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									                          My Good Day Plan

       Good Day                       Now                     Action

   What happens on a           Does it happen        What needs to happen
      Good Day?                    now?             to make it a Good Day?

 Eat breakfast                 Most of the time    Make sure I make time to eat
                                Always              Keep talking with friends daily
 Talk with friends
                                Sometimes           Make time for me daily to relax
 Chill out
                                Always              Keep making time to do
 Do homework                                         homework

                                Sometimes           Get things dome ahead of time to
 Go to bed about 12:30                               get to bed at that time
                                Always
 Shower                                             Keep routine

 Watch football                Sometimes           Make time for T.V. Find out what
                                                      time game is on and make it a part
                                                      of my schedule for that day

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