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                         Holiday shopping can be quite expensive. Fortunately we have
                                   gathered the best deals that you can find
            The Holidays are a very special time of    The Holidays are fast approaching, and     There can be crowds to deal with.
            year for everyone. Children especially     we can make your shopping this season      Sometimes the best items are sold out
            get great joy from the festive season.     a whole lot easier.                        very early.

            All of the decorations, Santa, and gifts   We have done all of the hard work to       Parking can be impossible to find a lot
            are things that children really appreciate find the latest great gift ideas that are   of the time. If you take advantage of
            and get excited about.                     perfect for any boy.                       what we have to offer you can avoid all
                                                                                                  of this stress.
            Buying gifts for boys can be tricky      We have collected the top brands and
            sometimes.                               items that you can find so your               You will then be able to relax and enjoy
            Boys quite often want to have the latest shopping job will be as easy as possible.    the Holidays like you are supposed to
                                                                                                  do.You can beat the rush on all this
            "cool" toys, and you may not always be Holiday shopping can be stressful at
                                                                                                  year's hottest gifts for boys.
            sure what is hot this season.            times.

                       POWER TOYS
                                                                     LEGO TOYS                                  MAGIC SETS
Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPod
touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices (Orange/Blue)
The Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter is        It features a micro electro mechanical
an outstanding device standing on the      system (MEMS), gyro sensors,
edge between modeling technologies,        accelerometer and an ultrasound
                                                                                     T H E D RO N E
video gaming innovation and augmented      sensor. Piloting maneuvers are made
reality.                                   with the help of a powerful an
                                           intelligent on-board computer.
It features various sensors and can be
controlled by a device such as iPhone,
iPod touch, IPad or devices from           Main Features and Advantages
It has an ultrasound altimeter and front
                                           The Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter has
and vertical cameras.
                                           some innovator features, such as its
Two AR.Drones can engage into a fight       own Wi-Fi network, which connects to
through video games, such as                                                         F LY T I M E : 1 2 M I N U T E S
                                           the device you have and the front
AR.FlyingAce.                              camera generates images on the display.


Full control via iPod touch, iPhone,       The item has an autopilot function for
iPad, or Android device                    super easy takeoffs and landings. It
The item has an on-board Wi-Fi system      stabilizes the drone 80-centimeter high
allowing the controller to use it          above the ground after takeoff.
variously and implying different moves     Stationary flight function is enabled
and flying techniques.
The piloting system is simple and easy     MADE OF CARBON FIBER
to learn. The high-technology sensors                                                     C ARBO N TUBE
                                           AND A SPECIAL PLASTIC
include a wide range of captors, a high-
                                           WITH HIGH IMPACT
speed camera and a wide-angle

                                                                                            AU TOPIL OT

                                                                                     CONTROL VIA PHONE
Durability and Easy Repairing

The Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter is made of carbon fiber and a special plastic with high impact
resistance. The parts of the quadricopter can be easily removed, repaired and replaced.

Free Piloting Application and AR.Games available

The piloting is possible through a free soft, which can be downloaded from Android Market and
iTunes App Store. It is named AR.Freeflight App. Also, various augmented reality games, both single
player and multiplayer ones can be bought there.You can play with your friends and shoot other
enemy drones.


Compatibility with other devices

The quadricopter is optimized for iPhone, IPad and iPod touch from Apple and for HTC Desire,
HTC Sensation, HTC Desire HD, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, LG Optimus 2x. From Android, it
matches Motorola Xoom, and Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II.

Customer Reviews

The product is highly reviewed and customers who bought it generally praise and recommend it.


The Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter is a groundbreaking toy for teenagers and grown-ups, both for
indoor and outdoor playing, perfect for single playing or having fun with other friends and with
other similar devices.

