the
19th century American, who knew and practiced law on his own, could fix or make most
things on his own, could run successfully his own business, grow his own food, school his own
children, knew how to use guns and wasn’t afraid to turn them against the bad guys-you think
such People would sit still for a second for:

*Being subject to millions of pages of law that NOBODY ON EARTH would have a hope in hell
of knowing, and being subject to knowing perfectly that titanic body of “law, yet being held
accountable as if we were a nation of Rain Men? Maybe we’re all idiots-sans the savant.

*Stolen elections using rigged computer systems with untraceable paper ballot readouts
manufactured by corporations whose CEO’s are allied with one of the presidential candidates?
Who run regularly with some Supreme Court “Justices”?

*Federal agents-just like you-assaulting and murdering peaceable men, women and children
with automatic weapons and flammable CS gas that when ignited becomes poisonous cyanide?
Have you seen Waco: the Rules of Engagement and seen the forensic pictures of CHILDREN
bent backward, incinerated?

*Drug and gun running by two Presidents through Arkansas; murdering anyone, including
children who stumble upon their operations, turning the inner cities of America into crack
central? The punchline being one of those drug smuggling fatherfuckers has the gall to open a
office in one of the communities he helped pollute with his smuggled drugs?!
*Federal invasion and eavesdropping of their private communications, with the fig leaf excuse
of “we’re fighting a ‘war on terror’”, a excuse that could mean anything from insurgents we
make in Iraq when our Troops driven crazy by war pop caps into innocent people and their
relatives want revenge, to naïve fools attracted by false-flag Al Qaeda(the toilet seat), to
seven dumb angry Blacks getting entrapped by the same breed of criminal scum that would
plant drugs or murder mothers with their infant children in their arms?

*Theft of up to half of their earnings through every tax scheme imaginable, claiming there
was a budget shortfall-yet their consolidated annual financial reports indicated investments
worth multiples of the debts incurred-so that the taxes remain high and we all struggle?

*Using money that is unsound, backed by nothing, is worth less and less each year do to
“inflation”? The issuing of that inflating, depreciating currency by a cartel of private banks
that’s never ever held accountable for the credit booms and economic busts it deliberately
manufactures for the sole benefit of the richest-while everyone else-YOU INCLUDED-suffer?

No. The 19th century American-who could and WOULD defend himself-wouldn’t stand for it.
Didn’t stand for it… at first. But “they” the inbred psychotic blueblooded “elite”, the masters
of the beast, managed to tame their descendants-slowly, incrementally, over several
generations of slow “progress.

Kept them distracted as they snuck in their laws, careful not to go too far too fast and arouse
their enemy.

Kept raising the standard of living, while making everything more expensive. Kept sneaking in
fees, licenses, permits, regulations, laws nobody held their Representatives accountable for
anymore because they became too engrossed with living in this modern day bastardization of
what America was supposed to be about. Freedom, instead of the permitted liberties that get
more and more curtailed with each act of state terrorism. Pursuit of happiness, instead of the
vapid pursuit of shoddy material crap manufactured by Chinese slave labor(we should be
ashamed!) borrowed at 18%APR and a shattered domestic economy.

Now, the 21st century “murikan”, between working for both massa corporation and massa
state, and anesthetizing his seared body and soul with mind numbing alcohol and TV. Any
people who’ve endured the losses we have, yet still seem eager to put their Nation down
even further just to keep the good times going-such a craven, “lazy”, cowardly people
probably deserve all the crap that you and your compatriots in federal service have planned.
Don’t they?

I mean, world war, economic collapse, deliberately bungled post disaster recovery
operations-you’re just waiting for the orders to finish communizing this once gloriously free
nation. Gather all those fat ignorant sheep wandering around in a daze when the power’s
gone, the malls are closed, the restaurants close, there’s no more gas, the gangs are roaming
the streets ruthlessly scavanging for whatever’s left.
Your bosses feed you some lines about you really being in charge when such a worthless
people let themselves get herded into those Halliburton built “community centers”? Get to be
the concentration camp guards as you take that broken people and mold them into obedient
worker slaves?

Isn’t that what Americans are now? Obedient worker slaves-but with too much license to get
fat of bad food, too much leisure time, too much Freedom “permitted”? No reason to fear;
you’re here to save the day for “the people”-which really means the state, it’s corporate
partners and the way things are-or are planned to be.

Born in the Land of the Free and get spend the best years of your life as a communist
apparatchik. If you knew when you applied for your job what you do now, what would you do?

Seriously. Would you just “go along”?

If you’ve read this far, and all that repressed anger’s welling back to the surface and you’re
ready to cut loose with some righteous rage, I think you’d fight back.

I know you want to fight back now, if only you had a way of overcoming the beast. How the
hell does one do that when it’s effectively tamed and all but enslaved what was at one time
the freest People to ever walk the Earth?

You know the beast has had the lawmaking processes secured since about Day One. Secured
enough through cronyism, ideological conditioning, media control and the sheer costs of
election campaigning that only the corrupted attain office. The corrupted can be controlled
well enough.

You know the beast has the courts secured. What are judges but politicians in a different
branch of government? ALL of them are lawyers-a breed that’s been given way too much
leeway in influencing American life. A giant racket the law; they write the laws, make more
rulings in the courts about the law-or in spite of it-and their guild gets to profit off of both
prosecuting and defending those that get drug before it-like the poor bastard who got
entrapped by ATF agents into making a 18 inch shotgun barrel into a 17 inch or so unlicensed
short barreled weapon-a National Firearms Act violation. To feed his starving family living in a
ramshackle mountain hovel the poor bastard nicks less than a inch of steel off a single shot
shotgun and the whole weight of the federal government comes down, murders his son, his
wife and his infant child.

You know the beast controls the strings of power in the various military, law enforcement and
intelligence agencies. The beast always has it’s corrupted and compromised where it needs
them. Those that are permitted to office are as corrupted as those in Congress and the
You know the beast controls the state and local governing bodies and agencies. All the
wannabes toadying along with the party line, hoping for a shot at the big time federal league
of politics; if they can just be the one with the thickest coating of brown on their nose. They
got their handlers, their enforcers to keep them in line-as if they already weren’t
brainwashed by the universities they go to, that the beast controls through it’s communist
puppets in the “left”, preaching state power over all.

You know the beast’s minions are everywhere in government-that they watch your
movements, your attitudes to various tasks that destroy average American’s lives. Watch you-
comrade federal agent-just as if you were living in North Korea, Romania, East Germany, the
Soviet Union… any misstep in thought or action that might advertise you as one of those
unwashed populist “patriots”…

You know the beast isn’t just in government; it’s minions run the corporations, especially the
media. TV, movies, music, celebrities-all are used to keep a People being robbed of
everything drowsy with petty materialism and trivia. Like those minions in government, the
beast’s minions in the cultural institutions get indoctrinated in college by the same funky
tenured useless idiot marxists that feed the crap to the future bureaucrats, politicians, and
you the federal agent that you are some kind of “elite”.

You know the beast is efficient when dealing with dissenters. If they can’t be kept asleep
they’re steered into easily controlled front groups that run them in circles with useless acts of
protest that only satisfy their egos that something gets done. Fed lies and half-truths and
otherwise kept ignorant so that nothing they think of as a solution will work because it isn’t
rooted in the truth of the situation. These efforts are sufficient for the average dissenter until
they tire of the real sense of lack of progress and go back to being obedient “productive

Politics is structured-scripted-so that there’s a “left” and a “right” of hot button issues to
divide folks, to distract folks, as they’re taxed and legislated into slavery. Racism? It isn’t so
overt, at least in front of “mainstream ‘murika” to maintain that “politically correct” front,
but it’s planted as subtly cultivated attitudes in the culture. Promotion of the most ignorant
of celebrities, with drugs, with deliberate neglect of the cities, with mismanaged funding for
all those dependant on government so that the generated inequalities make Black and White
and Brown blame each other instead of those that should be responsible-those who make

Those that cause trouble in spite of these efforts to brainwash are subjected to everything
from ridicule by the beast’s tools in the media and academia, to harassment by you, the
federal agent. There are enough laws that it’s impossible to live a normal life without
breaking them. Those that persist even after threat of loss of their lives, possessions, family,
career and liberty, the beast eliminates.

You know the beast actually WANTS someone to snap. Yes, provoke them to do something
desperate and attempt a resolution by force-so that the majority of Americans it’s already
conquered mind, body and soul will approve of the government’s preplanned “solution” of
martial law and the final foreclosing on what Freedom remains. That they would willingly go
along with literally, your jackboot on their necks so long as they can retain their borrowed
comforts of the lazy boy, the plasma screen parading Christina Aguilera and their six pack.

The charade cannot go on forever, that someday people will run out of credit, the world will
tire of being America’s economic and political bitches, the “elite” will have set their final
war in motion and don’t need America as the consumer suction pump of the world’s wealth-as
that model of economic exploitation will be obsolete when the nukes fly and the markets
crash. Hell, the country’s already been de-industrialized, what’s left but to dismantle what
can be foreclosed and sold to Asia?

So why the hell not provoke the Patriots into a futile last stand and wipe them out in one fell
swoop, leaving a distressed, docile, and decimated slave population to exploit?

Sounds too far fetched? Read the following you can track the government’s logic in this
strategy and why it would attempt it:

There are roughly 70,000,000 (legal) gun owners in this country-that’s all 85% of them are,
they just own a gun without the knowledge of how to properly use it in combat… let alone
would. The fifteen percent that could conceivably be a threat-police officers, veterans,
seasoned hunters, hard core patriots and survivalists… most are brainwashed that things are
hunky-dory as the average American. Many are even as conditioned as you being government
employees. Most of the rest, that see things as they truly are, have at best rudimentary
training in military operations, marksmanship, primitive survival. A few isolated, lonely
groups; nothing enough soldiers can’t overcome given enough time.

Of those, how many have sufficient knowledge of guerilla warfare, propaganda and counter-
propaganda, logistics, basic weapons manufacturing? Who among them has a clear picture of
the Problem, and the Many Steps that could lead to a Possible Solution given enough time and
success? Who among them has the vision and strength of Washington, Simon Bolivar,
Cromwell, Che Guerverra, Lee, Alexander to pull such a incredible coup as to take down the

No wonder you think it safer to go along with the beast to get along-going along and
destroying your fellow countrymen. Who can stand up to such a behemoth and even survive…


Think again! Think back to what you’ve read: the beast is made up of people-like you or
worse, or better.

Each of those persons, like you, can be persuaded, given enough information and
enlightenment. Each of those persons could lose their health, or their job, or become a victim
of the beast themselves.

Each of those persons can realize that yes, you can and probably will lose everything in
struggling against the beast, including their lives.

Each of your fellow Agents can also realize these Truths:

1.)We’re all going to die sooner or later. Sooner or later the DNA in your cells deteriorate,
break down, start making more mistakes than the rest of the body can compensate for. Your
hair starts to turn gray, your skin starts to sag, you start losing muscle mass, your metabolism
slows down. You grow fat, frail, your faculties start to fail, your mind fogs, you can’t see so
sharp or hear so good, you lose control of your bowels at the worst possible moments, you fall
and you can’t get up. Without cellular renewal, entropy is inevitable, and hence, old age
homes and death. Which leads to:

2.)What will people remember you for? What actions that you do or do not do, how will that
make their lives better? How do you justify taking part in monstrous manipulations,
conspiracies, murder with leaving the world in a better shape than you entered in? What in
the way of Freedom, a society that uplifts the Individual, a livable planet, a civilization that
will carry Man into the future will your personal efforts to help the beast suppress everyone
from political dissenters to inventors of devices that threaten government and corporate
domination bring? Ultimately:

3.)What if there really is a God I’ll have to answer to for my life’s work? Or lack of…

Somehow everything came into existence-everything came from something. The Universe,
from the structure of the largest of it’s galactic supergroups to the smallest of subatomic
particles reveals a intricacy, vibrancy, and most importantly a design of such wonder we will
never catch the full measure of. Since it’s God, Our Father’s Creation, we are all of us Our
Father’s Children.

How have you treated Our Father’s Children, Federal Agent of the United States Government?
How have you treated the society they’ve been brought up in? How have you personally
treated those of Our Father’s Children who don’t share your color, your culture, your
ideology, your class or income level?

And, having done what you’ve done in your life, how do you think Our Father will treat you
WHEN, and this is an ABSOLUTE, WHEN He gets his hands on you after your shot, worn out
body takes it’s last breath?

That WILL come, and it won’t matter how many church appearances you made, how many
fifty dollar bills you stuffed into the Salvation Army kettle on holidays, how many self-
congratulatory awards you get for your years of loyal service to the public(or in a way you
don’t realize, it will)…

…What will matter to Our Father is whether you helped out that woman the IRS is trying to
steal her home, business, and future over a tax mistake.

…Whether you disregarded personal danger in stopping the beast’s minions from pressuring a
desperate backwoods “undesirable” to sawing a inch of steel off a single barrel shotgun,
averting a frightening show of force by them.

…Whether you did your best-even if meant career suicide-in averting a massacre of women
and children by being simultaniously burnt alive and poison gassed to death.

…Whether you tried to warn agents, police officers, those in authority who still hold
themselves accountable to the People of a plot to stage a false flag terrorist operation-even if
you had to do a end run around the official channels and risk your very lives against the beast
if but to foil a plot to whip up yet another war started for false reasons.

…Whether you decided yourself to seek out those Americans still owning themselves, still
willing to gamble all they have like their ancestors have done for Freedom. Help them
however way you can, with training, advice, intel. To warn them when the beast decides to
wage the final offensive against those that would be Free, enact martial law and wage
another civil war in order to wipe out the last vestiges of Freedom… even with the approval of
all they’ve sucessfully enslaved.

That you did or did not these things and more, THAT is what will matter to Our Father. Your
Father who loves you and would love to see you STAND as a FREE MAN in common cause with
your Brothers and Sisters, even against the beast that runs this country and runs it into the
ground in a last, great effort to consolidate it’s control over us all.

You can be Free.

You can, standing with others intelligently, resist.

You, especially being a federal agent, can help slow the beast down, and together we could
slay it.



What do you really need to live and be happy? That half-million dollar plywood and sheet rock
millstone you and probably your kids will spend the rest of your days paying on? That huge,
honking SUV your spouse can barely handle in traffic? That collection of credit cards that
you’ll never pay off because you just gotta hit that mall for more crap made by slave labor
you’ll use maybe twice?

You’ve brown nosed to the beast for all that crap, it’s tainted with the blood and suffering of
innocent people.

Besides, being so craven and cowardly should be embarrassing to a big, strapping lawman.

Point is, no matter what choice you make you’re gonna lose something-you can keep serving
the beast and lose your Freedom, forever. Or, you can lose your fear-among them losing the
materialist chains of debt slavery that keep you dependant on the beast and it’s trinkets it
loans you for some mirage of happiness.

So if you’re committed to the Cause, it’s time to do a gut check. You can’t have freedom of
action if you’re tied down with debt payments and love of comfort. Truth is, your life is going
to get damn uncomfortable from here on out, no matter what choice you make, you might as
well make the choice that’ll guarantee a real future for your children.

You do have children, a spouse, right? You’ll have to have a big sit-down with the little debt
slaves-in-training and share your epiphany.

THEN, provided your loved one doesn’t speed dial their attorney to begin divorce proceedings
you get to figure out a plan to wean yourself of the false trappings of success you ignorantly

*Turn off the TV. All it does is lie and hustle for your money-after the government’s done
shaking you down. Soon you’ll discover you can actually think for yourselves, you’ll start
spending “quality time” with your family and you’ll see how things really are in America

*Sell the house. As of July, 2006 there’s still a housing market. SELL NOW!! Sell while there
are still buyers dumb enough to believe the hype on CNBC and FOX. Sell and rent a older
home in the country, where there will be some degree of safety when the preplanned
collapse is triggered.

*Get rid of the SUV if you haven’t paid it off. You’ll take a loss on it anyway, but the point is
to get out of debt and get out of gas hogs your 100lb wife or 300lb husband can’t handle. Get
a older car that’s reliable-it’s possible.

*Cut up the credit cards. Debt obligations masquerading as “cash on hand”. In fact, go cash
only for all, any purchases.

*Go out a hell of a lot less to eat. Find and patronize a organic food store, eat natural food,
drink non flouridated spring water and notice not only how much weight you lose, but also
how much healthier you feel, how better you can think, how less apathetic more free spirited
you are, and how much more cash you have in your pocket. Stock up on extra food in case of
something going to hell with the food supply.

*Find a way for your family to start becoming “self-employed”; under the table cash only
business. It’ll teach business and money handling skill that’ll benefit yours the rest of their
lives. Plus add another stream of cash flow or two.


You know that speech you gave to your family before you rescued yourselves from being debt
slaves? Give a condensed version to the next person you encounter-could be on the job. Could
be at a bar. Could be at the supermarket.

The Average American still looks up to authority figures, and to hear the unvarnished truth
from a Federal Agent about how things really are could wake some people up. Some-because
the educational and cultural programming of the sheeple by the beast is rock solid. Truth be
told, the average ‘murikan’s mind has been so debased, so miseducated, so devoid of
character or internal strength that they’ll mentally tune you out or change the subject.
Nobody likes being told their life’s been a fraud.

Some will listen; it’s up to you to help organize them into effective political and self-
defensive groups.


Standing alone is for the suicidal, the stupid, or the desperate. Acting together, with a plan
while doing your best to not be exposed works.

Get involved with citizens working intelligently with local politics, or start your own local
group. Plenty of issues to address.

Cover each others asses when the beast gets set to crush some more of your fellow citizens.


You know perfectly well that those people represent the best, most patriotic Americans left.
Sadly they are a handful, and need your help badly. Besides, WHEN the beast targets you…and
it will… you’re going to need some stone reliable folks to back you up.

Help the Militias infiltrate government positions with new members so that they can be a fifth
column-keeping in mind to keep these infiltrators off any “official” militia circles.

Help the Militias form front organizations. Why? To take over town and village governments,
start dismantling the beast at the local level-it’s where the fucker is most vulnerable while
we still have a multilevel representative form of government. When they build a working, real
world example of Freedom and use effective propaganda to spread the message, a thousand
more liberated towns will spring up.

I go into detail about this at



What the hell is this about-isn’t this a plan of action in the real world?

It is, and you and Our Father reuniting is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.

Men lie. They do it every day. Men ordained in religious doctrines made by men lie whether
they know it or not, because the religious doctrines they preach-propagandize actually-were
made by men. There’s a lot of power, money, control in religion. It’s a racket used by states
throughout history to corral, control the very thoughts and beliefs of Man.

Religions-especially Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, are contrary creations of different
teachings and doctrines by different people with contrary motives. Some actually wanted a
better world. Most just wanted loyal followers to enrich themselves with, to control, to use as
cannon fodder in the next war.

If the Universe was created-and it’s getting harder with each discovery to discount that-then
there’s a Creator.

A Creator of the Universe has to be by nature a intelligent and loving being because creativity
requires intelligence, love, and the catalyst of inspiration.

So if Our Father was inspired to create a sentient being-us-that could commune in spirit with
Him, has(in theory)intelligence, capable of love, can be inspired to do great and noble things-

To be murderers, of ourselves and Our Father’s Creation for the sake of some manmade paper
entity’s bottom line?

To enslave, when it is Human Desire given freely by Our Father to be Free, and at the same
time take it upon ourselves to personally guarantee other’s Freedom?

To stealing from others, including everything they’ve worked for their entire lives because
some bureaucrat decided that was appropriate for a hundred fifty dollars, federal reserve
notes that are worth less and less each year?
To regulating a person in every part of his and her life to the point where Freedom becomes
another vague word?

To subjecting the youth to life destroying state run “public schools” that take people full of
energy, creativity and curiosity and after 13 years of grinding down turn out brain dead
consumer slaves-‘murikans.

To use the holy ideals of Life, Freedom, the Pursuit of Happiness, a responsible
representative government as fig leaves for conquest, genocide, plundering, domination?

