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					A Message from the Principal
Student Voice
Year 7 Win!
Mathematics Competition News
Sha Tin College Riding Team
ICT Update
Year 13 IB Mangrove Fieldtrip 2009
Pink Week Update
Charity Rock Star concert

Living a Homeless Life – for a Day!
Science Cross Phase
Octopus and Cashless Payment
STC Environmental Action Group (EAG)
Girls Hockey
Forthcoming Event

                           A Message from the Principal

                           Dear Parents

                           Once again, welcome to the Sha Tin College newsletter which is full of news and
                           updates of our school community life. As you will see, STC continues to be a very
                           busy and active school, offering a great variety of experiences for our students.

                            Our College PTA recently held their AGM on 28th October during which Jane
                            Tracy stood down from the post of Chair after 6 years. On behalf of the school
community, we would like to thank Jane for her tireless support of the school and her great work and effort
with the PTA and School Council. We welcome Anne Douglas as the newly elected Chair and wish her every
success in this important role. Other newly elected members are: Mary Mejaes; Anthony Davy; and Clare Lam,
and they join existing members: Rochelle Williams; Kate Palmes; Rose Rainbow; Joan Tsui; and Matina Yu.
Jutka Czirok, Neil Harris and myself are the staff representatives and we are all supported by Katherine Liu in
the PTA office. I look forward to working with the PTA Committee throughout the rest of the academic year.

With only a few weeks to go before the Sha Tin College and Junior School Fair on Saturday 28th November, I
would like to encourage you to support this most important event in our school calendar if you are able. The
Fair promises to be an excellent occasion for everyone and I would like to thank the Fair Committee for all
their hard work, and in particular, the Chair of the Committee, Russell Williams.

Best wishes

John Nixon MBE,
Principal – Sha Tin College
Student Voice - Christine Rowlands, Vice Principal

The annual Student Council elections occurred this week.
These allow any interested students to nominate for the
five posts of: President (Year 12), two Vice Presidents
(Years 11-12), Secretary (Years 9 -11) and Treasurer
(Years 10-11). These roles are coveted and very
significant in the College. The reasons for this are
because they offer all students a forum to have their
opinions heard and their views taken into account when
decisions are made.

                             It provides them opportunities to work in leadership positions as ambassadors
                             for the College in a variety of challenging ways, and with diverse people. The
                             Council members learn and practice skills of problem solving, team work and
                             negotiating. They also learn about change and to be patient!

                            Every student in the school did
                            an excellent job of practicing the
                            democratic process during the
                            two assemblies we had: Years
                            7-10 on Monday, November 2
                            and Years 11-13 on Tuesday,
                            November 3. The candidates
                            were only granted two minutes
                            to speak - the GONG rang and
they had to stop immediately if they spoke longer than this!
People listened attentively to candidates, then made a
judgement about who was best to represent them.

                                           They knew not to be influenced by unrealistic promises candidates
                                           made but concerned themselves with what would benefit the
                                           whole student body. They bore witness to the passion, dedication
                                           and creativity the candidates had for the complex issues we face

It can be very daunting indeed standing before all your
peers and delivering a speech, whilst also being aware
that all the teachers are closely scrutinizing you.
Everyone who participated should be proud of their
courage and achievements.
Our successful candidates are to be congratulated. They are:
o      David Dong – President
o      Justin Soin and Ben Young – Vice Presidents
o      Aaron Tang – Treasurer
o      James Yang - Secretary

To those students who were unsuccessful, we hope that you can
channel your leadership in another direction and we offer you
our commiserations.

9th Annual Hong Kong International Coastal Cleanup Challenge: Year 7 win! - Neil
Hooper, Head of Year 7

                                                     In Hong Kong, 150 teams entered the International
                                                     Coastal Cleanup Challenge. I am pleased to report that
                                                     our Year 7s won the award for the largest team. We
                                                     had helped to clean up Shui Hau Wan on Eco Day
                                                     during CAS Week.

                                                     It was a challenging experience, but one of our
                                                     students, Daniel, illustrates its benefits:
                                                     “Another activity that made an impression on me was
                                                     the beach clean-up. It showed how much rubbish Hong
                                                     Kong can produce and how dirty our environment will
                                                     be if this keeps happening …”

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

You have made a difference! And I am sure that the
certificate we receive will remind us of the importance
of what you did.
Mathematics Competition News -
Nigel Wilson, Head of Faculty, Mathematics

The first competition held this year was the Australian Maths
Competition (AMC) in September. Around 80 students in Years 8-
13 participated in this. The results and certificates have just
arrived, and will be distributed to students shortly. 29 students
achieved a Credit rating, and 7 will receive a Distinction certificate
in a future assembly. They are:

Year 10 : Jack Chan
Year 11 : Edward He                                                                       Paulo Costa
Year 12 : William Cai
Year 13 : Jake Chan, Yan Lap Cheung, Alison Luk, George Tian               receives his Prudence award from Mr Wilson

In addition, Paulo Costa of Year 11 achieved a certificate of High Distinction, and a special Prudence award for
achieving the best results at Sha Tin College. Well done!