                                                  Any boy would love this drone for more
                                                          reviews and discounts
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Power Wheels Dune Racer - It's Riding Time At The
Power Wheels Dune Racer is an                advanced users and one speed for
amazing release from the famous toy          reverse maneuvers.
producer, Fisher-Price. It is an off-road    For more fun while driving, it features a   D U N E R AC E R
vehicle, which kids will love instantly.     secret compartment under the hood,
They can approach driving action in a        ideal for games and role playing.
fun and safe way and the Monster             It has fake seat-belts with Velcro
Traction driving system enables rides        fasteners and using them will teach the
on rough terrain, wet grass or hard          children the good habit of buckling up.
surfaces. Kids over the age of three will
be able to drive it without problems.        In contrast with the sturdy strong
                                             exterior, the inside of the Power

                                          Wheels Dune Racer is soft, with
Main Features and Advantages of              smooth design lines and rounded
the Product                                  edges, which protect the kids from             STEEL FRAME
                                             cutting or scratching while riding it.

                                             The 12-volt rechargeable battery offers
The Dune Racer is sustained by a
                                             several hour of playful driving.
strong steel frame with accents of
flashy chrome and supports a weight up
to 130 pounds.
It has a spacious open cockpit, big
enough for two riders. It features a
low center of gravity, assuring             FOR MORE FUN WHILE
optimal handling and perfect
                                            DRIVING, IT FEATURES A
balance. Two metal sidebars are used                                                       L OT S O F RO O M
                                            SECRET COMPARTMENT
as stable hand supports.
                                            UNDER THE HOOD
It features two speeds for driving
forward, one for beginners, one for

                                                                                             G R E AT F U N

                                                                                               TRUN K
Main Drawbacks of Product

Generally people speak highly of the Power Wheels Dune Racer and browsing through the reviews
will give you a good opinion about it.
There were though some complaints about its speed, some considering it too slow. Another client
stated that it has a too large turning radius. But most of them "complain" that kids won't leave the
cockpit for hours!

Customers Reviews/Feedback of Product

One thing is for sure, kids definitely love Power Wheels Dune Racer. The reviews are praising it,
some saying that is more than you hope to get when you hit the buy button.

Parents bought this item for their kids, most of them having previous models.
They say that, comparing to other similar racers, this one is definitely superior from a wide range
of reasons.

Impressive in many ways, with great engineering design, precise assembly directions, high precision
fitting parts and cool looks, Power Wheels Dune Racer is a perfect anniversary or Christmas gift
for all kids.

                                                  Great fun all round for boys or girls for
                                                       more reviews and best price
                                                                 CLICK HERE
LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507

The LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 is       pieces, 7 mini-figures heroes, a fire
another amazing toy set from the           dragon, and 18 different weapons. Three
famous Danish enterprise, which has        detailed instruction booklets will help
                                                                                           LEGO 2507
been producing unbelievable fun and        you assembling it for proper playing.
playful toys since 1932.                   The set is 11 inch tall and 10-inch-wide.
This is battle time and the combat for     Besides Kruncha or Samukai figures and
the 4 weapons is greater than ever. The    fourteen weapons, the set features four
courageous LEGO heroes, such as            mighty golden weapons, the Dragon
Sensei Wu, Zane, Nya and Kai have to       Sword of Fire, the Scythe of Quakes
fight for these weapons against Lord        and the Shurikans of Ice.
Garmadon, assisted by his evil skeleton
                                           Main advantages of the product
The objective is to gain full control of                                                 DRAG ON' S F IRE BR EATH

the Dragon Sword of Fire, a powerful
legendary weapon.                          The fire temple can be divided into two

                                        parts, letting the ferocious Fire Dragon
                                           break out, protecting the sword by
Main features of the product               launching fire flames towards Lord

LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 set is a     The dragon is 17 inch long and his main
complex construction having 1174           ability is fire spitting; he can also rotate
                                           his neck to aim the shooting fireballs.
                                           Kids can easily fire it again for more
LET THERE IMAGINATION                      bursts of flames.                              MASTERS OF SPINJITZU

                                                                                           MARJORIE (3YEARS)

                                                                                         HOURS OF F UN FOR AL L
The set is intended for children over eight, taking them to a magic world with ninjas and dragons
and the classic epic battle of good versus evil.