Our Father would NOT want that!

When YOU realize that, then and only then can you accept the example of Jesus as laid out in
the Gospels when encountering the bankers (moneychangers) and lawyers (pharisees)-they got
not one moment’s rest. Jesus wasn’t about pacifism, Jesus and Our Father were about
reacting in the strongest possible manner to tyrants and the other ilk that toadies to them.

When YOU realize that, and that the conclusion is only YOU can forge YOUR OWN
CONNECTION to Our Father, and that THAT is the path to your salvation…

…that only your actions count as only actions are worth anything in this world…

…that only by standing with others like minded in being awakened, aware, and willing to pay
the price for their Freedom…

…only then does Man have a chance of Salvation, for themselves and the world we’ve all
helped trash because of the evil of foolish, craven men and the demons of power and greed
that rule them.

How about you?

J. Croft

WARNING: The following is absolutely made up, it’s just some drunken ranting so you can just
go back to sleep Mr. and Mrs. ‘Murika. Chumps.
This happened a few years ago, right before we invaded and conquered Iraq. It was at a
stereotypical chain sports bar, in the middle of suburbia amid the great mass of Middle
America-“flyover country” to the person I had this bar conversation with.

I was on my computer, and… you ever get a feeling you should do something, go someplace?
I’m not talking the average notions that enter our noggins, I’m talking grab you by your very
soul and go do it right now, damnit!

I did there and then, and that compulsion was to hit this one bar. (1)

Now, I like hanging out at bars and drinking, having some food to soak up the beer so you’re
still good to go on the drive home afterward.(2) So this was looking to be a good ideal, cuz I
like hanging at this particular bar… it’s one of those chain bars but they have decently sized
drafts at decent prices and the food’s good (tasting) enough so I went.

I go in, hang at the bar and it’s in a horseshoe configuration. I go and sit: in the middle,sat
this howdy-doody redhead looking yuppie dude. I’m talking bowl cut redhead, a flaming rich
assed preppie with the gay gator shirt, shit-eating grin, texas drawl, y’all and he was so
obviously SLUMMING IT at my bar.

This person’s air… I got to comment on the “air”, the attitude people give off.

People have a presence that goes beyond the sum of posture, cleanliness, health, dress, the
look on their face; it’s the manifestation of their spirit. Their spirit that reflects the totality
of their lives; what they’ve experienced, learned, done.

And this cat’s presence… it was like watching a great white shark in a school of minnows… in
a rare moment of contentment with his appetite, yet perfectly capable of using a hundred
different means to literally destroy any one of us at that bar that night.

His beady gaze, his eyes: underneath the well-practiced joviality he had the eyes of a cobra.
This, in other words, was a man to reckon with in spite of the preppie frat boy image he
pumped out so hard.

And this dude was unusually outgoing, engaging. The dozen or so other dudes and one
withered up old bar skank-and especially myself-would say a few things, between beers and
eating watch the NASCAR. Or, zone out in thoughts about the half dozen or so things in our
small, ordinary lives, that crop up to the beat of Metallica and Pearl Jam.

But not the Texan. His voice booming he’d talk to anyone and everyone-this asshole’s some
kind of politician! Okay, he’s young so he’s some kind of aspiring politician-which is even
worse because everyone knows a aspiring politician has a whore’s morality with the hungry
ruthlessness of a crackhead… There’s a bit more to this though-his voice is familiar to me
somehow, I heard it before but I’m racking my beer-soaked brain trying to figure out where…
Anyway, this dude, first time at this bar, wants to get everyone involved in a big across the
bar conversation, manufacturing a social moment, and the first comment was on NASCAR.
Now me with a couple of drafts in me, I let it rip. I tell everyone “NASCAR is the redneck
golf.” (C’mon. It is, admit it; unless you’re actually DRIVING it’s a colossal waste of time.)

“Only way that “sport” could get my attention is if they mounted machine guns on their

That got Tex’s attention, which is what he wanted as politicians are attention junkies. He
mainly took offense at me using golf to rip on NASCAR. Being drunk-and a rifleman/patriot-
and not having the best of judgement I tell him that golf ranges are a waste and should be
made into rifle ranges.

Yes, in spite of the less that subtle sense this guy was dangerous, I shoot my mouth off.(A
tactical mistake, yes, revealing my politics so brazenly-but see, I was drinking at the time and
I’m typing this now so it’s all good.)

That ended that for a couple minutes, and some folks cleared out. I drank, ate my food,
listened to the metal, watching howdy-doodie charm the bar skank and the others. Most of
them cleared out.

“Hey, come over her and sit by me. I’ll buy you a beer.”

You’d do the same thing; amble on over and get that drink. So I went and dude spazes all of a


He said it in a outwardly stern voice-yet underneath there was a palpable sense of fear, like
he felt vulnerable... as vulnerable as any of us "common folk".

At this point out of the corner of my eye I see this Mr. Clean looking weightlifter in the tight
fitting white t-shirt rise, looking ready to do battle. He was obviously a Soldier, and a very
experienced one at that, and any battle with him wouldn’t have made him break a sweat.

Having left my gun at home(see note #1) anyway I could tell him the truth: uh, no, I say

“Good.” The political crack whore says. Mr. Clean sits back down and becomes irrelevant to
the rest of this completely fictional story, dude then throws down his politics in a
confrontational manner: “you support Israel don’t you?” Confronting me with a “you’d better
say the right damn thing” attitude.
Now I fucking lie: Yeah. Sure. I say. And here it hits me where I heard him before when he
introduces himself(3). Hits me like lightning when I realize I heard him on the radio!

(Tex was a caller at a popular talk show I at onetime listened to ‘til they showed their true
colors and stuck with the official line about 9/11. They had on this author who wrote a book
about two prominent politicians belonging to this secret society at this prestigious university.
Tex identified himself as a member-from a old political family dating back hundreds of years,
and with royal ancestry to boot. He talked about how when he was a kid, he broke into his
Granddad’s footlocker full of the crap their secret society used. Talked about how his
Granddad, who never was hostile to him beat Tex like he’s never been beat before or since.
He called in mainly to defend that power cult he was in, that everything wasn’t so
conspiritorial as the author was claiming. )

So: here was the reason I was so compelled to come to this particular bar on this particular
night. Embracing Destiny, I sit next to him, he orders me a beer having paid by credit card as
millions of brainwashed ‘murikans have been trained to do at 18% APR, and up.

Dude throws some flattery in my way, complimenting me about my leather jacket; then
makes a comment that styles repeat themselves, showing off a little of his extensive

He starts talking about his family; his was in politics since the Revolutionary War he states.
Feeling my cojones, wanting to test him a bit I ask a question to probe a conspiracy theory:
“So, you’re like royalty, aren’t you?”( Through my years of study I’ve found that there are a
few, interbred “royal” clans that really run this planet’s civilizations. ______ was I believe
one of those. Google “Illuminati families”)

Yeah, that tested him; he suddenly got uncomfortable on me, catching him off guard: he was
actually shaken, like I stumbled upon some vile family secret-and I bet I did.

“Uh, yeah.”

He talked about the coming second round of fighting with Iraq; about how his brother went
off to war(SUPPOSEDLY), and his parents laying out the plan for his life. Basically, he’d get
this symbolic post where his signature would be used for one of the many licenses the state
requires of you. Dude was in town because he had a swearing in ceremony 9 AM, so logically
one of his “regality” would want to get bombed to numb the obvious discomfort of dealing
with the commoners.

So, I thought, let’s ask him another penetrating question; this time about foreign policy. So I
ask him about the at that time Islamic Gold Dinar being pushed by the Malaysian President
Mahtahir as a trade substitute for the dollar. I also asked about Saddam Hussein’s attempt
before we invaded to lead a Muslim uprising in switching payment of crude oil to the euro.
“Well, you have to understand that the coming war is about keeping control of the oil.”
Understanding that America’s economic hegemony has been reduced by deliberate
surrendering of our economic infrastructure to the dollar being the universal reserve currency
backed by our military.

Dude then got nasty, suspicious and troubled I could ask such a question: “How did you find
this out?!”

Not thinking ahead enough, I told him the truth; got it off the internet.

“We’re gonna have to do something about that” he mutters in disgust. I mean, he actually
deflated a bit in a mix of disgust and anger. But being the political player he was, my boy
bounces right back to his practiced joviality.

We then talked about his political family (you’d know the name if I revealed it) and
aspirations of getting a congressional seat; his attitude was that it was as guaranteed to him
as a king’s crown would be to a prince. An attitude which totally disgusts me as this is
supposed to be a Republic.

So I press again: How about if someone runs against you?

“Doesn’t matter; I’d still win.” As certain as if we were talking about the sun rising

“But, what if he’s got money”-thinking of Ross Perot, perhaps the last real challenge to the
farce that is American politics.

“Doesn’t matter, we’d outspend him. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Thing about politicians like Tex is, they’re sociopathic in nature; they don’t give a damn
about what they do to folks, so long as they can retain power. Oh, they care if you threaten
to take their power away, so if they can’t shut you up they’ll bullshit you. Tex here now pulls
his lame ass psychological game, trying to make what he just admitted to seem as nothing.

“You’re too cynical.” He says, papering over the obvious admittance of corruption. “Have
faith in your government, and your leaders. Pay your taxes.”

It was then he gets around to asking about me. I tell him I invest, which seems a pleasant
surprise to him so, what do I invest in? I tell him silver(at the time it was below $6.00/0z)

“Worst possible investment you could make” Tex says, with the certainty he KNOWS that
market’s manipulated and supressed by friends and relations of his, in spite of that
commodity’s actual scarcity-and that if investment demand revives sufficiently it could and
will cause a disruption as supply would never catch up with demand.
This bar conversation was wrapping up; he was wrapping it up as he got the bartender’s
attention to cash out with his credit card. He makes this comment.

“Yep, in three to five years this is what we’ll be using instead of cash”.

(Can only be counting on the dollar being so devalued in the near future-much nearer now-
that a new currency is instituted. The federal reserve bank cartel’s not reporting m3 money
data anymore. A North American Union is quietly being forged and a new, unified currency
called the amero will come with it. Americans have been trained for years to use credit cards
instead of cash and increasingly, written checks. Do the math!)

I answer back: “Or live like Daniel Boone.”

(My forced out acknowledgement that such a evil scheme is all but unstoppable with the way
you chumps-yes you reading this-are. The only hope a Free Individual has is total separation
from the beast. Yes, my second tactical mistake of the night, and it helped him home in on
my political stance-but I’m still here typing this, so maybe I lucked out.)

So that ended my talk with the blueblood. He went on for a few minutes with the withered up
bar skank talking about how some judges were being punished because they were taking more
in kickbacks than they were “allowed”. I left.

I couldn’t take being in the fucker’s presence any longer. (3)

I drove home, the conversation the whole night imprinted in my memory as deep as 9/11-
including another conversation with a Army Ranger who basically was having a hard on about
the coming “war on terror” and how things were going to change in this country-how we’d
have to live with fewer rights. Something I vehemently disagreed with, but looking back see
that chump knew Americans better than I did. Knew the way things really are in this fraud of
a nation better than I did. Perhaps he was even on a mission to evaluate firsthand peoples
reaction to the 9/11 black op.

That’s for another time; what do I conclude?

First off, all those conspiracy books, reports-their warnings about how corrupt America is
were brought to stunning, horrid life to me. Confirmation that these traitors run the
government and they go along with a master plan in exchange for personal power. That they
own the political processes, and that it’s no wonder that even a billionaire outsider, a
patriotic populist like Ross Perot couldn’t win-had no chance of winning.

Second, that sitting next to Tex it also was revealed that these blueblood traitors are as
human, as frail, as mistake prone as you or I-and as fearful of the same things we are. That
being out in the public they’re no different as to strength and weakness as you or I. Draw your
own conclusion on that one.

Third, and this came later, that their power is not absolute. They’re not omnipotent, nor
invincible. They can be cornered. They can be surprised. They can be fooled. They could even
have what they’ve built turned on them if only people would wake up, realize what’s really
important and get activated.

Fourth, as much as the Patriot Movement has been thwarted, we ARE having a effect. That
people still struggle against the beast HAS slowed it down. If we could learn to exploit the
beast’s weaknesses: the Internet and local political offices in small towns capable of being
self-sufficient, and build a ground-up decentralized Freedom Movement it could have a
chance. A chance because not everyone in government serves the dark side. That if the
People could rise up and effectively challenge the beast on a national level, that that would
be the window of opportunity for them to show their true colors, make the moves that could
truly free America, and save this nation from it’s planned destruction.

Yet, like I stated in the beginning; this is a work of complete fiction, I’m making all of this up.
Draw your own conclusions.

(1)Curious, as I got that compelling urge in my heart to hit that bar that particular night, at
the same time I was also getting this thought that didn’t seem like it came from my own
head. That thought was to grab my gun and take it with me…, blasting dude in a public place
is a great way to scorching the rest of your life, and next time I shot that gun for the first
time it jammed up on me and I had to dump it at a gun show.

(2)When I was little, I nearly got killed by a DRUNK driver, and several years ago I came so
close you wouldn’t believe to getting run over by a DRUNKEN hick at a accident scene. That
CHECKPOINTS!! Fuck their insurance and seatbelt laws too.

(3)I still wonder if perhaps I should have had that gun, to shoot that traitor-but I realize then
I’d been caught, and his execution wouldn’t have sparked a Revolution, it would only result in
me spending the rest of my life tortured 24/7. No future. No chance, no hope of making
change in this rotten society.
MY 9/11

J. Croft

Waking up about 9:30 or so in the AM on September 11, 2001 I thought it’d be just another
day off:

Go back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

Eat, shower, get in my ride and cruise around town in the afternoon. Maybe see a movie.

Do some shopping, go out and drink in the evening.

…But sometimes you can’t get back to sleep. So I turned on the electronic narcotic that
manages to rob me of my time…

What I wound up turning on was the live news coverage that day. I stared at the TV, and my
first thought was “must be some kind of disaster movie. They’re spending a lot of money cuz
they got the World Trade Center on fire and everything-but why is it in broadcast news

Then it hit me that 9:30 in the morning’s a rather odd time to show a faux live drama… maybe
some programming executive was doing some way out of character experimenting.

THE N it hit me-this is really happening! A jet really did crash into the World Trade Center!

I start flipping through the channels: all the networks, both Foxnews and CNN, all the Turner
channels, MTV, CNBC-all were covering the crash.

Then the second plane hits.

This is an attack.

Has to be terrorists hijacking the airliners, yes.

Then news comes of the Pentagon getting hit.

The Pentagon? ! Wait a second, where the hell’s the Air Force?! They intercept small planes
going off course all the time, and they miss three hijacked airliners?

From the initial news accounts they came out of Boston and flew jagged, obviously off course
flight paths. Commercial jetliners aren’t exactly the fastest things in the air, and America’s
eastern seaboard’s dotted with not only SAC air bases, but Air Force tactical wings and the
National Guard squadrons as well…

…Where the hell were they? That was what was going through my mind as I watched the
World Trade Center and Pentagon burn.

I join my parents at their place, as one of the towers suddenly collapses-you’ve seen the
video. It was kind of like watching a rocket take off, only it’s form smoothly compresses and
disappears amid a violent explosion of dust and debris.

I pace back and forth, angry beyond belief we were being attacked.

Then my father, says something that helped me put it back into perspective:

“You’re angry aren’t you?”

Yes, I said. Oh yes.

“That’s what you’re supposed to feel.” To him, he saw this was a setup of colossal
proportions. Not thinking clearly at the moment I argued with him about the planes taking the
buildings down, as he in frustration shook his head, reminding me they found bombs in those

I went back to my place. Out of a useless, but primeval need I checked, made certain my
pistol and my military pattern semiautomatic rifle(of which I had been properly trained in it’s
use) were ready… but ready for what? Jihadists to roll through my town shooting up the
neighborhoods in drive-bys shouting “Allah Ackbar”?

So I watched television some more: just about the only channel not putting it’s spin on that
darkest day was Turner Classic Movies. That pox on God known as TBN was spinning it like it
was “prophetic”; I turned the channel before I did something stupid to the set, as I had just
gotten it for Saturnalia-er, x-mas.

It was coming out that there were 19 Arab hijackers that were responsible. 19 Arabs who
kamikaze the whole world into World War III. The teleprompter readers on all the networks
were all of a sudden introducing new buzzwords:

“War on Terror”

“New Normality-get used to it”

“Homeland Security”.
And the way they trotted those words out, it was like that too was scripted-

-Scripted?! This whole attack, scripted?! I had to get the hell outta the house. I couldn’t

So I drove, listened to the radio as they too were tripping over that day. Everywhere I went
there was this universal feeling of violation, of outrage, of wanting to go to war. Still had a
hard time thinking through the raw anger that was burning inside me, yet the clues were
jumbling around in my head. The absence of our trillion dollar air defenses, the reported
bombs by cops and firemen before the towers imploded like they were demolished(which they
were), the rollout of new slogans to help paradigm shift Americans thinking. The reports on
the internet that I was slowly recalling about shadowy deals with the Taliban that fell apart
about oil pipelines, about warnings of terrorist attacks scattered throughout the media.

Rolling on by the gas stations, seeing the long lines for gas-some stations were out. Hearing
reports of greedy gas stations jacking the prices all the way to 4 dollars a gallon(a outrageous
sum at the time).

It was too much, so I hit the bar to drink(the same bar I had inspiration to go to about a year
and a half later to have that talk with that traitor).

Everyone was in as much a state of disbelief and anger as I was. Everyone…

…Everyone except this short, stout, well built, buzzcut dude. I believe his name was Mike, but
it’s been five years, so who knows. He was actually grinning of all things, like this was fucking
x-mas for him!

Over beers, we talked.

I fingered him as being in the military-he stated he was a Army Ranger and that he’d be going
over to Afghanistan soon.

They were that certain? Or was his mission already planned before 9/11?

Yes he was excited, as he had been anticipating this himself.

I was cautious. I had my doubts-not only about the true nature of the events of that day, but
of our ability to win if we’re going into the Middle East and Central Asia-a place as far
removed from America’s ocean based power as you could imagine.

Didn’t even faze him: “Hell, we’re worse than the Germans! There’s nothing worse than
Americans pissed off!” Trying to work the pissed off patriot angle, all I saw was how
thoroughly the planning for WW III, how deep the brainwashing of our brothers, sisters, sons,
daughters, mothers and fathers, and friends in the military.
He went further: “We’re going to have to give up some rights, some Freedom in order to win
this”(the way he said it, it was like we’re loosing our Freedom no matter what kind of false
flag operation had to be executed)

“No way!” I shouted, “No way in hell the American People would accept such a thing!”

That traitor shrugged his shoulders, smiled at me, like he knew better about such things.

That was five years ago. Seeing how things have deteriorated, how the war in Iraq has been
proven a fraud, how average folks have rolled over for massa state when they grope their
wives and kids privates, how much more surveillance, how much more law we’re subject to…
well, he did know better about such things.

I left. I called my people alerting them to fill up their gas tanks fearing a shortage-which
didn’t come.

Over the next days, weeks I scoured the Internet; a whole lot of chest beating and flag waving
oh yes, but also a lot of numerological coincidences started coming out. There are a lot of
astrological and numerological “coincidences” that occur throughout human history, through
the design of America’s symbols, architecture. 9/11 was a day that had been in planning for a
VERY long time.

I had also been visiting, the website of the now self-exiled Mike Ruppert who had
participated in the fraud that was the drug war-busting street corner gangstas for drugs Bush,
Clinton and Ollie North smuggled in. He was one of the first on the internet to call bullshit on
the day’s events, at least as far as intent goes.

Over the years I read hundreds of internet reports on 9/11, printed out thousands of pages
documenting the vast, murderous fraud that the shadow government perpetrated. Same
shadow government that people get persecuted for if they talk about it-like if they were
talking about UFO’s or Santa Claus.