The UK Senior Mathematics Challenge (UKSMC) took place recently on 5 November. This competition is
available to students in Years 12 and 13 only. Results are expected to arrive just after Christmas. The
Intermediate Challenge (for Years 9-11) will be next February, and the Junior Challenge (Years 7 and 8) next

Sha Tin College Riding Team – Elaine McIntyre, Faculty of English

                                                            The Sha Tin College Riding Team is the Hartpury
                                                            College Inter-School Equestrian Champions for 2009.

                                                            We won an 'all expenses paid' trip to the UK in June
                                                            and spent a wonderful week training at Hartpury.

                                                            We also had the opportunity to ride at Tim Downes'
                                                            (Fellow of the British Horse Society) yard in
                                                            Staffordshire and spent a morning with British
                                                            Olympic Dressage rider, Carl Hester at his yard in

                                                            The team members are: Xantha Leatham, Katie
                                                            Leven, Sum Sze Tam and Taylor Yeung.
ICT Update - Jo Letters, Vice Principal

There have been many exciting developments in ICT over the past few months and I would like to take this
opportunity to bring you up to date with just some of them.

Over the half term break a new projector and large screen were installed in the school hall. Many thanks must
go to the PTA who funded this project. I am sure you are looking forward to seeing them utilized in the
upcoming school production “Singing in the Rain” and the Young Musicians Festival.

All students have been allocated a school g-mail account. This account will be used for contacting students
with regards to all official school business including the setting of work should classes be suspended for any
reason, such as adverse weather conditions or ‘flu outbreaks. There are instructions available on the school
website explaining how to forward e-mails from this account to one that students regularly use, should they
wish to do this. It is an expectation that all students in the College check their school e-mail account at least
once a day, otherwise they may miss out on important information.

Before the end of this term we are hoping to be able to provide all parents with a school Gateway log in. This
will allow all parents to access information relating to your child’s education including attendance, teacher
information, CAS activities information, the school bulletin and calendars. In the future we hope to move
towards a real-time on-line reporting system which will also be available through the Gateway.

Finally, work is underway to imbed a new Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle, in the College. Moodle is an
excellent platform which can be used to share resources with students and staff and will allow us greater
creativity in our teaching. Over the next few months teachers will be trained in how best to use the Moodle
to enhance teaching in their subject areas.
Year 13 IB Mangrove Fieldtrip 2009 – Laura Brown,
Head of Biology

 On October 13th, seventy Year 13 Biology students headed for the
mangrove swamp at Kei Ling Ha Lo Wa in order to study the ecology
of the area and produce work which could contribute to their
internal assessment portfolios.

Ecology is one important topic in the content-packed IB course and is
an integral part of the curriculum. It helps highlight the importance of the natural, local environment and the
factors which may influence or threaten it and utilising the mangroves is consequently a very effective and
relevant teaching tool.

                                    The day itself was more sunny than expected but the mud was wet and as
                                    challenging and slippery as ever. The crabs, snails and worms were out in
                                    force and the students had many new and exciting experiences with some
                                    interesting discoveries and a few

                                     A great day was had by all and a
                                     fantastic opportunity was given to
the students to learn about something new, make a contribution to
their coursework requirement and experience the local environment
whilst applying their biological knowledge to a local ecosystem.

Pink Week Update - Jillian Thomson, Deputy Head of Year 12

I am extremely pleased and decidedly impressed to report that Shatin College Pink Week has already raised
over $36,000 for the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. This is a fantastic amount and sincere thanks go to everyone
involved in making this such a successful event. The final total is not yet known as donations can still be made

                                                 Many thanks to all parents and friends who have already visited
                                                 the site and generously donated.

I am also pleased to report Ling- Ling and Monique with their
short hair are looking lovely and smiley as ever when I see
them round school. As well as donating their lovely locks to make wigs for patients undergoing chemotherapy,
their sponsored hair cutting raised a considerable amount of money, but perhaps more importantly has raised
awareness in school and beyond about the effects of breast cancer .
          Rock Star Concert - Park Barker, Head of Music

Natalie Hoe (Y12)
…about the Charity
The Charity Rock Star concert raised money for the Hong Kong
Breast Cancer Foundation. Despite it being a first time event
for Shatin College, students and teachers managed to raise
nearly $4000 dollars. It is a very moving experience to know
that with just one simple event, we can raise thousands to help
a cause which can help save many lives. Anyone can get breast
cancer, and it is not an easy thing to live with… with a simple
loving hand and a loving heart we can continue raising money
for a good cause towards our society.