 Sensei Wu and his disciples, Kai, Zane, and Nya are trained in the ancient martial art called
Spinjitzu and joined in a quest for the fabled weapons of Ninjago.
Lord Garmadon and his evil forces stand in their way, but the legendary power of Spinjitzu and the
Fire Dragon defeat them.

Customers reviews about the product	


The LEGO Ninjago series have passionate fans all around the globe and many of them gave LEGO
Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 excellent reviews.
Besides some comments about it being slightly fragile, all the reviews speak highly of it. Children
definitely love ninjas and this toy has a wonderful story behind.

LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507 set is the perfect addition of any Ninjago fans collection and can
be the perfect gift for any kid who loves brave stories with dragons, villains and mighty ninja

                                                   Great fun all round for boys or girls for
                                                        more reviews and best price
                                                                   CLICK HERE
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

Transformers: Dark of the Moon -            trailer truck with blue and red vivid
Ultimate Optimus Prime is the ultimate      finish.
electronic toy in the Transformers toy      The truck can roll without problems on           OPTIMUS
line which was first released by Hasbro      a carpet or any other hard surface. It
back in 1984.                               can be proudly displayed on a cabinet
Inspired by the famous comics and           or on the dresser top.
blockbuster movies, these amazing toy       According to Transformers habits, this
vehicles can transform into robots.         mighty Autobot comes out of disguise
There are two factions of                   and transforms himself into a powerful
Transformers, the evil Decepticons          robot.
combated by the heroic Autobots.            It converts into the Omega Combat

                                         Armor and Optimus can be placed
                                            inside it.                                      TRUCK TO ROBOT
Main features and advantages of
the product                                 Extended wings complete its ferocious
                                            look. Featuring a firing super cannon as

                                            well as battle mask that is retractable, it
Transformers: Dark of the Moon -            is completely posable and highly
Ultimate Optimus Prime addresses to         articulated.
kids over the age of five and features a
cutting edge design with flashy glowing
lights and sounds during battles. It
makes the perfect addition to any
                                              FIRING SOUNDS CAN BE
Transformers collections.                     HEARD AND FLASHING
                                              LIGHTS APPEAR                                LIGHTS AND SOUNDS
      Truck to Robot conversion

Being one of the most fully featured
based on action figures toy, it is a semi-

                                                                                          SIX MECHTECH PORTS

                                                                                          ULTIMAX SUPER C AN ON
Lights and Sounds
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime is able to make different sounds. When
the Ultimax Super Canon fires rockets towards the enemies, firing sounds can be heard and
flashing lights appear.
If you pull the trigger, the canon will open while letting out a burst of sounds and lights, as well as
the famous quote "I am Optimus Prime!"	

Customer opinions about Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus

Fans of the series waited anxiously for this set and their expectations have been exceeded. The
item is impressive and they surely recognized the "wow" factor specific for Transformers toys.

Describing it as very impressive and well designed, people who bought this item are contained
with their choice.
A few complained though about the transforming feature, saying it is a little more difficult than
they expected.
Anyway, the conversion between Vehicle Mode and Robot Mode is well explained in the
instructions with helping pictures of every step.

Recreate the epic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons at home with the amazing
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime!