The mainstream culture has kept a lid on the 9/11 truth movement, kept the brain-deadened,
craven, materialism-enslaved, cowardly ‘murikans asleep. That movement has just about had
it’s day, and with the upcoming operations against Syria and Iran I suspect any leeway we’ll
have to seek out the truth and do something about it-peacefully-will evaporate when full
martial law is in effect and soldiers go door to door looking for those on that “red list”.

Stop looking for "leaders" to lead you out of the death spiral of this once great nation. Learn
to lead yourselves-at least get together some basics like stored food, firearms and training,
ammo, fuel. Better yet, move to a small community with a balanced locally self-sufficient
economy, water resources and hopefully locally generated electricity form a party and take
over the local government. Deconstruct the beast in your own backyard and become a
example of what Freedom is, so that others can be inspired and encouraged to do likewise.
Form militias to resist and repel the inevitable backlash that will come... this won't be the
start of a civil war because we've BEEN in one-it's just that nobody's fought back yet against
the beast that perpretrated 9/11.

J. Croft


Yes: I’m some (white)dude you’ve never heard of, and this is going to be a long read so you
can put this down, find out how “your” sports team did today… or you can make some quality
time if you’re sick enough of the way your life’s going to read this.

You’re sick of having so many enemies, and I’m not just talking about the cops and courts and
correctional facilities, or someone from a rival gang-that’s pretty much like you.

What I’m talking about is not only all of them, but your neighbors who some of you rob or
steal from, or otherwise terrorize.

I’m talking about every single stranger you run across; that working man or woman you’re
stalking right now, getting ready to strike to jack the few pitiful bucks they bust their asses
for every day. Every day: busting their asses, killing themselves just a little more, for only a
tiny percent of the EFFORT they put in to survive.

I’m talking about all the brain dead “middle class” ‘Murikans-trying to sustain that fleeting
consumerist mirage, that FRAUD known as the “American Dream”-who don’t question for a
second all the programming from the TV and government that paint you as a Threat… A
picture you reinforce when you actually victimize someone outside of your ghetto. That gets
you into even more trouble.

I’m talking about all the other po’ folk-cr*ckers, gre*sers, w*ps, m*cks, g*oks, kr*uts, n*ggers,
h*cks, bums, crackheads, chickenheads, pimps, fry cooks, mechanics, drivers, waitresses,
clerks, line workers… Who you’d seem to rather attack than, say for hypothetical example, all
the motherfucking lawyers who write the laws in “our” representative bodies, who sign them
into Law and then direct their bureaucratic stooges to enforce. Meanwhile, you and I are
forced to hire those same motherfucking lawyers to “defend” us in their motherfucking
courts-where they judge us all to whatever rules they want.

It’s not like there ain’t scarce-open up a fucking phone book!

YET, you got this Don Corleone/Scarface/ name-your-favorite-rapper-here fantasy that only
makes you a menace to those around you, all your Family, Friends, and any random person at
the wrong place at the wrong time. Ruthlessness wielded stupidly and I’m actually happy that
so many of you ignorant gangbangers get locked up so easily.

That’s right; I don’t care to being a target of your misplaced wrath. That’s what it is; you
can’t defeat the beast-the state, the corporate CEO’s and Directors, lawyers, banksters, and
all the useful idiot socialist change agents(1) and thugs.

You’d love to but you could never do it on your own. Too many cops itching to battle you. Yet
you feel that need to band together and stand, to hit at something, ANYTHING to reclaim
some of that pride, that humanity that being the Designated Urban Boogeyman and target of
hate has stripped from you… along with being deliberately trapped in a socioeconomic
hellhole you call the ghetto.

Most of you not completely crazy or otherwise hopeless yearn to be the Hero, yet settle for a
cheap imitation of a cartoonish hollywood ghetto anti-hero. We’ve all fallen short of who we
want to be. Certainly, even what we want to be falls short of what we need to be-which tells
you just how fucked we all are!

Really, we’re all fucked because we won’t hold personally accountable those who have stolen
our nation, our future, our very lives from us. We’re afraid of paying the price it would take-
the price of whatever comfort our sad little lives we can get-or allotted by our master, the
beast. The beast-that corporate/government amalgam of tyranny that pays out our slave
wages, loans us at 18% and up, that finances our retarded-as-fuck mall spending sprees for
shit that we don’t use or won’t last, owns the mortgages and car notes, bullshits us with their
“education” and “entertainment”.

We’d rather say “yas suh boss I’m on it, thanks fer not firing me yet”, than quit to free up the
time needed to prepare ourselves for the coming struggle-mentally with knowledge about
how to survive independently of the beast system, as in economic, cultural and political self-
reliance. Spiritually with a renewed connection to God Our Father so we remain strong in
heart and don’t falter. Physically with exercise, proper nutrition, practicing all means of self
and community defense.

We’d rather play fantasy football(?!)than take that time to study how we got to be slaves, and
who is personally responsible for perpetuating our slavery. How all the various groups, and
peoples have been turned against each other for profit and control. How Freedom and human
rights have been used by the beast to wave in our faces as it perpetrates crime after crime-all
the while slowly whittling away at Our Rights.

Not me, but a lot of you would rather take massah state’s enslaving handouts than reject this
theft from those just trying to get by with a job, and find a way to live outside of using
taxable incomes.

We’d rather buy new junk that’ll break down in a few years using debt than freeing ourselves
from that form of banker slavery, rejecting the call of the corporations to spend what little
scraps are thrown your way for the labor you give in return.

We’d rather suck down another chicken wing-grown in the filthiest conditions in corporate
farms, pumped full of antibiotics that will breed new strains of incurable bacteria, than eat
fresh locally grown food and cleanse our bodies. Not to mention keep our money local,
instead of some megacorporate traitor’s hands.

We’d rather zone out for hours flipping through about 200 channels of crap than do… damn
what couldn’t we do:

*Work out, get in shape. Lift weights, walk around the block. Learn some new fighting moves.
Learn how to be more self-reliant, survive.

*Spend time with those you love. Taking care of them, showing them what you learned, and
them doing likewise.

*Make a new friend, even somebody outside of the circles you’re used to running.

*Make peace with those you’ve wronged, or wronged you-not just because you’ll need each
other to survive in the coming years, but that we’re all in this together and if we don’t get
together we’ll all surely die separately. Alone. Helpless.

*Find out everything you can about the yuppie dork who runs your ward-the one with the
buttplug up his ass for turning your section of town into a open-air prison, with all the
security cameras, declaring you “terrorists” that have not even a pretense of rights.
Look: I’m coming at you straight. I’m not trying to sell you religion or a new studio-
manufactured artist, or a new pair of slave labor made sneakers you buy at 200 bucks because
LeBron James sells them. What I am doing, is trying to address the heart of the problem we
all face. That problem is we’ve been enslaved and the conditions of our slavery are about to
become much, much worse. Lethally worse.

See, Americans are the most psychologically programmed people in human history. We’re
programmed to associate anyone, anything waving Old Glory about as being patriotic, on their
side. The beast-big government getting bigger at our expense(and lives), but they shove the
flag in our faces and we shut the fuck up, remembering our programming about it supposedly
being “our” government. The beast-big corporations getting bigger off selling us slave labor
made crap as they steal our jobs…

…And anyway-what kind of deal is it to be a employee?! “Wage Slave” isn’t just slang-it’s

The corporation-the CEO’s Directors on the board and major stockholders get about 95% of
the fruits of your labor. They don’t have to own it, they just have to control it. Out of the
pitiful five percent(and that percentage is rapidly dwindling)massah CEO allots us, massah
state takes half of the rest through every tax it can throw at us without sparking revolt.

(Like that would happen with everyone dependent on their jobs to get by, because
entrepenurialism-having your own business-has been all but killed in this country, and done so
people are dependent on the beast. Hoping their job isn’t the next one shipped to China and
they wind up on the streets as homeless… being equivelant to being fucked in this country.)

No wonder people turn to stealing, selling the CIA’s drugs.

It’s all done with a purpose!

You gangbangers are socially engineered to be a part of that purpose.

See, to justify a police state, there must be a “threat”. Who better than the offspring of
fucked over blue collar workers trapped in inner city neighborhoods? When our common
enemies, the CEO’s, bureaucrats and professional lawyer/politicians decided to start shipping
your parents jobs-where as described above you get just a tiny percentage of the fruit of your
labors-to Mexicans for a tenth of what they paid your parents and grandparents. Make where
you live a economic dead zone. Throw in some class and racial bigotry by the
lawyer/politicians and police and gangs form as a means of self-defense(at first). Have
another, higher up branch of that government ship in drugs they make illegal, and enough
junk guns like Lorcins, TEC-9’s, and M-11’s and you’re ready to scare Mr. and Mrs. ‘Murka into
giving up more of ALL OF OUR FREEDOM… for a little blue lie of security.

More cameras are set up-the new models in England actually have loudspeakers so the
“operators” can shout down on you like Big Brother. It is Big Brother.

More psychotic, over testosteroned cops from lied to death blue collar conservative roots,
further mindfucked by their paramilitary training and their fetid little subculture. Who are
selected more for being able to blindly follow orders than to preserve life, liberty and justice.
Those three concepts are as quaint to today’s law enforcement officer as horse drawn

More enemies among the rest of America as you mindlessly, stupidly criminally lash out at
folks you ought to be making amends to, try to wake them up as to their slavery. Perhaps
even making some alliances-for survival sake.

More money for more prisons as your ranks are constantly culled from the streets, your
property seized. As the corporate prison industry gorges on all of our tax dollars you get to
spend decades caged; pumping iron, fighting over cell blocks and being degraded by forcibly
made into homosexual rapists. Meanwhile, the next generation that joins your gang don’t
know better because you’re locked up.

You’re tools. All of you. The beast has made a tidy profit off their socially engineered “War
on Crime”.

You can’t win. With all the viciousness the United States has bred into you, all the
government supplied cocaine that funds you, you’re isolated, divided, weak, actually inept at
combat if you’re willing to be honest.

Yet in spite of being tools you’re still potentially dangerous to the beast.


You band together. Not too many people in America outside of tight ethnic groups do that.
That alone is a threat to the beast that has systematically isolated, tamed, enslaved us. This
entire society is a form of opulent, open air prison; lots of distractions, plenty of food, a
illusion of Freedom and some flag waiving makes for a physically and spiritually soft people.
You can be traced anywhere-in large part because you’re trained to be traceable; from your
credit cards to your driver’s permits and plates.

Knowing that, it’s also important to know that there are “permitted” forms of “free
assembly” allowed and forms that are not as freely allowed. Gathering at sports events, bars,
malls, the beach-that’s okay because you’re merely involved in making massah CEO rich off
your too-hard earned for money. Gathering together for self defense, to make yourselves
money however you can in this shattered economy-that’s not allowed and you know it. In the
eyes of the beast and it’s appendages in the form of the state and the media dominated mass
culture, individual and collective self-defense is a cardinal sin.
You’re willing to defend yourselves. You have numbers, have (junk)guns and are willing to use
them(with no skill). This makes you a issue for the beast, but nothing it isn’t skilled at turning
for it’s own use. It has: you running around being a menace to your own does nothing but get
the sorry excuse that passes for the American People to allow more and more of, I’ll say it yet


Get it? As you are, you’re no threat to the very forces that have kept you down(and done a
good job of it). You are however, a threat to the very people who could support you, could
fill your ranks, could provide your entrepeneurs with legitimate cash flow that could be kept
in your communities, helping to revive your local economies-independently of massah
bankers. You’re only a threat to those outside your sorry ass hoods PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU
who you could unite with in common cause. There’s plenty of those; there’s a whole society
made of, by, and for the rich and connected, that locks the rest of us-all of us-out.

Your isolation may help give you strength and a image of being bad assed, but it makes you
vulnerable. When the state’s done using you as fear insturments to scare Mr. and Mrs.
America into giving up the last of their Freedom, using you to keep yourselves and your
communities down, they will wipe you out and grab a few cold ones.


According to the government, you’re terrorists now.

As if law enforcement and society don’t have enough incentives to go after you, the
department of homeland security lists you as terrorist threats… along with animal rights
activists, tax protestors and white bread militia members. The Military Commissions Act has
as I write this just been signed into Law. That means you’ll get the Jose Padilla treatment;
locked up indefinetely, with no contact with family or legal assistance, or receive even the
pretense of a trial that’s foisted as the justice system.

You can’t stand alone!

You’ve had that lesson burned into you growing up in the government engineered ghettos. Yet
even with the support of your gang you’re still alone. Your neighborhood’s afraid you’ll rob,
rape or kill them. You know damn well the government and it’s agents are counting the days
until martial law is declared and they can cut loose on you-strapping on the body armor,
hunting you down, M-16’s blazing! The rest of America would cheerfully greet their own
slavery, the loss of Freedom to take you Designated Urban Boogeymen out. Yet… and yet you
and your sorry ass rivals in other gangs are too busy fighting over C.I.A. supplied drugs, turf
and avenging each others dead to see how isolated you fools really are.

You won’t make it alone.
You can only steal so much from a community. You can only rely on your own numbers and
talents for so long if all goods run out because the gasoline’s gone. No power, no news, no
food or water-certainly no ammunition(not that you can hit anything you aim at). You can
only live isolated in your own group when the entire world’s arrayed against you. At best, you
go to prison or the cemetary, the shorties grow up just as ignorant as you, and the gang
remains to be a tool to scare Middle Class America into accepting slavery-FOR ALL OF US. At
best, because as you are you’re not much of a threat.


For starters, recognize who your real enemies are.

Who engineered urban ghettos in the first place? Joe Six Pack you’re about to jack? No.

I’ll tell you: it’s a pack of old Eastern Establishment rich. Violent, psychotic inbred bluebloods
who have so much money and power, they got nothing better to do than to create a global
slave state they like to call the “New World Order”. They have a number of “secret societies”
they belong to:

Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
Pilgrim’s Society
Any Yale Fraternity

Also with them are Neoconservatives and Zionists-utterly ruthless, elitist Jews, or not-Jews
who’s ancestors never lived in the Middle East, yet wage war by proxy to conquer. They even
went so far as to sacrifice their own people to the Nazis to help create political sympathy
points to take Palestine.

And somewhere in the shadows of Catholic Church are the Jesuits, who have their own plans
for a return of the Holy Roman Empire and the Inquisition. Sounds like some tin foil hat stuff
but it’s regrettably true; go to,,,,, and start reading.

They the elite that control the beast-government, banks, media, churches, military. All of it.
The “elite” use the lawyers in and out of public office to “evolve” the law to squeeze you.
Their never ending production of enslaving edicts are obeyed, ususally without question, by
the bureaucrats and the cops-who make us all obey them!

The “elite” are so powerful that over decades they can raise nations like the United States to
world dominance, then without a care build up other powerful nations through economics and
theft of military secrets like the ex-Soviet Union, China, India. So powerful they can keep
Americans deluded that their nation is still the greatest on Earth, when it’s economy has been
hollowed out by those crooks for profit and it takes all kinds of debt to sustain the illusion.
Debt owed to the very “elite” that plot daily to destroy us all.

And America, this fraudulant version will fall it’s only a matter of time. Everything’s so
centralized, so precariously interdependent, propped up by finance, so overstretched
militarily that a engineered collapse is certain to work. We’re just strong enough to wreck the
planet, but this nation will be expended and destroyed doing it. That’s the plan.

So, can you fight back? Now?

Between you gangbangers, the rural patriots, average folks trying to survive and the cops
running amok… by the time everyone’s spent their ammo, run out of food, become too sick to
fight THEN the “elite” will choose to ride in, offer their solution of permanent slavery and the
extinction of our future for staying alive.

Right now they’re plotting to bring about their “North American Union”; Mexico, Canada, and
the USA merged… picture Mexican squalor, maddeningly inefficient Canadian socialism but
without any pretense of Freedom. Picture hopping through endless bureaucratic hoops,
abused by cops at checkpoints every few blocks like you’re Palestinians and then having to
compete with Latino rednecks for dollar-er, Amero(new currency after they finish devaluating
the dollar into toilet paper)-a day slave work that maybe will either feed you or pay your

Who are these “elite” that have kept us all down and plan on finishing the job?

In America, they’re the Council on Foreign Relations-a evil three piece suit wearing think tank
that has been managing America for about a century now. Located at the Pratt House on 58 E.
68th Street, on the corner of Park Avenue in Manhatten-just so you know because their
lackeys obviously know where you live. Their members are in every position of power

Also, there’s a overlapping group known as the Bilderbergers-named after the European resort
they originally met at. They boast members from not only America but also Europe and Asia.
They meet yearly to set the agenda-want a reliable predictor of future events? Find out what
they talk about and you’ll know. usually has coverage of their agenda, as
does .

Remember finding out that both Bush and Kerry are members of Skull and Bones? It’s a rigged
game…. They like to have occultic initiation rites where they have gay sex with each other in
a crypt, rob graves of famous people and generally plot to use the stage managed left/right,
elephant and donkey show they call politics to form a dialectic problem-reaction-solution
toward their own brand of world domination. That when they’re not fucking their teenage

They in turn take their orders from a even more shadowy group known as the Pilgrims Society.
Only the richest of the rich-and all Presidents-belong. Their mission is to literally concentrate
all the world’s wealth into their hands. Since you’re probably reading this on the Internet go
to go into the archives and look up articles by Charles Savoie.

All of them are of a type; respectable looking, superficially charming but utterly ruthless.
Believe it or not I met one of them. has that encounter
under “Once upon a night at a bar, with a traitor”. Read it and know your enemy. Know how
arrogant, how overconfident, and how vulnerable they can be-hell anyone with a gun could
blow one of their brains out if he was willing to take Responsibility.

THESE are the people you should be directing your hate toward!

THESE are the people you need to be preparing to wage war against-not some futile shootout
with some rival gang who are just as fucked as you.

So, you agree that there are much bigger issues to combat than who dissed who or who’s
selling where? Think you’re ready right now to face the Long Struggle to reclaim your
Freedom? Not unless you do the following to prepare:


Do you have extra food, fuel, water filtration, tools, emergency generators for power? Noting
how perilous the times are is it wise to spend every dollar you make on bullshit when any
disruption could cause the supermarkets and gas stations to empty out in a couple days. A tire
garden can be set up. Greenhouses, hydroponics driven by solar panels and batteries-yes that
technology isn’t just for pot plants. That little old lady you stupidly terrorize might know how
to keep everyone alive WHEN the party stops in this country., have the survival info you’ll need.

Security-you have most of the resources for this already but right now you’re a threat to
those that can support you. You attack the people you as your community’s mindfucked
dogmen are supposed to defend. Anyway you’ll never be secure if your own people are the
enemy so start making amends. Don’t talk about it-just do it. Be respectful of others and
their property. Clean out your ranks of those who won’t see things clearly. Guard your elders,
your women, your children. Some of them might see the change, might even start doing
business with you-NOT DRUGS-but just about everything else.

Physical preparation-as a group you’re more fit than most Americans but a lot of you are still
out of shape, eat bad food. You know what you need to do; if you’re fat, eat less and do
more, if you’re weak pump some iron. Self discipline is actually a good thing-and this is from
someone who’s had a lifetime hatred of the word. Control yourselves and you can control
your fate.

Financial independence-a lot of you are entrepeneurs but the deliberately engineered
economic depression and racial apartheid of your ghettos needs to be overcome. Take some
of those profits off that C.I.A. crack you sell and use it positively. Go to for some
ideals. If you’re working a wage job it’s a nowhere proposition, find your gifts and milk them
for some cash. Those with money must finance those who need it if they’re able to carry out
their vision.

Inner city ghettos are highly dependent on outside power, fuel, food, sanitation. Attempts to
make inner city ghettos self-sufficient(free, really) have in the past met with fierce
government resistance. The early efforts of the Latin Kings to the recent shutdown by Los
Angeles government of the Compton agricultural co-op make independence impossible…
without seizing control of the local government.

