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									September, 2011 HSA Minutes

Present: Barb Plenge, Lisette Salinas, Kim Cada, Jenny Sandeen, Cora Limburg, Cathy
Weisenbeck, Linda Hyberger, Kristen Skime, Kelly Flood, and Michelle Wald

Secretary’s Report: Approved
Treasurer’s Report: Looks good.
Teacher’s Report: Margi Newkirk (absent)
Principal’s Report: New office staff: Susan Bauman (T/TH)
Students are settled in
9-12 Fire Drill practice (5 fire drills and 5 lock down drills per year)
9-13 Band “Try It” day
9-14 Picture Day
9-12 and 9-16 Employee Flu Shot
9-15 Kindergarten picnic
9-21-23 Eagle Bluff: Jr. High + faculty
9-23 LHS Homecoming
10-2 Parish Fall Fest
10-4 Feast of St. Francis (there will be a school celebration)

September HSA Activities: Kindergarten Picnic- 1st grade coordinates. 6 volunteers needed.

October HSA Activities Non-uniform sweatshirt/T shirt sales (student council may do a tee.

Cook book fund raiser?? Kelly Flood will look into a company. Money will go toward SMART
boards. When to do this??? Last week in January. Barb will submit a fundraiser form to be

Old Business: Parent Enrichment ideas- Possible speaker from Bluestem, Mayo or the Diocese.
Student Enrichment ideas- MN History Story tellers; Dave “yo-yo” guy, authors, MN Zoombile
(St. Pius does this), Science outside the box lady, juggler in Adams.

New Business: Nora Rogers- Requesting start up support for Drama support. Barb will contact
her to find out what is needed.

Lisa Hogan- used uniform sales: Set out at conferences (Nov 15,17/Feb 21,23), welcome back
week and meet the teacher. Also, October 4 and January 10 (first Tuesday), and April 16
(second Tuesday).

Starla Inman, new sweatshirts sales liason, needs to find a replacement. Lisette sent her a list
of possible volunteers to take over this position.
Next meeting: October3, 2011 at 6:30 in the library.

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