                                                     This is a must for any transformer fan for
                                                          more reviews and better prices
                                                                     CLICK HERE
Anakin Skywalker Ultimate FX Lightsaber

Anakin Skywalker Ultimate FX                It has a glowing blade which radiates
Lightsaber is the right device for kids     during the battle with light tones of
who want to recreate the epic battles       blue.
                                                                                      U LT I M AT E F X
from the worldwide famous Star Wars         For a more realistic atmosphere, it has
series.                                     battle clash light signals and sounds.
Kids love role playing and they always      Motion sensors control the sound
like impersonating movie heroes they        effects to be as swift and prompt as
best identify with.                         possible.
Anakin Skywalker aroused the                And the best of all, this FX saber from
imagination of kids since the releasing     Hasbro features the famous humming
of the prequel trilogy and now children     sound when being activated.
can lead the galactic battle as the         This model of Star Wars saber is not a
famous general.                                                                       B ATTLE SOU ND EFFECT S
                                            static, showcase object. It is dynamic,
                                            fun to play with and suited for games
                                            with other kids.
Features and advantages of the

The saber measures approximately 33
inches in length.
It has a light tube for blade and a
detailed plastic hilt. The package
includes batteries for several hours of     RECREATE THE EPIC
                                            BATTLES FROM THE
                                                                                          TRAINING DVD
With the Anakin Skywalker Ultimate          WORLDWIDE FAMOUS STAR
FX Lightsaber, everything is about lights   WARS SERIES
and sounds, to create the atmosphere
specific to a SF fighting scene.

                                                                                       VIVID LED LIGHTING

                                                                                         3 X AA B ATTERIES
Customer reviews and real buyers opinions

People are generally satisfied with this saber.
They love the 1:1 ratio and some say that previous versions of it were made of metal, being harder
and difficult to swing around. They agree that it is great to play with it, dueling with your friends.
One customer nostalgically remembers having a lightsaber 25 years ago which was a mere
flashlight with a green film covering the bulb.

And he said that if even that one was awesome for him as a child, this one is surely perfect for his
Another feature they all like is the price, since the Anakin Skywalker Ultimate FX Lightsaber is one
of the most affordable Star Wars replica saber available. It is not a museum quality replica, it is a
toy for kids to have fun with.


Million children around the word have dreamed of owning a real lightsaber. and similar toys have
been released, but Anakin Skywalker Ultimate FX Lightsaber is as close as you can get!

They say it has the perfect balance between the blade and the hilt.

                                                  From the second you switch it on there
                                                 faces will light up as it’s so real looking for
                                                                 more reviews
                                                                CLICK HERE
 Bring The Lord of the Rings Home with LEGO‘The Lord
 of the Rings Hobbit Attack on Weathertop’!
If you are looking for a perfect toy set    Interesting features:
for your child, consider buying             Weathertop fortress ruin with a
LEGO‘The Lord of the Rings Hobbit           weapon rack, missile function, trapdoor,    L OT R L E G O
Attack on Weathertop’. This 430 piece       fireplace with wood and pedestal.
set of toys from the company will keep
your kids occupied with its interesting     Over 400 pieces in the package, your
storyline. Based on the Lord of the         kids will have plenty of material to
Rings myth, it will definitely suit the
interests of your children.                 Interesting storyline, your kids have to
Keeping kids occupied can be really         defend Weathertop fortress from evil
challenging, especially if you have other
important tasks to do. This incredible      Package includes ring, torch, five swords
toy set from Lego will solve this           and two new horses by Lego, which
                                                                                       HIDDEN FL ICK MISSILES
problem pretty easily.                      have been intelligently designed for the
Let them devise their strategies to         wraiths.
protect The One Ring from evil Ring         Quite interestingly, the horses can
wraiths.                                    stand in a rearing position, which
                                            should be liked by your kids.
Characters from the original Lord of
the Rings series - Merry, Frodo, Aragorn
and two Ring wraiths – are included in
this set along with several other mini
toys.                                        LET THEM DEVISE THEIR
Main Features:                               STRATEGIES TO PROTECT
                                                                                        2 NEW LEG O HORSES
                                             THE ONE RING FROM EVIL
LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit
Attack on Weathertop is a spectacular
                                             RING WRAITHS
game with several

                                                                                       5 SWO RDS, TO RCH A ND

                                                                                       HIDDEN WEAPON RACK
Main Advantages
LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Attack on Weathertop tests and enhances creativity of your
kids, by allowing them to assemble over 400 pieces, in order to create the Weathertop Castle and
their own original storylines.	