So it’s time you found among you (or your neighborhood) loyal, attractive candidates that can
pass political smear fests with flying colors. Finance their election campaigns to your wards,
your school boards, your chief of police, city council. STAY THE FUCK IN THE BACKGROUND,
and man the phones, post flyers, help organize rallies. A well backed slate of candidates for
your local political offices could mean the beginning of you seizing back your destiny… isn’t
that why you joined your gang in the first place?

I recommend the book “How to win a local election”. Should be in your local bookstore.

With control of your local public offices you can begin to make laws you can live under. Being
“reformed”-actually using your unity and power you can help lead your people back to
freedom-and then make your community self sufficient. INTENSE pressure from state and
federal government will follow when your community rebels from the script of being a
disaster zone that breeds crime and slaves for the prison system. Interference from
bureaucrats, agents, state troopers, perhaps even intervention by military forces is possible,
so it’s very important that you coordinate your efforts with other communities around
because like the lone individual being easy pickings, isolated communities are vulnerable.

Things could get ugly. Far, far uglier than the Rodney King riots or Katrina.

You’ll need all the allies you can make before that day. Every person you meet you have to
start thinking “could he be at least an ally”? You’re not looking for friends or anything like
that, just new “business partners”. Deal honestly with them, and maybe they’ll even be good
enough to start spreading the word that there are some of you gangbangers, like (INSERT
YOUR NAME) that aren’t crazy, that can be dealt with like good folks. Not that everyone’s like
that; Americans are trained to fuck each other over for their own selfish goals but there’s a
surprising number of folks who won’t succumb to that cultural poison. And a lot of those are
willing to cross race and class lines imposed by our common enemies.
Most importantly, you’ll need true inner strength to carry you through the scary prospect of
Resisting the beast. Fortunately, Our Father hates the beast as well, but just as the devil
relies on minions a lot to screw things up, so God relies on those who know and hear the Voice
in their souls to do Justice. Unfortunately most of those claiming to be “born again” or
whatever don’t know or don’t care-they’re just fat, lazy cowardly ‘murkans with crosses. God
could get a lot more done to make our world Free and at peace if we’d stop looking for the
lie of a “rapture”and a easy ticket out of our Responsibility.

Responsibility-the price of Freedom. Our ancestors were all fools and put this nation on
political autopilot and got all caught up in that mirage known as the “American Dream”.
Those traitors that serve the beast took advantage of their short sightedness-you know the
rest. Freedom really does require eternal vigilence against not only politicians and police, but
businessmen and supposed holy men that steal your money for telling religious lies spouted by
liars long dead, but still useful for spiritually enslaving us.

The beast wants you to not resist, to just look out for yourselves until some supposed
“rapture” comes, but God demands everything you’ve got to offer in the struggle to free this
world. Any thing you can do-even something seemingly stupid-can and will help. God will find
a way to use it.

God’s gonna win this anyway, but we’ll all have it easier if YOU will do your part, help God
win this.

(1)CHANGE AGENT-College brainwashed fool put in a position to trick or otherwise hustle
everyone into giving up just a little bit of Freedom in exchange for some fraud that either
steals what little money they got or winds up taking even more Freedom.


J. Croft

What do you do that is so important that it keeps you from facing what’s wrong with America?

What the hell could be so fascinating about some billionaire owned sports club or some skank
celebrity that it keeps you glued to that electronic narcotic known as the TV set for hours at a
Is it that there’s so much wonderful sh!t on that it keeps you from finding out what’s really
going on-like how come cops nowadays are so psychotic they tazer and shoot children?!

How come voting Democrat isn’t cleaning up the government?! Or stopping inflation or the
continued disembowelment of America’s economy, or stopping the stage managed drug war?

Maybe it isn’t that American culture is so fascinating, maybe it’s just plain FEAR.

You’re not alone:

There’s a Working Family; Dad, Mom, maybe two or three Children. There’s love, but they’re
not together. They can’t be. Dad works the night shift at the auto plant-because his Dad got
him in and it was good money(relatively speaking)for a wage job. Yet Dad’s constantly
worrying not only about pleasing his demanding bosses, but about threats of wage cuts,
benefit cuts-kids gotta have braces and shots full of mercury and viruses, and other modern
day hustles like health insurance.

Mom works through the day, at a diner-dealing with all kinds of customers, the leering stares
of her boss sexually fantasizing about her… not that she’d be tempted by his slovenly greasy
ass. She hates her job, but she needs it, oh so badly, and that lecherous pervert she calls
“sir” knows it. Job performance is key; it’s a frantic pace serving the lunch rush and screw
ups wreck the whole rhythm of work flow. In the back of her mind Mom worries about her
kids, how much she and her husband haven’t been around for them.

Both FEAR that despite their best efforts they won’t be able to give their Children the
opportunity to go to college and raise themselves up in status-although that FEAR is never,
ever talked about since everybody KNOWS America is all about equality… unless you’re black
or latino, or some other kind of white trash.

There are millions of Americans, of all ages, ethnicities and cultures. They all get up at a
time they don’t want to, travel to a job they don’t care for. They endure a gauntlet of
stultifying work, horrible managers and bosses, and then commute back and forth hoping they
don’t get pulled over for going at the wrong speed or noticing their taillight’s broke because
they had to spend the money on rent or groceries or gas-the last two items the prices never
seem to fall! They come home and after that physical and mental ordeal they’re so drained
understanding how their nation and destiny have been systematically stolen is… just not

You think all these Americans don’t have the dread of their bosses deciding their job’s the
next to be outsourced to Chinese slave labor, and their paycheck-to-paycheck existence will
come to a end in a alleyway begging for change?

Yet, without much hope they set their alarm clocks to get up the next morning and do it all
over again.
There are thousands of otherwise decent folks who made the horrible lapse of judgement and
became government bureaucrats. Whether it’s for the pay or they perceived they were doing
society some good they went to college, took the requisite pol sci courses with the neo-
Marxist professors and whatnot. They passed their civil service exams. Then they found out
the real deal; they found themselves a part of the beast, the amalgamation of federal, state
and local government that through the tyranny of (supposedly) good intentions robs us all of
our money, our time, our wellbeing, our Lives and our very Freedom. They work with power
hungry little trolls, each of them brainwashed by their college professors to believing
themselves the “intelligentsia” the “elite”, each of them the king of their own anthill. They
work for a caste of neo-marxist administrators, career politicians-all lawyers, all traitors.

You think these Americans don’t live in constant FEAR that they serve the beast and it’s sole
purpose is to conquer and to consume and to destroy the futures of our nation, our planet and
every person it can? That all the purposely designed bureaucratic misery they and their kind
come down on each and every one of us-that somehow if they can’t stop it or even slow it
down they just might face judgment for their crimes one day?

Yet without much hope they get up each morning and pick their battles as best they can
without getting fed to the beast themselves.

There are millions of Americans, born in the backwoods, the trailer parks, the gutted out
factory and mining towns of what their-our common-enemies dub “flyover country”. Born
without, they struggle with hunger, with poor health, poor education. They struggle with
trying to make ends meet in a economic dead zone, that “American Dream” exported long
ago. Most of all they struggle with class and racial bigotry licensed by their enemies-our
enemies-through the culture and official government policy. America’s white n!ggers, the
peoples of the South and Appalachia, if they would wake up, shed their blind loyalties, their
blind hatreds perhaps they and the blacks and all the latinos exploited like slave labor could
forge a new America, truer to what we think this nation should be.

Except they still hang on to their delusions and prejudices, in FEAR that their lives truly are
that worthless, that the stereotypes are that true. Or even that they have always been and
always will be America’s white n!ggers.

Yet they get up at four in the morning, and get to the factories and coal mines and try to
make their bills.

There are hundreds, thousands of beautiful, talented men and women who every day attempt
to make their childhood dreams reality in the cesspool known as the entertainment industry.
Most are crushed in the attempt at penetrating what amounts to a racket that demands you
sell out-put out on the casting couch-to a ideology and a lifestyle that does great harm not
only to themselves but to the nation as they’re used as pawns for social engineering and
thought control. A few actually make it. Most don’t and either head back home to salvage
what’s left of their lives or use themselves up salving the pain of having their dreams crushed
with drugs. Some are in a hellish no man’s land of being one great project from success yet so
terrifyingly close to oblivion-and time is not on their side. They’ve made horrible mistakes or
twists of fate and they try to struggle on, but as much as their friends and family support
them those that run the entertainment industry treat them like plutonium… as if their
scandals and treasons don’t deserve the death penalty. They’d love to blow the lid on the
whole sordid thing but know their voice would never be heard.

You think these men and women don’t have their fears, and dread how inevitable they are?

Yet they go from one audition to another, not giving up, going for Greatness irregardless of
their past failure, the tragedy that hangs over their head like a sword.

There are Police Officers who stay true to their oaths to protect and uphold the Constitution.
These lone souls do their best to protect the People from not just the criminal element on the
streets, but the criminal element that has entrenched itself in positions of power. Daily they
walk a tightrope between doing what’s right and being able to do their jobs amidst the sneers
of those that love their jobs, love their power, love that no matter what happens to America
they’ll most likely keep their jobs as massah state’s overseers.

You think the brave cops that work in that enviroment don’t have moments of fear, of

Yet they strap their bulletproof vest and gun on every day and face their own mission

There are millions of Americans-probably a lot like you in some ways yet different. The
existence they live doesn’t have nearly the opportunity to work a 9 to 5 job for the reward of
maybe 5% of the effort they put into it. No, these Americans are stuck in economic and social
dead zones, trapped by poverty, lack of opportunity and culture. These Americans could just
say the hell with it and resign themselves to being without, being beaten or shot for the
crumb they struggled to get. Most do, but some don’t; they band together and however way
they can… even if it means hurting you… they struggle against their circumstance, against the
power structure oppressing them. All to even TRY to grab a peace of that American Dream
that’s promised on the TV.

You think these gangbangers, these criminals, these Designated Urban Boogeymen don’t have
their moments of despair, of FEAR it’s all futile?

Yet they get up every morning and do what they got to, against us, because the rest of us
ceded control of our Nation to those criminals in three piece suits that proclaimed themselves

There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who remember what that meant once.
Remember in their hearts and minds our history, our true purpose. Not to die with the most
toys but to help kindle the flame of Freedom, to be an example to the rest of Man to
emulate, to even improve on. They write, make videos, pass out flyers, get on the low
powered nearly unnoticed college radio station week after week. They wage a herculean
struggle against the socially engineered apathy, resignation, and most of all, the FEAR of
nearly everyone around them. Apathy enough to tune out the in-our-face treason, resigned
enough to settle for perhaps enjoying the weekend ball game as the sum of one’s purpose,
fearful enough to forget that together, united as one voice they still have the power to say

This collective psychological surrender is what those hundreds of thousands of Patriot
Americans struggle against. You think for one second they don’t reckon with the certain
knowledge that they’re playing with fire by speaking out? I know for a fact I struggle with that
FEAR of futility, of being brutally and permanetly silenced.

Yet, we still lay their hands on the keyboard. Grab the latest bunch of flyers, our camcorders,
sit by the mikes and at their assigned time thousands of people listen to them for the Truth,
hoping that they remain on the air, that they don’t burn out and quit, or worse be silenced by
massah state.


It rules our lives, our thoughts.

FEAR has shaped us, molded us into worker bees for massah corporation and massah state.
Molded us into overseers. Molded some of us into resisting being enslaved by massah by either
criminal activity or practically accepting a vow of poverty and a perpetual set of crosshairs on
our foreheads by assuming the lonely, despised title of Patriot.

FEAR is what most Americans grow up with. FEAR of being hit by Mom and Dad. FEAR of being
punished by those entrusted with what’s known as “education”. FEAR we’ll violate some
infraction and suffer the wrath of authority… which dovetails nicely into the slots massah
state and massah corporation had planned for us all along. FEAR that, if we’re not
“productive citizens” that not only will we not partake in the cruel, increasingly fleeting
mirage known as the er, “American Dream”, that we’ll even wind up as homeless, or common

FEAR of exclusion-which the homeless and common criminals face every day. Of being socially
exiled into a underclass in a nation trained by college “educated” social scientist to both
think in terms of class, status and at the same time hold oh so desperately onto the
mortgage, the no interest lease on the family land yacht, the slave labor made baubles that
once upon a time, fucking Americans made for themselves!

Yeah, if you’ve followed my writings at and now at I’ve written repeatedly and at
times excessive length about how enslaved we are.

Enslaved by a century of government and corporate policy in how we gain our sustenance,
how we shelter, clothe and feed ourselves. Enslaved by the opinions and thoughts of others
that out of deliberately engineered childish ignorance we adopt as our own because it came
out of that electronic narcotic, the TV.

Most of all, we’re enslaved by simple, craven FEAR. Animalistic, natural FEAR of being
dependent on a inherently evil system, of losing what little we’re permitted by it. And that
reaction is counted on by those social scientists that prostitute themselves to the beast, to
massah state and massah corporation.

We are owned by massah, slave-mind, body and soul. That is the root of your FEAR-that
you’re really a slave.

Well, you are. So am I.

We’re property; our birth certificates are filed with the goddamn federal department of

Massah state owns the land your mortgaged home sits on. Want to dispute that, try not paying
the rent-er, property tax for a single year. Try it and then you can experience just how
wonderful being dirty, hungry, cold and a constant target of thugs and thug cops is.

We have millions of miles worth of PUBLIC ROADS we paid taxes to create, yet we have to
apply to massah state for permission to use them with a car that they can revoke at any time.

We have a Constitutional Right to Bear Arms except where prohibited by law and by what

More and more places you can’t smoke. Social drinkers become the target of DUI law
racketeering that feeds back to the court, the prison system and the lobbyists that get a
piece of that action.

Nazi-ass “political correctness” chokes free debate-there are certain subjects that can get
you labeled a “racist” or “radical” or “kook”. You know which ones; like the FACTS about
9/11, or how many people really died in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, or
who really shot Kennedy. People have literally been imprisoned for saying the wrong thing.

Want to exercise your religion? Better be a minority because the nazi-assed ACLU will jump
down your throat for any “public displays” if you’re a mainstream Christian. Have a church?
That had better be registered by the internal revenue service if you want it tax free-and then
there’s “political activity” that you’re prohibited from engaging in.
You can forget about a fair trial even if the enemy doesn’t declare you a “terrorist” and
“rendition” you to a foreign country to be tortured.

All your other Constitutional Rights are simply not recognized by massah-and do you even
know what the hell they are?! When’s the last time you read YOUR Bill of Rights?

We have what’s bullshitted to us as a representative government yet most of these clowns are
related to each other by ancient bloodlines. It’s the truth: Google BURKE’S PEERAGE. They
certainly act like royalty spending our money and at the same time stealing our rights until
we’re now keeping quiet in honest fear we’ll be picked up on suspicion of terrorist activity.
And spend the rest of our lives being tortured for that suspicion.

You’re afraid all the above and a lot more are true, which is why you willfully hide from
facing the terror every day. Just keep working fo’ massahs an’ bide your time for the
weekend where you can hit the bar or watch the game or take that road trip or whatever else
nonsense you keep yourself occupied with to unwind while your nation-OUR NATION-is
systematically destroyed.

Guess what slave? Things will never, ever get better until you make up your mind to face your

Nothing of consequence to restore what’s been stolen from us will be gained until we are
willing to sacrifice our comfort, our very lives in order regain our Freedom.

That means facing our FEAR.

Funny thing about “fear”, it’s like a schoolyard bully; it’s a real menance, and looks like it’ll
crush your ass and go grab a six pack for all it’ll think of you. You face it down and give it a
good asskicking and it don’t come back.

Oh, the troubles will certainly still be there but it’s the FEAR that is the central pillar that
supports the structure of tyranny that keeps you and me enslaved. Yes massah state and
massah corporation are formidable but take away that central, supporting pillar of FEAR and
their whole house comes crashing down upon them. It’s just that massah’s still in business
because not enough people have faced their ingrained fear down.

How do you face down your FEAR?

Good question, because the answer’s different with every individual.

Some will FEAR having to change their views… okay a lot of people will. Fools of all ages,
vocations and colors hold onto their timeworn prejudices like family heirlooms. If you
consider your great grandpa’s ball and chain from slavery a priceless heirloom you could make
that argument.

For what? You really think, white people, that to keep hating blacks is going to lift you out of
your home grown third world hellhole called Appalachia? Or save your dying Middle America-
murdered by the same pack of blueblooded traitors that run our nation into the ground like
it’s a birthright?

You really think, black, that every white person’s a Klan member? You KNOW how fucked up
America is, the shafting that’s the real deal. You think blame all whiteys is going to lift you
out of the home grown third world hellhole called the inner city? Or save your dying dream of
making it in Middle America-murdered by the same pack of blueblooded traitors that run our
nation into the ground like it’s a birthright?

You really think, latino, that you’re going to pull off this “reconquista” daydream-or at least
get even from those greedy enough to exploit you for seven bucks a day(is it lower?) You
think-considering you pull off the impossible and make it past all the millions of Americans
who will fight you to the bitter end, and make a blood enemy for generations to come-that
this “Aztlan” is going to get you Freedom? Prosperity? Consider whose running the campaign;
all they want is a empire of their own so they too can exploit you for seven bucks a day.

See the hustle of race hatred? It’s perpetrated by the very people you’re taught-programmed-
to look up to. They try to frame America in the ideal of race or even to a safe point for them,
class. Those are lies-America is a IDEAL of Freedom brought into reality. Freedom is for
everyone and while THIS America has truly betrayed Freedom, has done it’s utmost to kill it
and get away with it, OUR America will rise again… or could if you’d get over your FEAR.

Maybe loss of your most cherished hatreds isn’t your problem… maybe it’s what you think you

Some will FEAR losing what they perceive as their friends. Americans make “friends” way too
easily so they don’t value people, just like they’re trained to not value anything else. What
you need to truly fear is not having anything you hold precious, that means something. What
in your miserable lives is worth more than living free in a land clean of toxicity, in a society
that upholds that Freedom?

Some will FEAR losing their jobs, their lifestyle-your lifestyle’s slavery! Wake the hell up and
know that the five percent of the fruits of your labors massah corporation kicks to you for all
your sweat and tears, government takes half, and your mortgage, car loan and credit cards
bills take the rest. All of it benefiting a few thousand way too rich old white men that control
the corporations, the government. What is it about being dependent on massah is more
attractive than freeing yourselves from their chains and learning how to sustain yourself and
work for yourself?

A whole lot will FEAR the time and effort it will take liberating yourself-it might mean missing
your favorite shows on TV. Thirty seconds into watching that damn thing your mind essentially
falls into a sleep-like state… so ask yourself what is it about allowing our enemies to literally
PROGRAM you that is worth more than taking time away from TV worship to waging a
peaceful revolution?

…While we still have a political system we can affect change with?

Some will FEAR losing what they reckon as their “freedom”. First off, you know you’re really
not Free; otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far! To massah state you’re sure as hell not
free to:

*work one’s profession
*bear arms in defense of one’s self and theirs
*conduct business
*buy or sell

without massah’s tax or license. Certainly not without the blessings of massah’s army of
bureaucrats and agents and thugs who exploit that we won’t stand for our rights. Certainly
not unite with others being oppressed like cr*ckers or n!ggers or b&aners who’s being crushed
by massah when they get uppity.

And certainly, everyone will FEAR losing their lives. Know this: your body’s genes will make
more mistakes than can be fixed and you’ll wear out, but you, your soul is eternal. Everyone’s
going to face death someday and the only cure for that is to have a purpose from God to set
things right. Again:


And no I’m not talking about that bucktooth douche Joel Osteen’s self indulgent me
generation pandering garbage. You people have had enough of being made to feel good. You
feel so good it’s killing you; everyone going through bankruptcy now, or are gonna, you think
they don’t regret not facing reality before the party ended?