Sonia Raphael (Y12)
…about the CAS Project
As part of the project, there were many tasks to undertake before the day of the rock concert which included
coming up with the price and maximum number of tickets to
sell. Nevertheless, the tasks didn’t end there! As the minutes
drew near, we had to setup tables for the food and tickets,
brief the volunteers of their responsibility as well as setting up
the beverages and pizza table.

The experience we’ve gained from this project has helped us to
look at things a little differently. For example, knowing that
organizing such an event should not be judged as an easy task.
On the contrary, a responsibility that must be dealt with
initiative, thinking ahead, organizational skills and most
importantly, sociable skills; all of which we have gained from
this positive experience.

Ms Thompson
I was very impressed by the hard work, enthusiasm and effort shown by the students involved in selling tickets
and organising refreshments for the Charity Rock Star event. Pink week itself was especially busy for them, but a
lot of hard work had already gone on in the weeks leading up to the concert. It was interesting watching as
leadership skills developed and they learned to pull together a team to get things done, ensuring the event was
such a success.

Shatin College students continue to amaze me with their commitment and dedication to fund raising for
charity events, however I feel a special mention should be made of Sonia Raphael who led the team so
successfully and also performed on stage so brilliantly! This was a fantastic event and we can feel justifiably
proud of everyone involved. Rock on Rock Star 2010!
…about the Rock
We are making it bigger and better next year – a big thank you to all staff and students for your help!
In the meantime, here are some comments from the performers and audience…..

“You get a thrill from performing in front of such an enthusiastic audience - Lady Ga Ga really got the event
going!” Sonia Raphael (Y12)

 “The show was so much better than I expected! The fact that it was the first time ever in Shatin College made
it an even more amazing event for me!” Daniel Fowler (Y12)

“Going on stage with Lady Ga Ga is an experience I’ll never forget and I don’t think she will forget either!”
Daniel Fowler (Y12)

    Rock Star Concert
Photographs by Mr. Dickson
Living a Homeless Life – for a Day! - Richard Atkinson, Faculty of Design & Tchnology

On the evening of Friday 30th October a motley crew of year 13 students assembled at school to ‘live the lives
of the homeless’….. Yes you’ve guessed it, the glamorous choice of sleeping in a cardboard box in the
undercover area at school over night until 7am on Saturday morning. This event was organized to publicize the
challenges facing the homeless and give the students a real experience of homelessness.

The people who managed to persuade 13 students and 1 teacher to participate in this activity…Joshua Chung
and Kenneth Ho (13E). If any businesses are looking for sales professionals these two are highly accomplished
and managed to sell this idea!

The students built cardboard                                                          homes for the evening
and then watched a range of                                                           videos about
homelessness and how easy                                                             it can be to become
homeless. The students were                                                           all keen on organizing
their food for the evening …                                                          which in typical
teenage fashion was going to                                                          be a feast of pizza hut
and MacDonald’s                                                                       delicacies….
NO!…said Mr. Atkinson you                                                             are supposed to be
homeless can you afford it?                                                           So the food technology
kitchen was put into action                                                           and the students
prepared and cooked a                                                                 vegetable soup feast….
13 people fed for $90 … not                                                           bad. The students
donated what they would                                                               have spent on
takeaways to crossroads so a donation of $1300 dollars will be presented to crossroads in the very near

To have the ‘real’ homeless experience the students were subjected to noise (mainly down to the amazingly
loud snoring of Henry), mock theft of bags and possessions and were woken up early on Saturday morning….
The best quote goes to Joshua Chung…after waking up… ‘I ache all over, I’m looking forward to a shower…
oh no I can’t I’m homeless!’

The lucky volunteer teacher for this glamorous event, Mr Atkinson, is now on good terms with his
chiropractor after sleeping on the floor all night!

This event certainly raised awareness of the plight of the homeless and the great work that the crossroads
charity does to help these people. If you would like to make a donation they can be contacted at
Science Cross-Phase - Michael Chiu, Key Stage 3 Science Coordinator

Science Cross Phase – Michael Chiu, Key Stage 3 Science Coordinator

Year 6 students from Sha Tin Junior School have been in to the Science laboratories this week and have been
working on their practical skills. In their PYP unit of inquiry, How the World Works, students have been
looking in particular at the properties of different materials and the processes which can lead to changes in
those properties.

The Year 6’s conducted a fair test with their serial dilution of White Vinegar and observed the pH changes!