The set has a good build, has nice landscaping and there is an interesting use of technology for
creating a curved wall. All mini-figures, including new Lego horses, are simply











Use of nice weapons and trapdoor to make the play more interesting.
The bricks used for creating Weathertop Castle can be utilized to create something more
interesting, as is the case with other Lego products. If you are a proud owner of any other Lego
set, your kids can create something pretty awesome by combining pieces from multiple sets.

Customers Reviews
Customers have given thumbs up to the Lord of the Rings Hobbit Attack on Weathertop. Most of
them seem to like the play features, game characters, landscaping and almost every other feature
of this set.
The design is also considered very thrilling and impressive.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Attack on Weathertop is an excellent product, and if you are
looking for a present for your child on his or her birthday, Christmas or on any other occasion,
this is the product that you ought to get him or her.

                                                   Fantastic Set for more reviews and to see
                                                           the product In more detail
                                                                  CLICK HERE
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart           loaded it can go on blasting for a long
Blaster is the best toy for your           time!
adrenaline junky kids aged eight years     Main Features                                N E RF N -S T RIK E
and above.
                                           Your kids are going to love Nerf N-
They are going to have a real blast with   Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster
this dart blaster from Nerf, a prominent   because of its unique features:
toy manufacturer.
                                           It gets shipped with a removable
It comes loaded with a couple of           tripod, making it easily transportable. In
excellent attachments and it was           addition, it can be quickly folded to
considered to be extremely interesting     escape from enemy fire and take
by all its customers.                      position at a secure place.
It blasts up to three darts per second     It fires up to three darts per second
and your kids are going to love its fire                                                   RE MOVABL E TRIPO D
                                           and gets shipped with as many as 25
power.                                     darts. Armed with this ammunition,
It has its own ammunition box, 25          your kids are going to fight their own
whistler darts, dart belt and an           imaginary battles and blow away their
instruction set.                           opponents with ease.

Read the instruction set to your kids to   The belt feeds automatically, so load it
ensure that they use it safely. It is      once and let it do the blasting.
powered by 6 D batteries and once          It weighs around 6 pounds so carrying
                                           and transporting this lightweight toy
                                           should not be a problem for your
                                           energetic kids. It is quite durable at the
WITH THE AMAZING NERF                                                                   Massive and thrilling
                                           same time and survives beating from
                                           aggrieved kids as well!

                                                                                        6 D B ATTERIES REQUIRED

                                                                                            I WANT ONE!!!!!
Main Advantages:
Some of the main advantages of this amazing product include facts such as:

It is pure fun and easy to operate.
The kids love its firepower and ability to fire automatically once loaded with darts.
The gun is made from durable material. It is essentially immune to mishandling that is going to be
subjected to in the hands of the kids.

Customers Reviews

Most customers have found Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster very satisfying. With its
help, they can keep their kids occupied with something interesting rather than spending time on
computers. It keeps kids on their toes, makes them run around and have some fun outdoors.

Even adults can share some light moments with their kids by playing shooting games with their
kids using these guns. It has got scores of positive reviews, indicating that it delivers what is
promised by the manufacturers.


All in all, the massive toy gun Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster is pretty thrilling and
makes children have plenty of fun by firing darts, being at the same time an interesting product and
a must-have for every parent.