Your party will end too. You know this, otherwise like I stated, you wouldn’t have read this

I’ll spell your purpose out to you: it’s to help reclaim the America we’ve all let go of for the
false promises that have made you a debt slave. That have made you forget one of the most
important lessons of history… you can’t count on your enemies to respect what’s yours. It
takes fire and spilled blood and inflicting unbearable tragedy and death to secure what’s
yours. And yes, that’s NOT a lesson taught in the state run publik skools and the
megacorporate owned media and cultural outlets. Teaching Freedom doesn’t make for good

Two centuries ago brave men, some of them rich, gave all to gain Freedom. I have some
examples here, cribbed from a favorite book of mine, Hologram of Liberty: Signers of the
Declaration of Independence…

FRANCIS LEWIS had his home burned and his wife tortured by the British for two years. She
died shortly after her release.

JOHN HART’S home was looted and burned, his ailing wife died and his 13 children scattered.
He eluded capture by sleeping in caves.

The 1,000 acre estate of LEWIS MORRIS was ransacked and burned. His home was destroyed,
his cattle butchered, and his family driven off.

RICHARD STOCKTON was imprison and repeatedly beaten at the brink of starvation. His home
was destroyed, his papers burned.

CARTER BRAXTON saw virtually every merchant ship he owned sunk or captured. He was
forced to sell off his land.

THOMAS NELSON, JR. led 3,000 Virginia militia against the British. Redcoats took refuge in his
own home, so he turned a cannon on it.

Doesn’t sound like you or me does it?

I’ll tell you the truth: the only difference between them and us is they realized that there are
Ideals worth fighting for that are more precious than their own loved ones lives. That to
struggle for a Future of their own design is worth more than all the gold, all the land and
businesses and ships and goods they could ever hope to acquire. has
some more philosophical thoughts about the greater need of humanity has to overcome one’s
own intolerable losses. Yes the struggle for Freedom will get this ugly.

Order Hologram of Liberty at learn how a pack of bankers and lawyers
hijacked the American Revolution-OUR Revolution and turned it into the beast we all struggle
with every day. Then order Boston’s Gun Bible.


Yes-a SMART, hopefully PEACEFUL Revolution but I’m not counting on our enemies to be
See, elements in government actually WANT a armed uprising of some kind after they’re done
using this country up to forge their “new world order”. Collapse the economy when the
Americans are no longer needed or wanted as consumers and soldiers.

Being without the knowhow to fight properly or even just to survive, millions will starve
helpless. Millions more will throw themselves blindly at government forces, guns at their hips
blazing away wasting ammo as the TV taught them that gosh, the good guys shot this way and
the bullets hit the bad guys why ain’t this work-ugh.

Millions more will toady up to their enslavers, now fully unveiled for the beasts they are
hoping for another piece of bread to fuel their starving bodies in another day of abject

Yes, millions will die when the financial props holding the corpse of America’s economy are
kicked out from under us… with all the factories gone, everyone a debt slave to keep up the
appearances of prosperity, our military stretched to a breaking point so it’ll destroy itself
destroying the rest of the planet… So that means learning some basic trades, like repair work,
metallurgy, agriculture. Google Lindsay’s Technical Books, spend a couple hundred bucks and
then find something that matches your temperment. Kurt Saxon also has some good info in his
Survivor series-order that at . Also, check out
for a lot more articles.

As for guns… violence will be unavoidable-it’s the enemy’s plan and sooner or later somebody
will snap and wage war on the government. At that point martial law plans will be
implemented and that hapless rebel will be used as a domestic Osama Bin Ladin-a straw man
to justify the government finally being honest in how much they hate us. All the patriots who
think just buying some gun show special SKS, some clips and taking their marksmanship
lessons from the TV set are going to be easy pickings for all the over testosteroned
psychopathic cops and agents massah state has been psyching up for decades… to take YOU

More fools tricked into thinking they’re superior for some stupid neo-marxist reason.

So if you want to stand a chance, learn how to shoot. Go to the Revolutionary
War Veterans Association. Keep the rhetoric to yourself and concentrate on learning how to
shoot. Then hit a gun show to buy unpapered(unregistered to the government) firearms and
ammo and TRAIN. SWAT shoots a thousand rounds a week in training-what’s your excuse, Real
World Denver on?

Make five quality friends that you can depend on with your life. Make them EARN your
friendship for a change-hopefully they’ll do likewise. Fast “friends” will become fast enemies
when everything is gone.
Get a mountain bike and extra chains and innertubes. The fuel will be cut off. Be prepared to
abandon your worldly goods and become a nomad to stay Free.

Stock up on hand tools, basic 19th and 20th century technical books, basic foodstuffs, seeds.
This society’s designed to implode easily so you’ll have to sustain yourselves. Get land near a
small town with adequete mix of goods and services well away from the highways and cities.
Start growing your own food.

Learn a basic trade or three or more. Survival won’t be the best hunter, trapper, or nut
gatherer it’ll be the person who can weld, machine, cook, repair, shoot or train others to do

Go for some road trips. Find some abandoned homes half collapsed, or some caves nobody
uses. It could be in the country on in some cracked out ‘hood. You might piss off massah and
will have to make a run for it.

Find a militia unit on the internet and train with them, learn. Do it now while you still can
associate relatively freely.

PROCESSED FOODS, EAT ORGANIC. Massah likes to put all sorts of poisons into us to make us
dull and lazy. Eating organic as God intended will clean you out-I speak from personal

Learn how your local government works, who runs it, and look for ways to take over.

I could go on all day but the Revolution must be a peaceful one if possible. Go to my blog,
look up Message to Mr. and Mrs. America, it’s my basic plan to retake our nation peacefully
through self reliance and team work in taking over government from the grassroots.

But the Revolution must first start in your heart. You must face down your faults, your
prejudices, your FEAR before you’re able to stand against the coming storm and be counted
as worthy of Freedom.

You can’t-you won’t-be able to stand unless you’re truly right with God.

Don’t’ roll your eyes I’m not talking about joining a church. In fact I say avoid them. They
preach lies and being IRS approved will get down on both knees for massah state.

No, your true church is in your heart, your soul. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within.

Ever take the time to just tune everything else out and just feel your heart?

Hint: that’s where Our Father lies. Take time, make some silence, or just cruise in your car
that’ll work and just listen.

Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be changing your diet, you’ll be exercising, stop watching TV.

You might even start figuring out your true talents, and what it would take to do what you’re
meant to do.

You might even stop working so much at massah corporation’s peon job-which’ll cut into your
shopping budget but you’ll be selling off all that crap you’ve accumulated as a salve.

You might even start challenging all those “authority figures” you’ve been trained to think
are good in spite of being so rough. You might start thinking “no they’re not overworked
they’re just assholes” and fight for your rights.

You might start going to websites like, and and start asking for advice on how to properly arm up. You might start hitting
all those evil gun shows, start looking for tables with prices with no cents or “private seller”
signs. You might start acquiring a couple good firearms like a FAL, HK-91 type, or M-14, a
dozen or more magazines, web gear to hold your mags, spare parts and all the cased surplus
.308 you can lay your hands on. And a good fighting scope and mount. You might sign up for
an Appleseed shoot and learn how to use your new purchase properly out to 500 yards(if not

You might actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You might start going to your
local city council meetings, and quickly becoming the local political hacks worst nightmare.
You might start raising awareness of others-not all at once because that didn’t work for you
either and the person who tried came off as a babbling kook… but only because you were so

No, you might start at points the average ignorant FEARFUL ‘murikan can relate to, like how
jobs have become America’s number two export(behind weapons and wars)and how illegals
are imported to further depress your slave wages. Then you might go into how corporations
are run and how the CEO’s and the Boards of Directors are also on other corporations and
subsidiaries Boards, revealing how all the corporations really do work in lockstep. gives a graphic Flash presentation.

You might go further next time you talk with your mark and talk about how those CEO’s are
all lawyers and not only that, of old line royal blood, and how their cousins and whatnot also
dominate national and state politics like it was their royal birthright. You might go on and
state with all that power that they control how these “royals” could NOT POSSIBLY REFUSE TO

You might start telling your new friend just how fearful he’s become-how fear has been
inoculated into his very psyche by the very centrally controlled American culture. How FEAR
controls him, rules him. Or her. You might even go so far as to state the only way to get rid of
your FEAR is to face it, with COURAGE-and that you’ve found the only source for that in a
nation of fearful sheep is by communing in a quiet place directly with God, Our Father.

You might make some new friends. Together, you might start training together as one of
those (gasp)UNDERGROUND militia units. You might start becoming active in your local town’s
politics; getting candidates for all the offices and aldermen. You might run on a platform of
radical reduction in taxes and revelation of your town's true finances with the Consolidated
Annual Financial Report which shows where your tax dollars truly go to make
more cash by investing in massah corporation(they and massah state truly are one and the
same!) That and ending corruption and firing bully cops.

You might win. You might actually keep your election promises and turn your town into a
example of Freedom. The People might actually become inspired, make pilgrimages to
breathe some Freedom into their starved souls, and inspired replicate what you’ve done in
their community.

You might be the one who starts a snowball of profound political change-a political revolution
of many individuals and parties working together to secure a common goal; the bottom-up
transformation of the American political structure to what the common folk of the First
American Revolution fought and died for-and had cruelly stolen from them by the ancestors of
the bankers and lawyers that have been laying siege to Our America for the past 220 years!

You might be able to do all that-but only if you will face your FEAR! Only with God given
COURAGE to say NO MORE! and be willing to sacrifice as our forefathers did will you and your
children have a chance to live Free.

If you’re on the internet here’s a quick test of how willing you are to struggle for your
Freedom; go to Edit, click SELECT ALL, then click COPY. Go to all your favorite message
boards and whatnot and PASTE this essay, or some other essays that inspire you. Or COPY and
PASTE the link from wherever you read this. Or, if this doesn’t quite do the job PLEASE write
something that will! I don’t write these essays for myself, but for the hope that people will
learn to overcome their FEAR. That everyone will in their own way lead themselves and us all
to Freedom.