The Year 5’s have been working on their, Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry. They have been looking at how
humans contribute in helpful and harmful ways to the environment. The ‘Sustainability Tour’ started in the car
park, and students took evidence with their cameras and notebooks, noting the impact of human decisions, as
they toured the school.
Science Cross-Phase - Michael Chiu, Key Stage 3 Science Coordinator

Octopus and Cashless Payment - Shwan Law, Business and Administration Manager

Since November 2008, we have had cashless transactions through Octopus in our Cafeteria and Cafe. This
has proven very efficient.

As you know, Octopus is also the way we register attendance and it is used for some functions in the Library.

Periodically, though, some students do forget to bring their Octopus cards to school, they need to add cash to
their cards or are waiting for lost cards to be replaced.

For these reasons, we allow cash transactions in the cafeteria and café at the following specific times and
locations: the cashiers at the end of both serving counters in the Cafeteria and the one at the Café
at 11:30am to 12:00noon and 1:30am to 2:05pm. The cashier in the middle of the Cafeteria will only
accept Octopus transactions.

Students who need to top up the value of their Octopus cards can also do so at the locations and time
indicated above. Notices adjacent to the cashiers explain these arrangements to everyone.

The cashless transactions give students a longer time to enjoy eating and socializing. They reduce queuing in
the Cafeteria and Café and enhance security because the amount of cash carried by students is reduced.

STC Environmental Action Group (EAG): Morag Brooks, Michael Chiu - Environmental
Action Coordinators

 The Environmental Action Group, or EAG for
 short, is an umbrella of Environmental Groups led
 mostly by Y12 CAS project leaders. The last few
 weeks have been a productive time with many
 groups implementing their ideas and putting them in
 to action. Our recycling teams are now organizing
 the collection of cans, paper and plastic bottles, and
 are placing them in the Recycling Station donated by
 the PTA.

                                    In addition, the Cap and Trade Groups are working on electricity
                                    reduction in school. Hopefully a reduction in electricity consumption
                                    will enable the school to reap the savings; the money being ploughed
                                    back into Environmental projects at school. We will be working with
                                    Teng Hoi who will help us with our audit of electricity consumption.
                                    Our aim is to reduce electricity bills by 10%. Another exciting
                                    initiative will be the composting of vegetable waste from the
                                    cafeteria, and the use of bokashi to compost wasted food. Hopefully
                                    our trials will start soon.
Science Cross-Phase - Michael Chiu, Key Stage 3 Science Coordinator

 The Roof-top garden group has just harvested the ‘Pak choi’, and we are eagerly waiting for the pumpkins
 and tomatoes to grow. In addition, the group is growing plants and vegetables to sell at our school fair-stall.
 Students have also been busy at the White House garden laying a path, and plan to improve the garden’s

Our other initiatives include Eco-office, Microloans, Shark Awareness and a Newsletter group. The link to
the Environmental newsletter is found on the main Sha Tin College website. Our next challenge is to
improve the schools recycling habits, especially on campus, and at our major events; Swimming Gala,
School Fair and Sports Day.

The school is also supporting the Kely group with their phone recycling project. If you have a working
mobile phone or accessory, that you would like to donate, please contact us by email. or See link for more details on Phone recycling. Finally, if
you are an expert on any of these projects and can help us out with any of them, we would be delighted to
hear from you.
Girls Hockey – Debbie Hanley, Faculty of Arts and Physical Education

Our 2009-10 Girls Senior Hockey season has started off very enthusiastically. We have two senior teams
entered into the HKSSF league. As ever we have some very tough opposition, but the girls are on good form
and feeling very confident. So far the Senior Girls A Team and Senior B Team are half way through the
competition having played Four games each. The results
are shown below:

Team A
SC 8 V DGS 0
SC 2 V SIS 2
SC 0 V WIS 0

Team B
SC 0 V HYS 0
SC 2 V KGV 1
SC 0 V WIS 4

Our Top goal scorer so far is Team Captain Rachel Erwin (Y13), and numerous goals from Hannah Leonczeck
and Xantha Leatham Y13. Also, from some of our younger players including Melody Mak Y11 and Jennifer
Hemmings Y11. Although we have limited training time, the girls have been committed and displayed strong
team cohesion. More games will be played throughout November and December, including Team B
tournament on 17th November 4pm-6pm at Happy Valley, and Team A will have their tournament on 1st
December, 2.30pm-6pm also in Happy Valley. We wish them the very best of luck!

Forthcoming Event

Year 12 students are eagerly preparing for their Celebration Evening on Thursday November 26th.

This evening is designed to recognize the achievements of all our year 12 students and to mark their transition
to the Senior School and the International Baccalaureate Programme.

There will be a guest speaker presenting I/GCSE certificates as well as the PTA scholarships for academic
excellence, academic progress and overall contribution to school, plus some musical entertainment and
presentations by the students.

Light refreshments will be served at the end of the evening.

We hope many parents will be able to attend and join us in celebrating with the students.

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