                                                   great fun for boys for more reviews and to
                                                          see the product In more detail
                                                                   CLICK HERE
Bring the Magic in Your Life by Using the Mindfreak
Ultimate Magic Kit
‘Mindfreak’ Chris Angel has come up        learning a fun-filled activity, something
with a winner magic kit named              which you and your fun loving kids will
Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit.              definitely enjoy.
This kit enables you to perform around     The package consists of Volume 1 and 5
500 magic tricks. Learning magic has       of bestselling DVD series of Chris
never been as interesting and fun-filled    Angel explaining how to perform insane
as the one made by this superb magic       magic tricks. Freak your friends with
kit from the house of Chris Angel.         such magic tricks as Chris freaks his
                                           audience on TV and in live shows by
Chris Angel has always impressed his
                                           learning these magic tricks using these
audience with his stupendous magic
                                           Self levitation is explained in the DVDs
Some of his tricks have been mind-
                                           that are included in the package. The          CRISS' SEC RET UTIL ITY
bending and gut wrenching. In fact, you
                                           package includes famed secret floating
have no need to perform such difficult
                                           device and secret utility device of Chris
tricks to impress your audience.
You can still have a good round of
                                           The package also contains three
laughs at a party or let your kids enjoy
                                           different sets of official playing cards
magic and have fun with their friends.
                                           from the house of Chris. Practice
All you need to do is to purchase          interesting card tricks with the help of
Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit and let       detailed instruction set to surprise
the magic begin!                           everyone around you.
Main Features                              If you buy this package, you will get free
An instructional DVD is included in the    membership of Chris Angel, site where        Deck of Criss Angel Cards
package, which helps in learning simple    you can access plenty of cool stuff. Let
as well as complex magic tricks. Besides   your kids satisfy their penchant for
that, the inspirational DVD makes          magic with this amazing kit!

                                                                                            MINDFREAK PROPS

                                                                                            250 MINDF REAKS
Main Advantages

Tricks are easy to learn and master.
The instructional DVD included in this kit makes learning immensely easy.
It is pretty inexpensive and can be gifted to kids on their birthday or on any other special
The package provides details of performing over 500 magic tricks.

Customer Reviews

Parents simply love Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit. Their kids like learning magic tricks and
impressing their friends and classmates with interesting tricks detailed in this cool magic kit.

They have found this kit immensely durable and much more useful than those available in the
dollar store.


If your kids want to learn magic, Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit is the best gift that you can give
them, so let them impress everybody by offering them this kit, which has truly lived up to its name!

                                                    Fantastic Magic set for more reviews and
                                                       to see the product In more detail
                                                                   CLICK HERE
Test Your Basketball Skills With Lifetime 51550
Courtside Portable Basketball
Lifetime 51550 Courtside Portable             The system is portable, which
Basketball is perfect for honing your         effectively enables its users to position
basketball skills.                            it at any place they want. It can be
                                              positioned by stuffing the polyethylene
Since it is portable, you can install it at
                                              base with sand or water.
any place as per your convenience and
have a go at basketball.                      The spring back rim and height
                                              adjustment mechanism enables easy
Besides that, it comes loaded with
                                              adjustment of height to suit above-the-
height adjustment mechanism which
                                              rim play and dunking. Its height can be
helps you to practice dunking as well as
                                              adjusted with the help of counter
‘above the rim’ play.
                                              balance springs. In fact, the system is so
There are plenty of interesting features      flexible that you can adjust its height up
in this basketball system, which you          to 10 feet with a single hand! Individuals
ought to check out if you are interested                                                   48-INC H SHATTER-PROOF
                                              who want to practice dunking can raise
in the game.                                  its height six inches at a time and keep
The material used for manufacturing           on increasing it as their vertical keeps
this basketball system is pretty sturdy.      on improving.
On top of that, the entire system is          Use of Makrolon polycarbonate
covered with five year warranty.               technology renders the 48-inch Shatter
So there is little to worry about this        Guard Fusion backboard unbreakable.
amazing product except aiming right!          No matter how hard you happen to it,
                                              the board is not going to shatter.
Main Features:
                                              UV resistant inks prevent graphics from
Lifetime 51550 Courtside Portable
                                              getting faded in due course of time.          PORTABLE B ASKETB ALL
Basketball has several splendid features,
some of which have been discussed in          The pole has powder-coated and rust
the following lines.                          proof finishing which ensures long life.
                                              Plus a full five year warranty.