J. Croft


The Photo above is from a Durham, NC SWAT raid of a "suspected" crack house. 
No drugs were found yet the police treated the incident as a "success"; because a "message" 
was put out that such activity "won't be tolerated". 
So, is "sending a message out" worth THIS?!! 
Your answer should tell you just how conditioned by the beast you are to your SLAVERY 
J. Croft 
J. Croft 
ATTENTION: This is NOT a “anti‐semetic” essay. I am NOT condoning the extermination of any 
group of people. That kind of thinking is what’s caused so much bloodshed, so much misery for 
the human race throughout our tragic history. Especially for the Jews, who have been targeted 
more than any other people in human history. However, I feel its time for me to address the 
issues surrounding you, the Jew. 
This is a topic I’ve been trying to avoid. I’ve been trying to avoid writing to you because I’ve had 
some ambivalent feelings about criticizing you and your People. Partly due to residual 
conditioning from growing up a Fundamentalist Christian praying for the apocalypse. Partly 
because of the nazi tactics some of your People like to use, but mainly because I had doubts 
and questions about issues pertaining to your People. 
The doubts are gone now. 
I had doubts as to why you were targeted throughout history; as a Fundamentalist Christian I 
bought the doctrinal line that Satan was persecuting you and God was judging you for 
murdering Jesus‐yet I was to pray for you because you were the “Chosen People”. 
Truth is, there’s nothing special about you, nor anyone else; the doctrine of a group of people 
being superior to any other is the flip side of the equally misguided belief that other people 
need to be exterminated because they are inferior… yet both idiocies bring the same outcome. 
The fact is, it’s your religion’s doctrine of being so separate, of being God’s Chosen People and 
the ruthless survival tactics so ingrained into your religion and culture that, yes, preserved it, 
but have also brought your People so much calamity throughout history: 
*Ruthless business some of you practice towards “goy” outsiders while giving special deals and 
perks to your own. A racial and religious cronyism the elites among you carry way too far 
without check. 
*Willingness to go along and help tyrants crush hapless peoples throughout history so long as a 
few of you can gain power‐even at the expense of the rest of you. And you go along with it. 
*Willingness to go along with the deception that all of you are actually descended from 
Abraham. Most of you look nothing like a Semitic would, you came from what’s now the 
Ukraine and Southern Russia‐the one time Khazar Empire. You lost it to the Mongols when they 
swept westward across the Russian Steppe. 
*Willingness to go along with jawdropping ruthlessness when it comes to silencing those that 
merely question the Holocaust. I’m not talking about some toothless, tweaked out skinheads, 
I’m talking about kidnapping Ernst Zundel from America, extraditing him to Canada and then 
Germany and going so far as to arrest his lawyers for simply acting in defense.  
(The man’s a lifelong pacifist. A lot like your Parents were when the Zionists ordered them to 
econmically boycott Germany, and when the Nazis came to power the Zionists got the British 
and Americans to deny you refuge. Made your pacifist Parents a easy mark for the SS to round 
I’m talking about David Irving, who expressed doubts as to merely the number of your People 
who died in the Holocaust‐in 1989… yet he got THREE YEARS IN PRISON for that speech! That 
man’s a scholar! I thought with your history your People would have a bit more tact, sensibility 
and sensitivity about coming off as hypocrites.  
*You even let your leaders push through “hate speech crime” legislation that destroys Free 
Speech… a crucial aspect of living in a Free Society‐which explains Zundel and Irving. And not 
living in a Free Society, with checks and balances, puts you the Jew in particular danger because 
of your culture’s ingrained aptitude for academics, and achieving success in a power structure 
already having a heavy demographic loading of your People. 
The danger is when the People your people take advantage of have had too much. 
Think that’s impossible in America? 
As a recovered Fundamentalist Christian I was taught to revere you almost to the status of God, 
because according to people like Hal Lindsay, Pat Robertson, and Tim LaHaye being on your side 
was like being on God’s side. I’m certain that as a Jew you view such bloodthirstiness for the 
apocalypse as horrifying as you would, say, the rebirth of Nazism in Germany. Or it’s institution 
in America.  
I say recovered because I saw the fundamental contradictions in Fundamentalist doctrine. 
You’re not gods, you’re people‐deeply flawed in your own ways like any other. Yet you’re 
revered‐are made out to be revered by your elites and the Zionist jackals that have hijacked 
Christianity and turned it into a adjuct of the ADL.  
So, doubts out of the way here are my questions: 
Your People in Israel are committing ethnic cleansing and a slow genocide. Bad enough 
Palestinians had their lands stolen from them at gunpoint. Bad enough their Arab “brothers” 
give them only token support. Bad enough Palestinians are untermensch in Israel‐remember 
THAT derogatory term? 
Your People in Israel however, aren’t content with such measures. Your People have 
transformed Palestinian towns and villages into high security prisons, steal the very land 
needed to grow their food, steal their water. Your People, acting as soldiers continually disrupt 
their lives with checkpoints, roadblocks, detaining whole groups for hours. 
Use them for target practice. CHILDREN are being murdered by Your People. 
You say “they want to drive us into the sea”‐DUH! Your People stole their land! They had roots 
thousands of years old‐more than a few probably had ancestors who were real Hebrews! 
You say “this is the land of our forefathers and Abraham”. Look in the mirror lately? Do you 
look anything like someone from the Middle East? 
Abraham was a Sumerian; black hair, olive skin‐essentially an Arab, a Palestinian. Most of your 
People, and you if you don’t look like a Arab, are descended from the Khazars. Khazars look 
nothing like Semitic peoples, never set their feet on the Holy Land until the Zionists played 
power politics and help instigate two world wars to create Israel. Khazars were converted to 
Judaism in the dark ages by royal decree. You’re a Thirteenth Tribe per the title of the book by 
Alan Koestler. You and your People are committing fraud by claiming otherwise. 
At least some of you justify such fraud, such murderous activities under religious guise. I’m 
talking about your Talmud. In that book written by your Pharisees is justification for conduct 
that would make the Nazis shudder. Dwell on that. 
Yes, your People were singled out because of the actions of your Elite Zionists whom you did 
little if anything to check‐rejecting deals with Nazis to get your People deported while you 
languished in work camps. Be that as it may, how come your People’s accounts can be 
disproved, even sixty years later? 
How come Dr. Fred Leuchter, a highly respected forensic pathologist and expert on executions 
went to Auschwitz; he concluded the facilities there could not and were not used for gassing? 
Your Zionists got him banned from Germany for his findings! 
How come Auschwitz and similar “death camps” were really concentration camps used as 
factories to produce weapons, munitions and other war materials? Weapons?! And yet the only 
recorded revolt against the concentration camps was at Sobibor, which had a high percentage 
of Russian POW’s.  
Even curators at Holocaust museums regard the whole gas chamber deal as a hoax. 
There were NUMEROUS Red Cross visits to the concentration camps; any attempt to mask a 
genocide would be readily apparent by comparing visits. 
And the number of Jews who died is debatable; the “six million” figure is a impossibility given 
statistics, the nature of the camps and the numbers of Jews who emigrated to Palestine. 
Perhaps a million‐and a lot of that was by starvation and disease due to lack of food and 
medicine because of disruption of the German rail network by Allied bombing. 
Zionists orchestrated economic boycotts of Germany when the Nazis took power. That would 
be expected but not the same Zionists having their political activities tolerated. Nor finding out 
your Zionists orchestrated America entering World War One in exchange for the British Empire 
to lay the foundation for the future state of Israel.  
But back to the 1930’s; Germans remembered the 1918 revolution. They too had a high 
percentage of your People dominating law, culture, financial institutions, and a high percentage 
of smaller businesses. Yes your People do work harder to gain success but your elites don’t 
know when to quit and felt they could grind Germans into submission. To be denied foreign 
markets in a country dependant on sales of exports for it’s manufactured goods was bad 
enough, but to endure the shady practices a lot of your People by a lifetime of Jewish 
conditioning inflicted‐especially the richest‐was too much. Your People’s greed made the Nazis 
job of gaining power that much easier‐and we’re talking Germans here, you know they’re some 
of the most docile, decent, obedient people on Earth! They took your People in after surviving 
the pogroms in Poland and Russia!  
And yes, most of your People work hard just like any other., but in desperate times being found 
guilty by association is a very hard thing to avoid. You can thank your Zionist elite for leading 
you to you and your parents trials but undeniably, you may want to take a hard look at how 
you’re raised, what you believe in. What paths your leaders take you and your people. 
(I have to repeat this: did you know that most of the death toll from the concentration camps 
came at the END of the Second World War‐when American and British bomber raids had 
destroyed Germany’s rail network, effectively cutting off precious food and medicine to the 
camps? So it could be argued that America and the British Empire were the co‐perpretrators of 
the Holocaust.) 
As stated, your culture and religion make at least some of you too ruthless and too powerful for 
a People to endure. I’ll use my country’s example; your People dominate our culture, our 
politics, our economy and far too many of them have an agenda that’s brought my nation to 
the brink of collapse and self‐destruction. Mostly for lining their own pockets like any honest 
parasite, but also to expand their domination. 
*Hollywood movies have a secular, liberal, Jewish outlook that corrodes the family‐the basic 
building block of a healthy society. Instead the state is glorified and it’s portrayal is grossly 
*Political Correctness is a way to silence opposition by making everyone afraid to speak 
honestly, regardless of the truth of their statements which could be readily proven or disproven 
in a open, free exchange of ideals. For example, someone criticizes Israeli snipers for blasting 
little Palestinian kids in the head and your Zionists slap the P.C. slur “anti‐semite” faster than a 
quickdraw shooter. 
*Bush’s Cabinet is absolutely dominated by Zionist Jews and sycophantic Neoconservatives who 
make certain Israel has all the political, economic and military support it needs to keep the 
Palestinians crushed and the rest of the Arab World under threat of nuclear annihilation. They 
do this and find a way to funnel the public moneys spent into private corporations they control 
and make war profiteering a art form. 
That’s America. In Germany, your elites got so greedy they caused and excasperbated a brutal 
depression that brought the Nazis to power.  
In Russia, your elites made and directed the Communists to power and in the subsequent 
decades after the 1917 revolution burned thousands of Orthodox Christian churches, murdered 
millions of small farm owners, attempted the genocide of the Ukranian People… yet not one 
Synagogue was touched. Criticism of Jews was punishable by death‐perhaps because all the 
ringleaders of the Bolsheviks were actually elitist Zionist Jews themselves… the kind your 
People have always been neglectful of keeping in check. 
The Poles once upon a time tried to exterminate you because your elites worked for their lords 
and other inbred royalty and ruthlessly collected debts and evicted peasants from their farms. 
Every society from the Romans, to the French, to the English, to the Hungarians, Poles, 
Russians, Germans, Spanish‐have kicked you out because you won’t police your own People 
from going too far and endangering all of you with a brutal backlash. 
If enough people tell you you’re an asshole it’s not them persecuting you‐it’s you being an 
asshole in the first place. 
Americans are the most warmongering people in history‐we make the Germans, Russians and 
Mongols pale in comparison. Proven fact. White, Black, Latino, Asian, Native‐it’s our culture 
that shapes us… or rather, your People trying to shape our culture, government and financial 
institutions to do the Zionists bidding and keep us stupid and docile. Your People’s culture war 
isn’t working well enough I’m here to report. 
Americans ARE getting fed up with all the hustles, the scams, the fraud, racketeering, thefts, 
and murders done in OUR name. Crimes often perpretrated by YOUR elites‐who you’ve 
historically failed to keep in check. And Morris Dee isn’t going to get all the guns confiscated out 
of our hands, not before enough of us are pushed too far and react.  
And if you know your history, Americans don’t react in a good way to being pushed too far. Our 
people invented nuclear warfare, we’ve committed slavery, genocide. You let Your People(and 
you know exactly whom I refer to)you let them push our backs against the wall and all that 
middle class Ozzie and Harriet conditioning will slip away and you’ll see savagery the likes 
you’ve never seen. 
And we’ll be looking for people to blame, to hold responsible for what we’ve all lost. We’ll be 
noting just how privileged Israel’s been to our public servants. We’ll be noting how many 
KHAZARS are in positions of power. A lot of us, when that day of revolt comes and it will, might 
confuse Saul the Bank Manager for Wolf Blitzer, or Eli the Plumber for Michael Chertoff. Or 
maybe some of us just won’t give a fuck and bust in your door and steal your possessions and 
string you up… even if you really are a plumber or a chef or a mechanic. 
Sounds like a skinhead fantasy doesn’t it? Well, you’re helping to bring this about. What are you 
going to do about it? What are you going to do to help bring the criminals among your People 
to Justice so as to prevent an American Pogrom against you all? 
1.)You have to do something about yourself. 
Stop being such a follower, so quiet in the face of your leaders criminality. You must make it 
loud and plain that you do not condone lies, oppression, theft and murder. If you’re a moral 
person then you must make your morality as un P.C. plain as possible. 
Be honest and fair and consistent in everything you say and do. Be the counter example of the 
Zionists, the REAL Neonazis at the ADL and AIPAC who think nothing of murder and destroying 
our Freedom for power only for themselves. 
Grow a sense of humor about the skinheads and other neo‐Nazis. They glorify a dead, failed 
political movement and do it in a manner befitting a pack of ignorant losers. Next time all ten of 
them march in public square calling for a national socialist revolution and shipping you off to 
concentration camps(and they exist in America today), ask them how they can afford to take off 
from work to march when the lot rent on their trailer’s due? 
I would also suggest asking yourself some hard questions about the Torah and Talmud. Ask 
yourself is murdering other peoples for their land and enslaving the survivors what you believe 
in as well?  
2.)Furthermore, you have to persuade others to stop supporting Zionists and promoters of lies 
in your People’s name. Every time you stay silent as the Neoconservatives and the Israeli 
government act like Nazi wannabes you tacitly support their evil. You must lend your voices and 
support to people and organizations that oppose Zionist imperialism by America and Israel, 
oppose the Freedom destroying doctrine of political correctness and any notion that Jews are 
superior to any other People. 
3.)About the Talmud: you must openly repudiate its racist, anti‐human doctrines. If I a former 
Fundamentalist Christian can repudiate the fantasy of a “rapture”(invented by a Zionist by the 
way) that involves the blood sacrifice of 99% of the human race so I could have a mansion made 
of gold forever, then you can reject the doctrines that 99% of the human race are “goy” cattle 
fit only for exploitation and/or destruction. Really, the Talmud’s more racist than Mein Kampf! 
4.)Be an asset to your community. To risk painting a broad brush, Jews do know how to survive, 
how to run businesses, how to ingratiate yourselves into positions of power, how to persuade. 
Average Americans need such skills in order to survive what’s coming. 
Your town could use some new leadership. Help organize a emergency recall election to sweep 
your community of the professional politicians and parasites that have made living in America 
hell. Take over one single community and rewrite all the laws and cut taxes and you’ll have a 
beacon of Freedom that will be a Revolutionary example to your surrounding communities. 
They do likewise and you get control back of the county government and Sheriff‐who is the 
highest law enforcement official in the country… even federal agents have to ask permission 
from the Sheriff to operate in “his county”.  
Be a part of the solution and you won’t have the wholesale scapegoating of Jews in America like 
what happened in Nazi Germany. That’s including you of course.  
We’re all going to have to come together when the hammer’s dropped on the fantasy that is 
Modern America‐a potemkin prosperity created by debt slavery, militarism, and greed. Really, 
the country’s been in decline for decades now, and pretty soon all of us not of the elite or their 
toadies are going to be homeless or starving or fighting to survive. That includes you and a lot 
of scapegoating’s going to go on so make yourself obvious by who’s side you’re on. 
J. Croft 
I’d like to show you what I’m doing about those of your People you can’t or won’t control so for 
all the Palestinians out there reading this I’d like to present to you the Palestinian Guide to Rifle 
Marksmanship. I assure you in the coming years we’re all going to be considered as Palestinians 
by the “elite”‐including Jews. 
Pistols are only for close in, and are meant to help you fight to your rifle should you be dumb 
enough to go without it. 
Aimed rifle fire is still surprisingly effective in this age of guided missiles and precision guided 
bombs. In Afghanistan the Mujahideen would open fire with Mausers and Enfields at up to 600 
meters at a Soviet convoy. The Soviets would dismount and charge up at the Afghan 
sharpshooters‐men with a lifetime of shooting behind them. They’d try to assault up to within 
AK range and then more Mujahedeen would use AK’s and bombs close up and not being able to 
react effectively would be taken out. 
AK‐47’s are as common as sand in your part of the world, but they don’t make the best rifle 
*inconsistent ammunition produces wildly varying bullet trajectories and thus degraded 
consistency, which is the key to accuracy. 
*the AK‐47’s sight plane, the distance between front and rear sights, is a mere 14 inches and is 
therefore more unforgiving of improper shooting technique than say a FAL or G3. 
FAL fires a larger 7.62x51 round but the FAL malfunctions under desert conditions, as you may 
know. Still, it can be used at much greater range than the AK‐47. 
M14 uses the same round as the FAL but is much better in the desert. M1 Garands may be 
around. They’re in a longer .30‐06 round and use a en bloc clip, but it’s sights are made for 
longer range aimed fire. It’s front sight is the same width as a soldier at battle sight zero‐it can 
readily be used as a rangefinder to determine being able to shoot without adjusting for 
Any other rifle’s front sight could be used for such a task, but it’s front sight width won’t 
correspond to it’s battle sight zero as a M1/14. 
G3 is the most rugged but it’s recoil is brutal. It’s ergonomics leave much to be desired. 
M‐16 is accurate, but fires a 5.56mm round. It’s also fragile and it’s operating system requires 
more maintenance than other rifles. 
A good cheap rifle would be a old Enfield or Mauser. They were made to be shot accurately, 
ammo should still be available somewhere, with the rilfes. They don’t shoot as fast as a FAL or 
AK but they’ll shoot. 
Rifles are made to be aimed, not pointed in a general direction like a oversized pistol and pray 
to God to guide the bullets. 
You can do that yourself. Hold your rifle; notice your sights?  
Put the buttplate of your rifle on the meat of your shoulder. If it has a folding stock extend it 
Raise the barrel up, put your front sight post onto target. Lead a little if the targets moving, and 
at longer range. 
Align your rear sight with the front sight. 
Focus on your front sight. 
Breath in, exhale partly, hold your breath briefly. 
While keeping your front sight on target at the same time squeeze your trigger finger.  
Keep your eyes open, on target, let the weapon’s firing be a surprise while keeping your sights 
on target. This is follow through. 
Do this every time you aim and shoot. 
Use your rifles for combat and sighting in. Train with airguns, like a spring airgun. BB’s are much 
cheaper than ammuntion. 
Train everyone in the use of rifles‐men, women, children. Shoot regularly and often and you’ll 
not only expand the size of your militia(basically your entire community)but you’ll greatly 
increase it’s effectiveness.  
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Once upon a time in America, the police officer was a part of the community. An agent of the 
state, yet a cop had more allegiance to his fellow citizens than to the bureaucrats and career 
Times have changed‐been changed‐by a elitist political, economic and social movement that 
seeks to destroy the America we still hold dear in our hearts and transform it into part of a neo‐
communist empire. I say neo‐communist because the policies the government pursues come 
straight out of the ten planks of communism(1) The state is supreme, and since these TRAITORS 
are imbedded within the state they get to control that supreme state.  
A key component is control of the guns‐force. Can’t get people who’d resist having their homes 
stolen from them for nonpayment of property taxes without force.  
Can’t tax people via meticulous monitoring of their daily driving performance without force. 
Can’t stop people from organizing resistance to being oppressed without force. 
Can’t protect the state from the people without force. 
Can’t enforce all the edicts from the bureaucrats and politicians and judges without force. 
Get the picture people? Despite your personal relationship with certain cops the police are not 
and never have been on our side; police forces are standing armies trained to “keep the peace”. 
Their “peace” is YOUR SUBMISSION! And they are lavishly equipped for the job: 
*A vast, ever expanding legal code designed to entrap the people and give the state’s agents 
the license to steal from them and kill them. 
*Weapons‐from aluminum nightsticks, pepper spray, TASERS, and handguns to assault rifles, 
sniper rifles up to .50 caliber, high explosives, armored fighting vehicles, even military aircraft. A 
standing army indeed. 
*A subculture that’s kept insulated from the mainstream, a cult of authority and power that 
never ceases to glory in it’s affectations of self‐righteousness, it’s prowess against ignorant, 
hapless victims. Drawing from those that naturally gravitate toward authoritarianism, cops 
today are molded into the state’s enforcers, robotically and sadisitically enforcing laws written 
by lawyers, judged by lawyers. 
“But, the police are here to protect and serve.” The police are NOT required to protect you. 
Want proof? Look at the Columbine Massacre in 1999; the police, heavily outmanning and 
outgunning Eric Harris and Darren Klebold, simply laid siege to the high school and as everyone 
They didn’t lay a hand on Harris and Klebold‐they simply kept shooting until their meds drove 
them to suicide instead of mass murder. 
Ruby Ridge, Waco; federal agents wielding automatic weapons, body armor and armored 
vehicles just like the hero cops that didn’t do jack in Littleton, Colorado went all out on a 
backwoods family and a small communal Texas church. Women and children were openly 
targeted and MURDERED. 
Isolated examples you say? Crack open your paper, look around, observe YOUR PUBLIC 
SERVANTS in action. Do they remotely act like the hollywood cops you see on TV every night? If 
you’ve ever been harassed over a “infraction”, profiled, or worse you know the right answer. 
Today’s cops are NOT like Sgt. Joe Friday, T.J. Hooker, or any cop character Bruce Willis or Mel 
Gibson played.  
As Boston T. Party so eloquently wrote in “You and the Police”, the police work for the state 
and the state is looking for bodies. 
Yours will do just fine.  
IF you get stopped and you will sometime, have a voice recorder going. Yes you have to identify 
yourself and present ID and proof of insurance‐what you get for letting professional politicians 
and their lobbyist pimps write the laws rather than you getting involved. 
You can refuse search requiring a warrant but the cops will do a inventory search anyway‐have 
any valuables and other no‐no’s locked in a place secured to the car. Something that will 
require Probable Cause to get a warrant to open. 
Probable Cause‐in your encounter, you must deflect your public servant’s ideal of a Reasonable 
Articulable Suspicion. Basically he’s looking to justify his finding a excuse to stop and detain you 
on your normal business into a reason to arrest you. If you look like a ordinary person with no 
obvious criminal activity in a jurisdiction that doesn’t have harassing everyone they can get 
away with as their sole preoccupation you… may have a chance of continuing about your 
normal business. 
And for God’s sake, watch your temper. A lot of cops are just itching for a provoked fight and 
will think nothing of putting you into the hospital. Some would just love to add another notch 
on their gun and put you in the ground. 
And yes, race too has a impact on this. No arguing there. 
If you’re lucky you get a ticket and a date with a traffic court and some fines. Otherwise you get 
arrested with extreme risk of bodily harm to yourself, even death. You’re thrown into cells 
designed to inflict a low grade form of chronic torture by discomfort. You’re surrounded by a 
ruthless criminal element deliberately cultivated by the state to terrorize you into continued 
support of their All‐American tyranny… maybe you’ll make some new friends and avoid being 
You get some court appearances. You’ll be compelled to plea bargain for a “reduced sentence”. 
You’ll be compelled to hire a lawyer to defend‐for lack of a better word‐you, presumably 
against fellow lawyers who prosecute you and judge you on laws they wrote. Usually they work 
out a “script” beforehand, in spite of your innocence or guilt, or the fault of the law being 
Getting a jury trial? Getting even one person who understands that JURIES CAN NULLIFY THE 
LAW amounts to something of a miracle as such knowledge is actively suppressed by the legal 
And it all costs a lot of money, as the legal system is a racket and lawyers measure their time by 
the hundreds of dollars‐per‐hour. So no wonder the numbers of acquittals are small. No 
wonder 1 out of 100 Americans are now in the system in some way. Like I said, it’s what you get 
for letting professional politicians and lawyers run YOUR GOVERNMENT for you. 
So what do we do? 
First, you have to protect yourself.  
I know this is supposed to be a Free Country BUT, try not to look or act like a “dirtbag”. Sad to 
say it, but middle class, mainstream American “conformists” are “less” likely to be harassed 
than others. Rich looking people are the least likely of course to be confronted by the police. 
Make certain your car is up to code. Nothing broken, nothing that suggests “dirtbag” to cops. 
Some cars are automatically “suspicious” like those “gangbangers” gravitate toward.  
Certain times you’re at greater risk for busts. Always be careful at night. If you see a long line of 
cars, and in the opposite lane there are cars at regular intervals, there’s a roadblock; 
immediately find a alternate route to your destination or you will be stopped. Be careful around 
schools as well, and any place that may remotely look like a speed trap. Any area where bars 
are at you’ll have cops fishing for busts for any reason they can come up with. 
Wire up some tiny spy cameras and microphones in your car; in the front and back with a 
hidden activation switch to get evidence of evidence planting or police brutality. With the 
police officer also being an officer of the court, his mere word is considered as evidence, so 
you’ll need solid proof of your innocence. Only video makes that standard these days. 
Perhaps you can travel in a group‐safety in numbers. One guy gets stopped the rest stop as 
Just about any behavior can be labeled “suspicious” by cops. Watch what you do. Any sideways 
glances, any uppity attitudes can and will be squelched by weak people with too much power 
who’s sense of person is dependent on how much authority they can wield on others. 
For further reading, Boston T. Party’s “You and the Police” is available at 
and I highly recommend it. It has everything you need to know to defend yourself against your 
average power hungry cop short of violence.  
Better to be able to change the law and eliminate the dirty cops. This is politics so you must 
enter the political arena. You want change in the laws and the way the laws are enforced you 
have to get in a position to make those changes. 
“How to win a local election”‐written by lifelong political hacks provides a textbook to spring off 
of, but mostly you’re looking to get elected by finding your locale’s hot buttons and pushing 
them as long and hard as possible. This book you’ll find at your local bookstore in the politics 
You want to change the cops you have to change your institutions‐you have to actually take 
over the decision making process from professional politicians and parasitic lawyers. Local 
towns‐not big cities‐are the achilles heel of the beast’s political system, and the United States 
Government is part of the beast that’s turned this once greatest of nations into it’s absolute 
Local town government is how most government power is enforced upon the People. These are 
shady, small minded cretins for the most part who revel in their power over our lives. They 
gladly go along with the status quo of taxes and regulations and current American political 
thought in order to profit for themselves.  
Inevitably, they piss people off about something. That is what you use to inflame opposition‐
opposition enough to get people to the polls on election day. 
You could have a election sooner than you think. Look through your town’s local laws for 
anything allowing a emergency recall election. Follow the procedures.  
Organize your campaign; get your candidates, get your volunteers. Know your demographics; 
what kind of people live where, where your support’s at where your opposition’s at. Most likely 
you’ll have the poor areas and middle class to support you while the rich will want the status 
quo‐but that’s a rule of thumb.  
Have your red button issues. Hammer on them relentlessly. For those that retain that American 
attribute of hapless apathy, remind them that THEIR POLICE wouldn’t harass them for all kinds 
of stupid stuff if they were ORDERED not to. BEWARE OF THE POLICE, THEY WILL BE DIRECTED 
Come election, and your slate wins you and your people will actually have political power. Now 
that you’re in the driver’s seat it’s time to take care of some election promises. Cut some taxes. 
Eliminate property taxes and allow full alloidial title so that the People truly own their homes 
and land and be secure in their ownership. Create tax‐free zones in all those boarded up 
downtown buildings for local small businesses. Go over your town’s Comprehensive Annual 
Financial Report and see where your town’s invested in… maybe that money would be better 
spent on schools or tax breaks.  
And to get back to the point of this article, clean up your police department. Get a copy of their 
departmental procedures and start some very heavy editing. Clean YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT 
of any and all law enforcement officers who have betrayed the trust of the People. Get input 
from any decent Peace Officers whether on your force or not. Your police department can’t be 
of the People unless it’s run BY the People.  
ANY piece of equipment “donated” by the federal government MUST BE RETURNED! Under 
federal guidelines, accepting federal assistance puts YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT UNDER 
FEDERAL CONTROL! And you spent a lot of time and money to get elected just so you could rein 
in your rogue cops. 
What of the laws coming from the county government? First you have to take over enough 
small communities in your county to win a county‐wide election. That means duplicating your 
success in surrounding communities, preferably at the same time. 
Taking control of county government is a bigger goal, but if you free your town from the current 
crop of socialist, elitist parasites it will become a beacon, an example of Freedom that other 
communities will see, and duplicate. Taking control of a county means running your candidate 
for Sheriff‐this is big because the Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement authority… he 
can even prohibit state and federal authorities from operating in “his county” without 
Taking over a whole county… instituting government deconstruction and return of Freedom 
and assets back to the taxpayers will go a long way toward greatly improving the quality of life 
in your community; politically, economically, socially, and would greatly reduce the need for 
See the logical conclusion? Take over enough counties and you have enough grass roots 
political muscle to usurp the Democrat/Republican party lock on your state’s government. Run 
your candidates and with the examples of your community, and your county(PROVIDED YOU 
Win control of your state government and you can disband your state’s highway patrol, on the 
general principle that I’ve never heard of a state trooper who wasn’t a programmed law 
enforcing robot. You can also bring your state’s finances under the same scrutiny you did your 
local community. Start scrapping laws and create tax‐free enterpeneur zones for the poorest in 
all those boarded up city storefronts. You’ll see an even bigger improvement in quality of life, 
which will mean of course less need for police. 
Win enough states and now winning the federal government is within reach. I advocate it’s 
utter dismemberment and replacement with something… a hell of a lot smaller. 
This of course is contingent on there being elections and a Constitutional government, which 
would be null and void in a martial law scenario or when the “elites” realize their plans of 
integrating America, Canada and Mexico into their “north american union”. In either case, there 
will be no elections and your local police will truly be unleashed. 
J. Croft 
1) 1‐Abolition of property in land and application of all rents to public purposes 
Unless you possess Texas property with alloidal title, you “own” Real Estate‐you pay a yearly 
property tax to the county. You miss your tax you lose your land in a tax forfeiture sale. I myself 
tried to take advantage of this communist policy and get a house and flip it for ten to twenty 
times what I’d pay out but that’s a racket that already has big fish in it… or they get a lot of 
people in on the bid so they can max out the profits. 
2‐A heavy progressive or graduated income tax 
Federal, state and local taxes, are rated according to income but unless you’re homeless you’re 
going to dish out at least 40% to some kind of tax scheme. Medieval serfs paid less. 
3‐Abolition of all rights of inheritance 
Ever heard of the estate tax? 
4‐Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels 
You leave America and renounce citizenship the government takes your property and/or make 
you pay taxes for three more years. You try resisting the government in self‐defense they take 
your property. The forfeiture laws make a broad sweep and any excuse the government can 
make to take what’s yours they’ll do it. 
5‐Centralization of credit in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with state 
capital and an exclusive monopoly 
When the Constitution was signed, there was a standard of coinage of silver and gold that 
anyone was allowed to follow to legally coin their own money.  
Two attempts at a national bank were defeated in the 19th century and America enjoyed a 
decentralized banking system with a stable money. With the fraudulant passing of the 16th 
ammendment we now have a heavy, progressive income tax and a privately owned, centralized 
credit and money issuing system with a monopoly on issuing money. 
6‐Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state 
The FCC requires a license to transmit over airwaves. Licensing‐permits form the state‐are 
required to use public roads. 
7‐Extension of factories and insturments of producitons owned by the state; the bringing into 
cultivation of waste‐lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a 
common plan. 
Basically the zoning laws, and regionalism. 
8‐Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture 
A national draft for non military needs has been proposed and will be enacted during martial 
law. Conscript labor is already a reality in the nation’s 3 million prisoners. 
9‐Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction 
between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population. 
Corporations, with much of their outstanding stock owned by the government control most 
agricultural land in the US.  
10‐Free education for all children in public schools. Combination of education with industrial 
Public schools run under the Marxist NEA have dumbed down Americans for generations. Most 
people are “guided” into “careers” to be useful to the govenrment and corporations instead of 
receiving a balanced education. 















I'm watching the video on YouTube; of the "brave Peace Officer" assaulting a woman half her 
size because she cut the drunk f*uck off.‐auynxWLk 
I watch this and I see two, three dudes... 
...No, make them punk assed bitches‐who can't summon the common decency to come to a 
woman in need. Three cowards who've been trained oh so well by massah state to be the 
obedient slaves they are... salving their pain with booze as that candidate for a post‐birth 
abortion yells and slugs them "playfully" in the arm... then starts manhandling that woman. 
Crip gangbangers got more heart than these pussified "murikans"! Certainly if THEIR women 
were getting knocked about by PUBLIC SERVANTSdrunk on power as well as alcohol, they'd risk 
a stretch in the penitentiary to defend them. 
This is what happens when YOU and your parents let others steer the Republic‐turn politics into 
a career, back into a caste for the "elite". They change society to the point where YOU are 
brainwashed by state schools and corporate dominated media and culture for a lifetime to be 
obedient little consumer debt slaves: 
More preoccupied with materialism than morality 
More concerned with keeping the slave wages flowing than standing up to the tyrants 
wherever they are. 
More concerned with saving their own worthless hides than defend one another in common 
cause, even if one loses all because uncompromising defense of Freedom is the ONLY 
guarantee that those Freedoms can be secured! 
So have another beer, Murikan‐it'll salve that pain of knowing you're a COWARD who'll let 
anyone do anything to you. No wonder the rest of the world despises us. 
J. Croft 





















J. Croft 

See the cartoon? 


Well, keep looking at it. Because it illustrates quite nicely who really has the bigoted viewpoints, 
who really are the racists that are keeping average folk (like you , hopefully) from getting 
together and actually trying to solve the problems that threaten to destroy, obliterate the 
admittedly greatly flawed‐yet greatest nonetheless‐social expression of a Free Society in known 
human history. America. 
Well, OUR America, the America the United States; what you can call the beast uses as a cloak, 
a front to keep up support, or at least the taxes, as it careens here and there. The United States 
is a all‐powerful tool of the real racists and bigots, their legions of minions, the millions of 
unwitting slaves‐and the rest of us poor bastards struggling for our lives. 

Anyway that picture again: You see the Klansmen who are lifted up by the beast to be the great 
racist threat to America, but you look over to the right, and you see who are the real racists:  

The Mexican communist, in peasant garb promising a revolution against the hated gringos and 
wanting to form their “aztlan” from the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. Never 
minding they’ll turn their new “paradise” into another third world hellhole… or have already. 

The Black Power socialist, who blindly strikes at anything, and is all too willing to be used as a 
tool so long as he can make his rebellious posing. Never minding of course who really creates 
the problems for Blacks‐that doesn’t matter so long as he or she can make a career out of 
making it look like they’re doing something about it…. they’d be out of a job if they solved the 

The shady “civil rights” liberal‐typically a lawyer‐who shamelessly patronizes both groups so 
long as he can take swipes at the America he and his kind hate and have nearly murdered. 
Lawyers and their never ending lawmaking have choked Freedom in America like kudzu has the 

And behind them all? Scumbag politicians who whore for campaign monies, rig elections, make 
promises like cheating spouses and when campaign season’s over they go back and seize more 
power for themselves. 

Using anyone and everyone to create hegelian problem/reaction/solutions to advance agendas 
of those they owe their allegiances and fortunes to. 

There are more varieties of real racists but you get the point. All of them defile, desecrate, 
destroy America‐they hate the naturally empowering ideals of Freedom that our Ancestors 
struggled for, died for, fought wars for‐a lot of times that’s what they believed at least. Black, 
White, Asian, Native American, Latino have all struggled for Freedom, hoped their children 
would have a better deal than the one they were given. None of which matters to a racist, or 
their puppet masters. They are really, puppets of class warfare waged by those puppet masters‐
the “elite” as they like to call themselves‐who always seek to divide and conquer.  

What better way than to exploit common racial and cultural differences? 

Divide and conquer‐that is what the racist fails to see. That is what the racist can never see, 
because to acknowledge they have been used as tools of oppression would shatter the self‐
image they have as Freedom fighters. Can’t have Freedom for only one shade of man! 
Yet it’s easy to hate someone who has no pigmentation, or a lot, or who are loud and dress 
different and act different, unrestrained. Yes, I’m talking about white people in general who are 
the American stereotypes for race‐based hatred. Let’s spend some time to review some history, 
try to understand the roots of racism. 

Europeans, in general, lived as poorly as any race on Earth‐poor, disease ridden, plagued by too 
little food for too many mouths and a ruthless, avaricious “royalty” who enslaved them and 
murdered them in never ending wars for power, glory, land. Europe also suffered at the hands 
of the Roman Catholic Church, who while keeping some knowledge from ancient times also 
kept people from discovering new things‐that didn’t serve the church like gunpowder for 
cannons and navigation techniques to find new lands to conquer in some inbred blueblooded 
psychopath’s name.  

So they “discovered” the Americas and managed to conquer it from basically stone age human 
sacrificing Aztecs and Incas‐who had not one shred of moral superiority over the Spanish and 
Portugese… and later the English, and French‐and a couple other minor states. It was the 
stronger, more adaptable empires defeating the weaker and every common person suffered 

White Europeans suffered, oh yes; you didn’t know most of the settlers from the 1600’s up to 
the time of the First American Revolution were slaves? They were technically “indentured 
servants” who rented or were forced to rent by a court for stealing bread or being homeless 
seven years of their lives to some rich mercantilist, plantation owner or some other rich 
asshole. The Revolution didn’t end indentured servitude but it did cut off the constant import 
of the British Empire’s surplus population enough that those that managed to survive the 50% 
death rate eventually made a life and a future for themselves out on the frontier. Those people 
became the small family farmers, general store owners, blacksmiths, and miners who would 
eventually rear the businessmen, inventors and small investors that would build the America 
we remember. 

Unfortunately for America, those rich mercantilists and plantation owners didn’t like all these 
uppity independent people. Independent people‐with deadly accurate Kentucky rifles‐thanks to 
all the German gunsmiths that came over. The mercantilists like their inbred European 
counterparts wanted more and more, yet they had to placate all the riflemen aroused by 
Revolution so they crafted the 1787 Constitution and laid down a clever framework for them to 
scheme, and to eventually become as royalty themselves. 

They, America’s “royalty” were the reasons all the treaties with the Native Americans were 
broken. They were the reason that British holdover of slavery was held over until the civil war‐
when it was used as the fulcrum to leverage federal power over states rights, exploited by the 
plantation owners. They were the reason America suffered it’s first Gilded Age in the 1890’s, 
used a coal explosion on a obsolete USS Maine in Havana to wage war against Spain and seize 
it’s last colonies. They were the reason America was suckered into World War One to save their 
inbred cousins running the British Empire from defeat by Germany‐a war fought over one 
unpopular inbred blueblooded psychopath named Ferdinand who was assassinated.  

It is “they”, who standardized all public schools and eventually dumbed down all of us to the 
childlike, near retarded levels of intellect. They who kept Appalachia back by stealing the land 
from the People and kept the descendants of indentured servants backward. They who 
instituted Jim Crow, joined the KKK by the thousands; and when the rich make something 
popular like race hatred, everyone else has to don bedsheets burn crosses and beat up Blacks 
to keep up with the Joneses. Those same “they” of course would rig economic scarcities to 
make poor Whites struggle against poor Blacks for the same pitiful crumbs “they” would deign 
to leave us. They who would by increments steal all of our Freedoms. 

They of course, had much larger plans‐the first great depression brought millions of those 
uppity Americans down low with poverty. In desperation they let FDR in to supersize the 
government, steal their gold(HIS FIRST ACT AS PRESIDENT!), and create a lot of the alphabet 
agencies that make all our lives miserable today. Under FDR’s blueblooded kin in America and 
Europe Hitler rose to power in a defeated Germany, to create the catalyst of German 
vengeance and starvation for resources that would kick start World War Two. FDR backed the 
Japanese Empire(ran by asian RACIST assholes) into a corner with a oil embargo, forcing them 
to attack us‐and left a collection of some more obsolete battleships for them to take their fury 
out on… which made our Grandparents furious enough to fight both them and the Germans.  

Together? No way in hell; the battlefield would’ve become the catalyst for racial understanding 
and common cause for Blacks and Whites which is why a segregated armed forces was rigidly 
enforced, even at the cost of battlefield defeat. Keeping Blacks in the rear with the gear did 
keep the racial hatreds stewing in the ranks quite nicely, and postwar the Whites would keep 
shitting on the Blacks, pissing them off more and more to the glee of the inbred bluebloods. 
Eastern Establishment shitheads who kept us all at each other’s throats while making more 
fortunes off selling us homes and cars and all the bounty that our factories would produce 
when our Grandparents finally came home and started spending all that cash they made 
fighting and building war material.  

So, our Grandparents, bless their hearts, came back from the war spent their money, had lots of 
kids, hated each other and kept their faith in the same inbred psychotic bluebloods that set up 
the wars and now began to set up our ultimate demise. 

The Blacks were lured to the cities by “they” with good paying factory jobs… right before they 
started outsourcing America’s hard‐earned industrial might to the Japanese, the Koreans, the 
Mexicans. Trapped in the cities, broke, with no opportunity, their neighborhoods became 
economic prisons that broke the Black family and with the deliberately deteriorating state 
schools, crime became the solution for a lot of people… if they didn’t just give up and got a drug 
habit. Others turned to the nearest radical who hated whitey, never having a clue they might be 
some kind of agent steering their blind rage toward their own destruction. 
White folks with their heads up their asses, or just screwed, trained never, ever to associate 
with Blacks if they could avoid it, assumed in their hearts it’s just the nature of n!ggers to burn 
down their own neighborhoods when they have too much and riot. More crime, more cops, 
more jails, more dangerous criminals… More crime, more heavily armed cops who won’t give a 
fuck if they blast you, more prisons where your humanity’s stripped from you and if you don’t 
become a predator yourself you’re prey.  

Is it any wonder the racism runs deep in both races? Cultivated, encouraged by the inbreds?  

They weren’t done; they started driving Mexicans and other Latinos by the millions, taking 
away what jobs and means of survival they had in their own countries… same pack of inbred 
psychotic bluebloods set them up. Made them desperate enough to cross inhosptitable desert, 
endure the same class of asshole merchantilists whose ancestors brought Blacks and Whites 
over as slaves.  

Only, the terms of their slavery have been fine tuned‐fear of being busted and deported Latinos 
put up with well below minimum wages for the most part. To have something to return to their 
families at home they put up with overcrowded housing, overcrowded vehicles, living almost 
like homeless people. They see how they’re exploited‐they’re not stupid‐and they see how 
Whites turn their noses at them, don’t bother to fight for them, do something about the 
mercantilists and the modern day plantation owners. THEY’RE AMERICA’S NEW N!GGERS AND 
THEY KNOW IT! And of course, they hate us for this. 

It’s no wonder a lot of them take advantage of the perks “they” set up to set up race wars‐the 
easy credit, eased identification requirements, catch and release policies from on high. Drive 
plastered on tequila and endanger everyone on the road, insult White people for being 
weak(you are), Blacks for just being Black. Sign up with MS‐13 and the 18th Street Gang, support 
a pack of marxists‐thieves and murderers really‐who preach taking over the Southwest and the 
north of Mexico and making their Latino socialist paradise, drive out all the Whites and Blacks 
who in the big picture are just as oppressed. 

And the Blacks are weak, divided, led astray by blind, animalistic gangsters and racist 
“preachers” who forever help massah state stoke their own problems. Whites who have no clue 
and waste their rapidly disappearing economic power‐or never had it and waste their time 
getting drunk in front of the TV. 

Everyone’s been programmed to blame each other for the problems the violent inbred 
psychotic bluebloods have caused‐BUT NOBODY SEES THE TRUTH. Half‐Spanish EUROPEAN 
Mexicans want desert lands that once belonged to mass murdering Aztecs. Black radicals want 
to wage a suicidal campaign to make a “new africa” out of the heart of Dixie. Poor white trash 
simmers and the nosepicks among them who join the skinheads and the Klan hate the jobs 
stolen, the crimes committed against them.  

A comment: in that above statement about skinheads and Klansmen I do not include the 
Militias. Militia gets tar babied by elitist racist whites‐painted in the colors of white racists and 

Why? I’ll tell you why: Militia represents people power‐power independent of government 
control. During the early 90’s after the government attacks on the People at Ruby Ridge and 
Waco, average Americans woke up to the existential threat posed by traitors long out of 
control. They formed up, began training in guerrilla warfare and marksmanship. As the Clinton 
Administration pushed further with their neo‐communist agenda, the assault weapon ban and 
the attempt to impose a Soviet style health care system tempers flared and the Militias spread 
across America like wildfire. Revolution, by common working folks of ALL RACES against the 
inbred psychotic bluebloods was imminent. 

All those racist rednecks in camoflage‐with guns‐running around? Something had to be done. 
And something was.  

April 19, 1995 the government executed the Militia movement along with 169 Americans who 
had no ideal what was coming… while every federal agent was absent and FEMA was 
predeployed. So was the spin after the bombs went off‐it was the Militias! …A government 
operative by the name of Tim McVeigh was designated the patsy… speeding … in a car without 
license plates… carrying a Glock.  

Reread that last sentence. He wanted to get caught. He was a dupe. 

My point: it was all a setup to destroy the Militia movement, send it crawling back to the trailer 
parks of racist white trash ‘murka. Militias represent rifle armed, trained, FREE MEN of ALL 
COLORS and there is NOTHING the “elite” racists and their cronies fear more. Disorganized, 
disarmed, unprepared working class people however, can’t influence policy‐they have no 
power! It takes everything they have just to make the rent and car note and put food on the 
table; how the hell does any thinking person reckon they have any pull in the media, 
government, corporate circles? 

Poor white trash doesn’t have the power, and they know it but I’ll tell you what groups of 
whites THINK they do, and those are the “elite” and upper class college indoctrinated liberals.  

Upper class college indoctrinated liberals are mainly in and around major universities and cities. 
They make all the politically correct noises about equality and social justice but when’s the last 
time you heard of white upper class liberals giving the poor minorities the time of day? The very 
thought of associating with those they patronize and deliver a never‐ending series of cheap 
platitudes terrifies them. 
They’re otherwise harmless, but the politically correct have a tendency to go into government, 
corporations and the media and applying their college warped beliefs on us all. They don’t 
realize their professors are charged with warping their brains, to turn them into politically 
correct drones of the beast. 

Yet they don’t care, so long as they have their SUV’s and trendy downtown housing and coffee 
houses where they can spend ten bucks on a cup of coffee with cream. You can laugh at their 
stupidity but at their heart they’re as racist as anyone‐as they’d rather blow their money being 
trendy than using their economic power to honestly fight for all. 

But I guess being a whole class of posers and sellouts is easier than facing the fact they’re 
RACISTS, who would rather sustain their given fantasies rather than seek Truth and take 
responsibility and join the real fight. 

“Black power” RACISTS makes Black folks powerless 

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; both purported to be men of God, with followers and lots of 
money coming their way, but when’s the last time you seen either of them try to solve the root 
problems of urban decay, crime, broken homes, the never‐ending flow of drugs? 

(The root problems are, I have to repeat, that rich elitists long ago screwed black folks by luring 
them from Southern farms to urban factories‐and then shipped those plants overseas. With no 
replacement jobs of equivalent income, much less a return to self‐employment they became 
trapped and hence urban decay. Crime is inevitable as are broken homes as the stresses of daily 
survival become too much. In such a enviroment setting up a drug trade is no problem.) 

So, I ask again, what has Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson REALLY done‐beyond exploit any and 
every possible racist insult? Where are those two jackals when a city council votes to build 
another fucking billion dollar stadium for some jackoff while the cities rot and the citizens are 
forced to live there? That’s RACISM‐against their own kind! 

All I hear is some noise about “reparations”; trying to take more money from average folks and 
foster more race hatred, more racism. That’s RACIST.  

Mexican RACISTS want to destroy two nations to create a third world hell hole 

Latino communists want to carve their own little bolshevik workers paradise out of Mexico and 
the American Southwest into “aztlan”. Never mind about fixing Mexico‐kicking out their “elites” 
and making a fresh start for that cursed nation‐no! That would make too much sense.  

They’d rather be used as tools just so they can carve their own racist empire; exploit Mexico’s 
poorest instead of helping them, sending them on a life‐threatening trek across inhospitable 
desert and attempt to demographically conquer that same useless land. Where’s the sense?  
What the hell do they think will happen to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tuscon, Las Vegas if they 
actually succeed? They really think the water’s going to keep flowing? And without water, all 
those desert paradises are going to be reclaimed by all that desert. 

In the meantime, what kind of government will be instituted? The same kind of corruption, 
tyranny and government by thuggery that has kept Mexico in third world status instead of 
becoming the world class contender that nation could be! They would condemn their own to 
continued oppression just so they can rule. 

Yeah, La Raza is RACIST‐especially against their own! 

And who are the biggest racists of all? Again, the people manipulating everyone else to hate 
each other. Inbred psychotic bluebloods‐otherwise known as the “elite”‐all the nobility, all the 
CEO’s and Politicians that have centralized and monopolized power in their own hands and 
have always had their foot on everyone’s necks. They are the ultimate racists and the world is 
their plantation! Rockefellers, Rothschilds, DuPonts, Warburgs, Vanderbilts, Morgans, Bushs, 
Foleys, Spectors, and anyone else who literally gets royal treatment merely by having the right 
last name.  

They’re bred to rule and to view everyone else as property to be used and used up. They’re the 
puppet masters whose fingers control their overseers who administer their corporations their 
government agencies. 