                                                                                           SOLID-STEEL SL AM -I T R IM

                                                                                            ALL-WEATHER NY LON
Main Advantages:
Portability is one of the biggest advantages of Lifetime 51550 Courtside Portable Basketball.
Position it anywhere and start enjoying the game.
Use of strong and durable material to ensure that it does not get shattered after repeated use
over a long period of time.
Its height can be adjusted easily with six inch increments.

Customers Reviews

The company has impressed most of its customers with this Made in America product. Everyone
seems to like its durability, though it is bit tough to assemble.
The height adjustment feature has won many positive reviews. Parents looking for a perfect gift for
their kids ought to check out this basketball system.
Lifetime 51550 Courtside Portable Basketball is perfect for basketball enthusiasts who want to
hone their skills and, in addition, it happens to be the perfect gift for restless kids who are too
energetic to be contained with any indoor game!

                                                        Great set for everyone for more reviews
                                                         and to see the product In more detail
                                                                      CLICK HERE
Ripstik Caster Board

There is something to cheer about for      Main Features:
adrenaline junkies as Ripstik Caster       It works like a hybrid of snowboard and
Board is here.                             skateboard. It combines best features of   R I P S T I K B OA R D
This revolutionary product takes the       the two, thereby giving an excellent
thrill and excitement of skateboarding     experience to its riders.
to a completely new level.                 Concave design, kick tail and noose and
Its design and method of operation are     spiked transaction pads for great
quite different from that of a normal      control over its operation and smooth
skateboard, which essentially enable its   ride.
rider to have a great deal of control      Use of precision ABEC-5 bearing
over its operation and perform a           casters and 76mm polyurethane
variety of tricks which are not possible   wheels. Customers can purchase value
on a normal skateboard.                                                               RU B B E R - PA D D E D H A N D L E
                                           pack and get an extra set of wheels at
Unlike a normal skateboard, feet of the    meager extra price.
riders of Ripstik Caster Board have no     It supports up to 220 pounds. It is
need to leave the board to propel it.      perfect for riders aged eight years and
Acceleration is controlled with the help   above.
of two separate pads, which also assist    Rubber padded handle and torsion bar
in negotiating turns. Simply put some
weight on it and kick hard. It will take   Capable of negotiating 360 degree
                                           turns. Performing stupendous tricks has
care of the rest on its own.
                                           been made pretty easy by this ultimate
ZOOM AHEAD WITH THE                        It gets shipped with 90 day warranty.               KICK NOSE
ASTONISHING RIPSTIK                        The company will take care of it in case
CASTER BOARD                               of any damage within this time period.

                                                                                           TRAC TION PL AT ES

                                                                                           220- PO U ND RIDER
Main Advantages:

Ripstik Caster Board is quite useful for exercising and developing coordination. It is great for
having fun outdoors.
Good enough for kids as well as adults to spend some time enjoying themselves or with their
Allows to perform several tricks like 360 Kickflip, Frontside 180 Kickflip, Switch Kickflip, Kickflip,
Double Kickflip, Frontside 180 Double Kickflip, Nollie Frontside 180 Bigspin, Fakie Kickflip and
many more with it.
Perfect for making kids have fun outdoors rather than wasting time while sitting in front of TV or
computer and picking up diseases linked with sedentary lifestyle.
Smooth ride on any type of surface, made possible with the help of futurist technology.

Customer Reviews

Kids simply adore the product for the immense control and superior performance as compared to
common skateboards.

The wheels are quite sturdy and even if they break down after long usage, they can be easily
replaced with rollerblades. Moreover, the ability to perform all sorts of tricks with its help is
especially liked by everyone.


Put on the safety equipment and get set for having a great deal of fun outside your house! If you
decide to do that, then you must know that Ripstik Caster Board fits the bill perfectly.

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Description: This guide reviews ten great gifts for boys of all ages. If you're looking for a great gift for some lucky little boy this Christmas, have a look at this.