They in turn control their house n!ggers who issue tickets, arrest, fight their wars… tell you who 
to hate 

They’re the ultimate racists. And they would have you ignorantly look at someone JUST LIKE 
YOU but with a different hue of skin, different culture and hate solely on that, blame them for 
the problems you have that aren’t their fault! 

So stop hating who you’re told to hate. 

I’ll tell you who to hate. Here’s a list: 

*Anyone who’s been in and out of government and corporate circles their entire lives 

*Tired “activists” who come out for a scandal like crack fiends when the dope man walks by 

*College professors with their bigoted heads up their asses their entire lives 

*Communist operatives posing as “activists” 

*Any and all house n!gger, state n!gger tool of the beast who refuses to see Truth 
*Anyone who’d rather worry about what’s on TV tonight or what their favorite team’s doing 
than seek Truth and do something about it 

*Anyone who think their family bloodlines alone entitle them to be the ones making the 

And what should you do with your hate? Use it as motivation to fight for all of us! How? I have 
40 essays detailing just how to do this at .  

You can find out the Truth at the following websites‐AND I’D HURRY WHILE WE STILL HAVE A 

You can begin the path on becoming independent of the beast by getting yourself in shape; 
financially, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Financial Freedom involves getting out of debt and eliminating the materialistic dependencies 
that are presented as fashionable. It also means ultimately having your own sources of income 
that don’t involve being a wage slave of some megacorporation… owned by the inbred trash 
that have always oppressed us. 

Go to www.silver‐ and‐ to start 
your financial education. And buy some silver and gold, preferably silver! 

Physical Freedom involves getting your body into shape; eating organic, working out, purging all 
the toxins and learning how to survive and fight. is good to find out how to purge 
and purify your body, while is the militia site to go to for learning how to fight. is where you go to learn to use that tool of Freedom, the rifle. 

Mental Freedom involves more than learning how the world is, it involves learning how to 
THINK FOR YOURSELF. It involves becoming your own leader because that is what it takes to 
financially and physically Free yourself. 

Ultimately, you can’t Free your mind if you’re not Free spiritually. This means finding your way 
back to God. God your Father wants you to be Free‐not to be slaves of the beast, of violent, 
inbred psychotic bluebloods who run the corporations, the central banks, the government, the 
media that fills your mind with crap.  

Father’s waiting for you. Find a quiet room to be uninterrupted. 
Still your mind. Close your eyes. 

Gently ask for Father, and LISTEN.  

Listening to Our Father in Heaven is something you have to work on, because the mind will 
intrude. Like anything else, if you apply yourself you can do anything. And that’s the key to 
defeating the RACIST “elites” and their minions and dupes and making a future for all of us. 











That's what "law enforcement" thinks.

It's what the beast wants them to think, just like it wants them to think that it's okay to
plant incriminating evidence or destroy evidence that could prove innocence.

Most laws are made by racketeers and thieves we call lawyers.

Lawyers hand down laws for the control freaks we call bureaucrats to enforce.

Bureaucrats employ armed thugs and killers we call cops-who presume you don't have
a right to be out at certain times or at certain places they designate a "high crime area".

Law enforcement by and large doesn't care you have a cell phone to record your friends
and loved ones getting assaulted and tortured by them, because they'll earn a nice paid
vacation if they take a life.

They know you the college student, office worker, homemaker, factory worker(we still
have those?!)are too domesticated too tamed by the massive cultural onslaught of their
masters, too cowed by the image of authority and competence the TV wraps them in to
do the natural thing, the right thing-fight back.
In the end, that's the only thing law enforcement respects, power. That's why they go
after gangbangers; because they're about the only people in this country left who are
willing to fight the beast.

Why? Because they came to the conclusion that they really have nothing to lose in the
first place.

Certainly they target anyone of opportunity they can overcome, it's their nature, but the
beast has been using them in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they're absorbing the lessons
and resources of the military and using them on the streets. Against law enforcement.

Cops are getting led into ambushes, sniped at. They're being attacked when they mount
drug raids in their neighborhoods. It's only going to get worse, for the cops. It's already
about as bad as it can get for those that have to live in "high crime areas" without the
food and fuel getting cut off.

Sympathy for the gangsta? Not if they're trying to harm me but I've personally never had
a Crip, Folk or Blood harm me. They got bigger fish to fry.

Most other Americans? Too busy practicing their doublethink, too busy keeping their
mind on the next Britney scandal.

Or maybe they do notice, and care, and are trying to come up with a new protest

Law enforcement doesn't care.

They only respect force. And force may be the only thing that will save your life if they
decide to just add another notch on their service weapon when they "detain" you; which
they view as you being "legally" under arrest.
So that's the quandary; "cooperate" and lose everything, or fight and lose everything.

If you do wind up fighting though, where will you go? Better have some friends who
think like you to give you shelter, provisions, because you're going to embark on a new
life of being a homeless outlaw. Hated by the beast's minions, used by the beast as a
domestic Osama Bin Ladin to scare the sheep into complying with ever-more heavy
handed dictates.

Never able to see your loved ones.

Risking your life every time you step out into public spaces, especially if you don't have
a disguise?

Always on condition one, scanning the cops for interest-and they will know you're
scrutinizing them, they do it for a living!

What will happen to you? Will you be an example and have people join you, or will the
flouride and TV be too much?

Wouldn't it be better to just turn off the TV set and get together with friends, target the
sleaziest small town around? Conduct a emergency election and replace the entire local

Cut taxes so jobs and small businesses can reenter the community?

Divest all the investments as stated on the town's CAFR( give it
back to the People?

Fire the local thugs-"law enforcement" en masse, replace it with a volunteer militia
comprised of ordinary citizens-just like YOU?

Have your new town be a shining beacon of Freedom so that others can do likewise
and we can take our Nation back peacefully?

...While we still have something of a Constitutional government?

Your choice, People-fight back...
...or accept that YOU might be the next person a government traitor deems is always
appropriate to taze.

J. Croft
















Time to free yourself of your slavery 

J. Croft 

Got a mortgage? For a mcmansion that’s been overpriced, and overly expensive to maintain, 
heat and cool? Filled it up yet with crap made overseas? Having a garage sale to make room for 
a fresh bunch of foreign junk? 

Got a auto loan for a vehicle that cost more to repair than the car you bought 10 or 20 years 
ago? Think it’ll last long enough for you to pay off‐or are you just going to get another lease? 

Got a wallet full of credit cards you’re going to spend the rest of your life trying to pay back? 

Got more bills from all that debt than you got cash for, so you get a payday loan to make ends 
meet‐so you can get gas for your SUV and eat? 

Got thousands more in student loans‐because a college education takes a fortune‐so you can 
afford to finance all the credit cards and the auto loans and the mortgages… and there’s no 
work in the field you chose because all the work’s gone overseas? 


This picture look like your life? 


Got a foreclosure notice from a court because you lost your job to China or India? 

Got a moving truck for all your made in China crap because you lost your home? 

Trapped, because the bankruptcy rules were changed and so now you’re bound to service this 
debt hell and high water, even adjusting for inflation? 

Wonder how did things go to hell in this country? 

Thank a banker. 


International bankers influence government policy… meaning they control a lot more than what 
interest rate they charge. They control their banks through seats on the boards of directors of 
the major banking firms, and through stocks. The US Federal Reserve System is a private 
banking cartel illegally given government license. Bankers and their minions(they don’t have 
“friends”)determine how many laws you live under, how they’re configured to shape and 
influence your life. Since their overthrow of the US government in 1913 with the Federal 
Reserve Act and the unratified 16th Amendment that illegally allows income taxes the bankers 
have run America into the ground. They’ve rigged the regulations and economics so that 
America has been subjected to repeated, artificially manipulated boom and bust economic 
cycles that serve to manipulate government policy, and public opinion as the bankers see fit. 
America has been emptied of it’s domestic industries‐you can’t hardly even start up a “mom 
and pop” small business and have much hope of success, they can’t survive in a economy 
deliberately being destroyed.(1.) 

A major industrial effort like steel or manufacturing? Better be a multinational conglomerate. 
Bankers determine who gets the deals, the loans. No‐not you, nor anyone you might know. But 
to those that are “in” with these parasites, that go along with either franchising some 
megacorporate chain store, or a merger that winds up shipping middle class jobs overseas and 
having literally slaves do the work, or robbing small family farmers and independent businesses 
of their homes, land, and livelihoods‐you’re golden! 

Bankers set the controls, the inputs and outputs of their society‐we just try to survive in it but 
we’ve had any opportunity to advance ourselves systematically robbed from us. What are we 
left with? Working as an “associate” for some franchise store, picking cotton, lettuce and apples 
at a corporate run farm, or maybe you’re just ass‐out at a temp firm.  

So how do you get that “murkan dream”? Get some banker’s loans and credit cards. Salve the 
pain you feel in your heart about the crap deal you’re getting from the bankers and do some 
shopping‐becoming even more their slave. Except it’s not a dream you can actually attain, it’s a 
myth passed down from your parents and grandparents who were weaned of their self‐reliance 
and responsibility‐domesticated by massah state and massah corporation. America’s their 

Their chains are the debt they make you obligated to pay back‐in spite of everything they’ve 
done to enslave you. It’s the ingrained obedience to anyone in a thousand dollar(current 
value)suit and their lawyers and bill collectors that ultimately binds you. Not losing your home 
or your car. And you’re going to lose it, when the bankers finance your employer to ship the 
factory you work overseas, or that franchise store you work at shuts down because of falling 
profits‐because everyone else’s job’s been shipped overseas. 

Do you know what those parasites, those TRAITORS do with the loan they make you spend a 
lifetime paying back, that they generate out of NOTHING? They use it just as they would actual 
federal reserve notes in the bank vault; they count it as a “fractional reserve” to make more 
financial insturments‐and generate yet more insturments from those! Collateralized debt 
obligations, derivatives, and probably a lot more types of banker magic “money”‐that they use 
to control or outright own every object, every institution, and everyone. Our chains of debt 
slavery are but the invention of their twisted, greedy little minds.  

…You still think this is normal somehow? The bankers could literally transform our Earth into a 
paradise with all the wealth they hold, and they DO hold all of it… but this world of war and 
strife and suffering, disease, poverty, death: it’s what they want because weak, divided people 
preoccupied with religious, territorial, resource and economic side‐struggles of their design are 
too preoccupied to fight back. That includes you Mr. and Mrs. ‘Murika: too busy gawking at 
Britney Spears having her last shot at a comeback blown out from under her on MTVcuz she’s a 
basket case, to notice you could’ve bought everything you owned at a THIRD of what you’re 
paying if you had done like our ancestors had done and paid up front. 

Guess what? You’re going to lose your job because the whole scheme is coming undone. By 
design; because the bankers have all the money… now they want the assets so they take the 
last real jobs, crash the economy and foreclose on America, sell it all off to the highest bidder. 
They’re already stripping down old homes down to the last board and nail and reassembling 
them in Mexico‐they’ll have the last American industry be asset strippers‐disassemble 
everything and cart if off! Maybe if you’re lucky you can work for them and as you help finish 
off our once great nation you might be able to feed your family… 

…Then again, if we’re going to lose it all anyway, lets lose it on our terms. 

…If you’re gonna lose it anyway, lose it on your terms! 

What do I mean? Repudiate your debts and free yourself. 

What are your debts but aritifices, fictions of obligation tied to crap you don’t need and is 
shoddily made to boot? 

Stop paying the bills. 

“Are you CRAZY?!! I got this and that to pay for, and they’ll come after me, and I love my junk 
and blah, blah, blah.”  

Our enemies the international bankers use our desires to entrap us in their imaginary chains of 
debt obligation. They’ve demonstrated they are the greatest enemy to Mankind, as they 
control all and set us against each other like so many toy soldiers. They thrive on destruction 
and enslaving others. 

They have a weakness and it is the same weakness with any “authority figure”; they only have 
the respect they are given. 

They only have the respect of their “authority” that WE GIVE THEM! 

Therefore, the “obligations” they impose on us are only as valid as the authority WE GIVE 

They the bankers have committed FRAUD, unimaginable FRAUD against the entire Human 

Their imposed debts are null and void. 

Their “federal reserve notes” are fraudulant, therefore null and void. 

Their contracts are rooted in fraud, therefore are null and void. 
Their very lives have been spent murdering and repressing the Human Race from it’s true 
destiny‐our true destiny! Therefore their very lives are null and void. 

So act accordingly.  

First, get ready; body mind and soul. Get in shape; eat organic foods, use a filter rated to 
cleanse water of chlorine, dead bacteria and flouride‐the brain number. 

Get right with God; you’ve got a purpose on this planet and it’s not to catch up on who wore 
what at the Emmys. Hint: it has to do with those talents you’ve let rot because you pursued 
some “career” set up by some bankster scumbag. Find a quiet place. Think nothing, say nothing, 
don’t let anyone or anything interrupt… Our Father WILL talk to you and the hard part is to 
LISTEN. Go from there. 

Learn how to fight. Americans are trained to be dependent on the very beast for protection 
that enslaves them. Go to to learn how to use a military pattern rifle, out to 500 
meters. Go to to learn how to be a soldier, because saying NO to the beast and 
challenging the “authority” of it’s minions is a inheriently dangerous matter. Besides you might 
make some Friends, and you’ll find out you’re not alone. 

Take back YOUR GOVERNMENT! It’s OUR government, not the beast’s! Most of the tyranny 
that’s currently imposed by this nation’s Constitutional government is through local channels, 
through local government. So get some people together to take over the scummiest local berg 
or ville and FREE it of the neomarxist oppression that characterizes current government. Get 
the book “How to win a local election”. I cover these topics in much better detail among my 
various essays at so prepare because this is the kind of war 
that’s preferable to flinging bullets. 

“The bankers control the governments, which control the troops who man all the high tech 
weaponry our tax dollars pay for, and they’re not going to allow this”! 

That is the stumbling block. Backed into a corner like Ed and Elaine Brown the beast that is the 
federal government will use force‐because if they don’t their whole house of cards that is their 
“authority” will crumble forever. 

It’s like this; this is a war of beliefs between true human spirituality and the artifices imposed by 
the beast, between Freedom and slavery, between our America and the United States that has 
been conquering and murdering in our name, between good and evil. And this war is fought in 
the hearts and minds of every single person‐it’s a choice they must make and stick with when 
that moment of epiphany, of clarity comes. 

What will you do Mr. and Mrs. America‐while you have choices to make, income coming in, 
people who will buy your stuff, your home? Act fast as I write this in September, 07 because 
time’s about out for you! 
You‐who works at a financial institution‐what will you do? What will you do to begin to atone 
for serving those that have enslaved the entire Human Race and have set us on a course for 
genocide? Will you dedicate your lives, your treasures and your sacred honor?(yes you have 
that in your heart, it’s by Our Father and He’s ready for you to embrace Him) Will you warn 
anyone and everyone to steer clear of the banks before they get their meathooks into them for 

Officers, Soldiers, Agents‐what will you do when your “superiors” give you orders to attack your 
fellow countrymen, your fellow man? You have the guns‐would you rather begin forging a real 
future for your children and all of Mankind by turning those guns on the minions of those who 
have warped everything about us? Surely a revolt is preferable to living with the damage to 
your very soul each time you evict a family out of their home, that they’ve worked their whole 
lives for, or murdering someone who saw through the FRAUD the bankers have committed on 
us all? The very FRAUD you uphold because “it’s your orders”? Nazis used that same excuse at 
the Nuremberg Trials… 

What will all of you do‐those that live by the beast‐when WE THE PEOPLE shake loose your 
mental conditioning, and rise up in an unstoppable wave of FREEDOM and overthrow your 
putrid slave system once and for all? I’ll tell you; you’ll be quickly tried, found guilty of 
collaborating with the enemy, and summarily hanged from the nearest tall object. Or maybe 
have your throat slit or something. 

And to the bankers… what will you do when the last of your minions, your soldiers desert you… 
and Justice is coming after years of seeing all you and your gangster families have built for 
generations come crumbling down? You want my advice? Give up now, repent and perhaps you 
can have a mansion and retire in exchange for righting what you have wrought upon us.  

Do it now while you still have that option. Do it now while WE THE PEOPLE might let you off so 

J. Croft 













J. Croft 

“WHOA! You need to stop right there! You crazy or something‐advocating murder?!” 
Okay, I’m not advocating you to kill all lawyers. Happy? I mean, lawyers are people too. Men, 
women, white folks, black folks, all the other hues of the Human Race choose to hit the books 
for four more years of grueling study and face the scholastic gauntlet of the BAR exam. Usually, 
unless you got connections, or manage to bribe or get a copy of the answers you have to be 
pretty sharp to pass. 

They put their pants on one leg at a time. They eat, sleep, fart, pick their noses, their butts just 
like a lot of us. Sometimes publicly…  

They drive faster than allowed by law their colleagues draft at times, just like us. They see a 
dollar bill wafting on the ground they try their best to look slick while they swoop down to pluck 
it up.  

Sometimes they’ll eat too sloppy and spill some spaghetti on their pin‐striped suit. Sometimes 
they’ll think they’re making a fart and crap their pants, and try to look slick as they excuse 
themselves to clean up their black pants. Being smart, maybe they have a spare pair laid aside 
in case of such a contingency‐then don them and realize only when they go RRRIIIIIIIIPPP at the 
crotch that they’ve grown a size or two. 

Lawyers like anyone else are forever looking for a leg up, an opportunity. Every client that 
comes to them pays cash‐the total amount may be smaller if in a lump sum up front… but that’s 
dependent on the client’s negotiating prowess, the sum, and that particular lawyer. Most 
people though take the offer that’s given‐if they can afford it. 

Lawyers, if they have any skills with people‐and most of them do‐will sell their client on their 
ability to get the outcome they’re looking for… or something they might live with. What those 
poor bastards don’t find out until too late is the simple truth that lawyers have to also maintain 
good relations with their colleagues‐whether in other law firms working their clients for every 
cent, or in the courts presiding, trying over their cases for massah state, or in various political 
offices‐forever plotting to seize more money, more power from us all.  

That means if you’re their client they have to sell you out if truly defending you means pissing 
off those that butter their bread, that let them have a easy time “litigating” in the courts for 
easy cash flow as you turn and twist in whatever trouble you’re in: 

You could be the target of a opportunistic turd looking for a easy score by suing you, or getting 
you arrested for something they set up. Soon as you hire on a lawyer, he or she will get on his 
phone to talk to the opposing counsel‐another lawyer or the local prosecutor‐and they’ll both 
work out a game plan for your attorney to drain you dry before the state has it’s way with you.  

You could be out and about‐doesn’t matter where or when‐and some chump starts a fight with 
you, like he has a license to do so. He does because he’s the mayor’s son/live in gay 
companion/whatever and has to be the alpha male somewhere in his life… you being his punk 
bitch will do. Pick the wrong lawyer, someone who has to practice in that town, and some kind 
of back door deal’s made… trumped up charges are made against you, it turns into you 
assaulting the faggy chump and instead of the mayor’s boy toy doing time it’s you.  

Kinda outlandish, over the top you say? How about this one: you’re on a lawnmower having a 
beer and some traitor cop gives you a DUI as you mow the lawn? And you’re CONVICTED?! By 
the way this is a true story‐man appealed to the State Supreme Court to overturn it… think 
dude had a lawyer solidly backing him the first time on this ridiculous charge? Nope. 

…How about the thousands of innocent Americans convicted for self‐defense each year… 
forced into plea bargains by their step‐n‐fechit lawyers making that deal with the scumbag 
prosecutors(lawyers) that just want another prosecution on their record instead of doing the 
right thing and dropping the charges, the illegal, unconstitutional prohibitions on carrying a 
weapon for self‐defense. 

How about the thousands of innocent Americans that had to kill in self‐defense and were 
forced by “their” attorneys who after bleeding them dry financially callously railroad them into 
accepting the state’s “deal”‐deals made by their golfing buddy/prosecutors. 

How about all the civil suits where the outcome is predetermined‐and God help you if you’re 
the target because you got some money. 

Now let’s flip this around‐how about all the lawyers work